Hot Rods 5 13 18 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, May 14th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk entry level Hot Rods.


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And a woman hot rods and caviar and was and it it's little tuchman. We're done about budget goers and hand them into little run and you over the break we told him some more cool Richard. Do you really good wouldn't. That you were talking about those are good entry level caller actually those rubber yeah contradicting. Robert only his entry will go how's this how's Guerrero. Absolutely Ali thirty. And he's third on the break it down move for us that were more armed after a year to attack that year old square style BMW's. So basically the fifth. Like the like that that the tennis club BMW yeah eighty lakes you definitely played tennis or Europe account in the don't want a cocaine like the stock brokers wife yet to learn to allergic to Hillary's. So yes yes. Very sought after card round in like Richard dry and Ryan mumbled are bringing some serious money. Bomb but you can get into less desirable even a two door five speed one. For Roma 2500 to three mark a little you worded that only less desirable. Well I mean I I say I didn't wolves aware that were desirable they had different models. Obviously. So you'd be Langley the ball through the base model of those cereal at three team which Mosul one point eight liter unit to three with which was to get three joint filers about highs you don't give and on the budget. Three joins on either you sounds actually two point seven and it was a truck matter basically. Yeah I'm pulling crazy about it haven't 120 horse Harley forty saw governor our hands. We're just perfect for kids a little little get hurt that's for sure is a five speed car you can have fun in in there they got some good styling to it will work. You know especially if isn't some tech classes think campaign body. Perfect orcas all the pain is going home bombs is for Cargile marrying you know practice your skills on and make a nice little driver. You're the woman it'll be under his I think as severe as I know it's a Mercedes pseudo they have wheel instead of having. Look no sale actually we'll bolts. And a Volkswagen Tuesday for a fact we have taken tails off all mob pilots and embodies relative alzheimer's and he's now but in my bureau there room that go there and that was always the weird thing mile putting we will polluters like there's nothing really hold it got to hold it like you're trying to start. The stood and Logan at the same to them that's. It's good to me for some reason this is bad engineering and hand and in Germany usually and killing him and Jiang Yu with thing but that was one run through there were sleeping on the month and unjust I have to agree I ran into into that growing as you know we're about. It's miserable blowing the struggle a little stutter and I guess those who limiting this moving parts. And that's probably the engineering behind of the from you know I'd prefer GM's and we do the right way above all the on Nolte forty wagon man army. Old 240 in general people are in Sonoma aren't too many young people and actually not run actually Atlanta there's a few implode aren't the ones I see here young people are driving them so because their careers lived Abdul. In the grandparents managed. Other so a lot of let's get started off strong yen and up it. You only get what you did to him he's dead in W parents junk. I remember before I start driving like a German built radiate it to high school and look at you will go for UK and you still have a you know let's funny elementary school mom had a caprice wagon and not around but he established whereby stuff. And who will vote Republican mean now I on the same thing my parents. Literally umbrella you. And it should be true to move would show which dad always sort of those worlds doing big things just slowly and now miner here cooler than my parents were alone we Ayers deal. I don't want for it how about. Early eighties so there in the real work to do you capitalize. On Oliver how would appear like crazy where police in Dayton the thing event is this for years you kind of escaping the Colorado aspect manages him into cool coworkers and to cruiser. Yeah they're all cool girl that's. Owners many levels of coloradans at a million dollars and newsletters for youth totally ourselves just said that. Hate to hear when you had your first car courier in school. One at either of the cooler version of what you. Or to take what you and parts off the cooler version of Seattle I've always been a fan of doing that I don't know my wagon is is a prime example of that I think the best GM stuff in the worst GM stuff. And actually did congratulations. There. But in you know and now look at this way you know waiter brings a smile to your face if includes jewel in your car what you're doing it. If you like it a little bit you know screw it and you just have fun well okay player another cheap but it forces most of although none is 6000008 TDs all day you can buy those pillars and and that sort of normal risk. Cool at your level of power and a safe call fooled those breaks jeweler regulars it's a good coat. I'll look quick go William Judy probably out of the mineral. Wells for six horsepower was huge. One he I think offer 215 usually follow anyone teach it far enough and yeah it hear it ringing of the beast and of course to about doing that. I've never seen this in the with the most things didn't have Cooper lumbered over and now the problem when is finding one it's not just saying clapped out. At that price for the Guinness Calero from whom you've got to get out of some of choice a little else we must where have I heard orders are too good to an anomaly do their team the down level. Yeah Blair rolled out only after. You know wondering what you can do though little has been built and shipped. I roasted out well coming there's so many cool things you have. Your hello how are a little good news W. If those are. OK I mean you know I just don't see me Roanoke and a new Beatles are high schools and it boys ticket now Jericho mile beatle loads of cool caller that I think you're the only one in this room that agrees with that that you get together golf GT as does the the other way I would much rather have a new vehicles than the jet lag I recovered from an especially now this dancing in. And that's all that nonsense is an annual thing hammered the lads you know lives cynical missiles from Cuba again puts in vitro still look very nice that you couldn't make you cool in my son's okay and you could make a very cool I registered users go to Burma drummer and I welcome priest assured him no you have to you know I cancel out all the uncool stuff reveal less motor under the hood. Well you can determine beatle loss exactly. The air blue beetle will Wear you out only fuel mileage charges Syria and Kansas man that moment I just can't do they vote. Rural. For some result always is colonel like to Ian eagle and I once he Ghanaian and be writing him. You know I actually of and several over the years you're selling used cars but they're not that little callers really the only thing easier trip would have let alone. I let my try to avoid them actually awards are easily you would double the hardest vehicle ever. To put it libel you have to do as a symbol. Two thirds of the call say now a violent ones much to take the stairs are out to be available this if I and one the inner rapper and they would definitely. Around the thing immediately arrested our beloved boat. Of course because we like. And I live that's neat. But there's so many cool things you can do it and that's probably the onset town and they don't know exactly VW rock com economy is historically our new version. It's the new version of that I mean you've got good fuel mileage Waller who. Would save it eroding. The it's a safer level quote you and me in the course of the stay insulin we know that scorcher superfast anyway. Erin their own personal wheels budgets I don't see a manly side to a car that came with a matching flowers in the national hasn't police for no other place for a place in the nation and cobol matching four hours yet everybody did I just edges don't see a car that comes with a spot to hold your daughter's life rodeo the day for your client routers today exactly. You page content and put up if it was not an excuse the first thing on the anniversary of bonus of at his school Celso bank. We'll say this the very first Biddle every ball. A lawyer why he's so auction Judah it was a bright red one of the many eight of his first year for the new deal has a ripple of speed. It was a one earned. And a bought it they had that little faces endlessly go. Acrylic putted. Got to hear because I felt like really good day. She naturally had to be smoking and buy it well you know as soldiers at duke players they're literal sold the caller to. She get drivers to its automated car wash and gas stations away kit terror and the weaned off the back and I'll probably ruin 36 would once cruised through the back door the bat head to that than to hold that wing of the usual silicon but we you know. A twosome as we get used these commercial breaks yes sir we do in the killing. Keep coming at us a gusting to get a lot more resin that gallery here of 1063 did you know or dean. And our thoughts and every well what Sam and it Richard was out and upset and also we talk about it drew little drug and nothing we've that we've covered that pretty good. Looking back in your caller history and it is your caller you wouldn't own thinking then and there is gonna blow coming in real. Yeah. Was one you wouldn't that you loaned the Charlie what was the first year for the each when he wanted to set and yes. 8686. Norm as I would not vote attracting and really I needed I needed a little drug get back and forth on. But the thing was deterred from again I'm they would. Below 11100 dollar trove what do you expect you know remain button bomb I ended I actually. I was this close to leave in that truck sitting on the side of the road. Just leave just leave it to my day we all walk on I ended up so much crap about you Richard. Yeah I've got to push you've got to just keep it short and simple on owned team now of my personal vehicles. Pontiac Seidenberg convertibles. You can. They're you know what those colors actually I got a phone story with that and why do you do not like a point at December which is basically the part of version Lecavalier did in this opponent ever cavalier it and also lose bush a very deep masculine. Edwards is not the one you're nervous on fire at the jail. Let's start at square one still enough to have this where we're talking about you gonna play created some numbers though the president now stealing cars in the world. They weren't committed anything comparable to the fear rags and remember on one Amman it was one triple wiry white leather light top white body with white hair plugs on. Some got a special addition the and other some wrong whether. And I think. Like I think my brother traded it and for extra Reuters on them. And just take its gently there are millions Sheridan I need for a botched. You know. Dribble warn that this little it was currently ago. I call it like laser. This convoy that light Burgundy and laser at Terry leather goods. It was an odd with a black tar yet are you better than Melinda and I just told you and break never really been a fan of red vehicles. But I read anything with tamed and its for some reasonable excellent color Thelma it's classy that stuff Rory you let's look like silver with a wrist goes that's just it just looks good to me it's highlights just how dollar I'm not a red car fan but if I am red with ten goats that very high dollar yeah. Yeah very very weird Al cars and that's our look great caller so you don't yet a mile read everything here I mean. In my office is risk a little everything really regularly at five rig trucks the room it hit it at that blown. It's fun Italy have recruiting war which is crazy. Mania access to the originals and missile and a mile loan I'm not a real big blue for and then you have for us. This record or is blue or as looters and yes it's weird hours. That's where. Obviously have always had a room blew into your vehicles. A little loose I'm always at which age you go anything older GM months my pace towards bow. Guarantee you're going to bloom in tears in their somewhere on one. The very popular yet very popular color for in special blue crucial built. Yup there's some weight coming out of parking lot of things. And a half miles and miles audits it acres. Acreage and they would that is the other countries wagon I hand was blue and tears well. And tell them what's your original color on the other Wagoner I have was navy blue it's real now. So hill's double boom yeah I was destined for beluga it sounds allowable. That's as a whole oceans that's the pop customer additions TT PS I think you got that right is the Blue Man Group. So if this thing back there another truck guy kinda regret buying but I do OK with. I'm out again owls won a truck and I found in Columbia stroke and it was a 43 trucks I mean like it was going to be. And a ball this thing. Indeed I don't know what I was thinking and I just seen and really really wanted it and I got a home in this thing has stink in the interior. The there's nothing worse on like this I smells inside power just I can you do I put everything I I actually ticketed car wash one day in just open them starts pouring. Because of work truck any and a rover floors and I just start spurring. And date you could not launch this smell I don't know what it was. No nowhere came from. It smell literally like there was death inside of this truck unions will agree to screw it I did you know what I was like you know what I'm clean now announced a big deal as a decent you're it is. If it's turned out to be like the worst deal ever. And actually the time I've forgot what have a mom on news borrowed caller. Anderson here takes truck mama Domi hit that. Wall. Street after let us seriously headed for a week in my mom native she drove him for like two or three weeks I got a bag and sold it for the exact same amount I pay for and got rid of it. Like I clearly drove this truck around for a week that was is. Probably the worst mill story ever in a caller. A different mumbled a 64 pony it green in pool and hang in. A little pony AK AMRS bush and you're on drugs were popular models months a lot of flip callers. I had a sixty below Bonneville. Obama I don't really consider that hunt for a president does his classes it is pleasant school it is cool a gorgeous color does not recognize it's not the pinnacle of no it's not the most desirable car on the road but there is a beautiful gorgeous car I had my sixty well real world good for a month had a 64 party at glory inquiry. And it's like the short version through a pretty good looking car too and it's time cal weird Amir's Ro home for India and all that there was not a battle Google widens blood goats there is actually console Chicago. Home. Can elect a little bit bigger GG you know like extra immediately GT cattlemen's GG yeah exactly. So who. They get this cohort in this middle infielders I don't know musty. Old been sentenced mail. And terrible. There was a bottle of stuff in the bash. And I think everybody should bottle it and and it's like body spray is what it is but it's like you know Rambo like 409 or certainly actually fantastic you Jesus and not have fallen down on wanna tell you something I sprayed caller down with them you things better this musty smell. Rome. This still smell like liquid bullets he feels horrible and he must leave flowers and not the greatest in the powerless against this guy. To applause breaks. There and I realized I had people walking by with a win you know I don't quite gotten there. The decision to prove it polish trying not to vomit in between all the windows dale. You lore praying for Brees. And your draw to hold from Britain to have my hours I didn't ads channel and it's good that it. Took the those horrible Leland Basra watered the smell so bad it was two hours you have no idea were ten room. Don't know loses forty bucks worries them on the exactly what you don't know whom they original sin Google they keep the authority of you have no idea weren't doing reels backward at mixed with the mud. Van and it and it happens that happens bad bad. Totally ridiculous as these commercials litigants Everett he I think we didn't talk about moral horror stories of records and masks are Augusta do we go a lot more hot rods and that gallery here on 1063 W who got hot rods and after. What's happened ending Richard. We'll assess and could bring in some link side it's gonna. And if you see little courtroom at all heated runoff easier is it. But you know we're totally into a while Rosen courtroom negotiable that you agree it. I think. And in robber who still smoke troubles staying in the coastal Margaret breedlove and then also verbally months to agree and by that I really hill and receiving and technical cut. There than close outlook. Pretty much burned my clothes and I don't. You can't hit it almost jumped in the fire with them say what that what I did as I just can't vote. Things closer by the door and when I go running in the truck and just through those on. To look at world don't want those muffled hello eaten that but that there's a hundred people losing courtesy. He somebody you review wasn't a record your. Grit buying. Alone is not 2004. Hyundai tip your own as my second parliament on news. On camera and after a total the neon bonus for months old infant and let's piece of crap I mean in Jerusalem knew who lives brand new car on the day I brought it home. I think you pull the backseat to lead down popped off and fingers and warm fall lights went out. And the car was just nothing but problems. And just kind of had bad luck. All the way around it justice terrible corridor is as blood. Column and some sixteen inch chrome wheels on tenement as a mystery car but. And then Honda decided not our mile warranty when the head gasket blew it 60000 miles real it is said it was my fault. Because. Apparently there was plant had failed on it and I confined in the owner's manual where it's a bit. Changer has clamps yeah that leisure group did you choose clips out of those retailers whose clamps those enough devoid Americans that's warranty and it's not relative to our order a bomb our car never mockery card and. And Korean guards as the rules joke I think Michael were you since. The over the years all looked the get a new one every few years well I honestly did and if any Kia dealer is listening. I would love to just restaurant reviews news stinger I really would I'm very anxious to see. What a nice Korean power is all about I'm very anxious and a I wanna I mean that they've built some pipe bombs galore. I I just I want review on early loss it was sold out. Cool they look cool and other quick respects I'm a pretty nice to me. I'm just curious Sony. A day when I got mixed reviews of the keys alone a couple of over the years to instill stuff. On Chico are obviously you know and absolutely nothing it was normal to create Golar mortgage it's totally shifted gears vehicles. Well behind he is husband former dollar loans the sale merit well sell for thousands. You know Kia who is honor bound by the same company that owns Conde. They just followed suit of one hunt it is Honda started when cheap very affordable. And somewhat reliable callers had. Somewhat. And they worked their way up to now they selves nice higher end cars and the university of ballplayers away from the cheap or speed and well again this LP laundry isn't honestly other bread and butter. Pitt and Ryu and I think you don't seek he would do an exact same thing in the stingers only step one. Julio will be big thing is there actually lose money every stinker they may I here. I'm but there are now assuming that that's that's categories settlement amount bidders building's leaky and at this point I think it testing waters. Lou it's a test some waters and also it's an image problem and it is clear exactly who is that your key is. Of never heard anyone say that before about. Honda did that was the Genesis Genesis long and then I mean as far as on it's not really taken off. Because he wrote an opportunity. What type of vehicle that they otherwise can't afford seminar jet will be no I've never seen. Palms of Monroe look in the partner bonding you know one. Damn I wish I had achieved through that's a Honda did do it by calling the Genesis something else. Pia Leo I'm everywhere biblical with that because lord knows and they'll they'll they can get hit and I think the Genesis come along way in in some ways and bad is it Goran in in the marketing behind it they've actually made a critical power it's a good it's an attractive looking millions he has very much button. Whom Lou we pursue solo home. I actually bullet Kia Sportage once is it. Israel's electric 2000. I don't remember more this thousand calls you. But the key is forged in a ball at the night's. In this thing the board there are remember like a gun and fired up and actually ran OK you want the ones with the yield the toppled back like it was a hard to know what it was like man. Sort of tracker yet. So that the final topple it. And I got in it slammed the bill war and like I hear the door glass rattling and I don't think in my hands classless now that's just how they often called me at all yet I mean. I mean there's more metal in a beer care and then the score. But a basic and wrong good and I mean it's all what I did somebody's cheat. Starter car and an enemy and it was little files before shoulder mean it made it was supposed to do. But it's pretty bad when you look at geo tracker is the tougher the test this is like a nun nearly engineer tracker the real energy notre drew another great to begin with Hugo. But in man you know volunteer traders got a better actually go it's always like yeah. You know what it is much when he is a matter of geo tracker active but every one of the ball and still make Mario fun. All right so let's get connected topic Israel will be an off off topic there caller fruit growers who were grip on yeah man once known for you can. Tell you what I ball. Film and still make money off which was which rulers living you really see her blood diamond I do because it was dull. And they go a lot of bad nights there old things you bought his speaking at thunderbirds this is Google. I'll holes you'll mark caller buying Israel's either but I love to be. Below. Coleman all those things lead to trouble. You're known. I had a little bit of money goes burn a hole in my bagel pockets in it was driving me nuts. And I want to box and I had a bigger bag jumps like. I read about read about all of our first caller corset worn by as duplicates Google's approach a dream about something. Come rolling in 1996. Thunderbird. Are remembered as you flip black. It's the one that little the cobra or wheels and by the ninth Rico wills and there are fifty. I'm sick a role in more. Be a man and it was not a bad looking caller statement in the door degree weather into your mind sharp oh man. To a loser look at that and more in the summertime. Some in Brazil obviously there's a fair world wide open but there was. She's these boost three g.s do. We'll do it. And I bought it for 600 dollars soul who. Administrator roll out and as it rolled out of those until boxers or do little storm. The till bubbles come a bit there own and had had a date on the back and had a small spear. The taper spear him back we. And I'll hold the right side cleaned off put it in the caller what you do demolition derby Della has neither side. I mean I don't hinder dole worked quarter or so killed. The drew the passenger door wouldn't open so lawyers and you've been on a car you don't want around man an old diesel that. That that reared three quarters of wills beautifully written and that last corner who. She drove the night in jail. And I actually bought the call let me say lazy gentlemen is always advised. To walk around Corbett and remind that the in my an auction sitting in his book the second dynamo have been going to auction animals go. An auction sitting it's a good idea to walk around the net there and I'll learn. You don't need a learning tool but I bought it measured of maybe like 200 books open and never did anything do it because. Good hole was shown that it actually rained two drop tanks go about it we got lucky I got extremely lucky but I see now they'll look. That's Phelan. Lord whatever it was that was bill of it was a good old days there's no till woman go homeless. I think I think the biggest laws on dollars retired chemical or was my first why in the air bomb. Am I don't regret mine analog phone caller in in funds worth money to me well yeah is seemingly unbeatable. Blow it bonnet and and as is I'm actually won the white light and I am now. I'm bubble of black when as a Grammy now getting achieved because you can't do that with wagons if the well hmmm I got a real cheap will then you know I the first thing it is for aerospace John and that's where update on the money. Bomb but the next step I was going to Ellis while the car. And I bought Ellis motor full drop out everything in and was radio actually had the car bulls and into the I heard the engines vaulted into the caller. And the white Lange came up for civilians are realists want that time. So I bought it and then pulled the plug on the black white and sold Hillis motor double my money there are some of the money back up that paid for the core. And it gives the car away and taken loss on the suspension that's that's the biggest loss ever it's a but not so that is not bad considering how long that drove the car and actually had a great time with the Goran there and he had talked to them. And so those Lil Kim we will pursue it happens there to come. There will heavens were times he's commercial breaks my answer that if we get rolling get stopped again absolutely are ghosts hang time we've got more routes and happy hour Radio One a 63 WO or the gaels leg hot rods and every hour and we'll send ended. But until you. Until it like going down memory lane and talk about all the tolerances and forget about Richard. As. Yeah that is placed over her. Are you doing so balanced and international yeah iron layup. And closes the reduces bills. Mostly against the owners adorable we've. So to me. How about this for last segment let's switch gears two. And of course you just absolutely one awful. Like killed Aaliyah it is not park. Alone I'll probably made more often Dutch here in the any human being on the play in the anti he's been here. Which emanated he's so friendly about five grain you decorate audit warrior better and I know I know earlier mayor made AD group reveal little old owned or only a nun before IE. Doctor and I think ethically in 2005. I don't actually know 2002. In. As I think like mentioned in the earlier in the year earlier in the show I think they just negative and we keys YouTube. Yeah still it's a good watch. Yeah that you need to know more on how we love the comments on there. I have a youth seem to be messages. On FaceBook is a group you're an inspiration to me if they only name. I'm Monica. Oh looks a little bit system demonstration. Although although I'd say here recently and once you've been an inspiration to me June and and round is over everybody of over the you steal the utes on the over in the utes again Allen says probably the most winning is horrible what some more realistic ones as I was that is those dumb luck there. Hanging where we're. Don't look as good trade yet houses sorry survey results traits of trade me or my Botox that or you're looking. You look there look plays the small pardon me give you are you attribute that don't yet you build act on the opportunity laid before you and be able to load know how to put yourself in the right place at the right time. Don't look so W money. Yeah exactly exactly you just found the right but for the seat if you will they had to have it. That that's dumb luck do you put yourself in the right position the right time and. And acted out on trade and probably normal people Whitman made bush uses you to get chances out there were. You can do you chance that they'll very very well. You know very well below working to have to do yes and Paula my letter wasn't instantly but it did pay off. The the other is almost lost a good car deals like though I don't always had a knack for that everybody's got their niche. You know with things like that you know certain Gore's put on a note to sort of the GO trackers in some to the whole cloves new on the you know we hustled you truckers for war a more than retail. The goals and we're looking for drug mules and these guys who want will full Craig's list the move comes to mind. Bothered you truckers souls like the dealer. And whether GO tractors. On. A lot to do course like to give minivans were big thing for me always. Which means you know ministers or it's cool it's you or me a bit of just I don't know relative they've done a lot of good look a lot of different stuff like that. I think we. Interesting win in my book is that for me was it just interesting win financially. Bomb on any six impala SS. About the core. No one's ever touched is all original home. In our volume really the month I did two were like a change some offers out made it very clean guy really resonate eaters dumping laws. I didn't bucks goings on those 200 dollars. Butterball incorporate Graham. And really all I did this category meticulously clean. The mons I don't who were things I can do personally that it touches that I just I have this equipment around me to make. And I just made it very very very clean core of it and win the deer. Stepped down from it rolled in the side of it. I'm sorry fell to pieces to fix the core I had bought me it just due to insurance. Bombay insurance actually ended up cut me a check for 9600 dollars and just walked. We know is not all didn't they you have an insurance payout lives. Above and beyond year's U vulture glory and yell at a good no Protestant weir yeah actually it. Replaced on value would be more what was older cars that's not often you get to do none other off and usually you lose a ball as a rule that settled more in your favor that was a very very unique win a mine on. How much you mr. Alone. You know I went through the flippant that is. And and I'm a small scale we don't know why he's not an option and what is the best and that if you got 600 bucks that you all of Florida you can lose it fast pitch is the place to do a home. You are the auctioneer the word that middle wrote this and think it was always knew called radiance what do you but he did it he was too late too lazy to flip the lights for each individual thing. You don't go to a car auction got dislike bored of the topic as usually force action but which auction go to. Now they have flat screen TV it's but but there's a light box. You get a red light which means exceptions that means that sound style bid for earning flood damage miles or over whatever. Then they have a green light which was with the auction warranty the go to war he was thirty minutes. Mean you're at thirty minutes to find a problem in the in the auction mechanic would tell you if it was worth. Given your money back. That was the funniest thing ever that assembly shady deal I think it is an auction. Ends up in. Just today you don't say that give them the Blue Line and drummer who blew that's title attached. That means Donald wasn't there so do that you could come back teacher dongle Gordon at 45 days to get you to and to. And you didn't he's been anybody on that card to you gotta Donald Lucas they wouldn't do do you really get war. And then there was no long term or the yellow light was was it. MI out and miles over that amount of in the miles they hatch and I can't do it the socially at least four lights so each caller you know whatever. Situation it was Ian whatever Bolivia what is -- that situation so there's always delightful. Hey any good if you look at the February oh we'll tells us here live middleware among them an Oriole is a problem let's check it out. We had to bring at least one to 500 dollar through auction won't even take place. So low. And it and McCain. They got a foot and little left in his skin paper oh yeah. So it was so sit here and this is auctioneer it's a Q would you view like this life listen like this dead tall but nobody's. Every down the sales start. Our does go to around is auctioned. He said listen. For a young senator something wrong with everyone home he's found the one you can live wouldn't take it home we I don't wanna see it again he cuts every lie don't. And bulldozer and none them got a town they all got some wrong one of them found when you can live with and take a whole week that first car out. And I mean she is like you who know nothing about about that framed average about a clean W go to Levy thing. And absolutely yours that was that was that was fun to ask me what some butt but to use. This auction end its money on cars none that are spectacular rough time and as an usual. I went on the new cars. You drew you know the whole key again the only enemy is a banker about it via. You don't trade new courses and income out in that that don't have done for Tom's utilities. He Jimoh lottery ticket yeah he's got a horse shoes showed somewhere of this playing in his favor. And an image and is used to be in there after awhile or what. This is a circumstance every Tom but just I don't lose money on new parsley I'll always draw and a new car and never calls anything other and making a payment. Room deliver insulin regimens they I mean yeah I mean that's that's what it is suddenly you went from new jones' new children new challenger. And until money gets you were every year. And now you've traded a challenger in two Cadillac. A traitor and a new fifteen challenger that we didn't have options list 7000 miles for another new fifteen challenger. It did have the super track just what yankees. This is her friend in the Cadillac Amanda got other challenger and I've got new Cadillac now that I can probably sell and make money. But since then and only him Richard only and will host world. Only him maybe because you're right you do nine and new cars are losing proposition in my opinion. As a rule oil or religion just by those who say hi and call are Richard is proven that would roll every time yeah Helen ha keeps opening. Don't think you should Indonesia and never give up until and you just keep that role than you few yeah. You you give us all who put it if you keep this. Coleman military well so hello we're buying into showed his love for his love Fuzzy edges of the a lot of thought into level whole row of course you Madrid. Why these auto auction that's how does it out anyway as a reminder if you missed any of our show is Richard jump on now one Essex street have you already dot com and taken podcast winking finest there. Also jump on iTunes or tune in radio that can find us there in yellow Lexus Sheehan lets you know at a little throttle I was lol excellent she's she's afraid and she's a player. Does the extra play DelHomme Cuban listened hot rods and at the gallery here 1063 WORD.