Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, November 12th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk SEMA Recap, Mopar at SEMA, and Z06 Pickup Truck.


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And does little tolerance and having ours roll up its. Was like two weeks and you get to do that days removed you miss me didn't my house can quiet around here. You know people come out and scared of seeing you know win over the mysteriously not on my. You know that the only communicable ago fears. Gary has complied clever whatever. Ever vials Rezko flats glad to have you back sir have you been there have been great. Having great student accused of sleep a little bit of the middle filling your animal read as scheduled date of the rit doesn't Wellesley is injurious catches up with now swollen to Reynolds pedestal sink Yang gambling. No I didn't know Hamlet known have no problem losing money and it. You don't play with Karzai have a pro blues and really don't need their help you know I don't I don't I don't you know the way to lose them in there plus our two or my mind giving away a there. We'll screens so. The big question how similar. Miss payrolls for the normal always always good time up there in Cincinnati and Hank and we've got so much cool stuff to where we go assuming he could only guess lined up for future shares. There's going to be a wonderful won't dominant were we talking about this stuff for six will still. Is there in Ireland Ulster thing role models and finally. I mean you got ahead I got a Siemens had obviously someone nice who knows so well from the back kissing my hands is like my friend went to Vegas local whose is. Everything is trivia. Now thanks you're welcome. It thank you I met and it'll still don't know and we were evident only little real sweet you might make that again you'd like to see machine calling for next year's day were superficial Obama woo budget in that mountain is fuming is severe and here is a while says silences the face I get it and that's. Them. So what was it for everything wasn't would you enjoy some colleges here. You know I think the best part about slavery and everybody's differing alone people group of the callers wanted to go for the new parks and all the new things or else. But my biggest thing was clearly as I get to meet people. They get to speak to freeze adult prints that you're nor will we told you won't line they're told to over the full. That'll get to see all the daily grind and that's really cool that you know this place brings us all together is like the hot rod owned them. It is is very much it's. And is awesome for them in last year when I went and of course bomb. Things and we talked about last week things that allow Politico others this year. The next year plan going back moment with a vengeance mine I had with a vengeance and you know that is the coolest thing is in a sale these industry leaders. Begin to speak with them first hand. And put the name to the face if you will and we I mean some of our friends like he said that's it that is what's cool. Onion fungal major record number nine an answer we you know you know maybe have a reaction answer luge thing they know rounds closely what. Now called Cleveland their jobs will screw I'm just going or that sort of route and does that salute your business. Those prisoners now some senator John Douglas same and people are calm as ruthless group. It's but yet it's it's all some good checks in the mail exactly below us but is also need in the sale these people you know we've been talking to for a while long timer ran on the radio. And now they're out here and we can actually talk to him. Well earlier school about a usually it's the stuff personal connection norms and you put a face with the home video below Walter Mondale set up today and a walk around and to evolve into a FaceBook love guzzlers little FaceBook page nearly as well we'll stub is. Who plays who loves walker also become so we capital get to see that even if you have a signal path most people don't get to come in on Monday rusher and exhibitor. So you know we got to come and get a little back colonels who was your tutor media you don't come in on Monday. So automobiles we've seldom does the best camera look at the course the goals nobody's walking around. We you know and last year we talked about this you to see some very cool things could be the setup like line you know wherever thinking exactly the port we rolled around on four lift. Or log that this plays you know still still a gracious that there have been criminal Tuesday is like dismally. Yeah a mail list a list of mistreated and chipped in there. All envious trailer and they get basically today making magic have. Starting Sunday but I mean as a rule but two days in the things as they were komen money and finishes yet. Yes it's day. This really means like civil enforcement Levin you told album and people that you could see you ought to. I mean this coming with a United States and motives Samar is walking around and animate Sam's always a Greg were horror garage and you can't. Lowell slam super cool guy true legend. Who gives this answer ends assemble again as we've actually interviewed in and on the show. And that's a mean goes give I don't do podcast upon our interview with Sam did you look political opportunity to be able to implement ancestor sing it as. That we have to give me you've got to meet none of them that I'm expenses and 1063. Don't you already dot Columbia there's a WWW neighborhoods have been delivered the other I can't speak I don't think yet the type that anymore skeletal automatic is now automatic CN go to 1063 WORD dot com. And you can go back through podcasts or. Sitting time just sun and I to sort out president bill and travel every episode on our ultimate payout but that was really cool weather electricity Bowman of these people on. In the and that's the fun thing you know there's a lot of things change round this year you know how well does it's murder usually have stabilized. You know or you know and try and that's a live talk show going on. All day every day seem. And I mean some of the industry's leaders I mean just two of the big names in the industry a bigger McGwire and all these new products and people criminals these new things new builders their value being interviewed. All day long every day of seamless. Any of them change rolls they're actually given all so used to them now thank you did a great job as first time that the switch that around. You know what I capital's Colin yes because Kevin of those we've gimmicks the ultimate goal and calling this is a cool YouTube channel called the TV. Celebrity and that was a we will check as big muscle Korea went back kernel sort of flows to northern that is cool and but a super nice guy very knowledgeable guy and a realist with. If you all know the what's one of saying look he can tell you all about it until about ms. Cohen is here in the near future sir is there was some little fortunate. Ours is switch gears a little bit let's totally fair currently mentioned his car a little bit last week while you're actually in Vegas. But we got pitcher of its of our face of craziness take it out but I floor I think is actually the first pitcher you uploaded from seem onto our FaceBook page. That caller stub in my tracks the first time muscle. And it was built about Russia the sexual with the sort first year having a single built right. It's is this vision customs. And at least just that the guy that owns national vision lash out to you mean it's like you know it's not like his main stream of income. But they've built an absolutely gorgeous 1960 careless and I'm not the biggest big candy man in the world that are cool. But this caller is absolutely gorgeous. Nothing with the scorers is they. Can really clearly got the area of a lot of the Paramount to grill in the puzzles saw a side trim things like that would pick up the bumpers and again you know in the big leases they kept an enemy so you know it's a Catholics who you see the course sixty's get the big point tail fins on the back always liked emblem in the fitness all of spend hours via our lives is a gold scholars and the vote means it would do for you alone and it's convertible bright red -- -- -- thing and it Moline dreadfully getting rid only mean you open the doors this like gory and cited Bruntlett horror movie and the wheels nice kick off rendition to traditional candlelight wheels idyllic calico caps but -- actually 22 each wheels on the thing is illiterate is powered by a big book surely would withdraw money on it. Super clean bill super cool run. Has doubled to run it drove round I don't know crew Sami and this just a bad read and you would put the double with a black cloth towel which slipped Mercedes-Benz convertible to write gorgeous color beautiful caller enemy and black history is there it is not a thing. And Nina and for one achievable high paying job over such a large canvas like that is next to one this is the thing you'll think about where we were talking about you know just came up there was Josh vitamin and premiere just what you do you can you measure blocking that caller oh god they're probably have to buy the put it to about six. With like twenty sheets. Same liberal into Gaza port unit block in the quarters and things I mean it's it's safe to make sure you get the car absolutely straight I do certain look a scuba us on this same difference yeah Ali and I'm Minnesotan Laura was a black paint job bombing yen up from factory those great. But when you're doing a custom Carla evidence. To me in and of course this old it was. When it left the factory illegals and their great to know with the coming in these cars were mass produced via on the road and then make it sixty years old yet and has sixty years to idea. And then and it was a black paint job that absolutely it looks like what paints an army is beautiful jet Black Hills of the six foot deep. Yet the army registries of registering themselves and a little of that. As it definitely is that'll immediately need how are based on page in adult jail on this or is it is more million. But guys speaking now we get takes among commercial breaks and we're gonna talk more about Sima. Rob experience other cars Hussein the cars a blown FaceBook page there's plenty more to come ringer and our odds that yeah. Only 1063 WO Lordi. Dazzle make hot rods and have been in this room pits and was that mandate and we're told us Salem where I don't seem to Aleman a little while tell a real looking so crazy like a steel. All right I'm Evan Vegas flashbacks. Is this yeah I am saying hang out this year announced and I'm still a bedroom vicariously through you exactly. So sweet little Corvette them again at the car FaceBook page this garlic are generally cool storm let me tell you about the caller first. Tournament it is big quarter's corporate of course continue realists. On the the really cool thing about it is gun metal gray the gunman agree with a mustard yellow. Like tree airman Wilson's who has the most real structural you know it works. The singular goal actually cover craft blew his own good looking girl beautiful build totally update had a BMW de mission it. Home total Rosh crucial to Jesse the caller. The thing that was crazy about it was. As I thought this girl's little indirect and their hats on the hit me in my head Anderson text message and I got confirmed illness. Actually used to own this gore. Dell's chemical part of the story will the biggest UC. Home. You're back in the day ahead of accustomed quarter. And wheels it was actually an eighty core video title as the lady but the cola was back but comical PCI. They were open or so basically you buy your brain you Corvette. And for 101000 dollars. They were figured Nucor written cut in half virtually. And put a 74 of that clip on so you had a convertible corporate because they over convertible. From 76 to 86 in orbit rocket. So it full working comparable club as an overwhelming. So I mean literally made like fifteen or these callers to a three years 88 when they choose alternative. Home. But goals and they got some custom touches to the ground for excuse gone home that they were all. Customer those because conveyance of cold they arrive in the day. The southern comfort or exactly the burglar motor coach a Corvette you know and coming relating to the plane Fey does body and dumped here assumed a little moralism that custom Google what is that they all the good ground fixed gets on them they'll and a Greenwood ground fixed it from the factory. Hum you can actually even got eight turbot. It's her Abu option do you Turbo convertible Corbett little quarter quiz who are focused on top hat it Turbo 1980 equal. Nice to what we're. There is a Shia admirable. Until. Homes get this car and drove it for years alone does Bob Davie. You know I mean it was coming ashore my age group like we'll the first 320s it smells like the cool thing and took him toward his goal there and you know and overall little globes ish numb pick up truck cable federal it was a little bit you know one of them but there was fluent in. Greg Coleman drove this thing this thing with Brooke it's applied for and they'll put a bachelor will brighter it dropped to equal. This is the Corvette that we've talked about several times before. There was actually parked in your kitchen yes it was actually it was my health well first Celso ball. You know those amount Julia is the starter but I had a one common drug well he knows flipping callers. But it really reverent or any thing. Well we'll all have a baby sit outside. But at the time I just mauled a Camaro almost 67 Camaro Republican win shouldn't either. They got me thinking. Miles look patio slept slightly old Concord New York plant. A look and you know so weird because slam and those little concrete patio all America feels the same levels before election part of the floor of the house for a that I got a look at him a slut bag nor. Took me a couple quick measurements. In a little aluminum trachoma slug back door. And pulled into a trek to little little. That took and made me a little would cover to go over just so wouldn't drought run over Latin boom mounting polished veteran right. And a blue in the kitchen table and put it to the little included in the attic. Terrible quarter in the kitchen and then it was cool about it was you would never opened the door back open you put everything America popular Kazaa American drought every day the end. Well it was got a cool because like you opened the front door miles and there's Corvette sitting there a couple of glimmers of the big studio portly over the door globally group in particular Gregory a bit but I mean illegal regrettable that Leslie go out there but you know one of symbolize. Here's local New York here's children better value open door whose orbits that there. I genre of Alan mills was it amid unusually complex other homes and gardens real you know doing that. Manners or Martha Stewart Camille so according giving your kitchen and source Carlos Carlos more than Serena. Tennis in this callers they used. If you pieces my eighty Corbett actually sold this courtroom in Iowa than cola went to California. In the Korean Ginn built in Ohio. Obama's court battle sort of the man but the thing is really neat about this caller is they only used the quarters in the doors and all of my caller. My goal kind of guy so org and just basically used for Paul Salome away well so much corals blown up or where were fixed up paint this caller. And what happened was that are sold. Like that its own finished project. Being in the called mister Campbell was motors remission got what we went one way so many of the French of the frame where another way. Millions ACL body in a title. So that got sold well. And that call was doomed from the Maxwell would never drop Google would ride in it she hated it she never wrote that Goran years the power. That they were so funny about that was. Like it called I called and got the bottles happily marriages what he's abortion. And he sold. I mean the caller just heart ache all over slogan you most were short. I got some ticks and confirmed it together shall quote. It also doesn't is a nose roof sharp chance in this they'll Islam is gorgeous. It didn't uncles Angela was though wing on the back did you guys actually got the wing does matter I was going to go to winning as you go faster it goes up further for them for well everything Rico the car off and actually folds flat you know. And they did some really neat they should go to Sydney to back Clinton pro clip almost yellows and also they go back Franklin looks a little. Add a bit different militia. Sources actually go to Syria to clip and injuries and what they did that now you can take this called good guys and withdrew eighty still little to do for the torturers. Also will with a series to you who won't run inning and you're gonna get usually it's the same call me there's no difference other than what they just changed. And you know that that's an interesting things in the headlights it looks like reconnaissance of satellites and brother were the low fixed deadline as opposed to the flip of headlights and generally the get daily the bowlers and now Communists. And meet caller is a great built a little futuristic for my tastes mean tellers give me too little bit. You know well I actually actually the coach goma story it was so cool is they've made this thing absolutely modern. I'm in this car is a boring so you get cartels for a new C seven orbits a little or little curtain to the quarters and say well Muslim. Yeah of Maine who looks like Brenda Corbett season Mears on and actually clear. But I mean they think can name I guess week where you're this is AD I guess but I don't. That eighty Corvette and turned it into what looks more like a 72 Corvette but it is absolutely more modern than a brand new Corvette. It is I mean it a B honestly. Other than a few styling cues that you're going back from Sydney to if she if you told me this is the new general motors' Corvette and their real. Yeah Alan dodges the challengers you know they wanted to first make what the seven major donors now and would love sim who wants him to use that if they said they weren't work. Want to incorporate little throwback on a 72 this is what jeweler who came out. Absolutely and a score flawless top to bottom arms and illusion of the pitchers are up on FaceBook page. And you cannot find anything wrong with a score of the color choice I think. I think you nailed it whether you like the mustard yellow. What do you like the L or not in the color choices absolutely spot on and the Godzilla you're blitzer with a funeral room. Currently has dropped by easily hit endlessly way country you have also a bit from the show some respect. Closely you know showing how we get anxious and respect from his commercials that drug they prevail stick around we go La Mort talked about it earlier Raza via Warner 63 W ordained. Government Harrelson have hours rob that's. Why it's happening. Dude I see right now you've got that little that little luck possibly can pull concedes can agree and gloom. A total of about the manufacture roots others seem pale right here Chevrolet for mobile always sure. You know what with the dogs guys I don't think you guys are showing that there which is no really believe that the officers there who did it. And Truman had the course. I take deliberate as. So what did I would come -- market people bring to the you know wanna look for brought some really really neat stuff mobile or school that re truthfully like they are full force going into the ring true stuff yesterday him using their new commuted of their talking about you know what they've been talking about so little I think you know any celebrity rumors if you watch like if you're wasting no time he's in the ad for the we Richard terrain more than rhetoric than usual. The fire burner early hours of firebird. That should the Canada I'm thinking there really onto the phone will this is. Nothing Lewis is the same procurement process. You know the Plymouth made the good knowledge and oh yeah so be election would make of friends I mean it don't you just don't work don't work. I mean although other than nutrient sales of the America look me in the 5 June 6 gentlemen or other courses. But. Pony here amid let me get a mr. Becker multi. There is due back. May have they just change and I'm just call acute fear everything and well that's actually what they called your little bear fruit and coop yet exactly. And Jews Brandon. It was not you are listed guerrillas say it was a little bit different or actually in all actuality is a little different a little. But. Yeah I think nothing in my. He's no longer is it is not Dodge Ram anymore she's a ram truck right. And I think we might be able see that is another quick production on the viper. So on think in the two it is going to go over. They could obviously what would you vote leper I mean blocked by your players OK by agreement we you know and I think maybe I won't brute horsepower in other words I think maybe dodges seeing that and I think the cute as a new platform available. I think more people will be interested in buying this richer acute. Over the viper but I. Say in this and own moral and won't stumble and stumble some straight to those will say this. The bumpers. Like that was done does it tip to go after the sports exotic callers. You know and I. And I will clearly it was a good intent it's not a flaw a little old butter they do its will by no means was the viper flop and by no means a bad call or. The problem is is disease. It's in an expensive car anytime you have to do anything to it. Well that and also there's a resell value in the bottom falls on this course. Well I mean I think bottom falls on all of sooner or later but these are drop extremely fast dated the and then on top of that. The beaches they Rubin boat anchor we're about pork you have the you don't want to beat you first came out 1994. They were putting that beat didn't steal block version. In the pickup truck drive you know that it overbilled both the split grip shipped out yet. You know what the aluminum while they're the loomed of opera version of that it. Does it by 80002000. Might betray him you know and I mean this is the thing I mean yes good for a little while and didn't this is the next problem you have with TV VT. They don't sound right no they don't you change results don't you know cells like a pistol school books. It is just not a it's not Amish got a six is sounding machine. Now and you know we've said this report I don't mean to get off topic too much is like when they do the us or teach drugs. Awesome trucks in you have got the cool this particular drug going around the block. Until it breaks million viper. Yeah well no talk of that coming teachers must affects them like the 63 military mission to another bill so cool. I don't fabulously you know for sure it didn't do anything with a light in Armenia says to compete compete with a you know I don't honestly the SS was major disappointment. It will dare to the rest of the cool thing about this is low enough yet. Which I'm not the Harley troops came well there are brought in immediately about euphoria that a super short her own and all the stuff. Enemy and the letters were present in the trucks and you got a crew. You know all this stuff. But. You're the Dodgers you can go to crew camera Erica and in your quarter got a 63 mayoral and met with the team and a with us that this is too cool. Yeah and we're way off topic but I think is good conversation and I'm okay with a but I think GM missed the mark. I think Don over shout from our content when it comes muscle strokes ahead for nailed. This is Muslim and an outcome of with a missile and you'll save me the little brother and you'll see them I want either but I agree with either. 1 July and it's I think that trip you could make it any better now. I don't just out of the box smells great idea muffled and a fast and very quick truck earlier and they know you do the super George file for. They got even better and then OK go back and look at the first generation of the Silverado SS. It was a boat anchor for 54 in a decent movie. Yeah cool intra it was a black that monochrome throat. A middle school but all that it will rub G imports they did of me it was nothing. Cup performance and you know the wheels aren't diagram to say we'll little referred to drug and wants them it was nothing there was no governor doesn't that mean. The only thing that was costume most was the color my ex buddy or little mushroom bumpers and then the strike package does that mean you're the sticker on the back. Unit like so I mean you know they missed the mark there. Feel that it you know the lines were traced we know it was old news portals coma shall submit to borrow the bumper that the two bumpers on the back. You have bucket seats console. You light and ordered in the seats. What do 44 assists a forfeit foresters have had the same Burgundy written do you the pulp ultra. Asking you this same Burgundy rating tears the pain in the as a stroke in a V6. 88 or nine BA he could've got a meanie sure young pickup truck get same entered via the Vietnam before yeah you could. I mean it's the minister Margaret totally. I mean look there is studded got a little little player like a certain area it will rub this in a row that your little worker look they have. Yeah well then you turn around and and now novel saying in and GM's defense. For kind of ways to GM makes her move to make matters of course he's a well planned well SS and then. Four came out with a marker broader. Which is better color did well coming guilt thing about forty urges natural followers of journalists yet didn't measure is the laggard behind right below them. The good that I mean they came out of the second generation this a Silverado and great truck I have more I love it. Is they awesome truck than Darth Vader Truex who it is but again. GM missed the mark when they come mileage into blinding. Super chargers and on the things dreams it'll blow past SS truck all day long. And there are other public to look I was a roomful was a closely at and a rare option they were offered with a manual transmission different. So I mean they just did it better and then not have long long and monstrous game images of Russia. There were a little crazy with the norm now out of there's faster here as this it is. But via a little by the flops and you lose or draw probably better than that I think 57 with a my innocence and on top of it would answered back and justice find may be even better exactly. Literally put eagle plaza and yet and probably then huh. Why I'm without Shelvin dal Ben a more dependable drunk probably and keep maintenance. And in the you know and that's special thing or doctorates exotic little taste of these exotic disorderly things coming. But at twelve miles motor and affording Donald drugs don't do business. Although I don't. Now the cool thing I will say and I would never want discouraged job and dodge from making a move willingness on which GM and now Ford would also designed. Is this kind of a shout out to the old school muscle car wars of back in the day. Hey you build one we're gonna build a bigger. And dogs always done that we have a mile to the dark the you know American made thousand horsepower. In house production goers the demons are yes. But I mean. You know no one else is doing that. No no I don't I don't blows in the sixties. Immediately back in 1965. As it for 26 Mimi yeah that was the biggest period. You know than for a roomful with some general Reno and six leadership that what was and then Dodd's answer back on the fourth quarter manga yet when a full forty. I mean there are so many things and then nothing serving. Surely shouldn't forfeit for the six but you know what I am saying call me to bolster our 'cause it took him a school that's it. But I mean where's it gonna go from there you know I mean in in the and we sold a legacy MO last year toll in a brawl and an honor horsepower four runner. Hurtado was exactly Andris every school. But I mean just look yeah I mean where's it all goes oh yeah you don't know what is stuff I'm in the Dave mentioned look at Jeep now. Just rehab we will file with a 64. PV energy community. That was vehicle was shot obsolete text police yes bring him back though be so killer it will wanna golden eagle addition Jeep. But you know and it turns her attention to. This you know Trojan GM bought. Made for this year disease or six pick up. Ores there call it you know at the Silverado SS content Chevrolet is the upper truck surely cult of the Silverado performance concept and they were Alyssa Siemens this year. And this is what we've been waiting for this is a 53 truck. That borrow to super charger all of you know LT one LT for the come in the 06. Corvette or the zeal one Camaro. So vols a supercharged and slams and on to the 53 in the truck at a hundred horsepower. I mean this is awesome. Oh and up trying its ex piston caliper breaks just vertical yet so. And we're talking about the struggle we figure no breaks experience and on bridges we take commercial breaks it. Total cover the struggle we come back is that exist to Coleman talked about alright guys you're listening hours ago right here of 1063 W awarding. Gentlemen tolerance and average Rob Kurz. Staten indeed and Ozzie over drool all over that will see me looking Chevrolet pickup truck now come home what color you call Shannon Bremer. Shannon from. Little Shannon primer. Impact on Monday the east and and honest that killer too blatantly like crime and bike. Not dead skill skill set new cool color and now on sin meddling in counts count primary held a moment with a degree cooler and you have funeral where is that there was goes it's a little funeral home era I think you know home growing. So is 06 pick up a little Chevrolet brings to the table now like. It is a cool truck and having a look see surely Stefano locals are customized root as well desired moving it. Revenues silk road and a lonely girl a Manama Chevrolet and drew America apply row. Ya ya hear that but. This is very. But rubble Loescher withdrew they had the blackout version right. Midnight or were called and I. This port facilities eternal life settlements and the second which looks like shoddy work truck. And then you have the rally addition. Which is a retro would black racist council which by the way GM if anybody is listening. Police pulled them racing stripes a little bit closer together that. Foot gap in between them we like a terrible I mean I don't know I don't realism to rebuttals ma thirty dollars a floater in thing I mean. Which are campaigning people's Politico has put the mortgage is in there yeah. Let's slide them together or they got a lot of full metal parlance terribly and I know what the Dickens or lazy. I think the design guy all the looks a little different only understand that. I don't care of the little different and it misses the emblem on the tailgate idea to understand. But it's like the guy who is similar design and was like last minute for the main unions like. Menacing just he's a moment he's scribbled in stride some there didn't like no injected they're like OK good looks good. Let's go with it. The little caller addition. As of all the sexy things in the world Ford got teen rating action. You're eighty Bauer and what do we we got caller until it does get the live until we have to open construction britches and today as the other. Was it the 1794. Edition or whatever Russert takes us additionally in that thing is I think as I've learned his success does not close like they're. Slight there. The key bridge too yeah. So Busch Chevrolet they answered back Sima funnel and slime me produced a muscle stroke worthy of calling a muscle truck. Will this now amounts in this Norman production operating does vote. Mom with a Silverado SS. Kind of motif. Political on the so rather performance concept. It's a street oriented shrugged at Texas super charger agree breaks performance tires. It's amino visual upgrade its total to miss Florida little bits there's some visual upgrades. And body match Mears and handles and bumpers smallest. This I mean this classy look intro drilling is is the Colorado real easy there really is. And now it's 053 like I said before break it's at 53 with a super charger on the super chargers borrow from the Merrill's deal Warner LT four or lose me you know corpus is six. And it puts us somewhere around 455 horsepower it's very respectable of the truck and I'm sure you can turn the boost up on the whole 53 can handle it. And you gain some serious numbers a sign away. So. I mean you don't a very reserved trophy very drug culture of the you can probably really turn now to frame. And Mina. Where all. Of it be awesome daily and zero supercharged wind all day. Point two inch breaks you know and Brant Rosen the brim those six piston Dover breaks of fraud. To a two inch wheels performance tires. And you know. The NCAA for about four badges on an either so we're assuming it's two drafts of more Simmons who may have now monster loops which I'm all for that suit. The things aggressive a minute we'll excuse in the call since the over is with a caller. Or that went from a not quite dry country. But it's silly character you have it's subtly different grilled you know the larger wheels could blow to a bigger kids don't trust experiences that. Right there and Angela. But it's just smoked headlights and tail lies in darkened window Mowlds. And just gives a little bit more aggressive look and a loose in the area still will. Yet. And I can tell law who's in charge says now. It needs Smith Dallas and other equipment and the date. But it comes with a cab back exhaust system in the cold air intake is part of the package. Com into your phrases such as swayed steering wheel carbon fiber looking gauges. Over for a current somber looking gauges well known uses reform by real this. The scale like it's telling my pace car heaven wood looking. I would like going there so we knew better away peace. The saying. That element six board gauges yeah it's of carbon fiber looking agents down there. Folks are the scale carbon fiber until the restaurant Iran utter disgust silence is good through. Good is not a world you describe anything they're selling them one at a good I want great superb. Tremendous Mueller was girlfriend Lola she's. Knoedler she's great she's beautiful you'll say that good food. But you know I'm an hour out like LA military men more street drugs to his or manga for over the you know the F 150 raptor. Mom has come off rude in addition ending a dodge of the dodge rebel blitzes. Sad attempt at the raptor. Looks horrible attempt to literally called that but ala Oliver they're going with a more of street vibe of this an ethical counts of drug of aids also. There is also the so called for a I do is figure of another cool truckers surely capable of that donors at a hundred anniversary Silverado the restore thing was absolutely gorgeous. I was literature and truck into a surprise General Motors actually build brought in didn't blow they'll this one that operated small blocking drugs. Voters anniversary badges on it Ottawa a year over the good news holly only kids but. Put joy it'll grow taller. It would your travels I guess the 6868. In a year where he'll draw the yeah I'll answer is actually crazy and he's been there and went career you would think they're really guilty for something crazy in there yeah I mean not your throttle body our dog gonna blow. Just want old school with a and a mile. So what's Somalia other manufacturer brings to table. Four little room in the center of the actual license but you know. Q Monday night at Pacific is ending and not a court have him pulp and six of sixty mustang bodies Ryan juniors milk Bryant. But mail Ford has all the runs reproduction. Of six. Fast back mustang and steel body. Hmmm that's what it was thing about four to sponsorship is the most desirable on the fact dissidents and now you have before licensed body. So basically you can now build a brand new 6566. For aspect mustang serve and is a brand new Ford Mustang it is was it for likes and yet every child is your caller but it's the fourth license caller. But still a mess that's actually pretty cool amassed a dreary cool as she Nagin and I'm sure. I would like to think they're probably national mass produce these things are. Birds coming out of the normal person budget senators on May have a lot of these upload and photos so they're very prized at least it was a cheap insurance in the and that's nothing it's still about a car it is still know so this really cold too methodical well total mother. Duels are making seventy sure bill coupe and convertible reproductions. Seeing very very very cool later very very. Now filming in 71. With a seven new nose on it. Now would be a happy person and a great deal to bloopers and numbers thing right useful little bro you're golden at. The Correll kids bring. With do you think it matters hole for a tool for until yes yes exactly amateurs that you go for a little as the bulldozers were active dual pistols and I don't look bad it's horrible but other you look around totals are so that's when he gets killer yeah absolutely before until template to the for data managers don't make sense skills and I hate that front end of the when the other out tail lights in the front and on the that you know a thing is that their little ones are for okay aliases same caller virtually. But at the end of the day seventies where there really is because there's a pretty cool. Seven A swab of the backbone person and he wants commitments these kittens means it is secure in the millions and that's a Google and read the reproduction but is a really be an amicable way and I guarantee you they're probably a little bit better off than they were back in the day. Actually there actually met Elisabeth litigation though than factory. Well a man of electric car but I of the tolerances or has probably been there gumshoe thing intolerant things we have tolerated mode horse race actually stop the arsenal to forgive one. We got states in stick gramley a lot more to talk about lie actually coming your way right here on our odds my PR 01063. That we already.