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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 23rd

Rob and Odd-Rod interview Dennis Pittsenbarger and they talk about the art of car selling.


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Does look hot rods and have been all at once have men dude man. A table is that it's beautiful balloon is as gorgeous as they gorge is always says big horse always been a little we can of course we got Richard Hoskins. Hot rods and happy our financial analysts slash all fleeing number guru. Was out and announce that. Until you looked him he would. You know what's crazy what's crazy is are calling guess we got we do have a pretty cool calling yesterday low there's a lot of I don't you know me. I don't like to Barak. And I asked. Did everybody have to laugh a little about the case related to alcohol or letting a guy and yet. DL it great and if you love your you know cool people we didn't go people. We expand women's movie actually. Order or it in the alternate universe today avenue to cool well now three. Cool radio personalities. You looming totally twisted you know a little time warning never thought let's see the dead. That's. No where he probably still want the best thing to. But other group we got a great call it here since late June different odds and won her first calling hasn't had actually a different disputes about who wins all these shows come and now we're we told all blow that. That's going to be great so chances just recap on Dennis a Dennis he had a TV show for awhile I was a cell powered facility would fill agencies as well always though. How whistles for a show election based gulf war it was a great show I thought I was Johnson and I was very. Effort for some weird reasons whatever you know link shows flop and things happen. It is always a mean he's always been into something in those quarters were we'll see when these were little Brock and he's hosted numerous big events across the country uneasy Rory says I'm on drugs hello and he's got a little in this series taught him never I can never entered this let's say one obliterate capitals Richard. Analysts now. How big indices did I can't think or is probably optima series is and I got to look at but for a school is worth the do or he bring up from a truck in that series one day erasing Greenville Pickens and amber and I'm Shannon went sitting and has Alston and it does actually know laid the one news and over on the side that Rutgers. Takes up most cooled and that's that's martyrs. Was that he is rooted my station wagon on bags down and commerce when matter of course and a that is very cool to have pitcher who doesn't get much cooler now I know. Anchor well first of all your autumn roast illustration way which is Carol I read the with a fat chick. And well I mean that there's not a negative pressure and it. Uma they're you know I'm not you know say. But. That's this is a whole another level. Brought the aria. I mean this sort of thing of those again Saturday we get back to business get this news show discuss for sticker shock. The show got a feeling is going to really good. From all the from all you do when I heard it's colonel Eric. Let antiques road show but with your score. And ending that. So these people bring their callers importance going to slow more about it here in just a little bit. Blow it at the laboratory and they view the value and the breakdown of and we're treated so that's critical means the individual question or uncle or. Some very interesting I seen in the preview on line is actually saw one of the Cadillac space tourism there. Leave the beautiful on the artist marina that can happen. I mean that's totally a bolt hole preschool yet and many fiscal that they are pulling cars like that to its variety and I just a 69 Javelle you know. The engine room. But nothing that either means you have a sixteen and usually you probably know that's when you probably you probably have an understanding of what you have. However if your honor and a boss hog space or candy mania girls little Fuller. Like just like the salary of dollars or more pollen but when you know Birmingham periods which is. Signal what is the value on correlate that was a personal thing I think that would be horror core two to put a valuable. Did you know you see some of the hero lose money OJC similar letters others can exclusively built there was a cup element 2060 and over both Sima. Then I mean there's so much detainees are demanding grieving in the break writers and well you know over the course due to kind of pieces of art and those children drink and they don't know just rolling works or literally so so we're decent price tag Alley because as they call our. If you were to look at it as just like you know you put it comprehensive insurance on it it's a 3500 dollar car very best. Oh yeah well. That's the real cordially. I salute America's ago oral agent out you condition right but now. This thing is crazy about those sort of always seal the of the bills go low around droll chrome now well and their purple and one will all Finland and grieve wrote her own stuff. When I think of those always think about that person has like that rule crazy and CD thing. That would be the perfect caller from them out is something to rubble yeah constantly constantly some McLean. Unless there was a rather that would be like the burden like you have a problem with the yet here usury and Paula. And it's easy to get like on also men how we all obviously there'll over Garzon. You did you get kind of into resigning when star Robin Conan claimed. He's just want to claim one step for that he won't take this off and claim behind in goal difference speaking of as being in his old. Just this week OK you know of course a book that made the truck and I'm a little mantra I guess. Ms. Wu who missed with it. You know it's a Mitsubishi Mahdi maxis home Fuller your body delegates stuff. But there is gullible this little old school bill especially we will some compulsion all those listed in this new bill. While polish in my sixteen inch bill that wheels just slid to get old I do I think that's a good solid bat well a day with a one they'll which would stay in the announced its policy in this day and things there ought to shining the canal saints need to know them but it definitely helps you know up little Somalis. Didn't work then it stopped when little puts new bad golf shot came back a California man next episode. On an all out now yard many trucks and California's Kelly oh. Kelly Nolan all the way so where is the main charge stand where where we at. The matrix they're male and I haven't talked to you about a week. Will we know we're we're talking Motorola nail. The reason mutual reviewing Paul worked is because I've blown a gasket. I don't know anything about the condition of this little two leader Mitsubishi engines so I've got a fresh two leaders this bill rated together you. That's going in the process. It's going in the truck route of truck opened rooting. And then it's college today the Turks are urging him down all that stuff happening you simian message earlier in the week to Yuri or use Tennessee's. Leo orders of the car seats for God's. All kinds of things come listening and we were rumored at a regularly you'll Mitsubishi gore gore well actually the struggles fuel injected originally. The one of the Porsche two doubles incorporated. They're told how much problems that go back to Los Lewis stuff so we're actually going three Webber yeah awesome but where were horrible on its way again. Oh look recruited here that are all of it's always got a goalie Marty you thought I hitter platoon leader Mitsubishi got it literally 1994. When we went look what got her fired up for the war in Europe when we went look at that truck originally of that that was one of the things I was like man that's almost two money right there. Well that just is little odd ball pieces in there Porsche took the suspension or in all the chairs who has been doing this truck since Aaliyah and his jokes got more borrowers and imprisoned and accept that. Well it can't speak to prisons Rupert disorders but you've got a start for another career this story for another W two and have been with you for that one. Well let's. It's the trucks really ha. And speaking of values or vehicles what now no no right now it's it's Luke warm at best. Digital and off. Global there's a little turn he'd almost Wu got to fill in the ninety's manager thinks coming back and it's going to be well you sort of see your true. If you want a prime example many drugs can Ambac join us next week a component RN major national and my value cells that are so they should remain neutral and it's going to be. Were you insane. Over 400 many troops will sell recently Maggie. Going to be a greater of course Rosen infielder playing alters. Play a few games every good. Of course the Ngo and what I tripled doubled thirty. All revolves mostly back home Saturday because we got Carolina motor for this secret half mile oval Greenville Pickens speedway this will be the very first Carolina motor vessel on road test mess here policy it is is. Mean Richard B hold down 400 tickets yellow book when the many truckers. I don't mile mine take care. That's always fun and a regular mode for us good important goal Joba can be together Sunday. It that you valleys they'll all be good just in Lou warts or motor facilities from intra net. I had to say what else is sophomores commercial breaks all right guys stay tuned we got a lot more hot rods and happy hour ray or 1063 WORG. And goes by the hot rods and happiness Robb Pitts and what's happened indeed. There was out and announced that. Refuses to cool for school we were those that becomes a little microphone built like those like a drift into his was little book state. Nor am I am the real lugged a little federal reader wrote that now it is has been doing radio to both of these mr. cool career a love. But anyway guys were talking about caller values morals and that we are. And actually buying. The collector. In making money off. And enjoy it oh yeah I mean. That's eventually people buy a home like amateurs nothing wrong with liking and we all have things we'd like a bottom like all the time and obviously. And from the looks of your little one likes it would you okay. But this is easy these there's two others have been at this. Williams deceased but you know what I'm sorry. For the me and a lot of people move. Do you get really kind of table look in in the field quality that the woman in the world things. You know you can invest properly. And actually come out making money in a little bit about you're breaking even or make him a few hundred bucks or go about making vague. All of your hobby it really doing nothing other than a little. Brain work. And enable some money of course well and you are tying the money at their level in the latest Los Angeles kids committing time. Gain the yanking the cash for any doubt almost as fast you get for the bank validation. But the Richards and you're probably. Tell you what's wrong with the bank and and that's the big thing I mean Marvin we give you grow this past week and there were talking about it all of them what you. Talking about your passion into profit amid mills board that the local RV and your something that a lot of holds on first told you you make your money when you buy it. That's when you make your money or put and I agree as when you make your money in almost any car at exactly you make your money when you buy it. The disclosure by Smart you're thinking ahead we may not be the hottest thing run owner may need you'll few tweaks. But. The backside of this is going to be phenomenal because of that. Well I mean you know in and you can look at smaller devices while bald faced orcas I feel that I bought at a price were down the road I will win right. You can bail out let's go out. Absolutely at any one time. The wagon. As much. That's what we call it niche market that's little because you money because you look didn't did I wasn't like I was noticing what a niche more than just look at the rich market. I mean you still get it did you read gone with don't know when you get to the point where you can park your car often make more money than you can and so on and as a whole that the bad things well in the everything is you are not say twenty years from now that done were preached issuance will not be Huntsman and I'm sure a little bit much sought after thing in the world. Bullet a Serbia's they've been to did you not fail. It pickles and money and you think why it is are you car collector or you acorn and these used to enjoy yours if you buy cars because pure enjoyment then doesn't really matter. Because your intentions are ordinary room any. That's the thing you'd ever plan to get rid of this gig as the quality none at all blow it sooner or later the game has to in some way or somebody else is gonna buy it now the hard part in life is in this what I am doing is transitioning from just buying every cool core that I see it low wanna have. To actually buying horrors. On Natalie that you love in Jolie but there is a residual value to you know us and they're losing money as you enjoy. You're senate but more and more money in the bank as you enjoy it ought to run. I'm in tears. At her grow and get it clear. That we got here. As in the latest -- appearances like broke the moment and then I Lebanon that Mulder took a -- sales but there's W he's grown up drugs figuring this out is President Bill Clinton but you know also because this law also links and I don't think there's anything wrong with having a car that you just purely intuitive. No there's nothing wrong with melody. I think every time that line and starts out it puts a smile on my face community here in everyone who usually around it is same way held of them over the war. Now now that the therapist the other man and everyone else is going comes over and he's been an and that's bug but you can either save enjoy the caller and get a return home and then absolutely that's. Those words that those were talking about. It was almost like even even knew her to collecting is almost like a new real look forward you can well there you go you can I think Clinton cores can make money exactly so now you're just like. Play a monopoly enclosures at this thing done. Now here's an interesting factor is we've talked about this time and time again. Is the future course there coming into this is collector senile and eighty currently think or play like Richard passed. Now's the time I'm exactly and also knows the total by a lot of these coastal won't release them but it's Altria is also a unique gamble because you don't know it physique or will take off. I mean the color there will be a market there are no matter what but as far as there's cars are no brainer they will take off and I think anything with a factory Turbo underneath the hood we'll take off. We'll zoo will. I think those coordinates water course doesn't want to is that there were the villain I have a little over there always will everybody got drew one every bad man thanks very. I'll let you Pedroia after all we're saying is you bad man that's or things like out of a man's you go below like that do there was almost no mountain thing you know that want. He drove Z color though wrath the goers you everybody. That was a villain at Z color except for water. The Q did you think is as far as clutch ability goes on cars like it's a little bit different because there aren't a restoration parts known Aaron now do you buy a good one you know you don't bolivars story eighty preserve it. Rather than by those quality Kuo you know in the SE unique thing is think about all the cars are I mean OK OEB for example lead in the 91 priest wagons. Do you know how horrid it is the finally door tram like were all your windows said. That still have all the writing intact exactly and that's the thing usual Cole who beat view OB GI as and ignited worker a priest something no you don't. Now in the future course there elevenths liberal Mitsubishi monument to open at an army can't column saying you know pray not cut and close industries that don't have any live journal the journal the Mitsubishi bandwagon and beating and nobody. It's for a not Brothers none of movement. I think I think B David Murray didn't you have no friends I think these drugs I think we caprice wagon as better chance against Portsmouth exceeds that that. How well actually you know what you got there at a but now I needed it but it's what you enjoy and mania is and I've got a little special player for the stroke and I think. I'll look challenges now done this so much the world challenge and I'm going to be true is the only joke I think making money I think you can definitely get out of it. By hand and not necessarily not in and out apartment thinking definitely get them muggles don't look for and I really think he can do. In his ability to announce that the world everybody is going to US public protests are what matter but no you I think you'd have. And the summit truck. Other two I think I think it's gonna be so different you know the watching the trends Washington market all the good stuff really really think there's there's something there with I think you're open minded enough for the bill line is I know it's planned today you're going to make some level school and new. To make it perfect to make if it with kind of everybody exactly. But it wouldn't ever works perfect with them. Is always there are commercial brings them to go in that race in the middle I tell you that kills every time. Gusting to we got a very special calling gazed you do not want to miss coming up next right it'll hot rods and Libya on 1063 WORD. I does look Madonna rosneft. And what's happened and in. I tell you what a pro she agreed calling deer stand and I have acknowledged there are near the mobile would do well they do well there is that Israel and Gaza we want to well that. Easy. An easy. Does ladies and gentlemen of state everybody on their way of slim introduce you to mr. Dennis pence and Boehner. The host of discovery channel's new show sticker shock this one and a lot of us that they are. Hey man it's great to be here great to once again be on the air with you guys as always there's nothing better. Van well they all start with these beer me out and the other Q I really can't stable we all know it's guys we that's what we wanna talk about men how to join. Let's go Greg's going grade is to tell you what I mean you've been up to some stuff you know course we keep always general social media and all that. But I mean now you get this new show discovery I'll be honest we have seen the previews. I don't get excited about new shows like I used to be with this we're gonna gummy and low for an early career and go looking forward to it. Well I appreciate that manage it's it's it is as simplistic an idea. As you can possibly imagine. Like yet so easy to get wrapped up into you know I mean it's a really simple idea. Telling some stories about people and their love for their cars and who doesn't. There is not a person on the planet and you know as well Heidi you've talked to millions of people. There is nothing better than getting somebody. You know you'd riled up about their car and giving them the opportunities to talk about their car because we all love what we have on any and I'm I'm very ambiguous when it comes everything that I love out there I love all cars now yes I'm a Camaro nod but. When you get somebody talking about whether it's their rambler at a motorcycle they're both third did whatever that is that makes them hard and heavy. They love talking about it and that really is truly. The cornerstone of sticker shock has been able to tell a story about someone to love and and there are automobile and how it tied to them and their life and their family and everything about it. Really don't think a lot of people you know they think I'll just another car sure you understand. Probably just as important as the caller is the story that comes with an every caller especially the political horse nor of course they have those stories. And then you're very right down you know the thing about that is you know it's not just really fancy cars that's what I love about sticker shock there's cars on there. Had quite frankly you know verify 6000 dollar cars they're we're not talking about. Million dollar bills receiver or or you know unlimited budget bills were talking about real people with real course and I could not tell you enough about the diversity of automobiles on this car on the show. It is something from one end of the spectrum truly all the way to the other yeah they're so high flying cars and they are really nice and they're so restoration of some muscle cars. There's something for Ford Chevy and dodge guys. There's something for all tariffs automobiles and I think that's what I'm gonna have a lot of fun doing you know is is it letting people died in the these little stories you know it's it's something that is. Really the fun part about the show now. From there obviously there's an idea that we put a value on a car and and you know that's kind of the fun part about the rundown is my job you know we have four great appraisers on the show you know Randy cross an out of some brown. Nick Schmidt and hard work and and these guys know their stuff that they they all work either would auction houses or big time sales. And they know what cause or worse to me these guys. They've appraise everything from multi million dollar cars to the guy's car on the cornerstone and being able to tie in with those four great appraisers and be able to put a value on this car and find out. You know what they buy its fourth in a what are they put into what they do to it would with the change about it. And then be able to make that story come to life it's just it's so simplistic. But yet he can be really addicted to find out what kind of value the car really comes up where. Well and that's a really cool thing about the demographic you got there from gore won in the spectrum to the other with the callers because that tells everybody not everybody has the million dollar budget. Further later called this got a nice to see something similar to what they have been discussed. I think lower every I tell you those really cool is actually I was once in from our earlier and I sold the kennel I put pace car come there. Pass levels called us a car you just don't see every day. Yeah and that wasn't the that was another great story about that particular car. Plus oh gosh I wish I could remember every little number but that car was extremely rare it was an actual core that was used on the track comes because. Any of these these Garcia you know as well I do you can get a pace scoring get it you know I just stinks. You can get a sticker kid get so well yeah that car particularly was a really neat story because it really was used on the track. But in terms of mine they made 2400. In wine. And the and one was the one that the target top on not whose social scene is for one mile stretch rabbi James order. All right arm amnesty that empathy that's one of the things you'll find but all the different story then. You know a lot of it is. Any you can't think that there isn't this part of it it's the story from it was grandfather pushed truck it was grandma's car it was there's a great story about I mean I don't want to divulge too much but there was a story about a guy who grew up. Around his pastor. And has passed surge drove a particular cause to be on a program for years and years and this guy drove this. I mean let's just put this wedge about 25 feet long it is big American iron its seats about twenty people. And it was a story about how once this gentleman has passed in I guess are on manage or I guess what you might say is I attribute this guy. He had to restore the car and bring him back a large so the count could still enjoy it I mean that's the kind of story I love seeing come out on this program. Well as the master of the cool thing about it I mean cars until proposal Tom was actually talking to a guy. The sponsor dollars and the gallery with solar but of course you want to be a cold person to appreciate an automobile and Aaron there's like caller for the community. Yeah I I will tell you this this program is not centered around. You know deep knowledge and what I mean by deep knowledge is you don't have to know how to set you know you don't have to worry about what you're cam overlap this or you know if your degree in the cam on your race small block shabby. You don't have. Have to know that to enjoy this. The real close look for a woman's yeah. Yeah. Oh hey listen you know me I'm all about logic handle larger compression that involves blitzer at. You know it's that ability to talk to you every war I mean it's that's what makes it fun is. Giving people an opportunity to see a car that's like to know like there's a minute doesn't like it said it doesn't have to be a million call it a million dollar car built. You have somebody watchers program and enjoy and. Well and that's the cool thing about sticker shock that I really think school appealed to the masses. And then of course you administer its motor loosen up on me mr. personality himself. Well I desire I'm just over caffeinated cargo that so it's. It was funny you thought it was funny about all we were you know rumor filming the show it was funny because a lot of you guys know me you know I'm Kara. Over the top again I go to big bear claws out of people not to be mean but I just kind of I'm just a very loud gregarious person and a lot of these people I didn't I didn't meet him at first I wanna dishing kind of kind of burst onto the scene and introduced myself to them literally as the cameras rolled. So there's a lot of people that were on the that'll be on the program you'll see. At first I I think they look at like deer in the head writer like all leash Moly what my duel with this guy he's right in my face. He's talking loud he's having fun I don't know how to handle this guy. But it to give them to open up you know I mean that's the fun part you see them through even into each individual interview index and the course featured. You see even kind of open up and realize that. I just love to have fun and talk about cars and and then if we can't do that and we all be out of a job. Tell about it and that's the realism of it too unique kind of commendable in a Bulldog in a China shop. I just I mean mummy Melissa thank you capture the emotion. Well that's here I mean there was irate guy got to tell you some of the stories really were were tear Jerker I mean you know. I hate me. I'll tell you that one of the cars NL let somebody that interview if they wanna look up on the Internet it's pretty well known that my first car guy when I was twelve years old to 64 Chevy four door and there's actually a duplicate. On the program best besides color. And mine are small bloggers got a straight six candidates literally one of the cars is an exact duplicate of my first car and between that touching meat. Some of the stories between the you know whether it was their father's car their mother's car. You know it's also the things that I thought were so interesting I mean I. I wanted to hold so much more but I mean I got to leave some mystery I mean I gotta have people tuning in right. Right listener of the game. I guess can you tell us M and I don't want last march what was the most an arresting car that you seem while filming. Well you know gosh. That's like answering what your favorite car is Kim is. No there there. The most interesting car what I can tell you this bomb if you've seen the preview what you see little glimpses of different cars are run the program. Almon they had everything from Cadillac limousine from the twenties. We had a bat mobile. We had muscle cars we had an and I know you guys are an America that's like me. We had a big C Camaro had been blocked charges that we had but we had a motorcycle built by a kid. That is and I don't even think the guy can vote yet but he's got this incredible little you know mini bike. The most interesting part to meet gosh I. I say willingness one until you wanna make Moya ninth when Beckett commercial. 63 WORD. I bills low and hot rods and then there are some rough pits and let's send and email to you look I am hanging. On right now. Because we have disputes in myrtle Milan always from the whiskers tells about his new shoe on Discovery Channel sticker shock. And he was sells about one of his favorite cars on the show. And that we cut to commercial Britain Denis you got a big Mac Amanda's spirit skill in the. Well you know I mean like I said there's just so I mean I would even know. I wouldn't know which cart peg I mean there was some really interesting cars there I mean if you ever heard of a Blu-ray three you know I mean every heard of a killer super chief I mean there was. No it didn't happen. Not you know I know I have access of the stimulus Autoruns. There and there was quite essential metals muscle cars there there was some there was some great you know mustang Camaro stuff like that court that. But some of the special cars or were there were hand built. They were cars that I you know I had heard but I have not seen. And defeating. I always go back the same thing it's the story you know the story it didn't just sit down these people. And let them tell. What it is that makes that course special to them you know whether it's a driver whether it's something they restore work some may go on beat on the track. Our I had an opportunity even and this is one of my favorites I will I will pay you ask me what my favorite cars don't they were my favorite current. One of my local drag race buddies who lives right over on the west coaster I'm from up and Oregon and it's a story about a car who was raised by a guy named crazy dating. And it's a beautiful second gen shoval. Bomb a big block to age you know nasty you know nasty nasty car that looks like a show car on the outside and the inside. And this gentleman who also named JV got the car from him after he had passed away unfortunately from cancer. And one of the things that was really cause we got to tell that story. And why it was so important for him to. Continued not only racing the car but complete restoration of the car and make it a court could be an it is today. And seeing that story come out it was something that was obviously special to me because he's from my backyard. The it was a story that was. It was filled with passion it was a story that was filled with heartfelt and true appreciation to bring this car back and you know when I brought on you know that is the appraiser vomit happen to be out of some brown and you know she goes the issue almost gets teary eyed almost get teary eyed. We talked a lot about his illegal organization that we have a pure called racist for Christ I and it was just a neat neat way to tie it altogether. Now it also was neat that it's a 92 car that makes you don't know 216 horsepower on noble are also. There it okay we ended ahead ten hit demand. I think you know what makes this so called lead and essays and you know and understand and appreciate this as were able to do with the radio shows well stories like that. Without opt out lids like you have with the new TV show or outlets like we have with the radio show will otherwise never gets old. Yeah yeah are you're so right I mean it. It's what makes it cool and I can't think Discovery Channel or not I can't think IPC and it's production company calm everybody from a you know Lindsay Brian you know all the guys especially Todd. You know Mazur he was executive producer area and as Eli all these guys. They just did an incredible job I mean hey Kyle Bryant I had I just can't say enough I can't say enough about. Randy had a significant hard you know these guys. They were the ones that were put into the game and let's not forget this part of the shelves. I got the easy part I got the fun part I got to walk up talk to people about their cars and then those force those four. They are the ones they had to put the number. They had great aren't they just give you one that got the fire put on their. I mean we you think about the elements just kind of like saying we shells the best schools and so my kids or something you know I mean. Judge Newman's cars go judging his wife. Yeah yeah I guess you gotta be you've gotta tread lightly with the big east there with a couple guys who were not all happy about their appraisal but we had to tell them. It wasn't just in just for the record queued up as something that's neat about the show up it wasn't just here's the number and tough luck if you don't like it it was here's a number and here's why. Prize and with some of these stories some of the guys they want I mean there were a couple of guys are on the show that just flat out argued and I appreciated that. But there was a reason and there was a message behind the madness so wide that value was put on those cars. Well that but it makes for great television could you see the oversight of the store you see why. The historic because I wanted a civil TV he nerves because either. You're boost boost in voter collar flu like show callers. Oh yeah. Well I can tell you some of those you know there was a lot you know it was you know the wonderful world of TV they called B roll. No man when they were getting down and dirty was showing some of those cars. Really close and where the weakness was a wells where the strength work. Did it may be people that taught her car was worth a little bit more than they thought kind of bring him back down to reality so you know some of whom argued some of them kind of the you know ate their crow. But it again it made some great TV I mean I. I just cannot say enough I mean between the crew. That put the show together this film crew that was there that were magnificent. Tom I had a great time with a guy named Charlie was a drag racer who happen to be working on the program. I'm all again going back to Randy yes and nick and they were fantastic. And all of the people who were on the show we're just so. Open to telling stories I mean whether it be something that was. You know could be black ops you know government car cute. Just a car that a guy had he was out having fun on the drag strip when he was sixteen and it was it's it's a neat story line all the way across the board. Plus some really neat thing right there so you have to agree with a so good I think all of your core like a great investment. Now. No really I like you standpoint go with a Dennison you know it's only your stable that we get we got three now minutes Kamal we do this. Well I can I can summarize Greg you've got to give it a long personal summarize if you have a passion for automobile and you decide to put your hard earned money and your invaluable time into it expecting eighty. Just huge return on the other ranch after work after hours of labor after a you know this. Can eating out didn't them the pocketbooks each and every month for each and every week do you get paid and in the end you're gonna end up with a car that is a word nearly what you thought it was. And here's a summary. If you wanna collector car and you think it's a value in real it's something that is extremely special valuable or rare. It is a big black hole you have fun way. Said I'll listen we're we're going to be different. I got so many times I mean this is what. Actually filmed a video it was past week the WG talking about the rise of the glitter Garza actually told compared to real state. Well I mean there are certain cars I mean I guess 68 Camaro has just been shelled you can. It's not at 683 city five forestry 96 force B convertible also say that things are 6500 bucks can get it out myself and it's. Just so you know we're so we might see that regular that. Knew it take you to shell car on my side and go I dislodged Barrett Jackson so it's gotta be worth a million dollars and wrong answer it's worth about 6500 baht. Now did you arrive boxes still lit. Yeah I mean that if it if it's the right car you better believe it can be worth more money in the long run but. You know I'm also a person that you know I'll never own editorially car on the ever have a car to get swipe at the diaper and puts on inning gets put on a trailer and taken to a car show. My car will be driven to the track speed on the track and driven home if it isn't broken. Phenomena rinse repeat and go again. And just always broke got a cold sweat when you were saying that. That's I love my life in the wagon so I MI UC while we and our drug donut hole. Perhaps. Food. Well you just get you gotta have some of the meet got a bead our man but it's it's a good time man I just. These guys know it's it's all about the passion of the automobile it's one of those things are this threaded together they have this may this great nation we live in for years and years and years to come so. You know I I just can't they do enough for me I gotta go I gotta say it again if I don't think discovery. I PC all the people involved from both those company I gotta give a ton accredited to Addison nick Randy and taught first. Really walking into the line of fire put a value on these cars are in the game and truthfully I say what they said. I'm just got to get to have fun and tell stories. But there's nothing roll it. So tell our listeners who we can see shoot sticker shock for the first time. Our arrival this sticker shock debut was going to be Wednesday may second but they moved it they doubled down on the premiere so. Monday. On April 30 right after a couple of new episodes firm fast and loud we are going to be on the Discovery Channel. At 10 PM eastern and Pacific orgy like media got a West Coast beat. I'm gonna be watching a little earlier and that but he is gonna be 10 PM. All the Discovery Channel and then again episode due on Wednesday may second at 10 PM and that every Wednesday. For another eleven weeks. A loving Disco look have you and you show in Cuba the good word brother OCR in Vegas. All right thanks Reddy thanks guys we'll see this and I just.