Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, March 5th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk about the future of Hot Rods.


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Muslim and a hot rods and happy were talking about hot running future. Yes things that are coming in to the nutrients in the future trends of America Leo everything else putting and this platoon that will this is a red or on traditional. My favorite is traditionally I love traditional you know traditional age I was curious and traditional. We radial tires and traditional disk brakes and when you count traditional. Nose to traditionally more or. Now it's not a whole traditional. On. You know I've said this before the rat rod thing I think we'll go it might just driving around chorus are open to us. All of well you know it's guest's comments place and it was cool Wallace here really was. Omelet give me a new car and start an open haven't nuts and bolts and those things file from is the probably need later on in your venture. Is not really cool does that mean you'll so the way you easy. The alliance for Sailor Moon that church and those flaws that staff heard. I can't help with the the engines are reluctant shake things off that can help that. No hum but I think Guerrero days her you know they will cease to land if you will they're always reward tko round. I think it can't think here is that related. A nicely detain and not NATO for the rust. But just to give weathered page of I think there's a thing at the styling it will be here for awhile that's two words do normal because nicely to obtain it. I yet a man does go run and slick world yet it was slick Roth. What they want to say and I slipped him in the style lumberjack drug you know we ran cool yeah bomb. You know I I think something like that will be here to stay is it the trucks in great shape it's a solid truck. Bitches. Whether whether genuine pitino also which means instead of but there are trailers tiger bush. My drugs there did you get drivers so I think that styling. Bomb that trend we're seeing right now is commitment Dane is hot right now is red pom I think I think that's tears stay I think that's gone actually fall in. It's so weird because Tina can be applied to anything it can be nine year 89 this ten pick up. Two years 56 Sherry Miller really cans and true bomb but I think it's all fallen its own category eventually it likes things low rider oral history your or something like that. It's just don't have more to do the the presentation of the vehicle rather than the the overall. Bill Nina. I tell you something else speaking of this team. And you say it is too intricate ultimately but I do what I think's gonna get hot. A sea of and grace covenant. You know what I did too doesn't say an asterisk pop up well there's a huge fan club in short they've been around for years but you're starting to see the trades and variance. In the GT ends up in the yup you're stores in store today one hundreds company and yet you're starting to see this stuff. Well I think it's cool to now home. If you look Jim van salad and new trends Avaya is actually not a bad looking man no no it's an omelet so you got the new transit of the new dodge was a true masters Crowe master. Bombshell visas a camera Brothers there is in the Nissan and the city's shares this city via. Dough they're all actually come this cool customer looking things up. Bill probably overseas first but I think I think they'll be a trend and actually catch on I I think you'll CAA modern custom man air and I think the old school ones will come back and boys well. We have Colorado actually deal oracle and they'd done they took fans from the seventies and and it took like the new transit so therefore been. And limit hated it from the seventies. Deleted the transit disable it right there orders rendering of and they were actually really cool and it every Sokol suit trillions it will light a store window in the back Alia. And a state says don't laughter daughter might be an air. That's a necessity. That's like I have to use. The shed you wagon. Shea and the official shape and like it yeah not out of Logan Craig solicited to speak no man's and hostile Astor bank account Tim Hardaway. And I'm not big for three Fram. But I mean that's loses sic cool landless satin black it blames them down it looked like some Thomas Townsend on you know as strapped more and strapped up. Between interior Imus saying. Crater SS mine's a Maine you really couldn't ask for a better look to LA county in my heart their little bit. To keep hope is that my heart just a little bit to salute and just a little bit it is cold here. Hell I can leave this message that I don't know and yeah it looked that wouldn't break the bank and there not that I made about five K on a nice man that has like nice stuff and it really. Am just got a cool if you are business usual. These are great advertising opportunities. Custom rambling as advertisement peace wave not the biggest move poor fan who owns or some other betrays me with a pretty experience ever edited and you think same forest initiatives. The later ones list had fuel injection that air conditioning very true yeah it is an excellent or. The silently several guess you could drive the styling of the fans stayed the same for years and yet you're able to get a very old looking van if you will. With a lot of modern amenities a maiden Dallas school too worn out so well at fifteen passenger church but now we're talking about because you think he's. This is the same joke about third programs that we're talking about little new windows via an increase prevents decree for Orleans. What it would drop in that yet. But you know it AA gave you reminded do a lot of customization Tuesday it was like it was a canvas for an artist will immediately inside and they built yet these things that plush interiors shag carpet Olson. I mean it is who's not ever wanted down a mystery machine. You know rain and we don't truthfully it's. Cannot say there's one RE painted up operating on a car lover I don't know fourteen that's the thing two border there's one that matter and mind I want I want but. Re there somewhere. Let's the live thing is could it. Okay older picture for ten million your father in an attractive female. Daughter and its legacy will be the only that the original one I'm saying. And yields a young book couple into a gentleman caller if you will I got up past. Writing very very end. With love machine on the side of it and yet there's a picture. All sides it was purple shag carpet tunnel I'll be honest when the bomb when it comes to it one day of my wife and I decide to have children and weeks have said daughter. I really preferred the of the gentleman caller if you will to either have a seat cover or a Corvette because I know nothing's happening. All three in the car or Phil little secret I had a quarter. Secret. But its own. Actually there was a very very very very good talk a little different orbit to the fore when we really Keegan details like that because this CC here. But autism it's a good read Google. Great hurried. But Albanian is it is is Trent and you know the man's eyes and I think they're going to magna and they don't have never struck because of and is affordable camp. Well and I think of is going to be the new station wagons I think that's going to be like that station wagon ditch key if you know you know they say history is bound to repeat himself goes and so I could see where you're coming from and I really don't really see the plane coming back and I'll see you Mozilla kids. Pick him up like transits and things like that jumping. We know it stands out trillions how cool would that be a low mob still have won exactly but I mean imagine like a transitional era slam dial. We'll earlier while stereo stuff about the stereo shop friends by Canada. What happened slope oil again and now you know there are usually Astra is our call Kia via bashers as far as. Mean you look at look at the trends now I mean if you can't afford Honda Civic SI because import world is is really huge right now. If you can Puerto civic SI guess what you you know court a court wagon no problem. Your way cheaper. And guess who is still here's a cred when she posts are put more finish because people love it's a wagon who doesn't and the end of today really look away and do disciples mind. Mean I mean you understand what I'm saying. Oh with you that they have that and it a little different and they're different. So what's the next natural progression do better has got to roll over the whole local one thing it's unknown probably wouldn't. I wouldn't move and have become Rona pinellas while many went for his way and I'm a little income roll a little bicycle wheels locked fill that gap filler aero like. But I mean really spoke to think about it and the next natural progression step is going to be a man. In the men's room behind you concur Richard. Yes at thanks thanks they've ever really gone away but yeah mainly settlement related to sabbatical so yes something comes around it's been wagons first it was sedans. It's just a cheap dip in the left. Yes it's exactly their left over do what is what is left over. Is Tommy dogs we get regular commercials and exactly all the time. All right guys stay tuned we're talking about you or a tree that's right here to be a 1063 WORG. And goes long and hard Rosen have been our we're talking about hot rod tree as we Richard houses in the studio we go out on her way to expand. I'll tell you what do we have any really good. Conversation. And I wish you guys can hurt it goes tomorrow or on back up and coverage don't usually go to cut over it we go to cover is colorful as it wasn't in an anonymous you're still below the wall yeah I'm sure someone who get their bouncer. The movement 100 level that if a contract path. Ice or risk everything by Richard Brothers opening use a great term Richard I think your treasonous term. But a shift in priorities. Well this is a thing for a long term performance Carol took a backseat. And appearances. Can move forward. Now think it's shifting back the other one. I tells me and I'd only issue I think we're gonna those senators are slow she I think it's still swinging hard core an appearance not performance. Because she's all show no good yeah well you know I look at this way and you know I'm not on the much fancies of scores overtime at all. Come from me with a man who pursues an economic shocks. EE boo boo. They believe probe of bomb now I mean it doesn't even get hugs divorced does does the bad the media doesn't know all that bella. And how numb numb but I don't some pretty cool stuff for my theory is always been starters who work your way out. Under the hood where his business that you know make sure you get ticker. Before you know start by an expert genes but some. Make sure she's running around. And that's always been mind always been my theory we and is you know make sure aliens today. More loyal about about a few bolt and a good running cooler already you know you gotta you gotta challenger that makes 350 were first reported no horsepower and a what you do next it's that simple LED lights. No no actually no you know. You start run for ten years from the rear and you start but trailing arm design you know over lower control arms. Megan Iran better perform better heat and cold air intake based and can only. Put us a little different little Euro parents every day is always an apparent show us where are on to look nice. It's. Parents are reason nobody put weld wheels on their five liter mustangs to their cool look and they work cool look and but that's not why you did concern you know he's bigger runs Guinea's for the look right exactly exactly. Yeah to make her interests are cool look and let us now why you put her own. Quiz what would you rent skis on the from a probably the most and make me caller it's because the slider rotating mass. Yes. And also for another recent roll out and actually rolls easier because those lists contact there. Yes interests and yeah he reason browse through the debt level that didn't know that didn't know why they have home countries of this have you ever drove a cola scare easily from a purity rate your decisions I won't pick. Trial making it turn. More than four or else the area hit you know what happens if you stay straight to you that you don't current yeah we don't turn she's just go our slide straight and plow us yeah. Bombed and get really really go off track a bad decision actually actually there or cool. There are cool a little frets the skins on fox body yet it's on the best looking combinations like Richard said. The guy put defensive schemes ask fox why did because there's business under the hood of a god. Cool story. I got a call fox by the story and don't look sheer courage your doctor listen balls moment. I'll boils my insulin callers. There was a guy angry or Ronald say his name. But arousal Willie. Starts holding. Don't actually Taylor he had a very nice Billick molesting this caller was. If this car is a girl. You would be what you would call popular and Xia bin head Bob numerous. Most staying beating Asia and is now one and her car not even close yet. Everybody everybody took a swing at this and and it was a cool caller that it was a clean now and three reflection and to LAX. They don't they had known as Rico over till it's kind of nice Rico winning its next caller. Had a really nice through 630 overthrew altered. Light waited this caller had nothing inside it. All the radio all he controls most of skull Peter box on your fingers everything lightweight you had a nice liberator in it. Cute little small blog with hitters and monitors fuel engine still. But that was it. I mean just don't like or no insulation Stuart Bowen has total blocks that word would blue Obama. There and I got to score when a bloated and actually offensive schemes on. And a beautiful children losses to start portray it the Olympics and here's a look at the caller. And I bought it will ring and you see it of Mickey Thompson's on I'm talking about like new knew like still the stickers on them need. I brought I actually tote it from Greer too much shocked. Put it rolled convicted. And a person that had actually seen before and it. We will fail 38 cooks see full 13 of course would think that they only defied his order to oversee four. But. Over the fight to see divorce is not in Melbourne staying. But this is the putting away and I like 3800 stalking murder in this thing. There is illegal visitor unit and head in a Maurice sticker cross totally issue of course. Alone in this caller no power steering. Of course and playing and wherever he and more moral always to topple ball. This Greer were older about his unconventional that out there. Gigi grits do little for what reason I do not know but you wagons going. The editor reverse pattern shift period and her fresh initiative through. Which anybody is older stretching Schiffer. Don't realize this Satan made us an aunt and those shippers are not user friendly for anybody. Com so you a backed off rolled and cold in the shop mud dead. Nugget to mr. My father. Solo home a little low flow a little more power and yourself and he's not. He's not a concrete mud at ports in Concord for Alicia want to beat these final days of but congressman wrote to pro day and use diet amendment prominent. She's a nice ladies my just didn't read you one back of live there back and back him up so I missed out drugs are apple somebody else could anyway. But Richard like you from day that 'cause that's for a little more. The original order wrong that we would discuss group from my bed facility who do Burnham almost. It's. I'll prove it thirty feet at this point. My dad he melts those Mickey Thompson's off little Israel conquered. Grooves that you could drop quarters in that after. Thanks dad goes off O'Neal excellence and storing them. Sounds as though monitor off car there was it was actually really fun of course every time I got that Cora got caught on the instantly. Morally explain and understand the amount of in the open hitters they yelled every journal wagons around one mind numbing. But it just pull you over now automatically. Now there's a story there regional dividends for a known event mr. Devlin moved back I guess ourselves you Newton sodas a puzzle to sit mortal leg settle incorporated now but it was middle sells its commercial breaks. I'm tired to do it must agree you know one last thing we should just like take over the issue and undoing harsh and racially thing. In the Google itself I'm Pam Parnell bitumen. I guess stay tuned we're talking about the trillions of dollar Oz right little hot routes that the one a 63 video or being. Muslim intolerance that goes wrong pits and what's happening dude Richard Watkins was up we gotta do what would you couldn. On her of the red weasel is very popular music recent missile which. If you go the other. We like it ID code because of memory and weasel we're prevalent I just read about one female and ultimately. If we have to move your room walkie talkies you were ultimately. That's gone through an economic power we've talked wanna read weasel its confident because that's the dude today but tolerated. Then runs weasel. That's bad because this man has backed candidate who always sure that would that hello oh are. What kind of well Edward on them out. We don't we go Libre golf are from your mostly Cheryl the story we're talking about you know how old trends of can't shift a little bit of priority department. You know what are we working only comes or cars most people are saving up to put stickers on that rear end them. Well. Did in this they can do it themselves this is the DLY. Craze to open that's a lot of that gives so as Federer in New York. Give a lot of people are mechanically inclined enough to do that. Tiger that I agree I am okay over the if you know AV AV if you have the tools of the know how to jump and do something on that please don't think it's dangerous actually you know the tools you need little sticker is. Yeah escalation drummer is inhibit or that there isn't a critic or an end. And I think that's why it's so popular. You know he's got to market is jumped on this bandwagon making more war thing and I and I give them make a living off newness I mean and I'm all for it to him wrong. I just when it comes to carving. EO Larry my SS has is they getting out while ward mountain by liked going back to times I've been on the strip fourteen years and just that wasn't where my priorities work. My priorities were under the hood. And then you know get the body organize the suspension right along my car looking sounded in writing right before during and that makes them. Don't always either but I may open a big thing is there an open mr. Soros group of boosters on new call Sharia. That's the thing coming is already running in driving right technically. They're urges. Not chop and ups are not doing custom paint they're books. And then the guilty are stripes we all we all are all. You know and because there's nothing else custom done my truck go live and it's up on Oregon to. The way it was already route to go around and all you do that tko on this but the sticker on my brother stickam sticker sticker. A state stickers used to Extenders but now mom. In all seriousness even. He met in the days when both corporate and they want how economic vendors and one and now. Because they want to put these massive wheels on it. You know and them against a bill to drug for same you don't see that you know you don't see someone mine. And 80000 dollar paid a drug admin and another eighty that it the thousand or the modifications. To a 30000 or throw the letters as large truck. To drive them wrote a mean you don't see that anymore I mean used to those those kind of a common thing you know you bought an event each up the top funny later. 10101000. To clear paint job on it 101000 troops while hasn't been easy for real that's that's a lot of clear. Glum but you know I'm similarly people London that people don't we move foot custom wheels on the car anymore religious part of factory ones. Can address mean it's. That really kind of that's. That's how he is among problem will I am due in keeping mine you know and now I'm mama I'm not go one toward dodge story Richard. Dutch put some beautiful wheels on the course from the factory they truly do is probably looking where you'll probably have some of the best ones out there. But I would rather you threw me is that a transport wheels on there on home office and custom and unique. And that's that's my personal foot on animal life there down. That's little step outside the ball now and all and I think I think that's the problem. When it comes to the customizing orally and it's something I try to hear people winning comes a mile round. Because I'll have a gambling image of Google wants it taken you this front carmike. Why he won't lose some and I'll sorry hands. Wanna let me take in kind of making your own. And I think that's was is become I bill even motor sports if you. If Willis is in general. You know but still you're doing some custom news mobile that your quality you're doing this wobbly zoom some custom. But you know when it comes you Corey ages blossoms are sick resolves ideas custom card and it's not exactly. And our customer. Gets that's a broad terms its personal life it is. Yeah only if you we're up for wanna building custom cars and moral personalized callers I'm. And as the changing jobs that you'll see you think about the demographic exchanging your week oil guzzling jeering and build a personal recruitment. This is the guy it's a working stiff he works a day job it. Kinko's. And he drowns. A challenger. But you know don't say any customizing himself. You know I personally I think that again as part of the problem because. Palm and the generation growing up nowadays it does not know how to do that the generation growing up now today. They wouldn't know how to take there you'd their dad's old. Javelle of power in the garage and built so one of the counties bar with his daughters and a woman should well it's not exert as well. A third gen Camaro. But even so that's the that's the end to be a car that you would rebuild nowadays. And kids are doing like is I want no part of that they want to their brand new cars and with everything in all the creature comforts of mosques amid these vehicles are popular roller illnesses. And I know. I understand now understand that really do but the appreciation for you know the old school is dying. It'll Ottawa isn't a lot of ways it's coming back though and I terrier. Brutal to earlier in the next segment until today there are real blast from the past will come what's the the use of our age are sandbagging on us plants and I am holding back. Me and a building a mystery. But I am and I don't know it it didn't pick it breaks my soul when needed to. This is a joke has been passed around but when you go to a car show and it looks like a car lot and there's nothing wrong with a new core duo game or wrong I'm all form. But do more to it than historical stickers on Pena will apply only ever buzz also in different. In different levels to you about is not agree with you know this is what you go to the drag strip where your wagon that some of them growing chorus now. It's not. But it is custom it's fast I mean it as a as a standing there both coastal. There's a lot custom long among the engine under the this is mentioned the brakes. And interiors the end engages in all there's a lot of cuts and like our. There who's saying we've been exploited because Olympia don't it going in I guess at 11100 dollar homes on there the adapt over to build a run through C six breaks. I mean that's what I'm talking about custom they are really coastal low Google's just that's just that's operation. Yeah but it also discusses customs of that cold kinda did and it yeah what you and your sand play area and that's where that's where you grew about this one don't go to perform everybody sees this differently well I mean I don't you know there's. Hoarded so this. There's there's there's fifteen custom cars sitting beside each other and Oleg essentially exactly the same and I think that they're not constant not let's he's actually bottles and parts your body that. But you know I mean there's summit of the deals in other and I anyone persuade you know and November and down. But it is doesn't have to be that caller either I mean I'm just I'm using it to be an example. I mean when you go in and do things like that lake you know in all honesty your Malibu. It just by looking and is now all too accustomed. Though as the rest of this and this little wheels and that's its total load it into work a little tour yet. Unnamed but is is that different realm to it's not a custom parts of classic car. You know to score on just like just like Richard Z it's not a custom parts of classic cars. Does in my face offs it's not custom it's a classic car. And I think he had differentiate between that you don't half classic cars are now. You know if you buy a brand new Karzai classic color very well it's not collector's item now doesn't have potential residual value yes. If you buy a new demon if you buy the new Camaro the what they call exercise extra distances in you know if you buy cars like this yes there are there future collectors they are going to be that there's no doubt about that this was of no value in these doors. Will wait on that next to or another that's a whole other can of worms but you get what I'm saying you know car of their own making into 300 of each year or whatever the production numbers are going to be. Those are your future Clijsters. You know your run of the mill Foxit and hammy challenger or your run of the mill just regular LS Camaro you know Lawrence car. These are not collectors. So I think it in order to really step your game of you have to be able to do something extremely custom to them. Along with either written. And here there's a few examples of customs in the Newark callers but not much right it's it's very bolt on its very. I mean they start looking at us and they got the same engine covers think at the same. Colors in the same blue pieces in the same litter box. Plumbing and you know and NASA saying there was a time when I was like never trucks when you called JC Whitney and whatever they had their cattle older sister is here that's what you can give it. And you know you know you get the peace store for Peter builds you get what they guy on the shelf there's not guys other building a whole lot custom ports for. And I think that's where breaks be you know. This is tell horses and above bolt ons not custom. That's a whole larger whale that's that's on our heart illness as there is that's archway a sin but there were a source disease commercial breaks I guzzle stay tuned we're really talking more about this and I'm sure probably eat a lot of years and have some opinions on the stated are here to our odds and caviar or 163. W according to go toward America morals and there are. Analysts have mended or manner you know Richard. Is there. Do you think we've told nutritional label growers those you know it's not only model caller seems like a push the Green Line yeah yeah and losers of but it's okay judge Burton. Is it's not them it's not just the import powers currently new goers. But out once it does look over to the import world these guys are actually customizing their powers. You know it's pretty involved and there's and there's a great I mean not not my Forte. But I mean when you get guys actually altering the suspension. Changing the wheels and tires putting body kits on. Actually doing some stuff changing the colors whether it's paint or rap or whatever they choose to do. Doing interior work customs here and we like hand built custom steering wheels. Custom interiors on the same way customs speaker boxes now you're actually building I'll tell you a perfect example weighs on my mind because it is tuchman you know right game. Vince Morgan. I think that's 'cause Mario. That's a custom call a love the idea to this Imus me. I'll miss any but his Honda Civic is a custom caller and it's done right. It's not minded performance wise but it is custom is not a slam stickers on lingo. He's Palau work chemical. Long hour and a lot of work in my power. You know you look at that that's custom. And that that curatorial 2000 series level of Indiana and Illinois or you're a little we were well. Columnists yeah a white suit four or. Automatic automatic and it's come together piece by piece of as a loan losses but he made a nice cholera yeah. You know I think rob I think. I think he said this before you look around at a lot of people's customs powers if you will. And it and this is not meant offensively and anyway but it is something that you could you could build their caller with a paycheck. And what they've done you know. Oil and it shows and a lot of home dome. I do so loud enough to get to floral tribute talk about it a little distant all of the biggest importer of the world and that's not. Give breaking news or anything about likable appreciate it but this is the thing. I want today's all about character. In that screams look anchor your chorus one sticker paper today. Can you call the customer and you go to cautious. I'm fun and awash with video first or going corridors here at a white city. That will slow world factory wheels yes yup. And he kept that thing sterile pulling. Nudity off the intimate but I won't tell you something you never met a person with a better attitude. And just as nice as he could possibly be. He enjoyed the hobby yes any enjoys a hobby he is the embodiment. He is war. People should strive to be in the community I burial auto you may not be email Biller sent to a drug you can get no better as a person period. Agreed on a 110%. Plunge in debt absolutely so proceed and in big you know. You look at you look at here you look for that you'd look at the work he's done Billick or in. It's not something you're on nano advance auto reminds us of your order on Amazon he's actually put work. Into like a war story and MS that's where I appreciated in. And that's what I would like to see again this up in this relics leadership tablet PCs shipped back to doing true customized true hands on war or not. Not just going out there can someone you Ronald plotters they announced that custom. To me yeah yeah I mean. Yeah you might made it look cool don't get me wrong I can take my own make anything look cool. But is it really custom you know I think they falls on a more personalized doesn't. And I would like to say the shift back to back custom always John states we've talked about him before a little longer that's custom that this coastal. A diesel than those alike. But you know irritable to quote. Yes and now it's added it's a bullseye or. Top the level I mean it's beautiful yes let's just as well don't get a lot of stuff bolt at all it's just like the highest end of bolt on. It and it would it is it's because he knows dodges more in the marketing department. And does sold a million and a half challengers. So yeah I'm make peace that it blocks off the far Huntsman is out because I'm almost all quarter million. Where were you there OK I don't know we'll shift gears speaking to shifting ten. I told you bottle school coming back grind this is where you'll see the real custom come out. Best value right now Richard in political horse until about from Mosul growers trigger it's. What do you think is the best of begging for your book get the most car for the money struck. I old street your odds from late 80s90s. That norm you know high dollar builds back then that pretty much just a sinner garage as well those. The thing that's cool album. Is these courses big money spent obviously it and they're just seriously out of date and yes that and are not that popular another Mosul caller lady that does not alpha. They do and the other thing about these cars there with Sonoma race everything garages around fields well. You know. Thomas say this not only that to your ego any Manama do it com. In you know Villa street rods but it's pretty much what you do to cars you take car that's factory you've done when you now believe down with a drugging them with a 56. And you just bring it up today. Right and that's the thing these callers from I think they're gonna come back at one with the traditional blue. I think your team that goes to your reverend goes there and traditional guzzle global war little group. I think they're going to roll. Into street rods. I thank you progression I ask that figure so you'll see the pastel colors fade away in the coercion or change in the bill looks glucose to fling back a little bit. You'll see some really cool. Thirty tolerance that intercourse. For some 48 Chevrolet. You know. 44 to always kind of invented it no recourse searcher for little of course but journalists see these colts coming back. The street Ross and I think era suspensions bigger wheels and tires and often table is Carson never died yet what exactly but usually get that. Now think they're gonna be the new popular thing. You know and it's kind of funny is getting to the point where now you couldn't find a and I'm just going music has frequent essential but you can't find all original medal 32 afford anymore so either you don't pop all fiberglass one. Where you'll grab one that was billed as a street rod in rebuilding. Well we've pretty much is about the only you have mental fortitude nowadays already developed more than you may want to write. And nothing resume a lot of cars like I think we're all see a generation coming pretty soon more were actually restoring old custom goers. Will mean exactly that got addicted you yeah only so maybe you know then we'll have somebody left we've got people restore longer it's surely trucks. I rest my case that's when you know it's unreal. Because that's what does that make millions. Yes well sure that the trucks let's look cool thing about the old mechanical cars two is they can be recycled. I can't I mean not not one that's rusted away and feel but one that someone built thirty years ago and tanner on our trailer so all of a concourse. And then stop doing it because final words and partner mark assistants didn't act. You know and you were around Thomas hate this tape. But you look at it and we've had on this before look at modern powers though lately we talk what was your truck you got a beautiful twice and it's Colorado. Who's our story fifty years now exactly can you restored fifty years from now. And we Jerusalem used to support all these systems and things yeah army you know like he just say you can recycle an old car now. Yeah you can recycle a semi Seville see but I see the street rose coming back strong I really do I need to do the price point see them go and that I did two I wish we could kind of in a time capsule fast for fifty years from now on really see what's happening other hurdles in the way before it. Yeah I know I really it was street rods definitely I think in the mix are very years yelling they worst case ten years you don't see street rods pop another it would modern touches in the it was a younger people getting into these and appreciating these old movie house. Start full and healthy ones under forty forwards so well goodness the hook I'm still well our truth and crap crap crap a couple of but let me ulcers I think your right next five to ten years you don't see history rod movement like you've never seen before. But I'm really curious of where it goes from there were two minute shrimp or you know war going on we doing to customize the car you know. You know that's what keeps us all and it does look a little about this really is for ever changing ill it is you know what else builders. It'll never do yeah like this show's going to this would be these were out of time are out of time does it to you what. They should play well this week Rosen there's been a lot of bluntly it's like you cut broader 300 at all in the future shots Richard favorably who showed him around us. And rose I'm sorry I didn't mean I don't have cars and more we're gonna do okay well still going. Cooler there. Thanks for play alone does we'll kitchen next week right you'll roads and Leo how 1063 did BO RD.