Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, November 20th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk the worst 14 used trucks and Corvette with high mileage and good routine maintenance.


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As we're live call girls and every hour. Roads are talking about the fourteen use trucks not to. It's been like alma commences you've heard her voice. Hope the weather in the news to your liking bomb but we us and is it might now be easier liking it here rather looking for new truck. Of course if you didn't tune into last hour or show I encourage you. Arm probably about tomorrow to hop on iTunes in. Dig it up or jump on the 1063 of you already dot com page. And look at the podcasts will floated there think his first half is we were some strokes that you shouldn't mind. We're actually sitting in on number seven spot socialist kicking off. What was it. Number seven is going to be the 2006 and seven and also the 2012. To fifteen Dodge Ram each day. So in between eight and eleven and you're good to give their. That was the 2006 to 2015. Dodge Ram HD. These things were plagued with problems and in line of home. All of those who remember there's a lot this year wasn't that long ago the first problems make this sort of look. Yes this was there to make you can't model years in you know I'll let him make him always there is little weird little little little and as a drug they really do. But always other ages like they give you so much room you have all the room the moral is for is truth is there's no will surround via an Jazeera and make him. But the Tory front runner in the sort of 500 series Dodge Ram bomb though they built between these years are famous. For a series of problems. In fact in that period does trucks were subject to several big recalls. On so be aware of that when you search online deceive the exact malls that there coal. Obama often these big truck suffered with a scene heater failures which we live down here with us in -- AC going out -- July is not something you want. Bomb. And his skin pretty cold this mourners I am failing heater system isn't that great either. But it doesn't stop there on transmission problems which transmission Brahms and deployed to dodges. For years and years and years I was actually the demise among nine before. And I just didn't want sink in more money into the future. Bomb and you know rising in New Orleans more expensive. And the worst thing in the world as the have a 2000 and what fifteen truck. That is only three going on or two going on three years old. Two prove its transmission. All over the floor. Definitely don't want that that can be cleared through emissions are sober and I can think of the other I consider you the word bomb. But you definitely you don't want list that voter drive training she steering issues. The brakes were known to be problematic with the strokes are pretty much everything you need to successfully drove this truck to and fro. Is known to be problematic in looks funny. And if you're like rob do you normally make kill version yes they do a pretty funny. Some years or better in some years or worse it all depends on the recalls in the components relations. As well Somalis are the exact charge you look at them. Models lots of miles and had a hard life which sometimes can be org tell. On they seem to devote their issues with suspensions and drive shift issues. Com which can also be not that great. On one thing to keep in mind we needed to test driver with a warmly strokes. Bomb while driving if there's a vibration noise coming from underneath the truck. Move onto the next one which I would say that the nature. Com both with the news at that time it could be that tired but with the strokes is more likely probably going to be a drive shaft or some sources mention issue. Which drive Jeff does some minds but again the suspension issues king it quite costly. I hate to say I remember of these recalls going on with the strokes and they were there were eight on the wrinkles with the strokes. In our marina miles emotional cripple Vonage does this level of missile and things story and series. And this tickets along. Com but in Iowa the Dow's strokes not bad throat and a lot of people will minus that I did have worn. But just be mindful of these years in these different models because they can turn out to me. A big Powell a big waste of money brutally of the college Joan. I'll just be mindful one arm. Some memory along coming in there and embrace Bada you say it another dodge has picked up the ranks. And a series of dodged a 2002006. Dogs Canada. All lose when Larry style them and they did look pretty good as well as those of Mitsubishi feature exactly. As you very and. If the Dodgers had a big problem with this gas is never worked Shell Oil production. The only to a Mitsubishi dodged do you ever worked was back in the count Wednesday's ride. Bomb everybody you know everybody doesn't miss a stroller smaller drug. You know show he's got Colorado which has made the list Ford's got a ranger. Their guys get them midsize truck their old going after that we have Tyler doesn't Cota was a weird sun stroke. This year it was interestingly we're as well. The Rangers in this tears there were small trucks Colorado still smaller truck. It was a mid size that Dakota was weird it was good it was like that weird cuddyer was heels immediately was Georgia wasn't a small. Yeah. Game is this some cool with the Dodge Dakota you know especially during the late eighties and early ninety's. As far as midsize trucks go Dutch could account rule the world will be the first second with the square about it once. Because they offer to VA. In their mid sized trouble even in the world that early 2000 yet they still offered there was of the younger 360. Did you decode yeah. So that they ruled the roost their for a little while with the strokes but in your later models account Woodley. Issues. Don't want any structural great trucks until you look in the used market. With the early 2000 strokes first all the V6 engine proved to be unreliable and pretty thirsty did like this that some fuel them. Second it driver. Drivers fails to form regular maintenance which happens line especially. If your mind on the strokes for you know educators have won that. Preventive maintenance kind of slips of the fingers. Bomb but there are video you know old sludge spill over and eventually cause the engine failure. You what is actually stuffed a stock picker to yes the stolen motor fuel and you know or rather via. And and this was probably structural notorious from billable sludge and call some of these problems and then Houston there was the true of the air pollution pension and you know from there third of the most dangerous problem was subtle breaks will lock up on him at random. Mom I've never seen one of these trucks do that but evidently it is they oh rather major issue with the is actually. Have you ever seen of their owners and breaks organ I've never seen that as the bush dogs wouldn't go about their dissimilar just dobbs this is had enough. Com so this photo a name as a high potential cozy car rate them anywhere configure going to layers they run into miles barrels and truth there's lots. But you know we come back in this vision thing administration dodged that embed with two with a joke for years. Every time dodge guts and gore with a Mitsubishi caller will be a drug trade or even hold vehicles three branded. Yeah other than the story uncle who has those with conquest in right request is always good. But you know what I'm saying these things were cool. 300 so easily came out yet the three fellow B six and a quarter of folks living here. Go to the plants that choose 76ers put basal till the Mitsubishi Motors similar polygamous visual. We you know you get. GM days of government two point eight liter. Here but the good through seven wasn't all over 80000 miles as things were were coming to school all p.'s blown all the bullet hit the ball or use Carter's win anymore. I mean the Dutch coda has to get styling to it but how would avoid UV six models. Just. You know one thing you. When you ransom money you are winning by yourself for your kid you sure you don't want to movements on league possibly the fatal. If the brakes are walking up on their social and that soldiers are negotiator Doug showed us tiller Yuri cure to socialize. With her crept up front but for a the somewhat claim to be heading out. You Lopes. Did laugh but it makes you guilty man by associations. Still government does station wagon today easy endeavor cools this way and there's a difference there is difference. So I think we have tonnage open tournaments but. Number nine on the solicit interestingly enough as another forward. 2005 to 2010. Ford F 150. Most who know if 150 is the best selling vehicle in America in fact Ford sold in the millions. But it's still a few issues. In fact you should avoid certain Molly years due to problems with the engine on the always as rebels vibrations. Some users report transmission problems and a fuel trying to issues that are there now. Get a step that wants to know what will we got gray over here we go to Jim wolf first minister of the one thing. Got a really really really good cereal while that the number one truck. All right well. Keep that theory. And make our listeners way as we come back after these commercial breaks still didn't go journalist and tolerance and Libya on 1063 W Doherty our guys welcome back now hot rods and never goes out drugs in my left as the blond haired blue. Good mood indelible mister Robb Pitts one thing I can say for sure on road to a vision is owned Keith whom have. Tore into him and nine armed so we're talking about they top fourteen list of used trucks not by. And if Ford F 150 is at the list again with a 05202010. F 150s. And as we discussed before the break you know the Ford F 150 is the most popular vehicle selling vehicle in America. And rough it seems to have a theory on this. So this is a bit fixed okay outsold Ford's for a little can't Nero played within and funerals duo seekers Souter coast mission. And Devlin devils get jarred and old old double 07 still for GM and forward. Though. It whenever you see you state municipalities. Where drugs your rumors were controller looks a little Yasser Ford F one bit if you allow their or. Because again today. Print T did contract commend them and that was it got a pretty your country are gonna have because invests on track though because of the cheapest truck and he cannot keep in mind that you take all the drugs are dribbled over the bottom. I think you take all the states and cities and counties that and you put those together AA and years. As selling drugs in America. Now on the pass a little further. That's why that's that was the demise of the ship be conferees for us please towards you because they're more expensive than you dodge chargers or your foreign sources for crude lyrics well sources without government and ignorance is the home. Mom and that's why they demise because they're more expensive that's also one of the top I was not doing that wells for the police unit is. Because as more expensive than explorer for the gala and you assume that little exactly and now there crossing over the explores became onions as well. Because they got during goes yeah and mauled the rang it was moment Cigna models running out. But it's because the Chevrolet is just are a little bit higher valued higher priced. Little bit better builder better options. When he you know timing is such a little bit. But with the Ford Taurus you get the three bow was the year 3.3. Point five now that is ship model as mr. wrote great. Mom than when you're dodges. That are equal fell over in Galicia a search team all year you know your dome of the small 57. What did you mean MA decent power it was a good car in that that's probably your best choices police corps and you look over to that phrase which had analysts say sit under the moon. Now he had a lot of departments. Now they know the thing employed that the color. Bomb and is he way off topic but I think it's cool talk about. And those things deployed the core is that chorus made in Australia with Mexican motors is those who don't know the analyst motors made in Mexico. So the course make you say that's an ill this long and it is loyalists want. Bombed so. The car's main Australian Hillis is Mexico when he gets here real thing American amount as the name Chevrolet. So. Am a lot of police departments municipalities have rules regulations against buying out of country vehicles and my all right that cores in them made in the USA. Therefore they combine. We'll tell you something. You think four degree vehicles go over very innocently and you just say. It is so it's a black employer whether Ford F 150 or our 20052010. On these were played little on issues that were on the recall list. And Ford did go in and recall a lot of the big issues and they fixed it in 2010 customers start playing again. Mom but this time those not for the mechanical problems with a regret rear glass breaking. Evidently the strokes under know who. Outside acting force. No impact or catering thing the Riordan last would you shatter. And a good way in Phil this is happen one of these strokes he's chosen is there is a number two the glass aside the last the front glass and the rear glass. All have a number of those numbers are matching its original less. If not for whatever reason this struck shattered its rear glass. And they would do it just out of the blue complete not a random. Both in the match you know there will recall issues that afforded thinks it's actually pretty self truck. So I mean. Maybe not necessarily one to shy away from but knows the problems that they have going into them. A day it was funny you come upon fifties. The funny thing about if want you to think it's in the cult weird problems with the strokes yeah. A funny one this was an early two thousands when we went to the round tomorrow it's go right. They out of the force's X zero forces got quarterbacks crossed into. Figures going affordably so before six four. There was flirting with a custom bread truck and once more bringing. Tripp had no miles looming trouble ahead. 20000 miles on during the fourth place half a dozen times it's skip when it rained. Retirement rating it would rarely take off of me was just stumbling. And yeah figured out good for every time. Conversational Cole's suit says distorted but the thing was prisoners whose star rated big Mecca took off for a vote. And Ashton. Sure he drove it there for a couple years. And he finally brought to us merely as. It's got to do we'll do shoot. There could fix it. There's a piece of road rose across the top of the firewall or the goods sales crime. Whose goal it never had. We have another woman they are the big. There was secure the water from Rwanda and where the water you got there mothers Miller a setback don't follow. He was leaking rather the toppling two of those COLT might just kill enters cylinders were short. I'll bet every dollar of the drought that the record and that's funny. I've seen I've seen a lot of chorus. With the issues like that link you'll points course will moisture in Meyer who put loyalty wants though it they'll do little little risk as you little more given they're you're dead in the water I know I've never had a problem without sports set knock us more detail shops Q loyalty wounds oh yeah I mean any any harder about it you could literally go to the car wash pop over in the hood and made them take amateur move with the spray wan trying to clean up here engine. And guess what you back in your coroner will restore you will store now and it won't start again ever yeah. Lindsay gives you new distributors. Very interesting facts. Material on tour number ten spot. Finally something other than the Big Three a 2005 to 2013 to is to come in this numbered a lot of your arts because. I know we have allotted to the fans in southeast script The Big Talker strokes are extremely popular. Well when the Big Three Ford dodge and Chevy you know men in the concept of a midsize truck. So did it was right there aren't strong and they only have been in this come as a platform. So for a while there until here recently this year revived the Colorado. You know they're logo position that you others no competition so it was a free for all for toyotas. Mom. So bush they had problems with the focus. This economist. Other FICO was a relatively durable in the high quality product. On a certain year models were part of a massive recall motive for various issues. One of the main problems for the rear leaf springs that kid roasting crumble under heavy loads. That's awesome you don't walk and that's cool. Which ironically. Very ironically. That Tacoma that smashed into my. The Silverado few weeks back from my mom's little Moscow now. The rear end collapsed when it was hit the scooters that I wonder why it makes sense now. But I mean. These troops at all kinds issues and if you wanna know more Kazaa and Olaf you've probably in the market for a Toyota pickup truck. If you want no more released today it is and what problems are played with a view on states into after this march robbery took don't do it always clip islanders. Does stay tune are positive right here wanna 63 to VO RT I guess welcome back to hot rods and cameos on drugs similar does the locally relatives are you know it was to a super. I.s so we left you off well it brought in so many ways never below them are welcome. A guy who Arnold's third thing about a man. Nine A that you would lead to two things that. And as we're talking about the top ten are tough and tough fourteen use trucks not to Bly. And we're currently stuck here number ten spot where the move five to 2013 toll at a Tacoma. Until he is it is the strokes from whom bring a lot of hearts because and a lot of love these trucks. Com and what I was talking about before we left as the rear leaf springs actually crumbling in roasting over the years. What can this also complained to actually rose to crumble you know and resolute in the wrestling crumble. Was this actually can lead to though is an entering the fuel tank this mound in the rear causing a lot more issues. Now locally the recall Victoria hand how many strokes did fix a lot of us and they took care of the issue. But they also known as mullah problems in this one I've seen personally. Time and time again and that's what drives me crazy. And as Toyota currently down wide range. Mass effect and ended too good in the paint department at all. The clear just literally falls awfully strokes. And there's a quarry is in the all the other tour is in the years. But I especially want to avoid paying actually becomes chalky over announced many years. Both families as warranty stage actually that's corners it is crazy and how lame. I have family members have it to school is that it literally looks like white shawl now. Because. Of their lacking in paying job. Like the day if you violated drug the best thing Tuesday to violation of them trip to clear off every clear for you. You're better off. So if you wanna repay your truck annual fixer and AA other problems like him loud noises vibrations come from drive trained. And if you're a fan of automatic you're dealing with the slower automatic issues they have there with the transmission. Which actually nothing wrong with the transmission is just the way they're built but there was your role adult that you force over on him to pick Jeff pay yeah. Megaphones you Linda are you railroad as our electrical problem hopeful note via that and they are just like Rosa they are dogs. Arm straight drive plot that are actually. But you know what another Toyota that's on this list is the 2005 to 2009 Toyota Tundra. Which is the pick up truck the equivalent to your sequoia and actually. Omelet this smaller ticket to come as the pulls us under had a share of troubles especially during the Bob and LA here miles is alleges that. There's it's also our massive recall covered hundreds of thousands Toyota pick ups. Buyers also reported the few issues with the paint. On the electronics and secondary Airpwn. On despite the decent performance power the five point seven liter V8 which actually is a pretty well performing engine in the strokes. The the engine was Lyle is if if you won you know if you're performance and I fusion want to drive this thing around. And actually is a road in VA model day or actually very very loud. And Anna Nicole piston slap sound and LS motors 253 you get a little lifter tick went cold. He haven't as part of an animal to solar utility goes well the trucks coming ever by the government's got to be 800 lol some. Yeah do. And MS sound is not connected to the possible engine failures the strokes do have. Bomb that sound actually has nothing to do was any problem whatsoever just to warn you. And it involved a make that case for the shedding guys if you get down near 53 truck and he started revenue looked Dominguez ran away. If it was old school drug yachts a mile lifter issue needs is just an arm around resistant. Many of those voters is Ferrell is I'm here just about as usual this already you jute mills yeah. But I would memorial and horrible sound if it goes away after just a couple of second similarly you know cold start up knowing worry about it. Although buyers should be aware when shop for the if 08 under and this would also bounce in this equally under the category. But also the interior was dole and there are many options in some cases the thank appeal to sort of short of about it there really is so it is still that vehicle is meteorite. Com the took the other pain was notorious for the who's in the roofs. A note. Anywhere like sunshine. Or warmer areas like at motherhood. Mom is just it toward pain implements your business via com. So I. I don't know I wouldn't steer I'm like much the Chevy Silverado measles I would necessarily steers someone away from buying one these drugs. They are good trucks but. You just kinda need to know from what problems you could actually be face in dealing with and be prepared to slap some pain on this thing. If you are lucky enough to have one that's already been repayment. Because that is probably. In my opinion I'm weird I'm not paying my idea I can fix an engine I am fix a problem there tiger replace him. I'm not a pain Maya. And there have only strokes you know blow around other asylum have severe pain in. So if remain ago I am biased drug is the I'm not going do it just as Spain this year. But if you if you look past saying you're not worried about an issue on truck they're not that there really aren't. But there's some debate you know they're some of worth making this list and looking now before you were about one source is the actual owner. Next summer lists are coming our number twelve spot is in 2005 to 2008 Nissan Frontier. Com interesting truck I don't know mayor very many people warmly strokes actually. A frontier just kind of pushed aside in answer I mean you got lost in the shuffle the load trucks and you know it did it end for me after any son could produce some indeed you know 21 the hard body. As equation from Ella the full. Seriously think about what all is just horrible 2.4. The same drill drilling saying everything is just build more. And if there was a popular midsize strode in and a song was available on various versions like the tour is Tillman and does to Canada. In most cases this was a dependable work truck without any major issues however both are doing the models that bill had big problems. Almost every frontier Nissan built in that period experienced transmission failure to make things worse the transmission itself. What's the biggest problem. As the main tasks that the radiator was prone to cracking. And when that happened usual after a 100000 miles or that memory is again. The cooler found its way into the gearbox mention anything into the transmission. Mixing with a transmission fluid. Creating irreversible damage some excellence even chemically dissolved in the transmission fluid. Making the transmission run without any lubrication. This cause overheating in the transmission and engine break down. Because it was closure Jermaine children missions usually okay well it also down to duel the engine. That was from two and also leak over into the in just a little ornery to exactly. What's meant now you get cooler over into your oil and is doing the same thing it's don't break it down and now you get engine also running without any lubrication. So. You ended up with a engine break down so many sun Frontieres affordable drugs. But the first thing you'll do is check out a transmission you want to know of mixtures that are placed third you know lose the issues have been solved with the radiator. If not run from the smile if you're sitting there were a 100000 all of our 100000 mile truck. That actually is still going strong still running. But none of these problems have ever been addressed and you know. It's likely. To pop up. Hey you know others in another radiators strip at times have had issues like that. Like I take another outlook will be about a call or seeing 91 to 96 races ala. Every one of them radiators are very notorious every single woman goers on four of them had to put a radiator and because they do that applies to two aluminum clamping system on. And and notorious for cracking and splitting aren't there. Thankfully they don't you know they do have transmission fluid around the room on the mine anymore but. There's not a whole lot of issues fours are bleeding over the ages leak com. So in raiders something a lot of people pass button will take. Radio reiterated a vehicle caller is a fairly inexpensive thing now. He really is and it's probably the easier things to change literary or like a major expense anymore now I mean most right here's 150 bucks coupon mom love you color books mullah Amir as a rule compared to what he could be this fairly experts. Yea you bottom online way cheaper a lot of times. But a main you know it comes someone this frontiers this thing you really need to look at. Alina bad radiator and Nissan Frontier can cause your engine and transmission to go out. And here you know you're kind of that it shaken up on your fluids. They get and then you even noticing him to move some pretty senior senator in U transmissions probably don't go first scene of following your engine. Arm but bombing either way that's a sign expense you want to incur when you're in and your other show for you stroke. One thing about Boris will smaller groups and they even if you fix the problem that there Missouri go on the way in general players there is absolutely. Am like Nino like says penalties is there's close tolerance is almost things are there's no room. They're like old school looming in the of these things are very very close to. It's yet and it's like Gary said you know once in line he just wants damages done as irreversible. And that damage is done no matter of the problems fixed you've Murray calls that weird to hear. This going to be there forever is just don't make operate words left off. On ending you know dealing with pushing issues flushing on out there you know and hoping that that wreckage that bad. It's clear X was not wreck as we turn to a commercial here. Basra gusted to eat a lot more tournament these trucks like a ruthless or don't total amount of money in my will Corvette and write your own hot rods and happy hour gamma bomb 1063 to be Doherty. Guess what red hot rods and I have errors row bits and get auto run over here with his list of do know about pick up trucks. Yes the top fourteen list of don't buy used pickup trucks. I'm not necessarily saying don't bomber don't give my sheriff in my squeaked one or two good ones out of all the pieces of crap that may have. But I'm just a need to consider them move them over pick him over with a fine tooth comb. As tooth tooth eagle fund to their little dance that fine tooth. So exist and have a speech from one of the union radio position I have no idea. Which are fun to go through Ortiz yeah and how come we're never thirteenth spot would be in the 2004. Did 2006. Nissan Titan. Produce for a long time the Nissan time wasn't a affordable. And simple work truck with a decent mechanics and engines however it also has its own share of issues and failures even with the Nissan trying to cover it up. The time wasn't a part of any of the major recalls in the period in almost pick of experts think it should have been. The biggest problem of the time Nissan is between the years of 04 through six. Is his rear axle. Which is pretty important for bigger jerk I'm or any power in general. The problem with a rear differential is it's we've ceiling which level leak out. Any vehicle world food will fail soon and wants owners' experiences. Some even managed to have Nissan cover about the warranties. If you're looking for a time first check the differential sales. And everything else major aim fluid milk and a worst literally accurate and you know what I wholeheartedly agree mimic things for the ligament in. Bomb. Says this drugs out of date styling and interior equipment the prices are now affordable but just leisure chick other career and you don't want filling an eagle on number road. To you or calling elude the thing about those a warship and a goal of yours is his day. Keep this goes into the he gets him and yet figure and I'm just saying. Coming in less clear number fourteen spot and so thankful to see this won't make the list. And Al's going to be assured it may delicious as I hate it personally. And we actually talked a little bit earlier which was funny. The 2006. To 2008 Honda Ridgeline. Goes and a truck that's why does the first reason. So Honda introduces first pick up back at you doesn't six which was signed on the one in her hopefuls stroke game. Even though the idea design and equipment worst bomb on the mechanics were problematic. And I don't think any of that is true but bomb on crab boat. I'm forces of bill goes through more current low IQ making a false Strickland on a Kendry was is there concern Honda makes a one more. Willingness vision makes a team being. From wounds are either of those companies producing a core. The red JaJuan was the only full size truck featured an independent rear suspension which is kind of going on line. A unibody construction without a typical letter tied chances. This meant the ridge line was just say lifestyle stroke with a small payload and towing capacity basically three bicycle on the back that's battles it's a Honda will mean. Basically. Year correct very much or Rampage. Basically is sure of privilege and nature hook him. Under the it was a 3.5 liter V6 engine that didn't have a lot of torque at thrown around 47 foot pounds toward. You know from the ridge line came from those upgrades. Since limit the drug for highway driving enough towing and hauling when somebody used a ridge line for any real purpose things start to break the suspension. And across member failed in the engine will burn to the two module emitting a great bullish mode. So although the 3.5 liter V6 was perfect for the court. And any other midsize sedan and a pick up truck with a pulling carrying duties. It wasn't enough so you want this kind of truck. You can find the original one had a relatively inexpensive price but the signature on the reliability. Doesn't come with a a menu bar and accord does take a truck in when you have a pic of Turkey going to pick up truck things. No the original not whether ridge line this is a truck bio looks only you'd love this thing to TCU. Do you. Go to the group's story two bags group was put back is loaded out help the squad. I mean literally in this is drugs a throwback to quit cream them back and Max about it you know carrier by gum. You can put the true record you can all your original yeah I mean it means and he. That's exactly right that did it gets no better and this is first among regular guy I've got a strained muscle in my vehicle and her current I can't handle it anymore I guess around little illicit drugs should still look out for when you're going to buy our astronauts are about another drug for the roses show the military's southern Gaza also some good Bolton was some American Idol is through. Local intro for freedom a war paint you push your face. Democrat from what I think you picture by pain. America's sports car Corvette pending danger right all right. 1999. Did you end of the year in year. Does go there is no old army core of it he's traveling salesman is good man this mirrors there's more black was from Jacksonville Florida. People his 2000 Seif of cool a bit in port treated him with liar leather interiors XP male tradition contains. He ball and he loved it he drove a hundred in twenty miles a day every day for eighteen years. That's a lot of knowledge. He just retired. Baby actually donated the caller to the Corvette museum. So he he drew this up today of retirement yes he drove there and ordered what Obama Thomas say this man pinched every penny have a Corvette that he bought. He got his money's worth out of the scoring as 773. Fouls in the mile ovals or. Only lingering odor million miles only original drive train is the only thing mechanically that's been done to the engine. His and a city that gets put on 20000 miles ago. Period and now keep in mind. Is that brakes tires and routine maintenance can write and ensures that if you will probably because it doesn't look right but. This caller is still looks great to me like he washed it wants a week he whacks it was years because Portland garage and Gaza are worth almost day. So a little robot one time I'm management's head gasket if you know. He had a pizza wouldn't road blew two tires. He had about two years no matter and that's it that's amazing but this got in through Saturday. This car drowsy and to the museum will he zero Mo callers in the slow Mo bits. The highest recorded mileage Corbett and the core video before that was a magnitude. He traded it with 340000. Miles only it Espinoza drive a Corvette but this is the thing you think about. Just just puts the number two is a diesel throw numbers guys like a big city about troop numbers. But this they got there about. Just sort of think about you know for the mood is from him. I do know it's 280000. Miles to major of their almost three times but this is over three dunks yet. Over three to convince them yet. You think about ever done NASA since the space shuttle to the moon that got to rebuild thing. Maybe they'll give them some of them GM engineers up there you know OK we can Elisa space shuttle save a lot of money. There's no doubt you know our GM yes there's no doubt about that whatsoever. And I know love the GM fanatics out there who also warm weather radio guerrillas program and it does it does. I think this is more a testament the routine maintenance. Spears is just hundreds Lehman sees mobile little religiously and change fuel every 5000 miles. But they don't really cool about this yet but about. This man drove the equivalent of drugs from New York to Los angels Fifth Avenue in New York. Tell Los Angeles 277. Tie things at the line. We drove around the world what will we figure the committee. Like 31 times what does he drove around the world and the equator to the equator so this is insane and I see Corbett. Well Johnny you know this is Carla is cut inventories from him power on it now. Being uses a road course car ranges rove or could you imagine how wore out this quote idiots like this is original it you know. I would think he replace shops and whatnot over the oh sure it's as strong as little as well but you gotta think that I mean everything has. Three quarter of a million miles on it. If properly taken care of which is sounds like our guys don't want this thing still way things finished aware but if it's properly agrees that all that. I mean you know I my my will replace both joint before every six crews just me personally. But I don't think going all the court no way it's got things running through it all the time it's going to just sitting. I don't know is live in motion that's for sure yes so I mean I. I would think there would be really a major issue but I mean this is there really is a testament. To severe and then got a lecturer Tobin more about it. And they were told us that Google you cordial last anymore he's sort of limited goodwill match today yeah. Well speaking of getaway it's a good time to stop because we're out of time this week in guys you want them. Stick around for another week before your miles in Basra goes out there what they play a longer list and hot rods and happy hour right here on 1063 W Doherty.