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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 9th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Wagons.


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Go look hot rods and campus robbed. And what's hadn't ended man I tell you what they what's happening with that amount numbered Dari. I have a low numbers I mean unlike among coach Bora though like I do this they would have to sit this is the thing. And I Maryland this want to. It's just me and Richard against the world run down my filters wagon people all in the studio. We got a couple special way I can guess no we just moment. Our drug which is sounds to normal way in people but then we have to why can people order although I look a little wagon sandwich now. Well but I guess it would be technically a Robson which in wagon Brit and yet. With luck this mystique balloon or something you know you. We have some special wagging guess we're total wagons legal roads and BO that's right you get kids or grocery user. Water ocean do the station wagon for bank while Warren. Beautiful as Shannon that's your favorite thing to say about us visualize as you go idle Portland you closed yeah I can hole wanted to see for Cordova this dual slope and equipment. Just say and got perfect color remind it where it's intact and without being in the whether I could get there faster. Dimensional depending on the wagon how do you view that to demand and stuff form and demand in stock form. Admitting to it depending on the same format. How would take an eighty found TPC. 24 bit. Over any production station wagon on is sorties or seat he has to be a lawyer ruled them out. OK I guess my ZR one Corbett then we'll put him back in buying. And then I'll take that. A love it he didn't and then you see this is just a little insight of what it's like when the electoral that. And did not wrote but like little Brothers to the little kids back foot. Putting pretty well through that very much there from Ireland but if you. So are you mean I snuffed entered as serious I will introduce or just all the way. From north Caroline and we've got Michael. And now Michael I notice when it came in history. He is driving a Woody's station way it was still wheels would move look at some in this guy I was ready for behold the serve for and what he's that guy. Pete looks like the way Goodman yeah. He has he's the way you meant but now Chris only over in whose or otherwise can give us. Seek out there for a little curve ball curriculum woke me like Jimmy Buffett. Well what is still have a much yet police to assure you inlet of the way if you have appeared with a hats you know he's got one that is ahead. He's got that there's do you have there. Didn't as we flew off. Please keep the wins the. So we got Chris and Chris is a serious station. And it still actually definitely. So you've got a bugler Russia's way and I seen today drove those two in a Dodge Magnum Ortiz and RTS and any power here meaning. Do not forget the name so. That's your daily. That's Monday. And you've got another sanctuary into your interview romance it we have receiver out so that's the wives so but it sure looks a family affair but to do romance and that's the fun car that's the funk or another as mile does. I want to describe this thing to you know start green grim tuxedos and whichever way you look at it looks a little green looks will grow starkest Mattel. It's the color. But the thing is cool by as the blue though numerous that was the works description for that computer screen and Graham to. But now the would drain on the setup there missile test it is very custom and now we all go back to rod here because he's the vinyl it tells all about it. I cannot tell you the name of that winning mormons is saying they use on Chela is its cello and now while totally be using Shillue style look for the wood grain design. It's it's a type of ruse -- and because I'm jealous and musician that's what got me in the station wagons and be in for everybody that doesn't militarily is basically it's like obligatory. Both style and what ails our lives ever but it's Bryant's latest and it's shell use it then that's one thing that's so it's it's it's the Smart man this is slim down dollars and a look at Cisco infrastructure Oakland. And he rooks visualize the border to constituents when can I knew I was like Indian doll around Miami's a musical friends and we didn't have many man. A closer look cool so we've got socialist but then Caroline mr. Levine. Who utility. It's gonna get an interview like bloat like Christian thing that's Chris the Chris summit wives Libya and peso. Was counting today this would have right now in 1918 is the minds. Mr. Sharon and so my driving careers not that long way 99. Look ninety Philip Hillary made 92. Teams. Nineteen station wagons that is insane the majority of you know 9196. B bodies and other. Two and I thought I was like just give them I have to those in greatest sin in the somebody you've had ninety looms. So where is sort of after the prayer lists were in the eighties it started out Whitman Danny and early eighties caprice wagon load of wood grain and added that flipped the carburetor lives upside down. And resists there aren't that so some say it's easy now and I was little my parents also had a eighties caprice station and I hated it. I had to ride in the back but that's the best part growing nano is us. Makes it fail again. No not ended Hayden as looking at now with cigarette in the third row mine Cain you can you can while the planet and we can put directly on the island of Wales drum lines in Williamsport in the traveling to sit back there for people helpless at a there's little walkabout oh yeah all the reasons growing of that pay the station wagon is while I can now. Dan is different and I'm glad you brought us here to help fight the semitism but slack in what you give you just rest and give way to fight that. Exactly exactly you you can look here. He's dressed like you on a wagon. Not no he's not just heels like dangerously appeals sort of war shelf but you know it's it's different it's that that confidence wise. There's nothing there's nothing they're hoping news he'll regional agony makes you confident. Attractive. And I'm Mary. You know would you change other boxes a real sweet eucharist the good guy they thought receipt. I rest my case now the slight level just let. It is that makes a good look at our mayor in that Heidi I you know again it points in the looks department right. So I mean and Michael hero in the same you seem to know exactly let's go right here this particular Riordan. He does have his beard being humble little Julie analog. He's gel clings on foreign media and coming innings where levels there in his brand loyalty and there's no way affiliated results. He owns gas stations it's perfect three you have stances on this car big thing to have a station wagon for. You can afford gas for the state join the army enters somebody's one Stop & Shop. How. Auxilium this is Lola I guess solution laundromat stood forms all this little thing about if you don't wander and you guys have similar to haul all this laundry. So a need to yeah have gas forest that he knows your own laundromat you know hole in the laundry and other people hold their laundry there well army unit so much time. With a line with the way. I mean I guess it looks to sit down from a place. Does this it's kind of but he should Oprah he's way as war. So what's your daily so you see your hard core like chris' my daily driver. It is age 2015 days ago. Saying he wants Chrysler now a drunken issue agree. Which crosses over a cross over and now and we're aggregated here the next thing we're to talk about the history of state shall and it's. We're going to school he doesn't really constituents I'll learn things about station wagons in the last two days. They'll probably will never used in mile life this information drama NLM our manners I have no right Richard. Yes we got richer hot rosneft are fun journalists in the studio a little new age brother good old days something like how unusually cool. Doing these interviews I don't do anybody. But a lot of white people in here. There are wagon people in there and is a war alone major Richard usually I would Lyle Monroe actually Richard Jenrette lag and I'm here I don't know kind of lag contributor I'm gonna have over these three gentlemen that are all Sara O'Meara and out down. But you don't want it up and down and sort of put my money own Richard he's low numbers. The banks are blows we'll scream and we'll tell you would get really. We're going to load the wagon than pull unintended and we're talking all about them right year old hot rods and happy hour 1063 WORD. Lumina how raw is an ambulance Robb Pitts. What. Satin and their tables and and there's always enjoyed it stays away in them and to is this is cumulative scenario shaken. I don't shoot to the nerve pills in my cross over one AMOCO and your dad had station wagons have been nine. He had a hit Tuesday toys you have to you have to you know 6060. Surely situated. In it fit for us for. But both practical situations and don't say. His bipolar in my defense. I think you hope that. I can't wait till Wendy cameramen from Malibu Wagoner some. Oh that development and others. I'm a dole met a lot of them have nothing against C alone or be able sort of have built guess all of you have to the other blond hair all you have to do is just instead of stopping with a spike you just lit it on back a little bit further. You got the shot a sure thing going. Put a couple extra holes in your blue jeans and you're getting him. Doors are Porter cup. Candidates will. In the parking in the park in line you bridges we were talking about sleep one ends in a way you're used to having K car that would cost saving would be cool to us. A lot of crazy things in Portland okay but did say some how cool would be an advocate otherwise you shouldn't be cool for instance why exactly all that's cool thank you or someone else's driveway thank you Chris Byrd. Bring in the just saying. My neighbors talk enough as it is on the lead station wagons and to do we don't need those so what you're saying is only are your Chrysler got your K car guide problem was as an analyst. Yeah well you generated in a row that. Yeah there's no. This does so that's a statement UW very you'll hear it Allen often anywhere this time it's. Runner monster yeah mechanic are. You guys are back. Kind of money guys listen do this because there. Yeah yeah I usually. Aren't there are decorated with the NASCAR. Yeah wagon. I've actually you know what I did W that is a decision right now. This is actually. Escorts enjoyed the prom she drowned in that you will need one you know don't say. You're going to be paying for we just thought that out there. The the funny thing was is that oil civil callers and he's gonna auctions about these corners on my big thing was these charity auctions like the catcher auctions in the kidney foundation stuff like that. In his it would donate colorful time and were really nice course and I ball. 89 deep four discourse station wagon to fuel green thought of speed. One point nine leader with 90000 miles or a problem for 200 dollars it was perfect. I had a bright red. Custom cooled a 1980 poor written has been flared cut it way loose token to warnings sit in the garage and a rock that discourse to situated because coming. I bought at a Forte gets the joke was broad universal caller with a full click yes like how would dry that out. Pretty much later you'll still driving her like this is gonna be you know a little stuff that really care or parked it feels like they're cold air. So I elected Robert right let me tell it's him he can't see its face as he's turned it like he's talking about is why is there and there's excitement talent he's smiling. Everybody smiles easily drowned lag hide it yeah. He's got as much as you mean you see yeah that missile to a goes in Minnesota so if he wrote agree but in the footage to you know I don't see smiles then your face when he got the malware right now and then and there was picked Atlanta when he and I. The rich and it. Need get a serious look in your face what you mean business Rick Richards a readership here is that like don't do it. It is no that it please compare the Malibu made here and not far off Florida senator. Richardson I'd try to stay quiet now. This is go to war. Where this way and also used around the stores. Company car yet and it was few and he's not man. We care chipper we like to know. About. Now eaters and it was great. And it wasn't good corps army it'd from eight to be a raid wasn't the six is vehicle world on the globes didn't look that forest just a just a good little caller. And I think that was nothing was it was just like a surge rather it. Let alone go out on dates in this thing. They're like no you couldn't look you would get a decent game taken a no girl Manhattan yeah. Who admit that you maybe a little row bits and yeah that. But the this is. Little. Boost to a smaller. But this is moving like a competitive or we're prevent animal thousands of clones out some of the drug his babies instead. She can walk away now she didn't exits did an excellent gas pedal funnel that. He's a year MEU could. A staff. Glittering guest will slow but you it was a great Corbett. The funny part is hostile to score saying only that in an understanding that you have it exactly. Blood that there was put his put it or leave it let's yeah so like 12100 books. If I mean I drove for six months and I mean like nothing in at this point. And the gal that won the auction lived in Minnesota. And I'm thinking to myself you just bolt at 12100 dollar colder and you lived three days away. He wrote a Greyhound bus every day on NASA they're paying me 12100. Dollar bills for this escort. Want to say something. If you would he gave me an escort I would regret elbows for three days to get it to Britain. Because it was I don't get out of this xmas and he actually called me when he got back to Minnesota with the. Sold lankans one guy climb and time and Campbell Kentucky. Sold nine W group masters prize he flew from. From Los Angeles. With cash practice guy who crept I'm nuts. I met him in the park you line the airport. On strap thing can ask you to meet her was sweating cash. It was warm but yeah. This. Is an. So its focus is clearly I don't know it's when it's. As Terrelle say Chris is the exact reason I have a wagon has a scene is out affair order. So you're the responsible for this for me anyway well you're below their originally the black one 08. About it first behavior of the reason why. But until then it was your fault. Chris is quickly Chris is quickly becoming that guy your parents warned you about the only live a CEA brings urges are excited they're like usually be hanging out with him you know how many thousands of dollars of spend because of them. All the old days of Chris is a lot like the got introduced into a first wife my dad always Adelman as humans hang out in these troubled him not Iowa than five years underwhelmed divorce somewhat OK yes it now. But anyway. It's an appointment stolen out there. But none man Chris Chris is wagon is it's gorgeous car it is a beautiful why you were talking a little more detail that wanted and let cord deserve some weird day it actually does Malia a he's the reason I went around. Made that commitment would lagging way to about 25000 dollars on Arum and since then now I'm essence gamma tilt in my life. Hulu or I I just want to get hurt someone blind Ezra this really does we'll tell you what you can't blame most vulnerable to this commercial break and give you break. All right stay tuned we're talk and wagons Rangel on roads and heavy on one a 63 did you Doherty. Alumina hot rods and happy hours real bits and what Sen ended. Dominant design in a year will always wagon folks. We will do quickly roll call it right quick we've got Richard Carlson I don't financial analyst slash numbers guru in the annals what's out and announced that it. And the only friend I have right now in the room. And then we have a we've got Chris we've got Michael who or what team owners and wagon a fee should not news. Yes yes. Under the ER thirty ratio that's there to get people. I mean I'm not saying they're bad people meaning element. I mean equation that you know what I'm saying no way you live organ people our cars are looking cars. And easy like and not just you and now you kind of classic months. Really a mole. DC delighting people more on the fringe. We've got the Barbeque grew upwards we did after she got through that kind of stuff at this have been slow. Capital sloppy going on and a car is a kiddie pool pool until move things like there is jello shots there's always an ensor hang out violently that's. So here's the deal the only in the only why invest I've ever gonna get it down and Daytona. Which you you've just got just came back just came back from. Mom we do it'd be screened Turkey run. And we're we're partisanship in him. Which we can see this. Yeah. Party else out of the party yes well one of them Tom I was there were on the infield where with a everybody else we're just the way from there. What you don't. Via you know for a picture are brought in more than awards idiots and you won the award for non Levi. Or for non blank in my mind. But. So is it would hotel there was there no matter where you guys stay there the best western we share it with the jehovah's witness yes this is that's what I was in different ways as a witness it was the transgendered. It was transient and dance this economic this economy and I am so that's. That thing right I am so mad Imus is welcome this change goes witness Wacom and society. We always agree. That's a part of this hilarious interesting bullets I am so mad I missed this year actually I am terribly. I you know what I'm is their plan in my trips to wagon fest as the who's the other guests in the hotel that we honestly think of the pretty good about business about your. Well went on there and he loved transgender people want and as witnesses. Umbrella approach it. Probably broken equipment now otherwise access around there's one in upstate New York every year and possibly international station lagging convention as a group. In the United States and actresses we've got autism from it it may well come across the call. But hey they meet every year this year and yet you know they were Asheville. International and 2016. And it probably. Turnout of around. Upstate New York last. It was and these are all kinds of wagons yes it is not certain B bodies are I think these are all Koreans. Let's let's say ten miles in use they would hear all three issuers to show. Excellence as participation in and say I want I have a dream of actually put on anyway and that's locally here like lingering hope against it lawyers from Florida. You could you not now there's there's been an influx lately more seasonal lines and you can do a lot of sick people in the studio. Audiences turn over in no way you know owners now there is you know you're so we're just like we're tired and minivans were tired of the cross overs which let's be honest. It's it's it's again it's high reply copyright. So we're kind of going back to what we've enjoyed is child which were in the pre meaning mainly to cool stationed in the way backseat. C'mon why you send a thorough look at that in total I was over chuck. There's just like in Buchanan. It's not that bad news is that you don't know if you're in his owner's I'm I mean like think about Alan how many car show of people throw a you know show with a big. Cooler in the bag full of cold beverages but why do people do that we do that. It would and a bracelet X and we did show bring our friends and you know seat belts it's a it nine actually seeing signs of certainly makes Kohler the president announced. Millions of publish it looked. But blood booster but clearly that's built it you know it. Pope tabled in dine 65 car exploded though everybody Doug power sixty that was true and yet it's like a man year so. But you're not as covered it's. Is it didn't city and this is why are remembering. I'd love scene Nazis might without the seat just sliding around it would take the corner it's like old and the other side are you kissed the glass and yeah it shows that the people behind you drive. Yeah that's. He gets full of small business. Damage award drill will suit you maybe aren't just to touch your entire history. Yeah we were talking about the history of blankets. India and the things you think about it and then I'll learn a lot about a little bit aroused jointly give these guys on our time but station wagons or. Say chemical. And took us there Rome and the until it happens. There are called me hate you know a real experience this. And darkness stay away from my since its first secular trapped half a mean you know situations or cool their a lot of blood. Well where did they come from what was your regional use. And if you Google were constituents come from. They were actually originally used to train stations miracle deep bow acts. Iraq acts X is it that deep you know cares income going to determine travel by train taxi which comes they need to act. Mack wrote that the elections exactly yeah. And since they've been corsets are gonna switch over to a station wagon train station wagon. India and can split off them because they knew. The issue you eat the larger panel vans and things like that and you had to stay join us which were more. Like utility and family use silica one at all when world truck level when we can't watch so they split off. And then from there every manufacturer rated station when everybody had a station wagon model virtually. How about the Studebaker administration line and I don't think and errors but Sony's early fifties. Today that this may feel like a bullet nosed style so Joyner. Reflective as how else issuing victory. Here style around nineteen feet three feet four. They did this is hard Studebaker. In Seoul. Early sixties they're real steel will go. Well everything about nobody would these were typically a mile within. The station only rooming because and then of course GMs and all that was Tim Woody's. Least issue. Some people actually get them that bullet that was really was yeah yeah to pass will work to do. What it would vote innovative have crashed just in back then they view as you splitter and a the news about thing was those cars were incredibly expensive to fracture. Intensive to maintain whether gorge the works of art in Iraq all different dish every year they're mean as well. It was to cart cars. Then because that lol you think about it look at. That what's that sells to deal. Usually. Works who it. You were brought prices down any connection to mass produce these yeah. They needed to mass produce only because it gearing up and so word to use and even during the warmest wagons were just like commercial vehicles is oral. What you're doing what he's in things like that the U Maxwell and in 1935 General Motors did their first suburban which they considered a wagon and the time just on the chart clap rut but that was your first civilian. But that was quickly halted due to World War II. Exactly well let me go think about the awards are started and we'll 1943 tentatively forty trillion Euro 42 point two was actually the last model year for gene course to 46. But the thing that's crazy about that there were total it would. The other about the different temperatures and we're of these cars are too also affect you read in the door shedding. And then look you what's Wales I mean and so one day amount of WG door open you know today you know I didn't show. During the winner remain an open because probably not a very user friendly automobile for real world situations like that. But then in the fifties or my loved iconic wood styling. But they've got it in basically of the neither he has been here and in the woody boom was taking off on me or mass producing these bad boys. And those good old days of the column is that ten Woody's in the paint work to replicate this move that was that's gorgeous because. MLB also if you didn't know any better you would think this is a real wood core. At least that magnitude. Yes. But the biblical or anything you quotient here at Chrysler below their stuff and Richard John Mills lived a little convertibles editor of the wood grain and all that even brought that we just about okay coerced our country exactly. To implement a motor all counts of crazy things are your Richard Haas I see that they deteriorated let us see numbers come in here for several list. How how old now. Returns pursuit of the facts are peacefully kilowatt. This is this is definitely in Forte that's for Sherrie stuff Richard. Only has moved money there. All right does it say. And more iron hold your thought it would bring holders thought we get room to breath right quick goes stay tuned we're talking and wagons through the years how rosneft IPO a one a 63 WORD. Yeah what went hot girls and embarrassed raw pits and let's have amended and Richard boldly go Motley crew's only lagging gurus studio. Releases. I keep hearing that was our goal from the wagon trails dog food river that wagon brilliantly here Richard and rivers I didn't every dummies is thousand acres good job wagon vegan is imploring the gravy you're going to feel about engraving British. Just sorry to celebrate works but we're talking wagons and we've we skeletal from the early fifties were getting it into the tin what is but now. We had a little trivial bulls last real woods usually Cold War. And it's in 1953. Buick. Room master node number key demand now back in the day a road west was virtually accustomed caller in the early fifties this was it was. I mean Russia has always been top of the world don't get me wrong but back in ninety Victoria road master. You're dead deal until you're expansive view it is it was these Cadillac of buicks. That top line. Do you view. Across. It's like we'll have road master money. But so what I say he. View we had a war games so maybe it's. And in the why in market before it was like well we've seen 3%. Like pushing into the fifties Republican 30%. It was growing like crazy it was things. You know what I would look to pull up Richard. Don't you just install to your performance. Around the thing about some consider in the seat going into the sixties at the wagons were like growing at 30%. Drug use in America policy but all of a measure that with it as your good is it could have something to do it. Return thing. Over and jump on the root of evil let's go to. Priestly we're definitely 66 seasons there won't guard rather than any inquiries into journalism and an enemy. Them multi car you can put a lot of standards and mr. Curry's just stay. Another article are those holes like a Muslim war and station wagons with you know. Ten simpler reform bills lame idea. So bottoming but another thing that was really cool those like a real thing about the fifties in the mounds Coleman only these plush Michelin is. But it out of course that golf Graham file success and your shoe box. And these cars like huge domestic issue is of course you do want it isn't your Q tunes. In your utility station like it's back in the day but let him know that I think closure vehicle like releasing the load out tones chrome you know fancy them apart you get a grip was startled looks almost every news station wagon Chevrolet which was. Border economy brand in the fifties. And then of course you attribute station wagons and and so also were used build upon acts and things like that. Com. There you go through the fifties. And then into the sixties and change course can get bigger and bigger question melted chrome now can get into the jet era of things you know with the callers reported ages and you know everything's rocket this or whatever. But then we get into the sixes which is kind of owe us a little bit you know the most coarse stuff. And you purchasing before us why it's even in the early sixties before the muscle Corzine were peak in their hands out. I mean you had you know three no need to hear me. You know power station wagons and things like that or you. You know just these big catalyst for thirteen somewhat better but Chrysler's. Share well and don't overdo it sixes before it was those things like double trailer ready and early sixties right now. And of course 65 quarter to three point seven and then late six found 396 in the station. I mean another thing that was really cool. Is it is a funny story was this my grandfather. Actually used to be the service manager for western Carolina dodge. Which would be battle won't Wear three directly across from Greg Porter shop as we're used to be. And missiles in the sixties and what they would do is they would order Monaco station wagons in with him he's. And they would sell them. And people would bring them back about 20000 miles drink it'll run and bad. Head they would take a minute and swap them for 380 threes. Free replacement. To get those four or six motors the bill for race matters. Little sneaky thing you'll but that's how they got good Amy's to build. For the listings so another of those guys interested but definitely I was a specialist but did you actually have perform a station lines. And I mean you don't even neo in the mid sixties you know the legal way and easier to restart talks saying anything to warn everybody. But they made a rumor two or station wagon in 6460. As the travails this way. And yet there's a lot of those coastal force Brees threw for assumes little things like that. They mean get into the sixties you know course you do the impelled you to the values the big bodies became swollen it's like you were talking about. Put up and in this is a thing as innovation put the clamps shield the war. Yeah Clinton should go to ski team house GO examples you where you came out. He's from 1971. Teens and six well yours well and cancel arduous. GM there now say I think those years for wagons was the highlight because every family during that time out of line and we don't actually made a save indeed Malibu station Y and there's a look like a seven issue realm of fraud but the station wagon in the back. This budget as soon as much like you know the results you get. It fools as hard as you midsized why unions Syrian radiates. You need to know what it is there and away from 1960 through the sixties. And David Reeves is known for 1960 elite eight activities with. Here's an intermediate or scrutiny here. Did do a personal story that says you want money Cuba today right people who were pretty it's. There which goes there's trees and crystal course in June 1 thing of just crazy did enough for panel and to wag entity yes they did. Or that have been doing I mean Orioles earlier this time just American or do you think butcher import guest and you're there live bandwagon is merely the planes in the sixties. You then another thousand thing coming wagons this will be Obama doing that there was no explorer's nightly weather war over there explore if 100 trucks are not Beatles like there's no issue these so basically are no mean even if you had a G yours QB. Yeah. But an amber at Bloomingdale's but there were the polish issued these people are used to know are let the wagon ears like from the great outdoors in the eighties with the would. Judy he's yours very injury it's actually. Real. Income buyers right future teacher Mercedes has been used exactly what we're talking about those early welcoming these. The cure park Rangers you have when you're an outdoor. I was like you know you have to be able campaign team to own. And coming full circles tour Studebaker wagon and off fifteen non Studebaker started the Studebaker lark wagon. So look you don't know actually complained about how they got a single workstation line and doesn't fifteen on the third of those odds. Just looked it up also. And then like you son in their early fifties ended Daryn the Hulk. Style on that it meg Ryan's and they weren't what I call pretty car I that it may come. The older isn't suitable to miss more several times there were scared to make a move I'll give a master it. Made a bit Iraq moves with the that would make him as saying in this is where I give a little crazy because and seed they offered a pacer way. There was just say blown up Batman it was attuned or. I think as she in the wagon term movement. Academic reform persuaded that want to worry Welker the other half so it won't nor do we longer bill's going to be shorter of it doesn't go to work pretty salmon right size going to be longer. Seller discounts on is we don't lingle and on the road says Margaret cam back and I'm shooting brake you know that things we will thugs blow gives -- an access Atlanta is this was a political reprieve to go to school in the room but no I I think the seventies was the highlight for the way I can. Anyway it was an away and there was also the beginning of the end hey this anyway insert two more of a little bit like AMC all wheel drive and in and then my two cents when times aren't android's. Well and the other wasn't it was a it was a bad time for public American callers and generally every that was taken down to of course social moron. Yeah I mean to be those 372. That's about alignment could put horsepower. Do what we have Nolan commit these commercial breaks and every time goes stated we're talking about the seventies. And wagons peeled Rosen happy hour a woman is 63 to be ignored me.