HOT RODS 5 20 18 HOUR 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, May 21st
Rob and Odd-Rod talk one hit wonders.

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Omaha resident artist rob. Woods had inundated Allman a lot of things I've got to oversee it is a looker room we Richard Hoskins in this two year. Ultimately a financial analyst slash numbers guru slash pro will drop Chrysler. Wizard and and so we're down. Yeah and I just analysts out and announced it never seems team anymore note you know you don't think there's there's a reason for that. You'll see polio we weren't that well that I'll answer but we got all those students but apparently not I'm seeing more and more freeze wagons Bob Iger of the you know. He is like saying boy when it's glorify this like like I had strained us open it's coming back like bird flu herself Muslim countries wagons and it's the with the he's a Hoosier thank you thank I mean it is it is like. If I can imagine what designs looks like they had wheels on your way it would be here aren't I know you and you've never had these problems because you're rich and you have cool rich people things. But I've noticed a pattern with a any ill as being built they don't start on the first turnover. It always my Ellis starts every well like mine in my drug does to bush if that if there modified in any sort of way is like. Mine don't mildly Chris is a stroke doesn't sandbag bunkers as Corbett it would be just aren't yeah Craig is turned it over twice for the start. We we called second time every time. C'mon you've got a few rejected because I know you have a problem that was I was can assess constituency that don't need to and the company element exactly yeah it literature and you'll start that America and try to target hunch that a literally just go about this week. And I thought were do you really wanna go to Ali Minas Iran and it just access it earned as well Richard as Bruno Xanana is there room for trying to Dave can't just as easily eggs and designer. All right so he's speaking. Of callers that are. Someone on reliable at odd an obscure and we're actually an obscure units of those were four pounds with a and just just playing content just weird to have a perhaps meet may even odd odd that means and how about one hit wonders of colors. Yeah about the so a mile with her one hit wonders music you know. We all know that stuff like margins playground that we can name one so promotes his playground it's not six in game. No one gains going I didn't tell you what songs about it and now I can imagine when more sees polluter rooms and other Arenas in concert did everything else Connie fair commuters these gentlemen can you and Vijay pull that as a how would you love to do that radio promote your rubble through the radio promo for more split drill. Marcy Playground I haven't. Pickens County fair playing all their hits played and that's on year from playing that well so good everyone knows but nobody really tight and air by Saturday right now. Until and that's killing me scores are talking about. A lot of and you know I got a little bit low for so home because there were cool and so mom got a bad because productions them got a bad rep calls pour more than some of those bats out of some emerges back. Yes I don't just horrible just horrible ideas they try to save a dollar and they showed that Bill Clinton but we're told about when he wonders of callers and we'd actually actually hit all three in a few of the of the Big Three and we're getting some onwards and they're too. All of these 200 than what they really don't call you don't think about that can we only use what are caused the kinda you know it has since. What to court earlier production earners badly so me like you know coming detoured missile just like everybody else do you rooming. Just a bad call yeah the only minutes ago upon fantastic. The album wasn't bad wanted to be legally sold like crazy. It just blows my mind and but you know it's a great area and a great platform to third 400 pieces except artistry so looks aren't everything via a prohibition. That's I guess is anything. Yeah I mean who knows him I just isn't sure you ugly Gaza they look reliability will get you somewhat confident and and you know living here is there by the desires of the listing now. Until and you could all that plastic clarity you need was stuff that Lola data cooker from kills coastal pushes. Themselves than the live nature hammer whatever bottle restorers. You know you were rubber gloves political. Stuffs like forty bucks a ball now Padilla waves are I mean that's calls 22 people reported for the and his. The nutrient use. The minister is things like plastic clarity in Los Angeles that's all of the kids doesn't create more than 3400 V6 gym in the middle that's the best part of there is anything going on in that pitcher. Like is it possible to get a boarding an opponent guess to actively now you discover plastic fortunately the do you have one and you did. Care it was probably go to person B word did some mastic Rodolfo live should as tensions down my door and I just yet as to cram my car and we'll know pain is just west clan for Ito that this kid Aztec scuff marks on garden there. Here and then they don't sit here we're talking about these one hit wonder course and you we got some good blitzer that's it let's start a start in the basement was going old. And this is what a rude gentleman caller. That is so one hit wonder it got its own biopic the talker. Them that Tucker the way ahead of its time Preston Tucker so we've talked about what you have and so there's only you were broken skipped doing a little bit. But he'll present it was a very interesting guy who's in better use of this man is an afternoon. Any game it was designed for quarries in the flat six like Ottawa helicopter helicopter style air cooled engine. And the score assuming an hour to an element great power rear engine and this was not they don't they like this is time available to him well. But the thing that was cool about it yet in the Tucker was so for how people always play best of bugs and she's. But the bad part LCD glass bit they headlight the singer turned and if you guys have never seen him. Tucker Romanian dream world with this and I think it is a matter mainstream. That's a great movie it is overly grim and bridges knocking out Portland and I'm not the biggest Beau Bridges thing and the knowledge that yeah I'm so it's not a fan and named noah's name really if this. So I think I broke out of all of a little better them personally but you know king are they called Veoh has gotten them against us and heavier goodies under an hour. It was a great about a great man and a great story angle would have been a great car and it showed its laws on these cars are one hit wonders but you'll there was surely not yet been through share from dale. It's a very cool called it was a superior product what was less than what 48. Less than forty people 52 you media like fidgety and that carrying fifty or man that's crazy that BP remain of the Tucker. But those color Visio but this funny little film a movie and you see all the parts you exit assembly plant issue on the building the course they're actually fiberglass reproductions. Of the parts but because of that. They're robotic and some of the street rug out eventually make sovereign lists Mowlds. And reproducing these Tucker body tenacity as athletic fund that will write back cinema they've got a modern we'll like what is old it era I mean this thing is gorgeous but a rare engine violence that's an Ellis Robert did and but they have this won this election fraud and it was for an engine but still very cool we'll bring it to Tucker and I mean what's right you know. The callers really rude who is at their gorgeous color I've been looking at to actually see a few of them in person. And dumb usually if you do they got the roots are and yet it's you know breathtaking as he wanted you know we'll see you at Steak N Shake. But definitely definitely cool cooler Devlin school or. You have is this the stores are lawyers are liberal thinking when you actually did see one and the technology advances to you gotta keep among the scores were built. Oh yeah and the technology advances that they add them that we're using now today oh well. You know who the stuff they of course still ahead mail enables news there and yet. But it was so funny how we pick and choose. Play this the safety options like he was weird about put seatbelts and because it made it look and say yeah no more coming out about safety glass. And correction sort of built in roll cage a barrel roll when these prisons there. Say I'm I'm trying to little theory among circuit and seatbelts on all my car moment. Cops pull me over obviously not where normally hang in a men's car a little on safe. You know actually it's a state law wouldn't whenever of the year. Cigar at us it's a 6868. AM if you're called it for sixty you better little Malia. I'll say it like at Solomon my 63. Right because just like and leggings field ash you know what I did. But to go out of the Mel blew up they were in it that I took the well I would have now like older mean but younger man is amendment. Because there's opportunity that can eight a Steele dash but that's bad for business citizens Yang and a steal of steel front end on your face they're not it's never good never really we're good. Via Wi up his seat belt senate the other law and that was my and I used to go all like a for an hour long in my glove box just gates' own never ring question about that in the in that usually in older car he never will until it's over if you get questions he's commercial breaks and they keep coming guys were talking about one wonders right here hot rods and IPO I want a 63 WORD. Gals hot rods and happy and yes sir what are you doing over there. Thing and callers. You dress code and now it's awesome it's life. Let's costumes bush and there's a day what we're talking about the darker and you said some really cool so as we had to cut to commercial. No it is very true the Tucker what would you cinema the well today that it was bill in 1940 it. It was the greatest car I ever designed to get really it was better than anything else and that's why it was shut down. It is is the million should you do this it's always dementia and now it is if you Christa and I do like are some here. Then special on the line major burn outs and don't always the mansion and now. Buildings revolutionary goals some kind of the same thing fit under the I got a little foreign and how about this deep to Melissa Pentair. And there's an awesome car that is. He I don't know what color would you wonder but it was Connolly was hot that it went away but now you're seeing him coming back. Will that actually made the tents until the early ninety's right on you know not in any kind of volume by that I mean it really never made him an any glory volume. It was a car that offered all of the performance. And edition of big Ferrari's slammer dean means. But I can't afford Cleveland and bill was look at kudos from three went through it what did that ran to get him to pick a slate came just. Always ran. Yeah yeah that would always goes you know that wasn't I didn't have to sit on the door so backing up. Exactly. Those were some cool course that they were there were cool what does that hot rod to. Because of that that's the mayor occasionally come and he's everybody one forward. But the the thing to call those to get that Cleveland platform which these things or would moderate left format is a good coming in the seventies that's what everybody wanted. And there are out there about buzz the F transactional element in there they're still there were built well. But but the thing that's cool about it is is because of that American power plant you have a lot of American ingenuity going into this Italian style and and you know what you see these total body kits and layered I mean these things wild looking. That's our nice in twin Turbo button yeah overstated anyway -- guess hunger eligible the first woman built in with the Coopers BC six in a whistle sigma. Or all of the woman golfer what's going to do one or packet. It'll come to me just leave tonight it's that guy that we'll tell you what when it goes you call Patrick any new word and you're working in here without Roger yeah. Theaters guys silencer but but you don't and I mean like you see these these custom content prices are going to the root policeman there's. Remember person and you Cuba into their. Was twenty of the green but perfect activities authored yet enemy a nice car and I don't like a nice city to Houston three of those painters. Now the other about sixty Gurria. In my in my dreams and hopes of owning one just keeps tripping birds that are well. I mean I think it's cool because what was childhood memories of two excellence before. But my dentist. Robert Jarvis and it's so cool isn't Raton leaders in Greenville Pickens speedway. He actually races in his name is a wall and so not only is my dentist. The trek champion agreeable that you speedway that was my that was my preachers and as well but he also drove. Took a pinch hitter to works of them and they clean the teeth. We don't callers I mean that's that will Soo cool toys teachers and it. I mean do you intend to also consider that man out back it was talking about predators and board problems. And did a really I mean even at a younger age and other about 1516 years old tell them you faster than we do with the announcement books surely I mean I'd just say it Lindsey much bigger physically got Ritalin and my preachers names are average or procedure so Rodham. We never talk or who you lords. Well you have a dog locals always written you know again. But up until he was the coldest of because as well fluttered out. I agree Porter added it was candy apple route network policy he wheels on it got CNET does think it's a Wii and you'll never forget it is this looks like something like a poster you would buy the book later thank you and you textile center. Exactly we all show correlate get a coach bill inserts in the seats and stuff. But this thing was so cool deal. And a glitch with things that come to ushers them like that but it was a pain here. They when you started. Especially when the smoke a nuclear fuels forties and so you know event. But I'm certainly fair enough fair but but it was it was a fast reaction to for aidid and those kinda like house Christi and new candidates and I got a in the Pentagon. Street today actually and that's a pretty good motive and pick this Dennis Blair's chief hope again or in the event there as well as a joke that he's we're gold for. He did get cute and Buhner either you know your drew near disaster for a life time yeah. All the store for another tonight from the assortment of that but but he's got a really cool little vocal calls. Ideally the cars got a true public but the kind of went away did this Hume and now when they pop up they go and we just insane you know price all of you guess what he's built a couple of midnight Easter seal. The ring Brothers they don't call it actually Richard Bronson is buying it yet well that's kicked all fun and building one and we'll consult my could do little I think that's known about for example want him. Having an attack are now and is in a museum now I'm in my big things you get TV you get to file a stolen that out there. And I mean is this the truth coming guess what you build some nice looking stuff Michael and boys go there to do OK they're good. But the ring Brothers you'll step memory well discouraged that you combine stamps go about it have you seen religious get them building the javelin thing yes. You know the part of the world's that was caller and there was and they couldn't make it look like a sixty America Maru and he did great jobs it is it's presentable that's like a 69 Camaro will huddle with federal spit it. She threes that. Exactly it's bigger girls like us to prevent. He has let it. Re Brothers Jose taste and bad killers to paint their cars and they always make it work well but aren't colors was salesman it's cool and it goes with his agenda political would you play. I'll let you know what if I ever had javelin which I would not go with a mr. Cuomo now if I had a javelin now in out what mine owning one I would it was a late race live repackaging the red white and blue stripes. You know on the amount. This image scenario pocketed the gas. That's what I would do it out of your films please let graphic or would that be your delivery package. Be delivered. I don't know that stuff they did present trends and there is job one and the other servers that are there at Wimbledon and that's when out my mom would like yeah I like Joseph wants. I mean however because I was there is a must see that of course you would the use like the version. Anybody else what Camaro or mustang no rubber comes out with a AMC one of these days and and up to that Cameron gremlin many runway and blew us. Until it but it is almost see that it mumbled I don't think and see nothing direct connection important yeah yeah it evolves in months that it is and why has it nobody out of all the stickers they get put owned mobile products now all the charters and challenge because none of those people know it direct connection and it's wild look how cool would it be to have a white challenger Don and red and blue with direct connection that they would be killed at an awesome Nolan. No but for the most part community to the theory is that too busy for a non GM grants for stripped them nor exactly hey wait and yeah. I'm actually put solutions overture toward. You know what I mean. We've got business cards do the Oscars he's commercial break and he'd given and it's man do we get a lot more work wonders coming up right here and the 1063 WORD. And look red hot girls and others brought bits and what Simon did but we're talking about. Our runs near where you wondered coach Richard. You know the mixed signals about when you wonder you were talking about the fans Ayers. We were talking about the darker. I've got one brutal move full Wilbur. How about the international scale out. I you know I don't really concern is one hit wonder because of that a little longer production around. They made overwhelmed his illness and looming they're glued. Enemy that you have a little key G cool Mitch well when they're free trials but it forgets following actions are very generic. When something like this issue vis inaugural withdrawal then look like an old bronco. They. Good example one hit wonder gives us the only vehicle the only relate commercial roll or knob non commercial vehicle that I can think this international however but I elevate the picture that big of drug discount. This. But. And skeleton which was just some good news first out. But they're. They're entitlement that is inherently the pump broke our lives scouted well at the scale and a flannel followed your name is broad. I don't know I just don't consider on engines are deadly and listening receiver and scouts that he exco I mean that's the thing like if you got one you'll love it this energy thing you know of energy guy energy gap I would like if I could just. Pick my choice of offer a vehicle that gets him. So or our strategy I don't know if I was gonna give us an energy guy if I was going classical broad classical broad political broker. All right cool blazer. Go old bronco or the full convertible top blizzard. Somewhere either like a 72 and well it probably isn't a threesome before it up forgot what year liquid to a full convertible and so and so on a thinks. About a small crawl and CJ seven none and that's going to that you get the right CJ it's a good looking obviously I'm weird I've never been as you can. I just how like a populace with the new ones are kind of grown on me. You did there just like her little error like that for me they're not to sing but I mean what they're kind of shape like jeeps. But you beat us on there live to conduct a little better than the old ones actually. We'll leave you with a fuel we rules a little familiar they're good looking and many others they're attractive vehicle lidge is never blue monster of the so. So you Wear long skirts mostly out until weirder and now communal back in this conversations took it downward spiral of I'm really there for three and it literally within people out congratulations. Evans or. As well among many sir Richard talking about when I'm on. She just one among many many talents some little mini mini mini mini me talents. But it's. But you always consider their nationals Kellogg because everything almost a little bit different. And of course there's the obvious what was the Guthrie who I was about asking the same day they got to Rio for a bit but not a war would have been am seeing matter I think it was an AMC I think that I really horrifying images put that in the energy you know homes and people those small watches him a rumor but Hubble everything's different but the thrust did you feel like torture more from this and what they're really count ought. Home you'll you'll see here rules you'll see that one got it pops open true true looms a blog that. You know they'll reward you there extremely nice order extremely well. Really down nothing wrong yeah exactly their own market movies movies on them now completed my job there please exactly were you trailer. Let me and that's the thing right there there's no in between news either. Yeah this or that show more ignorance. And did. And don't. Me either show rumor wrote for two nights in jail you know. It was his mother was superhero yeah it is for small every number one's pushed Michigan drizzle 53. Officially together together on the dirt and if yeah. Back at the united soldiers who have it for real tons of dozens. You're really hooked up but of any business day went on rod. About the Chevrolet is a sore. You know other as a bit obscure you know. That's well that's some. That's we've got to cobol these lollipop nostalgic or Sheila in this week's we need to do a shallow. If hours on the vessels are to the gentleman how this over on Al motorist Alex Alex Thomas that's going to be the cleanest most crawl back out this little plan early days again rebuild option on that looks amazing. Molly who didn't register for the chance to measure passed and I male wish he would actually. But we'll fix that moment bush it to me and SSR is an old argument as this or award. It is yet the S this horrible morals and genuine GM earned it. He has on the SSR to me though is going is is older gentleman struck. On the CIA really wanna Corvette but still kinda hold a couple lanes when they call it has got to would biggest corporate that your golf course. There may well easily halt you're school correctly premier golf closes what U haul China. It's attempting please god dad actually bolt won precisely that a bright ribbon tied me up and he had it for about three days. Then I mean like well I'll never forget me in my it and there's actually petrol FaceBook will be my bad round real tell them listen to facility. And I realize he's like I'll market the Sunnis and he says it's gone. Like religious like it will ball in orbit but a lot of the cool they were little under Powell wrote the file three novel this one's actually had six years you exactly. So that'll that. That little more Beckham could actually is six feet made a trade mission one which would make it a long and welcome option at this XP trim again very they're unique column games actually loyalists to. All right bill and thought I learned many horsepower. Analyst his success there but I mean so that's the thing. Arm. You know there there kind of also drugs in their own right they. On the deaf player all their place and time and then the value was staying out the vice. Staying up to draw belittling there were like forty yeah other 33225. In the early marker now but you know they kind of came out at home lollipop missed out thing the PT cruisers yeah everything's coming out okay good good and they didn't look the lip of the June thunderbird age as yours. They're actually got latest that we would actually took total thunderbird thousand local deals monitored you know regional other cool but they got a lot missed more with the bold new books coming I was little lollipop the style thing in. They were great driving cars well it was blown takes a lot about this style of nostalgia. Always in this house pictured my head though look at things a little different than most but it's like hello cutie. Meets fifties nostalgia. Yet you just you just spoke over the mind of half our listeners I'm pretty sure what you know what I'm talking about they've rounded I'm just Mobley. Yes they are being in a billboard features at all it was kind of funny mine my uncle works at GM only works a Cadillac up and Lansing. The notes were points that go through my first time yes three were. Com and he's you know he's up there in the in the industry and sees all these things come and now. And armor he was down here one summer in images from the PT cruiser was released and no one down here Adam they're all over there obviously is make him out there. But no one out here have won in Houston almost bound to Zedillo's suits yeah well I mean you know when those things first came out though. It was actually allow him to it is pretty cool well yeah actually numerous of coal in the game and then they realize it was everybody neon and the cool factor camera was actually a little different. I mean he shares completion from France completely different this thing the thing I found to be always funny about it because I remember someone tell me it was on the on chess in on lap. Is the window. Switches to rolled on the windows are all in the center console. A dazzling manner to lazier and wiring overthrew the doors mud it's an answer in the center off for trends that yet old tire is similar to where it's not uncommon thing now but that was the first Ahmanson is. And particularly. Failure you corvettes were like that is saved his lips I really haven't. I don't know I was doing this that are well actually little holes Taurus you also see our producer also. If something about comics more logical sense really it makes a salesmanship there were wires and little lights and things like that America's morbidly design thing and well. But only other handling discuss holders of you have to put on the door. How you'll still drink it though yeah you know. Actually moves that's why don't you lose the door. But. But you don't similar and we can get off track a little bit. But you know this this whole styling thing here this bubble gum pop nostalgia thing it was really heartening things difficult and they sold like crazy. Remember that that purple live special visuals that problem came out of the management or we let the ability to pay is going to be evident. And he pays glory SS or. Which would be a rare murdered your hands on the broad and make room Diana's. Ottawa bill so tempting the what I don't like it replicated it. And that night I think they replicate all model of human and they come and they don't even as I can't recall ever seen me there and obviously was Celeste and even seen. It was less amusing as a result of the ballot on how other ballots is not Phnom. Jolly and I am appeals advantages of this the yellow the rid. There may black loans via a so yeah to some almost certainly analysts his show animal feel so bad there's a conference on Facebook's very nice purple one. And he came to enhance it and show little Nell and a jolly I cannot think it was time to save my life. Very very cool way to bring me it was a convertible truck to another on one just a moment with some of the Dakota coomer and trucks all of them. Did you always like does he were 39 B six and those are rare birds as well extremely rare burns all very very valuable let's say what else is viable. Is keeping these sponsors happy always commercial breaks is actually very able to us being in this that is exactly exactly helps keeps the lights keeps the lights on here on roads and happy are. The other day what we're talking about we're took we'll know we're not so about a token on rod. We're talking about the wonders if it's right year old ultimately I want a 63 to be ORD. Guess what what the hot rods and happy and don't you got to assist all our. Numbers four I don't do actually get nerd and out all production numbers visual recently in these guys in the. Which I actually cannot find the production number on the pace cores that made and is very interesting because I don't think we may very many reproductions of these. On this on this we're gonna. They were. The SSR was made from a afford those six however. GM rushed early production as three to get the pace car out there Hillary the darkest corners I think five years fully in game mill yen don't think had to break the mold magnificent three happened but it. They did Russian and at a time like Kim forgive these things for Christmas like five things that can predict these things for Christmas when when the when that the skeleton nuclear steals and we'll that we business truck of the future is that really the depth of and I mean they have mainframe and these guys. I think you're an all time a hold of 24150. Remain how funny would that be like well this is true for the future. Tell us this week though Luke warm successful inaugural balls go look it. Yet but it you know the 06 like you're talking about an idealist too and made four or six we will be pulled through sixty refund program lobbies for you know you think that that's no different than true blazer SS just a smaller packages this it's 8000 a year. And put a few and the last season I don't I don't surged 14000 high production number in mind Daytona and a surveys. He in 86 elements 7700 government and it's a car in its latest car. Best disarming people Boller for a reason you know and typically not as their daily vehicle and that's I'm surprised they made that many. I'm surprised that made them and I still consider a high production numbers since this total production of that caller one an alliance scheme only vehicles yeah I mean. I mean do you sit up next the next to my pace car and on May 2400 of them. Now those pace car model in my made 24 million of those built asthma. Allen does dunks or 24000. High production numbers. Michael Mueller the golden monarchs I yell it's I would have went put it like Thomas C and click ability. If those people just. Okay deceit or legal process here larnaca. Until I got to believe it won't reported all the way from candidate a pain. You know Borg to win this V one X to enforce safety vehicle one. And it won't delusional maple fare I'm well actually I love these dorks. You would I absolutely. Those who were analysts look on sports or sports glory ever make kinda looks like the a guy like you're eighty song the safety there it's there. And says this car this is not a school yeah the do you remember the cartoon of inspector gadget yes that's way describe that cal looks like it's. They looks like it's better gadgets galore. On the Brinkley was a very safe vehicle he goes on to be safe and actually though it's no no no it was not safe and all those designed to be an illegal indoors it was kind of like that Gloria before Google in game well. On deals like the love child over the war in an event there. And now and and dolls and unhappiness. Seniors and looks like it very GQ gonna you're only mean even worse here I'd say the front like Guerrero on the wheel well and there aerials legacy for. Know what causes have circled it looks like every match I can't look a little we will get is an area a little oil will mainly it is look elegant look a funny that is the public as just. That's a C three quart it's an agreement which is an excellent like that person and I just very very. Very sixty going you're trading holds sacred ground there until now the political gears of picture of a Brooklyn NC prevent them crazy is yeah are those only part of the brick walls ever compared to there and it's pretty unanimous. It's pretty about when a mid seventies she three Corvette is known as the better are hurt and added Erica as though wasn't great years for Jim no well we. And think oh my goodness so at least it's better get skulls and that's obviously one little quick run Allison to with a V8 furniture we will drive caller in those totals that he was actually the very first car that didn't feature in history this is 1974. Which smoking more homeland that was in his Maine struck throughout their mean. He was like get gay room and in Europe headed for an all day and there and I'm pushing littering. Yeah really curious what you thought when that is over. But the thing that's crazy about these courses everything was securely what was called the secure vehicle one but the things even cooler is is it was actually started. But I gunning Malcolm Brooklyn you're Malcolm Brooklyn is he's the former founder of Subaru. Go figure. This has its after looking styling of this view on this non credible in Los surprising. We'll it is business Spanish people. Definitely agency officials I was pleasantly seats in the back of stripping. On the hatchback can hear that put a classic. Actually failed miserably in they actually start out with a AMC 360 V8 Seattle announcer Larry it's about me as awesome awesome power underneath Angela existence as a crappy car it was extremely crappy. And AMC 360 when I'm gonna Chrysler's 360 AMC 360. 40304. Yeah. I think you've got he's covering the grim when next American and execute it. It's different cases gremlin and Oilers. Tainted down march dumbed down talk Ingraham and I'm not talking about the the main causes than 91 Marines okay I'm in Philadelphia and its. Adds to the manager business for a little drugged out illustrated Bertram went. Kids kids play nice and I don't know what do you do discovers there's room equipment that include them. But the thing is really cool about it is actually changed drive trains in these course midstream. And 7576. They Wear it to the fourth referred to when Cleveland which was also in the back in there so they actually picked up a little more potent ponies out today. Bulldog and I don't know what. Like you know I like all the colors were like safety or urgency Q hi Kate Henry at resist you read it figuring I'll take you dancing you know and say well I'll like eloquent and Ainsley this news that it has. I mean yelling GM GM you know they had the Corbin and it's going to be. Whatever their call on the small block and then making movement and his team board. Announced they'll Timor on Nancy Ellis more on our backs of the LT models again. It but it's always champ car point thus learn Brooklyn. And see straight forward and just totally smiling and clearly actually it was smooth as. Nauert yeah you Cleveland's problem I mean they had 21 million dollars worth of debt in four years. Yeah twenty and that would have let the sand in these 21 million so umbrage at what the national deficit actually is and it'd be Delorean something technical. Maybe maybe they just are dealing drugs did not cover the cost. Lives and John Kennedy and stricker shipment remote jungle location pitcher that you loses his. But I think this is this is over here really creepy caller but the calls would ever made particular Canadians. What is it chocolate reveals actually who is hot rod Brooklyn which gave witness that. But over the cousins on Ron Burkle NGOs like hot hot hot royal blue route that I didn't get what I mean by definition is on drugs that. Coming from the man dressed actually against it by definition is is it is it is bills we think McConnell at Augusta. He called minute through fine paper way they've jags but it. I think it's from his goal of the going to Warsaw successive release dollar Mueller hadn't the slotted kind of structural rags on it you know or we call it victory style we the real slick you have the wheels are great if you if you open courtroom that is aluminum well. Those will look at a much jewel the bolt pattern. But if they're small portable blood. You could be in well you know I'm actually I'm I'm more I'm more disappointed than anything you Celek mother. I trillion here I figured out all people in this room Richard BMI asylum like in the island hadn't I don't dislike him there or just flat. Well I mean it did a lot of credit because of that and just had committed cool crowd if I got to pick between Delorean in Brooklyn I'm personally don't Delorean lion to do some real car or at least half I'm a good lord into my personal look at time enjoyed a little stroller one of the few cars that the boring as probably honestly it's fast fast. And that is Florian did and it's a Delorean could you imagine that the future for you to Brooklyn. And they must have been animated that is better except I think that in a matter all it out of him Steve yeah. I the 360s using the better to fill the mechanics do yeah doubts and it's carburetor now preacher of the Brooklyn whenever travel lady moment early lord. You oil keeps trying to level as these commercial break yes or that it does stay tuned we got a little one hit wonders in the automotive world right here or hot ultimately a 1063 W award the.