Hot Rods 5 13 18 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, May 14th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk entry level Hot Rods.


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I guess what hot rods and they have it was rough pits and let's have an Indy and now I'm just sitting here thinking. Does it brought Richard now puzzles that same thing. Gov which is good for us and popular financial slash numbers guru. Richard Hoskins was out and announced it. Richard you were too cool for schools to sleep wondering until now. What I grew up. Only Richardson now you know I really don't plan Iran and and it's as bad it. I'm heard some stories that don't sound. It. Re route Jesus is actually mortality as a public and at times it's you know with the code and I believe that. Now mean that India now Glenn Miller and in. Homeland. Boosted their responsibilities to the ninja that's it hasn't been. I'm OK with that Malcolm obviously. Both making mention. And speaking of children. So you are talking about a given in Colorado and of course you know if you listened to show you know on the big muscle or Kalus caller. Our roads of big station wagon. Even. And Richard is anything with a four cylinder and her rose essentially if I miss like. It measures like small displacement. Not to loops and. And who he's improved. But rather as well. I I don't know how to take that and brawler like all bass and treble button. That's who the American traitor oh I brought nothing and she's cute but that. That design element here that there's worse things there's a cardboard cut out over here in the office until you. Kudlow and take you know I wouldn't be in Texas and into. But remember the cool thing is unlike. Alone. May you originally. I imagine unity in here a lot more remember well as coach I won't go through school here is you have about. Fifteen years just then another new white button up polo and you're jordans and you're in the Fifth Avenue vowels as your new balances it and it hit. A. But Israelis who can put it is is this going to be you hear it next few years as mr. How. And a hero of that movement insists this is where your life is leading overall it was stylish person you know I imagined as some point during that time you'll love it to the war and teachers face. Boom boom to assist or not at the norm Coleman's that are unveil hits in earnest that the flood of go to -- lot but he was mr. cool and I went to love the ending to lose any of your day jeans and a US. A little whip through life. Like the normal thirties the Israelis they'll do in the forties there plays at number all the fifties the blues and it's just natural progress by then is turning into Jimmie both in our government conclusion. Let me is waiting for him to come out we'll let the straw that literally shoulder you don't have blowing and no offense. It's common that they ordered it. Video of does this story like I said it is what you were born. In Greenville, South Carolina enough Panama and racing you'll just part of Malibu number again when we will vets and although Libya rockets over into words in the straw. Be that cool score the first all I have got a quarter over. And I'll be the coolest court order ever. Because I would be stylish. A we stop and not like I think he handled. You wouldn't fit in when your own accord reference. You know what I don't want it can be beaten you know wanna be the square pig when mineral we will make this is not what you'll. You know like what you just called yeah war that BO on that anyone of forums and your little bundled out drugs if I got the good little W guy and I'm still enough that it. And but they you know McCain in January tuna and and yet we really know and don't notice he's picking kill actually and actually making it worse. Well half a billion better than. It's been three weeks via the U. You can call them like that for so long now we are in the month of April how. It's a complicated Richards is unconcerned about two hills I got past the coffin now it's just smut and my chest hurts from your mouth abusive. Really didn't. Here in the blood as much as her. Oh yeah well idea he didn't to get out to give a big bodies brought to. An old days a sincere about things are being held big people goes in the world do these endless zone. No I really do you do want that coming ya gotta live does argue that saying that that's the motives he and Clinton but. 111. Wins at the strip of color rebel group and cartridge sort of role at all in your blood what's going it's as we thought it was. Yeah now they got our attention and rubber. Holmes the boot. Like he grabs a sixty shoe veil will that be legal meek look Bayer called Andy's got figures like stop it. I mean I took one for the 2000 brits that I made me through his silk he was a human chuck book from equipment that's a figure does bear me in the car. Well oil bills you'll feel it won't we Big Ten thousand as the Bill Parcells could die anyway but I purely. So. Who's put had a mr. Haas. But you and obviously in the elderly and those around two orbiting the hole or attitude for the team that weekend it really. I do a little into Atlanta was it was a full entry caffeine not a of course went down film dual more and we eagle there. A lot of bullet goes featured chick I don't you to looks a lot of food and telephone and video drop this week on the whole world may eighty green and all the dodge care thing and who. Via I miss that will eventually tripped thinking shot Shubert you know you're gonna. Well you know when it goes to via Lleyton and if you join up to them and get another thirty piece you know what adulterous because another orchestrated. The visit to the elements as organ skills lol little fundamentals of our blood doesn't hundreds we should be go look Ankara right now will be called three weeks. We'll know what was it jumped when did you coastal new ways all contraction. A little bit but. Hoping on doing what's in sync at a ratio. We had blue thing in future via people and show Obama thing I think we announced it would happen no amateur I think we don't know do we care. We gotta lose and. Course NBC sports films are camping and hunting Shillue. You know LeBron for Keith and was there. Randall the gradual turnaround and it makes you feel good because you know the mother and it's special to me but it's just a nice sixty file Millwood and today. But they actually came immediate feature the coral McCain having you know dementia. So those a lot of fun little school special when you gotta warn of a million dollar GT forty port beside you and they walk past it yet ninja. Star power when you have a they see my YouTube reviews. Foot soldier that was at this juncture the Ferrari still show them our drawers don't usually actually had a for Rory he drifting. Drawer in different. That was very very cool Corsica featured also. And can actually put the soldiers drifting in the mall parking lot which is very very interesting. All these episodes camping out during television actually feared this fall only BC sports double check that out. Definitely a lot of vote but a lot of fun always a good terminal was my tail loaded down there especially once I get. They're a look I'll load the wagon made them on as well I'll agree with the little worried I go to the fair we trucks Jermaine you don't you know what I've got. I've got faith I DJ now. I mean it went all the way to Maggie though in back. It's so funny. You get pulled over Atlanta. We get pulled over in Atlanta and that's so my guess it is a cop bad as you can imagine. This caller and you viewers do eating thing shady or illegal do not involve this station and now it is because you can have the most truest most sincere things going all in used to get pulled over about a cup or I was very sincere when I was doing this thing is shady as it Colmes looking like apparently. I mean I don't think a rolling meth lab to compete anymore attention from the cops in this India's now what's funny is locally. Crews drill press knowing stuff will it fly so don't miss our. What did you say to her cancer until listen when that first ball of that call war. You know the back bumpers off of there right now what it is right now to you it's loud and I just threw a tag on begin at home when that first moment. I drove right past the state troopers in this thing. And no one cared. You know apparently anywhere else but here they do you they're a little slice out of pulled me over like 27. Things I have lie. To talk lose would like to go in behind us in Atlanta but they what else is known as these commercial breaks we have taken. This drug does that they will stay too we got a lot more hot rods and happy hour coming up we're hearing 1063 WORG. Does look red hot rods and happy hour and then ended bridge blows up an upset. You know I've got a question for now thought about this. I love hot rod and attitude I'm a caller guy like it's near and dear lord like I hold hot running sacred. Like a former holds sole slicker those the novelty named me original and so I mean that's that's our that's our livelihood. The only it's a little more than a hobby. We're cart paths right. You'll ultimately means more than a harvest service hulls on my livelihood of those exploit the office live with Julia what did you know what I'm saying it's. Ill feeling is there underdog hauler to saloons part of who we are eggs it's Saturday evening and but we didn't Jesus. This life choose initiative but. How about you guys coming into it you know we we all have a ways that we told about that a year or years I was sure. Talk about how we got in our audio will be family or you're you're free and they had a cool gore won ever. But if you had to start roll over and you're getting into the car hobby how would you start I Obama first Korean. New buzz do you look forward and 66 to do well I think it does all 63600. Also metric or. Another role for Gator go well I'm an it thing that is you bringing. He's still a useful corps league materially bodies around and you can go on diluted chime in and you know plus ago products. I don't I'm Eli right loosely on the boat you still have a classic Colorado classic cruisers and me in the enrolling. Could be anything. Yes I am if I'd like to do ever gonna get my first or the same exact way you don't have much use. Annan. I guess because of my heroes and in. I got in this to sleep you know and way before I was old enough to think about her on her car you can and senator. Yes our. For me is starter with bond magazines stuff the enemy Tom. You are old enough and you've been live in this in this dream and an. Well my first arms and basic Chevy cavaliers them I'm gonna. Not follow Roberts you're there I don't think so I just started slamming it loses he's 24. As the lord our as my grandfather's. Bull horns on the goodness that mosque thing across the windshield. Yes but you wouldn't get too familiar to be the indeed reliable and such actually a thing never Erica this is bull horns. Probably left attitude and Paula came off day while you're unhappiness. Hit his ego driven from my grandparents' house tomorrow and we you know you know Lawrence fell off its crazy you know budget as wonderfully intuitive and this and stage everything to play into. All right so let's let's have a little Fuller this. You were gonna get back into the hobby and you had 82500. Dollar. Budget. To give you a cool caller that runs that drives. Would you here. Global order we had a great let's challenge Venus you know by the way I have gotten out of the obvious for a little while and gotten back into. And only took off took over from him out again now like right in anything cool for a minute enough an amendment reform of the looming. In make that choice. About 32. I was geared to me two years to build this up to two years all Huntington closures and demeaning thing working on this caller. And I think it Birtley helped him. You know what to the point where I'll finish is cause that I knew. How is going hate when I got to do my thing was with a 63 at Christmas time and energy retain the caller we don't have poultry in the corps built the motor in the caller. Maine went through everything on this call or in the and in a brake failure and two lost it. And I put all that work and all that time and energy into something managers going just kind of to break he learned that lesson good insurance coastal only two good injures his long way am I mean I was nineteen years old those stupid. But you know. I just can't take a break ticket probably it. 34 year break from mommy just an absolutely their money's lubricant that there's nothing wrong with a but let's say 2500 dollars and you're looking for a cool entry level. Something you could rally also the most reliable thing in the world goes obviously is toward phone call usable. But we're talking about a good high school boards I wouldn't you know what to be honest sour note written to miner of nickel of and now we're probably find me. The nicest. VA surgeon Camaro I can possibly in my hands on. Want to salute to get a little tribute powerful political and it is having you on is is a film is a mental referenda things one point 500 but think league level are you get the real fun of TV I call you are. Admittedly good reliable cars will be off us reviewed the thought of one yet things still stress results Austin sounded clear. But I'm in that that puts you in older coal or. Paying you know it still is yes or styling to it. Manny you know gets in a hobby and I whether every every step of the way image it's all the boxes about you Richard Segal or three or seven countless. You know that's a good golf one that's a good point all those the only true it's not going to be in the bus on Lamar I'll remember which I remember you know. So long ago future. That you could. Hearst holes 83 personals. Would lightning rods and for about 2500 this. And for sports news with detox for 21 album Q&A loser on the back so let me get it now. They're quite good crazy but it's close to home. Street out walls of turn G bodies into them. Well an astronaut partially the typical long Jiabao is don't know what it means no I have no clue but would these colors of value really insane. Absolutely. And an enormously value popular here what all the good sizes it is a VA. For the most part is they VA midsize caller does a good platform war golf well it's got a good bounce I mean speaking Goldman actually. You know it being even at 307 which was kind of a pity but it wasn't bad is a good engine for bad performance wise it wasn't too much about it as a runner. But you don't mind if you journalists for fortune cutlass two jobs most of them I told them that's bad look at vehicle mile Moreland 2500 that you could ask them what little we are usually work into it yet you could go well into or just a nice clean cut and they're going for fourteen news you can get there yeah -- worry if you wanna go to the other side of things for 2500 you keep yourself into a decent dubious true person mag zone bunkers now. And now that you're especially especially your your first three or four years there's reportedly drugs you can actually get into the structure your muscles steps are just. A cool sure Metallica yup. Definitely definitely really really good live as soon as it's. Let's look Ultrapetrol would be the only that are easy gay you can actually use it to and it's gonna use a usable vehicle and there's so much more productive from the ministry he via strokes and you can buy anything you've got all 'cause a ways to spend your money. Good running trucks always going to be or wanna talk about the enemy is easily even if you wanted to the you know because you are in high school or you're just starting out my hobby. Even if you want to just make a nice cruiser U by the fourth three truck. Save yourself some budget save yourself on gas money. And point and never pop the hood. What plumbing and down the road with a 43 is a perfect setup to make a swap for VA well it's it's set up for me there's really no there are all wrong with a mean I think. I think the real truth is a good one like Cleveland with urging Cabrera a look at cuts. Near the coast will be going home you're so pretty cool ways to get minimalist of work or took some more on the subject which you'll. She's during commercial breaks like you said you don't pay the bills they keep count around a little Gilmore budget we have no commercial bird back. We're talking entry level hot rod Wright year old isn't happy hour. A 1063 WO or. Let the hot rosneft and once that inundated Richard close up and announce it. We're talking about entry level rob if you had to start all over again. Get that Ganassi last our color in ads problem had a polyps some knows. Went over my world. The body's system has started segments you should have stopped there. Really feel like you started well let's start this out and they got a really good high school football the blues in the LII did then had no idea that they're out in value like issues that you let the Al Bundy. Actually today. Starting defense one and round and the price is ridiculously in nominees and all she. We were your two well this through got a little bit smaller in. And then we were from that to the other side of the spectrum and 91 and caprice wagon. Went from last year 96 Paula SS best point you from the coolest be body ever made. To be uncool list because he. Say the giver of masters sedan is actually and coolest and cooler and freezer by the nature of it on coolness from. Brees quietly Israel and would grain in leather and stuff you know and and and and and on the sedans. With some answers we'll see yeah and you go lacking you you know knowing that little bit of knowledge. Makes you even more on coup that scares me he's an Internet novels for it and everything about that I'm Paula assess ya know again I think about the wagons and I would run circles around you wit from Darth Vader. Yeah two more invader cars or edit the exact you have from that to. June Cleaver. I mean but it wasn't Jim Brady no war salute. Brady Daryl giving Carol Brady below one who built the cleaver the made. Mob law. Alice Alice and send the bush and Obama are skirt off when I started until you until the news. He goes good semester thing about the lack in his he fires is going to open it like you look at him exposes this station wagon should make it. And so is cool I met him in mean in the surprise you Colin got you factor here have a little. Sex appeal this Molitor you you know they've been doing me bad but it's not just a little. Ruhe the you know new goodies there. That. Still it entry level for me go nobody asked me before court so important and you Montoya about a hundred dollar. Did you guys know that's why I. Yeah tonight and that's why was that number out there feel I device maker breeze what are the point of governor do being the I'll look Richard and he's good a look at actually is that bad to the caprice wagon scary more value and see for vat rate now. Actually the other way around them a reasonable already usually goes away and that's just as you know yeah any mention of the right person. Yeah he's yeah he's got folks got mired in any us all and the problem when your cell cars to settle things. Richard Petty like withdrawals that very often Richard. I hate you all don't don't know about a nudge on missile not very happy about Richard I was will go to. Yes they I'm not really trying to sell the wagon either a lot of my grade joke drum set and it. They're a really candlelight the way in them I'm not really in the sewing mark here and now. Wouldn't pace car mileage. Nelson was nowhere around this guy so usually we always thought that all teams visual woman I'm not you know I'm not opposed to human interest story either. It's gonna go to our connectivity and can also in coalition which by the way that that is a good entry level our pace car and it's as a cool but as warned we're vulnerable hours yeah it is a little more of me you know maybe via parents whom manager villages and relevant paired well my platform of gay America Mosul woods were the LT one Christian fox volume Austin speaking of that action later that he that he's he's really I've been optional -- vehicles are directing it crowding on your programme that you want what is cool you want system. To a C four bit but still sore for the millions behind the drove it. I was actually a whole outlook every day achieve the critics with classifieds for callers. And politically the other soon. Only you would could that happen. So. I don't look at LLC and a good look and see for vet so of course was all wrong we'll do work real political ups and pay actually retrieved him is takes one minute looking for a better. I am a member of a political forum and didn't go to the lawless from them. So. And let the story here it's. So we got this does not see full orbit black chrome wheels only good looking car. 200 in 74000. Miles and then he Corbett I'll take a fast and that's it but you as a testament to do their thing is thrilled honorable. Guilty wants us that's not out of the ordinary. At all now know he wants an elderly ones get bad rap because of the to spark on a but there actually really great motors precious agree it's what's in the engine. Yes it's no litre yes I'm sorry but as O'Grady engines but of you think about it I mean discuss over the hurdle for him. There and you drug drew three feet too literal front basically the FAA and you know it's gonna date a rear ended it. These things are indestructible as close as this caller makes it tears and about thousand miles on it's obviously a pretty good car obviously it's been around the world three times they did it go today in the forties and answer related exactly rue sure we'll see force. Does that Dan I knows that they had to Abu you know in terms of the LT want to think the C threes in the forties and I think the seat forged or something different I think. We're joint guardian interview exactly does this thing in what you're gonna call and get real slick on the phone Flynn Zito it can put it closer and an 86 or. You know and in terms of the guilty ones there too can read you part numbers. There's a peoples is actually drilled our April. There's people of actually drove up the back of the intake Q remains normal Stahl distributor problem. Because the you know the port their Fortis actually there is still exist testing it yeah albeit an actual blog is really no different than your standard small block. Except for when you come up front. Bomb or you can do the LS style cool over losing years you know run of dummy now Optiem front. And solve the issue or you can just durability water on them and you final week poll. And run yield to other reroute the water that may lead them into your opt spark in front. Well and that's that's true too and I mean we are being there was actually go to Middleton want to collaborators of which were no sense to notice. That's stupid is very Steven. I'll also will little note to self if you are LT one guy here yet LT one engine and the job he ever does go well. Be sure to always replace it with the AC jokers do not go amnesty do not go excelled. Just always doing all the all their misty is just a pretty case is made bogey so it really is but they've done enough enough seen time and time again they do nothing but through problems for the stores and go back Casey does Florida beat a good G abroad and things like that. But the thing is to keep more rather do you have problem exactly like I don't know I'll never opened up their pursuers true version scoop they've always gotten what it. Did he come out on 30 if you want callers and I've even been brave enough. To all wash wash them with a pressure washer registry mindful weren't spring. And I've never had a problem as far as optics yeah. I've never personally my first what she had a ninety three's the and I watched him who's that thing dale. And never miss to be enough what's it like when I was actually go to war but war but what AltaVista there was an out had a water pump go on and every one. Bomb. And never added distributor issue but I always prep for the front. But you know as far as watching them though I would keep the car running. And how to spread out and if you know when it came time to do a deep NG claimed it. I never an issue will install X that we do all every day you'll note but what is the got a better but it 274. Fouls and mine in Milwaukee going on. Well they're doing this last month testament is C four bit of people Joseph regular sort of put his trust in true parks but all the way around. Well I mean you know and I'll be the first one to legitimacy for them when mind owning one actually but bomb. You know we've talked about this before people still to this day are reasons suspension of Pomona for the three drugs and all still because it's good stuff well I mean it's it is is it's good stuff but I mean the caloric. Was a serious ground breaking gore the bills we've bang for the book I don't think he can be matched. I really really don't. Both women you know sort rather like him obviously the Brothers out a couple of homo have been around them for. My entire adult life and a lot about how long. Candidates on foreground depending on your vehicular needs. Bomb. Like if you have kids nugget core. You are better but it did number one all of yeah every you know what I mean is is is not it's not the most. Logical car on a daily basis of the you have family but in terms of just bang for the buck especially for the price tag on. What you can do wasn't fun you can have wasn't the end you can go on across Sonoma box Egypt you have to do nothing to him to take dollar grossing. Bomb in terms of that yes you almost can't go wrong in the NC for us or with the most drag racing vehicle we know it's not powerhouse by any means but she's in terms of getting that you remember. Yeah I can make one quick domain LT ones are known makes our. So in the things and Como quit z.'s commercial breaks absolutely gusting to we're talking entry level hotter than right here of 1063 WO Lordi. As rumored a hot rods and happy are and what's happened is Richard and those out and announced that so a lot of relatives sitting. Would you go to him. Walking where resentment diligently all roads what which one you know I'm. The you're okay services are Roberts is dubious truck or the what was dale Hansen the priest visual and they're huge. And although we know that gets all the chicks although he had won the special called full. They're a program here at the urging them. Richard. There was. She about it. Tentative you don't. World GM right now on women wrote your options are now. Beyond like all good people shoot well oil many here every. And I think it's your others for four and even Obama car pileup as DA to Canada. That's a good one hearted fun I'd put it gently they're getting harder and harder to find now but my neighbors actually got warned for so neighborhoods in his trailer. But the big for sale by owner saloon nice but I notice he keeps is who the openers chrome here cleaner on it. It's like you said they sure they'll. Now in Asia and engage children over fourteen inch chrome we're clear I think it's a little harder to do now but. Used to be you'd see these pompano prologue you. 6566. Months things with the six owner and do you cannot give us underdog you know you close you Skinner Taylor Kim got zillions drill little lizards and that you know what I tell you what that was probably my missed opportunity and as financial reasons I'm miles high school. Leo yeah. Wells and high school marriages where the coach had won 60 in a mosque thing it was a 66. And he sold 2.5 hundred dollars. My only Cuomo to secure the most things for load. Yet there's a lot of the a lot of switching over to fuel swap on but it's not so little. It. I'm in amana and tolerance so anonymous that. Today owns a sudden you're not all series understood now you can and Maine but a 66 months thing if you get in that chief. Here he that's that's really not really missing out. You know the thing is that disclosure. Go home and having a wonderful level or another off their one on our dollar you have but there's not much of lift well. How many how many 66 months things don't go to many online. They rusted out pretty quick hello that's the unfortunate so there was some way better and others and the worst ones are you gonna get that that that quarter and lowering the whole car board and heater core. Kind of a man blow me installing that and those scores immediately commence your fuel or to know. You know I think it also notable rose to blow them you know I think I think Ford's of that time were made lighter if you will like the metal wasn't -- the again I don't think they're put together quite as -- should -- at the time -- in not only is that those things you discuss port zones auto -- you Gore's Koran quote Brian from because. How much sleep tennis where bodies well exactly I mean they they they poll. Mean just they'll have their quirks and rough spots like politics ever journalist all roast them dropping him. You know me it's just common stuff so now our toward level or garage used to get a move four pieces together. Dakotas. Hammond didn't and that's army and nice thoughtful and on our achieve you know adamant three teams that made four points of things. Live 3-D encoder industries that filed suit. We're and then you know drug of former dorm. The XP and they get enough power opera. Auto loan before. Six thunderbird. You know that's a good one that's fencing and really who owns as a model for sixty burdening urge and you know is actually it's the same motors and those things and Duval force's X 201 Q wreckage can listen. Yeah in the utility club on a box well that look that comfortable together those are cool looking cars in my opinion. The Daewoo twins owner Al Gore before above marxism. Yep dead and maybe even a market in our car drive. You get up and they're getting harder and harder to buy as people know they are and world that their Bono the red down there Oscars Schiavo. But those circles or forces warned him interact Nintendo. The above silliness cobra will automate term is now a couple of those irrelevant suffered you know six again and no love or money in there as well they got struck switcher over former business with him yeah brilliant and unfortunately you're droning kind of parental breaks and you know Lincoln. Precisely. That's that's the problem precisely precisely. Complete then that's a really good. Ill but the other thing about every what do you wanna get into the army or you wanna do caller she'll order you want to do everything you wanna do a phone cruiser that's Internet cruiser and elegant injury alone leave you definitely get in on the money is just venturing. It's an extreme how about maybe drug and in general. And I mean not some small truck sort of on a boat I mean the thing is certain cool Google's not a fast thing is though speed things all about it cursor and really honestly you know you got a kid isn't your. Taking into vocational school for mother's job. I mean you've got all the tools there to making that you won't like that Daniel Republicans some fast and none out. No no I actually think of bigotry is actually the best vehicle for the first time driver yeah especially like a teenager salute small room. Financial stake out extreme NASA builds on oil. Resource to roll it up and you got a good look at the vehicles through we'll look to GeForce owners. In world war three here or before the original host Lou for over his hateful little extremely all year as loyal monster to little due to force owners. They're gonna just kind of fuel what brought little fuel home blow them. The they are great troops actually. A sold cool and I don't know I don't know our own today. I really would there's nothing or only a small boards you give us that there relative at all no great great I guess and not a bad looking won't try to go to mature today and having her. Eddie was setting yet and indeed he would soon. But soon. Live and a little thing that's another cool thing when there's so many different ways to get out. That's another good one about the New Zealand's Leo as Sergey floors. Yeah. Drop in other Ronald rendered why did Korea if Russell eating on the run for Tony Wagner dollars well I wanna sergeant drew. I'm Cooper could actually do a lot of foreign girls imminent and the moves whose. The but you know this is my view is that yeah from the album download any of them out of view. It is the Tory vote RLR 34 other girls scale little car. Have you. Have you ever and he Plymouth expressive and family members. Teeny islands total them both and that I've tried to kill. A poster this other us and whoever else and I still have needles I think her bed. The average you know me news. You succeeded in doing them a few more than you. A little hybrid. 2004 is a first new power. Is an RT blood good friend of mine actually Kenneth. Michelle and I am on how to totaled us RT four. And I had to show me Daytona brake and transmission. And it basically the you got master chief for all how to fix everything. For the Daytona and other island on a scale. Crusoe based Google wolf in sheep's clothes and yet this has come collections like a sleeper neo is sleeping pills a thing was true. The suns I would say why I guess I gotta entry level one for those wanna step on the out driver pummeled him. But cum all over to the other yeah c'mon over to the outside. About a pin down Astro man. Devlin imam chief and polio scare your girlfriend's parents both Linda yes those are cool and I mean you think about it two on platform he's lower he's defects that make cool and arming of the senator Max and Fran grilled on demand that you would show up close. Moment a little sheet presentation. You could you could have that thing don't let your daughter's road in his. You know and honestly am not a matter the fans were thing that Canada and they're still working it kind of he's going back services and come back a little bit Olsen for a squad skyrocketing yet but no I'm Carlson and Jackson. Maybe it'll be years before we see that you know I think the Astro was the last of the cool man until the new trends of the new transit demand actually as it looked others Rezko or or or he meet. Just don't look at what I don't either but I don't look at my experience a look at me as a regular teaching duties there you G yeah that'd. Sure and that's the unit for a quarter Mariano and we view intrepid tease him to a mystery machine slow in all honestly. You know I've heard people Bynum like 500 bucks running in driving we have room for all of you survive man's coming set aside Hudson's magnolia as things stand we scared neighbors and go to. Shall we want to look you can skill whose commercial breaks on erroneous or we are you know long ones that. All right depositary will stay tuned we're talking more about interest level hot rod right here and that bill 1063 WO or.