Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, March 5th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk about the future of Hot Rods.


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Guess what color doesn't have as Robb Pitts and what's happening dude and of course we got how resin that are fun to above slash caller guru mr. Richard Hoskins himself in the studio. Lets out an upset. Until you guys. A look now Richard interest and so. Mean Richard injures himself like we're in order to college radio station promotion are like hot girl's room to room herself that these that coup that any drugs that she'll be Daytona Z. I'll just say can hit it real the real ladies Mac this is. Cheeks create between interval or turbine rooms. My management service to. Printers case to enters Keith the loan that big demand and think card violence on the other I'll be honest we you know come and go for an my. And to. And to say it. So retirement. I don't we we got some stuff coming up in our future here that we do we have some way cool stuff we got some police stuff coming up in the near future again it was a timing here it is that time here it's crazy coercion season or the twenty person that's pointing the fourth of manhood ponies in the smoke keys and beautiful corrosion forced in the C and that's of course in the month of march. And and April's roam around we're getting here on manifest old man Carol motive for us to recruit this year and California life. Yes and we get the mini truck in the acts in May devalue the same way again the same week in this room we're pulling double the in the in the mix will we get the Camaro or this career together and Winston-Salem. We allow them to a local assurances. Let his latest is our time lately it. Like wedding crash or seasonal exactly like Hewlett I don't know how to slopes little boy is doing it like how they feel like just Borland season but I think it's gonna be four or should season and it its about sent out like sort of look on the up or lighten your appeal of boots or anything yet. But like a whopping my callers them. Like getting ready you know occasional homeless and gritty. Let present moment show pictures just perfect and things like that we rubber Motorola on and nags us gather and same thing here is a little girl you know. And that in thirty U weirdness and forties and for you know me that militant 40 1000000 am how how can I guess. But a local orchard season. But they went out when he has a love being in this hobby for as long as I don't see all the changes of what she grew. A wash prospered. In the field is what you wore what's coming next and that's a very interesting topic what's the future hot rod. What do we shall see you know all the hot rod magazine cover ten years from now into. About twenty or thirty or forty years from now. A wanna answer and frown but it'll probably be pretty cool whatever I think it will be I mean this is a thing and you're like well you know you rumors future. Okay we'll step back let's go to the mid ninety's. Mid ninety's. Wools ha Streeter it's things like that street robbery he usually a lit everything the little all this stuff. Really no late model stuff I mean you at gas fix if you compares most earnings. The bells about the just did fast stuff that wasn't really really hot rod of course legitimate news new cars Fuhrman and fast yelling as far as our entourage isn't stuff. Way too much. Way to usher has still co owners. Purples peaches. Between the and we didn't have a few people you didn't like is another man that came up which we do what you looking for LL as well as purple as Rezko like well some currently feels like burlap with puzzles. Yeah yeah that's what it looks like I did my ego of this speech 32 Ford was between injured seventeen and they'll it will and bill through and that in the Terkel is scale yes yeah it looks like it looks like the Easter Bunny himself designed that passed in the 2000 an indelible airbrushed a lecture on all that's half to. Put its you're seeing remote grim bothered juicy releasing him on the back it is it is true answer you. The united tour yeah monopolies or can you imagine these guys if they knew what would be hot down a rat rods at its ignorance. These guys would drop their quick detail work if they're a good god. I mean look at that I think on the plane on literal it's rushed. Then maybe that's not pass stale that's Bettina hello flicker of balls and I mean really does is exactly. How well. The Carolina squad you know me oh. Oh how about the Gaza trucker magazine and none of us got a hold of that. The bulls got half a lower get a little thing as color just look at the I have lived over there and now and we can't have a drop on. Today you'll that they do you horrible fuel multilingual popular with a Google kept. This horrible on me that's the dumbest thing ever. In terms of styling on a Korea have to agree that they can't handle workflow be with Clinton. In terms of styling and functioning in the autumn of world that's probably the worst track or does all Madrid's little corpus the a little closer to Illinois and huge boost for them now are you don't think that I assume the worst of both those guys they'll. It's horrible. Horrible horrible but we're talking about trillions of what we think so abrupt no crystal ball out what Purdue would be deported day. General Florida. There won't tell you what I think. It's going to be. The next hot thing in and then we got to root cool colon gets this attitude really cool he has. And this goes to show low blow to a little California style believe that the there though some beautiful course we'll talk about the little little more later. So are relatively about. You week mile week. You know had a stroke or a trip callers puzzle that if yes that's another thing that I see this going to really be in the future. I figure that a lot of the rap that he's going to step into the trending of automotive world ruler is going to be a that is they're now under with customized and because. You're not married to now I don't think isn't it trend I think it's a solution. Oh yeah you know it is something we've talked about before the rap industry actually. We're going to see it today I love it when he is on mr. wizard about perhaps in the rap industry went well. I actually have talked about this with a few people have proceeded to a future where years go by a white or black or and it's going to get wrapped the color you want before you can leave the dealership. Certainly you'll have colors ordered via. So this could use oral playing one death and get wrapped up. I really ugly heels of that because don't know stripes. Yeah really I mean I mean in early as the customers into dealers can make kill all of there are so funny this is exactly. And sun and half and human instrument or too weird that that's a foreseeable trying to think about how easy it is to customize tolerate from your dealership. We'll Julien did curriculum as these payments in Munich hopefully custom paint job if you'll bottle around. Break from the dealership. No questions asked. And coming baseless warranty. May oh air really is embryos we it's actually tougher than there really is there really isn't the rapist and the reserves or easier. But we are being the Phoenix thinner than usual things it's not like custom mix paint yeah. And me you order off shelf and excellence and it really doesn't so many ways of the reps. How how afraid of reps are really. I think there's going to be a big big trailer it's they were going it'll all these things you just little bit Richard virtually anything cool excellent tolerant Muslim you. And you can implement its bond. And I welcome and welcome to radios don't wash the Cadillac through the weekend those worms. One. Richards I don't know I did drive how can this weekend you do that's right after got a good order and that. Let alone that I since they were really lackluster. Now I don't want to I guess. That bad Richard and hit open look at it was also in my home psychotic she is the best source that I netted Estrada. On medium term English. I'm I'm just like trying to figure felt like you then of luxury with moderate to forget until this during the housing it was last week and blow was blustery and actually I forgot that I didn't make it here blustery here. Alone but not a lawless and got to hang out gardeners. Yeah she's gore it's. This order dropout truer today are its on the lift right now actually it's wired on army is ready to be put together. You share a love it our ability to order it is that there and easily digs Juliet. Also Paulson also got cool callers look at magnolia but they would I don't want. And you know what's coming. Commercial breaks too and do nothing but a but I got to stay tuned we're token the future of Colorado and Omaha rosneft IPO and we guess more news coming up in the armor world rare one of 63 to be Doherty. Yeah Muslim intolerance and happier note. Well what's happened then do that we are Richard Haas who's in the studio the morals and happy financial analysts. And I think Uga so this regular financials you ask me sound like California's gonna do to somebody and. And kind of cavaliers along the lines of the soul automotive trim thing do a little bit. So if you not been on the drive over recently come into good give placed upon Automotive News really is. There really so articles pre harassing. Did you eggs automotive to pay one point seven million dollars for selling illegal courts in California. Now this is a nice click baiting misleading title here is a sounds like they're doing some shady crap. But really no it's California hook put the blame here. All this comes down to is there's sailing normal air cleaners cold air intakes. Exhaust models because of modified parts. That are not emissions passed in California. Says the same port always produce yet offered easily so it's good stuff that we can buy here in south Carolina's 110%. What it legal. In California is illegal have. One now. Caller by the we talk about them before the California automotive group there research forward the other you think you. Bum deserves the once cracking down on this because these ports. I guess when did you start well yeah NN air filters doesn't help. When we went in it's we older there vehicle with. A pound Kirkuk in California. Golfer age right. That's religion it is and I'm is horrible yes appoints him to. You probably better off smuggling cocaine than you are. Colder and takes presence in Yemen is not like you know. I mean can't complain it's your primary thing coming normal helmet could possibly be economic news and in Nevada are on the same color and taking over the border no say in your legal. I mean really it really makes no sense but you know time backed we're talking about the styles of horror. You know things like this is really putting a leg cramp review on the aftermarket styling. Because you can't do good X amount. And you know right now it's pretty much is California how long performance plus dialing described the performance of home. Honda and as part of its styling a man. A fresh start with Mike Olson style they exactly in my mind engines and style. But I mean you know I'm says it does it puts they bring on the industry. Does and then this is the thing we're facing a multi billion dollar industry knowing and we've won a state that will stick your nerves. And edit and the worst part is this is the state where it all started and yeah I mean really. Speaking of that springer of culture have you have you watched the movie lower area no notes in the water. You guys are no limits on. It's in its own bread boxer now seeing you know all of that way. You guys they want to exit talks about California culture Angela writing community. And it really hits on my head and like how deeply embedded that culture is. On AA and and you look David if you know lower writer guy going to be another you know been in the switches suckers now Melrose listen and you know snoop. Coming you can really appreciate the culture because we kind of shared the same like some similarities well the whole upbringing. Just let me that your current Aaliyah people turner knows these guys are fabric care leaders certain. Well I mean it you know I hate to say nowadays with you wanna get this point in the cart community just to hang out all right guys nowadays we built the culture haven't gone yet. A lot of it is yeah and and it's not the cultures coma and that's that's. That's the harsh. The strip it off. That's that's why did not literally a little of the revenue due to bad keeps its success that's else slowed less tough love that cultures that are the horse layered. It's just don't have any solely anymore. I NCAA put it that way to me it's dead. I think he can be revived but I think it's dead what do you think Richard. The modern style fluff has not as much imagination. Is there once close and and yet only a hundred at something so many different ways. Com in the neck and there's not that there's anything wrong with and it sounds not it's not creative but it's not the same thing as you know morning. All of your body together on Nissan hard about it. And cotton out all the fenders that you came late frame. I think he's I support and go back to the fifties and sixties and even seventies style customs. You know you look at Corvette this past week. Look and it'll be another possibility about tell us a little bit about that Corvette always doesn't do you you think about custom corvettes. The thing is cool about these goers is home for first gulf before any quorum it appears gets into is the essence those in the email her. No chorus were harmed in the making of this rocket that's. At bullets. I have a confession to make. I have a confession. I'll like Corbett Smith didn't mean to die off I support you Lowell could Corbett. Adam you know don't give me wrong there's nothing triggered this a beautiful meet your that's all regional would not golf wields a low. Which will solo. That same caller would like do fingers on the back of getting weird out yes for candidates like Myers stationary replied yes. Home I mean like mark Horton has got all the beaches and and exactly look like plastic fantastic. I'll look. You know you don't see is a guy taken a Corvette now are taken you know Camaro or anything in modifying in that way you just don't Selig you development. You know are my dad would tell me source he you know goes stingray bay grown up. They probably have like thirty layers of clear on in this crazy paint job nobody does that even anymore. Enabled you to notice much. And and the while customizing. And you were like look good guess we're only talking to you're the next. Mr. Gerry knew this guy is a customized in his garage of these guys these dial or customized I know those guys aren't there anymore. On things like that. And even if you look like chipped close and Dave came to produce safe customizing. Let it be you know why they're not stupid to you for a candidate though he's not afraid to have really cut and and it's something I mean and really seeing his hair cut here for it ought to be held Colorado and is a master fabric chatter as just average person can't see would need it now. That's true. I mean like he's those doomed chopper sixteenth of an inch. Yeah but you know what things he doesn't mean people generally don't do it anymore back then you have people do amendment Rogers. When you had chopped G10 bands coming out it and you did you talk about the meters next to worthless next. I just think about Jeffords has to say it's what we know what that was that was cool. People people done that nowadays way east final couple stickers on it and you trust when every car show award there is. I mean you you serve a point there you don't buy custody and I custody and I'm in the business is so uncertain stickers but. I mean that's to me Indiana as a custom player and a personal touch. But a main issue really carry above and beyond that and Mexico are yours does not really cost exactly exactly. All you do is put a personal played on in the the point that's all you do. I just want to say well you won't Toma making some custom. Are calling guess come in the mix this we a little commercial break state do we're talking hot rods regular ultimately a 1063 WORD. Gotta look with a hot rods and that does Robb Pitts. What's happened and it Allman considering that got a great coal industry or run today. Who yet with the mr. June and from and customs now since this is well like the goals. I'm self pure oil. With California cool. This guys California cool in South Carolina Barack is a really do want to show book. Bad idea on economic done JT lit maze right in the business laying. I don't well. It's going to do it man I let alone it's a family affair Colorado's what do people all the time this is a low or quality. I love the co political front because it is a family thing on the third generation called a love this stuff and images like your sons and I mean these it's it's worth more than a hobby it's a lifestyle. I had Carlisle started mated by my dad had a key but it projection and good luck and how the kid and I started playing with a most working. But today Ahtyba and now the debug to get hot again. Yeah and up and that they must go ahead of the twelve spoke mad men meeting will limit brand since it seemed like it being greater super sports and career of the night and Jim. Political project. What can emerge in that room and not watch. Or to go out today what four till bush gave his stuff bore us this hat so all the way to go sometimes. The artwork back and a well I mean it's it's it's it's a great platform really and truthfully I mean. Yell at a lot of industry because of an amendment you know this too it's harder put Ford Motor in some callers that is to really traditional small watchable. Yeah added that the. So these newer Ford motors and so out there try to get all the wiring down. The other end here they're given they're you're storm season coyotes while your interest Ursula does play well late Molly mes today. Day one of those gold illustrated on the day old loved boom in the last 41 Willis. And ruler and luckily all 64 Damien. I don't deny you just go up countless take on the old school gave me Willies but it. All fairly well. Oh yeah you know and things funds are all proof street and what I would do is I would go with a per freaked out called out room look at warning but twelve of the Geico just. You know low profile nice big meet some wide but more approachable and build. A look up those colors those gorgeous icon. A look nothing amiss that they'll be a fun twist on the traditional Willies so those what you got going on no new doesn't run a wool or panel. Well we've got a 31 model Edward RY window coupe JJ gets stated. All black. Quality and gear and Estrada are flat head and it does not be blocked you know if you line. Plaid and let a that the C six training and the old saying he heads on it. And today what does a blast from the pastor there. Yeah good dual card eaten not most cool car it. Yet has put air on it which is challenging sat out on the flat and. That's that's a major ordeal all play and. Yeah let's dig out of down south got the most votes you had men try to try to keep a look an old school also ready here you're at. There's they're below. The engineering their relocate. You know grabbing a houses south try to make it disappear. There's a lot of places to hide things a little model. Not credited. Yeah exactly that's extremely tricky where they're already got a good act. Earlier on this law on the inside of the brain morale is got better dramatic outside. Yes so it gave his room and inside Iran all. On an eighteen year lines. As I'm thirsty for Mercer I'm really big goal just sterile engine department and things like that. But at 34 do you realize how much stuff I'm running through the frame of the score tied trying to hide everything. All right and it is just. I mean it and it was those the biggest nightmares height craving everything into the sturgeon for that awarded. Cannot see it. Nowadays are organized. When they have an opportunity to do an a frame our building area and actual also Lawler ready or not tunnel. Either way to rowdy and likewise the bank like that created arms and make them accessible let. Ga you're you're seeing a lot of that done was like only reminder you know your modified cars nowadays LS while smaller. Guys are high and everything and it looks killer. Area. But I mean an enemy it's really the Smart way of doing it because you think about it all the you know when you root things our frame rail basically never will be able to touch you get without major ordeal behind. And the medal if you go so floor that you pull streets we drop drop at all level out you've you've got X system to make for players wrote grades or whatnot to. No it. That's doesn't really slow rhythm that's what I love about how and that is where there's a will there's a way. Oh absolutely well then that's what makes it cool the goals of mean they're rushed to figure out how you do it and make it work a lot. Basically got it we've got to hurry keynote here in the shop that came out of the state are watching games so the whole bottom apple has pretty much rusted out. We had a cut out all the lockers in. Does the rear quarters I mean basically the bottom half of the car bombing the doors aggregate. All we made that we're we're retired now the I'm the passenger side rockers. I can smell like burning rubber when I was kind of markers out LG battle. Rather into managing car for Iran Ali. All they hear and and eight she lying she. Through the body. Like before our events spot while they're in together so. It's our tax debt I've been inside you know far below the door inside the body but the rockers the get access policy basically got a pool. You have to make sure they're still and there are a whole new line together replace them obviously they had in place. Now you know. Blowing that's the thing that's crazy that you would think four or be in that you know the caller it is equality. That they would mud came out with a little better play and then that. Yeah I mean this thing that you go on its. It's just I guess that's what's starting cart like spaghetti Redmond has are there. At Iowa does and does a pretty good to make him a hug and I'll. But that's but coming in the as the there's a big money color now and then just kind of break it to overlook people don't realize how much of Roy did his engine what year was a thing. Leo so those Carter Evans scholar who want to build to order now right to quarter. The stool you yeah yeah they can't happen a little higher than that they're. Keep it heated greenhouse there's really. And not the biggest Ferrari through a Mac people with a little bit you know here mayor. But I mean those that's coming and the thing is you got shot right here local in South Carolina that's what I love about we're got these quality builds going on right here at home we're not just talk about California. Cracked yep yeah we did we get she's 75 GTV which big Dario orders six but I had our. Eye level. Beat Dallas sent from San Diego from California on it and haven't done. That's all that's also wrote that oh well it came from California to Carolina gets fixed let's all students. So what's a big difference in styles you've seen coming from California to South Carolina. I don't know I just. You know I let Internet everything out there you know Ira everybody's. What you know and everybody else is doing that both the for the elderly and out very close now like the old days where. Everybody had their own thing is that. I think every builder and a good thing I've heard you guys talk about this one time before morale of dollars have their own child Syria. Al-Qaeda have excellent always get their little touch that they do it all helped him. Yeah yeah I grow up I European come. Doing work for gene windshield amusing to note the part in this sense out of valley were right Europe and stuff in the Jordan fairs and all those guys so. I was sure this in person. By in nice guys I hit my wife and little little short guy about you know about five foot. Or five virus Simon always ask my wife Chu wants go to Starbucks let them but try this. As senate and although you know what never meet and live but seeing him I can almost believe that I've pretty. Are going to go. Jane Lynch felt the same ways total ladies' man. Well old Theresa that I. I actually bless them also gee windows is past November's Sima we were the we were actually in Vegas. Plus a restaurant with a all the you never torn mental pepper mill government. In Jeanne liberals there eating dinner and we understand they're talking more weight per table. I've never seen a man that was 91 years old with jet black hair like he's got he's got a little bit lacquer and. Go ahead and out where he had two little lulls there are passionate about. An old family friend arms let's say you look they've got a there's there's the real deal and that's what I love about it I'm. You because you think he's still gets his hands dirty he's not routing. Also than he did forty years ago this guy still chopping tops. Yeah morality California we're on the same street revolt on here Iowa out in Lancaster and he was in the middle law I need to answer. Yeah a movie shot about an Alley out the bodies so lair in the same location in my shop was an old Ford dealership to build a new lob. And you the auto ball than they Albin who got that area into the new ones and so if there's places release. We'll get you're a diligent hold up all run quick we'll go to quick commercial break. And Elwood don't load your little more about new cousins or your little more about this is a level this is going. So we're kind of rugged paying does your listen hot rods and happy gallery here won a 63 WORD. What about the hot Raza and happy hours Robb Pitts and what's happened and in Basra does we got a special calling yesterday. We got jeering JJ noon from and customs right here in hole if the state of south carolinian is we're in California coup. Right I hear right here and Caroline's. A helmet. Absolutely we left off Thomas pretty interesting thing we're talking about gene Winfield picking up chicks I would talk about George payers it normal albeit only Zola. Yeah and that's arguably little George bears little pins in his pocket back into. Oh there it is banners at all. But I've never seen a may carry more sharply with the untold others. George bears is does the guy you never have to ask to borrow billions and a hat and he's always got neighbors that picture hill without Batman jacket and opinions shot means at a at that. I don't know how much is signatures work but I got to feel he's put it all a lot of stuff. Thank you and our. 30. Seem that to you. So I mean. All right George bears G Whipple in their hey day and I understand George bears really didn't. Hill a whole other detail and he was got to work through what he did. Jeanne Winfield who would you think is one of the better customer as a would you say they're two totally different ones. They're totally different back in the days and bears was. Was big the builder George is more of the marketing guy when they are doing you know the bat mobile and the monster. Will build on you know that's after it was embarrassment mainly the builder. They'd they'd ask the way. Earlier and and so I went filled when Zell basically allege black guy you know was make it and don't virus last bodies we did. There are guys out of Scott they'll build again deleted a fiberglass car. Brain damage they actually get to ensure that goal one. Yes this. Yang and alcohol are not bodies at Winfield was was do in the united pull mole law one of his shot. It emerged. A that. There's nothing you know look I don't care what the trends change I don't care what happens there is nothing cooler than fifty morgue with just that perfect job I dagger that you can take too much. They're you can't take it enough. But when you got that perfect job just like they always showed me the picture that's just that never goes out of style that's like monies is always thought it. That says they're definitely timeless timeless works of Martin's that's probably try to achieve here do you know everything we put outlawed. You know long and be timeless stuff that'll just never go out of style and every time you see it as recognizable you know. And also that I preach to people all the time but when they're building a caller it's easy to fall into a bad it is so easy to do that I mean but. There's just something about timeless and yet there's something you do to court you can totally take away that you can't put back. We have in the wind chills well he only got gotten in at all customs. I started doing a capital in the game manufacturer. You know like nineteen years old so I was pretty good. Place to start we kind of are. Just a year you're customizing every day. Yes you bet you they'd be going Kapalua are at a map since without a good way to get go into restorations and got the more. You know from that but anyway I was durables you work out in my garage. And when bill last need to do it in gear on his personal party edited by Merck. Out my first start to roll you know as a two tone green you know. Dark green with a light greens tackle role in surged. After that we do this show Garza 46. Ford convertible. Is for a guy named Johnny O'Malley. You know it public however right past them but there is. Or this shot. Tone pattern 1000 primer. And I watch Eugene mixed paint you know. And that annie's values and lacquer yeah I got a lot of man. Do they basically use stake take a five gallon bucket tactic temple at opposite. Part of bunch player and it's our mortgage owners and it. And the mix and it's stirring until they got the crowd as Carlin purple it is famous light you know fade down the middle of it. Jerry's doing the purple collar and he just kept adding and its owner Stuart Kelly and stick it out but has yet to turn it you know. Gallons of candy basically play god or you wanted it then. Now watch and shoot the car so if any did you like he'd been did you get out in there. Forever Devlin on his first rodeo exactly. Yeah. Yeah we do that par for Billy Gibbons today. Caddie that it featured on the right show Batman by Jean Jean Jean came into the shop and shot back are the last. This cooler water caddie was this for Billy best 61. So to people who it was for a wide. That's a special badges may parties to caller she got. Let us. No it's like the bad is it looked like they Cadillac crest but it says chi chi PG dot com or Adam made the defenders and put him in the C. House minority Els Billy given some in a little. Reminders he's the caller down of course you know comes easy top but I mean how is he is as as the cut is as a customer viewers working for him. Lot of value of their school or about five years after we got that liquor has the ardent in the episode he's sent. Block looked tamales for Christmas. And back but is six's hello. Maria Mexican dude in Houston Texas that they get about them every year. And dry ice Andy where's all black com Ers. And on his door but he had boxes and boxes and boxes of black on black numbers and that is the only issue you away. Among today's zones again and today C does a good day some thought Justin Rose as much and it's cumbersome cadillacs a man working are wrong. It's easy job to boot yeah I mean he's got ten civilians. At a Mets got the beer game he was the rocket cool weird way before that school you know. Gold. He has called us again this is too cool for school like walks into a room in the temperature drops that's so cool you know. Yeah that was too cool sought to walls blowing your favorite bills you remembered us. And happen. The rooms man that's. Yeah what are simple and very well and I know that's a Liz Kelly as the mother pick your favorite child who does breezy and miles will build us a little adults still hostility give people some of that. There. I don't know who don't you think. That's that's really I thought I'd tell you may personally. Just you know grown up do this or did Billy's car beating out younger although only about certain look seventeenth sixteenth. Yeah they are younger than that. And out. I I really like divine work himself and how long the first car that child really able designed mostly engineers trying to help dad look a lot of didn't really one of my first complete. Arab. All of involved. I assume the first more involvement once a model at Billy cast ballots that just because look well. That's a pretty Christie's is right to start up fund doesn't kill or voters on projects. We've got little ad in the butt of that job I think those probably. Problem I think it. Elect them and that's definitely that's definitely tough broader material that they don't really give them books brigade did the media about to meet Billy Gibbons on get excited about it you know we'll let it go forward moment and that's a school. It. I use it followed up actually in next year we needed continuing (%expletive) They extremely. Solo album pretty cool built through. Does he goes built extremely. Now where do you think you're extremely the other thing was so critical it's critical to analyst anyway shepherd and two we've. His rendition of the journal. Which was that it was coming how's that colored schools that aren't that big a extremely. Yeah. So what memorable zeroes in that thing. Remember guys have. He struck did it unpopular provisions yeah without doubt or you loved so much remember what motor you know what the Internet thing. A little holes what forty voters feel rejected a lower over yeah it was you know I have a big bear breaks on it and. They can actually suspensions. And it's Devlin auto stocks 69 dollars. Now that's why they call extremely busy you know left over in the of the general yeah about the top called approach or so our goods are blown out. Let's say what your thought you see that they smuggle 200000 or shook or taken on a gross and Nash. That totaled trillions. That's that's the crazy thing. We'll go to you'll run out some old think both he also look for being on the radio Wednesday. And Cheryl little blue all the cool stores of lower blisters or are ultimately our. Does a war that you get when it's and don't be sure to check out the noon customs on FaceBook these girls get some killer still on their their lowest personal pictures all that stuff. And looking for Sears here's some issues is boring. Our side on an abrupt. But yelled take care taker you didn't all right guys you listen Holler out and then Baylor ray or 1063 did you already.