Hot Rods 12 31 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, January 2nd

Rob and Odd-Rod's final show of 2017.


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Guys lament a hot rods and happy hour and now we are an issue ought to ride you know his choice. Of ninety's collective future collectible core I you have to agree excuse you like go to the restroom that. Wow man in a bad tomorrow night there is I we are talking about the ninety's collectibles and I think if anybody knows me knows we can't get through this list will have to mount. On the 91 to 96 beat body would she more specifically united fourth in 96 dollars and really it grow back. Oh sort of as a result now. Yet misery. Anyhow guys so anybody has ever known me knows a lovely scores of had about every variation of these scores possible. Of the more for a lot of cool and Manitoba of those two I think the Weiner announced pretty cool. Bomb. But now that causes Khalilzad problem. The 94 in 96 and policy SS was a great car of course Jon moss actually. Develop this core other caprice in 92 from the same show. And the buzz about the score was so in demand. That they actually put in ever production a couple of years later. So nine before they upscaled a caprice in you know basically that all that's old is as caprice an upscale term baggage. You guy you know bomb a nice leather interior year you got different trim pieces to the caller the bumpers were a little bit different. And yeah outfitted with a mindset a seventeen inch hole and wheels. And it gives the car a great look. You know in 95. Purely even things out mr. B body while Miley now aren't you sick this guy. First off let me Youkilis and opera when I don't know about callers. It's got a nice great weather and you know grim those two preset and has great leather interior and this thing's got great mood here with the assistant order book and had wrist it does and how did you miss that. And of courses cut the through vacuum from the sixties and well actually 58 Julian exact. Right there'll side you know gonna wanna go loose as a as of wolves and deer by Angela that's. Mules bloodless and it like it look like this I make a good there's more and all of them here but you know on me. And I mean I mean this goes with the Oprah the zebra. Slow but it's but there was some really neat touches tool. It Dave you know other related instead them mintier negation of the engaged cluster of these cars was absolutely amazing the grey and tear I thought was actually awesome on the other a black would have been cooler but they used what they had and they usually had on me you know and they had perforated leather seats in men that we're very specific to the impala SS. Or I'll kill skew the guts and we'll put friendly I don't know and it's. But Scully you know ninety fully in 1940s it perforated canals. Only negative protester to protester. But 94 of these cars were only available on black and I think that's because GM to know what to do. Mom and 95. And 96 the cars were opened up and they offered a a dark green gray metallic and made dark cherry metallic. Mom to beautiful colors it's taken a long time for the green grid grow on me but. Mom actually 95 degree ray is the rarest L lowest production number bomb of car made so that's actually yours your money call. Does the old days on the right now how does wanna paint a picture for you clear your mind. Robert is over here rubbing his hands together sitting home page of his seat. You would think right now used by government and media. We have. Because you're not out run no more you're Robert and he's sitting here on the edge of his seat. He's proven is they is and he start tapping his feet any swisher and backing for the this year. He's wagging his tail is so happy right now. You're like a kid at Christmas and a love it was joy MOR I mean other dilemma that dials to England gold proceed. And 996. There were outfitted with the fortune after which there councils should after the error by loves. Bomb also the hires produced year those scores. But you know once Tom hot rod magazine produced article I think back in now who like 2009. Simply scores released reached the low number. And I'm they dipped a little bit lower than that but I think Wren about now they are at their lowest. Dollar value. I think these are generally start my climb. They do will be popular forum. There will always that popular means you got in helical zooming you got a secret handshake and everything we do somebody like you sort of an editor looks and we won't see. Most goal you know in the end there's on things with these goers in it it there's a lot of people little me and my own Mina. Eight extends past CM Pollack is like there you know. Very few of these Corzine's skates the factory in aunts and to be about mean journalists and he even extends the wagons. They actually had roll up window cranks them then lecture winners. That's a super super rare thing. Heard of one impulsive for. The next skate with a bomb. So finding a car like that would be absolutely rare I think you have someone here hands there. The 92 mule car if you could ever by an offering Kendry X. He paid a million dollars for so mourners would you that's I just rademan check to trim check. Mom you know bomb Tim Allen actually has a kind of a clone of the meal carts at of 510 Q against marine motor and it. With a dual throttle body set up. So those two and thought to. I'm no actually this is it is five simmering motor on does that callers actually call the man for 5100. Since there hasn't zionism marine matter so as is night in a normal motor they would use the world's biggest Bozo makes it just had her. But I mean at least you're there that are they had a lot of odd tweaks in networks about them. A lot people like upgrading them and this is why I think these stores are going have a value to one cash for clunkers got a lot of them. Just for clunkers even take some here and Paulus. Bomb. But it left you know I think it left the production numbers lower because of that and I think the values don't climb on the east course. You know and and then you have a lot of people who like get a change and things of mama it's real popular to take the money one eye to tail lights off those sedans. And move them over to their policy because there will be different. So your left a lot of impose that don't have normal Apollo ports on them anymore. In a lot of things like this are very popular do these cowards and I've done it myself but actually what you're doing is decrease in the value of the overall core. Bomb was these cars I think your low mileage is going to play a key factor. Of it being a valuable call or not even seen some of whom. You know with a around 121000 miles so for around the eighteen to 22000 dollar mark already keep in mind this was only 28000 dollar car when he came out. So Foreman filed yet got the coastal living with a dramatically since well absolutely but as soon that now these corps reserve would lower miles is actually reaching there factory price point again as what I'm getting at. So I think there's going to become Mayo residual value for the scores but I think it's going to have to be. A very low mile bomb very well can't very well maintained you know abolish it and what's cool Obama is they came was the LT one power plant. So you know for a big car of its day. They actually get down the road pretty good. Tim Allen once said about these cars to Sam Allen is a huge everybody fan Tim Allen once said it's like a Corvette they Cadillac had a love affair. And that is the best way to describe what these callers. Because it has the enemy is my air quotes here in speak very loosely when I say this but it has the Corvette based LT one minute. And that's something that draws me it is a flawless got a Corvette totals last night is true or not all of it is there's nothing about that thing to cable or no there's an -- you're absolutely right is is the based LT one awful what came in a Corbett is not a Corvette about her whatsoever. Come. But it is the base of that is you know it's a different and cleaned yet it's a different cam it's different Sena has the you know in blacks 35 horsepower from the Corvette. But is still here and LT one there's still that LT one is still packs an attitude. And you know once the caller is today in the grim all the buzz is excellent. But is as though every military that it can elect does have limits on so yes to say this like a Corvette again like hell of terrorism very honest statement. Com do you. And all four disc brakes come now here's the unique thing about impala hole any B body via look at one before but we'll see slightly forward drives me it's very it's it's and a quarter offer from a mistaken. And GM finally here recently admitted to that was a factory defects and there's companies out there like. Mexico and you don't mind who make no upper or lower natural warms to extend it meant to its proper standard position. Because it is a design flaw. Well he's all for people who travel probably as easy he's so happy easy. And you know and political thing is the police cars and different options and a ma'am you know enjoy and give us like some numbers alone when it is the size of our duty to our area's real quick if you wanna find them Paula SS going a truck in WX three is scared you're looking for on a police courts of 91 in very rare for a wagon police guards so. On 182 so yeah. Of the list of things and never remember guys stay tuned we got a commercial break human right or browse and happy 1063 WORG. A Muslim and hot rounds and embarrass rockets. Are what's happened NG you mean you're talking about. The new collectibles of the 9009. The Australia for summertime so mother may not really don't learn new generation of collectors you're right it actually who is currently in Alaska outlived it unveils there. But over Coleman our nation has seen everything everything in an analyst who's. You know underwhelming at best the next generation of clicker growers and and you know these knows personally or for real legal I think they're going to be very valuable and things and killings. Good mix of older list. The school importing fuel to analysts analysts flashback material within a little Japanese about 300 years and Nolan is slow alone Nissan cars they were told us specifically the nine through 96 which in my opinion of the three owners of these horses six's these were you can't look you know these are great looking cars man namely spanned generations as a power plants amazing. In the modifications. Available as amazing. The car itself is amazing. You know everything's made some of these amazing. There's equipment through your V6. And actually came in any natural gas Fareed version which was your brakes smoke while Metafile speed or you could get the three liter twin Turbo. Push push up 300 horsepower from the factory twenty or skis twinge or skis. These cars so cool to view problematic as a little throttle body sun up and down on some wind. On Dow and from either side is very symmetrical look amazing actually they were very impressive looking engines mail a will tell you this tool for Cuba for nearly six. There was also used in the Max. So its turnaround literally the outlook it is funny you know it's funny you should mention that because if you ever get your hands on a maximum that error. That is a very very very quick maximum away out of Foster it would look a yes things. That you know that that's something that people don't talk about that often those years of Max muzzled and engines and a what is a very cool Garnett could lose your coercion or bay in the backcourt where they had forty SC in the bag glass. Four or sports coat and tell us factory itself that. Yes those years maximum a man those things are absolutely amazing but. So these core really cool electricity open about missiles before they import craze hit it yeah these things. I mean these were just you know I mean common caller really but I mean everything about twin to remove all the little mobile to back. Yet there was nothing there was no difference in it whatsoever to get an idea of these things came as a wild colors like they'll rom and a blue moon. Porsche wife's wrist black's original let's look they even have like a yellow pearl Kohler yes there was a gorgeous. One of my friends accidentally scores as a non their reversion mechanized school never forget it. On chooses at the time that I had my 280 ZX Turbo. And so we kind crews the other Bluetooth or is there evidence is actually my friend at the time of the 240 which later became my caller. So we all had this little Nissan thing going. But you know in it was three toll different cars as well made an awesome. But still out of those three callers has it was probably my favorite but 300 just that is as good musical core beer 79. And that core you know I don't know if an aunt because I don't follow the import scene that hard. And I don't know if anything was ever said but you know it I think it's I think it's very obvious. This those 350 Z that came out later very much to do styling after the three hour. William cordial through Dziena 370. And whatnot but. These scorers. Look like this. A look at that nine through 96 as the C four or that you. And then the three point disease the C five it's a more sophisticated version of Ziegler your nail on the head was Mussa I agree but tell you what we're shifting gears you know. I ain't done this whole Asian persuasion it. You know Oakland where you thing. How about the Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Other than a couple little oil leaks these are great cars also if you prefer domesticated version and dodge stealth. What's still by the same menu they say Motorola. Yeah Missouri that Shane and 3000 but your misery should know exactly known for making the most all the autumn in the world. But these little course Paxson porch diesel cars have for what they war are actually parading me and I had a friend had a bright red. Bomb initiation has stealth in my school which I mean it's the same thing but. On this course are actually pretty responsive there pretty fun to drive the handles very well mom and I think yes there going to be future I don't think. I don't think you're nondurable of course I think your bases Monroe hit a much but when you start picking into the veal or forward through the GT the Turbo of course yeah usually occurs in Turbo still Simon this. The VO for sure that it should react to steer and so therefore sitting up. They actually have the sport that popped that we would Hauspie and they had a win spore the bottom of the front that came dale. I mean these go and we're talking about a 1990. Mobile call our I wanted to do. It got way ahead of their times today you know in in the things they Alford. And very good looking car too it was a coming and it really wasn't a Mitsubishi's three look globally and still I'm sorry agri com. I think you're still strive to take it you still try to take on the persona of a viper a little too much with a cross drilled in the mom who may be a little intrepid to an end there. But. I agree I think your Mitsubishi the street doesn't just yet I think definitely. Surpassed as far as looks go the world listen these are already course you'll see anymore. Know when's the last time we sane ones on the I think. What happened. But I think I think I think the market's going to be there for them to be a future collector was now I'm sure there is because what does that these were serious contender in the early journeys for performance or you know a while lower you know when you were speaking a little domestic with a being the dodge stealth. While we're on the domestic taste of things and it and a car I think it slid both our minds. How about lean over to the four pro. Who come again. I think this is the worst name ever for a caller yeah affords Ford's done some good when really you. The humor and improved year but these have that same driven move forward lately via. On this course at the same look I think there's I think there's a market for the right models of the program. I'll never forget a little cool scribble on me growing up his name was Johnny rating. In gyrating. Was like mr. cool and a blonde hair blue as. Ladies rare and he drove a brave new Peru. Ga. And each. Has nothing says I'm cool like well it wasn't you it was a new pro who blow it. I mean that's only really wanna prove his once knew it but I moved there he was last himself moves. On. Actually it's funny you mention that I know worm room Morrison is in decent condition. But it's the only one I know in existence for yeah it's the only four probes that I know of if you have a four Perot since the picture to the hot girls and that there are page policy yet has communism the curry ages don't get to see anybody's got to feel and you leveled easier to get a picture says watch the four broke. Yes and and no Google images are more real one and bonus points for a fencing in condition. If this crap you give motorsports and is one C warns you it. I'm but I you know in certain models and idols and then these goers were available and upscale models differ due to these media and so in certain models low numbers slow production number you know of the regular combination again I think these scores are going to be worth some money I think they fall rating and when that dodged a camera that ball right there will be you regardless. You know what you want your eye in the us in the car that is going to salute keeps you cool it is in those cars already have a pretty heavy following actually good ought to first look for a murder. Actually there's like forty government which is even scarier who. I think it's all forty of them in the world there multiply and we'll do what else multiple roles these commercials doesn't get a stop against state do we got more rods and happy hour right here wanted to 63 WORD. There has gotten hotter as the birdie Robb Pitts floods happen and do you know we're talking about nine these collectible callers and there is a Lotto. The controller looks like trucks suvs and trucks who first thing about Samoa and juicy cyclone. Of the SS pick up forfeited or. Well okay well we get that the drug had occasion going out on this thing and it's a good I was like you're right it was don't. Ambulance restructure here or there are several goals for the first Jim borderline yes. It might afford god there's great trucks but anyway. But who threw the cyclone and of course the telephone the typhoon man in the afternoon. The typhoon. And a light that always had a combined into instant but I found the you know tougher which was the GMC Jimmy basically terrorist symbol is and in the Sonoma our newsroom cycles and Omar is detained. The the cool thing about those trucks were in this was you coming off of all the technology they learned of the grand national with a 3800 V6. And now they and they put that old the fourth with three basic what was crazy this is a great time for Chevrolet oil as a great obviously Malia 300 horsepower V6 pick up truck that is either 62. Better coming up with recycling these things would hold their own mail yeah eight we heard was like 1990s. We have no one was hard to really structures they did make it topped analysts' the fastest trucks ever editors and everything is cool about them as I mean like baby bear around there's like one for civil FaceBook marketplace that yeah. It's a little rougher but you know it's it is still great struck me was less than we've seen war. Exactly I mean these things have you seen their museums and there's a reason why you're them all wheel drive you don't mind. Out earlier today together with the formal really keep the standard automatic and that actually had a full speed automatic from the coordinate which was really cool yeah is actually. If you want say this had a Corvette transmission and it this is a little legit quarterly revisionist yeah like these go to Bowling Green these due to outrun this fifteen took place. Yes. Is issues with the cyclones and the funds and that's fine on the news. I'm absolutely amazing drug and it and it's UV on the other two first of all two or blazers just Callista and two or blazers assaults and on I don't know I've actually and one of these just a regular to tourists and blazer. These things just cool and of themselves take impact the power. From my a we'll be dumped whom do you from a tough Julio they were the two boarding 360 and we will look to be desired and two point eight is a little moon hit list but the one thing of all residents agree and clearly that's. You know born. Late seventies early eighties as you know or water district we had about sixty do you know and so you know what. Back in my heyday we have a lot of low router is two dual grumbling is under attack angry real water system blew up. Now that man these you know himself the assembly users square body is awesome you know this intrigue of drugs and the score by is also. But mainly through all wheel drive through a Corbett transmission. Who is evil little four point three leader. And man it's a Wiki common nation very cool look this is you have to remove our enemy is just that meat sauce specially when you slam on some ground effects paint it black. Wear your collection middle what wanted is they did dissident and the zoo and that's going to be I think that's going to be the one hand I bills we emea Obama be happy yeah. I think you what wends very. It's a unicorn yes a little higher level of rarity but let's say what was that bundle tolerance you pick up front about it about the 454. SS and you know even if you can't forging enforcement for the 350 sport version is still pretty cool. I don't think the clutch ability is there like the SS obviously a look at those three feet to drug sort of legal. In I'm like the looks the caller. The day the bar they're pretty and that is Nicole drugs but they look just like resident and native but they got to grow two days well hopefully before the before SS to have her on either they have the tools that he ended at the door hit it may not be able to have all the equipment to make the growth may not been able to outrun a Corsica but it can pull throw it out on the same amount doesn't think it can be a little lift who can't hit it can definitely pull wanna cross Thelma. The other thing about no no citizenry wrong no GM had a really bad had instead of outsourcing. They don't Guerrero in all the other ports bits. Yeah they took the nineteen under short lived pickup truck. Silverado truck. Loaded up vote total looks load up in 1990 Bryant they put the three quarter tone for the 24 incident but that untrue. A fourteen in rear axle. And a three count of 1233. Speed transmission and which pretty much Manuel felt horrible gas mileage but ahead. Eighties ear to ear smile going on which you talk about those distractions that you don't know about something that will light up the touch a burnout machine absolutely and enough torque to jerk the church of its foundation and include the so this is the thing you've got to think about I mean. Great it was an horsepower beastie what in 1990 wars. IE server valid point oh lose the only one Corvette. Nothing but you know what it's like he said these strokes can give you the potential of making horse power monster tips and I mean you got that this is just a little short bed Gregory K a pickup truck these things were caught heat for what they were over three words the way these trucks up. Heads and cam. A new open tomorrow that's Cameron thank you can really do some work when these things and probably a fuel injection all of which crew didn't go. But. We think about it I mean with a forty rear axle and all as the but it would go look at drugs black corset to forfeit four assists and no structure on the back. Good look at drugs all of had that rig count crushed bill re enter them. Me man little bubble for butler's but you know what they're good look at trucks. I'll always love him more subtle sauls buffalo strokes I even before in terms of factory wheels. I can live with those that I can live with one of those troops originally of course 1990 woman went with the over drug for emissions similar role for him. Which made Knight and day difference with the forty in order. Right I'll be you know. In these shirts and I think that's the thing that's going to be struck rare more money. Is so many people did not problem so many people kind of smiles and some people lost the wheels and and through some custom on their lower him down took it to my overshot Mets Wilbur pucks to look back exactly so. You know define what these choices never been mess when there's an absolutely factory stock condition. You know low demolished there out there. And I think those are going to be some high dollars drugs in the years ago there will respond or strokes and let us that you're too restoration companies now films the and others that are making restoration horse. For the 88. And a La are true. Let's switch sides the room. Burris should not always going I know three or 400 these little trucks were a rock it now let me say something also I think this is another thing that Ford not the pork. The question lightning handle books. On you know it and mr. Martin bat performance in his there may tackle poses a the other thing about Chevrolet. Made the first move right. But I think there were little premature I think they could pull the more fold into it. Slut they give ago way the desire on the forfeited for us this. But you know what Chevrolet is always feeling guilty of that in and you and I'll mention the Apollo real quick. They do the 94 in 96 miles or talked about earlier and then would Ford do a few years layers to come out with a more order that was a far better caller. And for years again Chevrolet and you know I got one person outside the studio they came out with the a three doses of BA 06 Silverado SS again what happened for releases into lightning that was a way better way faster drugs. Chevrolet is always jump the gun undoing some of Ford is not a now. Welcome for them at first threw himself did get a loan for record store when they have wanted to short McGregor yeah pickup truck but this is an irregular regular ring for camping trip this thing custom interior. Advocacy equal in the eyes called solar panel of the risks to your will lightning insignia is and ordered in the seat. To rear bumper. Fourteen years seventeen inch titanium. Wheels on them. And of course equipped with a 350. Warned roller engine which is also note currently GT forty years GT forty in there. I don't want to say something these little things would all ask me that's the best way to solve them and look good doing it it was a good looking trucks and Almonte chrome Porsche caller rest grew bombers all that stuff. These were super powerful truck for days until Melamine. This thing after Morgan is for your portal from the factory a GT forty years. It was a roller threw for two warnings which is basically undertaken on the filed under mostly blue a bigger displaced. And really the wheels and tires always looked great good good little combo and good looking set up just all the way around. Again this is tricky combined. Unit is specially if you had one that was in factory condition now days. You using to scholarship and a standard zone it will they'll never understood the Blackwood Joan overdoses but they also Madrid more. You're to discuss why it grew one bloopers and blood borne handles its lows but Leo lazy dislike what a BY. Yeah there are just slightly ill lazy there didn't amigos global world even understand but it wasn't born normal so that always is blue Obama about the strokes you know as some point they they yield teeple. A little as an afterthought or is just one more strained or what. But coming in these were great trucks and army just. For Ronaldo military one they wanted to draw the ball slightly with a lightning and the full for two forest has lost none of this true capabilities. Drives the one thing it didn't ride he would the same payload is 88 after a drunk or little more. Before or the light and you couldn't put a bullet a meals very light the Pailin really in you to do nothing with that yeah. To begin to knowingly at ten after another says commercial breaks we got this man you get a doughnut run goes straight to we have more frozen embryo ray marijuana 63 WORG. I got look it doesn't after it was rob that's what's happened in due wed our mortgage recent hits or mixed ninety's collectible quote. I'm going to white snake can sit sat at a how tough conference murder she announced that you know are in the carver keep going over the mantle like. Nice cold here on the front. Little long in the back seats are in business from born in baton Yasser nix I think you've domain mentioned rear window balances as trailer park and maybe force an blocks. Plus we must be talking about Camaro those drag a stumble machine itself. And coming this is losing the third gen Camaro is a more rated really to take an all their scores are didn't really popular. Have you grown one. No I have are I don't ABA's little free ninety's it was still. And 88 and you know these aren't bad call worse they're not really good ones who no I mean they have. I don't it was a fun car to drive though we really want to see anyone know I had to be six. And the two 43. But it's still a mean these were fun course to get around in their non terrible call hours. Monitors for blazer which I did way better. But I mean this is in all seriousness of the you're not the worst cars ever made a VA one is a lot of fun actually. The reviled in rural sic to the world. But do you go through through two ATP are currently corona the four point for the leaders are actually better than three hoopla of excellent good little 43 in Mosul those 38. AA right threes are much leverage you know what I'm saying yeah yeah real fathers is not a lot to witness gonna give us books. The other three figures TP our callers and me personally or through a poker for the files being little. There are a lot of fun and they didn't have just compares you to GTA dreams limbs and urges you to use in general and farmers now we'll say if you've never owned a third gen Camaro. Or firebird for all America. Game you're thinking about buying one hole always you know something else for a if you ever have to change of fuel pump out only scores you'll paint life. Is the worst thing in the world in wind GM did this I have no idea. But in order to change your fuel pump you Gatorade to drop your exhaust and you're here and in the entropy guest thing. A lot of core like actual well what we did a virtualized what we've done is actually meant access panel on top of the on top of the end of the rear you know word in the rear withdrawal plan yeah hedges yellow and hatch and there's a flat spot above the rear end there and you can actually kind of square and into it like five minutes. Just like you'll trip or DeLeon and their. But yet it if you ever have a feel for the issue of these sources terrible but. The other and that those they are all some goers there on the fund dropped. They're cool colors you know solver Alex Cora little burnout machine it's it is it's a pony call in his sure sure shorted it a long long closed. These are fun caller drew level it has certainly become extremely collectible special argue GT these in year anniversary our institutions. Things of that nature. Another thing done things publicly from vision 93 through two cars. You know this is going to skip puddle of oil or are ninety's mark but I think it's fair to say because they quit production attitude will the 4 June Camaro was so Vista as a music were a lot in the Simpson but I won't say something that court. Portion of the LT won the Xanana threes. Which was leaps and barrels above the three QG DP. But the thing is cool about it is you also ahead. Youthful willed its brakes. You get sixteen inch directional wheels you. All new style caller and he was a good look at all the bill. You know first Levin and its residual weight absolutely you're short going number the verdict is pretty bad my first old lady had a VA to root you do in the wrong whatsoever that it's crazy. But then I slumped over the LS one in the goers and nine EA and that's when a guy's turn into a catfish. Well that that's. Was in my favor of seeing some look better than others now. But I'll love my favors the 97 the white callers was like third anniversary of the white house with the orange stripes the overdue look rumors there are living commerce. Now if I can flip through its evil twin. And you start talking about WS 6 trans am. Now you're speaking my line will also get euphoria about the formula Farber a formula firebird are great looking pretty good writer himself. Mean the LT one trends at a guilty wondering that a lot of those that I mean why grip but little sixty. Or do look at colors than think about the ever she trains williams' case yes the white with a blue stripes. That was a very good looking girls are great looking gore but we need to net W a six car interesting little quick story. As the first. Colorado went over a 140 miles an hour and one of my friends though from Chester will and Minneapolis course I think he's still actually. Why black leather goods. And of course it's Ellis powers and I never drove one at a point where young. And which it out to William bell on the belt line and now Jordanian incrimination self then. We've got to the belt line been down to a road yet of gitmo loses past that your limitations don't really care. Even under the belt line and toward gaining ginger anyway write this long straightaway. Very famous strayer is responsible Wilma but anyhow we we went out the belt line and I think it's roughly a quarter mile from the top of the hill to the bridge. And Nia carded every bit of 140 in the air on and was edited and done some smoky burnout is a stores and just do it man. You wanna have a good time and caller just smoky burnout because that is where did you use your true reporter over that thing will do it it'll do fail mounted on a man. Do continental. Rubber is your hair grow the Bloomingdale's that oh yeah thing and get a mullet is thinking about are now. Those cars are fun though man who are fun course and I think the Coles Libyan political the most a newsroom vehicle that will the Cabrera is naturally are going to be global game you're 35 anniversary once in a two. Omelet that is that's a little bit of the ninety's but with them ending production during their. Among okay with a on the. Or in some lettuce said the of these horrors. They can be purchase worth the money right now yeah little nice caller but there are gay and mileage and condition. Rule lol and yes. You know it's low mileage course I think those will be the world's aggregate picked up personal bring the most yeah anniversary cars and I think they even had a scorers they get mired in the I think. And I don't. Someone ought to double check you got to double check and balance and don't give us they did had a three degrees cooler yeah guess what the black oyster don't they have shorted the editor of the old computer can dignity yet. But you know your face or your all year anniversary editions you know you had your 25. You do your thirty and year if you go and go to union 35 and his addition goers. Those cars on the your money towards your SS tomorrow's a UW a six trans ams. All the scores like that was like he said well the rim where courses rampant or yes it was really neat and I mean this is a Logan today and god and when you put rivers illusions like dogs for the meals on this is that cool thing that goes with you yup. And so these cars with your you know your your low production numbers callers you know your odd ball colors things like that. Hum like when the Khmer as a scene is a consummate. It's a it's an homage to the green wondering with the tan top contained notes. Very odd color for the very odd but. That's what's going to make a value cork. On me you know loan low knowledge pristine original. The resort course in the low single let me say original quote what was sumo with a fox bodies of people war Alamo listed examples of their dream Colbert news absolutely. And these cars are out there there are these scores are obtainable to those who you can buy these course cheaper than you about fox Monday most things yes you can. Mom and have a great callers to avail a lot of fun mr. And we are sued you watch the color oh yeah I mean really truthfully it's a little bit annual bull horsepower obviously. Roam ULT want a great power play in this course. A mania won't go on the Honda V6 or anything but you do anything 28 of Kosher assesses we've ending thing about the onus of course those were fun callers. A funny story. In this is back in my mustering a day. My dad. Had a 97 as a scorer and and I drove in 96 mustang GT. In remodeled lift or else the same time every morning and every morning we terminal to a very very popular six way how. A valued union when much to do it. I never did it. Abdullah Al. 300 times in a row I gotta outrun by that this is commit. Would have as its coverage through your all the latest round is gonna screw kick instead of them is glad. As started my day yankees ruining your day from Dylan while they want you Joseph must things on there wasn't there there. Long. I think you'll again as has been a great time. Everybody has a happy new years. I hope what are your resolution is I hope it turns over you or if you like just keep on doing what you're doing is probably awesome like us. You know or just break it to you make what exactly. Hi guys Youkilis in the hot rods that via research exile on how are restless damaged thankless don't want here in the new year that struck Gaza today you'll appreciate you listen we're go Rocco to the new year will you write your own 1063 W glue or.