Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, February 5th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Cadillac's.


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And girls we're we're in hot rods and we are some rockets. And yes sir. The city what Richard yes or. The table we're going to put a little trip. What you brickyard slip bristles and members only jacket kids because you know well. We're going run into the eighties but we're doing cadillacs does Obama take a siesta on this one as those going around for the last five days he'll take whatever. Other literature today and carried out the leather miss only Jack who wants net can you imagine a little their members only jacket against your leather seats in your Cadillac. That's a whole series remain. It there is the best decade ever there is probably swing keys and ruby excuse in the backseat swing keys were serve in these room excuse ray eighties it straight now. On the the thing about the eighties was the best decade ever. I'd like to think Eric Tribune a major portion of myself now and actually you didn't it was probably the bill for gore into the ninety's is like like some overruled. You know told overflow and manicure denies it just due to the crowd generated in the eighties. Grunge music is your fault robber. Actually cargo bay and Mike are clearly Iran hates you keep me around you know 'cause we love you at. Anthony's story. That. But anyway. Which ultimately these guys. Eighties cadillacs. We're so loss coming the first thing I think when nothing ladies Catholics is Dallas. Yes JR Ewing render this Cadillac Delonte they came in 1987. Validated the London was like. The Eldorado convertible and it was like your recoverable comeback equip her for years. And the missiles that bad caller. Yeah those are terrible when your I know there are great caller release things were wicked cool because it looked nothing like a Cadillac ever did before. There duties sales the body builder when things it was designed in Italy by pennant Farina. Which also lose and it's. Ferrari's an extra hours from the eighties and what would it has on several yeah yeah yeah I mean there's ourselves. Yet but I mean. And this thing looks like something from Italy in this things class is like peppy Le pew Cadillac mesh together so stunned. Now we didn't think the singles. Vision kind of abuse them to simulate life. I figure like the rest and actually just original that's it looked like to have an accent it did look look at things that we'll end it actually is on tape. You know solar wind mills than those except piece of crap paying. Although others were bad and they were cool vehicles they were really cool thing I mean these high dollar cars remain. You can go with a four iron in the nor store. The northstar was a powerful I mean if that is what works. The wonderful issues and things like that you know the marshals actually. Feel a spinoff of zeal or one already mentioned. Which came out in it was 89 in first of Missouri courtroom not in the states creating nodded and I've been nine deals in ninety. But you know and ended that's you know this to a recant Sarah and I was doing a little spill four liter northstar players. But they have the full force secluded and bookstore and Catholics. In these first published enemy until what 2006. Sure. Where. Little it will. Yeah the that excel law are how to northstar and I think it's only one of the island where we order a parlor of the northstar yeah. A second entry bona. They're tiller roast and we're didn't into the news Newark runs but because those were some six but to me bells like the alone today of that generation yeah I absolutely as. But about her car but you know we're talking vegetables back caddies were over the eighty skeptics. Dose of reels so wholesome and those were some sixty look at colors that are headed our camps. Faith continental kit home back face camera multi hop always Lendale Tom. Look what she had real Kelsey that are the Noah. Well I mean. You know even in his rulers. In May even the worst Cadillac is still gave camera and we're going none of these on that you know you know delivers. Well I think I'm mangling travel under the ninety's. Well. The thing is you're talking about the catalyst to tear. Which is an Opel. Yes. A home. These currently got a phony story about it enters the pictures were great selling cadillacs and they were good causes the Kucera is a hopeful that they crammed. Eighties a candlelight grill in the end right but this is the thing about the container. I won't say what that terror looks like to me is GT. Did a lot of Ford or GQ and but this is the thing about the future because girls are great core GO pushed through in Newport these cars that. I was so put it through the fog subic photo to the bottom Noah. Picture adjusters like headlights or now. Well this is up part of can alleged downsizing movement this is XP with the BMW five series actually their their slogan that was the caddies leagues. That's mission has lagged hip problem. But just couldn't get a porch formula bureau promo one. And has more little filter wiper blades you're in trouble well meaning if you're looking for parts as a Opel magna has blues brother will. You know that Opel leadership being I tell me. Yeah out of my nowadays if you have won its Opel magna. But I'm sure you know Lebanon as you probably don't forms were on the Internet and a thing doubling them the new rules. But the managers were great callers and the soldier of the cheapest couldn't get ports for a mile and every we have to work these adjuster for the follow us is things like. It's set home alive on the backlight color Max for like two years waiting all thought well adjusters. Here whether Tyrus dry rotted on it. Wait you thought you know what that they Grammy sinks to 2001 before they realized how about a an idea was it's not a bad idea whose core. Poor play in the mean that they're okay only the idea was to the execution was their horrible and a horrible hole which GM's notorious for that a lot of things. You know deal. I mean. The and then we'll go motion of the game somewhere. U. EZ pass me easy were dogma but we're talking about a holy Grail of GM here without their finest hour shifts. Over that he's still gonna become a Harley Earl looks like turn over in his grave when that they came out in Ziggy I'm so glad I did. Easy you know that fluff stuff that I had and probably best car GM it may mean you want to drag on to crush yeah. The I mean that there was Draco. Didn't get a little filled with some of the stuff before likenesses was looking elusive world step for them. Home. Low income likes to me is skill like it looks more today. But junior AG this is not alone in call and I mean there's no low end finishes only they don't make. Chris it's no. It'll look anything like. The share liquid. How would say my Cadillac I have not keep him on the recently and I was prone lowest uncannily alert saying it was just auction outlook doesn't necessarily a cheap call now I mean is still a force Sony to an ambush. And arranges option now they have another two years that I mean it was a nice caller. For Smart with the bush and should go to does anyone has left. I know you don't want oblique I'll never citizen Mark Luke out walking around and that's your we're very little Bloomberg compared apartment and nothing was leather it's fun that's well known and that's so I don't know it was a natural and effort venture. Then my middle of diamond match at today's open and doing your thing of the ninety's Catholics in there were definitely needs a little bit too old runners are eager to talk a little break about. Those are some sex occur to TC's older than two groups raised a Bentley and won one time. You race the Bentley Monterrey it. Combat from green ago. Combustion as a general and a bargain in Bentley polyps on damage Utley nineteen. To endorsed or taken them it was about even drill. Public that's like a rich kid baker story Emma Eldorado raced him. No you're rich kid bankers storms in my billing carries that over the I love that a me. Everything is wrought as having a northstar catalyst is a potent little cold and they've made noise the north circuits are bad rap as it should. On but when they're running when their held together of the great motors they're great president who will fly. To make it. To build an old story that's a Cadillac version of the LT one. Building want to great motors and women's running. It almost got a bad rap egregious obvious sort of loyalty was graded and really put the McKinley extra freedom of them in the Fleetwood him Stratford and goes. But it is a listen to put the things commercials in this radiation every time every time young and give role and then all of a sudden hear this now. All right guys Thursday we'll stay tuned we're talking caddies were zero tolerance and happy hour on one or 63 WO Lordi. Guy has what my frozen embryo what we're talking cadillacs but now slight Star Trek the next generation boom can't X. He. So what this is too late nineties and 2001. Thing that blows we'll among the most Richard is somebody hasn't mentioned them Fleetwood to. Does is actually Billy Joseph nobody himself well. Well on technicalities as of the Cadillac flea would of that time as they. With that little play with anybody Venezuelan blood we've Vinicius extended be about as old as there are still mind Arlington everything's still buffeted with the same motor and all I'm global law. A lot of people you know take him Powell powers and the rule over on the cal likes Mike pretty cool cars really. Replete with a clear end in Atlanta they want the Fleetwood shockingly has held its value better than most and pollen senses. Well for a little secret bombing realm of killing stop whining and script and having your Koroma medal probably wouldn't. But no shocking find L if you want to tell likely would you go play to any form of I mean there which are solid there and I Scopes they are nice course how life Cisco in terms of you know another good one for Dayton's. It is a excluding year old cadillacs you know late years we have 59 all that's great out there one of us looking to elect their man. It's an attractive going into this looking to stop us. Tell them its top fund all the probably plays number three among analysts bustling Caroline. So what little movement in in your kettle exits in prison of course in the tooth cells. And the 2000 jail of course so we seen the release of the CTN dot com messages but he also. But that rate there was a showstopper game changer fuel and tell like nothing you know for a five is that when I came out. You know. Pentagon analyst motor. Our plan when people know the gala acknowledges all of a luxury it's about a six week caddie. Well all of the V first all of the V ones worry six speed option there was no automatic option and the V one premier and his there's nothing sixers caddie with a clutch bill payment. Me and range and now intervene to end these three series. On me and you get the paddle shifting options so coming up with us is still the same panel shooters us dislike. This baby slide the panels here is like powerful stuff and athletic bells are kind of fun though you played a video game your driver caller we have millions group shelter well while we're talking about Newark woman really but. Nortel likes about the Kent -- along our you want talk about a very very sexy caller until you pop the hood. As the motors there and those though that's the problem there is a motor Diaz charges of one point four liter engine the year ago and then that's the thing this -- of these collectors who was six the only true color I told I was able streak with a representative Carol like and I told him if they would have made that the V three series cadillacs. The new CT SE's. That would have been a vessel Carla have ever made ever that is a gorgeous gorgeous world make this in more than male or I think sixteen was lost here from unstable to price rate way the more you read about 76000. Dollar car for the base model. Well this is the think alike in Texas doing to me and now after a plug in hybrid in the Cadillac. Yeah an image of it it's it's like that makes it they sold less than 3000 units and I'll leave it on lane. It's sort of by trio in cattle drivers. They are they they are there floor and view yet. And update these shores of Maine I don't know Cadillac was thing closely what you're settles legal they do have a hybrid version of it but the electric only model. How has a 37 mile range on the end. There's golf course ago further than that they literally they built a caller from the high end businessman who lives downtown. That's what they've built the car forward is gonna golf cart is Amin that. That caller if if cat like ever made a horrible mistake it was the exit early Il are. That car was a pretty core it was gorgeous it was a probably won't. It's in my top five events leading Catholics are probably not intended to actually make money as Mora thing in animation. To turn off and it's your chance of this problem was tired throw off. The get them. Get the I mean. I'll give I don't get nervous moments of it goes into the group's most lecture course. Mali Libya humbling and they're just always great powerless double terrorism powers are really. Like Max that out here are. Power grid to put it just to put in in in perspective. You're say what you Grimm also aisles and you go over there she's at the old school close to have the two really of the Grail. And that she's galloped one and things like that death upload that takes explodes to tune. In this she's got an extension cord and two blown adapter all of this let's go to our power grid looks like. And you want about it electric collars. Now Palestine immoral like national cringe Christmas vacation satellites were plugged in exits the body and I'll say about it. The is there an end in the U you know and anyone applaud your car you got you got Ilan most of it coming to power cut your air conditioner off in the summertime during peak hours. And you wanna charge caller theme and idea. Coming to almost. He almost all stock car of the future and then if you get this thing if you got a loaded down you're talking about almost 90000 dollar car. That you get to drive for 37 miles before you pulling him back him. Awesome. Super how to take that same near 100000 dollars and buy you a Tesla view on oyster caller. If you do this is one or Cadillac miss the mark there had to be an alternative motive like he only needs blows lose money something that I drove. Electric caddie. But it may Kelley blue whale. This before. Or. Public Jack can make the most worthless torment will buy him and some people did 3000 level in. No longer but still but since then and slowest no we have three doesn't mean it's over someone who are old Jason bloom illegals which would more men. We can do laundry detergent. You know Americans and I think there emerges a win for them for children cajoled. I think I was looking online and I found a unity and actually he's tied by its reclaiming close to him. This crazy. And what what do you get from that I mean really reflect on we leave matters well the kid yeah Amanda was way fun right you'll buzz going in and you give ago. This one shot or lose quite call that blows closes Shah command tents and thank. Rules Huskers and but there were those traces is how can exchange they were from these big full sells body cars the bills also died in the or or their only two thousands. Or book 2000 hounding and dozens of eleven mania that. Robbie thirteen million soldiers and there's no record just a look those color or bars and a beautiful older aged. Full body caller. Now Little League that don't they make any. They got to excel are about I don't think it's really consider as like the old people are in an attempt CT six switches let their flagship career will order performance. Blustery and a lot of it too is is there's people that would double the newsreel that they want to move into the escalates. That streak and that's another thing guys were there to talk about it escalate. Cattle truck. X yeah killer trucks he introduced the introduction of this delay in armor when they first came out there were clouded up which they're not really changed a whole lot there still a client and out Denali. Or place of the dosages too much. He's commercial breaks Q well a million Lewis top but then you know of Kelly DE XT the freedom drew. Nothing says I want take 80000 dollars or some warmer and it went to Kelly XT nobody there is rumored that he Ecstasy because of me and equipment. But no one if I was rich I would do. Here's what Hillary chicken broth with relatives and that was that. I guess that would explain the facts laughter over there will break for a quick stay tuned we're talking cadillacs right your tolerance and happy hour on one a 63 W or. You have what an example or his role pits but what's happened and their richer yes. I tell you. This is an oil Hitler to. You citizen than you were to give Republicans some wild different to pretty profound. He said yes so so. Aren't you on your creature. When they're not retract it started off in order. That was up. Super hello pay high high goal on what's happening. The we're talking about the cattle we were it's illegal to escalate the Cadillac true compass Escalante. The old days of the rappers. And rich housewives of those things are right we're talking about this and a break in and listen I want rang here on the first generation of escalate. I'd. Hello I thought they were six or almost bought the first one for. Him aren't you glad you didn't. Look at that probably go with a pizza and life but made him in and actually and a battered real political. Did to me it looked like he put a truck nose on the issue vis. Also GMC in and scrape GMC often put a refill their the end. Now this generation to the escalate only start really changing and that's when they got sexy to me. Then there is little better I got a funny story in this and now they went back to all locale like is now is a Denali. With the knowledge scraped off for reef thorough and an end change other grill that's it it's a little more than scream all well I mean this guy can't like tremendous there's there's different things but you know I'm saying. As a no no soldiers at the loaded up Denali with three solid. Dumber scale. What makes a Caroline. The mammals. OK so let's just idol just saves money value attempt by you than popular Monica like Roy wanna save money amid a waking nieces I just I don't I don't like when that happens. I don't know what a lot of things that you know. But this is the thing about the Catholics whatever feelings escalates camera that anybody style and it was just tell him that chiseled look on these coaches go to. Mom my dad bought my mother and bring new 200280. Bauer expedition planned. Among drove it she had for two weeks. Escalates come out. Almost like you see in the broadest whose X. Expedition went. And Mo gonna escalate their new son Bruce Boudreau. Mummy happening nobody yet we scatter. It was so funny because like everything was like three weeks old crappy not in hatred for an escalade and that's what Richard does lab in the richest households. But I mean I don't know I don't know mullah climb. Chavez that I got another put a story on this Leo it's a true story and you know I've been told of pretty good storyteller force hole given this more about this point. My dad loves mambo the more than life itself my mother has never put gas in her life. My dad puts cancer called for her everywhere she use. He looks over lord forbid if something happens to my dad I will be in the world record for Obama. And my mother will be in the studio and in Milan nice assisted living in places. Adult I would wish that'll them I mean I will have to jobs let's step book about lookout for Obama and personal life Adam giver like a room downstairs styles and I'm very careful she's probably on one listens real evolution this could escalate. My dad possible moment letting residents my dad about Cuomo knew briskly about every three or four years. Where she had 813. And they put a lot of miles apart because they lived consider her acuity. It was so funny mumble calls via the Marmol is the epitome of gospel wife and a celebrated my daddy is no saint and we live with him. There's a special place in heaven from a mother who rise material operate a material thing was my dad looks I mean you know it's big they admit they got to go home there's a mix of fort perks. You listen so right now my main tank now in the executive perks so were so hostile to Obama mother calls me it. Three more than 715 you can set your watch by it she tells her that she says Robbie. Long locals ska thing we don't have had just wrote. You need to tell your dad. So one only talk to Jesus are really needed in this school. What do you need a new school she's so well that your body style came around this one's looking a little moments of thirteen is really not that old. Every bit change the headlights in the tail lights but basically the same caller. She's a warm Oprah why would a woman you when. You need to tell you that you know I don't go get my nails done clean the house itself. And and I sit here Sarah go McLaughlin music player in the back group and you're so pitiful. I mean driving a thirteen escalate what the neighbors got this. I'm now claim mere half Maine on now only exactly. If Obama Russo to let let how awarded to go by our award because OK no it was it was pitiful excuse and I. I'm glad your dad actually Boller won otherwise we that start again from PayPal would have smells like this close to doing that for my mother. The girls she's like you don't understand Robbie. And I know I get it. I mean yeah exactly I did it you know a trillion Robbie you know what I'm filled out about drama of four escalate I'm in the neighbors are looking yeah. Are those four Silverado is now negative towards a sudden the neighbors are looking and hit it this this is the reason they were to look at it I don't school and using your did that Iowa we'll hang onto it and this this how the driver nick name owner. But here we go Monroe for reasons you miss him but. It was simpler than that my mother of that nature of its two days later geo news I ask what and how that works the wheels it most can get things done. Well when when you don't have the money in all. You know I'm saying you tend to get things they can hardly needs that well all considered before Osborne field probably rule the world by bill and one B hard to do people it Carter's right until you. Miami you know what. At a residence of the conversation after after and I don't think that needs to kill me now says that. Out of sheer and a common share of that file was later did justice -- cars are very brutal and chat about that this will scream. But it is something else to award do we play removed a real world's capital would caller Craig's list challenge. You answer Craig's list challenge 1000 mostly actually can coincides limit. William for the benefit repaid the wrong part of Chrysler. Department outer I've grown apart. But so we shared the game with Rick how they'll say is that Loveland months of challenge and. We shared the game was Richard. And we let Richard pink. The scenario basically we have the scenario and a budget to found the perfect caller for the person in this scenario. So Richard Telus or scenario. On have to credit my friend tablet focus on. So you are a retired. Mafia guy who is now are respectable family in Newton. He had found the perfect call for retired mafia Uga does not sell a Sosa and you mice still have some mafia tendencies. From time I'm still were square to move now illiterate alligators. You like that it is yeah. Mr. I know it's talking about do as best books are written not a and know exactly bestowed an amount of may or may not have a repair those flash huge huge guaranteed student it could just say there's a point in time when much use were predator that's they can distill our view when science come walking in these alligators did you decade even people who. Hilton and shelter out. Bullets. This is a so this a good so now we have to take what's our prize rings were looking for in Mosul older guys or fixed income. I don't I don't know of gangsters get Social Security but you know drug money is green on the ascension list. Suddenly 500 dollar to us we got to sit and if other dollar budgets rather over the break. We're Google Craig's list locally we're gonna find the perfect caller for retired gangster. That's gone straight he's retired. In these live in a legit lively look appropriate legal. The you know this weekend because there's so many options out there when you're Thomas at 500 dollars in monster change what you think your retirement buyout for Reba is a you know one or one. Perfect morning group really nice when one really ruin us on my MB Simon Jon moss himself. John Wells to be in the trophies. As the no but I mean you know a year options really open window on this Craig's list challenges and the NASA. And I'm just I'm having me. You agency forward thinking flawed. If for some reason your retired gangsters going to be drama C four bit. Up from issue making sure will be driving its fourth quarter will look pickets people orbit although I still think is the most perfect color from it. I don't know all the G. Can't argue it. Said he. You mean he can't do gangster things Tennessee for you can do all kinds of things well mainly Hindus brigades stuff and as they've war vet I'm not normalize policy one of those things or 22 wars I'm telling you breeding industry yanks stuff Molina. But you can't do you like mobs phenom. You get a liquid. You ganguly quit him I don't wanna be there and can only by the secret compartments in the mommy child from a Republican to do as Adobe is easier wanna be a runner yet. Of course NASA you know maybe a seat for a bit about to kill a little bit. Gay you'd normally now Miami is and less who are trapped half halfback plus get exit. Richard weasels in cold so I guess the challenges issued if you guys won't play along of course you know month FaceBook cannot post up your local find. The vital Craig's list there's a lot of great pleasure to more phone number outs yes so does the link is though weren't ariston what you might find other locally for Sony 500 dollars they're retired gangster my might wanna purchase. Goes stay tuned we get the Craig's list challenge to a little break here I'm 1063 WORT. What we hot rods that goes well it's and what's what's up man. Sorry had to say something different and Richard Hoss Guinness is in the studio live this. Lets out an upset but you like he is the caller drew influential analyst for. We've brought him into all these Craig's list Shalit he's still may have been making now from the automobile mistakes part of enjoy your life now. You are model now I've had some good now seizure of merger portal built the State's epic. You were made Lebanon that was stake in the house probably made an automobile accident where you don't well I'm pretty sure of that Wellesley in the back of the things that it would dodged. If OK if we're going off conception of the few cars I had I don't when it was shag carpet. You know what this might explain why this might finalize the time in my conception my parents had they send me a K five blazer. And A I must say some more mid eighties caprice station went in. That actually Kazaa a little square bodies and they showings actually explains a lot it's and you blown it and literally. Since them earn. It yourself style in this solicit. It was give us Craig's list digest the Craigslist shells we're talking about a gangster. Retired. Right. And in live in the straighten their own this out of the bowlers. This of the lol. What we've oh Greg was percent to 400 doses. Bowl about it Obama. Aren't Richard a rule that you storage is your biggest. Well. I sound. A 82007. Cadillac SR access TV since her own cadillacs today. Now episode and if governor Al about it on this and that serve my car town has a problem. I don't know how much notice. But you can bias for 45 dollars a week it doesn't say how many we wish we hears this or is it 2007. I gotta feeling and even with the interest I think you'll boo boos than 500 on the about it. Four if it was a case of 45 dollars a week is us. Roughly a 18200 dollars or do you see your probably all over the mark actually. Unlike at we are you with your interest payments that are on a three year automotive for one your probably all over the Marx's. Here the gaels beat that Satan Nia. He probably this little. He's probably listen and probably man we're going Mozilla is usually the Cadillac disorders. It is today at the sharp car and NASCAR's national necessities down on. It's black black leather pretty car. Budgets and a 1161000 miles on which is surprising to me because usually. In those places aren't known for having the cream of the crop east powers. But you have to cadillacs and all of a flavor but you know I got a family now 30636. Period engine via third race seats. Root for money doesn't doesn't say what would. Area locally who is located ambling Greenville Spartanburg. This. All or hurting green though pregnant singer able. Don't give lie I'm not well actually I don't know that it's linger in a T seven to 84. Button. And he phone number is a 336 area yeah yeah that's J. D. Drew right now but it is an agreeable gradualism the country some period accelerates is a great girl I mean. There I mean authorities actually makes corporate middle. And they're they're great callers. On. That's a good one but to me it misses the mafia flavor like that's a soccer mom the war to caddie. Not really enough for the flavor about it revisited isn't because it is caddie. Yeah and drug. A woman scared that you shoot you should be almost clearing 91 countries wagons you should be almost clairvoyant at this point. So from my note Craig's list challenge of a case you're Carr retired gangster fuel retired mob boss I wanna keep him in that look. But I want him somewhat low power in case the you know his old ways can creep about in for the price range of 5000 dollars an instance of bill right now as the one owner. 94 empower us us. Forward and of course of talk really scores a million times this things black gray leather goods as long you fit five comfortably and it. It has everything you need to be a retired mob boss to get the family around and with a LT one under looted skipped when he powered it up ago. If ever the situation we're barraged. And plus the styling is every bit of styling you know. The rules like a big bullet more so Tim Allen put it best this is the love child between a Cadillac and Corvette man is just one of these goers are. Schedules. That things should have been foolish to compete didn't I you'd like him you know you do. Everybody has soft spot from the ninety's symbolic social. Most the people that award and still have a softball Tobler is it and a until they need these things. We'll you'll be bodies he jumpers says that this is just horrific car knows that the purpose of this not a mob boss caller but as somebody that works Geek Squad Desmond know what they drove Volkswagen Beatles love seeing them. This has noticed this moment this is most definitely a market volatile Richard please pick that cattle backwards on about a mob boss wrote a moment ago works for the garbage company your kill me but he cash ms. break off. What are you got mr. expert mr. autumn of mr. hot rod himself what Uga that they will proxy buffalo. Did you get to notice getting this one of them was obviously for them or Craig's list challenge I think this is the perfect small vehicle. You go up because it is a mafia color. 2007. Cadillac DT is the real. I thought about seventy it is directional wheels fall or six nor stolen 140001000. Miles on a clause is had a fresh water Opel belittled it. Taylor guts and though the cups all she's parole this includes Jewish Center in street as the main stream and and. And to those chrome wheels. So I mean that's just the ticket date every six U wide deal with a white car over black only true mob style. The causes the mark caller but it throws that he doll. You know and again not good news profiles nothing New Jersey don't point white canny. But I didn't think that fabulously you were narrow it gators drove it why can't either you pre church or to your peeled one of the to. Or ex mob boss maybe costly Mobil's. So early evenings either at the camp likes the way to go on the I think Kelly he's only a battle think where's that located wears a look at the court actually located in Simpson's new and so are now among liberals. Possibly some gangsters thousands and let's all let alone a lot of witness relocation a little bit of civil real design and maintenance. But so. Mean that's the thing and I would always have imagined. Crumbles horrible if you guys know that my other choice of caller late in time of I want Craig's list misses him off the beaten path. It is I would want like a 8898. Suburban. Blacked out. You know some nice wheels on in blacked out is murdered now. I'm really Google too but it's just don't have that. Yet he holly crew that he named his killer drugs squarely in the PGA as the bill being the only crew time power of him all of them pimple. With a LT one power you Syria to Jordan and you're killing looser congratulations Robert and Q are literature you'd go to. Richard you crawl this tactics. Hello this oryx group was six is clipping or store via Pacific in you know I Islamabad. Swap my just stick and I can elect range. I don't mind upon one locally blood a flea would actually let's sing don't flawlessly and there I can give flea would. At stake in the Cadillac origin so I get my collar classic the Fleetwood war that it palace I don't know if that houses to the spread and say you know master. NN let's Ritchie says he saw a couple I'll know who. How available are here in the upstate but as another car you can definitely give furnace and a 500 dollar mark. Well the flex flexible today something those core values and you can still about limits of their collector who vehicle core I would signal niche market you know what I actually is some homer home better values in the polish sister now we're just trying to figure and that would just kind of like it. In a market standpoint it's kind of crazy to actually think about this and go over Nokia told them values and go easy now easy. Mr. C for Newton. Easy and there and talk about the whole guerrilla Corpas hit. Come down discounts through I guess we'll thank you planned long hop on line help our FaceBook page. Let's now would you think would be the current mob boss car for the retired mob boss. For under said he filed today. And let's go to some can collect your time ABS and cool kitty story you want share with us a strike goes well Terry well thanks for listen hot rods and happy hour right here on 1063 WO Lordi.