Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 29th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk History of the Gassers, Fixing modern day drag racing, and Interview with Southeastern Gassers Founder and Pro Mod World Champ Quain Stott.


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Does what Colorado snapped. And floods that inundated mail a day what's happening until I mean it's like we stood at the time machine will go back into her. You know we've been talking now. Now accountable schools though few loose and is no different we've been astonishing ten Milan will today's open you know we've talked tough few drowned really meant well. We don't to integrate the pro stocks incision and we have Geoff Willis the pro mod guns god and yet I mean mr. Bruins. And free then. We've guy that surely mold down but I would take you back further man tirelessly to go to is that we go look for that will be shovels and there is get old old school. Amid a talking cancers grow. So material is important guests are Stiller. Oatmeal with a gallon enhancement. William the duke. Well in this is before gonna generations before. Territory before dietary missile all the all right his baby. You read the Southern California timing association. Rat that was the only thing that time greasing like that. Our lives ETA this ETA for sure. Your guess is liquor store in Southern California and a report. And these callers within the rules as you know the your college college together but it was the first town named drag racing event. We would never guess who was later it was there. Well member of the is CTA and somebody that you would probably recognized mr. Wally parks and mr. Pollack barks. A year before that jury started. Me. How interests you guru is still for those who don't remember the name of mr. Wally parks if you go back tour podcasts. Around. Valentines this year. And you listen what are your view is surely mall downing she'll let you know all about Wally parks and how she feels about him I promise you. Very good would do no want to miss that Butler. Said yeah that's where the jester started in these things took all these colors and spirit of all the world. You know you think about what makes a gas are exquisite little things. Straight back to front right what do you think they used strictly for the only guest because we like for dinner time and management dangers for an Enron car. Not out of him get answered the weight distribution got to think about that make you know this power data give it to the ground. So that the front and angled the umpire that will shift the weight to the back of the caller. Makes absolute sense. Another at another reason. It's lighter than of their traditional. And the in a frame in between introspection. That was actually like. Those companies it's interesting. If framing a lot safer obviously. Probably. You know there there's a lot of things the lectures a lot safer than I guess which notably. I mean I don't think safety was Paramount Bellini of this now home. You listen this supposedly has made these are cool the legacy of the cold basically you know Lou. Guess literature he need mid thirties to owe it to your sixties callers. Offender production that was a big this story will relocate caller yeah those milky gurus real still course. Pumped through the years actually got lightened up a lot you think about why we're talking about moderate some would but let's go big in the fifties in the sixties. The late fifties and going in the sixty's yeah it Californians. I don't know glass door panels things of that nature. Plexiglas was another big thing the sixes in human loses the sixties and the ruling was colder actually dictated. Plexiglas windshields and side islands in the school. Some pretty much an analyst unit and a Corvette which is all harmless or. But I don't think steel left on your car right now and me career quarters in your roof. Moralists. And the whole vehicle or exactly the floor now. On the other thing you think about a this big motor and scores. And all that stuff is coming Butte always different power plants and building differentiate. Between the classes were those who wait. In cubic inches this has motor the bigger the motor in your current dry the smaller motors the letter of the York. At least he Nicholas wood big blocks mobile ultra music lets loose or draw or are brutal rule. It was a really neat setup that's a unit Corsica actually draw others close to the track. And in that course that were dedicated race goers that are still considered as a corpse. Home and this is really cool thing you've recovered the legacy that these cars to go home. Almost like a soul there only they had the cool things you know win in the quarter pounder in addition to a user is exactly the strip teaser and you're the Dixie twister and I mean blood is always cold days. And images or more recently my personal favorite in the cranky Yankee the cranky Yankee. But I mean there's so me be funny ones out there and army just just about half a major celebrity call Xena. I'll look a look that person under the corsets and while Paige told there's no to this now which is totally elaborate on that will. You know they have made the call or a character that's exactly. Exactly it's it's like you know NASCAR issue we've talked about mask or tellem who you know. I'm not tired NASCAR but you know you look back hill mass scorers in it was like that. You know hole and escort had a personality around nowadays they can only go the same. Things urges difficulties are just killers now. Many other U there was a time when they had their own personality. And I think that's was you know and and we've talked about this several times on all fair but I think that's work. You know all kinds of race and has lost her personality give to a drag race today and you know mandatory event. And look at the course there kooky color comes stroke play the role of an assembly line. You just go down in and pick up your brand new dragster today it gives it does bullets Alia. Exactly what was oppressed of course there in the net of what you know another 2000 Ingraham yet. It's probably Renton. Outrageous. In there it's just the these court detriment Cubans were forced speakers. Yes straight axles a very big we'll stay in leading with the things get. So you can you imagine not only are you trying to keep a four to 500 horsepower caller. Straight. In ten feet. A tribute leveling. Opening here for three to 4000 pounds and got it says that the tobacco that the front wheels or either to feed off the grill. Running wide open in your steering wheel little fraud alert would they do drugs that are yeah Flores and here's shifting a forced Betty. And looking up to discuss the whole time doing it. This trade guys is drag race yet that this is where your driver is monumental this like bull riding a drag racing to get better at at a yeah a bit this is sure drag race and this is all about drivers. You know they say that bracket race in this town brought that back you know it's all about the driver and it is a little bit takes some talent when you don't bracket racing. But this takes. You know one of steel. And they darn good head on your shoulders and give the ability to be able to drive a car like this. Yeah I mean you're actually having to do work it's not just. You know strengthen into this rocket hit the gas pedal and hanging on for dear life no you're actually him to function. You're gonna control this car when it hits the ground in the front Nancy you don't just. Chertoff don't know all of you know which direction and we go yes generally yeah when it comes and you know where your going to be aiming exactly in the other lane by this point exactly so you're you're having to think you know I think that way. And then like he said shifting gears clutch in the car world news if you're rumors started Saddam and yet your real menu any angle hit that close rounds of science. You know bush coming you have a role for all these motions and it's a mental challenges would it is a mean he can't just go out there and do this this is a mean of. Practice and work toward wellness is built into you think about what preparations stuff today which guests who were nothing like bananas and but I really think about elegantly boxes. And they have other guy robbing them make their job exactly. These killers and you don't you don't you don't your level was ya then left foot exactly use though that clutches role yet. Bomb I mean that's the thing alone with these colors mean. Israel's drivers caller I mean this is a driving machine there's no electronics of any care and yet you know. It's been Zinedine the waiting in you know modern top fuel dragster shows what bunds hit lenient on Trent oh. Listening to answer I'll never drove along a river drove again series there. And I said you know there's usually little fire them well the announced a new mine I'm give them directly I didn't won't ruin him. Ali it takes it takes talent you know these callers I mean it's all about drivers arena. The car does lives those but the driver Hester actually cores doing exactly these are real dry yes because of the year I graduated from the frank Hawley drag racing school on the Leroy Hill. Yeah I'm gonna royals' Gregor is a school does little full royals to an immediate. You know this is. Let's race this and I hope a win and or vote while live. Exactly exactly guys do we're talking guesses right here hot rods and Campillo or states and ray on 1063 W Doherty. Guys what color doesn't embarrass rockets are run woods happen end. In Ding in do you get. Where you goto and again hazard to little school drag race and Elissa wanted to get back this week to think that we currently home. This is moving the school of this them but goes. You look at modern drag racing today January rain it is you would never think. It came from this now. And there is some wild stuff. And there's a lot time I mean. Comparing modern drag racing now is like. An old school. Outlaw back in a while with today's electric out today and a Beatles say yeah. Let's share what you know looked Hampshire back in the day scale like. New drag racing deals soldiers to me Callahan a machine endurance of war. Pretty much now. Compared to musk yeah it sounds to Iowa and images that would wishing them and the change history till I'm done and done we want to influence they have been so anyway. Bloggers were told by the directors of the about these cars but the personal and force these in these things and driving these color coverage you get to drive these callers. There's so popular with people locally and reopening of the show is known as not to shoot straight down the track. These things like this that you get the we will stay to get the drivers fighting these sources coach Rick all the you know if it's what NASCAR anarchy there hacking on Mecca. But what NASCAR used to be you know it is a race but I was also show. It was a ship they were putting all hello Lucia from the people that people will do things they were eaten it up. Well you know technology through always in the sixties the guests are hot. On an old Oilers into the go into the early 70s1970. So everyone that brought in a superstar collects. And hills of totem dale gas it was a little more. More fun and wrong answer and then in nineteen into the reduced the classical Corus stock. And either of Cuba and even back in the seventies pro stock was a very very very competitive. Competitive clips drag race. EO and into the eighty's and ninety's which was the heyday for approached Ottawa and we talk about your past few weeks you're garbage day and in Bob Glidden. Any good all the you know the stumbled at formerly a little wing Gary speech stuff Darrell Alderman PR golf does does does the opera stuff. But you know every bit that characters people do these callers in a war Johnson in the you know in the Goodrich. You don't Google bill and that he would learn important super clean as a bill and give Bob witnessed thunderbird nearby new these rappers say yes. Guess I guess so by telling guys a little isn't able it's been over here just doing. All right now what's your take a look at motor sports in general you're. You know their checkers on Friday night you couldn't put another fan in the seat now. You know you go to little asphalt race you know here of Lou agree will please you can't give another fan in the seat. You go to college football game you king he had friends in another tendency. You got you know. Of them like SE cancers put on her her like a Thursday night on Greer driveway you can now put another but NFC in those bleachers it's packed out. Right right. Now right now take it to the next step go to NASCAR event. Go to the pro football game go to and it jury event which is give a little bit better but go to AA Terry event. What's certain. Is dying exactly it's like crowd participation in golf is legacies you start dragging in all those corporate bureaucracy bureaucracy. All these politics all these rules I think there's several things this kill other TV kills lives yes because you. Plus those of us in the house browsing yeah. But you know you dragon now is so Liz you know big rules of the week. You can't say a bad word out here on the racetrack after he flew. You can't say a bad word. Oh no you can't do that are you can't flip him off on football the union man FT he hit two or he team do that. Now what happened moments ago is no longer show anymore exactly it's no longer show you're watching. To boom bagel money political parties gill added back and forth it's not a show at this point it's too canal money news. Well early and that's another thing their lives of PC with a drag racing drag races total for the whole time for a long time. For long though they still absolutely still you know carriers drag race does not probably make this statement before now will sitting and I stand by. I think street out walls has saying drag racing and is continuing to do that. Straight super fan of the show it's a double lives so it is heavily shorted changing the game do exactly. It has brought a lot of attention to the sport yet drag race not does that change what your popular in the sport it is exactly it's steering attention from the big guys. To these street cars and you know one and I think another reason while the local motorsports. Is more popular. It's obtainable. We'll let India it's yeah it's logical to Selena trotted to go after that there was a time and place in and it's funny I keep going back to and I hated. There was a time when police were NASCAR was obtainable. Mean you know couple buddies can put together Chicago man run the way things are we the most competitive thing out there. But we get run over the big boat over a couple of Ballinger at what they are dark look at Morgan Shepherd characteristics as those six years old yeah and yeah there's plenty of room like that Morgan Shepherd was sponsored. The Pensacola. Church of God yeah. Of job of approaches last NASCAR it was like so that like that'll mean how much could they mostly put that right they have an Alford plate. This actually reminds me you know legend Wendell Scott you know the first black guy the race NASCAR. Is PM many years ago actually do a story on items like 47 minutes long. In you can actually go on YouTube and watch the whole thing is absolutely your regular movie to get your Pryor played yet is absolutely. Great to watch is not married. But you know you look begging him. He declined what he'd done out of his house out of his garage beer. Any race NASCAR regular personally politically good leaders are gathering up. Absolutely you don't have that anymore you can't do that mean you can't go start NASCAR team mean you can't just our big boy directing. Not without major money back in the same more. And it's killed the sport and the skills for. But I don't want to sell missiles killed pro style in which course to guess that's one of the window unit would Priscilla filled room utility. But. I got a call guest come and vote. He's he'll break it down force and I don't they Obama calling guests. This go around here he's fled the good fight and he's put people back in the experience. Alia and bring to the war they will always talked to him also studio's hand I think you know our listeners are in for tree willing to use oh. Because you're right you're absolutely right. This guy is fighting for. I can't say for myself book would you would your father grew up on. You know I'm I'm you know I'm twins and I growth elements but I'm very child appreciate and I love it. But this Gary here he's bringing back. Will you know so many traditional yes true so many probably actually listen bishop is a measure what our fan base is mostly older generation. Was it truly they grew up on exactly. He's bringing this back in years killing the cell peace. Yeah I did this guy is ruin of April from Texas to Virginia you know he is is absolutely right in the southeast. And and is brought back that beautiful traditional racing and accurate is accurate as it can be exactly and has done. I held the job doing so who is you know filling up stand slowly more and more each year in the words getting out there more and more each year. And their events are becoming bigger and bigger each year. Don't think these commercials go faster faster your guy who's a day what you need to stay tuned we got to Greece calling guess coming up right here hot rods and IBM already here on one or 63 W Lordi. Guys look red hot rods and have a disruptive. It's that men do all man displaying and the day you'll to have told you we got a good Colin yesterday beat him have I ever told you well women I have told you if you don't quite anxious bushel as a result of those bizarre deport because I'm not allowed to you on that. Let me let me just a few steps such nine doormen. All right. I've got a nice jury promo world champion. And I've got one of the top twenty pro mod drummers of all run run. Waiting on line run up and not only that this man is this mayor is bringing back. Vintage drag race in this guy is making the guests are cronies go crazy. There's like three predict things I mean and I've got this guy old blood run now does. Libya addition to Bob good three in May I mean bills with a Philly guy getting cool ports 'cause under the sky. And it is for gold happy as a vertical got all the way from Columbus North Carolina mr. quaint stuff but what about rosneft IPO but it. They get out like you for having me own with that introduction arms a little over the top homeland. But that this could you do this and. Have had a good career active not complying. It. Wave of my expectations. When I was eighteen years old start drag race and he then then nothing save you. And in you know right we know today it. Millions and yes. The I never expected his ability. And and and and now they respect to drag race should be good to music I is that you have millions and numb proud that. Still got a few more years left aiming up buying. But I think you got a few of them got a few of buildings and Jeanne Grover still out there so having. You got a lot. Other mighty lonely day as. I the old days some gene go over there he's operational full. Yeah I think so because of landing started and 63 up like none other than he built Willis C. 3640 park started the beastie. And stretches it. To you that. So tell us about sell these casual men know a lot of people sort about it and you know we were talking about earlier you get answers is a very broad term. It is and I won't want to tell us about sell these cancers. It. Let me tell you how it started out like a reddish dark it is. There what patently wont to do it and it was. Outraged. My whole outlook citizens nothing save you. And I ended my can leave their rights and pro mod polished. In the in the modern day races. Just really started yet. A worry to me and the only way out I'm kind of like what can they look so even before up or the president on in 2011. My he resident Jeanne probably blocked it from the get your ears. I want to deny what it felt flat to drop a call or like I drove. Women's rights and with regal. When and when everybody relate to such appeal yet. A 41 Willits. And I'm building it is air correct as possible and I mean I've got them to the little details like gauges. And there were up wheels really mowers leave them. The jail building a show called you're building up called probability right. Or trying to build car out of the race and not even know what it failed plot to drop a drag call war but guess bureaucratic or not think sixty or sixty. And when I got done with it Al Wynn ran it and I had a somewhat management goes I have ever done that I found out in the world right. Yeah you go by yourself. Now tiger Obama sample my you know locking go to these upstart doing it all. Under the restart and get through rice and missed out to right and all over the country. When I started researching and the other rules. The word meaning. Yeah good guy I'll stay out every actor like he does it look good doesn't stop drags itself these gases are two totally different codes. Sleep different lines and an op ought not in the they're great they're that this is the way we have. Just we kind of look look at it. Third doesn't grit our racer friendly. Today. They cater to the right certain other words there's no rules so you got to not think feet five she'll lay. It don't matter what do better you know you can go right with these great schools are rules are a lot I think 67 back. Our deal is not right to freely. To right itself these dancers you've got to have your for. But in turn that makes it funny intriguingly. So the one this writer friendly. They're not drawing big crowds spectators wonder frank in its entirety is science friendly. So it like some big deal put up now. Oh my goodness obvious but what we wound that had to didn't look we have to figure out. A way. To Mike rules. We're parked it's the only rational debate racetracks. So. Back columnist after the Lal. Stronger gears and transportation. Beckel cultists you have to allow better axle. In better. Pieces always does deal looks the sign is just betterment it'll. Slow. You know we get if you don't how don't or not speak trick they didn't have transmissions that you're back with him. That's fraud in I didn't have Arctic didn't have racetracks and it either we trapped the Muncie Ralf in the fourth top motor. A lot of people a lot of people mostly but Clinton. Yes they they get in the week you know what first real peace signs and try to go around and lift the transmission laying on the ground and won't remember it. You know I couldn't all go watch just days they have. That sells well it dated back you know I don't liabilities act. Glee exactly. But this Japanese cancer it just is is. It is an organization. That didn't that the rules are strict domestic calls from some like on that what is trying to preserve history. Of always say it. If you don't do reenactment of the civil war. With decent lap with you know if extolling fodder applying it and it has. That's exactly what you have. I don't think about a window the way if we have those in the cell. Yeah a little bit about the little better yeah yeah that really unite and not very tightly in and in machine guns. But at war they were out there and so if you do reenactment and that's what we're trying to do reenacting of 1965. Drag. In outlook at the another great considered the biggest. And that's exactly what they're doing Baghdad proper Williams explains pertain to the right track detailed plan the direct they work six. Solicitor for lack of better terms you you're putting on the show. Not well we don't locked apologies because we're really right. But it isn't it this is what kills mother says that we're not put on show were right. But the right just focus is turned into the ship. But well. Hundreds of them could you got to think about you've got the same problems that people had fifty years ago. Exactly exactly it is bit like some Motley could be considered. Get advice to base to grey areas I mean there's there's a lot and back there's been a lot of gray areas and gantry history. But it didn't all have great actually none of the ideas. They did all sing it. They did I'll have to doubt we'll Wales what what he did was we took what was most popular. And that's what we wrote ruled ramp which would strike excellent financial. What if but it unfortunately Robert to have right actual. They had people coming up there with the anti crime for illegal. So some other work at the client would they if they got the puck all the rest of those little fortunate though that. But all the gray areas that was in the CDs that would try to look back in history. But they wish to banks. That was eight installed. That is they had took the gas and they never bracket right. That's two times you can also say your have been and the tester race if there's any type of disqualification. For going to play it. All right he's not he's buying food and gasoline in the tank. If it's got alcohol or not true or. I don't hear he got it were buying it also backcourt perfect down to the gate is down to the speaker's. Is that still cannot legally and make jarring it would not have lit run in the sixties with the eighty and time. Well I mean this is the thing that makes it. So cool that vivid you can actually. The jury that thorough with the enemy and this is the booming because it's so easy just of minerals in just. She's out locked up in time to get hot hot dog would be ten times leader if file in it would it took off like court will. It would it would have been it would have done better historically it. But did it with an ever got to where it is Lionel after the win in an air route to back subsequent effort would defer defer if you don't like to call our. I smacked freshness with a guy. Within the next final note got six call. And then of course you know every year like in real trick we're like you ruled Chinese again. And this is a fact you can play you know Elektra records bleak go back and look at the early cancer groups and look at their history on the record under rules. They've got slacker every year we got stricter. They've got slacker because they won't or call our. We don't won't more cohort would we don't charge an interface so more powerful group of fine. It is they don't like me more money out war outlaw quality not quantity. And invade other cancer great field here while not a hundred feet are what got 300 callers. We have six you're saying it would get what we got execution of the cancer prosecutors say the old body call and we have like drag race. We race well. So and and in the way we got to say that like to keep the thing just like it was in the sixties. Think it would try to do that is up and we're not perfect but no. Stretch of the imagination not be the first to take you we're taught but outlook challenge eat any other cancer great in the world. Not just you know last night in the world to come par rule with me I don't like is anybody else any closer to perfect it. I don't believe so there to what went hold that thought we want to quick commercial I. Got to stay tuned to total quaint stuff about the shopping scares Israel Rosen every now one of 63 to view Lordi. I don't look at the hot rods and happy and I want to have an ending may we missed quite startle us and reading and discuss tells all about the system out to curry is quaint. I wanted to touch on something that it's also like been both me a little bit the last couple years. All I keep hearing how the nostalgia craze has peaked and do a great and all you're my and it's all about to gestured craze all about the missed out the right have been around for 35 or forty years. And it its peak was back bullish story. This doctor rice and yet nobody thought optics society but let the record shows. Missed out direction is still going damn he'll play past the cult like she lit the rule he's slacker and slacker classify as a quick coming out. Now you go Bowling Green and got hot rod reunion. And yes they to vote people that are. But that was deals. About occupying it is just hype for the people barrel participants. But in late they have faith they have this big gigantic show with all these caller. They dropped three or 4000 spectators. Which is really knocked it Levy but the place is so full race cars and show caller to a field packed. Mail. There is war and mr. outcry generic in this because there was this is this dude did it messes Celtic dancer. What's happened he has is over the last six years established dancers have to call to the polls went. Deletes it everybody's spike in the hole looked out the crisis took off but it hasn't. It's not it's not do and it blacks I know that others are particularly if they're they're called it legislative basis their diet where they all our. We want to play a delusional grown inured. Ride to an end in the want to upkeep within monitoring is one of opulence competition. There's one thing don't hate you. You grow in leaps and buying homes are spectator came out all of the average. Particularly. It is to 500 people. Took the well I'd be back at all men are suspect pick probably probably a little more conservative. Two to 300 spectators. Per year. Are racetrack in other words if we went to an awful Tennessee last year. We had 15100 spectators. We went back this year we have eighteen. And it's been deliberate effort shaking your distorted out particulate feet you're shaping up to a year. In Indian people they go to other birdied man this just a real bagel. We got people coming from out of time now to apple must play out of town trauma cancel buying at Delaware. Basis they beat all these places comment drought in T or one of our races. In the and that will not start talking to the loss they had what looked at shell out here. And I and we just can't hear about is that we quit organist out there right sixteen years ago because they would ruin. That would Methodist out of left about. And they that we keep hearing about this and that we would broke back immediately and to come back. But I don't know how to so I would try and recite rap like you understand what I'm saying it missed out right is not grumbling. One that is thought that the it the hot rod reunion in California your the last they had. They do work turn after you had your Bowling Green who was slack was trampled spectators. Well this is a foot I think the name is getting bigger but I think the quality in the actual nostalgia part is getting small. Up like we have a lot more people building missed out to call our. But the respective. Major our success by having spectators completely get eight no major success for having cork we fail. That's statement that's not bet that. Image all right don't even probably didn't say it but don't measure their success by having top fuel funny car they have they later their success but I mean peoples in the bleachers. One NH RA actually limits and make goers are in big. Exactly and say that they focused out groups are major success but having cars they had hail heavy participants not column. Well that's because they're Georgian and interest rates but I don't care but spectators should look like Mike Mullen. Our dealers say it the world weep we don't charge director shall we have task spectator. But he needs time he'd just left for example you'll radio station. You made your success by having think when he got in our top you know that microphone. You measure your success by having people listened to you showed. Us what happened and ask what's. That's while there's been this big makes misconceptions. The missed out directions yes they are able call or leave the field but there's not more people in the stallions that ultimately was built in the car or have plans to build an old. And they're not bail them Correia so they're not preserve in the history. And they don't people don't lead they didn't know one day we don't preservatives and Everest probably golf forever. Well the others were a lot of people who support it exactly. I have always had a theory would like Penn striving because there was no time. Two here in the last couple years. We're pins striving was absolutely dying or aren't exactly right now it's starting to finally pick up and you see people are starting to do more. OK so I did exactly what you're saying I mean. If you don't preserve if you don't stick to the roots of that you lose. Andy you're exactly rap group that that's exactly pin drop in the old school kind you help restore the comeback. A little play groups still Hollister back at all art I didn't even out of it. Mostly coming juveniles who played just sort of temperature 41 Willis grand illusion which got a question about that you're a little hot but of course is why would the lace panels lawlessness and that's straight. Mid sixties right there if they don't. Yeah it actually it's a little bit pollution in what is believe they've 6760. Week's biggest case I get at least until late sixties. So the light really got popular in the later sixty glee was really. Permissions. The air it will not tiny deck car Corvette about what little like my ankle. So what they grand illusion because you actually run that name home your first record. Hey don't opera quality do you think you'll believe it did you just ask the question is don't get real. Shock and it sure. I'll amateur magician. Really expect a nagging it and that's when weight when I believe what I've built my first pro mod. Or what actually finally got it to where it runs good enough to but he recognizable. We night be it a grand illusion the cult mom magic. They Kolb. Also it was like a dream come true I had too lenient day. And they want to offer are certainly well ahead actually had a good leader corporations sponsor to us the first time. They end up. Let ahead take grand illusion often partly because oversight won't it and then so we put grandly wrap. Honorable Earl Caldwell right call but tolerable. The president on. That's also always wondered that abetted don't usually cool maybe came up with the result but yes. I'm really steady magic real all our. When I was younger and in I've got. Pretty good at it but my problem is not in and you call the mechanics of magic black. How to treat certain time. Best cult the mechanics. Imagine what that's what I was leadership post it probably try to try to figure out how they told me. Well acts yet do it researches this was back before the Internet and and play at around and I had learned a lot of the basics. Two up figured out hat was done it won't appear to have I think you're buying about that he's more a little bit too. Tip your hat is about he needs signs. But it took but it let up at practice. You know bearing grow a bit. I'm sure you know there but at least it based I have to deal with my shop they bring kids over not the little magic shows Foreman. Just entered China he would want the parents were here look at the hot rods and. All right quick equation slightly off topic heavier no woman there. Nah that's that's that's that's a lot is. Well not enough for Jim Costa is what you call street magic quote magic. No word docket that out of the bitter type rule. And bigotry with a split the salt shakers and stuff on the on the table that I developed had to have any special breaks to do it. You you always hear that the parties. Ride yeah I don't have to help at all I mean I've got obviously the entry will find that we can use that. I can sit down in the table with a solid kicker and a diaper tale. And the entry exit it would have been practice say how hard it does it matter if you're not a practicing my immediate easily. And big business but anyway added late to get out you would bet that that's sort of credibility canker. Then that's really neat though Imus the always was trying to figure that we went and you know drag race themselves a lot like magic as you can make a lot of money just disappeared. You sure can't that's her because you know I had everything mine might get through the executioner. And in May and it was more popular back me up well but whenever we'd. Outside pipe like tight job moment. You know flowers and executioner didn't exactly go together so not to you know what was the full circle ranked grand illusion nine back else. 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