Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, February 5th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Cadillac's.


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Go look and hot rods and champions Robb Pitts. What's happened in dude and man I tell you what I'm sitting in the studio got a smile Oman face. We got Richard Hoskins in the studio hot rods and IBO resident expert slash financial analyst. We bring them back this week because we're talking about some special new Duma port. Was and the caddies maybe we're talking about ten Alexis we love rosneft IPO. The little for you and cadillacs past present and future god. My caddie soldiers and remain in the east only cattle at some point is look this is your gonna get a team in Richard amen. Hustler promise from the congregations and the Dutch. But this is the thing about ago. I think in the Islamic scholar Richard column of about three months ago Richards like that wanna give me a new call recently sold couples may need to countless. He was drowned in nice dog Childress super trip it the whole shooting match. Who takes them that little dollars chick no boxes but warned that collects. And that cage is guided them dodges don't. Somebody commented on recruitment postal FaceBook social media to alchemist that will give COLT some COPEL. The end of Manassas. Blink it's no. Somebody who says well don't you get of wolves in addition three undersea. Yeah yeah not nobody can ask it's a guy's name all of our data was yes yes like that are day it's Africa for beta night at auction jeopardize sober guys called this thing. Somebody told me a long time ago it was yesterday today. Sometimes BP owns raping beauty got you gotta describe the damn thing. I mean this is this is this is. Thank you for example relative to the true the other day we were. Mean that now and it was emotion humility but it was a nice gold 68 Chevrolet pick sure bit right analyst motor. Literally news tip Michelle walk past it and you know that's what. In this thing but that analysts moderate things gotten a year and all this stuff. And I walked over to the piece which is my in 1970 Gypsy senior grounder factored big blow promote social. And incidents that you see that drug route that I got explain a day and feeling to know about it because they know that's the best when they see it and in Monday's that it was all around me through a milieu muscle and and acting and but this is true that when you dropped a misses a thing like little richer but in his motive the three undersea after the three overseas I'm sure that's. But don't capital notes now does not think Caroline Nash except for a Cadillac this is that they wouldn't listen let's go with some say. This is the 300 C rush going get murdered and rides like a candlelight yeah exactly is the best at is the best it's a cattle. Today the Mercedes of sulfur distillate. Cattle yeah hey the RA CB 300 see me take you buddy around the block and it. He's not menacing rats like Caroline was rather like Kelly point changes going yet again like the old days they all want radler the Catalan answer you know luck is set the door and hand them all six excellent you can't make that mr. But this is an and that's the thing about Erica it's always been the more style and collects movement. And then when you dial holy war Mr. Bush you know some of those funny actually. Earlier today children around and I actually same summing for the first time in my life I've never seen before or slipped a Lincoln Hersh. I've never once said the meanest thing Robert I'm more. That's Examiner's the mullah absolutely using. That was funny and you gotta give it to me a little bit dropped from the man yelling and Paris. A Lincoln matters only trusting in Lincoln and stink in mind in a world today's though wouldn't think Eli Estrada and get a full hour. This is a thing if I. And I got I probably don't barrier Assam on them notably remembered New York not know yeah hold you to that operate out after after LS come out like moron of a percent procession of forwards. Noose no no no matter of fact I think I'm a thorough UN royal blue suit. With a big F across the back of military use round. And gold and won't hold you food restaurant you do some market if they won't put me linking to you don't you do well you flew me over your shoulder like a potato sack of and you took me at the only in the back of blue thing. You know what I think him take you upon that because. The rate you're going your promo about way ahead of main. So thick and let you know it analogue I don't know me haunted us and I think he's won't mean that you're something Obama has plans. My implants you know having kids sealing cracks element only Islam and the Salvation Army first and anyway it was George told put me in Lincoln. This he hooligans under the my sister working. New kids or other places she exposed to be working and right now and then the Lincoln said in the hotel woody island watch would you say I don't know that I am. We you know element that's the thing that was the Cadillac Williams put it this talk about the UN CR a we put in carefully enough how important Kent Williams. Jeff Williams said about that new 300 seat looks June a slight. The rules. Until holes pulls to the rule in most polls in his system to know you 300 seat looks like roles the roles goal of three. Yeah that is the truth though number three of the great callers have gone locker room that they are synchronized and if you do like dogs that convinced us to illegally. But that's they'd also overhang on the wrong. Both. Soaring global club I'm. I don't mean anything else they on the radio be fair part of the reason that in order 300 there was this and nicer version of a Carlo Marty had three exactly. He wants something different fair enough now to see a thing about Richard Richard molesting group. Dodge raising three children and roi. Now he's got mr. Goodrich of word get in Cadillac style boot. Dot threat to get that GM three there's volatility Richard no we. 39 point 839 years from the wants them. Natasha is a portion of these are fully had a GT. What they're calling it here Ryan. But look this is the thing look at the sporty. Kelly is come along we used to kill that remark they're agreeable guy had one of those Cadillac you have one of those Cahill still not a bad car and Pip hello. I would love to five mile cocoon you've built up by stellar seasons and it coupe DeVille. Part of the certain kinds that are seen by a Dayton's yet that's bull run and also clearly moved to. Eggs oh lord you don't know about. Well unity is like that block pull CD player in there and and Bill Clinton bought books immediately. I don't know what with a kit until about like you put it Axel this is one of the book on top of hitters and all you guys got to raise the chronic playing nonstop stuck. How well how well do you remember the original. Gone in sixty seconds not the one would. Another woman Nicolas Cage you don't about the both. To be Bernanke where everything is the rear view the original result the ugly available via live on our do you remember the Cadillac and there. Yes that that's what I did dream doing Michaela rose in this is just trees and around these crews and outlook outlook rock. These guys that I draw so it was a 56 scanning if firmer workers little enough material where I've dropped the ball my local. And in the became ill will prolong the prettiest it's like 84. Scoop of the and had no money easily 30000 miles as slept for twelve years ago era that Cold War I navy blue vinyl top navy blue leather goods. She uses big person Goldman Sachs. A governor about that call was made for gold Dayton's and say. I'm wondering how mine X gave the powder French I know I'm wondering how my knicks game the the dealership has Mon was navy blue with the baby blue notes. Well look it's Murphy and murdering her I love them and so that he's got that blew into your building it right bloom yeah yeah I mean knows it was very smerconish. Would you would you rook who directed the caddie only and absolutely exhilarating to. I think the navy blue it was enough fitting for some gold things I don't fingers a soul on this planet that wouldn't take. A big square body. To do real old titans are I think Europe's solar as voters towards liver and they ride you arrive like cadillacs away because there's no choice because this bush is anything get real good at it. They are going out pools that will pulls pulls the curtain on the boards flipping through it Newton and Newton. Just crucial steamroller is 24 foot long. You know ways like 80000 pounds and fool clay. And probably along the biggest corporation motors under the under the you'd ever find Aaliyah and it seats for billions because he's. Got his third team as trays and no go folders bowl says very accurate actually are out today what else that can seize commercial breaks go hours to get the server to I'm gonna stay tuned we're talking about the necklace securities write your hot rods and Abigail 01063. W awarding. Gosling cholera and there are some rural Pitts and what's happened in due to each and without doubt that. A rule of today's open. So token caddies wears on but this is the thing there's a bit also caddies since day one and they've always been taught. No since nineteen and a zoo reminiscences since nineteen in two so I'm no the math on the over a hundred years. Hundreds and and that was a 916 years sixteen years now. Telex thing going strong brought to you Bob wrote stick citizens who took a you know I. What was the you know we're good with numbers this Delphi that don't they used me now happen. I guess I could care about math is really really in employment among. The teacher lady and a teacher I think. Until that digital media player territory known brands on Maine were read one Amylin is your and I'm. Confident that Shura. Someone American kids again dream you know make this your you know. But they would much warmer in the area much when Mikhail and is a slew that's like apple pie and well Eagles I mean you know. Is the standard for the world and as this thing can elect slogan for many years is standard for the world and that some they've done they've set that standard since day one. Since the doors flew open in 1902. And I can elect has had some ups and downs over the years of course you know they're not always been the best seller but it. You know when yours when you're above everybody else usually you're not the best seller because everybody can't reach that pinnacle. Well and I think that's funny you know talking about like. And I don't want you to foreign herself temperature talking about that right there you said that how people who don't understand me Cadillac sizzle brain when I think you'll look tree. Do you think of Mercedes or BMW. Output calico that even though I'll put those kind of touring more than Ryan Ryan but still I'll put them in there may bought your things that thing you know Rolls Royce Billy. I'll put a Catholic agree on put delicate gets in you. You know like we're saying before break though even even if you got a brand new Mercedes or a brand new BMW. In your sitting in their ride and then you feel is the you know he get the enjoyment what do you say this thing runs like a Cadillac. Exactly but this is my favorite they set the standard or do you get the new. The new wave blue black tie is. I drove a Lexus that you drove it can't worry this fixed yet you do you Dre. He should have a camera with a ill on a males were loser diseases they've got a surprise. Yeah. Brought Cuba may not happen. I'm spent I'm just sorry. Oh reds articulate woman by a freaking Cadillac influences and disposals of go like his well Romania is a 115 years of proven history of proven. You know even performance would not get away or so believe the ill assays are threatening to elect today. So proven and performance and luxury in styling they've always had it from the era all the years. I remember the tail lights that my family is on the ones I'm around. All of whom have been synonymous with just pure luxury and elegance and you know even over the years older oddball cat likes him it was ruled him talking about. All of those were luxury is you know luxurious and and and it just amazing callers in ahead of their time a man's like the V sixteen named bill. Well we know give this is the thing that's crazy now we're talking about the put a V sixteen and Kelly in 1930. Yet. 1930. May then elect was a cute kids and literature. The first honest 450 T cute answer isn't in the second generation starting in 1930 A let's 431 cubic interest with a 185 horsepower as well like about Cisco's like encyclopedias. As well he'll be right Britannica of all things hot rod he's far smarter and we are gonna let everybody look at that displacement. This is sixteen. Cylinders. In your making 450. Cubic inches. That's insane I mean I mean how Biggs is vulnerable to inches yeah and big. I mean. Engine block looks like corn hole board exactly but since today. Oh Kelly the basics Dana lane it was it was a amazing luxurious car this. This was you know compared to you know like the Packard of the day of the imperial Auburn you know what this emerge all the scars. I mean in it was this thing was I mean it was luxurious. Well I think those you know think about to do you know of her obvious they're actually heard from. That's what I was fully Browner who bounce or standards of love truth often but I heard that they did the V sixteen in the KLA because it made him smoother. Now after it was a smoother running Inge. Well you know in those days you know of the of VA a long was a novelty item to all of these sixteen was like who. Two local. You always ask does this torque isn't even better. Alain and the power performance and delivered in those days in 1930 it was well I mean I think the rules. Owner it and what. Eighty horsepower 280 by yeah motivated forced out if I mean. And that'll sell a lot nail. We are they were in 193485. Horsepower. That's rocket power and as a fast cars and that's insane fast and 1930 this thing was lightning equally Cummings I mean a media think about it. Would the first year of the SS. Four and four Chara mainly on her native file horsepower. So you support that it was a low number. I mean that's that's the thing it's crazy we're talking about rules may not in ninety yeah I mean. But this is the 1930. There were cells that light doubled in the hand. And end this colors over 4000 of of the basic thing cadillacs built. So I mean there was a good play any of them around it then I mean that's can occur is that they actually may yet. And is kind of mama yet they banality Curtis wrote for the corporation. And coldly by the V sixteen was available and all body's cells Edmonton. That makes even cooler so. You Vegas mob ball the only only 4000 basic stands right now of detour let's move all of these sixteen cougar veer into that at. He has specialized body shops actually produced customs. Leo's like body metabolic drug production it was a whole different carriage builder is yet. Since they in the and you you go back through the thirties and nothing will be sixteen stop what 1946. And I'm numb state. On June mailer will be right on her clothes over sell off. That wonder we've stopped building cars for the war the team in shortages are bestseller on Mac yet so brilliantly accidentally started actually building it thinks the and the empire of Stewart light tank do you mean can you believe that I mean mussina I think we eagle which are Dayton's settlement thing and I. But now I will say this thing has a polish interior. It's go all the creature comforts you can ask for. It's got a couple hours even and seventeen ashtrays Amanda really designed with this is the thing that's cool if a boat to get rid over by a thing of the world of demolish your country or too little style and comfort. Oh yeah and that's that blew it open things got a little canola. Is it that that's yeah. We got a presidential kids but I don't wanna say land out reef do not. I imagine a tank with a big don't track hanging off the bat I was up presidential campaign never seen a and it's there's an orbiting what do vital toppled it and he lists. Army tank rolled around blue entrance. Let's get to Kelly moved so yeah I'd druze group. The moment in this out of it that's insane though like tonight it actually does Helen Jones-Drew has plenty of quote yeah so here it goes and stuff I think guns and stuff. But it'd would you find guns the most candlelight. And there's. That's how it is and it's and he says it makes a lot of sense actually that may have military whatever you well and you know there's probably drove in the tying to it and an Amazon works. All right guys that they won't stay too we got a lot more to what level all these Clancy Kay's radio hot rods and BO or a one a 63 WORD. Does what might Holler and happy. What's happened and it Richard yes. It's a new proposal we tell Melissa about Cody. Press that private and there grow Bob. Brother brother Bob Graham. President though he's my commitment pleased government more on some rough stuff. Pryor's. And now they have CI a killer Ted heavily heavy military involvement actually even come out into the sixties. They can't government contracts. And Kelly made. May drive trains and offer different military vehicles but like we said the most famous was the impostor light tank. And that may have you know a number of light armored vehicles through yeah you know that the group to do this is the roof. Now coming you know you're going into battle on him especially inner city it's not bad. Have one you know what if bubbles going into war and there was no military vehicles you know a Beagle and forget GG wagon and forget your homer. On almond Hummer. H one over keep it goes six 065 days alerts are good things slows second totals what you need to get you in the 1977. Crew new video. Cracked the big hated what chrome opera for a rise. Frame rails about managers love free real slow railroad does an undated. For 72. And courage brown bottle top all written pillow and then go detail. I agree and when you strip of machine near the top of that. Is this game over it will stirred up there. Specially view like limo addition or stretch together rear sun roof seventies. Yes he had that rare sunroof C can just stand company's future there this I mean that's what it's me and rolling class. We'll talk about clutch both bush. Fourteen and staying well I mean does live online and look beyond up into the sixties a Kayla was enough to make him drive during violence forum voters those. Actually pretty cool. And then you know own Lehman now meant to get too far ahead in the sixties right there that 59 year. We you know the we had to stop there that's probably one of the most iconic cadillacs probably remain as the fifteen. Could do bill rye. We actually the pitch and I wanna kudos Eldorado is Colorado area. I think from terrorists that's got to be one anonymous iconic things from the fifties goes yeah your tail fins on that and material that's there have been put on everything. Now have I actually have a set them Salina around waiting on something. Well this is the thing though that Putin and capitalize wells actual the worse silica likes of old time crazy now. Well and that's the thing I mean it was it was a little even in the age of tail billions that would was over the top. I mean beautiful caller. Italy it was also very expensive to produce a score today supplement ultimately we could you imagine the coral bill match. And restore on Bermuda now. I'll tell you who remembers the movie pink Cadillac or clinics will do Bernadette Peters or what happened harbor home. About thirty years again ha was that only goes like eighteen that she might. Glee will still cater for you than tossing her entering or. They were from paying for assisted them anywhere from peak electric grids are looking at the it. Wasn't grant Belgrade grand tram was in my Veba good movie about it. India and 30 yeah it was cool I don't want us and book that I like that peak fitness and tell you about it and don't as those local. Mean technocrat. Now Sarah. Clinton it's a way else you know yeah I still miss Brooklyn how limitless with Clint Eastwood today not him he's like a 170 years and there's there's really no need to mess with a man and a stature yet you don't because the old days of computing. Yeah you'll. Yesterday. It is there Ares Orion my Monday he knows it is there it is. It is that would remove bay went back go to the Colony Capital but it all the Catholics in the fifties and there were mounds of crow on this course. There were and then probably the second you know what let me rephrase that. I think 59 Carolinas my second favorite electoral Tom what is your first I think I am I have to do is. The sixty scam likes. We'll see you know sixties guy likes it called little. Bloated Willie column called these schools are allowed account. Tell de LA and they are very odd but it's the coupe DeVille yeah I did this give them. Kelly Kelly. You know they have the force we you know they were there life. These are these are my Jackie O year Cadillac says level was called because are like sophisticated. They're classy but not over the top. Fifties there like Colorado Roddy Piper. Yeah it and then they go Jackie O style home 1961. This one is sirte were men are. So around older one about the razor sharp short films on the bag. Actually restored government lose and I'll lose too often it's cause of social. Well the Calais it was a little bit different than the coupe DeVille and in had a couple different options calendar actually mistaken for him to bills all the time. But the KLA who was had a couple distinguishing marks from the rest of the model range. And had less chrome tramp. No vinyl roof option and no convertible version. In fact only real difference was the equivalent levels Kelly buyers fewer convenience option sows the base miles about your guy can is about tobacco like but I think he gave the Kelly cleaner look and along with. The Cadillac simmer on the as the sixty as the Cadillac so does that it was cool. You know italics of the most of the business also bills for oil rose to Seville Jill loves alcohol now. Well must know was number twelve judo and some have bubbles and Clinton whom would you don't know thing I mean. I think you'll you'll laugh at me one of my favorite body we're talking about what some repair your case. I actually Alec the bustle backs and bills and our audits from the early days you took the words out of my mouth and elbows the generation we drove in but double the 82 to threefold it's all the original does driven where I do and they're terrible. They mailed rather loose yet old convertible. Oh snap. You you still don't. Where you lived in Florida news retired that's a I don't I think the terrible personally to ensure had one of those until they shouldn't have IC had warned everybody that sold them. Drove a 1982 Crowley John Delorean jug or by three level I mean wouldn't we know we know it is we know his lineup. But people to stay still when you don't accept an epic. But of this thing as these cultures so I can't there's new decade at camp like this stuff there's no war we usually sells my family's actually I'm on this scale likes and ours was like a rouge paint color Korea we know that diesels and some of the capital. In the 4100. No. Painful. Interact primarily on under oil whore when and I'm around you know horrible hole little leg of problems. Beyond labor problems actually came as we know he got a brand new and you June it was still plagued with problems where like even here they broke answers there they were there orders in the fourth which was a more well forty Enola at least she had a lot of luxury items inside the car to entertain you while you wait on Tripoli to come to you pretty much the thing that was cool. About 4100 was actually the first delusional the first Coors distributor they had the Easter the cut cylinders that. Do you think about it now you think this new technology and you're surely true accustomed to force owners Omaha wounded or dodge cuts they're knew him here in good times or. They were doing that late seventies. And VA 64 yeah exactly and you know I'd fix that which it GMA TI distributor in rent that out. Because who would always give problems back aria. For the do you think that there is no new ideas they were doing that thirty years before so what can elect have you hung over the years and you had to have a couple of. At a few arm back to a course own days actually at a few of the Mary Kay pink cadillacs and you'll only get peach on located was. Bolt. I bought a ball. I got a funny ones I got a flick extort. But don't buy and sell and use course. Ago itself does not so why is auto functional how attitude nanny. In the thing you know while it lies auto auction one that didn't take a whole third I don't know you how oral. And a flow favorite thing and I go in there and I seen it. How the quorum goal in the a little water goes all that smoke in these callers citizens movement and it could have been if you could have been ha. This thing let's go listen guys I'm I'm Tony award the Prius was in jail if things Emerson fluorescent lights wielded let me paint a picture for excellent. 1999. Move. Cadillacs and they and reveal who can't coerce DT X. Spain has brought her true. Chrome wheels. Four port six north stone or. Karine leather goods and Pearl White Hummer Golden Globes I'm rated buy here pay here as you speak a ball that called for nine. 900. Dollars a had a 108000. Miles on sitting knee deep in Michelin. You could tell me nothing I'll never forget I drove that car that security guard gate yet sure your pets we've all right. I showed him up Pasco random Macau like a win today you sunroof. He's at as a beautiful course with a view camera it is and I drove it thinks straight to my house which is about three miles away. And it was really really hot. And north stars and the doors for a lot of folks going. And when the water but when they're most people Romo blew it gas hits are correct it'll. Altar of other abortion or pro to a source also ahead a two piece block is America so funny the gasket was at two to secure. Didn't he didn't know six dollars and precocious thirteen thousand labor fix it CN joke. And tell you that that Kelly and it seldom make money over the still imagine that. Go figure what they nowhere makes money is these marsh breaks to you gotta make it some real gonna stay tuned we're talking about Kennedy's right you're hot rods and via a 1063 WO Lordi. And a Muslim Madonna Rosen have been our. Or should I say. Cadillacs and reports now naive Stosur a good I don't know what can elect or something I don't know a little Providence. And like recruiter on things on loan business thanks to its of this game I earlier today you know I like misconstrue how how well not. I'm not only did biscuits and my T but but do but did lose some Julie. And trying to apple books via Apple's luxury hand you Patrick Patrick would have been mostly English muffins on the interest. It's a chrome but I'm near what I might indicate different LX and profits of at least a little bad bet I think parents final Molson muffin thing yeah. Open a milking wouldn't. Aren't so let's talk about things we don't know about how about this that you know can elect has a station wagon. That since and leave it to you all and able to find that. I.s so can collect that up with a little company called cast the Lian. Just land as a state fleet would then made it back in the seventies was least they showing in this thing was awesome impact 500 cubic inch eight point two later. On C you know if made absolutely no power but enough toward polar station now here in May it may be a little 126 horsepower thirteen thousand foot pounds through the these cars were nearly 21 me foot long and slam packed with a luxury. So the meat pedal axle legend's passing the pictures and imagine sedan DeVille ride with a station wagon back upon it Parisian home that and so basically it's and I got kids bubbled to the critical. So so the company you know was coach for tilted the from a Chatsworth California and attitude of the conversion on these callers. Mom and they they are they're amazing and automatic sunroof which is you know thing about the seventies those kind of Allen could you imagine the electric Motorola automatic sooner than you imagine here I think common that thing probably sounded like a nuclear turban and starting to move that thing and it probably opened four times before broke earlier. So all of us so the year in 1976. This was a 101000 dollar option to have your Kelley covers or is fully able. This is a 101000 dollar option that your cat like Bertuzzi and corporal of the goals 2000 people did actually this was a 20000 dollar Cadillac from the factory after converted that to 20000 little candle and is this point doesn't which remained. That's a lot of Jack for nineteenth in recent weeks. That's crazy. And that's why these production only scores are so absolutely rare world the same company who made the station wagon. Actually turn around and made what was called a Kelly el mirage this is el camino candlelight and that's the best way to put it. And it looks like bay looks like it classy collapsed a whole idea is a classic mullah ami meat that's that is they Mullen with a tucks are it's like can you imagine political life. We're in the bank. But like bill and stuff well ranchers are well and he's. These cars and very very wealthy rancher. But of these cars were actually build this flower course omelet generals in her arms. Mom and it's believed to be that there is less than twenty elm. Around that there were made I'm sure there's somebody show some lesser that could do real tree road across top. Billions you know locally can. Hello Luke meter eleven Semitic rhetoric you mean. No yeah Alia that Gucci saw the visual. While we're talking about a caddies but you also put there because GB in the pork in he has serious. But how about the Catholics voted G. Look at the bags of producing the bags of pros call are bigger than the day and beyond the parking lot. That is awesome note Gucci editions of the field I'll I'll like it. You let. Me know what that you know you're talking about your retired guy down Miami. That is it you're retired. The next golfer sound. You probably have plaid pants amassed matches Gucci bags there and you go play golf would you boys every Saturday brought early Thursday. Marco and Tony you definitely have a friend named Rocco you're rocking around in the future Seville the UK over the Gucci's available Rocco drops you off to get its. Rocco has the sun sport. So. I don't. Yes a 78789. UP WG GG Seville appeal inside a theater with a gold you all day at a track suit. And probably you probably need to be aware and lay off the doors there yeah like you have to look like an extra all The Sopranos and could benefit a smoked cigarettes got to start yeah we support the call will startle you a cigarette in your mouth so customers can choose between three colors which is why black and brown of course. And the interior including juicy monogram patterns and blow it is even the vinyl top had a Gucci pattern. That moves great and she and of course in the trial was your fools that Gucci luggage. That's class. A story. Beats Americans have a wall or good with the gangsters the is vehicle's critical with the body. Mr. mr. willow alone it's been able to get bluish hue to unless you individually packaged the bodies into the oval where does that do solidity and now days we of the Reese doable by excellence currently romance anymore. You know a lot of content people all approvals and you know. Hermione and others there's time for everything. You know you make only corrects me it's a trestle there well my property that's on science he now in just in case. For law enforcement listened to him and beat him hmm hmm I just prepare for the worst. I'm idea actually sing about Monday morning silicon informant so what do you mean Robert do you so you killed people know and remember my guess agent talked in a musher. To. Talk doesn't. Everybody's leaving also the catalytic civilian probably major and if you're the guys there would be talking into a certain hourly as well. He probably go. That well. The Somalia. Known little about the square in ice time increased via the copper sank cap company with beer and over but still progress. So let's talk about ugly tail lifers say. Probably Juan. You know these are just terrible. That's the catalysts that world couldn't get a little to say somebody is Robert. It was a rough time it was a weird time that look like every other car from the eighties a look at Chevy celebrity at least I don't know it. As the cavaliers in this is the reason they made this chorus Cadillac won't do venturing into entry level. Let's not hear a bloody anarchy ma that GM now low step to cross breed across brilliance. This morning. Made ugly baby and a little better at it now needs to yeah. The Silverado was virtually they've not the cavalier homes off input Cadillac you'll Mosul but those car sold remarkably well also good is that she can. Little monster power. Well first Carolina 86 cattle there 1000 high school and their account simmer on pars now John noise source anyway six cavaliers. My view that gene let me explain them to you mr. rough and it's. He has stake Kasra. You pay one. 152025. Dollars for an eye steak and that's the thing like you are alone won't stake you got a golden chorale state does this ever known and he still pay about twelve dollars get a hold angled ground state. But to our stake. Man come home. Can't turn it down pages managed hamburger made his only did quarters of two books and you literally millions brutal drug can be jerky. A link to a great truck stops and two dollars pixel slow rate yeah I made it sure stuff I think the fly and yeah. I'll rest my case however is fun to you know want. You got a good point man man has a point. Two dollar stake cubs go for a guy so let's move along analysts thought about saying nobody back Elliott it. It's not current commands a slam. Let's talk about oddball Cadillac no bad thing is weird. And you need to be extremely careful how you say the name of that. I'm you know one I'm not. That god is again and again this thing looks like John Norton did deserve it knowing my hat. The logo for Kelly Ferrari connection animus in arresting way. In this thing. Do you evening allying Google analysis and news you have to use what. Grow old Jerusalem he's a nightmare things Haiti's business terrible it is for older. It. Yeah how about his got a home workers over the next commercial break to do that mostly it is it is a long breaks the other Atlanta implies this selling hand corner horsepower BAA it will of Butler he began to motor. Some children actually fly. Was a pro growth know the hour drive does it was terribly lonely is sitting as it is it is to duels rove has always commercial breaks while on them but. It is top of the hour soloist is needed engine and that's insane malaria it's an engine. And no one problem round. Yes of they rank on us look of this does that got but Cadillac. On CIA it is hideous it is and a jump on the finalists now mr. I got to tell you what it. Stick to the putter doesn't appear we're talking cadillacs. Right here wanna 63 WO orgy.