Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 29th

Rob and Odd-Rod Continue interview with Quain Stott and Top 10 worst muscle cars.


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I look my daughter doesn't happen we got quite stuck still there. And we're talking about old school graduates would put my guess is we're told real dancers gas yes sir we're racing and in the mid sixties right here with clean stuff. Pro mod world champion. As locals say in the. I like here in late. We have both been eleven years ago. What is because we you know what you won't promote more Jim just not got a member of that nothing that's cattle I think he still hang onto after low numbers are outlawed. Hey he's not humble proud of this planet in you know believe this and it was in 2001. I want car crap wagons thing driver of the year. You know what I think I can hold on for Helena did a good what does that. I'm holding is that didn't we imminent it was but don't by the flying in the readers who collectively it was a you know they used today that the ruling does anymore. But that that maybe that little presidency. Is that they both have really not ringing all kind of that came within you know went live along. This is Jim in Turkey have a picture of me and hurt that. It was in 2001. So that's been totaled sixteen years but there is. That bad prize peace deal going to Mortimer Lee. Our award the war trophy what is an eighty buying public health. It will I think we've had people work to do you didn't opt out of it because I guess what would you say popularity. People care. Yes they they they they are well we'll get. It is assigned by his bill to sell these cancers and I ate my gas keeps saying what he's been so much time with the people on the Internet Locke is somewhat post tumble place boot. Obviously the lack I played pine trees supporter you know glad you enjoyed it. And I possesses finally have built up pro mod slam banks back in the in the in the in before intermittent derail I had to do it personally want one thing into the. The personal interaction goes a long way. Is it more than you could imagine and Betty how we got it off track here but that that is something I'm really proud of the much can't if you PSI am proud. But that's the thing go in L lo we were talking about world commercial break you're you're talking about them is for the fame instance for the kids and all that stuff. But it was something Indian in on rock Ehrlich is really about do you we do cool we're tortured us. It would do little closures. And I knew I know are wrong about this not seen him do it do we go to a show we woke up every time insure against an attache get ribs you know what. I'll put my it'll probably. More than half. Michael Bradley iams and I'm fine yeah you know I want to thank got a problem the more here I know that there to build that match their pursuits of just connection. You'll remain Joshua had a good time out of the next. I got the eagerly policy can Turkey and I went up in the stand with the remote mayock. Here's bam will hold ourselves up to remote lot I want it explains a start talking to people. It first got them totally opposite does sir what I'm worried from the so it looks they'd be so you're so. And development management and direction drag racing sit. Like he did forty years. Opposite forty years doesn't want to do a quick comment to the drag strip back in he said publicly drag racing. Emma that you're seriously so yeah that's what brought you back today that you got or drag races. It is the truth I mean you think about you know we were yeah. This is drive and call a legacy businesses and call ironic is that the bill and don't let up your use and for this galleries in the social media. You you remember the last three years and I ran present on that and router about a month nines for the driver. Right illustrated did a full page article old diet but says it was my boycott or mocked complaint. To the modern electronic you know we're not quite got the president bluntly and head of the class in the caller had some kind of April raided the club pulled Hershey's force in case we did. Sure that he did not particularly Vietnam. That's how I don't think Portugal flash breaks for you Mike Strobl and you know Ryan and I am not used to. This is Holmes yeah bit quicker and quicker and give us and don't wish they can have and it hit it. But ultimately started electric stuff you know have a lot of free and it right from ought not to respect Avaya. Oh well they'll respect it's totally changed it's totally Chinese law and certainly. You know you get a car like that really uses hidden throughout won't hang in on. If they hit the saga swap that router is coming yet when a car it's been troubled it actually bears this is what about this is what but I had a guy asked me one state. Mark Green for about all this moderately contest the here's the deal. Packing the open a bleaker. And I can take any person will. But conversely it and a little bit better indeed recording it is I'll have him run in the exact line numbers in this pro market. Wrote. It has been which linked up forty years experience means absolutely nothing. He ain't do I can't take it take you. He's taking here to run assigned numbers are relatively it was if he could ever do that something can you believe this or not we got people without what we can talk about these power. All my record Itar take up that might help to clear that you had to turn driver away civil or link on the driver wait forever you know Ali if the cake though it would still with a that the busted up a business. A bit of yes but. And up and well we've got wrap my novel called her mind about have a flat out about the people in six years. That is what this bit of money to build gestured and had to quit because they could do it. We'll limit today drive down 85 every day and I believe. After seeing people drought rather there's people demand publishing your nose Alaska Air. You're not yet. That you're if they know little about the. Today's back to the force briefing Cuba's manager mission called. An amicable forced leave me alone to Gordon forced them you know Odom a 60 yeah but I don't Buffett's Berkshire and I workforce pretty juiced about like. Just ballot Marat are mollid platelet donors to give I don't know now. But. Low read the now will say this anyway anybody maybe a little slow old so things. But he can still make it forced me walk they're like they're pretty heavily integrated logistics but he has got to buck. Keep beating back when he had to do it when there was no other way. You know and that's that's the big buying it this. You know way. And in America in the class is working because apple is very the driver to have before they. They're but not why got a little white unfortunately. So what bill he would run reportedly today if you didn't have to. Hide but yeah Ali tropical weather forcibly real. Within two years their record are great problematic in. About today due to jewels back would you still be around that we're not sure how tough it. We notice it said clay and I'm young I'm only 27 years old. But it now look around and half or more than half of the kids my age gaining driver straight drive down the road. You are exactly rat but it was a blacks so my proposal like that the debate showed the leadership to the clutch pedal. Instead all but forgotten now what is clear is that they have maybe 11% of people after caving draft. No I saw. Your picture like the awards outage shouldn't stick you can caller and pat welcome rounds of the old with fifty turner. Yeah that it that it who try to put every amid blows mother I mean yes I mean you know those like a rite of passage drool and that's what you'll learn how to do I trim our remember learning how to drive my forestry draft car I was sixteen. And now learned is a body mass and on driving that home. I'll learn to drive right. Is that bridge they don't call Little Feat for a few lecture. David when automatic come round later that. Probably went belly flop first. 56 years trappings. Image strike out or didn't have a ultimately you know maybe rumbled that was nothing saved. A straight drive as one thinking you know manages sticky and any kid today in the three known tree trunk flush it. The way that they they've never figured it. There's going to be like my 56 in drunken ahead in the starter bugs on the floor than you ever get that donated wherever they have met with the interest yeah what does that. I don't know are throttling are hardly at all. That that's what we're trying to preserve New Year's we're trying to let people load that they were simpler time in raison. And you know then we're just two days got Taylor everybody else that would try to take people back. In and here that this is signing up core about the yes. Everybody bluntly that warning this rant brought they want they want to once again after great but I want to have this not think 65. Falcon. Well the rest told us out of it I'll glad about that I'm I'm I'm not I'm a. She even think shaken parts of legal and I'm directing effort that. I combating we're trying to tie the people back to not think 67. And not paying 65 falcons Kitna got rest into the ears. Like that is not a hard mines are looking back we're not a Mecca we welcome at my rules. We have rules don't let. But you you have to have a name that would have been presentable in the sixty USA it. Looking back him up and CE. The coast people building cancers and they're saying you know looking back and not think sixteen though we're not looking back to nothing sixteen we're trying to lead in matching the. We don't want bonds caller. With all the caller not being called call we've restored back to the way it was in 1965 ultimately what we pulled out borrowers. It would represent the sixty million. You a lot of Gaza entirely miss the port. It tickles me so doesn't that a little while they talk about traditional route but it's gonna AG and trigger the excitement back you know army likes have a simple as they would know anything about that. Like I want a bigger part of the phrase we'll call it. Don't want it they don't want go to the trouble to do with the way it really was. I was I was just with a guy about it in a show about that actually noting he should say there is just like politics from happy days. Senators rolled up his sleeve you don't know. Oh yes it's just lies just flat all the crazy come through ten or fifteen years ago you had doctors in all your. Trying to address black tail trying to. Yeah it didn't enemy and you could say route through it because I'm not prudent but got keep. Should be kept it that you can grow and provision that yeah yeah that you're trying to act by and I only partly what it looked. Today at the same label these guys theoretical opens people's open is 63 Pinochet be too for the war. Would raise steel wheels Robert in black primer. If you don't don't go a mile the phones you know we come up and address what the funds but I know I was doing is still way before it was cool a little bit. Exactly and I'm drizzle Justin Bieber two years ago nobody I mean. There we. And you know is talking about kids always joked about this one until my wife for some when we decide to have children when they're in the growth. The time don't know what means the role windows. Global mine will let them live for the majority of kids are on the way it is rage over have cranked up windows. Didn't think he would neither Libby and out KS that's what you play and they look but don't home for being an old school. And in that smuggled beauty bitter yeah you know outlook it must sail. I don't know how to cure you. You know without my mom and dad always did it for me now and so I'll look back at the fine that we shot I had learned to not be it. You know I don't had a candidly now out of an analyst my mama used to call it was raining. They want to dribble bush is doing all the Java client object to. That's what rapist won't let me give you both would go psychic camera apparently got a camera but yeah yeah yeah yeah a lit bit but where where Clinton. And I'll land and it's folks say it that we're losers and all that. I don't know the word I'm looking for war play technology but that audience that. You know it it would no inconveniences Iraq gears here I must say it about seniors today. If the power was to go out in the United States we would every one of those power today it. You cannot wrap there we it'll. How would they enough probably figure out well in. That we don't know how to preserve food we don't know how to do you know messed up ever find don't force. And we act if we're up to says it will we're really thought because that's exactly what I'm trying to do to bring back at. When people were different people worked it. And I tell you something else is different about the sell these cancers and we don't but this'll commercial break. But this is running your leg is that this is a spectator friendly sport. You know milk it's old sponsors don't you romantically automotive wrote a draft or not totally understand that. And there's great advertisement opportunities they understand that pull ride. But I think it's really go overboard with a lot of ways yeah these cars that personalities. The drivers who stole the callers installer. I mean just like you to election things you're the grand illusion the bad thing. You're all these cold Italy's courses go to person has to resolve the most sure got these guys are more interesting uses it as everybody knows that grave digger monster truck from bigfoot. And that's the thing you do I mean that's the same about. Where this gas or class like this you guys are running. Wouldn't you yeah I don't believe they yes but I have turned down to pretty gives us falters in the last six years. The cult they wouldn't let me China after lunch day. To the traditional luggage. I trot out walk or what tailpipe ghastly got to run these would you publicity he's a guy uptight don't concede she's deadly letter receipts have gays from sixty. There almost left a big such as such dot com crossing for a standard. United in their potluck you can sign up to the old Aussie. You're gonna work he's going come my way it would it go. That's when I get to hold my it's already go when it's all we turn in the colder nights. And we had a rough road and how might Obama to back it up lost a lot of money dude is. But you know look it's an investment in his door come back with coats in in late may get neck of the product that sponsor. It would ruin what we're our nation information could have been complete. Have a nice not to seek these caller with the 2000 assailant tang logos plastered them. Well you know it. If you compromise for that than what's the next compromise you know exactly what's the next era. In the embracing. The self these cancers will be no different than makes organization that. They will be all locked restaurant told rather best at least 35 or get your greens in the United States. Where they only wanted even require gasoline. This is different than yeah there yet of that would get your mind game probably what they've while they were called dancers. This is the you know while they did that because it's easier alcohol easy to river wicket was way better now. We have looked around faster now. We'll summon Gore's own nova won't go faster him no beer. Straight yes I'm plastered all desperate prayer when we run quarter mile. A couple of that's it you love is a little bit ago literature round and quarter mile that willow is horrible if all around. But the truth. Yeah but yeah. Safe side we're saying here we keep telling everybody what this is. Is about how cool it is knowledge that they belong white and find out and that's cliche side dragway in November full work. But we're going later. It would get lax seeks. He. Wrap up my Alley sixty or 62 of course prix in her. Three classes a C in deep gas. In this is not this is. First man to finish line Williams. Right thing elimination style that's another fine. We don't that is the existing team owner we don't come in here and in Andy's glad runner birdies and ran an open. We put what you're there for a race. It's black or about Dylan the other day. Well one of the data that was interviewed him. Hey I can about what mapping to grips with just does this victory is thinking that you collector around each other randomly and a lot watching a ball game and the vikings yeah this is on every child is a trucking program figure. If you become a spectator we even now look threatened her and good. Those into madness that statement you don't have it. Don't know but there and that's the thing is great about this what does that mean we're really going to push us. This is what make this will drag racing star I mean this is where start. There was some sort of in nineteen treaty before the NH RA really yeah technically goes on as usual. Yet you know probably spent say it meaning many times and so how Dortmund got reform want is stated that this was the star the president on. This was at least sort of prevalent voters Korean language used via the media will let us. Match race. And they kind of they kind of perk they kind of started out. The media and showed no cancer in how they come about how they evolved in the and they went into our whole. And settlement peacefully in the market got a 100000. Views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. Paulson U. It's just a halt. Of the island remote indeed if my opinion. They did they play just to do it. That the kind of response forget about uneasily to Langley went hot rod nightly wrap my go to the newsstand today. They get a hot rod Langley nice three play is over southeast yesterday. I love it. Terry luckily we got to wrap this Andre. Will enable them to anyway thank you so much talk to us today going to solve itself skin cancers that would definitely get we need to be shady sub November 4 Saturday guys. For real nostalgic gestured drag racing. With a sell these gas is going thank you so much for talking with us. I thank you guys and I really appreciate you support what you've done force could go all the part of recently might. Pretty good day will look that tobacco makes you would you guys started but mixes and you don't let it sounds like a bland but you take tiger thank you thank you. Guys you listen hot rods and that deal right here 1063 W or. Guzzle it resident bill on what's happened in dude it's no we are talking about Molson Coors yeah you know one of figure we'd. Can you build schools seeing it today and can't keep instead McEntire promised that Bobo will be in new learning on Cindy's in Mosul corridor maybe sixty school bit. So let me ask you this what is the first thing that pops in your admirers first caller when someone says Hamas of course. Sugar mills around jiji news. Canoes just satellites the coup was yeah does the scope Politico I am new world they qualify must things. I have and possible that you Wilson. And he can you don't point there. What are. More about the odd ball most callers the most scores are really most courses Lorca animals of course that. Just didn't quite make most scores regularly you know religious sites actually suck to be animals nor. Well as animals the caller today Nadia and others yelling you know what we're wrong call is Merlin and a Camaro but it or love favorite. That he was literally had the GO notebooks and did share the lead over an 87 that gave me. The terrible yet those worst that was worse than the Utley those those came out with the sale of its reserves or like my wife for scored 93 Plymouth Sundance duster the well yes yes that's bad for business businesses than there is nothing duster about. Yeah a cinder dust buster that was sexier than there. Up. It was. An insult lists and sucked less. Is so well we just do list of the top twelve worst or slows muscle cores of Maine. You have compiled a list of compile a list and I'm a thorough but number one. Number one I actually kinda like the looks of an account like the rarity of it. And that's was at number one because is not as portables rest of these what is this the 74 upon NG TO. The closure corporation made demand drugs you go to 70 yeah. 677. Oldsmobile delta 88. I'm not a corporation managed have a lightning court. But are is so if you're not familiar the 74 finding GT usually your wrist you bleed corporation blue note on now now now I don't wanna hear it by analysts are of the Americans especially for you of those who bill. I ask that though you can happen. No no answer out of Bellingham only a moment 66 worth junk in my game in a small block and throw him an award to these leads them way. It they the put the plotting Vizio and 74 was actually it was bad version of the party adventure which are always like those scores to. But this is no different than like Jesus said the ugly and as nervous as though lewis'. With a different front and grew to it a thing fillets were slightly different to it and it course it turned baggage to it. GQ stickers did he just figures do you're exactly or. But most since it much you consider this a new four GTO a pathetic attempt at recapturing. The former glory of the GT. But. Yet leaded. They've produced just 7000 cars we for the GTU quietly left the same. To the day of the last year Gigi is generated some attention simply because or last of the breed. But so are my reasons and for Entergy TO was terrible ugly and they slow muscle or with a famous name. Pretty good so is like a kid. Most of course dying did you see is going now see you know what was going and stabbed this one makes your channel re us. So those few more than venture is now I think in the early 2001 there revitalized GT of the big job. Willow is on board of its. I think they could go a little better it did it cattle like Pontiac Grand Am I going to agree British directory. But yeah. But they're still there are powerful call they are very local. Artist so here's the worst one. Next coming in and number two spot is the semi or 79 those mobile for 42. You know these cars. There Rosalia sand they are ugly it's like it has been pregnant. Squared off well with a total bill for it they'll they'll tell you Cutler's knows. He I'm sure that looks like a hatchback version of euros a bill yet. Back in the late sixties is aloof 440442. Was a portfolio of over reform in the room he shared the new clues and we've never heard of leagues there. There's no real full force to as a name synonymous with horsepower styling. And just. And vastness. If you. And these doors were great foreigner Q begins his four barrel carburetor dual exhaust for those who don't know with a 44 do stand for. These scores are legendary muscle course and then again. You know the most corner died out in the incident of these things these things are obsolete. Or one of them was full force Tuesday for the others. 404. Wheels. For will's maybe forcing me transplants don't foresee this horse needs and Norris or is here to note those wheels no wheels for four hours notice to pull Hosea four will you foils for seats. Two horse MacBook and yet tragically they offer the 442 option on a V6 and a real fire VA model. Whereas before broke carburetor is the Max power was a 160 horsepower from 1970 and 170. Horsepower. Persona non. This is about a third of what is true for forty to regenerate back to the day. Another shocking fact for the forward to option was available. Had two back style which was absurd fortunately in the eighties the fall were to return with a series before she machine our of the seven games and in our lowest. Points they called the world's in the eighties a serious and she'd had a 307. In a yeah body you know but I. I don't agree that either. It was a good trip it was tracking of course the G bodies were beautiful callers gorgeous colors AVG body Buick will Carlos kosice. But before your scissors or via the full forces and their first rehearsals in the total gorgeous gorgeous a three theories they're not lead you straight back to power by no means you must uphold what 185 maybe no 19 deep bud. Not in for the fences. They're not that graveyard or this little tired barely out war and the moon. Get weekly ward fifty did well there Goodyear fourteen inch are fourteens on those who. Yeah for cancer Alex and losers settlement of a miles Wheeler in app stores but yeah Lleyton. There there there lackluster to say the least we mobile actually had one of those breed you and remember it. The what the like a bullet for Fortson. It may face in the eighties okay this is jam balloons. And it was just cool loyalty to apple forces are prepared to cool. Are so this one I'm problem on what day here. Okay. This next one I'm probably going personal films a little bit on blood I have to do it. It's terrible caller I mean in looking back and now it's cap ex Kelly guess is they're all collectible. Because there's so rare because I don't want them. In this woman's right there in that list about 78. Or any really Sony's four must think to Kinko's Bruce. Cool who variety with a front faring Sodom and everything. Those things are hideous to hit their terrible had a tea funny story. It is so funny that people that ball these callers were so passionate about Boston oh god yeah that came from behind your governor of that sixty we've saved me three months during. Go to 66 was wrote because now crappy those most things work now you stole 73 mostly because it was the last of the real ballistics you're right. But this thing by the Whelan ailing explain this will this disclaimer here. This is not the Nicolas Cage known or go on to the original is the real one yeah this is the real well and always you know an ugly via went to school books yet. But the thing that was crazy about it. Was these people are so passionate about this course. Like they got that crappy this mustang ever made but they were caught assume worse. Of these callers will never forget years ago live across street from my grandmother. He had a 74. That he bought brave new white V6. Personal this plate seven for turning. And we paid you know we didn't pay that was true and definitely agree we'll take in the body shop. That was like B moves horrid caller ever. And then again it turns Lambert on the hood of some of them old of those that the king cobra yeah. Yeah those things let our race he got a mustang and a horse. Armed king cobra snake which. Don't change most of it thought bush. But then he then you zero a scream into economic particularly with a vote. Yes and the burden on the iron and little little barber. But that's the firebird. No they had a bird who they're asking him reserve was a split speaker over they'll look so good at firing taking I think yeah I think this was this. Well whoever does on the editor you know there once in smokey and the -- went to McDonald's on our heels they're truly Google's withdrew the money here but. Minnesota for the same nameless things as business and is there actually extremely collectible welcome and yes got crushed and used for the for a news that. It yet and Andre Carson to nurture it callers nonsensical it's there looser yet. But these things they were available also force owners first yours of the must think we're so it was available nothing screams muscle correlate force owners. Well and I get the it was full resume this their direction making our. Yeah when eureka sleazy these things are making a 140 horsepower by the the early million the caboose twins all right let me let me rephrase that not force owners. The five that was offered incident in the aid in the king who wrote was making on and forty horsepower. They were sick yeah. The 140. Horsepower. Until they would bill says. As we got to stop this right now for some commercials let's give maybe and maybe this list of Cilic who elect would kill this mustang Basra guess stated we're talking about the worst muscle cars Volta and your browser that via 163 W awarding. Got so hot rods and happy hours real pits and a token wrote about it depressants object the world's worst muscle caller both my drop its failure to. Or so drugs talking about callers. I get an error number four skip a spike has taken over where we left off. The in 1976. To 1980 Clement Paul Lawrie group. Okay and the glory as well as much six appeals Turk. When you given it too much credit on terror groups everywhere for its its way into the dodge Aspen if that helps and now. That's what was rewrote drives a school with three team news. Pitiful pop pop pop pitiful. We'll consider the three teams the big motor that's bad it didn't give a little bit more than in previous months it gave a 160 horsepower the so many bears on them. Full body kit window over sports. Smolders. And the graphics package and sporty wheels it's forty styles still forty to a and some versions even features a team to so. How cool is that news it's that way you can joke they go to the room you know later on those late toward the end of the production toward eighty Plymouth and introduce the 360 and then given Amundsen found works well for. You know. And did urged over and quit now. Let's. Production on these beautiful tragedies ended 1980 after four years on the market. And so the numbers are limited it and I think you mention while groundbreaking actually you've seen one little hungry and there's a custom list the guys that wonderful jobs lord available through thirty eight's of it's actually a really Decourt. We you know Ali and testicles English scores of lesson before their actually start heckler to point because there's so few of them. They didn't sell well they get crushed they get used they get left for dead. Today Larry collectors videos car collector since it looks cool and does it is cool too. Bomb and blitz get very interesting history. You know but most classic car collectors or duplicate the reverend name and show her women look at this thing diseases. Nowhere near what a road runners that. Oh is this is really tragic peace river and this horrible. Things likes of the road Burma squeeze out. I come and Arafat have to include this on the list as they did attempt to make a mosque core. Now mind you this is the coolest of this line up. But most of course lackluster. As the 1970. AMC gremlin GT. The little gremlin. But not a cool muscle car and a bit cool gremlin. As our different I mean yes that another way a much. It is you guys all know what AMC gremlin as you know of a pacer littlest windows. Well that's totally different over the pace it is Muslim of the aid under the in this whole thing will move or go through four created this. And of its coal power weight ratio is Xavier. This is with its just horrible gore well the funny thing is this is cool thing is Nancy's little joke in this in this was great. The American motor company actually is due to gremlin on April 1 nineteen ceremony being April Fool's Day everybody thought this was actually Jews. That's bad and probably she'd just been one of those injured. But they crammed 304 Oviedo under the now this is where it's back. Yes the score removed from Magnum and back into an Avian when these things this thing went absolutely moved down room. But it did that with the VA only produce non and twenty horsepower since a sand. To me that's like a core that has been ran for twenty years and barely hanging on his produced 120 horsepower this and came from the factory. For me honestly is set ahead and can. Say is on the cyanide camp bigger corporate or you wicker on. And you have that's what nineteen listening. But you you have American children is really yeah you put it can even through four you know we're just down corporation B you do some she were a little bit. Is this is a bad time in general well and say ahead they realize the performance was painfully slow even and one will be mostly Koreans in stolen four point two liter inline six engine. It and produce much more power but it created more torque and enough for improvement. Even more torque and heavy discounts didn't help them the credentials load and around 3000. Of these stores were made they discontinued the GT option. For the semi model year 7778. Was. The police. The title there those mrs. Clinton so I so blew out the next. I'm outta there are number six but this is core of every auto makers rules of the of the Big Three. Has produced and they all of the same with a few different little angles tomb. Bush is a four many call are in this one that as we Chevrolet is 1977. Months of mirage. It looks just like the lead dodge days woods omni GT vigor on the well I'm here though the little closes it like a fox bloody mustang the those little bottles of dollars in total. Which looks like him sorry Richard sorry as a government. But. Fairly popular trend of course they did that it actually view institution or killing the originally blowers and wanna produce numbers it's. But all of I'll give you these cars are pretty cool assignment VA NN com. They make decent enough power to spend tires 305 and in his honor for info horsepower. Which I've never seen the Finn Israel for. Mother and they run them. The deal they do room they do wrong but you it's been desire and the slow compact. And whatever you won't call it. But I mean eliminate 4000 of these the Rogers limit a lot more room. Mosque funeral but they only made 4000 Rogers which is one of the through five and all that. You know why Bonnie special wheels front and rear spoilers the paint scheme was patriotic with a red white and blue stripes all of the body. But Chevrolet Chevrolet realized. There are still market for sporting versions of Mazda. So it is that introduced the monster spider instant name knows the Cold War and this is little more. Does one actually used on road kills monitored. Oh cool look to. But I realize you say cool love is like saying cool store hours. Most the roses school mostly Muslim with slandered them a rabbit true though lord and are known for while Colombia Luke. But you know honor and fortify horsepower in a compact Mosul caller fuel uncle. To Manges isn't enough. Chairman not a war about muscle compacted now now. So he and this one they appropriately named it for what she she get for driving it. The Chevrolet citation X dash eleven. These things are hideous other. It is like to stretch does little emotion of it is what business it is is the phase usually. And why this man muscle car list I'm Noah did it came with a two point eight liter V6 more ominous note. With the a staggering a 135. Horsepower. Which is sad because that's almost as much as the through five VA. So we can have an argument which forces which is worse the two point eight liter V6 Shiv inmate or the the real fun Alexander 304. I think you could steal. But we'll move on design courses to hear you don't know I want talk about it so let's move your memories by the 1980 Mercury can three RS. This is another one that looks like the months of Islam more squared off its fox money must it is but if featured two nobody Jody data more day they're really cool cool kid heated giant Johnny has the Fareed is free you'll oversee the Cooper but is it Marc Rich reduce the RS mollen featured 2.3 liter turbocharged engine. Quit a mind bending 135 horsepower Turkey. Love those that 2.3 turnovers and it was also the fund to salute those two neighbors down. In this realist and know Ramona now I'm on now that Willis. Some of those who they were good those years. We have to learn them announced by the 1982 Chevy Camaro iron do well those were hideous there are hideous. They were still over. And they had a 2.3 liter four cylinder producing. Ninety horsepower this. A four medical corps fine now. I mean you know just the rarity of those voters not candidate rules news and ended June. Moving on to number tense but the 76 to be 77 Dodge Charger Daytona. Another muscle cartilage is flat out. Ruined what its predecessor though it kills this. I mean absolutely destroy a little more play than they gave our guess what had two left inning I think what I want postmarked on Monica's were on time this week ship. Hopeless last two the number 1112 spot up on lines you just on regular chicken out galore and you wait to see this. All right guys thank you to listen now Marat to my left foot rub fits Wear out for the week Europe for two weeks as your eyes and made out well because there's Marietta Fung go from. I guess he bill was not rods and happy hour right here one of 63 W or.