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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 16th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rods.


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Carlson after was rough bits rob what's happened in new home to Iowa tab and so crazy stuff that we yoga is because of talk about morals and available for a gate to for a little me. We got the hot rods and happy our photojournalist. Slash card numbers guru Richard Hoskins in the studio lets out and announced that the world it. Does. Do you want to look at court TV all the economy and it doesn't exactly it's literally the only thing analogue. All right well we're a little shake up at the discovery kids that. Won't happen. But there's a little shake up in the discovery camper on them. Velocity channel was notably rules to film a little while. And the ten network do you enthusiast network has not gonna be the ten network and more moves raise your egos and do what else is crazy about these new. But the new pony cars but the new Camaro coming out this week they shoot pictures. Yes the new Camaro the toward in nineteen Camaro and looks a little Honda Accord is to me evil men. This. It's cool and I think literature I think it's dead and I'm kind of glad to see it is another goal of their old little they're turning back in sports cars. Pony cars what I heard director thing was cool for a minute. I think we've pretty much pounded and tell us about shaking. Well let's go like music and sound easier knows anything that's really good stuff today is get a little something he has got eighties bag we do it I'm just fill that out there. Hired tiger. Miller manager here than Justin Bieber song yet you won't cool gaining of ground that one. Well it emits artery intimately. No sort of be the eighty's I'm just. Oh but. The missile thing MM with Richard it is free to bear to get a little wolf yeah. To a nineteen to where it looks a lot early on can we harp on this first and weakened horrible RA has I mean EE said it but you're exactly right if you compare the front and to on the way I guess according. And the Camaro it's identical they really is coming in this old age up on both time on. And a machete Imus thinks terrible in the and the honeymoon comes a similar blue. As the Camaro does this is bad about the new challengers are coming down with. I'm seeing it a mob probably a bottle and apparently they're going to be a lot smaller and him beyond an offer him a chess it. And edit tracks because they all the challenger people out and does it make it smaller and don't offers excellent earned over conservatives for. There are its survey of horse Marchand and I'm going to model on. But this is they would because of your political yeah there's been forced on how many cars perform well and it will mean we got a valid point you do cervical. Now I am pulling him to new challengers in I'm guessing your drama players there those serial. Case that's unreal that's been floating around for seven years. That's tough that's. That's very official there's say a school lunch pictures. I can't find what rafter so there have been out of it and I'm Sharon let it happen again and in spots scale of the Ford Bronco that are still a warm up believed to Aussie once sitting at the Ford Fusion of so do you think was I'm going to tell about your broker since OJ got out he's our eyes and here's an interesting concept here's an area. Does this get this at southern go to Al for a man Chancy on the challenger rice's dog obviously miss our caller. One if that's there excuse for coming out with a new duster. I would say they would come out. Man I don't think that's going to knock some people themselves. Auto it dodged bring up to global and industrial Plymouth and if Iverson a dog bear Qaeda and kill myself. Ha ha ha ha well good good good. Half a lot of girls claim that does not they're normally good it's not right get your key out here a year inning 1970 anymore and nothing you name a car and sticker packages you put on it isn't gonna turn and Andrew in 1970. Now I agree review there girl from. Good evening. What I'm journal say and I grew then I figure this thing amendment. Just dobbs dodges been known to do things like this other only another long visual stickers to heal our various mosque it's actually a special car. When you're introducing one needs mark to this already fighting for sales against its humane competitors while would you bring out to. How would you during the oil for May it was fun we'll have the metric equivalent of the goals this exactly. Very interesting the one of fiscal glow of the looming on a scorcher couldn't small. As it sounds an actual scent near 71. Perfect man. The way you rumors and image a little old lady with thirteen thousand are trying to make him look you know the economy assignments and. Well. To me I don't know all the glory callers I think dodged non adult polar I have to agree going with the body learns and things like that. My only quarreled with the challengers. To meet the thin chrome bumpers made a challenger. You know they make this an Ireland's that it looked exactly how you'd expect and I thought I could. The films and their plastic and they stick our exist through analysts believe but you don't wanna be like into the bumper kind of consultant and he did something and that was way too much under the Guerrero exactly it needed deluxe from my without cheese and did you get a channel about. Five or six inches eleven imperfect. Amoeba in the McNamara who they just got way out of the Camaro is remain in by the front and we'll go under and within about life they have the Motorola stick them in there. To me when they can't I was the first of a fifth gen Camaro and only in any offense same eyes and to. But to me it is always had a hot wheels appeal to it. The little exaggerated wheels on big openings is always had a hot wheels feel matches I never cared for look like a toll. Or we will corn was reluctant so much. Current and is looking and I am new look in that. It's that hot wheels edition I'm now. Don't put America back. Little little disabled tracks like a fool us Paul will strike but guru caller to my point is been proven more and more him more more again. Tournament summary and then many got the most thing which I won't tell him. This is a thing. You the most thing GT 2000 that's a sixty caller did get some good loans whether it and then this or changes. Changes up. It's Kellerman back in the VCR days which Robert don't remember this so much time I'm of these here can remember Lotta like your vertical hole lucky tracking the registration out of shape. That's the same until the most thing it's getting all out of whack. I hear you there. Like him my third challenger would've been one but. In 2015 want to look at other dogs and make room blow. A poll of the Ford dealership and mod then my first 2015. Dodge Challenger and nobody would come out and talk to me about it 2015 must act. So laughter when mount a challenge. I wouldn't say here's my thing you know they would you play there or not necessarily dodge because challenger has had a long lifespan. But the Camaro and the months thing he says there's Isa bus as both of that very drastic changes in their looks in the appeals over the years. So I think like the new muscling Alvin there's nothing wrong with the direction incidentally is a very aggressive looking car. But the Camaro to me is going back toward family sedan. There come all the full courtroom this scares me to die on this particular issue the is for and once that aside. Half a it's 2000 Kelly Campbell its exact same chassis. Dozens the area so. You could very well see that platform c'mon I don't I don't a full of common LOU. Abdullah valley trail portal browse and yet we have yeah you talk about flip in single was over every tool in the community members I use it for a charger either. You think up little girl calendars and is gonna make people mad yeah. And a but I Leino and honestly that Tommy who is we know GM's pushing toward all electric platform. So their muscle car area is going to die out with that well there's much every year you need to be. EG and that this has great power electric collars assuming that there faster hippie but that sale is little that is the you're right I mean and I think that's known Kayla I think it is going to kill. GM as far as the performance aspect goes I think someone always smiling at any rate if they do choose to collar Corbett that playing someone always buy them mama. Press and GM's you know really shoot their failure. Want to you'll likely to pull plug on us right here but we're told about this morning in Mexico when told about GM and they're the extent to Lincoln that I they normally happen. Really does. Let's say what will keep the lights on writer hot rods and at Baylor stay tuned wanna 63 to BO RD and government hot rods and rob what's sad ending that you agree Babylon telling those litre joke. This is ha frozen embryo or not he moves electoral season. No electrical outlets now. Procedure that old they came out look at that silly deal. Well it's not so it's out of because. All of you remember back Evelyn we talked goes by in October. GM is actually cushioned by 20/20 three to have to whiny. New electric vehicles and Carolina element of human toll of morals who is gruesome yes they're not going to. And gas engines are primary time saying no we those sort real rulers were. Electric cars are stupid as the man is well. OK I hate to burst the bubble but it. Coming cowboys are pushing for laws China has pushed for laws that California pushes for a lot of things in Bristol and all that well I mean it's going to follow its trend I hated I don't pass the bill for electric toothbrushes Ayala has drawn up look. That's still thing problem. It doesn't matter and whilst we. Tussle on the verge of bankruptcy right now. They're getting antsy about it because that's a little too different bin Laden to look beyond my school is a different lifestyle than most people and yet April is going bankrupt. You know you think all that money's gonna have to give them to be fixed and this. I think to be that and these aren't just. That's ideal but I alone the other though I agree with what he's given there is a job you you'll be the house walls these dogs and his lovely model looks of orthodontist. Love that you met the older sister Nancy who really benefit from goodness gracious and smile and those that picket fence ice and here's the deal with China to be putting it in China. Selling dramas China China which hanging they are actually. Yes it's pain again make hand motions and so she's seen as the beauty of review we keep us busy that's. I'm doing and that's that's all matters. But I know China seriously as bush in my doubly 22 when he is the year. On their one Q ham they have six. 1000006 million or 1006000006. Million cars produced a year in Jana. The won by 20/20 four million of them produced every year to be electric and that's never gonna happen. I don't I believe if anybody can make you haven't China will be the one black Chevrolet is also looking forward China to meet their main market with a all the electric vehicles good. It to a hundred different ticket. Well this is delivering these batteries don't lose a little magma cotton candy and wearing not me. It's true in I know what you're about to say and we've said time and time again on the show and you go ahead and say you're absolutely right. They're just extending tailpipe. Exactly the electric noticed it was sort of the US can make their power through a little more environment friendly. Let us live if you go to make omelet you've got a decade. The end there's nowhere else sentiment reading things on Omaha immigrants have left. I think you're seeing old changes we're like they get put two down the dip stick and it suddenly all out I guess that's how they do it leaders well personally I figured. And this early exit. Probably. Well. A hand in for China there look into. 20/20 five his when there won the six million of six point four million B bill. But there hopes is by year 2040 and I know we're talking. When all of us are probably compete head to. But your Big Three yourself amass do you live who happens both of the I'm unemployed journalists to witness the Mississippi in Cleveland in euros and there you got another economic in the 62. Yet EL a little over twenty left in the hands is ammerman where the reform browse to those who lives and it's all right yeah. And these rights who can but no seriously but twenty wary of forty China wants to have all electric in the country we you know. Sonic and have those things that router at all blue hold those. But here in the US today. A lot of news about program electrical right here in Mosul Caroline Mosul to me day troop Pickens. I'll be a little scared to Arafat charging station tune whereas for three and this is the folic full house what power don't you know. The FA yet and I think that's why China has said that we will look real life. And you're gonna crack up at that's an easier hunters are. Who tee time. There is rumor that one while manages the fear is rumor about apple giving in to the self driving Gore's proposal they need to do now. I think that's a pretty big step back on the couple weeks ago I think they are rulers do you know you're going to open up only till date and to human Dakota and I don't know the road Diana oh. Or you can't find charging forward residential hotel had almost taken a lot picture that makes no sense whatsoever to me you know they come out with a new year modeling don't change charger on me oh did you return NC on about it they chartered in New York gives Clinton the junior structure. And a nine. And yeah. When you dig Filipino and half again as well I think charges come together and if you could say look. Bad ass black Corvette and it's all lectured India of being tortured them and then he showed Ellis goes to my kid sister Kim could have a Susan this is match in Georgia bar Reggie Love it's got. So very interesting apart from the battery operated vehicles General Motors is actually in that garage and fuel cell electric vehicles that I'm into other orders for making nuclear rooms others that it was only power garbage truck it. Yeah for us and hazardous to good analogies are run. Coca bracelet or this is good bad and other electric. It is. It still fossil fuel into interested but it's also fueled coming BMW brutal compressed that Curtis yeah palm thing you got to think about. We've natural gas through this Phillips. Stations. Takes over fill out things like that I mean. There are certain things are light rain or cold your cocoa grower and prisoner of missiles you're going to run the same problems no matter your feeling source you're going to have to refuel at some point in time. The problem with a lecture is if you take him long haul how long can you sell on the side of the road for and wait. Well looming that they were compressed natural gas. Is that it's a I don't know to me really I think for that still. And I think yeah. And then you're playing field and had a slow propane and propane accessories. Like the regular that's gone to get a crack at it but. It's compressed natural gas never call you Jack Roush took a bath in this whole compressed natural gas thing you care they have won 3-D conversion. Everything is if you started out would they if 150 with a V6 and hateful little bit. Now you get if 150 thirty less horsepower and a four foot and put all the stuff that. And it cost thirteen thousand more than a regular phone fifty. Some people say it wasn't a real hot cell. Yeah would think that fewer delegates half a mile gap and then as president do you feel things that they've yourself if you if you if you drive if you drive it a million miles you'll almost breakeven TrueCrypt and a to get quality ambler until the hill old Jack to injuries a pretty good cells alone movies regular Miller now now come. This game of a lot of terrible it is and we talked about this for foreign of proclaimed companies is still rumored or widget makes sense for them. Ilsley fuel easily easily enough but. That's it will store fuels thing. No commercials we go to commercial break yeah absolutely. Guys stay tune we go on a whole lot more frozen happy are coming your way 1063 W Doherty. It goes totally hot rods in them you know yes. You were talking about some of them natural gas that's again. They usually concerns we were you bring up anything like this had happened to overrun in the car together. Nova I think while we're on break like a windows somebody I think Richard actually brought up some good points on the electric cord thing. Common good of man politics and well he said it well earlier. Thank you. If only you could do you do a repeat performance of accurate Demont it's without trying to be cheap political points and now. This year is at all. My ears and everything with government is designed to fail and the reason. Government is pushing such an expensive complicated inferior. Way to power matters vehicles but there was never work to the senators to push and and it is money. Moralist I mean CNG. It's got problems. It's worlds better then. Electric and honestly and everything that we've created why can't we create a synthetic fuel source. You know that's a really doing never actually thought about them before. The way all are well technically we do wasn't a typical isn't it because he's ultimately make it. The explorer and a I'm going to quote a it tenth grade chemistry teacher of mine when I say in this. I was told there is enough energy in a single drop of gasoline to power a car around the world X number of times. So what because you know think about it atom bombs bullets Adam. Run we get a lot so they let drop fuels actually a lot of Adams like a lot of not gonna go scientific here but. Actually think you ability alone can and then think of the potential energy inside fuel that weenie and harnessing it. And I think the technology reproduce that is no easy we ain't even horrors no exact was. That was his that put that sold me out I did get he's I mean I did get in the game even harness in years that I did getting union yeah you were brave surging oil salute. But the tumor giving him who have. But I mean in all seriousness that we aren't even numb even harnessing this energy. At all. So I mean I don't with a home. There's levels in this this is where you get through in the fear theories of why the fish carburetor. And the 200 miles per gallon Cadillac and all is it seemed impossible. And the vapors power. In you know a year vapor that's gonna smear. Armed of the pin that you ordered the cause renal water in the north Koreans hydrogen bomb powered. What do you know this month thing with individual go broom broom. And blow smoke up but it's got to have so much compressed the end. This is mile logic would gasoline. Do you realize there's been assured took so there's no shortage of all in this country. Hundreds of years worth of war or just in the United States Ohio area of Alaska want and rubble left is selling yourself to other countries that's the thing we have similar tool. Then there was look what you do in The Who runs well obviously you don't be warm food by that point anyway don't much. All right can go to make an old enough to and I I'm pulling no other in other interesting perspective in of this. Obama do really what we call the new burning you love and I'm of those on a religious standpoint on this one. It if god truly created the earth then he put everything resource on this planet that we actually need do you think any of that would actually right now. You know lumber Shubert in Jerusalem and local audience from a to those rules aren't just go to the other area. Dealing mostly little hook. Boom yea you don't play camel and I'm just saying I'm Muslim. Month ago. Hurt her at the but I'm in all seriousness of the supplies we neither on this point a really good book what you've done that her thing yet about took Williams them in charge and it would open up a they Joe's a good looking animal and cook at the there's got to Hezbollah does this in real life. And it should get netbook. It's yet to borrowers that. Service sucks here couldn't help but who knows Campbell punch if Putin's it's airborne went to authorities it was fun. But you know I'm an all series I think the resources are on the plan that we need to survive throws plan it is. Think a lot of it isn't a Tuesday. Global warming is another one nothing's really blown out Portia don't hear all the computers has came. What a quarter of a degree in two million years but. In theory. I don't see the world full wooden panel simulate a little bulls were able to Felicia. You know okay. How long home with things that happen. We honestly I don't think up Moby around the battle. Eagle and I can't swim only worried I you know it's skeptical of the three of those who make it to see China have all electric vehicles much less fearful and the polar ice caps melting I don't think we're going to met him there. So I mean it gives a list which is Libby new owner from six you know I'm with you their little Vizquel use caller who went to. Scout us and all the old pavilion at Myrtle Beach is now under water due to global warming. Do you know what was let's put those smug idiots that when Colombia's underwater. So that's when we'll do it and coolest music others in my because at that point where the river water polo in football they'll lose its tail on national can offer oceanfront property in accrued. Russia you got Mountain View. Ocean views. To you you're joking about it I mean I've model if art is you can't force it. You know force in the UK arrests of industry or transportation. If there's a better idea we're gonna find it yeah well force about it there's not fit mantra you're using. Fear tactics of course people are chic little ones and there will listen to what they say if you keep harping and you know of experts gathering this thing to say you think. Lol. Murder somebody wants him polar players don't do what qualifies these experts that does exactly that way those rules have been two million years ago there dissident beer yeah you know and this is monthly weather and understand and it is the thing I'm not drums in the role I'm not. He knew that grassy Knoll the theory that stuff. But I am saying this. Gasoline is Tuesday is now is there a realistic course yes you grossing more lecture course but a look at electric cars penalize. Robert Stein in his electric golf caller it's good it's bad ass I'll look it but you know it's a novelty. Now here's here's another interesting to hear it it's a novel. Take the same thing that happened with the guns. Well we can't we know we're never Romeo we'll outlaw guns were never built take all the guns from all gun owners it just can't FISA believe happened. We'll start another war you'll do is make a really cool to do drew mixture works overtime to dress style thing but how. The but but you know what you can do is you can make examinations so high price he can't even afford it. And I think that's the same thing way around that I freeloaders. I think the same thing will happen which is where is fuel. I think you'll be taxes there. Illinois was it actually just talked and so lists already taxed at Emory and oh yeah Illinois though the state of Illinois is talking about adding an 85 cent sales tax on to their he's eighty facts in 85. Cent. This is my thing with the gas. And you should do people all the town about this it's only really good for one thing. If you stop if everybody in America stopped for a week buying gas if you do invite guest rule. It's not a percent of the country quit buying gas in the quarter gallon excellent excellent could you can't you get rid yet you can't needed no family. They've got you where they won't do you have to have that cynical play if this ten dollars ago understood that they Ford. And here's a beautiful thing about gasoline. You know a new home posted what I and my mind. If even if you stopped using it what can you do with a past that to exactly. What can you and you would gain more can be done with a we so want to use it here use it. Well I am listening again we are running out. No we're not running against we're nowhere near even though dollar cut that would coral the cut to a cold below those missiles corn farmers now. So but I mean you know years and we're not going to run out there. Never create something else even if we did what you write an organizer ever in Iowa we're gonna create something better eventually anyway it's trial stop trying to force exactly. You know what I think they're I think I believe he says that there will become a commonplace for electric part of VA. How viable option a look around them in the city solar electric buses Gaza and adjust it in I think there'll come a time more probably. No I'm not loss and that Burma but in a real world since probably all of us would have an electric cars. Sit out for a where was now not bloody likely. I mean you know all right drew your data we have electric windows and accommodate you know we know lectures swap of some old you know we have like two cars one science. But I mean I think there come a time where a family would have lecture caller. But there also be against our truckers something on the or dislike the Volkswagen Beetle or where. Yes. Like the actual qualifying in comments about a furlough dropping miss them now. They don't know him yeah. People bought or achieve and made it worse second vehicle. Well Olympic course and cheap that's the kitsch it straighter. Blown up a no car sheep anymore. No I think that's the electric vehicles except heavily subsidized and notice an inflated market in his chemicals in the exactly. I do what those calls with the show Iran from doing commercials can still do we get hot rods and they are coming back ray or 1063 video award the. Yeah Muslim led the hot rods and now they are and I do horrible upload talking about electric. I refuse to Logan malvo took over for the rest of rubbish danger every year the Guinness book world record. Holder holder for the world's fast slick or gulf caller he came here Waldo but don't go to took the road not today. Can't blew it to think what that shocking. Yeah. I hope we'll let him who who who. This continent. He wound moved to look at and we'll go out there. He's all right so with all the trends of the hostages via B 778. All so spectrum. And you know slogans Lou that the bridge illnesses is acorda thing you know attache charter if you want sponsors and his and his own insulin and autistic spectrum because certainly the cardinals. So. You know there while he's lost generals or does. Did you really you know what's policies TV's the thing you know it just a bit to policies McCain and a city TV don't DB does it. But you know blows jails the caller does go to a skeleton HGTV for guys. And and does this thing but the Discovery Channel rules velocity. And every other big channel cable. And everything else will now have they bought Peterson publications. The other thing about Walt Peterson publications you know that hot rod magazine you get your bathroom the jury guess what. That's Peterson publication I assume this link was actually made very early on. Because if we all remember correctly when roadkill started at all. They were on motor trend channel on YouTube book that will get thing about motor trend in magazine and hot rod the royal sister company they are. Home Anderson Gunner Peterson WL discovered ball Peterson actionable Peterson the September sort of the writ run real symptom that it was great Bayless or because I think everything when that was the wrote kills moving over to velocity are rising oil groove thing was with a or. The book that was the story of the ten network yet which is the enthusiast network for a short T and T and and now. Motor true and Peterson publications and ten. And velocity. Are now known as motor true and periods. Yet. Pebble is normal that chose and voted for it but you lose your little your little road kill ability to leave. Minister Fred Berger mr. fried burger. He actually made of interests in congress to administer and we're talking about tomorrow. Night it worked wouldn't talk to me but you know what I'm saying. I won't go boldly go and I put. The animals have horrible a hole anywhere on. The O. He met Tuesday that in 1948 Colorado magazine story about the interest of publications in 1940 and on the starter motor trend. Will after that they actually started instead of being called Peterson publications. It was called Treo and probably like what that was actually called. The the cool thing about the tree and incorporated whose time has gone in 1949. And now you think about what seventy years later which is being called motor trend. Everything he has and now its velocity channel all the Internet content which you tense though former friend Olbermann and now. And servings or motor trend in this love thing with a. You know how are drew has never been a big exit Hanrahan. You know some of this just a thought mama is the popular mechanics car magazines I was trying to handle don't don't shoot this down so he's fast is this can actually be really good for race here in the upstate. Really yes they can they can trickle down and be very good rating in the upstate. Who comes to the TV can mention every year earlier the motor for an ownership. Although this that's a spin off but it is banality of Discovery Channel backing. And it's a nice and you kind of reaching near worthless yeah yep there's a lot of Brothers hoping. But it's but still there's a possibility it is easier course the ownership also comes to every city bombing I'm not saying they're all going to pick up the an amateur at the cool thing about Hillary and discoveries. It is really took the automotive ball brilliantly that they have. But in the process they have created a monopoly you think ultimately had power nation or power blog post by you things like that. You've got to futures only BC. This and sports hernia which is also. What sort of discovery yet who owns discovery but but you know what I'm saying so now basically Google me in court TV Alicia we don't know what's war bogeys on bad TV deals was. You're going to be always get surgery and monitor. Out of that after auctioning porsches that read on for months but how does stuff. Usually you'll choose enclosed corridors Alley in the first Bob dobbs C. And wondering he's good the first term of the fortieth to. I don't and a bit unrelated measure up fortieth time to move down or use don't want you get a thing we're sure people and Jack. Could I. And she's going wintering waitress for awful for his forceful critic could. You know he's just a lot alike ally the bugle boy dreams Google always shake its union as well to pick him up and goes because physicist who hit a rut like it or Billy bush and others just calling it a little code in my kid brother resulted you know anybody could bring India and does bring migrating let's look at Gordon whom. I thought about that. You're awake during his first gig was with travel lost you know who can help. Yeah it really will soon. Our students he would review the weather travels to commercials go laws it's a bunch of moral and stuff about Shelby came out as the Cessna ahead academy I mean not like the US three others. Listen to go tell you tell those book club of America all for a popular host more bits that it would tell you couldn't get Obama and I'm here today and we'll link all of the Christmas over year. Pretty bad there good loser table for forward. You don't have color kid doesn't buy it. Now you know look over what were we talking about. Our records on about discovery or discovery jays and they velocity. And everything is related to velocity and discovered on motive was to Motrin. So there's clearly really interested in London shows coming out a lot of cool things like. Francisco Intersil angers me but they really took the ball over in with a ya think about it you know fifteen years ago. We head for automotive television show them. Now we. I mean it would also for a but did we not live for Sunday morning and would Stacy David on drugs and apple could. Thanks Stacey they wanted to achieve first names the tigers and damage that was always had it won its half year old this. And would Wear that checker flag shirt I think it's tattooed to his body really. Seen remain in person a signal television. I've never seen him not Wear black jeans and it checker flag shirts everywhere because. He wears a debate card inclusion ours covers are no mention of the White House and congress blogging. You go well that's actually fairly tremendous sound advice to live by actually that if you look pretty much anything shady there and lagging influence on Syria and the only way you get a live way of life sciences news slacks and yankees. Exactly did the material you tell you go to new blood looting zone and now they've of the people you moto QL he then there exactly. This is crazy we have a stays there luckily nothing has been does the same. I people walker and at sequence jewel suit he looks like an nineties country music singer. One that plays Greenville Pickens speedway maybe yeah I may look like he might scandal Pakistan and Russian. I think they'll take kicks Brooks and rather. The only other. The powerbook was fun. But we don't realize how good we have now the powerbook is old hat the best the best part about the power royal blue rinse them according into. It's. Ho hum. Koreans although a major lead and if you reader person stagger into their TV magic can make Google would still gorgeous and sweet is she going to be good still would. Gotta gotta take colors were better. I'm so horrible horrible does state to we will more hot rods and happy hour. Gray hair won a 63 WORD.