Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, December 11th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk getting started in car collecting and the Top 10 forgotten Chevy cars that deserved better.


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A little La Raza a real and what's happened in due to. Got a question for act only in studios and an ego and on FaceBook message FaceBook message yeah I'm in now. The kind of interesting actually my friend well I'm probably are prisoners can you hear brewing in the to a college gets sillier some more years of products. But TE. Toward being in the schools and but you guys but regular place fruitless tree is pretty easy line but not a problem we would torture bending then being done. Cuba and then when. You have a night soon. This is the third. And actually got used to work with what would my first jobs were to win Dixie who. And he was the prudent measures sorties yours little older you know who's who topic is pretty skilled to you. But the thing leg in the fifties his roaming around Fossum about an hour or so on. Here's early in the region. Radio edit Richard Hatch and so anyway. And good save more gray it was all over that drop but not love it looked he would drop button covered like. Crisis mean some of bills notes. But anyway. So the we contacted me he's done well actually these stores owned business community audio audio. If he rules to buy his first collector car. And know that puts more usual MO hoard the dragon people over into the dark side I don't know. Lol fun in their first call for Google and done it several times and and though really enjoy wilders does election. Match a look at color management restaurant. Javaris but first these could happen at Bubba. You know of hot management but collar match record Nadal never pick a portion L forty promise you that you know entity but when you're. Bottle well for sure unless you're Charles Barbara attorney mark to a poor reception he. Will fail us and maybe now loses his old Madeleine so. Oh sure yours are so cute and he says. You know. And fifteen those lower HQ Wilson really nice. Early eighties late seventies bit I don't think about he grew up in that jumper I got an anti foreigner and I can interject a little odd run into this flavor of the risk. Beautiful shot in the scope. I. And it's pencils so what would you pick in the court genre. Let them listens earlier these 151000 on budget. They're doing just fine UD center halfway low miles no problem 78 and into a store courtroom. Cindy at his career you know eliminate 30000 and so I mean nothing 60000 for a panda. June and smells the one Brohm that you know when they when they came out it was a collector's thing you know and they everybody political web terms of pace chorus that's probably the most British based course. Still I'm probably one of the crystals that way. I it's a Darius is very much of their. But your losing its cool about these late seventies and early eighties courses you can drop this caller every day if you want it's a very driver user friendly caller. This is first course and obviously doesn't want children to to mechanical or restore. Aegis Walton nice clippers but. In the first look at mama be in the vin aficionado that I am especially of the exceed three corporate failure of there's a couple really really literally bit in that price for an instant that that jump all over. Fortunately due collector's edition right. In which is the woman who paying fade on this and Cutler Winfield played don't know exactly does a the Winfield failures kind of a champagne colored mr. of the narco welcome wheels on it. It's it's a good looking caller this really even had the in the liberals faded even I'm not big on a champagne color but that is a good looking doesn't cooled it. On another really need one you were in the early eighties spectrum they actually camera alienated one. Picture of the color code data O'Neal which was pro mile an encore they. If you're with a soccer on its core of your neck and down. But in the head with a called oyster interior which was almost all wiped right right right but it was a beautiful little chill if your friend how's it feel reinsurance company called oyster white Intersil your editorial that oyster white. Building gorgeous color combination Joba yeah with the with the deep dish middle and will you. While that are being of geez that's a beautiful caller. Can you confirm those or some sort of things are all those 1213 141000 orange nice color don't you know 67000. Dollars. You may want replaying the exit on. And as us about the pace towards settling into right. And can be found on the 57000. Homes in the thing is a mean you know they're not really the most performance based every mile LA too little too or follow or don't. But. I mean you know fund you know as well maybe you're forced people right along our enemies of Acadia car for waive these cars handle. I mean there's six and others bore scars until I showed scars are two arms and Lebanon now. And you know or or even if you wanna get open a couple of corvettes I mean you can get into that prices and a pleasure. We need to step into some Greenwood bits I mean even her body CO2 horrible for shopper don't. So that's something underneath their social overlooking here in the next few weeks for him I'm really critics of and then thinking it die cast model of the event and have them a real metal that. I'm real little bit and there was not your for a glass. And also above these callers were so cool in the eighties and elusive and he's let me think about were common in the disk coup and in I mean cocaine was you know I mean John Delorean all these things don't want these are the one car. Gonna have a built in cooler in the back to currently holds a six pack of so soda. All over the bridge you would like to keep cool room in the back. As those gun within visitors of the caller the whole six drinks cold. I think of our goal my one on a bit like that Al one total still month power. But signal civil locker room you are now. I mean for for for speculative but I still get so what we did the field so even if you couldn't is still able to power even knew even if that wasn't an option. Com I think they'll go after Brenda on the red on red Corretja. There goes the popular colder mission riddle what was extremely popular film. But to another pretty thing too that the silver and recruitment and it also levels of Dell's a pretty Cold War you know sales and other special edition for certainly a social and eager to. Alone so we are a few weeks will only be used to look at room sources and pictures gonna film we'll see what he likes. But it got excited about it but you know why it you know stepping away from Corvette there's so many other options and price range if you wanna give in to your first order caller. The areas but I think the Corbett and I'll give him props he's done his homework he's looking for investment in this southern up preach to people all the time yeah. But I callers only value I don't buy at coral popularity I don't buy cold and Republicans alike ride but I'll buy a home values. I mean just like. Example. Policy to intra. And I'll even go gaga this but let's get them the truth but you most by truck and and I can't cry about a month whatever it's with the in. All three cheese drug and it trying to get in. You know he loves it. And he drove today and you know just quick rundown. Ball award deceit and nobody mound with a 67 built right Annika and in the truck load gotten only a pick. So one out double what the problem when that ball for the pharmacy did in the country when a bit. But you know tiger big book shall bid you one of more than two order you ideally ought to. You know all this stuff. Yea ago. Put a bullet on values across the trick your fans coming go colors in bill wheels and things like that come and go. This trip will always be the one award for her big blah. Go to the truck yet it's ultimately millions of you guests on this one of one of the science on Daria. So much there was talk a little today and he felt this won't pick has been it's been Tina. And you know you think about you pages Bushnell for particular quote as you can buy nice capsule there and it is a thing. I don't hear pairs really is everything always via rail has some point in time more actually going to star billing nice scores again well there's Dubya Bettina deficit to everybody that paid big movies during the course. Already buried and yes absolutely the oil to put more money into make a note you know like a and I I do I like them. And and I think they look awesome and that's the thing the way to tell me so this does give us more you know he's buying all value review by nicely three minute run out of values are you know affordable. But to fifteen years from now. Let's go be a very solid of course bishop take good care of it you would drive and enjoy it below to hear of it's like we've. Racial issue about all those eight diesel super chorus you know your army use your Shelby's of the eighties there in the same category now there low right now. But they're going to reach that value it was already sort of go from there are certainly go up. To begin going we got you to a commercial break them. This drug doesn't tell you stay tuned and we got a wild wild talk to analyst come and four right here on roads and audio re here 1063 WO or. Is managing him list algae and lists I'm intrigued and in true on drug fashion. I figure the top ten forgotten classic Chevrolet cores of probably deserve better. Some counseling and two and forgotten generally course that probably deserved better from right. You know some of them a buck the some of them probably don't deserve better but I think supplement relating. And first tireless as Wanda I actually have not forgot about listening 1958 human. Of those clay. Sixty usual item in the 58 disables the sale would like you talk well Tom's a single year caller you know the race to its own. Along. What's made this wagon that more easily forgotten well that and I mean Wilmington was listeners are pretty sure it'll only coming in the musical scene in general. The oh. Here these callers were very good gorgeous callers are in a beautiful surgery is very explicit restore correct. Alone because you don't call your one or fifty surely parts noting that Obama. A wave basically I mean yea yes apparently sedan parts of the share you know from front doors Ford. He but still there or not you have carnival wagon pieces you know that's that's the total there's no real pop of the meaning that on any well I mean figured surely portion general. I mean whatever shared with it some journal there are 59 is the only thing you're going to get briefed on the list. Time for wagons that is all the wagons were available and it's Eudora or Ford or model and and the Yemen was no different. And the cool about it is there had a fully watchable and here with a water response courtesy of the vinyl upholstery in the rover formats. And do utility Angela know him covered cargo area. Area in the back below 1950s. Low in the lead them he has to handle and only a little lower oil was the space age material like this together linoleum was like but there is nothing better and now we're like. There's nothing worse. But I mean this is a very unique Korean standard and Jimmy time 11100 series was the bit to 35 Q into blue flame series six. You know 12100 series models. They get equipped with the 283 the Turbo far small blog. And then for 58. You know those Syria offered their first off. Production of the big blog VA 348 to 340 so that's servers or else before 340 anywhere and they were available on the wagons which those rounds are few and far between Italy. We'll bring everybody through three which was also called the W motor home you on the letter home morphed into the 49 in the early sixties. But I really don't you just said right there. The small blocked or rough are actually wasn't considered small block till 58 yes sir hello duel well Vic files first year for first moblog sharing. Yes it was but it wasn't called small watcher lamenting that though because there wasn't a big block it was the only BA period. Yet so here's an interesting fact goma on the human. On the two door model was sold brand new. For 2520. Dollars. If you wanna step up to afford or model they cost you an additional 54 dollars. Coming and it 2574. Dollars. What is actually made before or more exclusive because not as many people ballroom. Because they lost orders that extra 54 dollars back in 58. So the four doors are actually the rare ones in this one once a missile arrears also how little mortar problem. So you know and then in 1959. Ended that is the Brooke would took over for the Wagoner amble to to import or. Body there is what was still in the king's pour it in there so we have the wagon names. They discovered of the owners like moratoriums and then they forgot about two years later via a lot of those got ditch the oh yes no area. While Maine even the Moehler didn't last long. Coming in and a little from what. Fifty EU okay you want for the wrong turn. Sixteen I mean sure it. Well I'm out of it handle drop of up to him more than wagons too old when they had to drop off their 58 the news for us dollar wagons again. There's of Illinois and if it is Miller should little details in the now those homes ended dropped off for their bombs William. You know what this'll that are that are. The balloon proposal. To have little hole there in my little in my GM memory because you got a 58. In Powell Ryan your top of the world. And you had to miss Jane did you of this amount against. It was through gave Miller a tea mobility research from Omaha isn't relevant to as little rug still don't know I'm I'm not really sure they're from and in my knowledge. Goes blank is all get out from 58 to like 62. 62 picks back up as you know you get back into your bell there year polity Biscayne. That fifty threesome news you know there's three year course for the fifth that the two to three and four and those pretty well sixty to sit me how I want. Yes the 626364. I knew those cars pretty well because I had a 63. But that 5896061. Night Kana. He's just a troubled time data causes trouble time. Well I mean very interesting to our releases very hard to restore or Arnold I'm on the other absolutely gorgeous and because of what they are they do tend to slip through the cracks and you get forgotten about and on so I think it's time to move on little bit bigger to bring the name back where you draw out the drone that twenty teams. You know it kind of sounds like you're driving missile hats back in on me. The U it cast sounds like a modern special player Hungarian and something. You know look as say actually is sounds like the name nation to use for the Chevy Volt or something. And as universal ship human. Limit on tour number nine spot those another interesting one. These are the callers that you know and will be worth money one day they really will play the mind the better off forgot about. The 91 through nine B three Shimmy Illumina Z 34 coupe. These goals were extremely club. Everybody's neighbor award Alia. Yeah I go to the white luminous we'll vote the groom fixture at all on young souls like moan more there do you caller. Visuals on those little gas bush is feeling goes born like she used to have a Camaro will fortunate Kuhn its area so there she got voluminous Z 343. Point four automatic. And everyone Mobley had written to you and others and the rewards will be great interior room. And you know and the 3.4 later offered 92 my neighbor grocery Suk callers and one of these really she voted campaign worker Shirley is her first you called Dave Bullock is a married couple. And I'll remember this caller so much legitimacy and 300000. Miles long. We know there are available it was cooler available for four speed and a five speed manual transmission or fortunately don't magnifies we manual transmission. So is available both well observers in a Foster in the wild which is rare actually imagery really rare. But the 3.4 later Oki won V6. Into preferred a whopping 210 horsepower. And a little Hollywood actually fly you can imagine anyone it was brought little good with a Corvette I mean it was those struggled Brigham and you're given your put out. Early alien on TPI numbers Joanna. On the Manuel was actually removed from the opera almost for many for so yeah I mean they didn't make very many manuals at all. Very interesting very interesting. His harassing caller I mean it and they're not the worst looking car and the world is screams the ninety's it does that mean they have unique look to my main. A home of Bubba I won't want you look at noon. The thing you think about it was competing with a is Richard tours and a and I mean so. First call for old roku or camping but anyone else think cool is all his commercials. Icing on a little bit more about the Illumina together before earlier hometown to Augusta guerrilla. A lot more this top ten list coming up right here on Rosen yeah 1063 WORD. Lament how rosneft real world Iran's top ten list of GM callers have been forgotten about the probably deserved. Better absolutely. And coming up next and number seven spot. Wasting no time in 1961 through 65. Greenbrier ramp side as your core bear truck run on these things are very knee penalties and they missed the more Q monitors the quarter revision setup and today it was this it was excellent corners 95 club form as what was good that they don't really cool this Lou. Dude in the perfect handicap vehicle if you think about it now because you think there's no provision to limit. If the bat was cut open some like it take will your role ride into the sun and right inside. Or fury yes you were able to make some sort of backdoor comment here or read like this could have been an handicap equipped vehicle in the sixties Alia. So there are available that 2.4 liter Horry two point seven liter flat six engine. Amount of blows the slightly rears tailgate areas it was very unique so. There's actually guy's got a Greenbrier and on the program side. Here in green boy actually send witnessing massive flow literally in the cooler does this a little niche group you know keep you cool okay prayers and their they're awesome caller some. Now interesting thing about the Greenbrier is it actually is GM's most obscure and rarest car ever made. On May 20000 loading Greenbrier urged. Which includes your fans senior trucks and you know and all the panel of windows so I was sick all the sportsmen when you have windows. So 20000 only and the ramp side is actually the rare style option obviously. Of that sort of day or very very rare and there are very obscure. Course or chorus and a silver oral period you'll see them compared to other GO growers and here reporters got a real bad rap over the years you know Croshere got Ralph Nader who wrote the book unsafe at any speed terribly understood did after General Motors what that guy. I don't know who it GOMR dole is old lady but they made him so mad yeah this guy like he's still lower today spit nails Oracle's General Motors Scalia and army like his favorite thing is Jerome over motors. Moving in reverse into the future yeah I mean you just like this guy has no. Love you know literally drowned out I'm stuck I'm start missing or is coming from talking mullet you corvettes and Kuroda coming you know more or else you're committed to build some name and where will the curve on lap. Male let's move along to number six by the you know Korea ramps that things also but. Let's move along to the 1973. You're sending six shoval Laguna. These callers are so roof is so weird Mascoll made of extremely popular Hillary like your histories and things like that. Irritate if your dodge get Kara remind you acorda will. A little little slicker quarterly. The era and they're there on the ship built does Salem event. Your leisure real Gaza equipment drills and these and it's. We know some cool about it though you know for such a rare are not rare. It is rare such odd coal or arm and a small core of 350 was standard. Well as coastal spoke that's a big cool. And bluish hue of the little real out of the Xoom has a big call to full frame caller. Another good thing about both the east coasters a lot of and a cook the myriad injuries killers area extremely. Popular Disco. No area and did they were I actually had the option of having a forfeit formula until we have. When a whopping 245 horsepower which keep the mind beckon them Mohammed Sony's with a lot it will earlier this thing is that we support most are still horsepower. Is. Torque yeah. It's in 1974. So the introduction of the optional 400 cubic inch V8. But you know forfeit four ago of the Jackson Sony five. Well exit kale Yarborough amass Gorman is when two consecutive Winston cup championships. In history so. This through you know Cuban on this Torres a far less broad nose piece on the yes Robert does not focused. The rover Mosul fruit raisers for reaction to your room for us this passed yes why Caroline from what went sprawling my fairly clear an area and it was a neat caloric meals was the last time you sold one yet. And ahead of wagon Molly sells well the little wagon than they're welcoming those which was virtually the same modest you know. Of all the body's cells migrated any of the Malibu trim level. Mom well this thing is you course you're you're the General Motors course sir your your party care in branding of the world based off of the skull yeah. Hum I like I think you know it's a unique caller I think it's within cracks and open to that white one popped up a care Lama refresh I had never seen one actually. A lot of things you dancing in grasshopper point and but I mean I think is very interesting car very very cool are we lost a lot of this course cigarette trade isn't that there's so you'll see a lot of it was kind of cool to see. It you know a time capsule that our knuckles and as those at a rally was one litters. There's promotional wicked yeah oh yeah absolutely. Marshall a sliver along to our number five spot arm and 1984 through eighty sprint. There were token of the three cylinder. Interesting story with a score there were Thomas look comical you know with the string was in missiles the the birth of GO. Yeah disparate. And a clear they have a little shares sprint was as a three cylinder and then actually through silver turbine these things go like seventy miles to the gallon. A little over stretch again 53 miles for the gallon and that was what they said that will be this is real world OK and then though they usually cool place cruises they would handle that oral rails. They really different among his name's David Calkins children grew his apartment in sucker wanna run nail. But all day isn't content used utter crawls were those that Turbo three cylinder surely split. That's pretty cool I say you know I said they make you cool rally car then later at the same idea vet and they just have that would Terrell. On this is actually nothing more than Suzuki cultists that has always we will go or levels and those going to and then it moved onto the metro. And actually Suzuki held 5% stake in the company and GM for every one of these they sold its Suzuki got virus Jewelers team a lot of people years. Excellent Lewis don't look for a meal almost feel yeah when those different. Loses exactly and disease you kept with GM for a long time actually feel you're used to post it exactly. Mom talking about a threesome that's a threesome of about it one leader and one liter three summer. That produced a whopping 73 war well. Linear thing about global public and available with a cumulative sixty them or are we sold forty warship in her ridiculously poor. Yet so there was some problems this for a there was simply no room for anything in it. You know you put someone like me in and the president as well you know in the course daily smokers to blow. Is Corey has delivered under from bullets or smaller core actually is for your emulate you know guy in my sizing it and drive it no problem policy is very funny I have read one then I came units this line. The spread however I don't think that is I don't think is remotely from possible. This is the small hatchback or. It is it's very very small and the other issue or we can make them a BA your is determined to via Geo Metro. I don't know about we'll call our. Good guess college. Unique I think commonly. You know what the older style coarsely there combat support fees for Steve does the Steve it was the for Steve for the two days of the penis mr. The fourth receivers are making it to the assistant to the Steve has announced he has. Time lines are confusing. But I mean you know. They're great local ours is in those accords are making huge comeback like we talked about earlier for a round though they are you know stands like for a om and and the call looks good tricked I mean it's not a bad looking caller is Israel as rules for us this. Realize that you heard about it. Oh I hassle. But it is so desperate so the worst thing I mean you know the words you know. There's worse or worse things it's an actual list of river along about the 1955. To 58 cameo carrier. This year introduction to flee east side certainly the case of this problem with the most Butte for trucks ever. And I don't know why they broke down this list like that because the flicks explicit curtains for athletes as solid. Great to me that the picky about the future of the commute through its courses there they are there. And I agree with you especially fifty. If it non forming. Just couple tweaks and changes to it was reputed for others. Couple tweaks. I would say 59 and made of the 59 canyon is probably one of the most gorgeous structure Evers floated out of chrome to me it's count. This Alex at a hundred does now afford a 450 it's just it's classy it's. It's a shrug this I would probe LA in the event issues Clancy's. You know particularly. Saturday night you know name. As the baker stroke it is it's loaded down with borrowers whose drugs yet as is loaded don't promise luxuries implosion tears. I mean there's nine strokes. To what was is pixels is a huge role. Embassy here ams are analysts at 59 but 58 military observers scratching. It's everywhere and they were to cancel the bills it's not going to be really rare that wouldn't be true. How well up next the 69 to Sydney to kings would wagon. These are cool these are also makes you would say that will they have the claims she'll back him problematic at this very problematic however very cool and if you know familiar with the elements of the clips you'll hear what dorm room and they are buicks you're imaginary bat door that the challenges yet and they're selling nobody in Minnesota were only thinks that's the craziest thing about it is they are fully mechanical. But it's where your tailgate actually literally folds of under the gore in your window folds of in the gore very unique very cool to watch word actually found only scores while Baghdad it was working on don't know for how long can this level the styling cues like that in another really you know. Does to us figure somewhere else that we do have a lot of those commercials they plug those half slip to grow fish is tough to elicit a brighter on our roads and that we are 1063 WO or the and dazzled with a cholera and outer liberalism was excellent local list about the 1985 to radiate Shimmy spectrum and a charter Jimmy diseases and I won't work. The zoo zoo or fewer Japan it'd be cold visas and Jim. So here are so mom. Some interesting news on this car. Italian car designer. Georgia so. Did jarrah. A mauling saying that once from here on out referring to him only as GG. Mr. Jean speaking as the famous tank car designer of the developed this caller. Four easy zoo and GM wanted peace they want one. And they did not want to go through GG did not approve a GM made the call or without their approval. Lasting in a long hated relationship between the two things a little buzz around this core. Of course got a cool offered a one point five liter naturally desperate force owner. Or a under intense power of this one that was. Seven horsepower in that option or you go via a 110 horsepower Turbo charged for prayer counterpart. So they expect of this mature enough power to move its life friend around. However like many options. Oblivious Caesar had. Most notable is the 125 horsepower one point six leaders that was available on the zoo's. So this lingo crew of options exactly I mean it may it will caller you know in the Turbo charged option you know with a 112 of horsepower. Volunteer component and horsepower sorry you know remain low power disputed but yes it was diseases leftovers. And GM's total crap attempted steal and GG's. His style and another G Jesus give me. A sort of deserves it but I mean it's those cars it looks like a precursor to assure that just an honest. She Nagle caller it's gonna squared positions via a me but it looks like and I guess it looks like a ghost cursor to the issue that. But from my mom actually hash of an actual mothers for them should vidro current written mango mug mum on the monitor certain. Moses does it was mixed. How about the classic 72 through 82 should be Hulu. Known Lou for a little trip over there starting in little popular polish tourists here a few of them pompano here and there. On your course and this is no there is users share relating. Who do go together so yeah again I guess again over the whole sprint thing. Will this before that now. Missiles a precursor to this is the precursor to distinguish. You these Tomlin let's look. Number a home alone trucks out vaguely remember him as a child and then you know on every there's a gathering will fuel station about the shot that had one that was like his pride and joy now. And though they had like the topple on mobile tools called McCulloch and I've only ever known one personal blow there and when moon that is built WV. Yeah and leaving the com. School truck one point mailer force onerous to grow carburetor. Admin and nice and five horsepower. In the short pretty well I've given terrible anxiety I actually drove the guys that name and carriage of pretty well at 88 foot pounds of torque. Where you think well just with the aids in these things over the years and logo color others a lot of the dirty little leisure you know okay pillow that turn that skins. This is a funny part. They can haul a 14100. Pound payload in the bed of the truck. Let's flashback to earlier in the show were we talked about the new Honda Ridgeline. Does anybody remember how many how much it can all they're rude but often 17100. But this was how many years I mean thirty years. The forty years before yeah and take off almost 200 horsepower. And in this thing was due on the cinema color who. This thing was doing the same amount of work as phoning doldrums love that are excellent. You know what I have to say I think I think get a feel much closer to a loaf. Some valuable truck of singing signatures of more campers shells on the time. And this this was genuinely the precursor to the just interrupt get this this was the freest and which is Susie cared models of the list them for years but there was no way around Yuma yeah GMA's Susan remember it exactly which we talk about that before the dodge Dakotas into the same thing another first the first loses it whether over the maple. Generally may the justice in the square body stuff right when they went grill body who's deal whether it was flip flopped yet but I mean below for a a lot able dumbest we talk about this before you know. You know like your Ford Ranger in the new monster beat 3000 men so that's been done before coming in metal crossover with the many drugs. Others say they're the most known Ford Explorer I mean we ethic for the longest time American and offer many took that was only overseas thing was until recently you know a lot of people laugh foreign countries look at the American truck is like this big gaudy thing. We're just like normal to us. So. Well interesting fact but at least I'm mobile onto our number one spot this is an interesting Corliss is really cool coal or. But its days all kids do when you call it cool it's cool Corbett as they awful testament to the name of what it what it has on it. The 1988. No would twin cam. All. We're drama the little squared off looking like he little prism looking ahead. What's also things used to do little (%expletive) she's put together over school programs or whatever. Teddy Graham's one of them. You know it's all square at all and chiseled look in the dark cool the catalysts known went into a summit if you're not familiar with a scar there is nothing about it nosing. What's your business as nova does as the sex appeal of a turn. On this for and obviously it's it's pretty much a toy in coral. It would still integral what does it was crazy was they took that day insurers in the several times over the years. They're two and drinking among know who's been under his name through the mud going through the only movie years of 73 or 78%. In nine. But you know only would the with the ugly that was. It is so bad like I get a body musket was course is really nice and principles we have absolutely no yeah races you can fix that a mile. The sixty signatures big body knows that you get the ship it to be nervous. And then the other windows unit and unbeknownst. Up until I was still an over the door for a major ruled. This was that true with nova badges on the. Well you know you're talking about prism and actually became the GO proof right so. Yeah isn't Toyota Corolla slash every move via. Mobile better tonight bridges. We know and Avago subject it's like in the ninety's or early two thousands when they came back over the Malibu and on the Dole's loan that was only the campaign. Didn't matter. Right they either so they one point six leader Toyota in line for delivered a 110 horsepower instead of 74 ponies which was the single cam model output. Five speed manual transmission with a twin cam models. Well for speed automatic replace the single camps three speaking in an optional transmissions. Apart from our improvement in the twin cam Novo also. Boasted sport suspension. This breaks on all four corners. Wider tires and aluminum wheels. He'll also signal from the time the pool this brutal. As well that's cool that's actually really big upgrade real a male and all our thing. And you don't want figures there he could stop busting your foot out I mean. I kid testament days but they say these cars are actually a lot of fun to drive in the time and it and I can imagine that more yeah. A jury will either it was one of those things I'm Google's book drugs assures older look cool exposure. 2500 dollars. Thus and so and we'll know 2500 dollars was the managed kid to get the twin cam over whom would you bring it to a photo yes sir very cool though well yes you pay 2500 dollars for the twin camps. Well. But diet or any you know it came with some you know look the red pinstripes on the side across the bumper red edging. In a different things like that name. It in Maine for another there's this the best thing settled about. Ali is there's nothing to say for the score. Shouldn't shady forget about him knows they are unique part of GM's history I if I hate they called it. A and over the should call it a grasshopper. What was as a it will courses this year there's little like breakers into the Corsica. Earlier the course you're in the Guerrero which was before or will the court tools for a war room. Yeah earlier the bread which was a really cool and doesn't know the color that they get below the deserved you know your pearls and a caller is his third we'll look at yet they had a secret for the bread that those who seem to what he's seeing things I think yes yes yes you're right. A girl I would nice collection and the disease 24 sub oral tablet you know. Umps. 8820 am over its unique car. I'm sure someone's got that pristine bay be put away somewhere I don't know who. When did it will be worth them. Wanda give him tips to somebody. There's there's a book forever see guys there's about her receipt absolutely are dazzled thanks mile long thanks for hanging out now listen are going but it's got this right okay well we're sort of fun to see guys thanks for listening into hot rods and happy hour right here of 1063 WORD.