Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, December 11th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rod Memories. expensive pickups, the Honda Ridgeline pickup, and Oddrod's conspiracy on corvette.


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Give us what was it doesn't appear as Roberts. What's happened and David Bloom just being built our do resentment beard there. I was like dude it's. Mean yeah Tuesday. Something so do so many of tests are going here extravaganza. And those countries is critical Fletcher that little call ins and still have a lot of fun it was a lot of fun. Source star and New Year's home and new fiscal year almost a new year. And was given way to complicated. On. Logical things coming up. Lou we'll go through communal table would do little local leagues over the past week this past weekend was a great time where their hearts motorsports road crews and for Christmas carols. Mean this is great time a lot of awesome powers another man blood littlest girl or Iowa stuff I'm Lula stuff or sodium I want her wah. Hoax or for special laws and your career. And trillions there and chief you quarter. Farmer for bird GA GT and and this goes in there with a bill as murder of the or if they want our loyalty or you're an ATP. We'll zoomed. Port injection Wednesday as well I mean other formally hoax there Jim you know while able familiar of them around the world as a military doing the right on the sort of multiple surging imports another scorers you see you anymore yeah. Here's to you about the troop or UC. Thirty to forty there was a million rather dribble or you could see two and until there for a double lives Julia and under an old and yeah. We'll see we'll scrap prices on homeless pirate district yeah. I think another room adult lit doesn't know and we'll caprice station wagon you unnerved Obama there with the urgent matter but he's the enemy lines way cooler tomorrow. Crickets whose equipment. Oh you better re guilty very glad Gregg couldn't on this conflict that our accountant he was pigeon there he is looking forward. You know one thing in my cricket suck at them literally. But it was a great show for Draco scorched roast was for talks there is opened literally 67000. Dollars in total between tourism and money given. And we were token if you don't personally as were there levels curry. Yeah I was actually kind of borderline warm and moser and yet there are monsters funerals there and you're those love phone to it's a little rude cool about it. That DJ does does play in the music man. You look or the egg and I don't know but out Paula do you know look what caused those kids know what's. I think ethic their trailer sits among Arabs that Paris art world for him. And gay guys. Against great taste in music great taste in music how about Leo left for a world car that was there. The lever on the world lever on the however the world go to war mullah. Lap around the world mostly of that happening. Mary carefully. Built upon jumping it'll make that he. Yeah in the wind on was at all but one lap callers. Linda was there was is when his political or. It responsibly with him Leo. Of course it's a list power circuses policy for Corbett structuring or civil war chest near home Youkilis felt super George. And a curious this is version of restaurants are Briscoe leads to a chorus turner and Google Talk of the seat for Portland can't put it in with a blown illicit. Yes though. And the roll cage in them is like the world's fastest reason have a tetanus shot. It's a lot of farming Lillian are young but when we have got to be in his. Please series earlier in his throat. I mean this there's like mr. Murray drove a six beat or moderate. It's pretty that I got guys my age Mino bedroom at full speed entry edit my lyrics are getting tired. This may have. Like I got married in 1956. But as usual hell he has. He was married in fifty C gets married the year my dad was born this is he was married three years before my dad was born at all right so we know he was of Marion AG anyway in 1956. In his duties still rocket a 63 hot rod that's got to put him all over the eighty year old mark exactly. So well I mean this is the school but that's the real hot absolutely amount you know it. Still back in England England Leo well actually started traveling year truck assess recently and he rolled into. You are doing our ports current show. You know things that nature they go several vehicles for the one lap. Our blends big big thing was capable users he'd love some he's had several over the years he actually built one for the one of those gold bad all. It was a synergy capable is real quick background story on Matt. There's a four gas in Williamson and Williamson's. And then in the women around with them more to get fined social stretch but. He built probably the baddest. Big body bronco you receive in your life. A numbing when I say that. You took the Douglas Broncos they ever made implement the symphony now and so it left a little cute smoltz there my life is is that big Republican and it looks like if 150 in the front and it is android as a bucket yeah. But DO. Two older slam no ground bill that we rules had eight all crazy 514. Cubic inch big book. Forty and it went. They used dollar in his there was actually gorge some meals a gorgeous shook black. Terkel always with the magenta scalps. Interesting keep your mother was the ninety's is welcome. And but you know they will hear of English and got to go back and forth will wins bad dole was sent usually obliged porcelain battleground. And I had a 396. Fuel injected blue room is it's pretty but nothing like this fourteen. Well most were short you know we reached Boudreau drew certainly in the hot router he was looking for progress or whatever. Cellular they're no load missiles were not very we will still in drag racing. We'll go in polls look my grandfather. You know they're like old school buddies used to hang out you know back in the day and you need some help and we had to put nitrous on the bad. And erased a greater. How that play out. Then not to get through a six scattered in the studio. There's going to go to the ocean blue I don't pay extra on the mystery for before they come volatile you don't say they love. The it's silly ills of phones or military's and other fun hot rod childhood memories of no it isn't two races that thinks his shop in my bedroom burn out and about what we're sick and that was them they then we build a big deal which was a fifty Cheryl panel. That they chop the toppled simple Windiz and so look like a suburban. But with a child Tulsa and how public mantra ride so at a pick of drugs for me and but slowdown a realization a bad round that they've been rebuilt to preserve but it 300000. Miles at TP 350 and it. Till Friday in. They don't really cool about it was that that the Mosul one lap like thirty times. I mean like in there and they put like six people living crews gently and later when he was removed it the quintessential not intolerant of thing. Monochrome body color you know. To move this bill there is still the graphics package we'll oh it was dude who was royal blue. With the white to toe with term course stripes. Walks to the law looks like go missed cigarettes everything in the ninety's does strike everything was those colors. Or a mix of those colors help. The the other big dog was a bright residual from the crucial let's say what's ahead is the big gold traded off over the years whatnot. And I actually felt the big go for sale in it was in Ohio sitting in a field. So this thing's been in all these magazines in the trucking magazine. They're hot rod bill coming been one Latin America and all this race stuff and all that street performs through the first fuel injected big block. In other remind and analysis sitting in a few little motor and it did. It reminds me a lot of low. Love the old timers might remember in this do you remember the Australian blazer. It was blue column in this will be in the ninety's. And they put the tank tracks under. And they actually ran over cars have like a monster drug thing. But it was it was a it was like a ceremonies blazers Sonoma or late seventies blazers that moment thank you remember that no. This is very collide there's a video need to find L over YouTube I cannot think of him aimlessly and actually built a miniature one like that kid can play in. But I had tank tracks everything on it. Same thing happened and I actually found it. Not too long ago probably a year ago funny and it's that now the field still build. At a big blown motor you know the Sunnis coming out from underneath the fender wells mullah. Awesome awesome blazer but. It's at what happened. It's cool they were double digit jumped up to those moves in the wild about it that's crazy a little while there are determined at things a tree and setting call. Oh yeah some windows X blows a monetary award goes on day one this is true and then these commercials we keep coming up. Leo oh yeah playing more to come right here on our us and happy hour 01063. Lowered the aluminum tolerance and every hour. I wrote what's update material will bring about former blazer KG of liberal and yeah. I actually lower on the break a couple of pitchers a fountain hill Virginia Beach crusher so another dual true. You know well I think the guy was from Australia than bill that I think that's where the Australian thing comes and the other senators juries listen issue Jerusalem homes you know what it might be that's here I don't laugh. There you know I remind discuss lefty. And and my older age you're willing they are actually medication for them at the temperature high school. This thing's actually just left the ruins and it is just is like 78 blazers just slammed on to World War II air tank. Is awesome and it's also. But just resides on the field my excellent and they deliberately should do it your caprice concluded it'll take for an you know and now. I'm kind HO they would not a true. We'll days and don't let it really approve a little island and to have some issues within as it is lovely old tires can you imagine all Truex. Yeah I think someone might complain I don't know if you'll let me I'll think eighty fund needs thank Rowland added locally it's that already feel sorry for rules it is I mean it actually illegal in traffic you have to stop he's committed. Uncle drove over the wrong. Has got a long wheelbase audience along trachsel really when that worry about it on me residential duper your players or hunter and now MI have demanded mommy someone cantor and buy an element thanks Mick hall. It's it's not there's an actual golf caller we tricks on your local. And and that that was intrigue goes let me switch there is a golf coral Truex Leno is funny that others. Pardon me and they of those contracts now in just slam on your truck tyres and Brooke will triangle things. That's kind of go to to breathe new YouTube to duplicate her ownership like to read those a measure would give the man creatures be funds snowballed. That's now blizzard like Robert blood rubber cleats alarming you can drive it on the street like that but like he killed the power because I can handle it looks. But it is definitely meet looking marine. Yeah I think you'd lost the Grammy yeah job well even when we even the only adult matters is ghostly you don't do it faster with a disc. Now we know back to talking about some callers just like bit left the wayside. How about like all the things yes they see David Villa on trucks heavily comparable treasury bill. Where will. And those of CT and it was a blizzard yet Zito to cover at one it was the blazer he built it was a same color quotable siege and to decide where they got robbed and India is always Stacy David's analyst but it like different wheels live rallies only it is crazy David Villa thing left over the he'd done was them paying. Course there again with his Erica. Sedin drove around will salute will fit but still not I believe it you know and yet when new enemies cameraman December Reynolds that are good. But in 2017. U. He's got the bar rules are good the rails is even having war yep exactly Burke retired. Now area so they Loney goes and divorce. There should salute distinction David terrible terrible terrible. So let's talk about some expensive trucks and off switch gears we'll quote today's silver I don't think forward mullah joked in crucial on this. So I think we mentioned it reformist shows and I know ideas have probably seen them about and a the new Ford F 450 of the premium package platinum platinum dietary. On 100000 dollar picture. Weaving. That price point. They'll give mural I mean General Motors rub on them and dodges following problem usually will Doug Jews. To move forward. Anyway even bras and little. Yeah I mean everything is oil amoeba that's crazy my first home this wasn't that long ago. With 83000. Dollars a and their old you have 800000 dollar new leaked. You know any of you something you value mile you were pickup trucks come from you know you and I in the fifties terrorism Vinci manual transmission. And or course of motor the and some on the name has Peter air. And that was an option for a long time. So man and went from in a farm used vehicle will order a drug to mount Wilson utility to now it stats yeah. I'm ally in the truck has come along ways used to mean if you had a truck you were obviously a working class man who bubbly for this that you like the rest go flat assignment have a key member yield forty you will you think about that goes countries sort of pop. Yeah so now it's cool to be a big big cowboy senay good Brooks historic books as a buries still. In drugs and have 250. The girls he likes new country in L I agree is a social status thing. Like I was saying you know usually vsan Darryl truck you know he's working. The working you know he's either on the farmer you know instructions yes I'm going bombings were manes truck. Warrior they doodles really easily it's given to us in this village is small towns here is so photo they get this six but will blew open trailer you and a pole like a zero turtle on more do we usually blower. Will the Torii 500 Dodgers 67 commons mania I mean that's a little overkill. Well you know what's bad and bad overkill. But I mean it's just it's just become the way of it now mean nine ia 100000 dollars drugs in and people are buying him. Well mile run even now if you start if you still looked like a premium Cheryl from your show or Italy or of the knowledge or in Gypsy. Click here when your gold your mob and eighty any other year over year and you're not nominated 59 all day so I mean they're they're definitely feels good read the full project forward. This is craze about falter to fourth in the mix of 454450. Is as straight actually wondered yeah they're not good routing vehicle Snooki must not to import file Tyler's. So mills goes that that these are not good writing these vehicles are made to work but it's like a loaded out or truck. But you know OK so if you're stepping on Ford's loss volatility this is the baseball price for the limited form up for. If Jillian F 250 super DD year price is 80000. A 350 is 82 in a 450 is 87. If you're spending 80000 dollars what's another 7000 bulked up to the best seventeen. Mum that's based pricing alum rice and 83 go to Bernard snow are eighty to 82 day 87 as your base price run up. Now once you start stepping up your models as when you reach a 100000 mark. We haven't varies you know you all what you worn the bills we've your fun it is them in a few more dollars a month in the first place you know. And all the all these models the 25350. And 450 only come with one end and enough challenges this six point seven liter power should Turbo diesel. With 441 and over again this auction now. Not as well I think Yemen just a diesel option well they're all the same dale uniform and forty horsepower mill game is 925. Foot pounds or. Which is a La the Ford F 450. On into 32. 1500 pounds when configured appropriately. Is also worth mentioning this has a 7600. Pound payload best thing keep in mind the nation be suburban always at 58 ounces can pull one in the back of in excess suburban in the bed of the truck. Well are you this the big truck you know we're talking about we're stepping into medium duty truck here towards them not to board vote to assure you that axle. There's a man who isn't got excellent role west. You know it's my thing is at what point time are you step in and over killed with a truck alien when you go polish every suburban in the met your truck. Room Lou and I don't I don't hall suburban and that my truck. Usually because we've given or trigger these it was a suburban little. Just a you. I don't know man. And you gotta look at this way to if you're out there about it ranger ever for a 100000 dollars what's 500000 dollar for pic of that does the same thing. As a single injuries but you can actually who used well with. But this is polygamy is. And I'm sure there's a towel please roll with the goal of clearly there's certain there is again time place it's time to take a place of break in was partial to shrug our state to allow more Killen that you write year old Raza you know I want a 63 Debbie Doherty. Gazprom on roads and everybody is real bits drug within it. Seeing you over there snookered. Yeah where you get that little bit was created in the head get a cup to look at 31 degree angle there's only one thing you can read too little too vision we Tillman and gamble at Coors Holland. Yes. If the 100000 dollar for it is not your price range retirement last thing. To Sonoma but it's commendable one item now. There is an alternative. And is been named the 2008. Mean it's true that Obama. Your business. I got through would argue it's. Honda Ridgeline. But you just think. In this box no bitterness. I. I'm still almost so much and look at the civil route boat I had treated him out there warnings erupted it's forty thinker. Apple passed. Bald Eagles America utilization. The twentieth eighteen truck of the year it is surely their fourth inning of college slave trade Honda and he's learned. To tell me this thing like. The mixture of liked the Subaru brat and a Honda coordinate. Yes it is the truth so you jump to not drugs and made a truck out yacht scandal so a week. What puzzles me is it's like you all understand. So you know which only walls usual to pick through the exit she did three bags and move from the holy blue. For someone that you know what that's good for hundreds were the warning eighteen truck of the year. How would feel better if you told me that power wheels made the warning eighteen truck of the year other than on. You know honestly look at those things. He has reminiscent boxer count and slowed them down. So here's my lazy here's my thing when I think about the drugs. I had to think about all the Eagles a thing about wall more but now lose him deeper. Maybe even to our millions to man stuff we'll tours at the inference is how big a thing about month. Modem colors. In his make a case in well 44. Lived dangerously and gas mileage. That's the thing. Horrible asthma horrible lab pi matter can fly you total sales moderate or what was blogs that exactly. You know I think about like just blow recently he. Johnny Cash. America this seat yeah. Tongue kiss on the ball legal and Wal-Mart park does America it's America that's America where one life be that you want all you guys the ones that make notre. But Hungary are. Martha Stewart listened desolate listen Martha Stewart can't and manicures and panic here while drinking Starbucks does that is. We'll Jerusalem. There's just this is not in a rat thanks in Anchorage and the Justin Christian just hike Kerr extends what it is local literal around else cut back. Flips in his great use Ali yeah it. You know tomorrow morning is did he bought a 66 Chevrolet truck bring it he drove into the day he dad. Do you know it's 800 you're telling me it is now his son's drought and you know it your mama say about you people have an onerous on. I decide I'm scared to say I don't want to think about how would more hurt. Mobile I would remain in the majors in the lane all you know look a little more mobile exactly but you know a lot. There is some able argument to him tonight to say it but I got to play devil's advocate here and he knows that and and little truck. It is quit for the 280 horsepower VA. Dobson you can actually threw twice pipes on the back of because it does have a VA. Now it does not have the semi 400 pound pay load hauling capability of our Ford F on file at or fifty or 51 area. But it does. Or it is capable of toting around about. Well bags and treasuries and down rare answer them into crowns in mid seventies lower sales sometimes says their lives up that way it almost certain to notre fails well Diana. Her claim that's understandable Hillary UK's Lil is more simply go to Wales Robert Ewing and okay case mayor mr. Which you know little to pay you any indication we. You might get a fresh below today and double mocha no it was a who interiors Portland waters yeah that's that's more like it. But now the drug does my twenty miles a gallon the lowest Q is skews miles ultimately bring those old American. I think corn goes there's something and it says here in this banks yeah actually does it do little good intentions. Actually as and he gets a top safety pick your rating from a insurance as a particularly Hillary supporter of sticker on the back. Yeah I think it was actually. But it does but it's affordable. It's not a hundred does not pick up tournaments where there. That's that's where they've played Smart this thing really ditches this thing comes at 29630. Dollars thank you your smooth talk creek Indian down a little bit more than match. But. You know what we talked about this we talked about this one Hyundai says they're mentioning making a victim drugs there's definitely the right time. As you know it's going to be a matter time before they come up with a working class version of this is available around the 20/20 5000 dollar mark in their it was always don't normally a 17181000. Yet releases explained you know you know what's going to happen when the little exit you know your miss dollars a run Roland is yet. It's bound to happen that they came in at the right time. Now I will say as bad as it sends my soul. To see. The of this stroke is you know top line at least as American man you know it isn't lit and there is room enough to say the truck at the top of the mom is American made. The sad part is the magic on the fronts from our strategy to proposal. But I blame. I sir you are coming from Monica you know a man. It's affordable drug. If it's economically Smart truck Butler is considered a truck from the pain and let me know my flashback I play both sides of the infamous Tasmanian. I mean this. I'm in us. You like like if I was we'll pick that oil would pick of drug jumping and recently he's never even crossed my mind. Michelle old school Leo let let the due to voters. A little longer lawful Akamai this was so funny when you see a ball we knew to trim the first thing about the moment it'll get. I still think about that little beat up like well Alec strokes yeah I think about a four cylinder five speed or maybe even the V6 automatic out. You know to your co. Go to another toner your quarter of formal severely for years but I don't you consider that likable and it is a full socialist in every sense of the word. I got a good payload and they're like a truck. But I did any of the lease on sale idea but it's just like a kiddie wrap my mind around that. No in summary there when he did I really am I sure it's not like it's aesthetically. Ugly here in England that. It honestly has kind of like the new forty explore work panel to the front end. You know Holler my style and other long headlights and everything that's come gimmicks or look at a map. And the back Romania is count its own day. Let's go bald doll looks like an issue either cut tobacco for you what kind of reminds him he Ramallah for pick of drugs the explorers are not these portray it as a portrait area. Coming bill looks like that it's not quite avalanche he has more toward toward the bigger jerks Ireland this portrait was. Kinda has a feel with the apple two G and Valenti. This new word I think we Mussa. But has explored and as soon I'll match. But the main one thing I don't want to like about it is it looks like it's almost setup to offer plans or force on the front wheel drive. Does if you look at it like front windshield comes down over the front tires and AA in just Alex weird is close. Probably referral drove the treasury case of the backing comes as well. You know in my garage nothing that's how they actually ourselves and they probably are because it is in this interestingly it grows ever will rental car I ever and now the only some pathfinder which. Great SUV. Comments set up that way. As for drive its front wheel drive. If he got into wheel drive option so we miss those who threw the blows my mind so problem draft pick up this is what you do wish there again no I mean not you. Well thirty years do. Undoubtedly because it cruiser given for wardrobe and immigration law a lot of money the army and you know what they're actually left him out there and your ability and you're absolutely right I mean. So now they don't make plans in more than it was Obama. And discourage him. But I do know is animated original final usher in a new pair of trucks I hope not I hope that's our structure adding. On however I think he'll be a viable version of which wrote I think he'll be around. Like you said in a minute spell easy you know water companies in different things like that the meter readers made a raiders yes which I don't do that anymore technically. But the the realism machines Indonesia machines and hope now. But. You know. But for things like that for construction companies from landscape burst. I think this struggle become a viable source you know coming got a good feel kind of mature out hot seat forged it does have a little payload capacity until 5000 pounds. Its price could I think your I think he'll be viable market I really do. There isn't hopeless certainly wanted to sit you know General Motors is W noise from small for a category analyze it won't enforce them the same thing gosh Somalia. Also you know they see open runner was. Yeah so you know today you know to the small consumer either I don't think you've been necessarily be a bad thing and maybe with. You know maybe it does deserve the spot so 2019 investor about whom. I'll beg to differ I you know in an enemy does as well his like I think you know drive trucking and some full size four doors horsepower. You know America so. Solid class following the rich let us know what you think about how on the FaceBook page let us know what you think about new look look at the pitchers out it was not. This really does little about it until a lot more sure come look stay tuned to hot rods and happy hour right here on 1063 WO or. Literary reduce my whole conspiracy theory buddy and what he's talking about mixed. Even months before we even get into the oval Corvette my. Randy as the cool really government I think you guys have the track record to prove that you work core Ripley yeah. And now you're guilty of conspiracy theory. Old corvettes I do actually I think it. Am that your money it is rare mild blood pressure of a model Honda be in the best truck in the world I heading out your tone about Orbitz. I think have enough evidence to back this up I think so we all know. That Corvette as skilling out with the Newman engine crawler and their planning and the CA being unveiled the January ownership group. Bomb with production beginning as early as falls 28 saint. That's a known fact. Robin or discussed how he feels about -- and today he's not happy with I think it's chemical council outcome doesn't just keep an open the year transports or which is was built to do from a Long Will need to get no argument again. It's come and we know it's common. Sort of hot rumor that fuels their. Army is my understanding that for the next two years are actually going to produce both CA in the regular front in agency seventh. And then those are slowly weed out the C seven and it will be a mid engined car from there on. Now here's where it gets interesting. And they're keeping a long good on the score. If there on the engine in the rear now I'm sorry discussed how GM plans CEO electric fully electric. In the next 510 years. I think in this Oregon senator I stink. There are already planning on doing an electric. Corvette. The schools and we'll little sicker. The mall boasting the very same drum liquor keel there have gotten a well here's here's where it's very very interesting and this is what I found. Bomb. It is confirmed that GM has trademarked the man arraigned named for there performance period of the CAA and the for what we're looking that being a performance hybrid. We see portions you can go 100 yeah. Jerry and knows his change in their homes and I'm kind of a dinosaur wanna comes this stuff. But. I mean this is the flu report quotes American sports go it is it's a sport scores always been a top forward corps army. Go to proper rules of flash in the paint and compared to quarter button to bring called for cool momentum I'm just saying. But all of his putter since 1953. Correct and you're there there's so many things that through the years got carried overall core unit will be huddling headlights or moving the fourteen bullets. You know the fiberglass construction which you know and all this stuff. Terrorist and things get better with Tom and am new ideas but you know they were they when the way it was always wants and they went way you with the for a total foursquare to agreeing. Portal. Everything is changed don't know and now they're going live in Portugal is still from a major rule drum corps intranet restriction. Another go and many generations are doing his opponent for with the GT. That's what they're going after with them and they're they're they won't sell them to run with them because of rumors he's the most thing saying only lukewarm editor merchants must. Was it big is it Merrimack as you know since 97. The orbits and LS power up until the new LT one and LT four platforms. But now Cadillac is developing a 40. The dual overhead cam 32 valve motor. VA motor and its talks that this is the motive is going to be used in the Corvette as well. So this toll Cheney for mail us LT platform again. Well you know you'll think about not seeing in this this this is a very far fetched. A slow to legal step back into the early ninety's you'd move the the only ones right you know that that power player. It's basically based off of north storage garage and cattle right home you're a smaller displacement and most powerful forces Twitter. But it's a smaller displacement but is virtually the same idea. Paul in a lot of ways. And Cadillac and generally really. Two ideas back and forth over the years you know lie wasn't it CG is these you perform scale lecture Axl or things like that which brought into court yeah into the Cadillac exactly but first. Slew GM is threw the ball back for several to Africa Latin quarter. Yes it would not shut me to see this third to about 40 make its way to the Corvette elementary and things cruises you know unusable actually had a third juvenile forum there as eagle roar illnesses brought. Roar cirrhosis. But will they had a thirty about four liter V8 yet. So commands rekindling of a motor from pastimes. Now here's here's my thing if they're doing lire in their doing. You know and hybrid core of the means Catholic Church half you know gas power. So worry halfway there to a lecture caller. I have film to keep the long nose on the CA. Yeah CA bet. To make room for some batteries. Kinda like how the tea. Listen I commend her for better truth is nurtured them they could be I don't. To me I think that would be a slap in the face of the cold it personally but they're all going that way to support Hillary jumbled anyway I really think. My somewhere treasury has commercials dire straits and get you in the background nine it's also and a bomb I really think by the end of the two thousand twenties. That decade of time I've really really think. You're going to see a full blown. And maybe not the only option but I think you don't see a full blown electric Corvette. Lanier has proven fact that your power isn't saying what the torque on its awesome you know it's instant power in and it and it is great. But. Even as much is going modern technology as much as I love the you know doing all the schools of horsepower and alas. The skills this is so those who do want to thinks there's a we will miss whose June government's gonna agrees a LeBron. Or is gonna make the prices undersea sevens sixes and fives and all the passion owners of corporate skyrocket. Well I think as we I think that's exactly what you all say I think it's going to take. I would say in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty years before the electric power you know a low blow muscle car like this are sports car rather. Catches on it was sort of major does create I I can almost guarantee your dad bought several corvettes you've owned several. I'm sure you'll owns several mourn your life I can almost guarantee you're not going Russia mother electric Corvette. So I think as long as you're around in people who are like minded like you and me as well. I don't think it's on the over the oil. I think Europe's of rural voters don't think it's a real. I think it's going to be. Now and MI saying the Corvette will sell my sing in the Corbett minimal slump and falloff with the fact that GM's going all all electric. How things I don't I don't think so other electrical grid. Is more. The novelty. It's always in the election will be a little about this guess what you know on the old school as well I mean just what was that the Politico the Caroline. Hear that they're totally thought they when APS are well known atheist who was I know you don't LC area I don't know exactly dumb idea but it jewels beautiful body color callers are good caller but I have a great looking gaunt. But to me before I don't know the luxury and saving the environment don't go in his. I actually had opportunities talked to a cal like rap and I told him I said man a -- if they use of this body of the caller to make the main CTS via out of let's admit desultory of mine where. And eliminate yes a loosely based on via com. But you know I mean harris' say I am really interested sing next year. How the sales of the C seven vs the CA gift I got through was going to be a landslide tore servants. And you might be right but then you know the mind a lot of people on you know the first. Made in due course earlier and earlier ruled the first at anything. I don't neither had been together I'm like the 20/20 two minutes into and that will be will salute to the kings were the key Maliki mostly above you administered go abroad scores of schools to going to the roadster will actually walk yeah there was a lot of problems OC five I don't know what that was like and what do you think. And even going back into the eighty's you know into the sea for sure all the usual day ashes and things like that. Hum and then go back into the eighty's you know when the third you don't all that very first one. Now I I think I think the mid engine that will stand on zona I really do I believe that I firmly believe that I think he'll begun in good. I think the sales of multi gray I think even the CA event will surpass the C seven sales wants it releases. I really believe that. Now and I think the hybrid will stay in on some RI you know superpower this Indian guest on global one knowingly bought it but I think he'll do good. You know over into lectured I I've I firmly believe it's coming I don't think you'll dig it. Was there. I really believe it's come public guys that anyone else has given us more commercial breaks my effort to stop the hour. But we have a little fun coming up after the break so stay tuned our isn't happy hour right here 1263. Divvy Lordi.