Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, March 12th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk car stories.


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Guess what my hot rods and happy hour a day you'll there was also have an edible oil there always that guy is a true man into and I got into these stories for days they were to we go to Atlanta. I can decision total forever always salute a lot of that thing a phone bills when it talks more than others. It was it was a long search and it took Kia three years of us starting this and accumulating this and reaching them means people but I think we've front bounce immortal tune in geezer room for the morning and welcome those shouldn't and it took awhile but it. And we. Who knew there in our backyard and alana Tuscaloosa and model that I guess what they wasn't hard especially ill knows Kohl's net sales colonials will miss. But they want to miss wasn't UK what do. OAANANU. You called me you said hey I had a concern hey did you see that a clips. And our life a life. But rather at a clip tools like dribble to go to get the laundromat we'll use your name on the rowing clips but. Yeah well I am because you should be a picture of an almost every food and yeah well leveled Nia and I almost though most have written muscle tissue well remembers the Mitsubishi Eclipse we I mean he wants fast appears. Date if you went to high school in the ninety's you always. Every hot girl broad eclipsed mr. minister. There's loses chick car or Paul Walker's long. What do you could name a few but yeah I mean look into the wee one in the studio's popular clips. Being a utility is slowly coming all the hot girls drove eclipses and Paul Walker and Paul can go. But you don't say Italy will just you know tourists you know they'll just say. I mean I'm trying to and things it's brilliant man who is a good look at me and they're little green but Milosevic but now they eclipse is kind of a big. Yeah they can put another way of coming up phony looking like tarot aroma like generic looking. And then I wanna when it looks ball he'll make the swollen and then it went away and then it went away another comeback they have Caitlin gender of the situation. The list wages growth of error. It is now some. Well it has became a crossovers so little sliver issue rezone this crossed over to older the rail vehicle home but that all new Mitsubishi Eclipse. Crossed crop this. And basically it's. The best way to describe it won't bring you pictured here and if you take a Pontiac this to its prettiest thing. Take upon it just. Happened and put Mitsubishi will Mosul so make it legal. And you've got them clips crawls. Yes obviously hideously it and if they remain the anesthetic today this is exactly what it is the devil got the crossover businesses will he be make and we first thought Apollo and it is not a sees it for you. Well art and artists we not the things that I say is over the phonies and that picture we're not it's easy for them well I don't friendly at all. I'm timing of those pitchers through on our FaceBook it because I don't live there FCC grandmother your treasuries book I don't I think it was WL I can't you know end and really has threatened to block after some fruit really I left I just want I just wanna talk about this on the air it and you know just share how media citizen does this horrible at one point blank one of the duel over the coming in the Clinton stands to be an actual like game collector car one day. I RER yeah I made the right number eclipses they actually stand or your droll drugs or booze and stuff yeah vulnerability can find a clean on the brink money in about eagle tail and I'm exactly. By the man's version of the club truth. It's her last movie in the world I kinda boring nights when is good. On regardless Gabby what the crap is this mess that they had you know Mitsubishi. Is not known for powerhouse performance scores but the had a platform there well they could re branded themselves within and they did. There they are happy now you guys they're going to be careful lol he told him about deer assume that'll be goals total to our school level for those G two you. Kind of feel or four. The Concord this beautiful literally had calls and a stereo stern on all the cross or conquest. There was some good ones they're that it was in the the eclipse fill rate meg category blues and this. Did you that's horrible that last play it the wolf what is publicity she have in terms of great callers nowadays is all things nuts and what they were known for about 3000 GT Nicklaus stats are now and it's like tacked power houses depth knowledge yet. That woman you're the VR forces had like remote splitters and rear steer in these things were way ahead of their time away and now we have this and now you've got someone who evident we're flip book seats the designer this must obviously worked upon it is sometime to see as a mastic features following a grimace. Maybe it was trying to relive this thing you know the world would anyone want to relive maybe it's trying to correct is wrong ways of I think you give them that I don't blame him to decide caddies yeah. Help us what to do this can only survive the show low you have to some beef forces of rom drive and that things are good a bit eat worms for most of you give me this. Isn't Jeff would you mind of blues Brothers of in jail for this only company we have a police car goes through there stock Galilee we suspect cup shops who are in cup breaks that happen to. I mean this is the thing with the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi heavy honestly I mean Mo Lewis circle and dirt on uncles are dead anyway but. And it's just like. Lebed clips like us that they bring back members that's what hurts our because you cynically as though you knew there was a good looking chick out and. You know it could. Cut. And Paul Walker hold their whole thing to say how Allison take years behind you when I came up every young kid would love blond streaks as they're drove one. In the blond streaks and it's a you did as a when I came over in school. Every blonde haired kid moved wherever blonde streak in that one will ever hear what goes who had blond streaks and as they have is just terrible thing. All you got to come up also after prosecutors came out I'm guessing so definitely would only the first presenters were igniting a nine near the CIA guy in high school high school affords area. Listen you were two years ago was actually cooler out necklace like him there is you were two years old. Need you know yeah and we're tenth in the mean you know when I was nine Orton and yeah I was ten of the last five days management. He was ten. Ten when Paul Walker was whip it around in the clips from the thirteenth feature a mission and and I'm staying here also you know what I did. When passengers. I was driving my caller to the movie the 800 Buffon later mustang this but there are now and election for Honda's our guests. We went out street racing after launch in the fast and furious with the reason that put a warning improve DVD. I really high here I am a dvd with the morning. Exactly you view your welcome back I guess who a little bit throughout. There's just some things this so called will be elect is usually sold to be an old. But just the once this okay. Kinsler back remind their our. Back in my bet you a school have in the causes such a yeah was a much like him there. There room looks much but you know announcements until scuffle in the first one front clips. And Manhattan for an unimaginable which is it weird I you know life unity can answer you don't question your first wife and it clips. BM. They some elements of issues. Exactly this is bad for business agree upon divorce is mostly Hindu Kush Coburn cars bringing about divorces today and Annan never had a diamond star whose whose academic star players. I. Why didn't come here today it is bash on mysteries we have some cool stories so we do physical stores Coolio we're talking core stores are ultimately. And this is the thing about our miles an hour is a look at the goals we of the freedoms talk about it. And I believe in Richard noble loser because lower total about it and a rubber nose because he knows me him any good caller. Has a good Steward I think it's fair to say actually and we got a few really good color shorts come for you guys. So Richard you're getting good commercial orders. Yeah I know is that I don't know what about certain oak robredo the gets nearly doubled to fulfill my own or another and another log run has Google's yeah. How much and look hopefully you're you're still available at about these two are sure well I mean that one can play here evidence you know moments ago when will screw him. I'm yes you're right every every car has a good history to a man like my first car my first it was a 63 Bel Air which is the endeavour's of them that are deep and version of them polished. And you know Graco are all that. But it lived a sheltered life and that's something called no by the car when I got the car has 74000. Miles on and that's because Graham altar of the church every Sunday and went to the grocery store. And then somewhere along the ways this thing got. And I ended up within ID Graham on an even more. And the car lives on today I actually totaled the caller and it was restored for court due to these three power glut car. It was restored back to how I built it Andy lives on and somewhere in North Carolina last I heard. But I mean yeah of course of a story like that this is called final mildly and will. Tell bus on here in just a few wouldn't commercially and shrug us stay tuned to listen I'll Rosen have been our Radio One a 63 to VO already. Guys welcome and hot rods and happy hour we're talking caller story as we head. The story master so mistreated belittled earlier than in Russia it'll store with some buddies. 63. Bella is Kirk hit the governor's plan is or is good or. Always there's always a lot of stores as it's a formal as many in the sixties you doesn't he kids are made to back that thing. I practiced few times schools program and you were paint a picture nobody Wolfson Citi cut capital you know. Well tolerated none of them just below or stay out rather let's just keep it there okay it was given a wholly fair enough room just. Yeah them breakfast my expert witness some we'll sort that gives away and minnesotans can attempt to slam. But. Does the things school about a store sort of sheer political story again. In the aluminum demand warrants and maybe maybe maybe and it on SEC component. The sketchy. And you know proposal converge on one phone this one so yeah I. But I could hear there's so many Jewish ritual that actually got a really funny story is very ironic. Almost orderly Obama sees recorded. And do I get my local corpus from dead mud that was cool they still support it. Home so it was and what what knows about ten years old my dad had an eighty warned Corbett the wheels very odd is actually a bright white. Corporate groups these three group. But I think it was called us and like orange interior let a camel colored in tears. Amy actually bought it out of Clemson, South Carolina this thing was medically and his global core this was probably. He. Early in early to mid ninety's were running their own plus super. My dad and it's so funny a mechanic is the world's worst move their cars. My desk a woman's we can clinical people and then he can there's nothing the can't fix. But this Goran bad master silver only drove elective for the three months. Yeah with a bright glow on the day she knew it was rule that would route runner and does medium and this cool little Sunday afternoon. Will run there you know anyone waiting and Ritalin riddled streets of breaks. Pups but we'll TV station wagon running back who. It'd just let me just put a couple little stress crane truck in the corner of the knows who Roberts. No harm no foul there you go cops out there. All right so keep my weren't worth the riddler or they're little or more career real closer to an award winning Hampton. Steve's what we're shop owner rights pumping your picture and drawing a map now. All right so. Fast forward to forty years later. I run down the road in must see three custom Corbett. There's just so happens that the bad missile wrote causes it to dump fixes on cruise and rail. Run down Judah unable in the play a normal. Come come go to annual neutral way to inaudible or with it breaks. Blum hit a forced issue went in the back after literally within fifty feet of where my bet is that one. For the same reason. Well I know my Koran fiberglass and those from have a big English there it'll throw. And it made a crack about three inches long home front born solid it to a male was a little file mama when I hear it. Well the lady officer pulls into the portal and will muffler shop so room. And it also fundamentals. We couldn virtually the same spot that does set in as a child will my father. I'm sure there was this lady with my Corbett an outline to a feeling that the original ticket twist for the worst. Actually it's hilarious comedy. In it's actually a it's actually a whit and Anna who wager that he is a list in this. But the funniest part about what I'm in the wrong I hit her in the back. And Communist state South Carolina should be backing up the road I'm still roll. Okay so we pull over this lady has heavenly condition lower hope we didn't miss a group corporate I think his gorgeous. It made us scratch her back bumper like a little risk she said I've got word about this thing look at that incorporated character's full room from. While it into the about it as she says I'm fine if your phone so she leaves. Well sort of think about it will. She must've called and reported. What was she did on some measures can be found out about they say that that you were relaxed we want to make sure your callers okay. Missile discredit the sport bullets and insurers it sort of just round a look at mark caller. Honestly you know and found the customs board crash book then. So he looks up a full grain wood body kit. Through this caller. But give money single 4800 books they wrote me a check for that and the body shop install it about nine green from three it's correct collectors and if all the bills about to begin with. Well. Like. I hit that lady again today so that was a win. In her that it shouldn't issue and that would. Too bad look at you still look like her. But I would only you but the thing that was funny was the spot that it happened. I mean that was in the same spot same reason same. Or he by another court don't yeah I'm not going to put the club I don't though maybe give you actually this election were got a good you know but I mean. Let's see three very. Gonna do an award or Roethlisberger there that's bad. That's true. How about you Richard your things strewn over the entry well probably not think it is the third but you know what you know what and I really appreciate you get home equity that's Liza. Those little holes or developments vision. A home. Most fifteen years old. That the real Brothers. In 1993 my middle brother tan. Ball himself brand hammer in new U bright red spots the dog styles him. Nudged on the license assisting. Now it is for the kids today about it back then and are obtaining due license. And my parents went around town summer is thousand high schools. And I guess at school but I was bluster I'm on myself with this brand new doubt styles but. Shall my parents didn't and my brother and ten fearless and disarm. Palm. Within those and an editor of stick just fine and I'm not knowing that of course the keys to this Koran near an obstacle. It's such. Arm ticket. Saying it regards politics to cigarettes resentment. And six and kisses here. Today you know I don't think kids have changed in any Richard and I think it was another film got I'm just us postal Alexander who adores bottle away year you know really notice a ticket out of sun take in our hands and take it Greer and cliff along a bow to get angrier statement on us many miles are a little to win linger and talk are tosses and turns around and I was right there. That's it. Wherever the reds as a river south savor. Yes similar right there and Joseph and all of the hill and savor a threat memorize it and act cop concede because like he had we've lost vision in each other. That aside and Amanda Ford. I was another first car chase a reasonable. Arms and just nailed it down Seaver and never look back and that was my first time runner from the police. Until you say that like. We've done it several times and I so now's the time that I ran from police. Very interesting sort of goes a little year old girl and Feliz we were ever hear a thing like that Poland has been out of the closest thing illegal Erica hold good old. Wednesdays and Richard. You mobile little which you really consortium is so yeah that's not not like lately durable power list and just thought there's. Updates more concerning things these marsh bring Tim out man and zone only every time we could still a good story gets. Let's get paid for and have a running from police officers story here in just a minute but will say that for after the break all right guys stay tuned for some more incriminating information from our role right here all hot dogs and a PO 1063 to view Doherty. I got Bloomberg about tolerance and have been in a row all that's happened and there. The user to notice about this coup which triggered schools to Richard. Richards didn't do knew bad bass who stole that out there. Fear is these guys street grid now you won't know you're challenged and reduce recruitment is I'm I'm well. There was a time aren't from the house I I did by proxy though I was guilty by association you have to be an caller all of them caller okay yeah this I just got rationing gas pedal. Oh yeah yes. So you have accomplice know I was the account was actually. Due to ill OK so I am. Flashback of so many years ago. You couldn't do my high school days and say cousins slash friend just got a day 87 as mobile cutlass supreme to door. Black red and guts and we've those the greatest thing ever you know as sources of fastest scoring average you know. Yeah G buddy yeah who was VA you know it was actually 350 gore. So it'll open up your. Anyhow with those various thing ever route went around back bruising campaign. And bullets do c'mon at some point and it. We say the places we took this car to make sure the cubs did not follow. On the if your if your really familiar ringing campaign. And you go toward the Kelly driveway area of meaning can he had notre this international forest area. Backers are slide accessory for loggers and things like that. This move will make them on those roads and came out on the other side of the cup car never follow us. Blow the hell we put that car through going down the sexist root for logging pleased that this thing at war we'll get to know she actually you know that you via the classic goes well we'll Max yeah that's that's plan on it felt still it's it's well. Little it actually is actually great looking gore is beautiful indoor call it was before it is that true yet let's just say this thing come eligibility for world drug mud bug him on the other side but we did X gave the law because that in there weren't daring enough to chases the little piece of me want matters. Sonia bum the other that super liberals like those my only running from the walls. Does momentum now I didn't have a little altercation with a law office for a couple years including in the 63. This goes like this is actually you have an altercation with the anyone I can't even imagine though remain. Bomb this fast forwards to my college that is actually isms sixty theory. And I was limit class when they lie and I had a professor now in rural class form. And a look back Joan sixties or think you mentioned on here for. But it Lewis forty or 63 Bel Air where Paula for those who don't understand Bel Air. Mom and 283 car it was cool popped up a man had some nice bolt on duties will miles cam two it. Above all of Moses you know 2831 of them made 200. Well the Terrell Favre made what 250 horsepower bestsellers 23230. Here yet. This one probably done every bit of that with the at a mosque is there was a general fort York. Our lives and you know it's not really you know was on my line I want my professors at a 1966. Mercury Montclair. With a 390 big book also for core big heavy core. Pretty. You know such does equally matched anyone's race thing. As the final race for us and tomorrow so I guarantee you will of smallpox it was get what takes me the only book for. So we get on top symbol boring meaning can mean if enough mayor Andre past seen the city police department. It's a nice country straightaway. It's for alliance he can get to wind and we random leaving now the university. Needless to say the bill or walk him but these are two very obvious callers and they stick Alex or films my Villar was blue on black and his bravery and with Dwight Tom. Well he carries on Spartanburg I have to class. So we get out and now you know we leave off to a possible Florida after stretching legs and we get down 176 which is the main highway turns in the pine street Spartanburg. He has on Spartanburg S circle back around I'm coming down constable lower and back toward the union. Also there's blue line bullets in my Amir's pull over. And it was a nice older officer and he a can of tuna soon. Mr. pages come through here comes the minister. And ace. You mine until meanwhile you felt the need to drag racing from the city police department. And now a straight up honest with the ya I told me exactly what happened what I told he has just now. And desire and he got illustrious church and insurance is yes or any moment. They came back to the car and I am everything Isa and mr. Bennett. He's anomalous Joseph for the warning just because we don't have your professor with the today. He says I just want you be mindful makes them feel the need to give a drag race and they simply say it was beautiful machine and around them are new jury sure appeared meaning can they should you give back glass on today and one male. Actually. An LA and footage that you told this story like that because I've got to phonies and all of this one also the like that. Back in high school. My good friend been mails back. Vince bit me and they were title there as you probably. Bit at a 98 cobra. And he could widen and he covered that was his baby and I had 94 mustang GT convertible. And comparable is always worn blue Majid today and we'll Majid juice pack a little more heat than the stock. And our home here forty years and things like that and we've done little work to it to good mustangs stuff could Muster and stuff. This thing at a zero to sixty with a Rory and zero to a hundred with a school books. I took and took all the horse Mara had put in one spot I picked. Legislation social run their awful lot of Jews ball fine etiquette you rub their blood and had nothing else pass certain gear. Half. We riding down actually glad that warned road it will stand on them whether there was forties sort of news in review sugar building now and minimal. So called Russert to gridlock where they're fairway you scorer and CVS are currently intersection. In Darfur. We're sitting there and then we roll look what turned through. Vince look at that. I'm looking at the end. A looker room looking over little review mirror to see anything. A drop will boost in download you're a solution. Rick give. A global outbreak is automatic or. A colorful brick a little bit lower premiums up a little bit we left wants them. Upload about Carling that I am a former co overall for. And then the Blue Line can't let that happen but win it. Will that's the most important came in behind me. So he must deter at all industrial he must've been coming up all that when he signals go through life. Well bin. Keeps go. Which it'll bloom award took food dream a turn and give my. Among nineteen year old Q Drummond 94 mustang GT with a dealer title back. Sitter rattle and under oh well I absolutely all the stuff. Yeah and couples where would pull a Russert the little smokers station broke their own right. And pulled it and he's gonna see your license and registration. And prevent insurers and of course you will do all that was bloody avenue to idleness Colin and explained that. Whatnot will bid terms are railed. At that there's a glass place across the street people and power or run across the street. So he gets old speaker entails and become over the years so be it comes over his guard down he has this book. Well PS for billions license registration proof of insurance. Would let us give back and Coleman the status of the callers can. She can't sell their for an hour a little bit possible this will go to. And all thing about the Woodward about going to jail was worried about you McCall in empire out of work but the while we're Toma prayers. You will let you won't believe is. Scared that they're just picking domain you're whatever you they are how will make them believe this. This cups in this coma Fulham he's column in and that's kind of message Internet we're going to jail you know whatever. He gets these things that is full he gets out of scored a key Melissa and power we stood outside. He gets this kind of cool as fall. He walks over to us has to blue piece spoke folder. And consumer information public newspaper has been his of provision that would be split were. Piece of Phil's peace it a little finesse scorers. He's elected most of and Eason did things look bad Leslie and red. And street race. But a lot don't have to do in the city agreeable. And until those taking these and have a good night he wrote us a warning ticket I don't it says older chick street racing. Ha ha ha ha ha. People Isabel Mosul lady industry announcement itself but we stay there for an hour I knew I was going. Our continuity elsewhere are we had a good lie Alando open everything is even get to use his make you guess Clinton and exemplary Tom I mean like a wind and it burn outs later just go man touched it and accounted for good exits and then it's a green owner of speed the city getting you to a real ticket. Like our build this up. You sneaking yard trader lie I got all I get this also blocked cooked green it was going to be great no. And I also know I your reply you don't get away with a whole you know from you know. But listen thing's fallen about to lose these stores amid this was so many years ago but I mean. Medium bid still talk about that night to this no yeah every time we evaluated forever and though we really forever. And to scale Obama it's what was going to be a they would don't scare causes these commercial breaks and we have to take one or Obama are those things we're talking color stories right here on ultimately I want a 63 W Doherty. Young Muslim intolerance and at the awards on course stores and Richard you shoot one. Ulf global Mosul commercial break and I'll be honest we. This is a good color story and it's only gonna deliver the power to make him repeat this one. Lula of believe it or not this involves police you've been who until the selflessness and resume your Carson reduced from these wells. One it's 11 years old. Miles 88 trans am GT patriots off to via fox beak are off with little Campbell announced its quick car. And one weekend a later and lives off authored in the morning recognize it's there's no longer late night Richard it's early it's early in the morning that barely the following morning and if I'm permitted couple buddies Monaco in Tuscaloosa for and that we work with. We are come on back from his house style now. Mystery spot had back towards Taylor. From The Sims and older action. And nobody Munson in the backseat and he says. Payment how fast this thing you think an Aston Martin bond down. Senator just killed this thing Charles Colorado 140 enemy house that's where things need elaborate golf. And of course umbrella Tsongas be safe along. We NSA Carolina distancing funny and Doug on that's the it is car in the distance is an open this century long. Says we're purchase it got a little left lane and slow down a lot annually to thirty. See it's a fully Marguerite mostly police cruiser and you know I'm new in twenty now on treaty thought. Can you imagine the strands and shaken in the brake dust fly in office he's one under the breaks. Until but is this process I'm not gonna patent. But I didn't really mean choice it basically stopped and upload a mom in those prison they would rid X that was actor go into anyway. And he's behind me no lights you know no no drama Obama guitars and on turn left on Haywood and never as the east crown gas station right there. It's a couple and they were my full tank of gas and apple out yeah I. Color on building. And I get out and pump gas and I'm just pray and hair becomes very slowly. Homely or on the billing goes arm out the window window down. Stuff to put some part case. Sandra from our solidarity. Unlike is and so let's say yes there he said many of your piece of advice. The next on the union buddies are out at 5 in the morning raison down 38555. Miles an hour too bright lights on. You be a little bit more careful here come and I'll phone. That's had a yes there certainly will he said go on her career fair closure slowest round home over. Is global I was shaking secondly shift or do anything it's it's it's funny you to required dropped him. Yeah are you bounce off my story earlier it's funny so that I had not as funny now as elaborate by an interesting thing that haven't main. Thumb when efforts moved Spartanburg a lived over on the Isa towns and some apartments. And this was my 96 impala SS days and I just put exhaust honestly you know you're excited to sell and you wanna residence where you go because you like you're in your results. And now they got the shift to neutral equivalent student for the first couple months of that guy has a low. Like I look forward they were. Vote but no oil seriousness some ever in early draft Carla you guys know what he won a race she. It because it is also Smart people just they galleries. And I'm uncertain there. Let's see where it ramat great there east mainstream content street we're really cross over in Spartanburg in I'm heading back toward the senate now. And no worse that said their rate at a rate of life my thing the first ray of light is rather like the substation. And there's a really short red light distance the next one which is or their commerce university. And dom we're ciller says relate to red light them up on my ego like 200 foot three and for the maybe. And others Corey so I mean you know and he's like revenue of one race. And I forgot what the car was but I knew like there was an issue I can definitely racing. And the so I hated and the car ends up turning there's deterrence by guess in the congress or in between that he relies in a move over and delay plan just like got a real or what often never sped. Never done a burnout never done anything like that just got to speed down real quick. Well what I didn't see is like at the substation there was cups of their watch in the entire thing. And dumb. People's now and pulls up beside me at an extra life. And numb I see him rolled out his window and motioned for me to do the same so I rolled on the window. And it looks over recent solid place at a low IQ score. He's Obama really need for you not believe this red like the same way you didn't last long. Bases that's against her pieces as a matter of fact he said where you have NASA home easily as a good place for the mind. To it and let those that didn't seem. Got a cool sport story we usual of the street racing tortoises and done. Wrote that Westgate mall and what we would do is we were Smart about it we've videotape or drag racing. Things so out of radio carried by the convertible solar bio video out among core. But a 99 Luka edge by stone GT this coral brave new caller there isn't. Call for June trend Salem that was running on two or six we would slow down stop critical to doing. We would hold traffic back let them eat jars of the need to take off. The gusts were going home any barrel roll the nine and GT right there there's a concrete. Gutter like that a drain wrote that. He rolled cold and landed upside dale right there advantage. Adam got an old tape which is the craziest thing so we pull over. You know make sure there are okay and luckily both humans humans were overlooked or and they were okay. There and done you just seen the people coming out of the woodwork. Amigos yeah they were used or stopping traffic for five minutes on voices. You've got traffic jam go. Well the problem is not smartest move in the world doing this. Peoples are poor they were street raison. And a reversal announced that wasn't there Mara you'll look good ot we'll see guys do not affect. The corset mayor's own as root. We cheater slicks on the back go to meals on Villarreal a governor's chief people listen to your bills now here's the real question do you still have the footage actually probably somewhere do you have like that big Sony indie game. And liberalism very Indy goes it was like this doesn't text book of world have to dig those glitches that you'll still we actually had a statue limitations in the states who were gold medals those are full and not that that's sounds like yeah I mean Jesus say you have mostly just by rolling down low they either didn't know the fact that you weren't in the ditch what does this mean that does make the evening and what they're in the battle werewolves the mix not were out doing it again that's dummy would you slows them. I mean I think you know crippling that don't have two nights in row you don't remain coming to a regular mall I'm Hillary doesn't flip almost exactly. And well. I nominate a mines and momentum do you look at Ford Ranger Nick Punto caught a few who have been exactly a few. Deal of that's the thing that's full of these stories you know when you're used to help would never want to at least we're Smart kid. I think I don't have any. The goals I would never totally sources I was scared I'm glad I don't have kids because they do have the things smokers thought oh no you're UC if you have kids it be worse because I think god has a funny way of punishing people for that home made it my kid would have liked hoops and Holmes. I shot until it on the and that's not because of who you date benches him. Bruton and that's that's the stuff but that's less than they could result from day joke last week was hidden agendas and tell you who lives instead they're hurt but how often who have a girl in the studio and there you go on the way to go Robert. But I amuse your government and yes that's I. Well I don't have Pryor's anymore and it's a story for another episode of and kill we killed. Uga put you off Phil goes we have boy they are in a quick question no mud on one and it has been to jail for anything Obama related. Yeah but I doubt we'll see little similar product welcome Dan though I spent the night yeah Ronald never never never automotive related column she have there been cars involved before but. All continents and automatically in their. Own citizens you does a lot of people mama Morton warned not. I mean you really really weird me out a funny mama don't miss they weren't amused or sales and thought it was made and I thought well the bad guys. So you are an a and he. You do it differently no daylight Zeljko walker has the bad mail in my career like you guys kid or something will so will the Iowa menu and maybe next week remind Iran to court to riches has been pretty fumble were on revenue of this week ragtime all right Gaza today you don't think your body for listen to play along Youkilis and doesn't feel right here won a 63 WO Lordi.