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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 9th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Wagons.


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Guzzling hot routes and amp hours rub it and what's happened and in command and sit near and we are school in the world. Owned station way it's more you know greater Greenville, South Carolina thing about podcast and okay. Rolled over achiever I get yes we're school world on things we got your little string around them discretionary is at least I know I guess there at least one guy. Nigel Nigel illegal but it couldn't. And Jones and so really we're we're learning stuff. I mean like a Phil smarter about this thing of some Koppel with a little feel smarter about it. Alaska and let him holding Obama Kool caller we both occasions run them but we got an Asian trade and for your wagon it's way cooler. Yeah that nerves going into the court given the fusion here this show huge. But they wagons or you junior you and your logos are all about that stuff. Every dumb thing about a wagon in general in Europe a think about those national improves your communications Citroen wagon I'm. That's a fun yeah I don't know that. Problems. I don't think I mean you both could fit more now time now. Miller and her funny looking little slick have a fit if I go and drill down sooners will pretty much exactly with a illness that's it's not a very attractive vehicle. And it was made with a purpose the end. You have to deny people in the future. Who gives a commuter literally I think what's been mobilized. Some Cologne Cologne because is definitely New York we're about six or anything like that happen but the and get away with a thing safeguarded. Until an ISO yeah. Actually in the seventies. Yeah. And seven easily overwhelm. Hello Richard Richard who made the seventies so I mean I'm just going out out just got it done it's now anticipated. Criticism product of them as they left a legacy and now Michael I can't say much for him for the sixties. These Obama brought know what explains a lot actually. Yeah it was exploding now and now it does refugees are here now and then and men just a year of the sixties vibe about it. You do have a little bit like you were you what's the it didn't Holler. It's the sudden we knew it was stuff. He's an alternate board in the fifty's files it can succeed at Woodstock now possibly not that was that while technically and learn you know. This is a thing that's cool about the wagons is. It's two generations the way of skip rock of all it even with the changes in the industry and think about where we're from the gas crisis in 73. You didn't see the biggest placements anymore course operation went down all that stuff but. The thing that was cool about it is is the wagon actually diversified and changed up a lot. Home schooled in the seventies we had four wheel drive vehicle stolen especially in the import stuff and what we're told the European wagons huge. Across the Golan. But I mean this is the thing is really cool about socialist is they got this monster's point of about what Sydney. And then I started getting. Tapering. Yeah around and team. First videos first original orders for new concerns that moment here at the medium sized. It's faster full sized cars. In in 1978 they followed mr. B it's NASCAR's tells us that no one. And forward still obviously. So did it. A large cars sold about tonight tees and even earlier than eight outsized. Your full size wearing tonight teams the nine miles when they went to the loyalty the love of the Fairmont fox bugs so. The fair it's actually debuted in 1978 to seigniorage you know is there anyway and so they were progress appropriate but it occurred roughly the same size they were. It is kind of nice because they're both debuted seniors and it was compete in net as GNGM platform whether an amalgam of the G about it why you throughout Asia. And it also Chrysler. Barnett he's certainly a taste out do you fool. You certainly servers and expert. They start to do with that large senior party wagons. And I think. Hit or miss has beat anyway is this to do and I was but he still. Pulled for you and has span and digest which were bodies me and he did us from 19761980. In 2008. Gaza town and country on a platform that they asked him for. So it was there's Archie as well as you know they actually made an anecdote or T. Rory euros of they. Don't know what's gonna offer youthful RT. Or would they would never act very very exactly they get asked RT bill that is brought you were so aerials unless mainly just a sticker packages to and Luke first count or don't don't forget delivers. Begin a 360. NASCAR frankly in the why things same Angelos and Loretta express was the fastest vehicle sold America does it's so there's not a muscle cars anything you have forgotten why him. This one out. Read the get rich I mean just comes out a little thrill I'll I'll feel like a filly here here you straight no left with a chopper and I had. Well here here's my thing I'm so happy either statement made in this room just now. And no one argued it now is it Richardson that they were just as much. Of a Muslim Koran anything else yes even though for 1978. Yes. But you know what the rest the more tailored their offer big blocks I mean when you get a four point six him Nina Monica lying in a you have a muscle car with a long memory of you do you do in in in this yes I actually know you don't the most local proposes description of almost of course intermediate car. With a quarter engineers. That's technically but yes big power plants 100% and so it and that technicality there is one of full sized most of our. Now there's a source principles that would be a Mosul caller is intermediate. Should bills and phone lines lineup but everything is wait a minute. So what you're saying I just wanna I wanna get this correct because. Imus and I agree or disagree if so what you're saying is if your driving around in your beautiful. I don't know. 64. Impala SS it is not a muscle car knows that technically it's not a muscle called those gets called just like Camaro is difficult Mosul callers which party goers in exactly. Long fenders short sale Politico know I just I want credit to definition here now I want you to print hello is a full size of the bill. The depth of the textbook definition of a muscle caller is intermediate such as caller. Agree with the moral Richardson intermediate such as caller. With a ordered displacement was a bit more than engine for a full size car Israelis aren't. So in other words a -- -- actually is not a muscle car is its full size and I don't actually get an analyst poolside as sure bills intermediate ovals you know I'll still state animated should show those the definition Hamas are exactly was the intermediate that aren't so when we step over to deduct platform there is there was a lot of questionable callers like a charger would not be innocent would totally don't do it wouldn't go intermediate is that long cars silly even your date and ours were big but no they say he's your bills if -- by this bill was. Actually very precisely and another thing with the attorneys say challengers charge them for political horse. Child tells George challenges that proves yet consider the polling callers. Correct and I agree that but you're talking about a hey you know like a 69 dodge Daytona and is actually longer than my station wagon right now and yet. You have what are the dodge Daytona that's now that's with a T I will ask our he had better so that's they've stretched out version of but yes boy even the even the chargers going to give my lack of run for the money and wean. Cars are being mag I don't think orders I mean but then my way in small army would well yeah example look at a six will go came to mind now in 1960 father were smaller they re caller was not a real big call. On your 66 the group two feet in the ocean bills did you know I mean so you've you've got to think about that. So these were just because the that is the definition of them also called integrated that's a very loose terminate its usual a lot of things. So yeah. And you know this is getting off wagon topic but I look today now in this bit. Now there are brought back the mustang is the retro car and the you know the glare on the challenger everyone calls these most of course they are not. They're not there portico there's this or political enemy there's no other role that political either and they had a purpose they were built what they did. But. You know roaming the list is so terminology and everything that they don't matter but. Mules to tell the wheels and rims. Slams OK guys we're gonna cover this debate how. Have good numbers were good on the commercial got to stay tuned we're salt and all the world's problems right you're hot rods and a real one a 63 WORD. Those lovely color doesn't happen drug lords and ended mounted annual alms it's normal at all as wagon knowledge like I'm ready for it weigh in jeopardy. I think we give would have formula that posted by Clark Griswold has speaking of the level. Lol 01 of the most famous station wagons of all time. Stanley trust. But it's also. You know. Why an owner. You always. Alone for notre Baxter I mean yeah it goes and I embrace gore as I am so. I embrace me so what exactly when your wagon owner and you always have that we structured like when you have them also call it all look it's not calling Mosul complicated you don't hear that. He didn't like a year ago but even his commitment. Just. If clothes are so cool he no dummy it isn't just little assistant troll because of that's people who don't know the callers just like you know they won't compared to orders. Another famous one that goes brilliant against Russia which you know what that's funny and my white wagon has always been compared to light up had several people ask is it like errors. He's always rubbed the back streets now well. So my looks like glorified two seater all the time well another thing of that Lou is that actually made caprice and wrote master hearse was also corn very close cooperation Cadillac exactly. We will plus back to utility like they're using these things the first federal was the her company that like actors have a lot. Well I don't know thing you know you think we'll that actually goes to schools Miller meteor right Richard that's correct. There was lecture sixty. But reward to 59 in the confined ones who actually took a sixty gallon but 59 quarters on a day and accrued still owns this coordinates oracle. Iranians now I think Dan Aykroyd and if I'm not mistaken I could be wrong on this I think Dan actress actually is a 59. The black one EC that there are working on in the movie. Is there stunt Gargan it was a wonder they had just Google sells like about around 11 since I got a thing called Dan and Dan Akron actually has a 59 and that was that was their star power. It's open there's a video on YouTube of him driving this thing around there must take pictures of and he's like please don't cut off please don't. I like these cities cities it's deterred but it's monitored. Well I mean what what mother would amana original foursome need to know 39 Italy that it Cadillac. Oh okay Syria that would be entered the catalysts they had all those weird motor a mean like crazy displays this back in the day like odd stuff. We added ten years players and 9/11 449 Cadillac yes 39 and it went here I think metaphor and it also I'm not stating an I drag a for torn on and then the foursome new to you and then 500. Now unfortunately Tim wasn't a bad as far as reliable as women that motor just black everything else though that we're going. Around the world to catch flak wanna say this with the with the with the people. You're corporation motors were exactly powerhouse it's not a corporation corporation Murray viruses mini mill about four feet deep of GM's Buick got a really big luxury bills. Which there you know everybody's hurt us like a skeleton unicorn everybody's heard of home Bonilla has never seen it will corporation motors workers would give boat anchors and it is I mean they're fast forfeit fives out there we don't get me wrong but. Well it just faster force into force which go straight out walls to don't want such a what's the mania. Doing well just answer yes yes hate these you know your client performance god give me a bit of money spent together well it's funny it's a little different. Then beautiful good bipartisan budget only did stars upon a base motor mile an hour on and actually we'll salute and version of a Colonia is a very loose term Portland I think it's just in the shape of upon it gets going it's operative Balco result. All right so let's you speculate aftermarket enough. Let's get back to the wagon topic here is now workers and into the eighties. We workers and these are little station wagons for changes. They were totally in the break about the probably one of the when you think eighties station wagons the first thing of course you popping here is the square years. Caprice he Powell's style socialist. Box plus the bug should be wagons but he's a little speaker of the box how about the Volvo institutionalized and the break somebody right now is driving it to forty. Early eighty station wagon right now play a 600000. Mile and their happily doing it. Headliners touching the top of their head and is still only what are and that's an all lions when yet twelve foot and liner it's going to Internet this is that there's not that as the there's tax during your future totally you know there's not enough thumb tacks who. They're a fully believes rim blues break our cigarette packs to hold your Hitler there's a very very picture actually. That's yeah that's that's I have to put that put Hitler win the thing now it was it was cool everybody's visualize right now. By no problem looks like at the back edge slaughter oil. It's a really funny story about the bodies that on them which you'll hear me say that Israel and the level below stores. Doron everybody about a different coral any Lowe's impala assesses. Commands the fourth and and six and now. So this the gavel Mayan ball awful and I figured I was this guy had like were six. Really nice impala SS has seen a black used children to college young. And CEO. The area a lot of them. You know they'll have that light gray leather and your illnesses and we're only interest levels extremely competent for anybody that the caprice to make an analysis they won't in these parts. Picture of the guy he head. Blackwell once. They do archer earlier rather than a green when in the sooner DG PG Hume. In the middle. Because these caller for eight inches apart. So much stole everything Ruble poster on the green and in the middle. How David and the other two callers they didn't move the car but settling an entire generation but also funny about it until the to the headliner out of and everything. And he and how he was joking around he said you know I'm mad that they stolen stuff but he's a go slow we'll meet again because I've given job. I just felt good yeah like that he can keep the dictator. But issues like these you know don't hire this guy. So you're the only ones who look back to the Volvo station he dove indestructible. Are very close this crafty Swedes finally anything earlier. It was awesome listen and change in the beltway culture. Gap opened the guys that he. The got a little over the years issue which you don't always know I'm glad incident. That's it the sound off. President of as a kind of people who and one that means and McCain commons become for the common good. But how about the meaning the Americans know this is the Koran that changed society are below us we drove a mill and specialist in golf and killed and 1980. For changed the automotive industry forever. We for the wagging its. Yeah but yelling about Lee Iacocca actually originally pitched the minivan in the pro Waldrop minivan before. They left him out of a boardroom. Lee Iacocca. I think he gives it Chrysler and of course there grabbing a straws this poise and they do it. That's the one vehicle can you say Chrysler could you imagine the four grand caravan. Could exit. That's what would've happened people. Who want nightmares tonight is can you imagine though the light DC school Voyager was an oval on it meant. That's horrible cold gusting to we got more roles in happy hour ray or 1063 Debbie Doherty. Gosling and hot rods and happy hour and we're talking station alliance Richard. So you're shaking your life. Are you sure I usually I mean internally here that are Marino's. I see it all day there and I spent a lot of time lumbering and trailer and you know I'd known as use that term long grief tonight is sonic Ambien and I'm sure that your numbers again you look for value look for it and tell me that. That wagons are value new value right now. You can get there are only money we just said that before. Mom you know starts with the troops in there and is to the some downs and then when they did too expensive against the YNC is that it so cool. Car you know I think it's kind of shifting now I think here you're moving from. Q2 wagon and sedan now. In some instances. It's you wanna purchase mine Magnum. I mean if we're to go out and it would charger RT seem year or 300 C. He would deal more. Men and nobody. Won the years as a platform yes NEC's spinach well. And I love those little things to cool record it physical gawk and 300 we'll give it the run for the money the 300 diskette styling. Bomb I do knowledge the first Jenna chargers whatsoever just my personal thing well the first unit holders with a Magnum coal gold sold is technically not the first gen of chargers but the first new generation charged. But the Magnum to Manges. I think you take a 300 front end which oversees the business of the blue book the put a 300 front end on a Magnum and that's a perfect looking cork with the Google going article. That would be really cool. Will we're we're we're told of the eighty's ran away and we're social communities. How about those big box. (%expletive) anyway it's. We'll just corporation OK Chevrolet power and it goes will you know everybody had a are as in my family as informed bill TVs they were brought to do in my mind for months finally actually own two wagons and I think the caprice was 87 but it was a baby Sankoh is irrelevant. Because GM during the eighty's like I just found a plentiful that blue and pain and everything. On into the ninety's as well but we also had eight Buick estate wagon same color blue with wood paneling. And now and it crashed blue velour interior aches and clothes and Sosa yes no thing and who ever thought that would be a good idea. Crucial bill that. Since. You are. The motto my face Torres beautiful read my watch you grow tomatoes because it is ilsley is bleeding today looks like a bloody Terry pull Alltel could. No it actually does that you wrote me answer it it's a little bit because it's a limited which it there I'll let your mind is actually lower crest. And you're crushed some news. It's all simple elegant sexy hunk that it's board here and then yeah. Those you and they don't appeared together is six encroached blew over yet I don't know Chris I'm wagging gas. Now that you're usually going alignment yeah we've got right now that's is. No. War since the exact. It's obviously they're probably not when you should be hang in there into the notably by the same shape here is here are let's. Let's who. Like the Phillies are breaking out the trash talking about abuse. Treatment and I'm. I don't think so in the red. I'm pretty sure I'm Frazier let's allergic reaction. The world's zone and now here's the problem I had with GM in the crush of lower in two years they thought that shade of navy blue look good in every damn thing they made wolf that over the gulf. Rid that. They called it red but it was really Burgundy and they put in everything including ripped doors which really hurt me. Well bed yep and they care today and ninety's to literally do the trucks and everything. Models cost too. Early now that's a rare rebounding plan. It was it was in the color that really was factories and outcomes Burgundy and happy are leather interior of she's got cal and we'll send it out if the current. So the way it was views established for you should be sitting over here Richardson decide that. While I'm here in the mold of what he talks about a cutlass cruiser it is because the users pulls. A full sized custom cruiser and he's Jewish EC. It was cool you know just Graham Olsen and Roberts Roberts on noises that are really making me nervous and I let us a little sitting decided Richard I thought I was reared them like four cylinders Herbert from a drug sports cars on film that's as yours are seeing right now that it that is a little weird actually but you know we'll we'll address your problems next week. Yeah just gassed at the thought of any nine Avon also until station had a cousin who. She said more than you. The only way they have a 91 Oldsmobile cutlass cruisers could make began as we drove over me. At Atlanta. And others Laten Hewitt Johansson and. Just do you fear you need to go to Netflix you to use whatever look up wagon masters. It's it s.'s documentary. It will teach you what you need to know who the teachers she moves aren't aren't armed robbery or some along explain why you got there enter event to Rome I think that's enough to confirm your crazy. I didn't know that documentary just watching just like I say that that's that's really. Keep your pants on Robert. Yeah I. I just I just wanna say yeah I just wanna say that no longer can I be made fun for my wagon the wagon this win. When they he's excellence in the document. A lot of sick people world Richard you know us. What's your character this. I don't waste so you did this and this is the thing that's cool these callers. And now we get into the manager politicos intrusion in the mobile widest meld these caller started a phenomenal. These cars actually hated drawn out. Well I'd other hideous little because you reach out all around us before Alex what emanated that's why. Like let naturally nobody likes them but then through. Drug use hormones and shaking in southern like that now and July as you but blue moon but they started a phenomenal these things the custom Gaza we'll of these callers these cars were just there triplet or canvas or platform for this. V8 ruled ruffle for him callers that alone put two wheels only board Colin had when Dave came Dick still holds. A caprice station wagon. These B chip firms have Warren I mean everybody bill wouldn't you know Dow is a that was made for California cool caller. I mean my united had worn exactly and I mean that's your big companies they had him as and there are very cool customer go. And just like hugely Michaels and Cris is caught they are cool course through Q school I mean especially when you into the new ones with the with the LT will style engine's little. I mean that's the wings have now you can you all the cool drizzle portion of the engine. So because having virtually the power with same for the group the core red the other blue and hits in the KM. But rather than it was cool about it is is that you guys view of the under tremendous histories. It's a GM plant fortune you can do bigger breaks he could change things you got wheels into their options I mean nothing's really odd about the move fairly common. And you got this cool Lowell coming would drink station wagon that I mean well this is surfer thing in his. On the back or forward you own an M pollan assess any way shape it's the same caller or caprice sedan. A lanes are all the same so backdoor to moving forward EA you have an impala SS. And with the you know aluminum and you can put it discovers. It tubular control arms on the exact well as any aftermarket has heard you guys greens and low of one dollar. Not only that defense amen F body parts crossed over because you can use a body sway bars armies in the better than everybody wants. So I mean there's a lot of options a crossing over. With the ninety's wagons the only the only problem is though we talk about her please now. So you've my feeling my way a lot of money into Richmond you use solo later. I will say that but Chris I think there's hope for. I think there's hope for it. And I think he's going through become collectible because or Kiichi cool now do I think that'll fix Corvette numbers and but I really think there's always going to be mother market for the third caller. Ready bringing better numbers and a save for event. Did you watch me there's Jackson recently gets whatever release we increase that role as a TV active -- 92. Degrees. Some surf board rule. And yeah right I mean Terry Taylor as the raiders but. Amount of the great events that. That's the that's the Mormon Bailey oval car auction so that's the big issue here earlier also talk about the worst wagon you gonna have of that era TBI car. So I mean let's get accustomed to so much about a mile an unlucky there's value there. This is not a big downfall this. You can't go into the wagging Grey's thinking you're going to come out a winner and and in Canada and I think it's a safe bet I think it's a great car I think it's a fun and let your Massa would like and no matter you know McCain supporters of England a country squire you're not going to eager are awhile but I don't think no not for a lot. Not for the east and now as time to get in the market we'll definitely Italian market there will stop for. Christopher access drug stated we got more Rosen happy hour break here want a 63 WORD. And goes long and how rosneft IPO were token station way we are indeed still stick to like a who consider there's the regime is I would root interest well well we've we've talked longer on worsen things. That's probably going to be one year science. Yeah I agree that actually out there waiting parent general ban certainly our cars that try to offer it to me and Richard need to leave the room when he goes do what you're secret in checkers opening. But as you all Sergio and is the same time low minutes about his life he'll. And pat pat pat pat. You Ruth this never noticed lately you know. People Lorch numbers looks confident out. Tell. Us so well yes last gasp the last guests. Nothing there's going to be going on six caprice is those loses were there was room or swing and and you add some some. To beat them there to quote settlement Magnum. Well while the Ford Escort wagon lasted until wind like. Well oh now I'm saying like in terms and Y in Z. The Florida story when no longer than we say we don't think about they win moves the focus stays away and left. Did you ever technically does that mean I think it does is still going I think you have like a death. For old is liberal the focus back years later. Nothing focuses 2000 Gloucester Fidel scorer was out under the 96 I think because it changed bodies on 97. Yeah there's certainly an elegant it exactly is the techsters did the Fort Worth or those ugly little jelly being looked on and I act could be wrong but I don't recall ever seen in a wagon about my. The Ford Taurus wagon was discontinued in 2005. And the Dodge Magnum picked up for a five way. Bomb but you're 96 is your last of the year old school. It's always so they camrys. And why exactly these records yeah I don't know why you never really that I'm Mercedes and BMW you're a student. So this. There will wagons out there obviously there was much selection is there was back in the day with the school or otherwise how much legend here now across seas you had wagons for days there's wagons everywhere. Ami is Subaru idea I mean there's wagons everywhere except for America because we caught on to me is in Poland and the wagon. On buddy eat in America we took on the SUV craze you know and then I mean that's why the Arlington oil are also. Well America's a big thing that's bigger is better that's that's our logic with the oh yeah while we by age two homers and things. When will not aged well we that's why. It is but it is neither Melamine and these days you beat everybody likes of Iran and yeah playing more. Breached well there. And also you get the stereotype loose itself hires safe when in reality you know it's on lol I mean it's it's to protect the of the day. I mean if you guys. Some of the waste thirteen 1002006. Inches of grill and you get some of the ways thirteen thousand ounces twelve inches of Israel solar particles around a new way. Right anything is you know who were with our wagons which you what do you see you you're in to buy any car nowadays are so tall person industries and delegate split up. This is bigger is better even than new wagons that are out now. Now back to the new Buick regal and tour. It is wrong yes. The tour enix logo are what more would you like this future wagon used for current and former club like few weeks. But it works at a local GM dealership and Anderson bill and he leaned him out and check out and so I actually took out TrueCrypt and it was a really pretty it is is based on Opel insignia which is salute your. This basically was the baggage here. You assess for American you know for the US market and a actually it was a pretty darn nice car has. So so for those that don't know this Buick it is and they station wagon. You know they just released from the seniors are showing more I have SA commercial Borneo I mean come on Gian Mikey didn't advertising SS. And you complain when nobody bought it sought out value advertises why in and people. They also do the same thing with a lecture corridors of the commercials for those. The funny thing or more electric car concurrent Chelsea sexton actually news from the movie who killed the electric car. But. The so that was really cool about that if you ever watch the commercials the GM little from the electric car leading wanna sell. Well and the first name electrical as the best ever it wasn't the EV one the first thing called at the end. Yeah you don't wanna cull a caller of the impact as like coma into the fireball and you know we don't want to do that the crash you better. I'll ideal Silverado sidestep. In the tank in the side. That was that was read that was a fatal accident and that's what those that there really was having you can get those troops in the sun all day long in mean. Yeah or find another Pinto had bumpers are made up plumes of and a tour acts that actually does look pretty good looking bandwagon. Investors hang out to slip tomorrow Richard or euros in the field and I enough for me wrote. Yeah. Rick Richard I IV use of tourists coming out here most Richard. Gamers and you have to set in about a murder and hazardous I don't know and I don't have any kid hits. Pat pat pat pat pat pat yeah so it took Chris let's singles and required in order returns like yeah there's a lecture us listen to prove that are Strayanov. But now I'm not signatories is I you know I've. I won't see this I haven't seen it looked like a big wagon yeah I mean is it looks like everything's station wagon should be dictating decline you know the sides in low and try and try to not make it look like it out back and keep happening it would. Do those looks Subaru shouldn't generalize but it it doesn't have bad styling to you know what I mean is that they did a great job we will Subaru it's a good look at Buick. And confident that. Play they may think got model outside in the there and. You know another potter. Cross over time where I think it would be like to evolve you know exactly those are very attractive well with we're good looking girl and my wife Portia my live Porsche BMW war in the lease program we actually just have certain the 330 touring which is why in of that. And that's awesome as they join a panel sisters and it. That is a fun fun Goer. It's got the dual service out of Reno staggered Tehran that and you buy German but early and not not twins are robots are about. But I mean a real fun Carter drive. But a lot of room I mean is. Also. There is a really cool course amigo they will be aimed at his reforms are usually ends for a long time and time. A home you know all you European schedule is you're the Mercedes in the work that I mean they have big number Mercedes wagons and they tell them they were extremely popular. Com do you think the wagons ever gonna come back in full force do you think gee you do you want to share voiced issuer in I don't think that will ever happen. Niche morning. It's well let me think about that they're this or sorrow is that there was a bit market. Nowadays. Is on more words cities called crossovers. As you fees they aren't there like Currie car makers now are you. Our start to look pounders at the end offerings thanks care costs are just really not so much more years. I think it's ethnic markets kind of that is an issue words. Worked for a seat cross ever she be tied it. Wordy as they about one Ford did a little krona that's a mind blower out there because you think one of the commercial sales and loss dropped the bat with police departments and things of that nature. And of course you know they have the of the tall worse production police car. But. I mean they're just getting away from where will drive in general Hamid elicits a former star pick up well I don't know what. I say you'll never see it GM wagon again because of GM shift to all lecture as well right committee my way what you're gonna see it and here's and maybe wishful thinking but also it is you're seeing -- change in March this scene so they're kind of making it come back maybe not well because they're not because that's the thing you don't see them anymore right. And so you go to our show now and were little more accepted yeah me you're honestly you know. Nose up right away so that. It's I don't think it's ever been and those it's a huge thing it's PG cool and an army like take your car Chris I mean you chorus and orchestra chorus nicer than most cars at the Kohler show is the station wagon. But is the station wagon. We're all they will they'll do you one VA. I mean nice big wheels big breaks I mean it's just a good looking car. If it's a Camaro or no B would never bet I agree those women's group one ever given such willingness. But that wagon Yugoslav made it that's cool. If people were warned they stuff so I think some reform in ages it's. Armory we have what he's grown up and with that model Kate are stationed in exactly my thing it's it's a memory that you don't see any. Or missile makes it cool. We'll Gaza tell you what we've had a lot of fun Daytona about what this tells all about Omaha Rosen have been our page and be sure check of public disallowed dudes you've been listening home runs and happy hour right here when a 63 to real learning.