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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 23rd

Rob and Odd-Rod talk about car sales.


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Gaza movement hot rods and having and what that meant David where Jared was out an asset. A table and L was a great interview with a witnessed it wasn't nice here from but I still beg to differ all that you can make money out of proven this time and time again. Do you have proven that became the general public pool at all. Well you know I am a bit of a Superman it's this. Sing along and now here's the thing when you get the slow groove because I've noticed I've done it before you know flip and smaller to smaller projects he's. You can flip on a high and need to flip on low and it all depends on what your entered. You can make some quick flip some low end whereas I think yes and your money a little bit longer and higher and things by. I mean you see it sometime game when you get missile group afoot in things no matter what it is. People come here with other items to flip these can be naturally is drawn to you. So it is your thing is older cars. People naturally are drawn to you it's like that red seats and you had a Womack or. Or I'll what was the old car from the thirties you flipped. Like mandating make it here garage. For flu before people were there today yeah I think it was the crane go wrong here. Yet they get alone and thus a little full of love it a foot interim she's a flip mode pits flipped everything well what I'm saying is I think once you get that mentality Nina groove and people start knowing hey that's what you're about people just naturally come team. You know no different than. Everybody knows I draws people naturally come to me to have some drawn to gravitate. They did today they really do it and I think you get the same results when you're doing some like flipping goers or something like that so you know what you get that ball rolling in becomes easier and easier free to do in every level Roland the idea of flipping a classic car and making money office. Is rather abstract the well that you allow people to make moves with a car that you know you're not gonna give your money back and people I think a lot of times sub by car was their emotions and now with the wall I think is my hero that's a little you things like the though that the only Q do things we do over really throwing out. You know we've all been there locally I knew I don't have a sentimental attachment to a car was whoever's closest thing would be my 63. And be honestly in light of recent events I really don't care here well I don't we clearly. I don't put a little Marshall bill Bryant but there is number little by aria yeah and there's another thing. And Anchorage at anybody who's in the car game in all bomb especially if you just wanna hang on here classic cars best way to do this. Have a number in your mind all the time and be ready to sell it. And be rated 40 your car is someone comes that he would that number because they may never happen again they're all those are the Thomas little as Le miserables Moody's and when the monies and hand us the time is so you don't you don't second guessing you don't. Keep yourself. You go by knowing you do it again. Well and that's that's the thing with with with color so tsunami Richard can chime in on this one. You Lou they're scorers that ditch there are no brainer that you know you can buy them and bail out of them. Well you know a prime example on server your prime example as I had a guy is a man message on FaceBook earlier this week and that I shared it with the U. Mom I don't remember the year on the Cadillac but on an older 5960 can elect great mayor. Upon a Manhattan removed through to the 59 till I was sixty was sixty dollar rose against. Arm for a warlord so that's a 64 door hardtop not the world's most desirable Corbin is all Cadillac and they look good in they have values whom. And this guy was able to buy this car it about a fifth. Of the value. Yeah there was a couple things the route we're we're we're picked we're value is this color pictures not reluctant all one big thing it does do its in Denver Colorado yes and you know aside unseemly. We haven't played our eyes on but it. I still think for the price that he got the caller in battling this. You know in it didn't have a great the 500 cubic inch motor and it didn't you want them to 400. Nine influenza during that. Put it through three and a case regardless it deny the crate engine in it. Bomb but still at a compatible engine and does he have VA very strong is rebuilt water. I said even without everything numbers match and on this car. The price tag that he jumped in I don't think he ever. Gone to a course like that is the chrome belong furor store card make it pristine because they don't want the rent roll of the united bled blood things like that. If you're wanna make a nice Korolev you have to sprint four times what it's worth to do that. Alia you you would have to me in the understanding that the middle of the road car further rest of his life and what she just fell on whether. And two million SN differently you know mentally sixty Lincoln's you know with a suicide doors pull those coach another game pretty desirable that bringing good money they are re you can still Itanium cheap but again it's it's another thing the chrome mean in the -- extras won't Roman army military chief is gives a touchy subject number with a rhetorical Arnold callers yet now all that's worth overall caller is about anybody. Well there about fifteen Gloria nerds train now keep the mother very expensive course to build also you're literally her power windows and they were hydraulic. And I think you begin restoring any of these old cars like that you're going to have one hell of a bill with a advanced plating will yeah for sure for sure you real first name basis with the van with the chrome should keep it. I think we'll still love lust for storing in the future on one because the industry isn't there anymore making parts for. 85 mustang is or and mess and a sixties lankans are going to be restore our job and I'm like we talked about police got legacy a lot of maintenance of cars have already been restored yeah well. And that's the key of his personal properly restore it doesn't need to be restored again you know I'm bloody brother that Richard I I'm going to view on a point we said I think few weeks ago. I think you've all see it's time frame more people are restoring street route. You know people are restoring restored cars people restore unrest amongst people you know in arms into the restoring cars because assaults left. And I agree you know and we talk about this earlier on in the show. Up now how cars from the eighties are really restore bull right now there's not really a restoring market forum. So I think you're going to blow your your putt there of course are some things there are some things go well the folks like you feel more. Still it almost repetition is like that they have and don't even mess with the for a cars net milk and CE seven but jump over to other cars of that area you know what you're Z cars or have a year old sky lines there and that. Notice extra stress there is nothing out there. I think what you don't see is a aero really nice survivor corps star pop and I think that's. Well you're going to sing and we there you're you're surgical errors there sure is to do that after more of their their resume. Home but what was the cutlass is energy bodies there's no real hole hole look for those guys as unbearable and Oldsmobile there is nothing out there define it go to digital art your special feel those who Ville if you don't have the parts to fix it included a lot. Well. That being said any cars like that you know especially your Giamatti is only 44 said the same exact problem thirty years ago in the guy named in this carper came in his garage. It started making dash knobs. Out of reproduction nationals from these colors and the singing. Discolored you can buy a forty forward complete from them that well. Yeah. I don't think that de lever of comfort delta 88 the operated doesn't. But I mania you guys think about the think about the car you're going to go where you think Mets in the series bring the BG's that payment. But are and I am a car nagger. But there. But now I I think you know Dave Egan to a restoration of a car like that. In other than cars idling cash for clunkers for him a lot of them. Our reporters to kill a lot of good color because they go well almost every almost every two or car there's a four or option. And that's normally where you rob your torch from watts also the cheap alternative to your car. In that someone and at going to cash for clunkers for the Bruins are well and yeah the world and us survivor callers didn't in Africa though those rooms and category bullet. Those reports scorers they really that they're the most with things like that we yet and I think that's why you don't seek callers in today and it's going to take while the like might be body why in. I think that's where and down the road. They will have a residual value to him because an impala SS got every give wagon pace that there was in the rest when the cash for clunkers. So you know there's there's a lot of cars out there like that. I do with the this is crazy that cling to creases or bring it home was as much as broken dolls aren't totally. Look and you know and a we talk about these scores a lot because I'm such a fan but. Com and hot right now mentioned this before our magazine that did article it's a little updated now but they talk about how this cars are the perfect time to buy because or so low priced. And mainly dealing with the impulse. Oh yeah well those this was definitely cool core but it was not cools these commercial Brody yes no they're not and they keep coming back around. Does stick to we got a lot more hot rods and that we are right here a 1063 WO Lordi. I guess what Linda how. Ross and every hour we're talking about values on course and we're talking about making money with callers make money with cars just as moral earlier if you miss that you definitely catch the podcast when rioters absolutely. That was a great interview it was a career view but only until you there's there's there's going to be made these callers sir Richard. Either URLs and happy our financial analysts. And numbers got the professor around this place. The Doogie Howser. Tokyo. Thanks so modest that you must send maps. All right so. You know probably physically speaking. If you're gonna invest your money and so it wasn't the bank. And where would you put your money. Wallin and monitor the banking yeah. Thanks. A loan Chinchilla Foreman. Glitter girl overloaded the horrible from now until. I did go I don't know I think service kind of head own. The realities on ladies I mean obviously you're never Italy's dom on any of your cars because you bought them annual sell them with automation. Exact wrong you know cardinals first and centimeters Sega itself long Scottish. It's. This though that'll say and I can finally relate. I had a good friend the till we the funniest thing I want to on this as you fall in love with you why if you sell your car has really put all those months on the back of the tunnel who made the sale. It's weird I get the cars and it relies with the Lola. Viewers more bush and the amount of homes. You gotta do is automation and and you know what I do in my spare time is the same things you do you are washed car market. If you want to have fun with your investments then how do you think that it can be done with the old cars column you know watch a lot of foreign stuff. Right now on. Yeah. Well I wish yes for five years ago it said by every air cooled Porsche on the planet. And I would probably are tired right now. This is gonna watch her own stuff. You Obama stuff first start somebody else do you stuff now did it and says Z cars light real cigars league Datsun Nissan the car well. You know him as he callers and when you've got anything cheaper as are gone for a hundred grandma well and then he narrowed to get off although although well did you hear bush. The major and yet. Goal leave Iran now got to homer to suffer her a year Portugal even. Tapia Mitsubishi money let me ask you question in all seriousness that's why you have nonevent. Has continued commitment and attention and a couple of Oklahoma that is the chaos that I don't know them. This type of someone's listening nation can't condemn candidates is that she you don't realize the hill blue that you could do. I didn't think you open up when he your moms ago exactly and so this is the thing you'll Olivera and good topic Mitsubishi mighty Macs though you're a particular year. You'll not find 1%. There's parts but there's not a complete caller or truck rather. Interesting to ball from all you know edit an heiress snack enough 177 as mobility Indy pace car to know what that thing is there's probably another Simpson guilty Edelman. Who you know I look Obama to look but I mean that's crazy oh yes Lou del. We still don't know yeah it's rare but is there a demand for. Here here's an interesting concept on both these cars you're too good cars uses on. Because of the fact that they were so plentiful in their time a delta 88. And the 92. The 92 mighty Macs these were both very very unhelpful cars and their days. And now might you just say you cannot find one and they were never at any time. A really really sought after car. Well actually notice one mouse isn't where you lose the world alone cannot disagree with the this is my thing with a miniature. They were Sri and we popular in the nice money Macs than these on our bodies to do these were. All sorts of drugs in the mini truck market Turkey the month. It was a lesson until two trucks Busch and none is what has this tens of thinning out now Toyota trucks again stupid money here at exactly. So now take these trucks. The Demi millions. It knew they got beat to definitely get turned in a mini trucks. So right now you get these strictures of the media and you've got the kid because were teenagers. Desired it warned these vehicles in the ninety's. There are now thirty something. And understand published and they have a wife and kids that are looking for that Collette caller looking for the at all. You know and like the guy like my dad the one of the most of core. It well and got it. These gospel that may be true because that was the leadership bill. I'll tell you if you stop and think about it from a investment standpoint and you might argue it may illness but among Obama's stand firm and what I'm about to say. I don't know exact number of blood is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20/20 plus years ago than the first fast and the furious came out. Think about every car that was in that movie oil Jesse's Volkswagen the eclipse the super all these cars. Are reaching that point in the people that watched it. Are now beginning to the age in which they can go back can afford those cars. That when they're little kids all guns it's a super the song exactly for work but you know it is the first inning clips and all the lesson mussina first Jimmy exactly that's that's my point I'm getting too. These cars now that we eat you know people my age were little kids looking up to now that we can afford these horrors. You can't find them they're becoming collector cars and I think one thing is some former members. There's always a market for five to 8000 dollar toward oh yeah. Well absolutely and and that's the thing though price ranges everything in this yet. You're to a degree troops were 300 those little wrinkles note but I really see a market for these things. Insurers like regular degree yeah he hit back to the small time flip sell certain matter like these early years ago or smaller and flips. Or make your 15100 make your 2000 dollars unit and get out and find you another I do it again. But and most losing more than that but now you've got it. You've got all these I think I do see a little potential there. And I'll say is can be col below one and there's not a written on the phone to do that just wanna call phone that delta 88 there. Book for goodness knows if there is following your delta eighty eight's I assure you it is a COLT gets stronger yeah. But but would you follow me so I love to see these trucks picking up a little odd visual until the little gamble they're scared to gamble a little bit. It's who we can to consulate. I'm pretty sure locally inclusion the Mitsubishi coolers like just turning to dust in small but it was awesome seeing what Ariel fund old Mitsubishi. But I'll wait exactly how about the Mitsubishi why remember those. Mean wins the last time you seen one how about that I mean every middle school teacher drove or she felt. And wall and maybe we actually made of the boy and they were rare and news and made it files problem. Well that's because of pro about 990 or more runoff factory floor but this is something. That is true but there were things that you know everything is a little to lose money Max is having their direction. Pretty good little engines are stout Mets and there're really not the mighty Macs and a lot of the high and tell him it's beaches are overly complex and I mean just to malice or anything made by you know Japanese motors. From Baghdad time an alien force owner was probably way more reliable anything here in the states of course owned sure. Solutions or the motor somewhat immune to the Holland is moot verse the Harley's oh yeah oh yeah Honda allow last a little Honda well last old Harley all day now. And inning and look at the value though. You know year old Carly is nine day compared vapors. Perjury for us for so it's give and take it really is is give and take. But they would girls given takes these commercial route they keep coming stay tuned we got more hot rods and happy are ray or 1063 WORD. Does one dollar us in America rather was saddened and in. Really geragos on an asset personnel were totaled you can make movies draw attention is of them actually segment. I. But you know it's a political resort suitable you can make money these callers gave him when don't want it bag and manager of we'll. This movies like Susan you dirty Rivera and I felt at. Lauren Manning in 04 with a trucker usually alternate pursue the matter. I'm all for listened to show ormat generally. Lauren monotonous it's phony and so what about you know not to bring about drug things here what about your odd hours as collector cars you know. No puddles or the not having each coup. Like well like for instance Dennis was talking about or don't have a minute ago about like the bat mobile you know that's odd thing. That's the novelty yeah. This is that's will be the one creamy yellow that you don't want route walking around your kids he's gone by thing newsroom he's a little battle will attract kids yeah he's let's get the personals for Wheeler and understand that look like an answer car. As things are worse tons and I think they are the New Year's Nextel nothing it's the worst of bed every car and it probably the most Limbaugh and they're probably the most worthless at both of their job yes there are other targeting will ever call in for people who don't move it actually wouldn't mind owning one let's go to every course that you would fit more on our senate and Kohler 770 amendment on lab. Let's go to every caller 770. India and though there is to go to 770 is he would draw. Seven knots. Per hour water. Anywhere dropped seventy miles per hour only. No if you ever look at these little callers Palin look cute you America you have very novelty nothing really limit. The mayor of slaves for years and they didn't make the likes Indy 500 yeah I don't. Bunch of us that's always been on the shocked me the most that a semester worthless vehicle of that and and and less than they bring money. I like 6075000. Dollars to everything about restore one listens to the rust. Bob wouldn't restore one you know they're on male. Dear member you can imagine the first army taking little leak it's really pissed if you sir feel the floors give under area. Deer river back when. When where all younger you magic missile of people drew Strobl who Barea is just let it drop a couple minutes and all you do is Obama does too much drink myself she had them around and didn't feel well here are back when we have micro machines a little bit old mayor and the US talking governor. That got a little mini micro machines will look a look great little micro machines yeah arm that looks like a micro machine version of 57 journal doctor. A little bit a little bit like old bridge easy Malaga all the brand Chinese version you are you know over is you know video games make horrors and they can't quite make him like what they're supposed to be exact that's a micro machine version of 57 Chevrolet. There's been cheated that's what that this in Jordan and shorten and Sharpton turned into a and samarra once turned into about men. And though the book. Yet aren't yet out I would like to be the guy that it just takes that often link for the first time out but just unique feeling. Other I'll leave. You just imagine a member of the door we were dealers are so funny vehicles. Directional Hamels is Colin gets to your series regulars back in the states which is. All some. But Mike brewer and that when he's that China. And they actually built one it'd actually shut down and broke down in the water as of the perfect play into your car you know I've brewer gets better shape pretty quick anyway. I mean Lisa and I can't swim solid probably run there will themselves as liberals will. Are you imagine making that phone call your buddy but hey man to go car offer ride number of Bernanke come Jim out here shareware yet on the middle of what Marie but there are rumors are true. Tilden. Until seven knots and our members could news person you yea has signed an justices and I don't know I don't get it people spend. Stupid money like Alan Jackson's celebrity cart owns accidentally did afterwards I wish you well yesterday with a crew of which Jay leno's got want to drop out almost feel about it. But I mean you know it. Imagine that times the car when it came now the times that it was in and housing is the game. You lose ground breaking because it did do both know well blended into bayous of Baghdad it was probably amazing it was their original answer a question that nobody asked. Half past. Skewed way of putting it. Solid way of putting it it is the sole way of putting it it is solid. The issue. But I mania that's why you're unique cars that you can really makes money off of if you have one now. Getting into it now I don't think so now here's a problem with this all the yet you see the for sale sign in you see the sticker price. And the price of widgets listed who others Mumbai. Yeah true. Searcher who's going to buy it. Mean there's there's a guy out there for their. Here's a glimpse of the moment cells honors as for receipt. Well there is good you know and that's a totally different side of the argument that we have a name and hit on yet. And that's something you got to look former in every car you know OK yes it's another thing to in this day and age with the Internet. The world visual marker so I just. You know rules workflow the world's par to a Kohler show you two could do. Now it's what site you have been on our sites. They have little say it's still it's still very early. On and happening. And of course is always happened but. It's still it's not as mainstream and starting to become men very very quickly and but I think the money to Maine Maine and any cars are now is actually transportation. In what I'm meaning by the has taken a very American caller. And shipping it off sell Australian Aguirre that are taken a very Japanese car. And importing into America to sell it. Also been known for decades Lulu but yeah I think that's sort it out easier and it's just stream is is becoming more and more mainstream is becoming more and more easy to do. On the core is there becoming available. It's for importing. Are becoming better and better. Bomb because or reach that 25 year mark. And I think that's word I think that's your next generation of money to be made endorses the import export. His immediately places like Australia. Mommy and you take your car like you know my Oldsmobile that might be 8000 dollar car here strong. You take it over there and it's a 1920000. Dollar a solo C four vet this month Nigel from Australia sent me a link to. A C four bit which it was a nice one in over here is a you know a strong high teens car all day. Over there is like a 46000. Dollar car. Eternal but for the 88 exactly Andy in the US dollar in the Australian dollar are not. For I mean their pennies off. Summing your dollar mark's marks are really really close and actually shipment horror overseas is not the most expensive thing in the world to do either. So I mean is very lucrative niches you have to have a lot of moving parts and making it happen in connection you need a lot of connections mean a lot of moving parts and you whose email people trust each other killed her and also little salute to. Oh yeah have shall absolutely be bridged that gap via the win. But LA and people like mark brewer who were coming over here to the states Sam Hart does it you know I'm sure there's. A thousands upon thousands of others. The buy cars here in the states especially in Europe. Always there huge there will be big American cars big American trucks suvs. Or on fire in Europe because Europe is loaded with small compact cars so he's big VA big horror core high horsepower coerced. Day in even some of them that we look up and down upon here in the states. They can't even get up. They really look around also creates a new demand for parts in their country also are so now you have new business for running excellent includes critical but yet now and now I don't you know people like routine maintenance stuff people like classic industries are limited to the states anymore that's an international company. Because of the demand worldwide for the parts because now the world who literally a main fits in our pocket on her cell phone anymore. A man I can pull up China's Craig's list and hunt for callers in China. At the luxury in my living room. And you know for me rewind ten years ago and I was impossible. So early is really really open up the market. You know win in a whole new different way. Well has a bit more in a lot of ways and an inlet this you know they interface change. Everything that just a car hobby too but it is Todd is altogether Ellis made his made his war I mean really and truthfully I mean. We everybody traits of their I mean look at even even as worldwide out of England people the truth for calling receives little more about every day I have now I was chorus so much of that went to Portugal all voices well. Slogan reform Switzerland you know any issues. An end to people saying that you know if you were 1015 years ago they'll tell us state Khomeini so trust me want to. You know wherever it would agree Englander little you know wherever. Does come odd statement 510 years ago now but people do it every day through a valley and there's money to be made in big time. Is a lot of good money interest for preschoolers is also a loan you money in importing these cars there are exported. Blow up military work and of those who Google of these commercials to lord knows we have enough absolutely and I keep on coming ringer hot rods and happy hour only 1063 W a Lordi. And guzzle red hot rods that they are you know less segment we'll split the let's I'm now urging parents play again and so we're we're talking about values are low stuff. And this is where we're going to kick. I call this game what's it worth removed which is worth more. But I think it's only like how to kitchen millennial was on the Roberts and follow it until. Ariza should wrestler offer is valid question this is values at. Generally. Or sixty million dollars shorter and stop formula to almost three tier in total about 440 coat wolf 4440. Forced. I I know the genuine answer but I know which one I'll choose over the two. Which would you choose I'd personally is gonna start are my entire life I personally would go with a generally. Richard. Obviously. As far as value geysers absolutely no comparison. A good stock for 44 speed. Charger RT is going to be earth. Oodles more than in general if I agree well let me reveals three aging go ordering. It is focused and now I don't think you're hurt owning it generally a genuine. You know repko obviously yeah I don't think you're hurt me there. You know they're gone down. Merely you can always fix the caller back. Yes well you will do or should I did do well prepared OK okay and authenticity. From my fame and in my thing was general wins like this and while we're on break I would probably own name black one. And just if I wanted to generally so man I just radical Clinton won. That's doable. You know with the a good. How the 1981 the war in. Or back to the future replica of the war. Without doubt the backs of future replica Delorean has to be life has set out occasionally enjoy every time an enemy now and and and and and and and out. Let let me like DeAndre -- a minute let me say. Only about seventeen of us know what the hell I Delorean is. And if you're not MS seventeen menu better have a time machine has to it. And that's the way you're so we're not know of the war it is sort of Timex watch of course. Except so reliable look at Tom ex watcher and ends never tolerance. No it does not morose look. I know that's a good one there I don't know which ward because Delorean so I mean they're than they're not they've been about that 161000 more. I think is native I think you view very very properly. Have built. The back for the future replica car. In his very very very well done. I think that's worth more. It now based on against the war and yet and now I think you probably spent more than the Delorean was work to begin with to create this replica of the I was either too but I'd I think you have more valuable car as the time machine vs cents for the reform. I think that's one or are they just odd ball makes a flow a little while core that you. I've got to course you pick from one album. A fully restored Nash metropolitan. In pink and white compete I'm. Order. A little more into Delorean so either the Laura removal. No there's very little money go to there was 400 international yeah. I I cannot tell me about it. I'd hate now will be ours and desired and line by now. Nash's detained in light Nash is probably worth as much as four Delorean. At the end of the day got to draw the. Actually they're they're really close and value put the right National Mall hit about twenty. The right to Koreans won't be close to 2 morning so took. If they're both rural and witches and yes all we're good oh that's a miracle drug designers every day anything can do that with a with a that we that Peugeot or Renault Volvo technology floating around there you know 130 horsepower target saying could you got app and a 37000 held stainless steel clad vehicle. And as is saying Christian is causing so buster recourse do better lyrics and then on the glorious. Does something really there if there's a video YouTube this greatest skill on the wall SaaS watch videos of people have. But there's they crashed his video from the laureate. This thing you like hits like a paper ball and let wads up so he's got. How we like your rolls look like a fairly recent endless panel drug coated paper Reche. Really can't say demand doesn't give it everything there is bolted skewed and it's so do may have favored defense they are those panels flying for a year he had become a ball from building and tell me how well affairs outlets which you have. You know oil always you become easier it is the Delorean of cool stuff. Well now the movement the it is made from B grade stainless is way better spectrum and Papa. Thinking we need stronger. This love never thought about that goes like let's fire Gloria don't put looking good sticker I thought I had not studied cults order hell hole or hole I sustain and I think I'm. I go to one dog real came back from. But I think the future results covered the highest good looks like it is pretty hot hot hot that's hilarious I love never thought of well tell it it's like overrun Robert Zemeckis letter whose lives you play better this is how words it's just winked and we can just remember just like when you claim you're yet ego with a grain. Yeah it was great there's something about a court equally liberal okay. Thanks if you know this was just real well there's no you put her own nobody could have. There and hit it makes and has led to germs through there and scored it really does cool it helps actually goes of the hurricane has slept on the side of the move. That's rationale of NATO now all know. And they review did you script Drew Gordon is saying well he says you can actually that's a thing leg and maintenance is you just bring it back in if you see a Peña were in this usually balsa and all they do a lot of Ireland's new. Oh no halting now plummet because they're trying to sell the things they can get rid of won't it is that we'll stress and pain. I know the story remark this sort but I am not I have something very interesting you know one hour to talk about this I'm a matchbox collector. And I click. How wheels matchbox cars that are very interesting not so little cool 64 skills and a pencil it. Mom is so I I keep a lot of cars there either real movie goers or just like. Cool. And one thing I have this other box is a black Delorean. Really yeah it's a blood gore and and that's how it came may came lay have seen impacted judges have I don't have one. Via a black Delorean how schools I mean I was really cool and car looks good in black and I want. You know what our system rewards these look funny looking at me in there as a blocking total assault on burn a trailer last week and it was done up Ali smokey you're next because they salukis and it's. And Iowa is done after bush maybe unit stock car says like block on the size and the roof tonight action hood where gold that's available mixture and Loren smoking Munich although the two little room together would be interested in this fund air. Day day and I whatever you. What are you want to know. We'll have the it's live and it's been a long day. This. The good things we talk about earlier or through us through you can John Delorean. That would be interesting time on the promise I promise I promise of further measure I've never say that again about Joan Laura but I feel it coming if he gets people. Oh you mean the fact that he's gone half kilos a Colombian ma'am ma'am women. Exactly 68 pills to be exact he's got an eight year old cocaine. That's insanity or more John but doesn't that. The Americans say blowing that's distort yourself especially duplication available on iTunes if you keep it. Here or not we might get in trouble if you keep dreaming up early early. Home relatives everywhere there's a lot of really good Clint Walker apparently we're totally G radio callers and even even pay scholars and things like that. But isn't there room in the coworker but the US artist it's enjoyable hook. As enjoyable hobby and cars like that. Another is among the pace car in MS is a small example but any core that has a specialty. Notch to it. Will always be worth something well it I'm not saying you know. I'm not saying I'm retired I'm 77 as mobile by no means by it. They will look at cars like well cared if you've you've done a day. I think you can always come off the images are somebody out yeah so let's look like are sadly. It's a manor drive a dodge Daytona and I understand well do it alone Richard dutrow is Corey jokes well it doesn't that doesn't go live. We you know houses galvanizes dollars in total existence Richard you'll like me a little like man a guard apartments lost that goes oversaw or. There's a love hate relationship whether Carla. It is clear this is two low money goes futures though you and I pay my owner and a couple weeks you know what I say the show is going to me again business think Iran does the world figure who ever played along you've been listening to hot rods and Libya re here around 1063 WORG.