HOT RODS 4 1 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 2nd

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hor Rods.


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Linda how are a dozen of those Robb Pitts and what's happened in dude manhood and sit here Cilic we are told him about auto groceries and you got me all around literally emirates road racing road racing in the auto cross Austin green I mean dollar crosses. Aliens within the legal limits of you know it's meaning they're almost. It's the it's like take unitary industry can and then condensing it. Let's fund them who. I guess Andrews and with the blue moon grossed four ounces and it is they usually out from the car show and let that declaration that the thing. Danica rashes thing you know like total volume to build. A we read we rhetoric that went through I don't know when Mitt that widget it's the thing that is two with India's -- the it's two at Fallujah. But qureshi is thing in the old days of the package we have an opponent but I love you in stories about guys. That are road racing. Communist lot of fun as well obviously the other thing about you don't politics euros or anybody else so basically you're going. Most of the walls. Giving the best top dollar brutal story told about your Mitsubishi Lance. Until the about the mental errors hitting. A rumble strip before the brokers. Yes. A quarter with a moment. Around there on the 121 from an area. This regular uneasy with the you know it was involved that's the fun part. It's the uncertainty that's if you feel like hearing controller and on offense and yeah. Itself so does this this this while moderates program. Ice. Tigers that. Like I couldn't do it I don't think I can do it like you would freak me or not Al you know I know money. I'm within a mile outlook screaming like little girls the entire time ominous enough for everybody but in the but I always I always say everybody needs to do at least once. Israeli you're there you're either going to be fully fully and wanna do more hour we'll never gonna do it again out of I would tell all of guilt for the ride this did it. Booked. A little thing almost like it's been open. To erode finisher was greater consequences. And I am today there's no safety gore. Who knew that there there's a wall about. Ten feet outside did the track and that'll stop you but they will stop eventually sooner or later then just you know commonly upside down there. There's I carried out NASA ever had my crash course was well ignore easily and this is the thing with this letter lakers look good as those who got really good year. Purcell would Wear helmets. You'll have Eleanor everywhere helmet air and that's bad. Second. This crushing thing. Will the whole goal is not is not an area and well well obviously we're not going or suicide mission to in this. You keep the show and asylum. Always that's the key. Alessio old cover on the bottom side than it chained to and and no follow. You know kills me particularly. Good I was sent says he was. I mean. So what these auto gross and there you have the talent that's that's what you do yes. So what category growth there was an institution that's what are you competing against. It's usually buy buy and drive line and time. Zero and before super collapse. What else must force on ML will run against some nominal will draft class but I can't run against mean there are other all wheel drive vehicles or. The eighth V sixes and me got realities if something does bring an idea they're very rare but most times it's a Japanese. Call are in the old Afghan. So whether whether it be any Sunday TO RC were directs. Actually thousand GD's. Don't come out too often really know. So I got the Silverado SS of really we can only give time to star and doing now draft plus. The way that would that truly love it is only the sort of an attack once and I thank you as certain insurance come neck cancer and the radius of his colored in red. I'll just it was that. You know that or anything going now move. How is it real Robinson petty and amp. Well and I will Lucas glimpse Jerusalem. Acted you know what it's that was staggered special. Now it's of of that away and it really deter him makes lift or go to her hair again oddly enough it. Get man oddly enough financial ripples right as we're pursuing the screws you and think that the little. Those like swimming I was like your strokes Italy's. Yeah and now it's very much is that she's gonna get people who lose colonial is that on those are just really senator in a minute now. If it was a of that in a ten point I actually run in the atlas tonight. Yet he can. That would be funny do you see a fool's solid look at this program our on this is I mean I could see around and I don't see it stopping. And you should solid point to you prelude to rooting you zero animal either. Eroded. Its one thing it does do. It really viewed as. She's those cranked up their retirement community. And so there's got to keep running but you know says Ukraine and a time line. That slowly and I'm trying to soulless thing you really now and thank you. This mouse vehicle that moments and skin glow in color this this is for the good citizens disagree with good quality piece of merchandise. Thank you thank you for a little. I don't I don't want to play a little drone of some good pull them and off Cory Lewis thank you for a. The whole Ngo Craig's list that's what you're asking yeah. But seriously those so we get started trials and you're delay era low Broncos have a Jeep dealers on the slippery thing in theater. It is I'll present peers Phillips. I mean really it's it's it doesn't come down carts drive. So that's a long because you but he Obama will lend it no matter they're not you know you obviously. To surmise that those to trick it knows what you're talking about the terms that brutal and relentless army turns it twelfth. Twelve and apparently that western doozy because I ever everybody talks about turned well. Nestle in the decides men from the boys and a veteran players the slow the widow maker. Yet to get Iran whose hero the funeral. That's when you'll write so what's the worst experience you've ever had and the will power. It will be on tracker on the road. Yeah expert shooter first a little of both the tread tracked me actually let you customize them at road Atlanta ahead. Two cars. Two consecutive laps society hit the brakes in turn to move the bill and then ill and my closing speed up today it was about between Huntington and fifteen miles an hour. And that's it that's intern were your experience at a track that's one you can't hit the brakes. And it. The little little bit of a challenge scrub off in the speed and hit the car. And I imagine it is clear liquid is here. My quick experience weird weird scary holes they've gotten so let's melt authorised strength about them. Also wrote an area on driving up and down 85 and on any academic. Lately he would you know actually here's. We're still lives in the hopes that it will agree with it between the construction and the people now. I'm I'm waited there and reduction barrels Roberto road workers at the and idiots only be about drug. Yeah I am at this wonder of the day actually after mother Butler protection on the phone. Did you finish to your first I did Yamaha standings is now on there and into the record now. That it did in Armenia a full beautiful area. Report found the view been different in the lower than that and want to Seattle man. No we're Spoelstra as publishers and I was more into this sponsorship through from your heart out we're drones. We're coming for you. I think about India during Mormon NATO's. And suitcases out by evidently expiration day so we in your room and you are pretty scared. And a commitment it's actually it's not leaving human life could put. It is pool you can import selfless enough. To start on things and making of the weird noises. I managed to laughter Arabian man. It would team will result and the but none of them is. You know when in this election. Yeah. Yeah hundreds of them and they're going into. So what's the fastest you've been over core public streets. Who all don't incriminate yourself how do I I'd hold that thought we had to commercial break let's get a grocery and was in the of these bills Lewis all right though we're gonna stay tuned we're told or shown from his degrees right here isn't happy hour I want a 63 W Lordi. Gail Lumet the hot or alternately. With salmon and and see who studio. And really distance from getting into this whole road gruesome thing to point. But it was the numbers will lose. Drum brakes at all an old solar passengers. Beyond a mile tracks on to me. Among losing. It's very well insured up bro machine. Drag strip which remain difficult. A little bit trapped for a stretcher you'll bullying us up federal thirteen and stuff. Remembrance there is a rabbit jumped out in front of Ramona where locals who fills the doubles. I assume before regulars in about how fast we've gone on streets. Sean are you Jews have management astronauts. I'm a neatly fit how how long ago was this fifth leading. And recently OK yes yes and then they'll say you couldn't say that. For me I'm good it was a 100000. Iraqi by the circle of state troopers association. Who. For meals one for the shuttle roughly one person. Would Fortis in the sheriff's. Exactly would I want 45 and a little a little Luke Massa before Sloan now. There must be over stoves and owner tool in the group. It was also fest that I could see the hood raising a slinging new into an era. Yet why when it feels like a Mexican circus road you know you're doing right Newton usually missing from the now. I mean it's sort of thing about I'm doing this and a 52 year old Colo. Early for the president rather than two and a balloon loans and it's a little recourse I don't know what to put together with its total fund that I did 130 something and then the bill there. And that was scary as hell. That's I mean I think you know yourself high speed no doors like those six older is that the 63 mill there and that thing was scary. The day and what's more tears says you can't slowdown. You can't stop I don't go to the thing is you Jim the breaks yeah speed and years down. No you don't slug able Wilson and resolve that's what you're doing now you're pick up speed now you know and me hello. But the thing is further in the I mean talking about route safety. Does well but. Build the foot as they were the meld of those every course built for purpose built just like inaugural literally built for. Road racing. Almost similar growth in the and that is murders and your wagon is building Lugar for store. Richard Richards Cadillac. Is bill. For senator Specter things. And the boot thing is built to be a riddle the relied chair. Between the crew the clothes were issue for Big Three point seven you know that shift about 6800. With a bear and it gives little three two innings he'll constantly. I have out are more dodges well that called the Mitsubishi. I didn't mean can you and that's saying a lot. And extradition from troops are obviously. A low of missile of those guys because they're all instant hot runners the most dazzling play with me. There I know I didn't hear that Clinton would weave through each other we do all that. But those guys I'll look. You know I want on shift topics Versa and I'm coming back here is an in this sort name. Richard but what's your opinion Sean on the new caddie for. Then you follow. I mean it did it's a good Miller is a game in especially if you put the three to intake manifold. How about eco boost. Carmona no reason why Israel for New Yorkers know and that one and for me if if it's an American muscle car and it bush and as a model bill deviated these the tiger's similar to. I would say some of the moments changing league it was a little bit I was a little area of the first. And they have some problems they have they have some television issues and stuff like that and yesterday she's isn't it yeah. But. They do you make great power now longevity. So long goal meaning. Although they are lackluster but calming force. You can make it faster immediately. I mean you can make anything it just depends on how much money when the moon I reported to amiga cheaper level fast and too cheap reliable. Or you pick too soon the other in the coyote is basically the four Fortis or to the analysts. Oh but in typical for fashion is twice. As analysts. Yet you can't put anything limited and its glory camp getter. I mean this who thing it's who called you twice for bush to do anything to vs. GM equivalent it's got the same footprint as a local big book yeah. At a meet and it's cool but the settlement make that this is not. I don't look she's got a bit Elena. Talent it so it's like the shrieking and assailed. As little rumble is Erica I think a lot of us did exhaust systems. They get there you go all of that too but like I'll miss the old five days. You Rhode. Put your put your forty's series tournament there's going to be 33 cared forresters float right handers all furnished. If your college. Unequally hitters. And you've got that rubble. It's perfect. That's a great sale as a as push from a reverses and he came true but then you go that file blue coat and shrink. So it mail's gonna chalk board with a little baseball and as a fairly accurate to Scranton a low degree it is is it's a fair chance you get what you hear it yet. You know what what's that old what's the most global we've had him on the Dinah and they are very very loudly extremely worried belong to two on in urine in the cats they are never allow pitching. All right so and are usually as Richard I think there was friction goal this he would. You have scripture about eight years skill was forced orator. No actually element to it when we get to those are actually going to give it him. Office secede on on the streets. We talked moderate voice actually the trans am I accurate if GTA. You know while. What was the adults in what fifty bothers what I was quoted. And good but but but it's a fellow finalists you know don't argue with a male at that just this is I didn't I didn't. Yeah. Does he think he I imagine you'll be very nice and evening actually. Yeah you're extremely it's ours to where you that was the with the can't like here. Bayless and now we're talking about small displacement. There were talking about this before Richard came to studio because you were maker or so we don't know exactly how this works so they can delay. Pieces and we're Thomas HUS troops previous skeletal for some term road. An Irish you can fills us all move the stats here but now you can make some superpower all of this thing in just tune in that term roi group correct. And yet you can. The reliably get it to about 450 in the rear wheels and Turbo upgrade arm and with you Anderson tune out. With mark aria is automatic but I'm 360 font of the tire. This is it cordial with clients did does that definitely personally I'm. Heated seats. But it does make China will contradict myself a little bit with the misstatement about Ford but a lot of that has to build quality. The Cadillac is a much does a much better build quality then. The mustang. Well of course you know man like you gonna pay for exactly in order paper there's a lot more than just creature comforts and that catalog. All right goes that they won't have to worry couples these commercial breaks become available some user edited are gusting to and we got some more rosneft IPO or bring marijuana 63 Debbie Doherty. Oklahoma now frozen embryo know we've got a really special really special guest here in the studio we shall missed injuries that. And Sean doesn't needs to officials general growth to road and he's got some really really cool projects schools that show. An obligation as Google's own daughter of slowed sales exclude these sandbags say to yourself now. Eleven want the middle school and Richard Lugar like Vegas on Tuesday to hear scale I know I know that's it Olson scale and a so I mean like that does that and of course I don't believe said that shell Saudi and who's been shown canoes and he's that if they'd come out come over to the dark side rituals on his can't talk to me you'll lowered her pedestal can lowered handled it fine but just quick. And I don't make it and it'll be in good Iranians Richard who don't benefit ha ha. A love it so tell us what we got goal Russia. Well we're actually wrapping up two fairly large builds comment the same time we've gone along we've actually Yani are 32 GTR. From Paris took us Paul wall and passengers. What would you do again. Well is not too too fast and furiously shooting isn't his issue agree blames delegates do not agree & Associates of fire hoses seventeenth speed like most of test appears religion they have a toilet speed to influence the race he and sequentially spent. Now what does it is it goes to overdose went for 36 with a big aren't who got together that's on them. Rule arguing that the passengers Jews communal group here a little too young too soon. This horrible Amir it's been beat. And those jokes just gone for him so. The old bad we appreciate Robert levels were phones aren't a fan of the reasons. There's. Yeah they're okay is the this is there. They're grown men playing somebody who has mores wells beaten and they crazy. Girl suing your hands. So we did a fool tear down to rebuild in the they're came in brother car. You know rebuild so we put. All fresh internals and it. Change over Ole politics blind drive rather than now accounts for factory. Sounds that way higher rpm he'd have enough oil pressure does this crucial. I slopes all the pressure is key to keeping the internals internal innocent and not external and let's hear it. Well known you to over toward an issue. You wanna keep extra fluids out you know the water is now on and on wall you the second. Are those among the first armed terrorists and I'm. That's sort for another day XML so those cars come typically with twenty or both so we've done a single over Turbo conversion on them. Rather largest. Sized Turbo lord you sure we're sort of basketball's as I mean it could blaze that's able small children and off the sidewalk. Yeah because well that's what we like and I like to make references they determine the size of the hand of god. Not that day may be lying the strong hand. And scared her for that didn't equipment equipment we decrease it just do that and does not strong hand and and there's everybody giggles in the studio equipment you all horrible. We're people hole in hole and so I was still little Shia wonderful welcome to duke. No man. Don't know forgo for. SMS adults horrible. Now look at it water below if you got a bad picks its stop. At that you would go through which to live with a host. The US has a lot of it. Some guys who Rosie tournaments in the show's we've got candlelight that we put we've built a 408 sharper knife as a as a Jan four. Six footer. Our book that's what I'm screaming kids fest with clay some obvious richards' career got a blue face. Oh look it's riches that could be used. Well we've we've done just about everything on coroners there is nothing Netflix stock or gonna or stories that woman who will. We had originate a rich style blower on it and we made about 630. Will horse carts and retiring 660 foot pounds of torque. I'm about ten tennis after aside it's pressure and we're transition and hard death Letterman yes we transition cart to a will be approach archer. And the goal is at least seven under to the tire blew it with the police and everything we got common. We can go north of four digits so you think in the servicer or who have bigger fair though the center of school vs threw stones. I'm since typical for me is more like it to about. So I'll on the Turbo guy I like the way Turbo delivers power. Over its own blowers humming their funding of the blow the tires off real quick if you're not careful with them. The center vocal style super chargers are more Linear. Grow up for daily driver and a little bit abilities your own on the vehicle. Well these are components is a more in the fashion you make torque the more stress you put them all components obviously. So for me it's it's a better option on daily driver is something that have have fund had net styles super charger and nothing beats the sound. That is allegedly set yes I mean that there was celebrated jet set shriek and then that match and you get that action picture available off of with a Mikey would on the Turbo car yet. Now I do love the senate route to lower as well. Well not only in the lone loser there lecture relatively quiet really the the league in Thomson's orchard don't know we had a Magnuson boom she speaks 100 is there so it talks for your mum when you. Put your foot down on allow title she screams. Does that warmer. Absolutely. Tell me. The success. Exactly Dilma kettle of what I'm getting a little that little creek Tobler particular group we're going to caddie. Make it four did you or stroller. Let's get times. And as a lot of digits NASCAR local. Yes and it enters the distill it does not selling and most cat he's. It also agree welcome say my mom and a fortune is too big plus Kennedy Center previous. Well we'll go over Malone here she's on offer this to us books knows. Yeah actually affect her choice yeah. Do Islamic. Plus we'll screwed because it was was it Tomlinson and this really goes forward wildly looms in. You're actually ridiculous Clinton I don't know little room again. Don't statement sentences they wouldn't have happened. Hello militias remember that little limited today. All right so who Leo yeah you make serious stuff here worsened Nichols project she federal position. Our finest. I mean those those those are the two toothless with had come to whom we get a lot of plus servers tipping typically am and we we Ernie special especially shop and by any means. You know we do a lot of GM a lot of low pour lot of a lot of savers especially local servers. But I'm as far as to cool ones those those are I mean there's there's not too many people in the USA can say hey apple a you know are between six that goes and they are strategic here. Yeah merger merger sure now all right and your city your mobile orca. I have gotten the money making ideas. Of the century. And James are extremely image do intervals of course and no details of those crazy but this man. This is the thing. Let's get into the late model Jeep grand resistance. And build a swell kid to put a 64 or follow soon yeah me. In a ring. 64 files. Do you realize how close around 64 over us well 864. But oil if you would lower his orders because of thousands more sensible woman mean an average of man make kids to swap older CJ seven points and that wrote there's been done before they're they're just a little Gelman a direct bowl kit. To pull it hit me in energy in their list of real salt box for. That you could still run. That would be killer all in news or away from OG again. Zero avail VAG this films like every day. I mean but coming because this thing about it they have comb the Jeep dale so much. That's the soccer mom car and it's a glorified. G budget as it did it's not the trail king in a launches Kennedy trail queen. Now with the troop presence at the very description and as good as as the culprits this. But it looks like EG and having their inner prison vehicles are there two incomes of vehicle they used to be you. I mean we go back into the ninety's. Jeeps and but some of VG kit like a Bolton. GQ just the drill steel mill. But for the report does it help you turn this 35 inch tires exactly exactly exactly and we don't tell is much which I thought it would be Woodruff. Well absolutely coming your take a death trap and making it a sure thing mil hit well it will come with a staggers him and went down. Of course monitor has picture. A little bit alone but I did and that's the money make it that it now I think it would people already making a cue from this. Well a million and already a lot of the new low Parcells he's got a by the entire body and body control harnesses girl X was just a little more difficult than. You know other swaps are. Well we love bar makes it difficult to anyone else is difficult loses commercial breaks until anywhere everywhere you're good conversation get a stop again exactly go straight to we got more Rosen an appeal cover that you're a rare 1063 W or. Yeah what Linda Carter doesn't have a look when you jewel like that puts jewel in my heart. Of skid and you can go to our fingers. I'm did it abuse and I'm getting hit it to it will pay us but do I have yeah good. Lol I do what we got chauvinistic Grayson mr. that we are talking. About all those reforms that we deliver about a money making an idea. And I can NBA in jeeps that's where it's with a she'd come they show that we're correcting the problem just like Prius is named guess motors though. They need me eight jeeps absolutely. Problem solved. Just that simple. When did well Allah all right speaking a little swaps. On the motors walk again. How do you feel sandy land. A low swat vehicles on this airless cookie cutter stuff I'm just say easy easy speak he's. Swamp. But anyway. Child's school. Now so I think I would put fail us. About project. It would correct a lot of things from tanker. You're not opposed the only way out with a legit war is with him with a creates laws and in anything. Well of America's day you put a small watcher was jet or sugar or has been done for years and here's and here's. But now the other Columbia accident are awfully picky government. And it started that that you be told about cookie Thornton anyway so talking about airless swapped. Jack I mean. To me that would be like to call because. None of the new crowd knows anything about the via Ajax so I've pretty if you go rolled up a nice exchange civilian. Richard film out we go full well this breaks into Peter rear suspension shouldn't own Corinthian leather. Macon fellow horsepower. Thomas say in your daily driver. Gain that house you live and probably almost guarantees as wheels underneath to have of the age yeah this skilled Romania Willis station wagon. Really good things happen you're joking you're saying bad things happen you are talking trash about a jaguar loyalists the house doesn't have wheels under but the same kind of thing happens is kind of can you at spicier in the first quarter of the year Richard. Elaborate wolves do what I do you feel I'm not fight and none of them all fours. There was a dubious sleeper. There is a really nice Malo. Lasts XJS when I'm bringing trailer home couple weeks and Lamar power problem gorgeous pain and everything on the get a little more respect. Then they'll small block Bruins do. And they're dangerous work and stuff. Round and it still the jaguar appearance still freak and hey Adam and commit that's reason enough yeah that Democrats are lucky to even more beyond. That's the subject matter when it's well that as a rule I don't mean this six owners you'll see about a quarter to one sooner forty but that's the end of the road for them this I want it fixed now. A vocal duo also what do addiction nor. And you've seen those before us those that's a hard worker Garnett had a big breaks on little stuff I mean. But I mean just think if you Google in a silver exchange today as thing as you can make an Ellis does not shaken the Grail American superpower for ideas. The sealed the sleeper I mean these guys have no idea this new school grill you can totally just just kill. Figured I. I'm a little bit but will that mean you you hill doesn't come in that the bodies found on at the you know the Jack Warfield to it it is it's a classy ride on me like you gonna date. Harder street Grayson was. It was problem people it would you probably take a lot of money in pockets and doing I mean I mean just think about all the fun litter must explore a minimum homestead. At a playoff like output like. I don't know old lady stuff in the way a box of Kleenex is on the Baghdad she picked. Christmas cards for the grandchildren and little. A bumper sticker. My grandchildren. Aural on parole some elementary terrific kid that would be for not only am born. Browse which unions social event. I solicit scares Lewis shot I want unless theory some amoral you guys can offer. We do a little bit everything I guess of before we don't specialized technically specialize in any one thing. Would you do the repairs as well as well as perform so we enjoy the performance we really want to form performance but we also do. That there repairs your regular oil changes year. Your preach it's. And on top though was begin the performances just depends on what your goals are. Two dozen new breed of great things like I mean basically the neat thing. Other than what I've been noted that even routine maintenance on net and a little thing you have forms go to Hebrew team making its own them to do. And you you'll miss it won't take your phone or are hot rod to jiffy lube. To be serviced. Now and then we use products and flu is a one on that. Geared towards performance so we we've strictly Hansel. For for our or our our oils. But it's a part of Louisa and our dinner tracked vehicles try to weasel a personal vehicles. On the something that. Provides the game better level protection than what she would get from. He LA a conventional or a synthetic you know 55 gallon drum synergy if you Google or other quickly places. Are you saying you if you would have a good idea. That's scares us a nice fund a near record. Com. Any problem now there's no there's nothing wrong would do if you live on what they do on just and that's just not bode well it's not a performance. It's not geared to that this gear to the masses and this is. Is more especially shot to go when you can cater to that or even routine maintenance only call yen in the place of the products and services we sell are geared towards that mean your guess today and basically you're here disservice to our community. Iran's name Daley of data maintenance they needed me you know changes things of that. And that's your clientele. And remember how arrest just our American muscle cars are also the Japanese car so I can't don't have any rather large import following narrative so it wouldn't. And that is because I mean there's Amish applicator to imports around here either now and we were trying to use the import shops that are here trying to get to another level. There there's been a in expectation of what an import shop is a march 19 to break that. If you walk into our building we have and nice French over and we've got a nice customer waiting you're able Sharon we try to we we keep we keep for. Our war carries us this claim and any organism can. Well and and that's another cool that I just have the biggest money maker there were shall mean it will go into business tonight. We need to open up an important line shop Anderson when the mortal who will stray recoup ration. We've got ST raison a handle on it and the violent attacks to you later a lot of years later on her own. There's going like this. We love you can see it. Today undone or an amateur to McAllen lifestyle news is that you know. It for life. Stance for her stance Tuesday do you sense that it is the Eva going to be stance though. On the Al Amin that that's the trends are innocent it is highly functional I used it as. Etc. OK this guy you just go snooty over the solo on the home a second there's nothing wrong way. This stance crowd and others not I mean that's I think given those guys or to everybody enjoys her car and laying back and appreciate something has done peacefully regardless of outlook about our Strachan. And up to a certain point is that okay it B thumb but again tastefully there's been less tasteful and there is unsafe. Other I totally agree with your woman's life. The putting putting you know but are this committed you'll see evidence rule all the twelve which we will yet. You get a 2.5 one tag on the Lebanese one agreement so a little bit but you're you're pushing it. I shall we'll tell us selling get a hold of you winning anything. Well if you talk contact us via phone our phone numbers 8646032010. I'm making this up on FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com forward slash ST racing LLC. Or in email ST racing jealousy and you know look don't agree on answer ramp we are it's ST racing LLC. That's nice so there's when he ways to regency a stretch I was. There will be sure to check out is he reasonably sure should've FaceBook page Kimmel Jim well the mother follows the corporation gives the boy pandering that's what are. But if oil rose visual items what other. Thanks he'd done book. It and happy Easter and happy Easter Gaza struck out and be sure to actually hide Easter eggs don't till the key is to do look Foreman with a well it takes a moment. Hurt it is only fools that judgment was in the hot rods and happy hour right here want a 63 WORD.