HOT RODS 5 20 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, May 21st
Rob and Odd-Rod talk one hit wonders.

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Go with the hot resin that what's that ended. Richard knows what I'm talking about Sony had to bring Richard because Richard knows what's diseased cattle like me and but you know what Cadillac drop the bowl few Johnston. Yeah and you know this certainly is going to be crazy case. Food from conference and I've got to start out looking good when police chiefs okay we want. And that Cadillac a loan today. See now this out on the descent said the segment now will the ghost is actually this caller he strived. They knew you were born. There was actually give me seven. Including 189. In the little nine 9193 in the last group analyst wonders if there were some cool callers. Padilla may 21000. Between 87 and the deal also like this here. Wonderful idea but they've brought it out when their crap. And then right and they started becoming good cars they killed the C counter reminds me of the very first generation Pontiac Grand Am. We'll know in the neighborhood that was a whole different. Everything to them. Here's the bigger caller is almost like Eldorado. I would compare to that it was on our chassis you know at least you design bug pin and Farina. On bodied material he puts you among the most rod he's Chrysler had little bit of a better much better looking version of the they had a much better than sixty cause I'm even for the time day or a good looking they're beautiful I don't think any colors you and I JR Ewing rock would need us anymore I came in bright green I'm not accurate caddie that's built like Milan think about a popular green with tan -- -- nor does our about the white black top black leather goods and move. Yes it's actually did not zigzag course thing numbers more cavalier urged. And cavaliers. It's designed by ten in free and Italy he talents like gamblers thinks terribly they design Ferrari's. Results for the men's drugs and anyone who replaced by horrible that is not for a good letters go out beautiful car that I would actually rock and Delonte touted I think they've missed a lower collection of material you guys doing a broader outlook for the engineered enough to calls how much or call us. Well that ends his dashboard in this things that he's it's a mr. William caprice is guided yeah. Yeah it did throughout the leather usually exactly it's got a Cadillac gamble Lana. Yen as it is for the Caroline charisma. But with the about the course to a cool. Is actually use a lot of them the Cadillac Mozilo wrote it was only Eldorado platform. But the voters are what Bubba pier three. But the singles cool about it is you know they came out with a formal fund which is an ultimate post four point one. But the four point nine game and it. We're in the hidden in the affordable food we're good motors in the big world nor sources and to restore was phenomenal injured at Plymouth that was killed nor storm water provisions and that stupid to peace bloc. Let me ask you as well how mild drop a serious question eerily like the score yes yes that's and it's paying our bills without really see this being collectible or it will romance Cadillac yeah okay it's not OK I seater convertible yeah I definitely agree with clutch ability now on the road. But this battling. It's it's good looking car is that ninety's style and rule Coleen cannon chisel just just fuels win out chiseled a smooth. Who's styling isn't content parked c'mon the 91 plane that's ninety's dialing well underscore sure a lot of features that even in the dashboard looks similar to your school. There's a lot like they really let Neil I'll take down it out exactly compared to caprice but it's just GM stock. And it was a very classical or you think about the course the tough for the Mercedes Tom's. Of these of these years they believe an uncertain as to what exactly and they still look the same this'll something boring you this was like. This was like your business professional. I'm sorry asthma it's almost it's almost like the B twelve Jack of the early eighties mythology as of this one if you if you fewer stockbroker. In the and you had a Coke problem he drove it latte in the nineties or should it. You know you have a jag in the eighties. Alone today in the ninety's it is this the new thing or you're an old tune in Texas you drew one. Or any thirty. And I'll take calls much QE thirty exactly that's the battle for all of these organized callers up. That you got a bad rep. Kelly came in a bad term there's a few things that could switched up but there again I think the aqsa laurels following were the most perfect. Cattle groups are Jeremy and it was a plot to this is okay just don't cadillacs just slice seemed vulnerable cadillacs I just don't really take golf. And that mortgage relief though they're in Moscow Tuesday thunderbirds and we're going to talk about it here and they certainly. But in those is it just didn't take off. You don't little bores. You don't for the goes so does does assure you were the times have changed I mean it's one of the best selling was incontrovertible time was the 67 thunderbird. But now that are coming out it's not useful anymore. Antsy out in the remake of that. You know every inning and a lot of people didn't you listen to bristling in the next thing people while we're talking about cadillacs know how ya want I think everybody in this room can agree. The cadillacs and Merle. Old man Cadillac cavaliers who exactly well you gotta think about actually in 1976. They started. Played in this. Platform AA new course all the corporation jumped in or surely made his citation. Acts yeah it is yeah well ours so this Chevrolet had their version of it. Which is cavaliers. They had the party at your agent was a GQ the stars JD 2000. And songbird exactly and then you have Buick had this guy hello all I was a halt here. So everybody had exit so one look at like jump on board and actually. The G of exit total bills look bad idea but they still did it and they came out in 1981. May 21 of 1981 with the simmer on but cattle. Everybody easily so cavalier with Cadillac emblems on it everything it can't O'Leary is look at what fuels and leather upholstery and you could even get a at all. If you can leaving you with a four speed manual transmission and you're Campbell occupants of performance old lay up and say he's caller sold. Horribly I like I'm sorry you want it looks like a new version it. But the use regularly but speaking of numbers was they actually sold more of these in the first year. Symbols they did this this'll this'll twenty plus thousand the first year second year for us gets here and thank you so what about 120. They sold. More of these ugly pieces of crap in the first year how much do you think and 81 careless immoral wars. In 1981. Dean of the numbers this is there any deaths and 9800. Million surround him and and under and won't take offs now promising an average of sixteen. 16101981. Can now put a new coordinated war was 121000 dollars okay well 5000. Way off this call was 121131. Dollar Pratt cattle oxymoron. Today these numbers so the future so Lecavalier cost more than I am coordinating one. Dissimilar under. Now senator Byrd and now this is the thing that's crazy about this that in today's numbers you know wish that is that two of those most bloody when you equivalent of that is today announced. 32 thing. 1600. Dollars that severe accidents Keller. Slow again you think about them go was was most can be terrible we're surely. Compared to look at when I always accrue at a sacred as a card is they're torn between us and they're really not far off the mark. We're just going you know with the the change of money and the differences that we make good cars around and I mean I think that you know back in the book that was a good courts and that's not currently no pregnant are looking all of scenario lower received. You know it wasn't well received but do they actually sold good did this story for Paul Kelly dealers don't know like they were popular color because who like entry level Cadillac. It was the first on the that was ever available. And to be honest by 88 the last year for the us. They were becoming a decent car while they had a Turbo version that came out there have been six point eight minutes and then in 89 mesa listening in on today though 87 the mental and committed phrasing and now that they weren't comparable go on in the world there was a topple on this was in there all the hill on it was toppled along as well as though Billiton was the total on the one man eating. Of Mercedes is what the sim world. I'm glad I was 2.3 190s I'm glad I was born in the time and it really. We didn't really take it in them I'm really glad it'll save every and you actually still see some of these court room which is insane. The good as we'll see media room and discuss this terror doubles what it is it is terrible but I mean this runs wasn't cool caller is something you know this just shows you mean there's a reason wells one hit wonder. But anyone else who may want to wander the show final stuff for commercial break our goes we go more one hit wonders automobiles right here is an idea on when a 63 WO lord the. Yeah let the hot rods and feel we're Toma one hit wonders dale and bill. You know we just based on this little segment cadillacs that we told the loop illnesses arsenic with Tyrone. Can I get to first get your mind do you think you are you or you or you have an issues over the sounded good time and that you needed to sheet and good. Anyway who introduced Paula wrote it during his career. With. Tepper. And we have Richard Huskies this deal sort of but didn't make sure we're talking about one hit wonder callers and you know. The thunderbird we think for them or what do you think of Richard. Baby birds you know Bill Elliott. Well horse lemon a mile an hour now schools think of American history. Suzanne Somers deck and mine that's the board panel to. Brats to those pillars and they try to make a comeback with a live in June 20022000. You know they used analyst platform which though schools can. And. You the GA Lincoln board baby thing goes the other good idea. In theory this. Home and good idea now just exit route that extra paper that as I and that's time that's opposed. Still kinda jog acts thought it was best live jaguar tours via the open. Well really what's in those types we're gonna cool. A look the styling of this type to jaguar. It is a move that but is it 'cause we'll set the mark with the goal of running. League vanden flops. Very classy. This particular power alone. Mahmud very reliable cunanan Margaret Carlo but they're good looking you know. This of them boggles my mind is jaguars synonymous from known to be a small blog page ship lease while platform construction and there's there's solar companies there's no it was a rare and a loser business because jaguars via outlook makes a lot kittens on it and why has no one quit my animal wine has another one about a mile. They're they're actually there are a lot better now than ever been. Booked a decent looks the style and that's what that's what sells those yeah. The tiers its orders to date they may they built a beautiful caller yes ICM weird I either like really old jags are really new jags sound like 80s90s jags is mind. Should I mean loophole laden and did you Pena being outlawed jags that's something you don't like come one on June 1 and then we'll small look surely it's got to travel and it went zone and I like that. It was a close ones but will it but anyway. So we're talking about the fourth Bloomberg which was AJ at Lincoln for collaboration with the illness and the what extent did aggregate. But anyways just as tiger. The but this has got four leader room. Someone did that Amanda asked type are bombed accidentally throw a drop out of three liter Varitek and right but it was a horde to Orioles cozy up to put our content content want. You I think you're yeah three liter. But bonds is the thing now so we're sort of at the calendar is two point fodder to their ego these are your your right Erica. But we don't over the map daughter we noticed that scares me that actually let me on record saying I don't know that and I'm shocked that anybody does but I am here. Because her car guys as well. Yeah this is not your fault line in my car now though I'm really bad incident adolescents and yeah god tour enters liners and GA mr. Ziegler here we go home and it happens that his story there so it's for them over to those due to those but it is called a lot of prism armored motor trend going insane over this school thousands Detroit auto insurers debuted. And and that's cool I mean there was a lot of bulls lose course delivers pre orders of the first wave of those cars were sold over invoice. Which is insane that. I remember actually. Oh very well brick Mason this tale people want brand hammered New York this kind of baby yellow you know incest. They use all the Easter egg colors look back a day on the baby birds. Pretty well it'll bring us the stuff to do is cut a lot of people thunderbird double play at Wimbledon made a baby. And that's what's very very accurate actually. I can't say they don't we are filing by scare only accurate as they claim they designed it they suit designers they brought out three thunderbirds and hadn't designers and Washington. And then they came up with the design for them as well that wasn't a luxury retailers that. But video and it was a cool Garnett and meet Stalin points a little bit irritated there are great driving gospels like old Hebert with a facelift literally like Lex pulled. Yeah I mean they hit the bill that you know rather than they hit the mark on it it was a good size likes as well you show me it was a Gonzales coroner's court over some very close call in I don't know if you know anything about cars you can definitely look you wanna without a shadow and you know it's achiever you do. But this silly deadly hit the mark there. On him. I don't want him on adds is never have I don't matter to me that they felt the same category as the PT cruiser and you know just that. It is too bubbly it's a little more Conan PT cruiser preview her rules go for the masses. Well on the agreement there were pottery and other possession that's the Steelers colts news. She easy. It almost looks like unit has an exit almost like a cartoon drawing is she's so grounded all areas and in every day. Do you have to be cruel ruler and of course are trying to mimic the my I did in the mid fielder mark and I really did in the notes that the release it in these colors and always special dishes and even more exhibitions and will it. Will there they had a there was no rules also went thinkers. Fiftieth anniversary that was all those G doesn't. Yeah us or us thinking. The mayor we want to zone move and I don't think there in America it will bound Stephen Morris and treated universe Ford didn't sanction edited and good to me and happen very true whale is still one of the fiftieth anniversary Iran's an -- to DND and misses and mid 2006 and a false about that Karl. Ago Orton. Job about her she off every couple months and take it around well and that was the thing I mean how this term sales in Linux are and that the Paloma. Scholars on but an ambulance that I actually a little about it at the nights it'll. It even name a malicious but it's caller and having you know I was actually cannot deceive on now he really don't see him available you see one the bottom his fellow loomed they're extremely cheap usually home for good reason because it doesn't report movies yes cause I think of the power planning wasn't what we've been around and or six. Much better car for the them in his room for forces in the early time of us really doesn't pretty tall product and other great driving -- there are good driving course and it never happy for what they are and they did their are down the so the mayor realistically I don't and two main tournament with 39. That commitment and that man and mayors talent what they do with the brawler but made a and I'm not call on the and I call on the the Hebert and they also call or bush. Economic compared to the prowler incident that made too old but also looking goers. And they way under down. The visuals of the eight thunderbird not really there but at least you can put tools will actually deals will be an eight million dollar out as much horsepower. Yeah they'll believe these things but is still sounded like a play caller in the spokes when he political overture on Niger I just think. And no you could release the mustang platform to do the caller properly. To usually exactly but I think you give us a little bit different level around that you could squeeze a 46 on a car really. Really gives some you know. Some my guts what you think about how bills will think about horsepower while it is our area with the GT mostly a little higher sales are intimidated that's not shocking either yeah. Mile duels they showed is these commercial breaks as they can get tired of them goes stick to wield more routes and happy hour right here on 1063 W Lordi. Puzzlement frozen embryo and a sudden it. I got through in the mean you. We're gonna get our votes he needed to its next. Because of Richard. Hoskins Behar doesn't appear our financial analysts slash numbers guru slides all things. On dodge. It's probably will slow. The I us right in the moment. I'm going in check out a mile of the Andre you have great for us to take a bathroom break I was in the Michael Richards. We're talking about the Dodge Ram page so it's a little Daytona it's a little truck. Kenneth Smith chargers okay. It's nobody plus for a holiday should the Big Ten has NG body that nobody is a little bit smaller relatives. Based own and it was. I'll me. Analysts called Jude or that became the charger. And in his sermon it'll pick up trucks out of men which will basically what they did was is not the stretch though back to put an old shocks and made like a little bit insert freshman drunken. Yeah all right wreck or in boom do you have the Rampage and there. Toward fuel cars that two point zero from the factory and naturally and everyone I think on the road now has terminal on it. We want you assume that your car rated in very easily unibody could prolong drought configuration aren't yet it. So a four wheel drive pickup trucks this would be the equivalent of the Volkswagen Rabbit also another good one to talk about also related. And facts on the on the platform was designed after the rabbit and actually shares some components that early on me really. And chargers actually out of Volkswagen engine. I'll fill small order talking to Richard I'm just. Assuming this thing went 2400 panels will slightly to what you incorporated. Straightforward 96 source I think 135 foot pounds of torque with three speed automatic four speed many new players nations did little and then course liberal ruthlessly. And then actually came up with a rebuilt as a half time rating in 1983. Foot. A okay the truckload capacity of this thing. Was 1140. Pails were true half ton raiding this compared favorably to General Motors Coca Mino. That would only hole 12100 you're duplicates you all right why. Because it's not meant to haul anything in this is what's crazy I four wheel drive four cylinder truly is compared to a V8 rear wheel drive. Full frame. Welcoming the blues Merom many of foreign minister Abdel. Balance. That won't hurt a little bit you know let them travel outlook yeah. Well and I. Yeah I realized real welcoming you know lie perfect. And Libya lucky losers and everything you know you're gonna tell me this this this this little firing. Can hold on them I don't complain what little. Olivia Olivia explains of this ends let me put my office opened defense of GM here. GM understood they're making the core that you could put a sack of you know manure in the back of the end or you know union hall resupply would be still want a role in your. What looks like you should build on the front end and let you know GM or at the time money Carlos gets you shoot. But. You know GM understood that's all this was meant to do dogs over here trying to do big things were nothing. Full Ali Abdullah Abdullah. The money miles a missile or ruffled so little draw a loophole in fifth we'll get those with the you can take a life expectancy of your Rampage student here on the next to nothing. A table the Rampage of us all right they read that until relatives. Bulletproof. Really. Could you imagine so in a fifth wheel fall behind one paramilitary soldier outnumber its Chrysler and bullet proof you can denounce claims that its yet to get a Turbo on those things usually are synonymous with each other girls don't go into an apology if it is great and all of those it fits what that car was made to duty very little doesn't that Karr made to do. Do little car that's a truck. It's a rotor. But what they about it. It's gotta hand it because it was smaller so it's like just inside guys molecule do as well as a smaller credit he ordered black eye I imagine a lady would buy that who live along with their cancer you know our camp food in ambler flower pots in the back then we'll but I mean it is the perfect vehicle still -- -- it's sitting drugs as I guess that's what I would call Texas City and now. I mean it's chemical that we actually have got to go on when I was younger. Note we'll say then a nice way Chris Chris I will radio waves saying Ruble. And but does look good does the things because we actually had wanted to show me about it I think I think that's with a Tilde designed to indefinitely in the old manual label they made it for several years since this thing. On building those crazy about is is human were actually told no we actually had wanted to shop and available soon. Probably. Eight now witness thing was shot we built the motorist. It was actually for a guy they were in the truck into them they were worker on the trucks so that we got suckered into working on this. But it was a bright green adultery it was actually in good shape and relish drugs almost did those things but he brings us here emerges it's essential that the me. That's so. I know your home forums and all this. These are important to us. Hell yes oh well above and no one little buddy Kevin Franzen got a yellow and with that term like drugs ran out of my car and wryly. Don't miss them are now but I mean there are some old goat like they're hot if you can find a nice one. Let there they have values what your money every football what dissidents say they say you find a nice line and Nina old man's car. 8090000 dolls are of us. That's been sorted you know it is gone through science and you're running commission. Can bring. 789 grant. And I can think of so many better ways as offensive in the nine your hand and and and it's atonement. Oh yeah allegedly has got a better better result by you so welcoming and Taylor resell my Daytona. That's what. Dozens and I guess I can ridge's name five horsepower Briggs wagon they can all that much anymore. Blow to his price is evident that that's not sexy like the Rampage. I know easy how many easy lowered lowered. I would never thought my whole life we told him to the masses keep in mind that out hundreds of thousand people we don't do via via the airwaves will lie and up in the middle of a discussion to have about what six years three yeah. I do not want a presentation wash and it. Low and it may not feel insulted renowned. You know. Put me in this actually consider multiple Google got out of the middle of this. Economical car guys everybody and got me question myself now there's an indirect connection runs they had direct connection layered it is. There's Santa Fe and blue and silver in the liquidation of each or even though is that colors this animal is that they've blue and she drinks over a wood and some of them ever like one collector called Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? like. Collector dog jewels you're myriad. That's my friend a phone. Not a bump. A market it's a direct connection. Shelby yeah that is so cool look at and a so messed up Saxon and that is actually mean it looks like a shall we day total job charter partially charter boat that drove it is cool. Richard you know you are nine. He had in mind you and understand where few years for a candlelight. But you and I have a different depiction in our minds what sexy is your daughter Kelly we'll do either so that's really well yeah. You know we're talking about Zambia today so it's. With insulin there's just some things you'll Joba. The mayor Richard watched Dallas does that differ you've never watched Dallas. As I'm thankful that I actually don't understand. I mean JW and drove toward the I don't care I'll watch Bobby punched in the mouth. Also with a little and he's. Of the popped up on. Oh my goodness there's a kid for football the Rampage. It's a puzzle that model with a world that's bothersome and a major way. You know. What's a guy off the TV shipments drives. What sounded good to begin again I'm giving the wagons on the Nina. So go to Miller for a blow road wood to probably isn't hers was still. I mean there are living well slivers Lotta people fix it residual and how do you view. Again or to a purely goes you'll that's luck but. In my field to note I'm gonna do a little announced on a 65 Malibu to more. And equipment. Personally Cuba won't sit ins and you're like yeah and how old is something I mean there isn't a little six to bush well lit everybody's different met that person. And eagerness and levers and so there's some people who don't know for whom I mean it is so completely blind to this piece of legal good prevailed. You redeemed yourself who's with who you know you'll go to Europe and Asia the Rampage yeah. Did you black actors like I'll forgive but never from here to do. And that at that and that's that your real ones all yeah. Please don't be so you garbage reverend Paige is yeah there. I remember that privileged to go to your courage to do things. Well yeah exactly columns and soon. Have to guard retreated break in this well it doesn't say he's got a bit nothing to do this we will live and that's probably it. I'll just quit reading that I. Has little skit shoulders I'll I would love to see when loaded down just the women out there there's overload that was his commercial breaks so the Google phone support all over. That's a serious it is but it goes to do we got more rough and had the outcome but right now on 1063 W Lordi. Guess what I in the hot routes that. Well what's that ended injured without announced that. Helen the world in what is it. How do you think people in the Australian listen closely I'm sorry I lose the inability cannot go to conference and it. Kind of topic for so it does is looking through these that is within a lot of it is not illegal because this stood up. So you know mission grinned but I'm thinking this happened so you know we've been asking Nigel to send us a king grew Finland's bodies and then once spotted it was on 85 were wounds of 26 some ways a kangaroo was yes a marsupial a marsupial. Re here in town they had captured. You know day in and WS that could have been owners dubious people of this. Similar there doesn't want adopted yeah. I want I want to do journalism back home yeah I wanna give him loving home not a threat hands couple times farce Heller because it's an underdeveloped so how many insulin you know this little Williams Williams idolatry and managed to hold yeah. I don't know I think him thanks my guilt and iPhone will bigger mine. I don't get a thousand don't try to give him pedicure heard the minimum eczema and they'll. It may. My animals oh million deadly cookies he's in the house them and and a scholarship that was an adult catering barely support he's a picture yet you know I think they jagr broke put me under fair I think Gator for a third down also expect other territorial anybody. As we've got a pit bull I'll get a keyword of course if you go to college but my kangaroos is pulling back on its tail and doubles don't bureau bootable. And so women don't look older and more signals to yeah. And you know there's there's all right we have in wolves we have been hopping around on we have things in a little bit closer got to get back and television. A. So terrible mother or good you were gonna give back on the subject and we're talking about when you wonder colors we got a few other little question what she is now traded into the shadowy world golf hall tonight. I put a video of. Can we just put video we just can't restore you know how to file Jack Gibbons is just think you're sprout seeds. Forget about it so you as we had a few honorable mention it. How well I've got a woman they got a good what do we do that Dubuque Rihanna. This like who is like. And there's actually you are in Charlotte and the guys that drop these things are you ever think you'd hero Maria I got a feeling like they probably get into the cafeteria and knows the earlier parents there is that two thirds of your life crisis. Did you ever think the unity theory on on honorable mention this is every little the only time. We knew that's roughly how do you reward and cholera problem. Prowler is a good one do you know they checked a lot of my team win that war in bucks the horsepower department that killed. And then make a mile long around which I mean it was races five and it's obvious let's face a man outside carlin's stand the test now and to receive third and fourth Jerry what the and the whole Plymouth going away thing at the end did it now so kiosks do you think you'll ever see the problem of late crawler again. Net probably not. I think liberalism that one. I think they've done a better job within which to me and help my value data decently this that I he's great on Wilson's chains Molly isn't solar but they're like that went down a little bit that statement. Yes they've been a pleasure and Elena for fog around him. There and begin to cool down got a good listener prowler is nuts the football playoffs. Pedal will mop awfully. Of low blow those at the truth is he there when you don't offenders even as a little trailer that they match injury about a true. So how much you Richard. I. Q and honorable mention while he drives one actually. My car. This relative of one and that I think this. There nom de methodologies. The Daytona I made a ten year level term and better Chrysler version for three years. Chrysler. So Romans those lovable that's in the Shelby dodge cars and heroic or want to water column to steal on him jail adjusts. Those were cool callers. Can usually additional war but the Chrysler and fast Jill just literally stands for gets like hell some more. Still it just goes like uh oh and when show I'm a little existence forward from. We can assume that. Yeah there's different talk about another hole walk on what was what they call that the front middle Muslims of the four discount camera for a styling. There are vulnerable. They're actually votes of things she points of holes successfully defend and they came into the new 300. And kept that matter you give them ordered the worst is probably remain that could well. Visit the mine how long been video dodge stratus and fans from 96. And I 20000 follow. And an era of the of the dangers to which was two door version of its Adam yeah yeah. You visuals are good selling gorgeous there is still isn't yeah yeah most with the new clip was a there was opening of the club so we're seeing him yet so we're no longer clips. But to me there's so many good callers is through until another catalyst to contender. It was good car burglaries Paul Morin is that it just wants somehow been as a global puts it in little old welder. But the G Kia. You know in a lot of ways that was a war in the water GM didn't do anything but not able to Opel Holden. And put well and I blame GM's Manama kick from well I got you molecules would have voted and you were. He has more hypocritical on his view the view I saw her she today Alec PGA just here better I would an edgy shoot today and but but it is apology. Follow those can be traded near a six speed dubious or transient. I think what you have kids M yes it doesn't show up. Exactly and all the cars during that time you're talking about the G eight's the GTA as yours CT SB's here. On even down your cold bolts and the caprice is they came out with us ME SS all those are holding goers America just rematch with the improvements you know. A series in this instance I go authors or on Monday is that was that not as good looking knob is cool version of a GA. It was a very cool looking Malibu though. It was a very fouled out Malibu which is another one of the course rather. Brother who have come from across the pond with a module. Obviously a big pollen is big on. But the Lipton nailed the SS is a great one hit wonder is a very very awesome car this. Even today EC a lot of people look at him and still don't know what they all I got a whole brick in the toward him wondering what to do. Can these mobile cellular overseas that are extremely popular still. But here here also isn't the Mercedes collaboration would do you genome omitted them as well. The Dino in this been. Probably a mid lingering within about a year's now maybe maybe two years. Bomb blood there was last come of enamored there was a Daewoo dealership that is still there with the assignment Jeremy obviously is not opening little except for the and give you don't give a story that obviously the parking lot as well grown over but the they would sign it's not a good ability. Got a phone use course to report it. There was a lady and I feel bad about this NATO no not anymore. And all right so usually calls me she has four tours. Her grandmother live court. It was nice it was last year from the from the square by the prettiest that you two horses. 98000. Homes. And if it was a 95 for two hours and 41000. Actual miles it was three movies X and poems or books live there. Blue whales white with the all white trim as a group within two hours had a sunroof and everything is for eco program let go to school. And she called media. To sell. A ball to score for 700. Dollars of this 2002000. 23. Rhyme. All right 41000 miles do you wish she drove. 2003. Element and 130000. Miles she sold read that tours. That is published field road today I now advocate the Taurus is I felt so bad we'll he's. Actually here remember them ugly news that as yeah. The anyone. Know the really rounded back when the two or one and the really had self described liberal double B yeah valid point and there is just the idiots the other yet there was little emblem we'll slightly whirlpool dishwasher animal or something Obama's probably with a mate besides the seller of Internet. The recycled. I got the two little thing here by playing along with a lot of these one it will resume rosneft IPO Graham 1063 WORD.