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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 2nd

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hor Rods.


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Does look hot rods and having this row pits rather what's happened in due until it's and what's always been able studio and we have guessed that restaurant does. We go quote we got Richard Hoskins hot rods and popular financial analysts without an announced it. And all things caller guru. Yet let this guy like has stats for stats it does. He's impressive I think you bill out of position but we've got a Spanish focused waited and there's a few years we have shown. From this do you racing right here in the studio was not only to Opel. He columnists earlier he's in the house then that's when it for a slums in say Asia and known as a house of Basra. So this is losing its cool I love the collar community and I look have a local show the scope we can bring people leave it. As much so preaching all the time we have. Everything that was cool California say it kills me they'll you know I really think bill the cool stuff happens though list. Rome we have here. In the upstate. Is planning to go out here oh yeah and it is but this is stereotype that they do they think that you know. Just becoming the vehicle on their algorithm that. Absolutely but what's that thing had hit these coast. Women and we ran with you on degree from just say. That the California are still everything. And a diminished relative of speaking he's spent at I speak he's deal boldly when Barack can open. So let's not talk about what we're doing last week home a day what we're doing last week fighting pneumonia and a my vehicle and actually that's when we'll screamed as we were ponies in the salukis in do not let our complaining about the bitter cold deter you gonna. It was a phenomenal time. I'm one and only complaint is Wednesday is snowed for fourteen hours straight the road to drive in the business known Ingraham and I. Had I didn't do that I have not been able to comprehend the physics well that happening yet. This is ruthless I don't mining and alma police files were ever again and his fund paying L 600 most things as snowstorm. Hosting the Kosher. I did get the greatest comment on my face defeat ever got him alive and someone that while she knows must think you are awfully brave. But we are. New York we strive. For reasons know these two are aging. Boom boom. Just put his movies is a great meet if they forward today for molesting ship British general and you know live. Actually have to kick off for the hard road than they the show and room for additional authority. Quick mistakenly was overlooked. Political shootings with a gorgeous and very real convictions that are you know while scores cause as heat that's what it does and and we had partner trailer inside it was a make it even. Better that's what makes it more better yet more matter who makes even more better. That is what we keep your room and you go to avoca like no other and I am organize. Morgan a little slit. It's it's a union of getting used to it comes others. No calming effect but if you but if you really if you watched the news in me this week you know what I'm thinking at that. And do it and quote nods I just live there I know the people of dollars and I just know yes guilty that's it shifts and an important. There really good place it was a great degree in over 600 most things there and a one must in from every year we had fifty years of most things in the building. How cool is to see from 64 left 2018. And everything in between including there's only four years to recent reports and he even had those two. Which are true survivors again. That's the real MVP in the Muslim world fraud in order that gore was the best thing going for. It in straight gas pretty much took all of those jobs browser felt for the stuff running room. And I think there's more front of more of those front ends in existence now than there was this must thinks you Leo exactly that met another trigger an apartment a bullet. Those go to school what is that we will she'll be most things you cobra callers we admits to coach brews it. Based callers will be anything you can think of they're course of the greatest ET the splinter. Speaking of odd ball stuff and and and John this is a Google for her here. When's the last time you seen a column tour a Ford contour. Four on a four come to. I would say it's pulling the years ago around migrant parents neighborhood how about this VT can't tour. As I don't think I've ever seen in Petra there was little that was why I notice the slogans. Nobody around Gaza just on a lot of very short and epic epic like incident jetBlue said Willett that three. As a three leader under attack but it is silent here and by most I think that like 220. Horsepower Nazi hundred horsepower. Armed badly breathe on heads and one but it's mount mosque fog on I must say stale really. West Coast got a bad breath. And then you course you're this DT folks is there. What's on them because they put a block of cheese it's just human life. Then very cumulative looks like the mountains outdoor isn't either diligently over the guard or the ideals of the Bor sun but you know a tea dinner things in my life's a middle sister mullahs the maybe of three girls. Our middle sister actually drove a Ford contour all through college. But it normally afford to endure additional school two years now that I. She was a former school with her that Africa. No it made it all for shockingly enough that's currency but it happens. That's that's fascinating and it's just about Brazilians beat anyone we executed it well it was so that is BT come onto the course of the lightning trucks they're down along the coverage factory is core course there. And then the new thing thereby likes. Highway Patrol must things and to restore them back to Highway Patrol callers. Lights sirens. Let alone it. Like to media puts to him or because I'm scared of me anymore yet and voice to Georgia one that was effective one manei you know we want to California after local weather and a and. I mean that was cool. But I mean there was of course you're most things every year this year coming this VGA display it was cool then of course there disabling this. Let me rephrase that that's Caroline coming out as SARS the should lean selling so lean left the deal and I've been dismal outing on 28 years since flailing about now. Well you know you know. But. So and we had mr. Steve so lean that himself. And that was really collection at least easily shouldn't talk to about grand nationals of all things. At a must ensure that put joy in my heart. I mean states suing. Isn't like he really is. Richard I'm so you got boring statement over the years wanted to hit a seven grand national. Yeah is going to determine duty is as a person who doesn't know what he say about the grand nationals. Well actually we're talking about we got told a simpler. Of course there I'll Wear this with him. And we talking abouts. You courses Unix buicks he actually don't really well. And I mean my favorite thing and he did an answer that question the wail warning him do. Being in radio and interviewing people you're you have there's certain questions you ask my thing is if it wasn't for the Ford Mustang Steve what would you be doing. It. It wasn't the war a war he swore I'm sure being some type of motor sports. I was looking for like a prodigy or something you know to me coming to. Convert. That kind of found that one and he kinda looks like he would actually be wearing a temple had only study in aliens would they be doing possible. Which my excellent portraits aluminum. You know their force things but soon. But only in their game but that was neat thing is Tess looks he's getting into muddying two missiles which is insanely excited more than utensils is one of his new builds it. As they're called unicorn. What do Lima. When bigger means it may not put another bad thing to figure battery. Movement leader volume of all other self. That's their jobs or let them get there and again. We have that the money in the back end just. That you go in and going and going into Lebanon and that's that's how he's zero there's is it. That's marketing because we remembered that it is this skewed marketing and I think inclusive government adorable as critical than most and sailing able incidents and I am homes and niacin wielded you have the most literal stuff going middle. Yes I have the nose tackle. But it was not nice one this these commercial breaks he'd come and opponents. Count my once we get goalie got a stop being guys we got to pay the bills stay tuned to listen hot rods and happy hour right here wanted to three WORG. Got a little hot routes and appearance row it's gonna be roll call. It an added. Well it's hard what's up announced that it should and Al's gonna rule about that man visited you screw them as they this it was news news. No to a couple reasons cookies we are. But we had a lot more than just ponies there. Mean and we had about it and I GT 1000. Will don't know your income for ending government Hendry stable GG 1000 and then sort of dilemma is the GT 94 you know cordial Ford GT. All of which basically the spill with the GT forty rhyme caller near the sixties or disclosed it was really fast. I've got to trivia question about the GT 44. Richard. What that till it's in the GT 44 room to do in tune. It wasn't forward. There was no it was not for. And around. And exactly honest sixty dollars or sixty GT bird they're actually that I actually surely they're urging him until it's relentlessly are literally from. I am trying to remember and that's the thing that's still to me around the moment. It's sixty says. I don't want to say it was 64. Is what the coast from but they're not alto lights or something else that definitely. Editor. No there there were those horrible miserable thing almost like trailer to apply its there. Morale but they orgy of joked now I did not want to be a little commercial and you know the big so it. I'm just so sorry sorry for the fortunate skip social tools are just so crazy there's two ways it was a long week of film bottled up to Canada to run into themselves and their. Actually I asked him how are these guys are well. Don't know where you've well. Let's. Normally I'm normally I'm a little worried about your little friends coming over who would go like this guy. Susan you and he's okay. Disease okay. Seven Alyssa limits muscling worthy of talking about now this is it cool core with the lady being cool were storing one in my favour must things is who matters and come from Australia won my favorite most things is this program. To hurt she'll become over. Another made a thousand warning her she'll be covers these goals oriented mother Hertz rental car company in the or GT three feet takeovers. So the baby gorilla the white blue in the blue white ones but they're black with the gold stripes is held new rules hurts caller. Kimono Richard had other colors today. In the Jerusalem who really I didn't know that I don't write so armed them what they start out all black single bit uncertain economic color. Really not a thing is called as a review scores for seventeen dollars a day or seven and seventeen cents a model. But they had so many problems with people wielding roll more to him. And taken Gregory's two of them are still in the motors out of this woman like that to you know how I vote for just the start to really know what acres on that where they considered the restoration. Yeah is the rhetoric here and you know that person actually brought it back in 2006. You Evelyn astray and then in sixteen they did it again yeah. But they actually had a cable the only engine to keep people from stealing stuff oil well which is really nuts. Outscored us six related day oh lead to I can't remember the production of Rome. There's a low production numbers like rim the thousand mark two but thirteen of more convertibles and I went to the high hopes and now hurts. Three of them what corporate bigwigs but the thing it was cool sixty sixes though. Any since photo evidence Richard a love for Colorado blue balloons and admit Renton and adamant wide offset. But the thing was called these colors and the guy has discarded his original her show but never my rental car. Never a race car rental car that's even worse. Thanks just got 29000. Miles on it don't you know that's the hardest miles ever. Original engine drive train and it still but the thing that school is the guy that owned that they actually bought it from Hertz. More for when he was between four dollars wants is. And also Italy is in the 24/7 seven points imported more you have one of those I mean listen three granny ball this caller from hurt when they were done with it. And he was the president of Carol she'll be tire company. And he put the original Carol she'll be text and secure her. Now how cool is that collaborated super short. Q 89 so when their live and location they now the pacs and super charger you'll throw it. No that's cool brand in every never ending visionaries so this thing as the original shuttle as it through service that end and on the and I mean this sort of run drum corps in the this guy actually has this caller and he has one of the nuclear both those six Tennessee. T legacy you thank you see this expand but the embargo with a thousand warned that goes. Eel and a little thing called but the rigorous program hurts actually had a test market with the is via news. The foursome to it was too good to board threes they actually did the course too for a little while in the mid eighties. Bono. I think the schedule that what they fell 84 or something others. 84 if and an 85 and half is when they updated from 175. To 200 horsepower and got washed out lights and Eddie's ex. While literature and exactly I mean you're good you're speaking say. Automotive stuff like you know you want to mergers like it doesn't mean you know pills I I used to think and in my homework and look. I don't Richard does everybody told me he's the meat which you know officially until. While those other Cheadle viewing high school you can't hit a stretch him out the girls next like Doogie Howser the ringers like. Blue Obama and every. Yes I'm also listening to another month thing I think in his league and interest. The years 95. Nelson I guess I'm a sucker for us in the on the flops because that was months and that was like my baby must. I have bias in the fifa examine new image can have hours of our fitness well you know you've got well. Kelly picking your favors zero Q are molesting little things like that. That's the with a favorite I sit and I thought to me and raise it was a special look at remember when making about the bus under Richard you don't go to Hillary. The bowl picture. But the thing that was cool river front legs and actually get to pick the designer by vote remember only. And the design as a huge deal and then and now and it. None before. 94 holes formed soon. Still sucking their film so I was doing mental thing and it and it must thing coming out yeah story. But so obvious of those coordinator in 94 GT convertible non apology to yours and 62. The yellow with a lackluster form forces to go there anyway. The those scholars Samir really cool with this course a little more special than normal GT plus you know I mean once the boss so the ball she knows what that's a blast from the past. Father of the Austin and or some else at work. It's sanction coloration exactly it's a very cool very cool fact about this car before your break is in actually see it under flood water for twenty days during Hurricane Katrina. But it frame offered history of the door. We'll do for a while because it will have performed well you have yeah industry wrestlers first original. That's the thing that's cool about these callers with these guys take these ponies die hard I mean these pictures of it. Anybody premium hosting an impossible to the vast. I don't promise you'll see much more lawlessness and 95 never gets no newer than there actually. But it would assume you know these are these commercial breaks he and we keep on Hamdoon who occupied questions does stay tuned we're talking about must address your own hot frozen embryo I want a 63 W Ortiz. Look at the hot rods and every analyst that netted you still schools in most things on Honda I think Richard it is old days Richards for wounding him in the professor now. The mainland he knows what's. Look as the judges look at teacher and do it because he knows everything we're gonna retire in the red weasel this right here no longer read weasel your new name is professor. Can deal with the professor Hoskins. Haluska lingering into us and that's gonna Communists are introducing myself to people is that actually. Old some insulated the throws two with a chip so letters. Hello we also got shown from his do you races in the studios. Usually the automakers like he's he's like the data Lou tuning gap yeah yeah. Richards numbers. Chose chose that yet what the hell the united. I got a good voice. You know while I've been told them myself. Our identity of its rating nine of them again you know American and I agree with 100%. Value in my mom Kim hero. That I Richard I'll show you pictures of car. And I wanted him to a Goodell Richard for the record God's good you can see this thank god but let's. Richards never seen this little bill before Islam were urged to assure your pictures and there's no no we're talking about. He's gonna tell us about it here. That is in 1984. And her 1985 or 86 Ford LTD alive switches basically. Tough it's like a four or mustang GT. Yes. I'm telling you the most random vehicle ever. Men have comments that I really like it or something that is set to be fair. It's a full or fox body mountainous it is that fluid and it's this eight inches longer going to be hunted one Timmy emeritus copper oil like this. Hell yeah. Hi you know what it was my first I took those port fair mile which I guess to be fair it is they knew were Fairmont but. I actually like him do when I first seen in of them on resentment of bill with a and it is it is fill all the lovely view and a glass half cut through you say that like I mean it's that hurts me it's a Ford or fox was a crew kept bucks but it must thing you know like that a crude. Via the box yeah exactly. He has that does not roll off the tongue what it's like Kruger honey can you imagine twin terrorist he's honest analysts monitor let's be real here. But I would say can I mean if you put it in LA and Ellison. Yet now it callously and you do that counseling them from over Australia is there and a very good and older commodore they needed to give back. And now that's the thing scarlet if I have that gardening they would child's poor man who. Did you imagine just in his love for load some wheels played with a bigger twin Turbo motor and it. And now might put her in on this Portland movement and that we even the most they've got schooled publicly until that will Troy miss the mark of Melanie hand into the public yeah. Those still better than the score still got a three or two corporate motoring and yeah. So first they're enough I'm not mistaken a 165 horsepower and then an 86 when 380. I believe he is under percent Craig his story to me the exact same thing. And ML so the Nelson's really cool about these courses tells most certain race in school had these things. Yeah about an eighty's Bob honor all wanted to do he was using mustangs and one it's have a four car so that he can take people off for like an exhibition swaps and had forward. Arm actually they had a automatic five liter mustang GT matters and a central. Fuel injection on actually had four to make him sound that the carburetor and former a matter Cosby it and they used them as instructor. R.'s. Milk does this muck are drivers that caller. Remember droves as soon and a higher and not very well yeah. What I should drivers and she got. To draw resist the Buick regal for a male with a June coral in. Ability to coach Ares soldiers are. I had to go to the robbers let's story it's pretty quick element. On house for some reason I was the only student to do the right test with carriage days. And are we got a car faster drop in ways that kidnapped. I'm really glad that its board ride with me today. And two actions do don't you give us as well as a coach you what in the world is about that happened and he pulled out at a baggage shoe. And put him in a big cheers that if you're girl I can do this. The reference got to coach's story real quick with the only thing we ever did in the car was pick up his dry cleaning. I'll go to the bank just. He taught us so much a good debate should. And they're really pulled out that you you'll me and I know will solicit a war zone you fuel film you it was looks literal about school although that was actually Google should try to them to sit Mickelson never I didn't make him think it nine trip in the now. And the old course coming I begin my iron drone zooming. And it's a perk. Most outsmart us scheduled class rely Guerrero launched I'm so well as well mine down to launch and school. Get through and we you need to come back league is going to launch and now and we'll turn with two elections and particularly instability. And learn. Alert now this is actually really cool. If you guys they're single in the sixties that their money coarseness and I'm talking about Nicolas Cage went on the Toby were. But he definitely and yet but nothing good Lil more we're talking about the chip for institutional GT 500. The unicorn gold or. This is that caller has been took so many different directions everybody and their brother has gotten a version of it's almost in new Cooper basically yeah I mean it and thereby. But they're actually producing a steel version your daughter court actually makes. Steal six of 68 most of but now they're doing beer customers. Will be wrote customs and Knoxville Tennessee is building these were filed with the coyotes them. Who performed suspension until about four or school a little room whole shooting match so you're losing the strut hours they're really building a phenomenal mustang. There is no a looker but it actually performs. Now I like them with the rest of months. That of course classic on the outside modern on the and the Chinese are mental block spoiled daughters and they're they're killer thing as a Branko. The new corners nothing really old about it and yet there's nothing out of this hole is just formed an old fashioned. I mean. And in a lot of ways obviously I mean were there he was less than we've seen a 67 aspect most. That that for me if it fired and four that would be the line. Horrible erupt there will be I can't even get told him to a 6566. Mass back. But that's that's getting there and also is too big balls for and so you're sixty and seventy bosses like you told that. As Sean you you race don't you raise the necessary. The incident RC mine and great regularity space shuttles. I mean I wish I'll get anything goes fast and so you might actually recognize this garbage school Lou there's one there actually have on reasons McGee's. Isn't it losses have been to NASA then by the I have seen that markets are actually so it's the viewers most is the Sonoma threw four GT that the it crosses but I mean this coaching league does it's it's some of the policemen Briscoe and interior locally in NASCAR's very. It reminds me a lot of they were embers corporate via really. I just so those schools so precariously fourth quarter it's there are also callers or thing. I do it makes it really made yeah amendment Obama be the true courtroom you can without him that I just got to think receipt for me and Richard both flexing for a and I didn't like my Brothers had a couple all own law critical hours we will see well real TV but you know civil bits we come back together. If you. But there's luxury cars Hitler's lot of fun there it is well one general shenanigans will be and that's the thing is really thought about these shows these guys really get into the social atmosphere like this they have their version of the book rule which would tickle show Enron and I'll look in Tennessee. Great music the gas play in the music. Is that those guys were own cameras German and some along charter member bulls really flexible on it again. Oh we erupted exit and rubber rob good. And that it Cutler yet he's he's just it's probably good. That those two together. Our ally the bad mayor rob him of commercial music right I'm definitely badlands that relationship by its author of that there are no imminent and I'm and then utility bill is all who Coca okay. Unravel that we'll. So oh who could now. I'm Wednesday of this particular mustang pool of an accident when I seen him that was going to be the buses ships are inside of me my pretty low and behold I was correct. I'm I don't easily get column that Willis actually true Shelby GT 350 this goes a race chorus recent history has been both courses and works is through restored. And the guy drives commuter obviously rooms yeah. Desperate play has things been beaten to death on the racetrack and you're drunk and it's a glimpse nausea the other story it's a lot more elaborate than the other guy actually had a genuine track like this car was. On edge in and be used. You mean a little while core. And yet. That's low implement a mile as high stress and Hasan who barely yen novellus of those models on that blues throughout this that you servicing your life. On the LA Europe's undated frame off restoration on this car in Tokyo it magnitude. As stopped as it can it we'll back to the numbers on the sodomy law alien race day ready yeah I mean annaly goalie check marks on the frame and all live for like. More than capable of that today Hilton marks only are there all there. Alley and they actually did this torn down and did a perfect job on it. Absolutely amazing it in the Vista should do looming court agreed to it quote solid cam. That gives them in the anything you know even we know announcer and it will. March brakes and every time does stay tuned we got a lot more hot rods and happy hour rain or one a 63 W forty. Guess we'll make a hot rods and having. It was seven map. Where it was that that was they don't have a good discussion and we're Toma most innings and Graham loyalty. These is yes be candid assessment and discussions I get a very good package in the mail. Alicia good package in yes. Apparently one of our listeners wanted to. That if the American jets. Well this won't this one came from Australia which was better. So really what we've been talking about what good comes from Ulster mom yet there we've been talking about getting a kangaroo dementia. Because kangaroos are legal in the says South Carolina. As an interest in just something and we train at the pool cues he's I was payouts and it Ohio resident there Khazei. Who's not going to take more. So it. Yeah digger yeah yeah I'm quite simple pages just have them put it down include Neil. But beverages and in 2000 my son and it's this blue and selling mini bottles that would be economical. So I mean you're not Hillary you know resistance. So we found it's legal 100% legal balances of talents of great Joseph we're going at one. And we're only in Q and so you know I've been to my friend Nigel who would all blow you kangaroo does not belch. Says I was actually holes actually corrected on this side and Canada I didn't either so ms. Jolie. Mr. them. The bus so to ultimately for and I Duluth news from Australia. We've payment issue were Nigel and great yeah this is the guy that watches or vin would keep his children in the room and yes this isn't it doesn't monitor. Driving on the wrong wrote that first a scene that Macs in the Neitzel. I don't think organizer I really don't like Crocodile Dundee bait recap of the war for oil but after that. It looks everything in Austria wants security the very true. In mrs. Basil plays on him. Answer that's a Nigel listen you know just created so kangaroo. Poke some holes and that person root shell image cream on over. And so I went undervotes those known to women themselves. And found out the we have the United States those are seriously Australian political Australian state. Australian state of shipping department. He's doing anything Austria's do you tell you well this Wendy's justice. So he goes out there in the late it was like really rue the boat ship and slightly bruised she says they can't do that. So Nigel and his wife pleased. So I mean he would train Jewish sufferings and so negative zone and he finds an actual stuff came through and good to mailboxes job there. Have them about theirs is full box in myers' stuff that came true. And presumably someone normally miss things from Austria which by the way calls like sixteen dollars to get this stuff came through over here. Fidelity mate whom there is a stuffed kangaroo pull Australian flag in this this is very. That puts chew him or does this the first gift from my from me tolerance and happy hour listener. Take a smaller closer you get stuff came through Richard it's dates yet. Play as singles and lives in these ladies man. The professors. And from whom and from. There that are just couldn't. That's the thing. Professor skirts and but so it's just you're sort of quell some of school jobs through no way of as cool things I'm a thunderous serve as commissioner show you even know that is thanks. The deal with the literature is is showing no one has absolutely it's a little ray scored power but I big motorcycle motor guesses what actually has had loose it was a thirteen forty CC their heads from thirteen and the other to even worse so early aloha it was a murder and a there's no such thing as a little boost. It's a little gods still don't know I don't know it's it's a boost is this a four cylinder engine you can put your car yet they can't exactly. Although this one actually is a record of four wheels below is cool currents only room when things like that. But it's in the NASA racing circuit which as you contended when this transport as I can NASA national export association you. Com all the stomach those commercials I did two full missile from. But I love this school all this to Richard I'd have been more generous than NASA had and and this is what they do. Until this stuff. Although that's on what planet since but this is equal to I think is a glad to have this in the shop his. Eleven majors so to Sean about it is we'll project he's got going on. We're shown the heard you talking about this little bit. And right arm up only new terms mean then you know I don't know hero got old school. What channel everything mail us except when you pick because most of them Coolidge. But. Arsenal that we in a little ripples ultimately is you know. Come helping the Fed that had happened that LS glad you know coach yeah. They've been around forty years Louise the males that she didn't have to implement everything. That is they're built there than new belly button motor that analysis deal while at film Billy butler's cause everybody's got was a lot. Oliva said this before Miami and once filming in one there to colonel McNamee everything game of the analysts and with futures looking brighter and it's. It's not Matt. So so tell us your sense of projects. Well I'd die due time attacker to Afro. I've got a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution sows the Foner non flow will drive the all round to charge the full version is that you. I mean on the inside it's still answer on the outside you know a little bit wider better mannered they're tires. Now what have you done through it. A whole grain have done them. Could be more Kabila split nominated strip down it's it's go back after cajun and sees it for strictly track keys that does not see the light today on the road. And legally could you tag the future I mean did you drive in almost a minute drill in this I mean it wasn't on them and pago Polonia. Because I and everything still SAS has lights and I think I I could drive it thankfully for the great city cast down South Carolina and there no emissions. That's still saturated. And what's ozone limit where and how do we know live forever so. From an Angel hair from a minute rounds at its cues from the and I don't have kids are really don't care of Wales and the now but I mean it's and you know started his life is as a very very stock car with a measly two on in Sydney some or parent crank in that. As everything sort of on the bottom and at one point and it it made it round four under and Tony Schwartz parts of the tires. Oh look Richard they've made a measly 270. Or spurs there. They made a measly two. Our parallels and a school record that you are certainly or you should hear you're the man yeah exactly those as a measly two orders and horsepower. Cuba ma ma TA didn't have the 280 and add four more cylinders. Manitoba as a replacement for displacement. There isn't much. Actually nowadays there is Heidi I you can put a big enough serve on anything the island reported to actually steadily nowadays there's replacement for displacement. It's there and justice. The feature just him and he encouraged me and him. Some analysts so where will you be racing this story. Well my next event will be in Maine with a global town tag down at road Atlanta but I've been to such places as via or as well I've done the row oval which is the road course inside an oval at Charlotte motor speedway. In the oval resolves the rule yet to improve I haven't been there since they repaid in redid it you know it was fun prior to. Yeah just an amendment makes it symbolic go to go a model in my tracks have speed bumps them. That one didn't know it. Now that undid Dolan had no shortages but it won't have been provable that global but also travels far as the New Orleans to an element of sports park. I don't know it was a phone place love that track that is and as a very very fun track via our though I was asked to be my favorite Havilland and are ones I do wanna go back there again and seeing how my tune in your caller. For Luke OK we're told she would among new with them. Tuning your caller to be where it is and it looks a little bit and I mean literally visceral salt water at this point. Vernacular and sand and say yeah bend down there the state bird is the mosquito that well this things there'll be another runoff arteries Internet care native native. I'm in it this far singing vehicle it's. We we've seen for here is is much we can and the elevation change air density and everything but my laptop always travels with me so there's always changes being made the track. Sort of screw immunity got a Buhner a youngster I don't change them complex commercial breaks they get has ever done goes into what we're totally gross in Toobin was shown for misty racing right here on hot roads and via 163 W awarding.