Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, November 20th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk more electric cars coming and 14 used trucks to avoid


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Orgasm tolerance and it goes through its. What's that Lyndon mailed to you than. What's that you're Toma elliptical or again I am and well you know lot. Let me say that like that's all it's electric consummated. Now on leaving Grey's didn't down to a career but I can't help but when when a company makes a bold claim. I have to address. And socialism and evolving knowledge of course it is. Among basement and definitely have to address that so out of this your automotive will Memphis here California based on company. Do kicked off their career back in 2000 A is a count hybrid electric cars won the first Corzine you just plug in a role is as a hybrid. Com well today. And made claim. That their new car that could be released as early as 20/20 four. We'll have a 500 mile range and one minute charge time. One minute one minute with a new solid state battery to have. One minute to purchase longer to cook retired first brutal than a minute. Coming in to boast about like cement. Bless you oil like Norton is going to implement more yeah. Miette tennis about placement and in this car in charge in a minute and then get 500 miles. As opposed to the kind of scale got a hell ordered that they pulled this from Google will tell you something. I don't put a longer walk or a little bit miles and make things Flickr well. I'm not a battery out just by an remains. Auto intrusion or that either. I'm definitely now that matter how is what this little little actors tourism like Anemia and also a warm welcome them to earn their money. Yeah yeah yeah is that exactly kids think that there. But problem. Desert or citizen results that matter is that that's older claim is as 500 miles Willie V range. And then. One minute Georgetown and I wore that morning and charged. One minute. You believe that. I think they're really really there's a lot of steps of that hole are very I mean you got to be like connect to a nuclear power station got a split. Had boom. I serve then unmanned technology is changing rapidly everybody Vanilla mr. fusion blown loose in Leslie mr. fees and and then go back to the future yeah well as the future it yep exactly. So speaking in electric car news just before well I think it was just that he has room mostly is actually. The electric car that was involved in the incidents those actually it was a self driving home exactly. Yes but you know what the most. Humid here it yeah -- he backed into it will deliver ultra limited human and and here. So that they spot on the conversation you and I and the other night and I want to bring this same conversation over Tuesday. Air because of the gate conversation all right. Stop with the little disclaimer no tolerance and have built an oracle radio stations are responsible for anything that comes on drugs mail. This is this guy is grassy Knoll Jesse venture backed group crazy. Among amateur in the last but. I think I think at samarra firm things this nano I think you Melissa it was a beyond whatever was they Zynga welcomes all have been I don't know who is day what is at southern whatever I know he's done malware X-Files every other well Joseph full moon lit later on tonight. Well now he comes on and we it was a black lights billionaire and X-Files blank Celine is calming and talk is what we got congress did you do you and him could. Go back and forth so our races. In terms of self driving vehicles. Bomb if you know much about electronics. The count wired to protect themselves. And account wired to defend themselves. On a few computer ever gets virus you'll see trying to take measures to prison vent the virus from taking over. A lot of times we can't but it does what he can't do so. Now pass this technology on to a car that's driving it self indices immediate danger. Mom what's it going to do is a going to make a bad decision in order to protect itself but it can also. Cause fatal harm to others. Who. Let's just threw out the scenario. Then a car pulls out front here. Fully automated vehicle. And it has a choice to either Tebow on this car that just pull out from it or jump the curb and wipe out a crowd of people what's it going to do. Well Portland do we really have a little Billy. Do we really root the little little pushing the caller yeah almond or do we kill the machine. Yeah look at what's it sounded. Or is it going to send yourself an oncoming traffic to avoid. You know a definite wreck resume mile journey from short circuit in little boost in some way these cancers. Can do that too I'm just saying and so there's there's a day is a danger there a danger aspect that worry about with the electric car movement Curwood with the auto maker movement rather. And I talked about this before but I have a little more a little more deeper theory here. You know arm the swells music girl you you know or I'm going with us when you Norm Coleman this'll. So we had a conversation and a lot of you remember this arousal will be young when this happened but right around the 2000 error. You know the YTJ scared what UK YGK whatever I was they what did you is for sure that Russell. But up. Thumb brain around that area though may. Entergy is the thing that is the thing that. Remember. Back in the late nineties and early two thousand's I'm ashamed to admit it. Well it was a molesting. Well there's your problem and I'll remember reading my muscle most things in passports and no as a reader and only. I was flipping page but we can look finger and turning pages a little muscle Muslims and fast for cleansing. I doubt roaches and they got a budget editorial. Called ask Bernie right. And I was like I'm really worry about this watch UK coming either to among computers creation. Decent. Who mark fuel injected must it was easier with formal waters come out of it. There's no there's not going to be affected by a lot to UK he extra routing it concerned. That the year 2000 was gonna kill as Muslims. No bomb. You know drivers know those mistakes kill people better drivers a must actively kill them for themselves this is saying that a little remember that well you'll also remember them that there was a big scare about the government planes ships within us. To monitor us and keep track a listen. You know their claim was for medical records and things like that you remember those those conversations or somewhere where. Iowa I got to thank him now so in a gentleman about it and he said you know they didn't have to put it chipped in once they give us not from. And we carry with a set where we go. And monitors in those everything we do. And I am I think in mind yeah he's right he's absolutely right. But I got me thinking. People like your car other. Do you not think it's at the same especially automatic or it's not go to heaven knows the exact same thing and as where we're going. In the players call GPS period yeah I wanted Jose but it is right now I can have a near Malibu or my pace car. Any kind of oh wagon. And we can take off flavor cellphones and home and we can go anywhere in this country have a conversation with some buying come home and not a single soul my who's. Welcome traffickers. And traffic cameras get you there. But he stay in a macro it's your fun but. You introduced you know a electric car in this automated coroner list. No longer are you loan someone sees you every move you make. However fresh you're going excellent play that. Exactly freak me out and exactly. We go on science the visit actually you know it is count them Asia privacy no idea you know your phone those were your you cars on the worry dad. And eroded so this is less you'll get back from Las Vegas I've never seen a Las Vegas commercial my life. And I goma flip on TV in his Las Vegas and stay in Las Vegas Las Vegas slows things have never seen march for Los Feliz my life no sudden pops up. Is your car also are suggesting things do you live drug itself to Las Vegas and I got loose drive yourself to somewhere you might think is thinks he might wanna go. What will automated caller do almost a concern area. A wrestler show little Amazon and you'll face polices that I have from still if you go limbs and yes we can some freaky stuff for them Islam and then also scares you in your FaceBook ads are exactly who Marco look at the senator. And they would Jakarta on dizzy don't drop Kelvin this nation feels like he should go. Or they will you win their last Tuesday so he should you just go here now little room food for thought I don't you know. You are right into our FaceBook page let's not look you're you running to are brought pat pat pat can you let him know all about that. Run lump miracle it. And we got to want this bill. And we got to squeeze in commercials and but old prom she goes no more X-Files. A pack up and no more grassy Knoll theory for the wrist of the show fair enough fair enough I guess to Iowa State to we've got a great show and a four or is this week how are rods and happy hour re out 1063 WORD. It has what morals and that there are other I would seven ending you know sentiment towards drugs. Whoever lawyer pick up trucks everybody walks true I won't be a pickup truck a bridge I get it to him doesn't. Rob would you really can be based peek at trip in less than Imus in the picture of today. Loaded bomb going hang by soldiers some butter Mac. Just want to force them now all top all the tough but anyway legacy lived absolutely he'd be kicking him. But score. Limits of triple AE DD out of this and go back toward home we're from trucks everybody won't war. Ever wants true everybody wants I didn't wanna get the bodies just I don't know it. But geez you're getting that remain a little bubbles you know these so he got a room to the load some command and metro. Is a man hold your well this is footing and lenient words that we are a little bit of crooks were. Everybody every bit rough around bigger draw their essential they're central so it was really cool until he found this list. You know world the worst true it is a little bit of a column list here of loved. You know trucks not to bond. You struck by number and we'll look at the low budget battle oranges to the delegate it to used to blue sort of yeah as a moral blow gun is put together a list of the fourteen trucks. Not to buy and use drugs. You know sporting use drugs not truck used to pixels well in this based on a lot of different things you know. There and like you said there's a lot options strokes you know used to you just bought a truck. Nowadays there's there's V sixes UV eight's there's. You'll force owners structures big structures little trucks are forward strokes do dress Castro yes there the everywhere truck drove their their strokes for those who just like to have the appearance of having a true of this strokes for those who like to work with the troubles come publicist called Truex was yeah element. There was little Russa resort resign Elton isn't this like the look on the core little trip a little slip PP you look at me yeah man. Is it a little look truth are really working Lester but so there's truck for every occasion but this let the truck filled juniors Woodruff. The room via email you'll let that she does Ellen DeGeneres drugs sex and see that I actually. A lot. It was a rough and it's claims mastermind of and I agree with a moment animal doesn't mean you usually don't make a roll look to the whole people is ridge line get the formation of low loan I actually wasn't tool lilt but I have since Marines on sparked a solo Home Depot him that say. Ever sing in the original lifted don't thirty six's. A well. Yeah I mean there are only made the Acadia. So this list is based off a lot of things condition knowledge where warranty possible recalls damages so styles more. Much self shuttle and that's your own risk there. But let's goes over the number one on our tough fourteen list of news trucks not to bind. Number one would be specifically the 2010. Dodge Ram 15100. Another daughter of the recent interim he has a list our most popular lightly strokes is the Dodge Ram. Is a great vehicle really is. It's just the 2010 model year ram that was a quote of the V6 engine that you wanna avoid. When you know after you stroke when job for you stroke where the little threesome reserves and yet embryo is so that the series of goals. 37. Six cylinder is along worried about. It'll relatively weak on horsepower we just 215. Horsepower. Barely enough to move the truck otherwise. And only 235 foot pounds of torque. In addition of that had a poor fuel economy figures for a V6 engine in fact there were no different than VA. This is so so like yeah no fewer miles hearings begin though did you hit on power. You know. You know the basics first thing you can you really old career Politico Missouri and this and I agree that statement. And any honest and up to the VA. You know he did improve your gas balls releasing a more power of thing certainly. Yeah any second that the basic equipment was lacking compared to other drove excellent year of 150 years of Brothers. And then this model army three star rating on its NHTSA. Crash to straining a three star out of five of course. On today's over the moon dust and if you receive one red in the front of Central London newspaper I have to sing and all that remove every other coast and personal the other thing that is like roll album there and we're here's. The problem of the judge between us from bumper and anything else there is a lot of space. So it crumbles really easily. Bombs or display the good looks and low price. Avoid this multi she isn't there or does ram. You know early you have to VA to hear you at least do I mean it's yeah. It is not grounded out stroke before and don't over by. Alma. And LTR a dodger real quick amounts that aside from the listen you know Dodge Ram are stuck did you on the this past weekend. And now we're talking about Dodgers general he's been huge does van is yellow freeze dodges you know you'll see around this area. But we're talking about dodge in their fit and finish issues. And we walked around this core and your talking about core that's. You know after its bills and everything throwing a 120000. Dollar callers. And there was play any of little issues that were factory defects almost four. And that's just something that's always steer me away from dodge. Does does a hell of a job when it comes to styling and promoting it promoting yes the marketing teams on killed. Mom and you know food. The performance department the performance departments that are. But there fit and finish that last 10% of the bill. It's like they just you know they've put all this into images sweep them out the door. You can find all kinds fact factory defects and dodge vehicle is just settlements always kind of steer me away from a and you know and then you see issues like this and it's just. Something that. Sydor. Well. Here in yardage is so funny they've always been good marketing even in the seventies and you know animals glory there. Noah but the good medical relaxed now they can and they couldn't. And like you mod does show I loved it I ninety for a long time ago. And I love that truck but it was plagued with problems. Are down 100 brutal Trulia the big go to on the front Denton a good guru. Source familiar what degree do it. Yet it ma'am wrong. So. This is RM dodges but let's give over the muscular number two analysts. So number journalists go over to GM category in the 2003. Through 2005. Chevy Colorado. You remember those true excuse it will drugs local give. Until they got a bad rap move to Colorado is a little bad trucks a little file soldiers are little porky. The four soldiers always a good look. Well you know what they had a lot of problems electrical systems and with the air condition. And you know as closing engine and rusty frame there a lot of issues that are. Just different things that you would expect to happen number searches and kinda new drug which is endorsed or mule now. But there are a lot of issues like so intellectual their condition of the big problems which I will say this is GM. GM is always a problem of their air conditioning systems lasting especially down in south for the really good to the deaths. Which is known about everybody will but. He wants and Korea as the GM products is especially on notice other trucks have now on GM callers but in the truck category. Air condition systems can always been a battle with them and and the 2003 to 2005 model Colorado's were Georgia here's canyons and shortly canyons. Mom. In later years they had some problems but this. Do they want what's the battle froze front as he news show that won't have to give commercial break here and to hang knew that the Sorensen told it all hang on our guys stay tuned we're torment them troops you shouldn't right around rods and happy hour I want a 63 WORG. Gazprom and Holler rosneft in our. I'm doing what we're talking about. Attraction should not and are brought to school muzzle is where we are we're done well traditionally taught about the use shrug change in mind do you church and a so we're talk about Dodgers with a little bit of delusion reasonable Cali radio's I think we need to bring the blue little boy is in. You know I think we can so the next our list number three spot here is any forward truck. With the five point four liter V8 engine will be three low flow the other three valves some light was a milestone. Ten I think is a limit brownies out. Arm. Yes the three Delphi Ford trucks and I know a couple people would normally stroke to be very underestimated this with the campaign blinking Murton but Annika. No that's a Ford tradition many jokes of the modular for a 54 in it. And if Asia innovative three though still ahead despite being relatively powerful. Those engines were known to build serious issues. On especially across the 500000. Marks the 100000 dollar just below cost to fix it. The 100000 mile mark and that seems to be a number that plagues a lot of vehicles for some reason Lou this is it's just that rail memorable. So the main problem is the cans shipped to camp shift Fraser. And I understand on the mine now know what that is. Mom so it's basically Ford's version of variable valve timing. Bush controls coming home but it's clear it's. The risk pool before I mean yeah also timing was still running and moving so it literally it just camp shift position exactly stay either retard or advance the timing of your truck. Peter give you more or less power as needed little mileage rye to over the miles more and Jimmy Carter well this has never worked never go visit. The GM's variable valve timing all of its honestly it's terrible enjoy your legs have probably should go back to the late seventies America like you know the Sri Ritter they killed cylinders when you got we speeds rise. They weren't really good for a little while and so are shown out wasn't rewrote a hundred doesn't know mark well they ratcheted before they and you had to swap out in his put the GM Easter and you can actually fix it right but that was as a big flop from the Cadillac so when the cyst. Wells fails the idol becomes royals fouls and the finally comes rough in the throat in the engine loses power obviously. Bomb the first sinus trouble in well of trouble is strange engine noises. So I mean these things just plagued with problems and you know Portugal kick he's one of specially if it's a you know earlier model it 05 or someone on the air. Chancellor it's probably reach now a 100000 mile market knots or cross that. Hopefully they're very decision situation fixed because it can become quite expensive. Now as this'll side marker note. Outside of trucks for for these engines and expeditions explores and Lincoln navigators. So just four strokes with a 54 it'd kind of be leery of that. Know what you're facing up front jury in the two Ralph four little time engine problems as well yeah I mean. They're not our I'm not a big fourth man and then see issues like this which I would have a variable valve timing GM engineer there this is may personally. I don't know why this lecture of and I understand why they don't understand try to save me a save on power save on fuel. But pound. In long Loescher lemon drink goal. I estimates of analysts here I think he'll break a lot of hearts including my own because one that could hook. Your prayers go figure. So nice of analyst Amir a number four spot as the 20022005. Chevy Silverado. Silverado lose well into echo a little bit of pre Canas be yes yours your look at us over others. To mean this is one of the best strokes are made I guess I just got a good one. But. Or did you were a little regrets no longer needed blood it hasn't been 53 and that's where there. But using their problems off three truck. So. NSA not also Brothers are bad but the easier send him a troublesome. But the main millions of these things will little lot of problems gigs and strokes. Yes they did in house say here's the biggest issue in this is an issue I have faced with a mind. Jim though vehicle Havel like trial electronics thermal control willow would come and here's a look at the neutral for years but this was horrible this long was there why remember in my one I had. It wasn't like this it was actually dials dolce and you could have a dial or he can do dessert is an upgrade to get to yet facility of the deal attract an excellent and their terrible. Their faulting. They're hard to dial and they don't work very long. There's a lot of problems they're electronically speaking in has looming problems with the strokes is what trunks luckiest of the dash. Gives all kinds of fits in the extra. All schools the club and control usually will do is there's an electric motor in there. In the control power goes out. There's an electric motor in there the roads of blower door eater or will do is it'll they're mortal once I'm happy coming out the other yup. And I've seen in Montrose silly you're awards is like ninety degrees or so in a real sixty O'Neal was interesting about monitor and it seems to do when you cross over. So if a veteran air condition now disseminated to run he and change overall driving. One side of drugstore stay running cool while the other side heats up. Or vice Versa the top man in the coal truck off a little bit once sides mostly out while the other is school. What I have noticed if you pull over to the tour golf. He you have in your cools Hillary your opposite position because the drug back on it all come on the way you want. That's what I've found now. But that's nevertheless is probably shouldn't have to face and it's actually rather excellence and one half there is very expensive. So expensive it actually is a genuine problem to look at when buying a truckload this is is a genuine problem and is an expensive one. Another one of the structure common to race forward. I really down and the southeast so much but they are notorious for having rusty brake lines and. Well you're actually embolden these silver rose it was a 2002. So polls literally over a photo juice over there go brought up brought up from Maine. And get in this thing New Hampshire no expansion. New Hampshire clam shell out and was that goes Boston clamped down as Boston and their I don't know what you have trauma expert anyway webcam from New Hampshire that. Ordering journalists who is a gorgeous truck. She got close and it looks like the rocker panels Toronto and because they're probably went all the way Harrelson I mean. Look backs like a federal you know he's a beautiful the moguls everywhere morals and tumbled to the rose to break closes things to do it true that you couldn't stop it lucky Jack it was too close split. ANSYS somebody check some of Eagles a check reforms of maverick on failure before. I know that life's about on every one thing again bomb MI four it doesn't I'm an issue there. That is a problem is these strokes do you give faced with a is rushed to break ones and has a very very serious issue museum every braces and on a lot of pressure. So this is this is a million be faulty and actually very life threatening. They're a lot of things you can listen I don't know vehicle breaks is not what we're never not one of them and then you know you look at the 53 which I love PowerPoint the 53 is a great PowerPoint in my opinion. And all of these strokes. Just my opinion. By the 53 is a big gas guzzler especially on the strokes. And I think they are a little on their power eventually you'll want now if you especially if you use an Astros four hours you know all of us live this author or truth is it is it is a 300 horsepower truck he will do work don't get me wrong I don't wanna poll was that. It does great now as you add miles and years to it like any thing true. They do where I will be more now with the SS ahead of those of the sick so and and Samir HD miles the six viewed opted out of the diesel models. Six owes a lot better but they are still we took in order to reach these in these years certainly is jitters yet but they still do. You know the low gas. Six honorable mister. But I mean in this just my personal opinion when I'm looking man truck. Guess colleges now something is not top my priority list you nom I'm buying a truck and know what to expect. You to want to guess at their fair to you now and I'll be just the Silverado SS it does riff fourteen and a half miles per gallon. My day my 53 truck I had it done right it seventeenth. And never faced any Brazil soccer isn't good news or road Underwood 21 miles to the electorate that it's you know what lawyers yours when seventeen thinking that 78 were found theory yet. And it SO. But it's at least for intermission until those words is basically transmission and that's another problem of these earlier model Chevrolet trucks is the automatic transmission but that order forty yes it goes well more fiscal no opinion it has certainly is the 4060. The good thing is ladies in the sixes together eighties and sixers were mainly 53 troops were told him. The for a sixty which everybody in the GM world mail us while world known as the for a sixty is chemically for problems. Especially these are really thrown into it. Mom now I've never had trouble with Warren personally. I'm actually 4060 in my analysts flip a swamp why him. And we now put a bigger turns cooler on it. And really have not had an issue knock on wood you know a little book true to a novel boat trailer along doing his little yet bought about downtrend. But I mean. There they these sharks do have a lot of problems a lot of issues you know you go to work on an aid they're starting an old man do those regulatory. They are honest services church dirt cheap there you are you Ari. I mean we need to think of a 53 drove for a 15100 dollars a mine used gentlemen for Easter together here. Thirty G you know you start it was made juncture for the orgy and actually about Muslim absolutely. I guess we apply anymore trucks to talk about coming up next right here tomorrow's happy hour 01063. W the liberty. Does the red hot girls and Paris Robb Pitts. What's happening dude no war sure Roy trucks. Com. And a. What's next on the importing drugs not about lists Nextel phone forging news trucks not abide coming in on number five spot. The Chevrolet Avalanche. Really. I heard was that this work well would you hold it that's nothing exactly you know I love Chevrolet bullied Chevrolet. What the hell or they think and with the avalanche. This in I know I'll be able yeah. In and a sailor my car our data warn the middle class and that explains a lot of yeah exactly where is bubble Qaeda brazile and others like the plastic class. Marrying and I mean I just don't I never really got there Drexel compartments for stuff. I mean just a moment there never return real well. Taylor was it was count for the modern person it was meant to be an SUV crossover will pick up truck you know the tremendous numbers on smaller. But he's still looking on the back and make you a little bit bigger. They ran a structure in 20012012. On so basically you get a Tahoe with a truck bed it's a tough over the open cargo areas which you have. On the problem with the strokes is everything we just mentioned before the break. With the Silverado is. Crosses over to here. Everything. You were Emery is similar form every single issue but there's more. These sharks were played with quality. Assembly called actual issues from a factory rather put together. There's a lot on the strokes as aegis there's a lot of things that are added on of these things. While things clipped on this sit there and shake. And fall. Classical. Exactly there's all a lot of that always stirs which none of those not a mechanical but draws millions in name you know one ego to take this plastic colliding off because you don't want fuel the trucks molded around it there's holes all through for the close. Now you had to deal with greater truck there's no easy critics note there's none. So they came with the same five point three liter V8 which I think is a great platform. But will they John de. So my strokes are very poorly usually two a court of rule every thousand miles that the law. And that's you know that's getting into a ring issue there that's your motor needs to be rebuilt at the point we're bomb so Khamenei he got problems there. You know today she she's the electronic issues we talked about with the Silverado is all these problems come back around when these. Them even been recorded evidently. The dashboard was made over a dodge because elated cracked me strokes. So be sure there are played with a lot of issues. Not to mention the ridiculous looking styling. I don't like mathematics. Meets later groups Silverado. Yet and then to boot. You know the towing capabilities only strokes are garbage. There have to amend their nine to shareholders Silverado which is basically what it is sort of rhetorical ordered level it certainly doesn't say it's a mistake isn't. Welding produces little toad get ability. Now I guess you know. But still loving head to toe so much plastic around wasn't as that is the measure is this yeah coming in the door and you know they're loaded down. Anything and then you know like that back door that opens up all this you know all this things are room for error. Room for weeks. Room for all kinds of problems and added weight because of all these features. You know and then the bit and it led you to it was a smaller read the Bennett's cabbage. Give place don't go bags of quick creek that's about it. Couple bags quick creek and I salute I was got a Real Madrid as a privilege you play them quicker. And he's undone line that's the problem. In I'm not sure I drove it a year ago. That's about it you bush you're there that's that's about all you can muses I mean there's not much else you can use honestly. Analysts you lay the bag down nine got a wide open back in. And you lose you lose your foresee capabilities as well. So I mean I guess it was a good concept. In and one of them at a candlelight version of an I don't know the XT bit. You know I guess it was good history he has seen is that right. Excuse extant which suburban new day right. They made it'll look good they did want their jobless declining on it because about a mansion. And they did in the new or toddler than they were avalanche just to the about a massive plastic and so inventories were fading. And they did make them look a lot better. Releasing flow problems. The kind of puts America mystics the little place aquarium yesterday obviously the earlier model TS is. There yet there's enough classically I'm going to be a stake through it lipped arrested clarity as probably go to war as a. Thanks a lot more sense now the eyes shall listen live from the panel launched today here analyst Lou on two or next truck. Our number number 6 am just waiting on guess ruins. But he gets me surely agree and you as the only Chevrolet you periphery is still on the pillow. See it is a little grassy no fear and we said we can do more pressing all things but if a token of junk but certainly people who have gone drugs cost them. Two all time career. Concurrent real close. Out. While you do that. Can help you know more than one. Sales should lose his little mound and don't worry paint chips is weird. Are scum they're number six blood is the Chevrolet to racecar and they do actually the little ones and it is crunchy right chips it will catch of Monterey. It's up. Coming era number six spot on non use shrugs not to buy it here and we're drug that is the Chevrolet as a sore. In this is really a truck. Well in his truck though is that how look at is this all like natural oil Camille is truck while it is true. No it's true bit it's not a truck been struck. The described as not only drone is there's all around and twenty years Holland beer cans in the back of it. My point exactly wild yes this is a truck it's not a gained huge truck if you're wanting to buy a truck let's go pro it's Ayers. It's got down plagued with problems problematic is the word that your reckless. Sources say about three that we were told veterans of those now now there were some available with a six point two leaders well some so you. And negative 500 or 400 horsepower power sorry. And made these trucks actually pretty cool where this was the thing that as a sort. Design was literally cool. Yeah I haven't read your style and everybody was dilemma this early two thousands this this is the scale what's really hot girl. And you will whether. She's domes stutter rocks were she leader. Bryant there's nothing what you see is what you do it there's no extra yes you get a OS powered to steer carpeted bid drug method used for nothing they (%expletive) like that. Fifty surely pickup truck. LaMont and Wayne twisted yes. You're in Iraq that's what you get. The cruiser you get hot rod notable pickup truck new yes. Retractable roof that goes into the drug bed slow it you know Mediterranean intra day. Another is illiterate and would oh yeah so delicious via a twenty years now Irish we'd been problematic. On. Any anyway SSR stands for some super sport roadster but yeah. On and there are cool but at the you don't they or cool our buddy Alex has won his guess of one's from his gorgeous but this got a 160 some thousand miles is still shows it in stooges. Mom is a gorgeous struck a mis guys beautiful wanted to nobody with a terms weren't good situation for the peace chromeless thing no you couldn't a man and he does he has a beautiful assists or. But that was their demise of one these drugs they started off for the price tag of over 45000. Dollars. So that it's here to a lot of people break off the bat I mean that was expensive just for us Colorado commodity that is based Lil thing is hot rod. Which at least power problems runway. Anyway now the value on more still retaining pretty high heat in the new PC one this is in decent shape it's still north of 20/20 5000 dollars. So there and under the collective like there's probably a little goose eggs. I is telling you view Korea Rihanna coming and there isn't niche market which GM only producing 27000. Album yeah. Are there always be that little keeps you cool niche business or. We'll go over and sure you can membership echo original August oh yeah but the problem it. This is what drove this is what drove buyers away this became a middle lycra midlife crisis for older people in and drove the younger crowd away from Ralph Ritz. Make him under several Hezbollah browser thing cool which ended the production which you know but like said. Boy problems from me Silverado the original roll over to these. You know plus. Many many other problems but this is not a good drug a tip from a guy won we are brick for commercial Yasser. You gotta quit talking about surely as the about it and it is stuff they hour and we do have to scale will KG guys after this long break prayer and are happy hour 0163. W the Lordi.