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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, January 2nd

Rob and Odd-Rod's final show of 2017.


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And guzzle Carlson I don't listen blow. Yes sir how you doing dude let's go now. You know. But I'm doing good money and to go commonwealth Christmas. Ads anyway they need to hear from us lastly those Christmas special Bubba you know I mean. It's a good time I mean we get tickled to animals doesn't on the limb yeah I actually you know there's a weekend that went by Greg did nothing. You know how long it's been since the weekend went by and I did nothing like a week. And pretty much. But did you know what I'm saying that I mean it was fun you know now it's it's New Year's Eve we're at the dawn where the crest of a new year we get to do so much fun stuff. Twice and it is an amazing but I don't think I think it tails and prayers and outs when Beijing's army to ratings will be phenomenal do you have any New Year's resolution. Probably give better looking. How well adds that to stay also. Fine and knowing Kazaa ships sailed long time alone. As a man on the air and it's got here lambs of go oh really that's crap crap speaking of that. We actually went on to win a few weeks back we did as a great time elm. Oh well that's going garrison works and you'll be sure check into the podcast you know bulletins and anger that compute in my actual over her first calling and I wanna 63 W Lordi dot com the Shia districts podcast link for aren't happy hour. Blue shameless plug but anyway you'll find Mister Ed bully in a balloon is the world record holder. For the cannon ball. Room Fifth Avenue in New York. To Redondo Beach, California he did that the fastest image in just a short time of 28 hours and fifteen minutes but it's insane yeah actually blew the record a two year and it's hard pressed frame aidid. Come up and get that it will release you know of course he's written books these bills today you sure Lou you know in and it's doing really good personal for me it drove through leveraging process highlight of his career as me -- on our. Guys are saying let's say your -- out unimaginable things Colo that this is yeah fictional all's way overrated I'm living in the teachers remain there. You know. But the thing that was really cool about it. Is that just a cargo hooks in you displays are more expensive course Nia but we it started a YouTube channel called in Wiki color stories. Yet you and you actually download have been Wiki at the sprinkle gamma file. Yeah it's it's really neat you know you know that operating gold streak YouTube in just search in which he coached for example look. And he's got about fifty on their right now finishes different color doesn't and ended two moment just tell it really cool caller stores and I mean you've got. All constable invited me down till few stories. You know life you know values to Basel colors and the so we're talking about some caller so stories it is so insane we boost to video on line yet so you draw the video will be as we did the other week alone. The thing is that to holders in the 121000. Views in a day again it's absolutely amazing actually do so funny when the comments are actually colors on that but. It's it's you know it's really me is really cool the goals of a lot of people. Special selling cars in the era of Tom know exactly where where was this you know and and I mean inning to be political business in general you don't. And I think you're ahead of the game is in what you did in you guys really needed German you to meticulous media. Does what rob double was actually. It was a daily game. And as someone nowadays it is against eBay's terms and services but that time it actually wasn't as a method that I've used myself. Well I mean assures us it just does not real the most ethical thing you know. But I'm sure you know what there's a room and I'll take its stance and say you know what think of that bullet the listeners and that they that there were watching the video they can judge for themselves not keep in mind this was well nearly twenty years yeah this is actually. Twelve years ago well actually lower than two motors goes about. Seventeen. Years ago Stosur as nearly twenty years in Poland. Some exams are a little bit different but I personally think that what was done would there was nothing wrong. I think you found little to the system clearly that's and Angela doesn't you know it was a lot of but it makes for really good story and obviously if it bombs. But a lettuce and be sure check them out and be sure cheerio good we peaked or stores mr. ballooned to a lot of work there and a I think he is merely Lou Lou the I I think effort it. Gross ness of that video how well is done. Bomb in the views its tourist I think you that you definitely have underwriter Lambeau over in the run Lambeau. But yet and then he told me the first minute of FaceBook Glover into normal power. I think this more than acceptable through latitude to move through a deal is how. Bomb but you also done a couple more videos and islanders' chances that you'll go back on my name go and do coupled it is myself. Bomb but you know it's very interesting stories in you guys just Ellison and Wiki page. Odyssey this kind of a lot of great stories a lot of our other source caller collectors on there there's you know exotic or does there's so many good stories. Amulets and you didn't wanna check it out. And a sudden we definitely plan haven't had back on the show to talk about and winking when he's done with this connection talk about this book to for the record yes it is really you agree yeah. So it definitely be a staging two car of snappy or in the feast or tuning state tuning staging yeah you know what I have a union education. Mom I'm and that's you know that's all I gotta say I should justify any horrible English grammar use on the ship. Is undergraduate reunions. So anyway it was it was a lot of fun though I don't know who it was a lot of fun though the though it was beautiful criminal tobacco communion again I was 33 in my class two which is probably even more scary mid about the out of 36 which you know what I'm saying you know it was higher number than makes it even worse. But this is there was a it was a lot of full orchestra and be sure jailed in Wiki collar short legs and it's really not a power within you to project. So some really over to Korea check go absolutely. Absolutely. You also again they yank it to a New Year's resolution that was realistic coming he said looking better but I only is possible in Iowa and al-Qaeda actually only will this bring you think about it. Robert when you wake up in the morning and Sony's my government and are drugs Larry. When you wake up and Morgan. And you have here like this I don't. And you got to face like this is a boom and you got a voice likeness who. You know what while missile perfection do just keep Roland you know only the mileage is like this keep the truck and you know and I can't just say. Actually going to talk about details coming own you know. Well. Outside of rob Spain appearances. We do have some amazing things coming at you for joining attain. I'm super excited about the other phone calls the messages they keep the emails keep rolling in on us. Ami or older places here this for a egos were real force states five. So I eve five states five states shall mostly I think. Probably more on if we're also non. And there's some big projects that I can you begin a mansion they could possibly come to fruition. We'll get a lot of things where she'll really care or motive for eskimo to win her first claiming a kernel mode for this year's going to be this year is getting better and better you have twice a year. Great germ karma for us always a lot of people put a lot of work of that and a resident of sending email to a certain someone who might be more famous and we are. On to try to get his attention to be there so that would be and hopefully that develops a will for well we've got you know all those things goal that like this you know what but this really grow out of me swab me. It's everything Amir it's a baby daughter affair and a and it's it's a great of this. So will be announcing details on that before too much longer on the day it is or inhaled chemicals to me there's a Pretoria April Clancy Devlin Wal-Mart and your calendar. Armed grease pencil now as we speak yes. I'm so they'll be a day of great times great I'll modify and again will like you know Robson will of the car us while me and we'll also be doing the horse show again. And hopefully to build it bigger and better soon. On any of you guys who have win you know if you want dropped suggestion be shared out on FaceBook to the and send us a message you know what what would you like to see what would you like to see him make it better. Army doesn't suggest you have something you like to change. Or you know if immediate royal miss motor fitness contest to like that idea actually the Swiss Muslims ms. motor finesse miss motor mile swim I have columnist liberty bell and give her and to get her over that project there sweltering you know ms. liberty bell I think of him almost motor for its coverage through. Yeah. It's like people just takes me Lyman here working. Neil will remain here working line here working. OK talking is like they'll understand. Them honest now Morgan. But this summer you'll understand this commercial breaks keep coming up. Man you know since I was just just aren't widgets gamma roll in and here they don't like they would push clutch insulin or bloke as we go to commercial break. And our I got to stay tuned we've got a lot more hot rods and every hour right here on 163 WO Lordi. Girls what and rules and have the power and what's happening dude let me ask you question. And you seem as big point race. The since the corn grits are you not investing what's wrong with the over those real Roland auto embezzlement and any thing. There's more money in Chucky cheese tokens that bit cores are now real so's Sears and this is just say. Off a false thing to be investing in. I think it's a pyramid scheme for the new generation it lull is to bring you know a lot of investors. You know I'll I gotta he's very very small investment and just deceit. Very very small and it's not and big corn it's among the other 12111. Of the script occurrences. Very small investment is Thomas skipped us. But you know what I don't armistice training case it happens but I tell you what I wanna give you something. I sure do investment if you will something. Tangible something that you can put your hands on in you having your position that you can enjoy. And you can get your money back end of course course. Note it's a no brainer. Well I mean are you buying course Morris special collector course. And her special solar hot button colors are not just he caller of course. But there's nobody color or we talk about that a million jobs lobbied every better than it was this caller who win do invest your money. In my opinion absolutely we talk about this link you sent several times but. This thing is though you yo you bit corn millionaires and the kids that they used a ball up Bulgarian nationals in the two VA's so we got to know them no more. So we move on in my generation. The nine these kids. The world. So. There's a lot of really cool colors and there are some good what is their health there's still yes and we're going to get we've compiled lists and we're going to give you some of the coolest cars of the ninety's. Then have the highest potential of being featured collector callers. And I think which is start this list offer a very right now I think a lot of people in in this is a genre of car we don't dip into a lot. And that's our foreign callers. Bombs so I want it was a lot of great for goers and ninety's there tabled stroll in this is a visit like a citizens shower we don't dip into too often but I'll agree with this college who come there are number one spot as the Nissan skyline 32. This is almost a no brainer counselor I mean embryos with the skyline is the Japanese equivalent to liberty yes and it's. Cool course or quirky out of you road one yes actually. You're there really cool offer at a month ago one. Try and drive you know. It's neat yeah it's experience. It's not like what you think. It's cool like I guess the best way to some of them tonight to say like this usually cussing it looks like at 240. Year old slugger or. It looks like a syndrome inside. I think the 240 is that tang. Stretch but yeah I'll have to look at 240 does. Bomb so the model the 32 was actually you used in 89 but the best versions emerged in the early ninety's. You know and then there's the GTR version as well. Which is very popular but the 32. All was a two York two of the it was all wheel drive and had a two point six liter Turbo charged. In Jeannette pumped out a whopping 276. Horsepower. You know stuff from the factory which was amazing. You think about that power away or share. Mean these scorers were really is there time and especially when you into the late ninety's. And even into the near Newark Stalin's. These killers. I mean they had. Electronics for days and these color of a mean traction controls calls wild stuff that he's gone way before your bios was doing. Yeah as you so here's an interesting. Interesting thing about these cars into another all right hander. Mom and for the longest time you could without a Null and you would you volunteer. None none none of them mildly interested yet they are thirty. These cars are all right hand drive any here's the interesting thing from. Until here recently you could not get these cars here in the United States because when one of age. You have to wait to these cars are 25 years or older. Before they can be imported into the states some still latest tour. Some have made it through you're right bush legally speaking and there's reasons behind this because I've looked recently as into importing a YouTube which is the Australian Nam. Basically they'll come Mina. Odds upon it GA with a truck men on it we'll know only too well yeah it's just it's absolutely huge for them what you do everything the 1000 as the Holden Holden knew which is is upon AGA knows with the drug ban on it. Mom and as LS power I want import one and the problem is right now there are only about fourteen years old CEO way. Because it's got it out date the you know the crash testing which. Is 25 years well either and then the best that ways of getting those courses and there is but I want to withdrawal that yes you're right there in there's companies that do it where you can legally get a man but you have to converted naval lefthander and I just wanted to throw that. But with the 32 news they have reached the age where you can import them now legally. And actually do their little above that age now so there kind of getting pretty popular here in this little circle Icrc or. Arms so is it is really cool year actually started seeing more and more on the streets. Are very cool caller it's actually still very affordable caller. Most of tying it one opened the load you know ten to 151000 dollars for decent one. On keep in mind they are an older car there above 25 years old but this is the future click regardless of Carly you wanna get your. I can't think your low mileage. And your more Japanese space like he hasn't been missed with sluggish straightened the more rigidly years handled Tokyo it is the better yes in my opinion those low mileage odd colors of quarks is looking anything else. Is what's going to be your albums but these are all political course look to sit. These are the colors of people saw in the fast enters films and these recorders that would import boom hit. This was the Mac daddy are yea you're 32 is likely drop on that was that was Mecca. Yes of the imports so you they could afford those colors the end but now they can you know yet another varied their very very obtainable callers. Favorite. And only. May son is always the nominee something and they were there was related to the career I think I grab onto and have been very pleased with good color of your current. Electricity is we're talking about new clothes he's rolled ninety's Corso civil below left field what those were not so much to me missiles pretty much a no brainer. But up. That's the thing you know you think about the generations. Yes Meryl you have people you had your nine these babies and they've got that disposable income they want about that core. And you got guys like me they grew although Gore's so. I like 56 Chevrolet as well they didn't they grew up like in. Please don't tell us. Well I mean like OK want the best course from the ninety's had was a 92 Nissan 240 SX. Mom and again you can get the 180 which is the JDM model which is right hand drive as well looks it identical. Com. And it is Turbo charged car from the factory over there. Just a far better car for cloture and now these things are becoming available here in the states has now the other 92 model it just hit 25 years old this year. Omnia cement and into next year than 93 will be available. But I mean these are these cars are right there within their right hand drive they have to look. In other early ninety's are great cars like so I've known one another 180 but the 28240. They're great colors and very very popular they're very popular and I think very very collectible to do. A little bit collectible things scholar as aggregate price point is going to that's the scores will get popular yup. On you know what's beyond what's your Arthur to your 34 senior you know which GT are already all our. But once these cars are these are our radio or already are Bobble once these cars crawl through the roof thinner. Mom and obtainable to the average person yet that's when you're 180s or wrong really start kids in the boost. Com and you know they are in LA a slug popular you are at their solution to catch is that he has grazer waving his old club and a little fire. Gusting to we got a lot more tolerance and happy are coming right that you rang out 1063 WORD. Knows what the hot rods and had the hour. Utter what's happened in May we're talking about. Future political for governor about of the 1980s and ninety's were told about when these callers a retailer does the new generation of ironies callers are now becoming. They each you know it's a real a fine woman is. It's really funny growing up on me you know looking at the court has like my heyday it was obviously in the ninety's. Bomb so growing up in the ninety's in seeing the car is a mystery you'd never think in a million years. That these cars would be becoming a collector caller. And you know I'm very unregistered Tony aim but now you're talking about you know who did the ninety's ended almost twenty years ago. And now these cars are actually becoming collector cars it is really odd to think about that. Well. It is a regular thing about a back in the day do you think people thought ceased almost an overly political in the first came Nancy you know point man I mean you know it's just it's like that. It is called to recover Clinton window and I remember the old timer bag you'll never see by Clinton all the ladies caller to go over them classics and nice eagle grand national school to the roof. You know and it's funny because that's still talked to a did it like this today is like York's New York drug users bonnets when he was the same thing twice seventeenth Silverado. And we're talking about all electronics Sony has a mile link system and it. Do you ever think this someone's going to say AM restored the 2017 Silverado. Would lower the reality of it is yes someone probably will. But surely see full core bits of an electronics and then there's people that do restore the yes Elisa Alyssa flashback we're talking about course of the ninety's their future collectors let's look at the C four or for you talk mum all Tommy low home. I'm Diane. Am bottom although there are a couple of like. I mean like for one listener Ralph about how about the 96 transport the message Chris. Old there again. Your any of your anniversary course any of your special editions. Into paced course things like that. Those are really hot there's a real Michael Campbell's capsule but especially low mileage obviously plays a major role in the union that. But the thing you'll think about is the city for you know through the years they've force across eight fumbles two ports doing at 86 was Lugar is. Palin course your from. The elder any eight was from 86. Tune in 1990. Or anyone was just diluted TP 220. Horsepower. Great little pigeon no lot of power made good torque. Handling machine is super like caller. The in the course he'll do one game and attitude. I think years out of your seat for vets which meaning you don't have many years of anything else in the ninety's but. I think you're LT one cores are roomier taking course for the C force I think they're all going to be hot. In their own realm arm you know you fund a nice low mileage like you're the big thing in the Corbett and sea forces really change yearly chase the wheels. 8480 obviously wheels 86 is supercenters and aluminum wheels that would seventeen it will directional wheels. And I mean that was a big deal. Seventy Droid twenty twos and I'll yeah and then you do you know 8990 they can't lose directional wheels. It in 91 they did the though the reference or signals in the square and don't tell us why the is the only one which they know other Hoover Clinton court. That was a superpower for its day Thursday it was the dodge demon of its day yet and aggravated and factory cholera. And I think those cold as they built a caller to go after liberties of borrowers abortions usually did it was a super caller eater it would actually out run the current cash. And that's what it was made to do. And yet these scars remain. You know we don't look at them the same what would you do for your little bit different kind of play against corvettes. But you know the average person you don't look back Tennessee for Corvette like you know it and look at it for what it really is. But in their time these cars were way ahead of the game. We'll look favorable is Norma inning and the thing about OC for. A living thing you understand levels he's resembles the force. The thing is when you make that step from a C three that which I love the urgent bits. That frame in the C prevail it came out in 1963. It was updated sixty. After that from 65 to 82 has virtually unchanged over the cross member. And world support for his totally inside run they kept that same frame suspension Jesse everything stay the same about change but everything will stay in the second. So and so for nearly twenty years it was unchanged until they in 1984. Boom they come out with. A unit does caller to a full frame anymore. Always a little components. You know Orson and Peter spiritual which secured the rules all new indicator spent considerable lot of aluminum and it. With the most lightweight. Far less construction obviously but this thing full finalist unit times call our. You know with fuel injection and you know G was tinker and keep mothers of the carburetor fuel injection back and forth day crime. There's fewer Jews that across our objection emanate form had a more of a bitter crossfire in 84. But having these cars additional dash is that they actually had units wish we could flip the switch old fashioned converted the visual dash in the metro. System and we are excellent world callers yet we actually talk about the digital set up Obama's goers and where they came from you mention that mean exactly as the military's actual military reserve. But this is the thing all right now say that. So we got all this business sports school built. By a company that doesn't just build sports car flew but the builder just in trucks too if that's what a little about the war absolutely. You know and another thing to look at the core of it this is cool. A lot of these callers are driven and like daily these doors are out there would miles on him like thousands hundreds of thousands of miles on. There Betty all the crap their son stated. So defining beautiful. Pristine when is actually getting kind of rare. I'll argue that credible reports are out there to four million of the recent restoring one of these is not a problem I mean is far less caller makes life a lot easier all reality. Army and the ports or upload the report yet there are there other everywhere. Leno of these tours and nice pristine condition are actually in hard to find which is actually going to do nothing but drive the value of these things up. And I think we've seen a pretty all time month received four minutes I think it'll certainly they're now they're never go any lower right and yet you again. When you in my Corvette 15100 dollars and driving home. It's reached its low point I know discarded the dealer dollars you have the bulk are really happy is very rough caller and it's don't need everything. But I think these scores are going to start making that climb back up and thing you know. And like that going if you get an Hundley hit your year to me you're the man on top. And the thing is we these cars like I remarry this was just how critical is just the other day assault score goals in 96 quarry which scene of the best year Lucie fort Madison. Six pleaded guilty for caller. With 6900. Miles long and you could but for 161000 dollars yet everything you don't want and a fractional price but knowing this can you imagine this caller few kip and helping you keep this choral group 10121000 miles. I've bright reared. I think every prayer I guarantee you in ten years you've got the value could double your money on I guarantee you the weather is not a doubt in my mind you know it. If ten years from now you did not do on the butt for you. You know earlier this will cause they're just not they're now they're not. Looks like a different shame he's got one New York a beautiful red when I'm sure mounds on an notes lower amounts caller. Is totally Clancy for vets you'll ever see amid Zeta. Okay uses a the united. So don't make or Chinese market was still the same car yeah this is saying is disabled of course but Amin hit the C one in the shape of like chains is is just it's unbelievable really. Oh yeah well I don't know things called discouraged to look assuming here that while colors and they were just there were sports course they were also Melamine. The thing is no child coming from from the age of two to eighty everybody knows a quarter that is what absolutely. And I would safely say if you're born enlighten my generation you know because Osbourne and and nine severe warmly in that timeframe. Probably a C four Corvette is the most recognizable in your mind clear. And that is a little slower and that is that in a missive accorsi focal pocket. And this right here was a big step from the C force coming in another C five Corvette I've had the privilege of building three of these goers. Arm completely eternal power and tournament together. This has got to be because Corbett made in my opinion there cool caller they're they're ruse to score slasher flick of atlas of the they're really they're really. Don't think the word form. Because they handle but they actually right Greg druthers every day and there are simply elegant. I think this of us went compare these callers to likening him to Mercedes Aaliyah Aaliyah absolutely. You know that the beautiful thing about these courses is the way either bill literally in its more than a sophisticated call the it is. Bomb you know it it's more than just this money if you get it down to the bare minimum there's a bulls that holds the whole drive train to the body of the score. It's probably easy simplest car to take apart to build. On to modify it to make it however you want it or just to enjoy and maintain. It is so brilliantly put together and perform so amazingly well and has such a great power plant with the Ellis one minute. Mean great play a power play and I mean I mean this is the thing scorers having if you wanna keep its I mean their their powerhouse but if you walked you mean. Human and out there horsepower coral no no there's so many fun things you do resource legacy that. The C files especially in an interest obviously for we're told any special editions. And we're getting a little and is going through three crew member of callers. Or your ability paced tour. You're so close then nine me on the 99 Zia's seeks a Farsi Korea or any picture of course in general are going to be hot ticket items yeah. And an interesting thing windows is no way to is 06 was a nine non. What was it fixed route yeah and then you they actually made if foresee troops to use yet is it playing corvettes were fixer. Pretty cool car he's probably very collectible core I think so I think citizens Gallagher one year deal from anywhere near deal America acute focus usually those who want dropped out there won't you know that targets up this you have nothing you know else is on. We ethics more horse breaks actually asides in town accounts gonna colon cancer and governor. All right go to you awards are modern and its political fray your tolerance and happy hour on one a 63 WORD. Our gals tournament Colorado isn't happy hour we're told her about many school it will callers. And this next call you came on introduced me. I was going on the old days Robert I don't ease my government name ought to run golly. This Jesus won't Judith. I know here other than that I yeah. That I know that that that that I'm. The soldier there or should take that toppled and a model. Rub together and I question Korea is hot and cold it. Known as close to exist is currently the this is what will talk about I know I know now under question for. I just you know. What comes your mind when you think about a horse. And a little slow there sneaky snake. Andy fox welcomes your mind it's gonna be lost and pad area. So let's Uggla Lisa Foux somebody must thing. Strokes money must. This is the coming year we give and the Abu worn ever ever want to Ottawa but this is the thing I almost all on this past year but he. From the previous callers are really popular they've always been published in public since day one. But now there getting Collette will begin popular in different ways. And reason are getting popular is vehicles the dumb kids the ball these things up. And rip little boxes album or may dread Colorado. Or answer check or read a dirt trek Colorado and jewels or tortured these callers a I was limited output load master mufflers old woman. Headers forty series violent off road H pops an underground. Liason I would love to know. How many ninety's we'll just say on ninety's fox bodies there were made. Vs how many ended up on a dirt track or going down drag strip and a title anymore. There's a lot of outside better raffle yeah. Video of this is the thing about these callers now peace corps of regular street Lou collectible Pokemon fox almost actually came in 1979. Incident almost precision and 93 what was colon and in new car levels of the ultimate the pace car of the year in the ceremony and racecar which were give a little ahead of ourselves alone and he stuffed Morgan and yourself before. Personally but the thing is called these courses your hot button years in these calls are your 89 through 93 for some reasons alone and you know the biggest givers to a day in the afternoon through. Generous yet. Yeah after another for anything when they were air bags are lost to wiggle which was inside is where it's like caller can manage mine both happen exactly but. The thing is called buddies called course of the of the of the five liter roller you know file religion. Great little power plant in code trustworthy great motor probably the best mode for ever built it's. Hours are overall and you know there there's not a whole lot of creature comforts them. On there we're living creature comforts well it's totally not only is there no they're not just loaded now we're like a new car is you know remain there I knew what was the I and you have a radio and has been there. They they hadn't. Great steers there for the I mean there's we will do you usually is your board clearly missing my point here you're missing my point it's not like getting in your brand new Cadillac. It's not like creature comfort loaded down. You know heated seats heated steering wheels heated Mears causing heavy seas I know that's what I'm saying this course brawl is this the basic means that you need in a call or. And is just powerful there's one hellacious V8 under the hood to order fifty horsepower in a very small compact caller. But 34 other panels and is just it's awesome. It is is a rowdy call our Eileen Ford knocked it out bargain if ever Ford did a good job of I had to take my hat off into the deford. They dig a jobless. Fox by amongst the folks are most it was a very public art it was not a very powerful on the box and thought what Russert were sick as a doll out of I grew up in the scholars at a high school in the courtroom you. And this is the perform their awesome. Compared to escort GT yes they'll that I suck up the books. They're not that bad now upgrade Hubble yes. And that's when the power shorts come and all these articles the F one stepped it. But these are not going to be the collectible growers now you knew original you know national OR. I don't think however pro course not think you have a nice restore cruiser maybe. But this is the putting my opinion on the collectible books one is in your already seen it oldest Collins but has the conviction fit every other minute mr. Graham. With his new talks body found he's only early 798182. Days before I. Polarized. His big thing is now is low mileage. Low production over. And I mean just immaculate callers in the original than this is the big thing. I think that really nice to Alexa search for a group of BY it will rid crucial built in tears it. That's going to be your audible caller. I think beanie like seven most. They're some accommodation that was exactly the old white blue and white top and chrome wheels rattle of white line. Exactly those course I think you're GTE's you really nice GT callers will bring will bring to a dollar. I think another caller nothing's gonna recover that's going to be a super hawk caller they don't make a lot of moved in with. But nothing that's gonna be just that really really hot foxman for several Olympic town of chief sailing as well. Within you to say illegal when you commit all kind of the neat thing temperature McLaren that they made in these years you very rare very rare any other Claire was almost like the convert. The McLaren this day was like the conversion van of most things yes it was every techie who says Syria and Mercedes bears convertible top. There really were no faster. But they're actually they're probably slower and a weighted down with extra scare live devious we'll hold him booked. Things like that are oddities and oddities or what people like because it's a writer. And why haven't some probably I would say 40% among clans is. You know they wanna Graham so DBS has got thrown off tonight sort of newer set of wheels. Learn your McLaren doesn't do that they like to version and now half a mile going to think you'll mural of Jesus salute that they probably it'll have to. A Miami you know the fact is these goers are there others gathering there butchered her hot rod and not album originally. And that's something that's what's going to make a unpalatable than scorers that filth between the cracks. There's a course and then you start seeing companies like late model mustang restoration pop up and you've seen all these things you're seeing all these four places that sold. He sixty are 64 through Sydney three mustering ports. Another cell and 64 through 93 mostly restoration ports people restoring these courses mostly shot run appear angrier. These guys are restoring these corporate to you know Chicago Obama reported 98. You're not a Ford and Firestone that bobbled power play a little. And a score for when it comes looking the first most of them in 93 cobra that wilderness where excellent yes sir I mean it's a very very cool quote. And I'm not the biggest fan of the first year of the around money must things is on and on. On this in many fans and other items. I'm not a base fan of those you know there's some nice looking ones out there. And get a little I had had one of those school those of those were because to me like there is better than the fox bus and I had a fox buddy too but. Getting a little has the ninety's pro in my favor year. Of that arrow must and will be viewed three camera. But I just like the looks installing but that's looming over time and it's a regular little cool this is something for another day but. Let us said the most things. There will be there to real publicly at Lyonnais sentiments and 95 cars you know the cover packages on the nose in the all led to sailing models of those displaced or may be faced Korea also when McCutcheon has won those you know these cars are becoming rare man how many anybody scores of those DC. There's not very many remain quite a few good. You just don't see imminent like any other place Carter probably put them on a garage well that you know a lot of you know low and you put the instruction alone go modify yeah so. That's missile than to you to keep your so for those -- really think Google really nice. On my list of course yes absolutely or bring your dog hello miles factory condition. In everything little T thought through emissions it got destroyed at the fugitive and I mean I'll be honest we. Agree they're for a while you can get the policy muscling the win third here I mean Asia's groups that didn't happen you know and what was the because I meant to swallow my mustang. Knowledge here. What was the four cylinder Turbo charged and then there was this fear is this video tows cars or guns toward Israel under those cars are becoming kind of hot. Those courses always had a little niche market. Goes goes in your Turbo coupe Soderbergh does and for some reason your three point assumed source thunderbird league's all flow together. I think those stores will Havel a little bit of weight whom I don't think bill carries much weight easily GT is sailing well there's some really special editions of those courses for -- reluctant you know her true core actually routed the scholars and yes I do you can really in his view most things and I I think I think we'll have I think we'll have some point Joseph Miller we a little bit although score throughout their letters of the thoughts was definitely going to be collectible but they love we wanna get any further down room. You know what's talent yeah we did it really takes money from these commercials hi guys a stop the hours and enjoy the news weather over steer liking and states in hot rods and happy hour right year old woman was 63 W already.