Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, November 12th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Dodge new reveals at SEMA, The father of diesel engine performance, NHRA, and Larry Dixon.


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Government doesn't have those rockets. And what skilling known didn't do you mood. Below is some of them -- for blue room seem EST it's sort of you know I'm the flu Lumix let me let me know them stopper here. As a previous semen gore hasn't Freetown three down three times and hurried three down three times and over. Ford had a fabulous Booth foreclosed and it has its borders opinions Leo yet and I'm not for guy whatsoever. I mean there's some online ads actually now (%expletive) by muscling into the LT more about the label. China is Nia. I've heard you career with a drug problem that a flux bottomless well it is terminator swap with the super charger. Did you and reviews and year with a needle you're out of your all of the fuss about it well if I give us a Miami feeling you know our Google's results available if you're delusional witness injury and a lot of folks like most and you'll stop you know lines. I'm kind of compounding in this thing to us that this is noted for Ricky and help you with a thought buddy Palestine. This is there's another story for another top. But Ford's Booth at the same line is second in line it always is in Hampshire has been years before we went the same. And I'm sure will be carrying on its outstanding. Well they bring along the old school GT forties and the Q among these callers. Even wont win no problem loans or any race history. Is still a million million that call right there full rate assumes there right these are 23 million callers up peach. And reform filed those that are down. They did that come out there again moments that some else called the new F 150s. They're pushing the towing capacity in the toe battle with the eco boost yet another if 150s with matching mustangs. With all match in forty auto wheels Poehler will move truck trailer and caller. You know limited it to the room they'll only go based is a good matter. There are good I'll just mention rooms that they did it out of skeptic about the database. Kind of test trial one gnome name and mandate merger or well but these things I mean they're pretty. For what they are for a V6 and a full size. As severe drug they're pretty well Georgia voters put four threes. Gives a slow as crooked and they have been for a long rally and we that would put him in the ring Herbert agricultural loans and but the others is that there are excluded and crew get trucks and actually hold up pretty low amount that don't go all your horse trailer when it erased or ever weekend good. Other map for the idea that needs a particular drug robot to foreclose roller mulch in Iran's long in your Dragan you don't singer drought to work like a daily. Is more than enough and it's a great drug is really is. One hears talk about being Smart buys an economy currently these Jesus we're or hot rods and happy hour. Let's talk horsepower with a dodge boys my little dog wars the Booth is always a great blues era it you know what. Again and not the least of our brand new world of around one. But most far brings the power they even said that that was her campaign for last year's same show. We're bring in the muscle and they did well I expect Willis is here these little mobile came back field. You mean you know which they marketing. Genius move right. The you know course that. And then the chief thing another even doing the throwback jeeps to come back only Willie style Jeep so to look at it from the outside. It looks like a civilian and early fifty civilians in the early because of what that would. The JPEG entered the you scramble slimmer yet we tell the truth we dug in the last several weeks ago other bringing them back in the scramble for a total amount ram year two point one me. They're whimpering about what's funny is us and a eighty scramblers bill today which you just don't see it there. And but they have this where at least know the middle of the body itself look like Willie steep rise nobody giveaways like the new LED headlights that. And it's Kelly really need to go through that but other than that the body looks like the Willies future. But nothing that's cool with it has all new to hear what the new wranglers rod. Toast of the creature comforts than it does get a little even us steel Willis twentieth steel wheels Lola. We're amiss just a really cool retro throwback. Yeah and you know jeepers one manufactured is always Cass stayed true to what dale or even though they've gotten modern creature comforts and all that and cheapest trilogy it is he's still walk a strategy to yank the doors off. Well I mean this that they were GB you'll like him. You hate it oh yeah there's no in between was you know I haven't met very many people just said you know how analogy. A little bit to go to Jesus Coleman wrote the little. You are a lot of G lit a just Russia I had to local and and I mean there's nothing. Particularly role within a zoology person to rise and you know they're not the most we call. Smaller vehicle. The goodies. And you know all of your lecture or Anderson the other mom Gil well a live look me in Houston speech loads to that you do this if you do anything that would be great bullets over the route out of the box it'll do you think will. Yeah it you know leave him. The new genes the four horse. Those are the ones I don't like. Look cool then Gillard in Needham on them and they look great but two main. I mean is not a force does this unity. Isn't it don't really do much which is an of Manitoba don't scramblers actually meaningful size and says that's pretty cool. But only got a short wheelbase or told her that a good photo and yeah I mean what what he really do whether other than drive around gold dollar router yet be a deep honor. Did you go it's just things you won't historians say it yet. I do understand don't someway cooling knew more wins that's what I understand every institutional. Right. The battle of moral thing of course you know mobile are always to look through Blackstone recourse there. You go more warm and from Greg your caller he's walking your own billion more to more than half a home. And it's over in the course you're told the puck actually did go from oval this year drizzle. He did the of that dark chocolates the 38 notre. They put the 640 Meehan. Nice to look at drug PD blue red leather goods borrow overseas routes still will dog dish caps gorgeous and parlors I don't know atonement out of my four. His or her run for rodeo history so local guy hey this is a thing that. That you know stress to people all of this is call country through here oh yeah I mean like these custom built they don't all come out to California. Now you know there's a lot of great it. Another good example that and another out there has us in the course personally that there are taking out there the tourists may. They're in our backyard revenue Morton. So bombing these scores aren't all coming from the West Coast we got some heavy hitters who were for now beautiful cars right here. Ray you mean like when we had our three student or drown out. Home. They're put now fabulous course the note the literally. There's some great shops there's tons of great jobs. Does the thing that until it's in the quarterly Regis and you know some I was like you do there's get you know friend of mine Timothy you posted about 14100 pitchers on FaceBook from sigma. His Mina I think abusive I've been living vicariously through all you guys a win. Which is I think everyone on friends' list. Bomb but I was look at these pictures and man some of the bills this year is just like my god they're like through the roof of ranges. Allison here look at the Sunnis and of course like everything's others wrapped so Mike a man trying to instill his rep cores to. But. It's just unbelievable. The talent the time the money in the man hours that women to some of these beautiful built other then. To local and remote orbit was Christian sixty guarantee you that they're from overblown Jess and Chris Jacobs over. It was funny last year when you know I saw immune shaken and a big does sure the big crew can Dutch radio. Chris school and all that more overbuilt the school forms a sixty GTX with a new Jimmy powerfully and then. Of course is whose wheels shocker that element black and silver who took a look at gold member in the his biggest biggest growth will be much cooler but. Physical and other cars. I am the GTX is as a great player alleged physical level coming here at the other thing about you but when you were you GTX super BM in the world Hercules and caller just tables and grills the only difference yeah. Haven't. That was what that was like the competition to basically mild and those children though those wrote a militia bill. So bummed me you know looming. That's as well they all you know Tampa and they'll kinda have that square body let it shape go and then they don't have the same shape going to break our clear political callers coming of course you're close for a good portion more frustration of those little stuff. Are you tailor the system with the chemicals in Moscow that was server I think that was smoke pours one gift to our writing communities today and it's exterior and that they enter in the other were big with a dinner and things like that of course that with the jeeps than me GMs or use and they are members of the quarter as the date of the bigger numbers up. Love it Wilma yet for 63 to have. Yeah actually took 96 and editor and others. On net Boeing. So does trickle even a little more care catalog makes of course new challengers and mutual orders for days. A takes over as we offered basically these commercials is key room only reason it's so terrible guys they can we apply anymore seem a bit to talk about. Re here won a sixth street and we already hot rods and that we are still agent. Muslim and draws an embryo was then ending the ridiculous sum those muscles and tell me so now she's Ulsan some crazy looking great sinker it. It's like Wal-Mart on steroids. William the other Los Vegas is inquiries and as their foreign also actually visible cell space shuttle street and we need to get in there. Oh sure it's Ritalin was always the most exciting place duels please bags they're about point they want trees that are the the little little hut in the wall more they won't premature. Yeah and other girl's junior but. Yet as is the story from Alitalia that we Jerusalem that only there but it's Aurora avenue of the temple mount and Miller will Roland Martin took two years economic and the word in this. In the way the people to understand they keep FCC also listened back half kinda. And make great and Iowa corn here and it's but the food that's the thing was put those yucky among us in the same time every year. And he'll come Halloween falls during sleep now like every time. Well I mean yeah whereabouts a zoo today before remember the first street so than this crazy about it is you know. So I mean you'll also raises the trees down but now you have Halloween in Las Vegas he's got crazy with a Mascoll. Limited Asem infusion won't personal view and everybody's go go go and planned to go around Halloween. There is no cooler place there's national accounts around here. Nothing there's not a powerhouse like free watcher Jeffrey mount street on how it's real life he says is like normal. This great but as does the restaurant in Vegas that we always hear Bartoli goes Culpepper. Could have been done dazzle is. Like Denny's on cracking plates are huge and humble the slightest probably the most inexpensive place CNET and Las Vegas probably ever wonder is there it's just a popular it's actually the new casino was filmed and yet it looks like the interior of a semi jeweler. Only I mean everything is like pink and blue with neon lights old there's not a square table in the whole place every tables for a field announcer Booth. Home was actually we were treatment. Of Google's Monday night in harmonized and it was so funny because we're sitting in a Booth in Jean Whitfield. Not any one year old Jean Whitfield. With the is coming this dude looks like the picture of hail yes I was there WG Winfield a much what you do and O'Neal Hollywood. Diesel or out jump and a couple Claudia forgo play in the coming year. And people really lost jobs toppled on that list is real old school customers are. He's famous for the Winfield played that they can bring jobs exactly McChrystal it was like the leg before leaving you is my I kinda met him the same way notes have a moment. Last year for the officials say Makiko authority I was standing down from your brain off Fremont street. And becomes rolled up and a brand new mustang just pull land here guys Winfield child shot assured whoever here and it just get out know and those who are you. Mean what until eleven Oscars about gene Winfield Winfield goes of course California but the thing is crazy about it is is other than him Dunn is here clear all 666. He is like untouched you don't say he's not. Doctor bill like all the Izturis he's got to discuss the real deal when this little customers are from way back he's a legend. He's outlived the ball yeah earlier today he is absolutely gets around noon armies like myself we used to say you know that really Lou I reciprocal always great for pictures and super super cool guys. Home. Which into the cool guy mother Gil ranks. Gala will still out there was cool Dodgers welcoming buildings cop father diesel performance is unleashed a gun culture goes in general how and I mean this guy is there's so many good things that Gil thanks directional more layers here in the future for sure. And those guys so era stuff told Gilbert to a twenty minutes you know. Which instrument that's like two out codec as you're human go 160000 people walker on this building. Dell again those legendary I mean at ballads are leased to follow his stuff. Back in the early days of our blog TV back on who's doing some stuff for so cal speech up. We are they were always a volatile selfless kid the first two Ramona diesel gas and those little wood because it. As the go to the comment comes and yet she actually was working all common rail fuel systems. Two years hopefully gain market yet the list because they innovator of both of diesel before and just over Georgia in general. And the thing about it is absolutely true post didn't you go work everything's turbot temperature rhetorically here. And this is the craziest thing you get a release and also a moment ago everyone excuse Lola and Gil by extend it and have no idea. That's built this for me yeah that night area members walk total. How Movielink. And and these kids are like yeah and full temperature for Cuba it would escalate yeah the the originators. I mean immediate and that they have verbal but he may put it on the map yes yes and the minutes go Olson and a plethora of diesel knowledge. Yet and I'm sure it's awesome from you coming from a diesel mechanic meg enemies Molina who exactly could this guy I mean he just so much you see today is because of him. That's the way produced double fault you know all the diesel Brothers and you know hazel Brothers would be nobody without gale banks as it does is it kills me about these guys you know he's if you if you do not have Q thirteen with a 600 visuals like in 191000 horsepower. You know what. Without Gilbert thinks there wouldn't be any of these if she does that automakers and nobody can beat you there. Yes because if you thought the diesel is because you need people horse trailer portrait robot via our unit do work it wasn't because you are built a performance machine it wasn't until Gelman gelding stepped up. Well thanks for. Moments when you go limo Gilbert social service systems for these trucks coming there was like one or the term Boca in the world old US of a cylinder was atheism guild expels it. Yeah well I mean it makes distillery on enemy and won the big dog still but the thing is crazy about is all we hear the tuning in all the stuff they make form and all the stuff. Gilbert was doing to stop putting your Oden coming up there I mean it's not you think freedom you know. Yet if you ever catch old light. Kids back when they do the 73 in the Forbes which probably in my opinion on the best diesel engines there the civil third tonight he's here this other truckers were eliminated version that was non interbrew and then later on The Who have turned over to Heidi yes. I'll they may they May Day. The men on to reversion them later on terror about it. But it VCU like even old Sandra day he's worked with had a pinks performance Tarvaris to account it truly well it was a little balloon non Turbo Brooke when they got it. Coming in that's worth his guy. I mean me coming and he killed them intellectually demo the power stroke 73. Which is virtually is nothing like an idea agent was Turbo George Wright but from the factory. But I mean this is thing coming Gilbert is a big merger Rosalynn and in you and bigger coolers and how to force parts on the east road from the factory. I mean this does is to innovator and it blows Obama because it ended that you get these guys are true yeah and I am no I do go makes it. Yet the only ways to get the power of a non German idea motor was. To call gale banks and to a third or some Bauer who exactly that was the only way it was done. And like he's that it does can kill me you know like gene Winfield did walk right past him in time and no there were a legend. This guy always liked him until both of this they're going to be something if it wasn't for these guys. Does this will be year yet. If people again. Bliss like you said you know Jane Winfield his one last of the you know blasts of the kings customer if you will. Exactly two years coming year we lost George bears we've lost so many big names and customize the and I mean the thing is gene with me he's that will be here forever does and I mean don't they something usage you willful men live to take pictures of people and we'll talk about the hobby what people actually an edit in iShares is now she does I mean he's not lucky some stunt that got the students is rules they column. Yeah you're not going. I promise you. Mino and I don't have a problem amendment Richard Rawlings rule mind you mean the same time today that genuinely an award today Celgene locals go more tolerant in the end of his pinky. How thin Richard rose there Coughlin stuck together and speaking at time today and it's time for another commercial break this drug testing to we talk about the in assuring Nixon mister leery Dixon oh until it is never good to talk about Rosen via Radio One 063 WO or being. Does little hot rods and happy hour and what's that mandate mamet and a great time here I goto literature and Larry Dixon Lula. Mayo remembering mr. Nelson a three time NH very tough few world champion. Mr. Larry Dixon. Has been suspended indefinitely. From the NH RA. Mentally ill drag racing series and Lucas or series competition. It was announced this past week that decision according to the statement centers around the you know improved to see your tough Phil Dresser Dixon revealed at the same -- show. In Las Vegas which you said it was a detracts because of the tricks us through Drupal right drug right. So hate he unveiled as the same the promotional video. And imagery depicting the unique nitro XT dragster running only at the Palm Beach international raceway. And I jury sanctioned facilities just in there's more to the story than meets the guy. The NH Terry statement reads. And I quote. DNA Terry impose an indefinite suspension of competition privileges against Larry Dixon for violating NH RA rules particular section one point three point one. Participation. Just think conduct and one point six point three. Chances inspection of the 2017. And NATO or U rule book and it Terry take department discovered the use of an injury chance he's tagged. Tag on a unauthorized and unapproved two seater dragster. Any further incidents can result in further action Larry can appeal the decision per the 2017. And nature Ruth rule book which I'm sure Larry will. So. The just the story here is Larry took a chassis modify the make his two seater Dragic. He took one of us to a few callers in the back left and put another cajun rice and basically you run in tandem like a lot of energy and right. And you gold around a long look 200 mile ultra extra element I'm a more. No actually particularly where you'll Sloan is on you jury selection drew it's between him and the rest of the world. This is where he messed up this. This is where he went wrong. He took that they tours recordings are two people don't tracking imposed to mutually. They need data at an image jury sanctioned true. The call signed off by the chance to go over now he should have which in ensuring. They're trying to get a group which are only kicked it and that's why didn't do it. It would shoot a man I figured I better ask forgiveness than permission to rush boil it figured wrong weir Luke but if you took that trip that caller to an jury trick or aura about altering article one ever. They were never say there until the care they get control what little little. All right so here's where I have a problem this. Still can't run a more okay I'm now that I agree with Al or. But a guy who's a legend does sport if you will to ban him indefinitely. For this I think is a bit excessive. Things over the top and you know if yes it's NH Jerry sanctioned track. But note the track doesn't belong to the NH RA belongs to an individual Brooke so and that's another thing where I have a problem when this. You know is someone go to Bruton Smith that I can't take my car around Charlotte motor speedway were members misses like camp. He can NASCAR come and say well. While I'm sorry mr. Penn as an annual increase wagon is nigh on NASCAR sanctioned. It's that don't meet NASCAR texts oh we know you can't do that. Hello this is the restaurant Betty you're here completely entirely man ran NASCAR event ever nil because this road is analysts NASCAR driver anomaly near Hilton a little bit different standards but still I think NH RA is is overreacting to. Stiller written and I think they're being there controlling there they are mounting this stuff just to know if Larry Dixon took that goal in a jury trek. In his affairs of this that you were eighty amount of fuel fractures 221 inches long and we'll we'll this call can LB rundown from Drexel go to lukewarm on trade and majority gore voters will be in major tracks. That's the catch but that being said we built this thing he should've thought about. Second thing was this about him having to callers. Caught the most ferocious succeeds in the back. Yeah it's the same they haven't told them. Up seem to cedar seed do you see most of you have freaking well I'm Zairean side by side two seater dry gestures go down commerce before yeah I was slower on the railroads there are other cars. But I'm out seeing these cars run on the track would two skaters in them so what he's done is not like it hasn't been done before. Now does have a bigger engine on and yeah I'm sure you watch but this is something that has been done. Or he's built a school record for getting these books go to make money whether you know one what he's always really you most rigorously government corporate parents and basically you know X amount dollars over side via rotting on the score as compared to skydiving. And I think it's a book where it is it is cold and I think he sailed to dumbing got to keep in mind it costs 8000 dollars a second. So you mean it's domains erodes our fuel dragster that Larry Dixon the bricks Larry Dixon and and I don't know man and remember formalize the likes of the civil war and I don't know school. Bob Newman the man I don't know I'm I'm Jersey area a really and but he comes of this genius idea to actually help spotlight. A semi dying sport. And they want Kagan to the curb. This is low prone nature nurture his Israel's again future is the home. Larry Dixon and they're there running people away from the sport with the rules while I knew this. Now a lot you know the more Orleans traditionalists and less interest they probably the jury is picked Brian for its rule book. Yeah playbook and they're going straight ahead. It is the thing about it. You know coming. You're educators like John force. These guys are Diana and there's nobody to replace nastiness of downforce that I did genius idea and he Korean missile monster. Yeah and that's the thing I think it would be homeless animal was good you know our John Porter Goss is John force left political or there would be no more political really feels about callers yet they couldn't make the field. If John force wasn't it. That's nonsense so you know if if John force or someone like that. Was is our Tony Schumacher what has he done it since are you tell me they would band Tony Schumacher they do for the dude your forced him to calm wind there. But I'm so there was event Tony Schumacher. I think there's Stefano on there others are others and there and I think their money underlining story in this that we're not quite hearing is well. Well this is nothing with a slim layer and dual funds that don't run earlier jury true Clark you know my my thing is like fine whatever it takes there. Hey buddy moments the first two races next year or something like that. You know. Stay in the quarters. And then in the corner you know all right where does that he you know go talk to bill France for Manning get whipped in from I don't know. But punishing somehow. Can't take some of the several millions are running away from I don't wanna do something. And tell him hey you just wasted money on pretty cool thing. You know going to be US Lil old city good idea yeah Mel you can take them very cold. Indeed tune in just the knowledge. And of smitten and Joseph seemed to fit in it was a make my posts. They are our judges I think in a Terry is playing Papa Bear a little too strongly. And Taylor and I thinks you know when someone comes up Buddha idea. I mean he's not reinvent the wheel he's making the will of the Israeli role of a smoother he's making more people onerous and how old missile longer yeah. If he makes the role a bit longer we'll see you. But I I think when somebody steps up and do it does that you don't shoot him down. Well this growth is that guarantees the next guys that lie ahead of gravity of range or agonized for a little guy in Asia. This is the one thing more wholesale only injury side. Let's say more for Britain. So it was that political split Natalie raised. And it happens the winter those things wrong will go into a region. It's somebody gets killed that caller earlier Dicks are that goes for. That right there. Let's go blue really bad taste in people's medal here is that two seater to a fuel or it was an exhibition room that's metal business I don't understand. I agree there but do you not think with the added weight added we'll basis Camilla order picnic Oro not at all merely economic it worse. I don't iron and amateur one of these I think you're making little worse in the course no longer. Pretty short the double put this gadget but. That does the thing with these things I mean. So anyway that it is a I see no problem was here. Do you need to be wrote in a seventy notre or every keep in mind. Like OK of the Richard Petty experience price idea but ask sex Sam idea but this is the problem is cordial welcome to Omaha. No good not at all 32 and stuff callers Madonna and Busch grand national what are his little callers. This is the drilling. There they got more but Craig letters from men but the thing young thing about this car idling makes twice as much horsepower as a stock. A real one Noah idling. Now it but you're also now put an inexperienced guy now will you do a three time world champion. Is driving this thing coming you get a richer prey experience gets put out. And Dave I think Jesus buoyant pace covered those John force won sixteen times over those written. About a 12016100. Times and knew exactly human does it put their failed borrowings yeah. It happens. It is it's dangerous sport it is and I think you know just like go is not a matter of if it's a matter we. Yeah I am but I think you know I think the same rules will apply just like going to event you know turmoil in the newer things strap him down super charger rather. They do everything stripped down and keep from doing of the blow off what they its brand new Duma the same thing. I mean it in there is an inevitable is bound to happen. I just I don't know history of that. Your little room tunnel Suggs story actually deliberately to reach prediction killed fame in critical area coming in happens. Speaking at killing Maria dealership for commercial work all right guys stay tuned we'll memorial lecture him mister leery Dixon suspicion. Right year old Rosen you know I'm 1063 WO ward the Muslim tolerance and low level. He doesn't mean lastly on the on the Internet you got time. Welcome the hot rods have errors Roger Mel left as the beautiful spiky haired blue rob sorry no I'm. Doing good man and doing good Philip great to be here agreed to be here and great to be great to be your thanks for having me you know absolutely is and it's nice view studio you don't. You're dollar Dixon we seen this call is currency were you know is a great bill Cormier is built looking to do direction world it looks like. Little pixie sticks would you oil slick Clinton and actually the trucks move Google's most of the thinks the big torture now absolutely different. But as of churches were there is a good looking Goran having its two materialism is currently do and I don't see a problem with. There's been excellent exhibition room deal or luckiest big corporate polar Easley he's becomes three and stuff like that. They want that blitzer big exits in the thing to clear room there. Other that's fine. No it does zero to order to blow to our. Allies you know insurance went up vigilance. Or. And we're all just trying to get I mean on his regular good downs and roller Vegas. Some of those bubble talk about all got a minute this is rulers. Are seen Richard pretty. Okay that man is not aged since 19949. And he looks exactly. The same way he looks like yeah tell it like Kenny Rogers plastic. Now now this is just felt the fountain of youth I think it's hair dye and that's it I think he does that I'm real. Go to conclusion the rich Brady is the name islander I mean I know it you know what he's thirteen hundred years old and makes cents or spigot. Spring and in all there's somebody it's billed that this hasn't aged well and broke my whore and Linda vote. Nine now running on urges you know held little ball is plugged would you like to take a stab. Sensation and number eighty or so. So even before. OK so she's older can be mom my dad's mama boy did not punish him for real this is get up in aren't you try to roll around manages oldies on the ms. Hurst wound a little of herself and I mean like a steal an honor to meet her. But I mean is Chris she's 74. Years old gas main and you're still blonde like Miller and his we don't. A string Emmy and golden. Start somewhere around tired you're all tired old days on the exact borders assuming you got on every night one thing gambling is a map parties anxiety that we know bounced around a lot of beer and it's it was this year. They were still full of course you first night telling Monday night so I. You know Fremont street actually solid do interest of us know what I'm pretty sure that wasn't the first armies and drizzle until that out their new justice you know why that's not from the warrant. They can't look for the divorce you know how else care to look. Alone. So we were regular free luxury. It was a good gotta love and of course is the world's largest screening of above that lives ruined the on Tuesday night we actual were back out. I choose the order kick off camera that was a lot of fundamental skill the go to is the unofficial little trickle thing they do. Everybody ends up there because there's always like that or he's somewhere but everybody that the order console war. And we'll look forward and we love you on the mile people who receive a little bit in post the photo that the DJ was all that you that was the best closer. Dated a more. The head of the DJ was the DJ was that was a nice lady. She was Jews and Jews and nicely gifted she was you don't want. She has laws. And ray personnel she has lots of personality around a person not look person she could be she can be mistress of misery and stolen out there Monroe that any day and she and Illinois kidneys and you know dirt cheap to put a dollar or did you. So anyway. So is there were the hard rock you were there for a few hours of course good looks in a school sports anyway. And then the next night we are the rapport. All of this kid starts go to would nickel wrap up camp from Africa but you know it'll say like you say. It was really DC always do callers may reduce the three in the stuff like that mean lots of new products is exciting reps are really the future emea over the re finishing it all that stuff. I literally it was funny I was I actually felt McChrystal enough to the route party. And their dogma in one day other they wrapped a caller is its downloads O'Malley gave normal cars and dogma as tomorrow and Ferrari's two Iraqis via the high end stuff. We and I mean you live recourse they debuted the new colors and and all that stuff and so we'll always a really fun really full of glory eager to looks it will give Daniel crystals it's always fun and now you name me up on FaceBook friend and encoders in Basra and so then. VOA go from there to portion kilts coastal there tonight that kills dozens always a buying empower you he's always play there was plan. A home in June load data can look ridiculous thing we're the only don't go hungry people than curable stage do you play at Bristol he does have aged do his thing. Palm course all the Gaza warning monitor was mortar round Blogosphere their body and how to get them rowly walk around and get back. And invent some you know why that's and it's so funny that's I think I think we should stop and talk about that that's good enough well this is. The thing is funny rule only which is a detailed. Killed customs he's been there for twelve years appears. There are got a lot of friends in the automotive television industry and got a lot of friends have been their bitter bitter round. A lot of friends that. Hello third through the whole rumor drilled. You discover some you know we need we belittle we need a little more terrible. We've got caught enough melodrama. Hair and what is discovery mean when they certainly more drunk fighter somebody that's what they won't you do this or answer for that. Now. This role this slow. Piece of information has brought back to a theory that you and I had you remember back months ago. Earlier this year win Aaron Kaufman was gassed my garage exactly what was our little theory that you and I ended worked out there though this is a Discovery Channel all way. You know he's almost our nation is they knew little drama to kick back up ratings guess what it worked. Rating shot through the roof from Richard you know I'm Richard show. Fast and loud. And you know what the show has been there long enough to prove that can stand without air Kaufman. And the show is doing just fine without name you would like Bill Ayers call has got a new shook Illinois and now. You know we talked about this this is from the game GAAP. Yes exactly I mean. This goes to Bristol is sacred I mean this is this is you just made a reality. In really end it and and this thing that bothers me is when I read when this tomato reality starts actually taking and making reality. And that's what it bothers me and now created we've only heard wants other stories you know and all that. But Baylor role it was lingo he's been for twelve years. On his way vote dedicate a little assures us 2000 rebel TVs is 2002 yet but. The report armaments were ten million dollars. He's doing what. And he did it go look cool guys that caller from where that area. But you fires were put your ms. got some pretty good. You know honestly I think in the end of the day I would probably I don't know my integrity will be stronger and now point oh discovery goat boy the I don't know if that American dream I dream team that is reliable eye candy ministry knew the true nature Fiat but. You know I heard from three very reliable source that that happened. On the way he got fired is also loads of how we use does happen. You know Jerry Coker communities Gaza ruler Shah didn't say anything to musicians colossal post people that he's no longer needed in this coronal property. Ohm you're a man has been there for twelve years you walked the front door with a stuff. That's shady right there could achieve mother were also filming the same time yeah. And you know all they need is to feel you walking out the door and making you give inundating and all of this. Well another idea to fill in the blanks the next thing you know Bob overlooks like Gator ball right. This is this is what I see it come and you know I say cult before. Bullet. That's where this is going to be hit it and of course now look at rolling. What does he do he doesn't say you start to move to. We knew he dropped the news. The day of data kills predict hooters open and power urgency report is that Korea Dario coming. Of his life he showed a crow or adrenaline is parade continue that. Well sir that's a little trouble coming his way to. And I can't blame the man really analyzed hours or so it happens yeah I mean. I approach would have to go to parliament huge for us like as the minutes twelve years of somebody in the them just do you like that. Arming. After twelve years there have to be a really good reason analysts among you know I mean. And Bozeman Amanda at least some of there may be something good and we really do spigot a good. The show's been good this year has been great to have you here gonna wait another week before you hear from us again so. They no big deal because we know lots lots of great calling this coming up we got a great show in London for next week. Check in our FaceBook page for all have and what's going on we're going to be in all like great stuff and until next time. Bob rob rob did say bath for tomorrow's bill writer 1063 W authority.