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The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Monday, April 16th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rods.


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I goes what what the hot rods and it goes wrong pits. And what's that amended and mentally what's happening. Hot rods Brigham and everywhere Clinton but you know it's a good subject and Richard. The youth we all know you all do it don't authoring of a fifth Fisher hall wrote can let you down and we sure do. And this is the thing that a lot of people don't understand when anybody like to start by sharing tales of their. But no good reason experiences legal level long ago and order paper optioned it for crushed. Pat well you know me. And levels of silly moles listen when it was a week. But. It could be a lot worse you know you tradition but the only you know are you doing battery wise that. How owns apartments and exactly of drove at six miles in seven months in order to make it six show up an army and a drop in today's studio but. Because it needs to be driven yet. You're gonna bet that is why they built them via. But a lot of people understand that era at home cause I don't like these to thank god I don't know all of them done. But I don't know budget were particularly. But this and and as that they like musicals of ownership a lot of pivotal understand that. You know owning no glory returns auditor in these special legal for that matter yeah there's experiences and you know it just like. You don't like nerve gas they want to immune took him a little caller recently we can't afford to of the deadly beautiful ones. Treatment for their vote as is the truth be goals goals money to keep these things are running yankees you're looking into the it and keep them. He'll operate like explosive. I mean I don't care how good of a build it is or how Frisch of ability as the old little builder is. They all give problems even them cheap booze goers well I mean OK first of all when you step out nation are hot running scoring star altering things about it. Nothing comes with a warranty at this point you know no no no no no there's no war I mean you can literally put a Moran hammer named crate motor and it started up Aniston's marriage will mean that can happen. Very possible. It kind of thing and we can be anything but a lot of people understand that good view of the extra true cost of owning a vehicle yeah it trickles mile UVs does it that you do. It modems could it be you today my professional event which video he did he was talking about the cost of liberty. Peace and get the tires cost 2000 dollars which at the moment there were 82000 miles yeah. And he said when you break that day only accorsi had an exotic car rental company want Tommy's so I took it to the next level. He said there's about twenty cents a mile. Basically just in tires just into authorities say then you've got three dollars every eight to ten miles for gas a gallon gas was three dollars. Susan Phillips technically thirty cents a mile. In any and you're hoping at that point that no one does a burnout and your glamour gaining weight on them as any since clutch player. Break where your PC when you start tunnel is said to drop the Lamborghini. Florida. Daily Kos Cuba five dollars and seventy cents a mile with a don't root them. Owns up to the pros the caller insurers in taxes five dollars a month. Five civic duty by almost six dollars amount that's insane go under and ten dollars to go back to work. But you are saying you're not necessarily coming out of pocket right at the end of June we will an it budget for exactly. It'll you know these I don't think anybody because that's I've never ever even thought about looking now owning your car in that kind of break now. Scenario probably never will wanna be if you did. No you probably wouldn't that ID EA got something really considered an especially. Say especially when like an exotic car will you're villiers exotic code or bad experiences you think the only other time there especially you know the rebuke of the upkeep is what exactly because even though they're depreciated. Over time. The Colson repairs have written that way yet to be there they're going up yet. In this and say you know you grew rally give brake pads for your liberty. No you do dunking you know perfect stops for your neighbor Jeannie. And if you bug ten year old 30000 dollar Bentley you're still keep uncle Leonard and the thousand dollar car do exactly and then and to meet the only way Elena one of those course is who had to have a serious power plant change. In probably some upgrades to all these major systems acute problems long absolutely well if am trying to remember correctly. I know gentlemen volatile rolls rose to Umar Rolls Royce like older one for nothing there's wants it a wait and bulwark like silica. 8081. So overshadowed yes seeing it up like five grand yeah antibodies or turn next to nothing and what was that car brand name. We're probably earned one and a busy news Agilent those dollars so cumulative score rails 101000 dollars in 1980 right. Well that would undermine the 201870000. Here in June. But. I know guy here in Marine One I won't say his name but he ball on the scores at auction. Got a good price in this when I was. Exceptionally clean look we're all in good shape that's things Cory well you know of course there are no small problem the welcome talks bill. But if I'm not mistaken he paid someone a neighborhood for like seven or influence or sitting out there right. Well the transmission in the service and he took it to him who every tape 12. We'll get over. And if I'm not mistaken the number to have the transmission service was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500 dollars if I'm not mistaken about it this is TH 350 yeah. You know those scores there was literally you know Dana Garrett. You know I wouldn't get rid of you load up I would probably notre swings dropped her as well as the transmission of ticket do occur to you got it exactly as Joey. 151000 dollar all. I remember the memories it was in the several thousands blues for some stimulus. Easily doable we'll look at history on its is yes fits and Coca cool springs on it and Cray 350s and brakes on. Great 350s don't bottles matter there is a runner in your analyst Powell ruled rule it's an awesome. Classy and fast and general level I don't know why anybody has not done yet I'm sure there's one somewhere somebody's done. There has gone on during a trailer. Monthly. That indeed slop philosophy in Q&A Turbo on the six point seven fog later. I'm not quite the same thing but it was a car or and so Russia. As a whole. Thanks to do that to in order a strange fraud that's like illness brokers three it was said and you know I suspect Matt Garcia us. But. It's just wrong. It's when a voter do the math in my head with Dario Sam because that is cells are crazy blue Turbo laurels. But. Deal or or viral proposals put cones and switch would be I would do that I didn't want it for Malcolm and that it be done with Sandoz rolling goal in your rolled this out and I under your vote three quarter ton truck anyway well as the finger salute pigs and you can't they're never gonna be fast. The girls obviously the sounds of the small city of Tampa Busch. I mean that's. Doesn't say but there their own political struggles got one of those in the end there was alone wasn't sure that that this year and only due to wills dollars and stickers on the on Newsnight you need the other one I mean what's -- does not whiskers oh and if they don't tend to an era in his so what's this Castro a love Canada we will Castro Castro broadcaster. Guys rappers and energy here we're gonna take it to the next level. We're gonna put bumpers on it big wheels in the system. And met then and was in here was pulled drew goes name. And here's our president is doing too little. Do what you do and they're safe and only god only knows how to do one thing he says yeah false and give off and eat all you can do his liberal or slowed down mentally and and everything. But it did add it usually does Bob good you see them get rest diamond leaks but the bush is good format I'll probably it's a unique logo on there and everybody unique look a little below. Don't go thinking outside the box but I mean it is nice to him diamond. Then they'll have little yeah I mean they're neither symmetrical beautiful area varied. But you're an innocent thing you're allowed to understand about breast but he's got money for drug trucks and wanna daily. Where these bigger owe you big adultery tires go look all. All let's think about what that's doing future it's got like a pencil or crew chief members cheat sheet of the racers were you by the big square we'll tell you what their way. Those tar smell the same thing. And you're dropping him against San favor exactly eighty grid there nonstop could happen. They're angry voters puts in craters in the sand paper and you've got it back. Guys being in a hold of this this rotating tower here we get a hold of the show with some commercial breaks gust Richard we got a lot more hot rods and then via courier won a 63 Debbie Doherty. Assortment hot girls and printers row it's rob what's happened in news rich and it was out in Russia as they read weasel. Apparently it was intolerant accurately what wasn't what was your editing the professor yet the professor I'll read weasel sort filter as we walk it's been good exactly. Only Milwaukee dogs in. Norris anybody's video or oversee beast or the occasional security. So we're talking about old car maintenance and or just. Ex hubby caller probably Carmine yes and I think uses open yourself up to a whole new laundry list maintenance. You know. I'm a sucker for deal net. And I'm a sucker for a caller well is stole yet and you've got that amateur by the deal for the as yet to be decided well you know what any may buck I'll put it like this. We you're going to have a very cool by if if it does buddy. You on at all somebody. Will this is the thing this really cool about this. All right I'm 38. Years old and I have sold thousands of callers in my life. And I have never. I'm broke even on a few goers. But I have never lost money on model built whenever an image KM. I'm scared I'm scared my let it I'm scared I'll just lose a may break that tree and but this is a glimpse of a sucker for deal title he'll have a cool story teller I sold callers before. That people told me that couldn't slow them. A ball available and Tom analytical problems and a bad motor it at a but it was full cable boxes and are sold in double Mo money steal. Because the cable box but still dull moment in Miami who wins a win it kicks your TVQ scale but. This latest venture that I bought him. In your back in my school we we talk about me trucks before you know and they are they're cool everybody loves them. But do you love it good enough to own one nail I didn't. He's just not me today I am doubtful but yeah I'd like to one I don't mind terminated and is down. I have and I enter in the world with a black boy in. How would jump and I'm one will the other thing is you had a hard body back in the day and have that on into their fun. But I got a call. Actually almost go elections made the call when Monica probably shouldn't but should put lawful them intermittent the available it is. FaceBook mortar places when he plays together. And look what I've seen come in 1992 Mitsubishi mighty Macs. And that's when you should keeps growing usually Mosul as amusing in the exhibition mine in Mexico. I'm not a robot can only do urgent care. I mean really seriously was less than we've seen work. There are three albums there's a earlier this week there's a couple case Panamanian hands but they are scarce there are scarce while Hubble three. That want to. And you gotta do that to make one good one apparently. But what it takes a body bag embodied 1990 Mitsubishi mighty Mack truck in this thing is so cool it's cute. And people question my sanity until well these things station wagon did you. It's campers show that it it is. It's about as useful what you're going to end video. But it was a hall of buying a hopeless Hubbell the commute when nobody more but I don't know how. A book is Dragonball but embodied from gitmo only giving them a miniature Burlington. Obama bag embodied. 92 Mitsubishi money next pick up truck which pretty much means as things so full of me like this is a Fuller on all aware I mean this this thing is this a bit because it's been raised for reasons the blitzer reports is the body's actually channel over the Fareed yes. On this thing is wild to me like it talks dude took it to Chordiant will all the way or I'll deal with rocker panels on the ground and for those yes this evidence you are now understanding what bag embodies is. The floorboards in the stroke is actually lifted up as higher than what it should be on the floor is about two inches higher than factories who is afraid of the ball the cab sits over the for an instant on top of the frame yeah and this allows the Brothers analyst Israel and the inside the body inside the bid is actually raced all the way to the top yet to allow room for the wills to go in the bid. Hints puts the body home Grail and nose and offenders up front of course in the goals of cars literally tush is good we knew it all the way they'll say most people have rocker browser rust out not Robb Pitts he's gone and the news scraped out exactly. The off this truck is so cool is that some killer who has been on a system gorgeous suspension would Jessie Davis and obviously. And you know I was intrigued by the unlike you know I'd pull the trigger on that I had I saw a ball this as government dual side project. So many of them who have some good many truckers stores like a Phil like these children to peavy or. Has or black teachers have room would you need to Wear being in that some black Dickey shorts. I don't need Anita hat with a flat bill or what you can do is just take your parents and urged Joan it to despite carrying out until full slid back. Oh lord Poland that Josh Josh Smith is still under the political event earlier cigarettes of racially newly Goldman oh lord. Little authority like some excerpts that kid's room analyst and I thought I mean there need to be gorgeous full blown media trucker you one on. But remember that this built two were to it and no regrets no exactly no records at all but. This drug is going to be a lot of fun in either the thing is you major leagues in general could sells a lot of Oskar does who collections so every year you think about it. So are your biggest fan ever caters. Came from the mean intricate world. You to remind that since out of my mouth there that's the ethical thing and many Turkish get a better at assuming times. But if you actually go to make your rubilian we've been to a restructure yes well they got that read welcome to many ads on April when he gave her that weekend of the 828. Because you'll see some of the best fabrication. The you'll ever get to see in matrix well enough and that's the thing about these guys do it for the look Dahlia. Good lord knows there's no journalism there's no other. The trouble or older chief and I'm still worried about there is no and yet there's no Oro lie when you yet you voted 101000 dollar frame truck for 600 bucks at Tennessee where you're our lives and exactly. We owe much notoriety to yeah. Element in this is the thing I mean if if you've never could make a dollar off of it does bear little pool to real life since kuril people serious thing ever. She should shoulder more modern version of low volts lightening storm it exactly that course levels one's worth money it is an act I tell my idol idol is you're gonna have I don't know then my Europe and the thing is up until for the also about a certain horse shoes in somebody's anatomy. The goes on pretty low he would co owners. You watch mighty Macs you'll be by the new good tune in every political senator Jackson I have a theory about callers. I think you know. And you see it a little bit and I think there's going to come a time when this is really prop up relevant. That you see people screaming out do we don't movement in Mexico across the block on I don't know. But I think what you're going to see is people actually honing down. Well known vehicles from magazines in the past and restore conflict and stunned flake insides a prime example that that matrix a will amount. Is probably the most woman many truck in existence. I think your goals in metro has been restored. But I think you don't searched in that thing you also are seeing people that Ginn who really well known vehicles and really woman builds seem the bills are passed and actually bringing them back. Let's Louis earlier this was the rockets made sure to bring to be self than those who does better Joseph Biddle I would take a breeze shoulders as we speak. There while we're doing that we're gonna take quick commercial break stay tuned journalist and hot rods and happy hour right now one O 63 W Doherty. Muslim and hot rods and there are some bits of rock and woods and then the movements you'll number excited about this mini truck. The army. I am excited about it. Young man Edison new project I mean India this when you name it from locals say a goat theme will all month old Marat have. Female. Nickname look and much of royals called the blue thing and a of course we'll see if it's called the bounties. And my brooms called the future Rex. The horrible mine. What it securely we called the right ago. And my 1992 Mitsubishi money makes me truckers who Rico mrs. Wu my. Own thing and I think that's. There is a lot of 69 clues until in you. Let us look at Donald his hood and medicines movement. And low obviously chosen this. All of it's gonna be cool like it's really excite me but I listened to a bill local jail away years. A local jail them until you laugh lady's little coo James and and they've been below many trucks and all of HR Richard. Development. City man and the red weasel your professor whoever it is. And confronts your Wheaties. I a little lower own today yourself in the it is exciting I mean just when you get excited when you build. Use all you turn into that Indianapolis 500 free and aficionado. Would he bold pace score you know when I found out pages on this program where there are actually Indy 500 efficient cars on. Drinkers all three of you. We have both of us you'll look to the name on raw that had happened thank you you know I give a giver over the many many years ago you know I really like the David duke was like station is just pick influence. But your true just not man be innocent unless you really are like. Everything you pick out it's often. Just like when you change what the volume all the TV you'll go at 13. Seven yields yes of them there you know. We don't have time even now this. Thought for a living it is is racist just. It's on world we live on a winner for the dollar relative to Mexico. Our government and I actually. Records that old English exactly yes nailed it but it will school those those arms it is six Chevrolet above that's. And to get that or even your 56. A better much better give Opel. And OK you know of true motives are generally very little. Yeah a little drove it literally five miles and six books it because in lieu of all of these guys they when you've got two other callers that are running and going. You won the Japan Italy Korea and yet that's not. Your priority. Ryan you know so mean and I'm when you got the boot thing sitting in the garage and the Dundee sitting there. Grid to get you really don't want to go play Katrina pa. With a rag doll on and mystical story. You. Like the 56 to 56 is personal the 56 old thing about you remember a degree of thereby in his any group you're way and he was journalists good wrote. With the girl is just is she pretty well she's real. Asked when she pretty she's got a great personality does the 56. That is and rust free California 1956 surely. Poor rob I'll step blow themselves the best body being picked to securely in the state. But that being said this Paul Douglas carver early 2000 well it has weekly old anterior. Yeah it doesn't look great for resort injured it's the normal crucial to original it's not great looking. Interview people really give it. Turned on what this does Tina stuff. He is doing the ultimate salesman picturing the biggest juror no disputing this stuff like they get big was it armed I don't that would bring McCourt around a more. It you know all proving my court you know museum not smaller. You know and only and it's cool call oblivious to the callers got tons of personality. But it has every old caller crappy quirks it could have a wall mine mine is a foreign funded just so happened of the damn bar and fell on the before organic. And from. Do what they you have mumble and those of them who probably is filthy. But still play this were you talking about it but I could. That's the thing about it gauntlet of wash that thing today and I'll be there available Roberto Wallace. Let loose a little better what does don't like it had potential yet and now it's like Nat does he's playing in the but. And it's cool. It's cool. A gloomy picture and element children and young of that. When you go out a little longer mr. low router that suitable or absolutely went zero for bill Hagman and our ordered dissolved around whom the camera premiered today essar but let's. You know and that's the thing these old course at all core problems just like you who has built. You gotta go with 36000 although he's tradition. An ever gotten rid and that's why well I did fix that problem but it does that and and that's why. But she's you are getting I am usually a waiting got 36000 miles just like Richard Florida the Nazi Koroma planet. These are your re in Britain we you'll. Go to the little details this. Live yeah. Yeah it didn't get a word got a quote percent. A thousand dollars on parts that I don't have in my possession for car that is not a miles at an am extra assets. It to us yesterday that holds the mental physical achilles'. Disease that eighty's man that things another decade. I am re invested and now I'm in yeah incarcerate these things there Iran's. Well not yet but it's going to wait till then though in the past. Thank you know nobody Kenneth Morgan is gonna who's gonna setter but. After items that are fixing stuff all problem is that we've of their peers tell them I'm X was less amusing. I mean. That's been about three weeks for me when. Let's cut let's talent Chris Carlin when Winslet timing seen basilica not leader of the wolves see that works from. No other in the fiscal school a New York on the road. But that is using government and against had cut cut cut utter I have hers again but usually get bigger he's got a million. Literary at. But. The a little place called you'll look political because you like the score that well. It's a pain in my side and elected experience like. But only actually get rid beginning geared up to take emperor cruisers will scream bloom go to you frivolous. Yes actually get there. You know I think I think the power Torre actually comes equipped was soon triple and a vote. They probably need to close some things that related GM repairman that you've got to expect the unexpected what was the -- political or Harvey Corel Corel like and that's why as of recently have actually started daily in the face gorgeous because of that value gets the muzzle the media drugs and didn't budgets collectively 37000 miles on today from anywhere in Israel entrepreneur quicker. It's 41 years old and yet it in all reality before June 9 Douglas Walt a couple thousand miles on you need to be addressed the governor you mean you going to do a group. Probably a hundred that can. But it does he know what the you know. We're down and land the last time of enable him he made a point about this is actually like tests and a caller proven it. And you know you take a forty year olds will be open on the mile journey every day and it doesn't find. And flawlessly. There's some to be symbolic or. Well there's a recent about it both playing rituals it on the summer break episode about that caller is an easy to alone. Hot rod can't especially Kobe calls you think about it every adult about this before actually do bother to about a seven doesn't look on the seven he's got around. I mean caller from pre Koppel on me they they do pretty much everything your card shows today Richard. I'm not sure what cars you bound by it robbed me knew about covered the bases for every decade of core ownership. And the F explain explain to a list there is a difference between seven and car from the sixties in the seventies. The sixties you're one with the core mainly felt everything in it. I'm in my 63 Bel Air drives the exact same way your 65 mildly does it feels the same that you just feel the caller. When you step over in the seventies. It becomes like your GMC. My daughter closure of their lot softer and they're only able. The grill and every year rather upset these core that are Camaro announce a little different feel but as a rule. It was just a softer the better quality I mean it's like that he you know year years seven need to GMC properly has real close if not. Better than. Smoother ride than your brand new truck. It's closed and must but the pace towards the same way so you know you sure you get into the seventies and eighties that Somalis should bow with a Eugene bodies he camp. You can buy a nice low maintenance muscle car if you will. Oh yeah very much so you can you can very easily known as these are great intrigue callers or they or you don't wanna mechanic or whatever we do and these are not bad of course has now you're going for style performance so once they go find you know a two door dealt a DAS simply bought that car because of what it is. Bush any car in that air a lot of money banks will Celeste armies seen one yet you know when you see one. An analyst Lucy dribble. Still got a burglar we'll hook ups in both both instances. Really the book. The thing is schooled these courses there really or easy phone callers and they are you can drop GM and enjoy him every year relatively inexpensive. You can drop them enjoy it in the old true to form classic callers that a collector go to get more valuable and low maintenance. Essar that they would resolutely and this is stuff for these commercials. Every time every time gusting to we got more cholera and happy hour ray or 1063 WO Lordi. Yeah and hot rods and epic and what's hadn't ended military you'll we're talking about old girl from sleazy oval course. And things you do. And no BO Richards Goran is an eighty score. And others to do to your broker who were known for exactly be in the most reliable things in the world. A little therein good they're great. My mind isn't the oldest one dollar and as the most reliable on I think the terrorist shields didn't ointment exhaust. Because they believe literally on the way from exhaustion. I don't know if it doesn't like change it in under it and it was the mayor's office just this horrible standard for getting this thing back. Beat bull cars they're going to present them and social problems especially low miles ones that we we're finding. I mean think about. What was as a as a couple months ago they found the six mile train them. Well you know those scores were able. Yet but you can't do another when he can't drive it. And yet completely rebuild well it's done is so personal look at this that's all it is is still order bruises small six mile car did is he cares about six miles of everything under its brand name here. This and that's what you ask him drunk because what you do it's ruined this Angel tours aren't that good we need to do. I mean you think about that I mean just think if you never review says Thelma and another never mullah good. I thought somebody. You know it. Does the drug a million a lot of things fall offers little no sign. Of you. It kills me when these guys don't you know I'm also there's an algae ever made a promise sucker for low mileage columns I have tutor cool. Look the story will but I hate when people take that next level I'm idea of hundreds. Let Ellis go why that's like saying you don't wanna sleep drew was goes. We keep it low mileage and you know it eleven in the next here the way you do what you do you know admits there's this drug vigil as well that's the reason they made these vehicles yes. That's the reason in my car actually is more reliable than other because it touches mine it's got a 200 some thousand miles on it's been driven and maintains she's a survival and a group mother and that's the and that's what makes them what they or. Per resemble while that's good to six lead them there because it being driven them. Programs that while Adobe's was a pain in the boat for the first two months old you know what goes nobody drove it got crew of 700 miles and nine years you know transmission pace car 360 knowledgeable interest victory and you see you're getting that you've got to keep that body in motion. Ahmed a song and feels things in a great commotion. Yeah I mean prevent Maine as we've talked about this before Brendan maintenance that's the Humpty dance that goes on sale of his unusual postal. The usual grim portrait I don't know nothing about that many truck talk I don't know this adult many shorter to open. I don't need in that position and hunted everywhere and you know I'm good. And I made this forum good. It's been an office in all seriousness I mean we've you know we've talked about prevent them in his reform Russia. And yet take in consideration Yeltsin taking consideration McCarty by coming you behind 36000 mile fourteen girls caller. You mean to tell me some measure of this less than a thousand miles a year. Highly unlikely chances are she's been sick and her own time William literally a thousand miles a year that's really not a lot on now. And it's better hurry nothing I would prefer big it can be done that way but yes I'll line. Who only it's like your window library biblically. Quote resort they've got a because he or won't 22000 miles on it than 91 model. You don't miss Ruth Lou miles. But he was talking about in these are the bad port is an island 20000 miles glue in the first two years yet it's a must stop included. I thought I would be sad or scared of that again well of course they're guilty found what exactly known for being the most reliable power play in the world I think that's what happened with pace toward two I think he was driven real good for about 456. Years and then and the shoes put up. But no peripheral though Tivo that's the Mercury is the marker Emery and actually the matters worse now there's other stuff. Just goes flying awful then. Getting that's another look at it since retirement hobby cars. The kidneys I'm told myself that's about 6000 times or Alaska voice. Most of the stuff once you fix it. You don't have to fix it and you know as a rule once you're done you're done with or to drive it in the four to be initiated is at the transmission base car I warm and I mean endless some freak happens I will never be revisiting that from ever again. I don't see him I would only army analyst hugest and it's TH street fifties probably the most reliable piece of women have made an inning in in any. Defense fits any terror with repeated all that fourth we will never twisted sort of to her computer before that forward. The would you be muscle extremely. Loose with a bag and mainly into the factory with a 185 horsepower. And isn't. We were four under and exactly. Yeah that's that that order there's no city in the woods on for a certain. Should it desire. If it's wet out there turn in Mariah did you provisions Lincoln little room and the that's that's the that's the very loosely we're used the term also looming is one pick ups and woods yet seventies they were killed looming there between peripherals don't what was the horsepower rating on your big butcher. Things to dining yeah they must do even I mean yeah I mean that is a little aggressive this felt like a lot because like you look at the blue which. It's 300 or streetwise and issue ish but it still has been lauded this truck stop industry it weighs 2000 bales more than Bhutto's. Delay until you get all the big it was and you stretched out role. But. In a new ball fiery and you know I mean that's big bookstore either that's boje giggled. Well I mean it's crippled boat through things like that you give a little bit of the six weeks later in the in the face or you'll soared because of it. Billion in the same thing in this gutless. It's got lobotomy and that's the thing every caller in the seventy's suffered the same fate Scalia absolutely. Yes not just the delta 88 cent no one was left unscathed from Gordon got murdered how about us through file coordinates or California. That blew my mind when the willow wanna learn that they shouldn't just an optional corvettes and talent they are really do is go to Arizona about one you know I I think Corvette really went downhill into the eighties. Of course she hates the fourth as well mommy thing about adversity fours now. The Corvette was you know who real slouch and 77 Sony. It wasn't slow and citizens and the details along here what color on her morning here I don't think you know Allegheny. You know right now right here right here I hear coming Corbett that's the big book warm its decision to file there was little to not any worse I mean I mean they were sick. Com BA right until that day and the other thing about security forces crossfire drinks over that there were 2500. Mafia to move up. But then there OT Bianca well. And that's when we get those game gentry will steel him TPI was more horsepower. She 3230. Which was a big jump from one year and then of course Lou has an 86 game. A look at the polls but the calls lighter tune it americorps has like no steal it at all you know I mean like. The grease fittings or made out of steel that it. And the winner Briscoe were not sure. You hate see full corpus of dollars and cool other a little soft on a lot of parts and they orbit. I can get talked it you know may limber. He's got one make it soaks up there to images and then trying to. I only there. He's guy SE four men that I can get talked into a lightning C four you know it's Leo with a goalie who Corwin or Villa it's a rare relic or it's you know races NASA circuit. Hmmm I can get talked in terms that they into the moon could. No but I mean it's a rowdy ugly brown C four. Gold Glover and Goldman. He knows no window to yield no winters ago the doors are good it's of the roll cage can fit in there. Unlimited on line yet I mean it is no passenger seat whatsoever roll cage the mad Max addition oh yes thinks this thing's actually Nora well of this thing but does that Cassie for that I have. I don't like you see forest but a little C form it's in general I'm just to see four bit invading force architecturally and the real stumble about like having me three. You were the other two in the world that are there exist you know and I think one at this point there is not much. You know I don't mean this evil rig it's Bagram Jamal horse is going to be of recordable -- You know I actually agree with you -- and I this is currently owns this is there ought to be able to was less than Neitzel one examined them guard my nexus. Our current. I got OJ you look speaker things you know we'll see anymore that's swept away delayed for this week anyway. All right guys things you've been listened hot rods and happy hour right here of 1063 WORD.