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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, May 29th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk Pontiacs.

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And got a hot rods and they are as well. What's happened Indian wage to and Australia Israel Richard Haas gets the professor himself how to ultimately Ryssdal. Does it. Not a resident. We doesn't financial analyst and numbers guru himself. We have all wrote that. The hazard play Italy in a way oops I am that's them commencement day you'll you know it's not a good week and told about something well visa allows her. Well it came to me in a dream and Awad smoking in the vein. Before Phil sleeps is probably wells in monitoring the public and in good bird Reynolds. I'm that guy I've gotten Burt Reynolds syndrome I do is I'm damn I'm gonna show off a little bit you know who would you. Never had. Nobody good here so strict you know excellent. And coming so early failed badly and. You. Know she's got a well cute couple for old. I think exploited Jackie Gleason you would really good Jerry Lewis and you're good Jerry Guzman the letters now we got them have their risk of shrimpers Richard snowman and a truck. I guess they implement a bar. Had to have an idea usual well in my house kitchen bar quite frequently happen. Slowly but you know that's the thing this is called Butler is there's one laying bets. Hurdles the whole movie history is actually punish acts. And rampant rampant along Italy's them. When they hear what this movie emperor hoosiers of those people Korea gave them lots of course because you know Eagles look cooler components mainly there's about Monica is little bit there. But. There was a lot others are Obama builds on. Would be able to the Parisian. For an inquiry bigger than Obama. I think about LaMont is on via a little girls and trees dunes where full arsenal it is an associate that morning and there are typical politics. And of course you the store or. Would willows. The citizen Koreans yet. And everything about politics in about risky forgot about like the forgotten caller because I mean GM's forgot about animal obviously secure brilliant but. That's. Held up a little bit scholars tell fellow funny car it is a cool cool let me you know warm up my my first corals strings I mean how Lowell. Politics I mean it was always the classic caller I mean you got to come room or you can nutrients them. Would probably headlines in the you know in the later years of the things that. I mean you know but there's so many more cool callers and trends Williams are long range and obviously the crown jewel. It is the crown jewel there's been mean equal trans Adams. But how well for a little bag the man. Let me let me Richard talk and also earlier. I mean they are about about a foot before the symbol of the which among those. Thousand gentleman's muscle car for most of our things things well you think about it and me at big horse for Hillary were that mechanical fuel objectionable. A man of those little Chevrolet. Wasn't Conseco. Now in the party that was basically step down from cattle and it. And I mean that's it's a cool quarter beautiful colors it was the kind of car you're about before you were ready for count those or is that still up before the catalog and this. Well you know products always meant a great brand. There it did Eastman General Motors in 1926. 1926. And now live to what was it 2000 eighths. Do. Nine and 2010 out well yeah I missed the 2000 translated and made like 80 yeah songs that are full Monty you tell us. That sent the brain's been around there 82010. Pontiac Solstice is really. They started making the 2000 tons and they said color out God's word on what or what what the first hour treatment they don't meet the idea it's. To stop it launch it and hit you know or negative thing or her just go home at. So I gotta throw fluttered but I'll kind of thing is like GM is just killed orient you know like this its goal. They don't Pontiac and I don't Saturn has started making the call horrors and images well. Saturn heads I can understand center a little bit it is live at all from left field this that and have heritage or the reputation. Look at those little Polonia going to be honestly there route known Cherilus cooked meals delivered insured limits there's been a who's who over and over money version but in this. The only moral us so what was it really hurting keep in the emirate. I mean it's a nothing other potentially dealer network. Well celebrate kills dealers and still there except now it's this. Sitting Buick Pontiac GMC truck it's Buchanan is teacher sit and Buick GMC truck. Well a little visible first there commercial cell Stillman this action does not sound that it should also are concerned kid. You've got half their majority alta in I mean I don't know I'm humble. A million number GM got. Marmol lead with a cure just killing them orient this. I'm especially in the disarming you know and Viacom Pontiac is gone ahead and G-8. They had the G six actually more riding chevys and tails anymore they had their own vehicles right and they were pretty good. Could you imagine if they came with a new firebird let the news the 5 June Tamara how biology TO in. An error message and I'm now. Gee do you lose. There's really cool growers and I'm real as we are really think somebody Jeanne we'll sleep and get that Federer and no American car companies gonna make a big coup. Now you're just a simple thing it's a proven fact especially if you have later that gives it alone in Asia though because maker Khmer. Exactly well you're competing with yourself doing that all the and those thing about it is is his big troops just also in people wolf that they were formal caller Vickers mr. They're the may have another issue that case stand upon and GA. Those four or. As Obama does a great car sales are Draco goes to recoup. And I would like have won their villages is going to schedules. For better load. Gee it's a pretty pretty you know Australia all like the new pony experience I'm. I'm an old college of red light blink. You know what the I'll be good subtle. Bubba is that a little clip for like a reason GGO yoga or will rubber special because these millennial. Is naturally you'll be drawn to the later model G ideas but when you use as you do for say a close minded. This is so boring and that they don't those. And three and I'm reduced in force and closing in that's that's a GT and they know it is my immediate minds. A GT actually is triple legs you know the stacked their lives yeah with a missile shooting not all that that was rolled within Canada and I'm not that carbon that body style mistake headlight GG is that that's what I truly think it does 66 exit into his 67 of them xxx but you know what I'm saying. Those are the bigger politics daughter. 074 hours. Don't you know those are comical to do great looking cars no more scholar probably 174. Bit of everything shifts. Felicia good juicy divorce in the videos you produced another thing super rare. But you know this is the politics. Think bill a lot of the cool ones really Kelly got forgot about because. It's kind of forgotten bring enemy melts like the whole mobile. Did you know this is forgotten it's always a little pony acts. Here my grandmother were in everybody's grandmother had a Parisian. Admired him to do. Mind inquiries. Course she sings thanking Clinton but you know what I mean the boat and and usually funeral home room and got memoir will hook capsule although long. Imus now works. So we're we're coming and that's the thing or talk about politics than like awards on what coupon in X. The not so cool politics and the politics as she Bryant bought them a long term. Another point am I America's. Time magazine did brands do you overlook them now you do legal think about it. Familiarly known it's kind of sad really and that on the with a lot of friends that Diana you just kind of forget about all the great thorough. Well I don't initial thing they're still leaning party that has been strong for so prematurely and they were kick and and then GM pools look for that. And really. I don't understand why. How big school more than dollars incidents. Yeah I mean someone who knows more than us definitely it was a bad as others yeah it was a fairly. This well those guys get paid to big bookstore and if we wanna keep getting paid we need to catch his radio commercial re cages commercial break we do as drug testing to work token funny actually you can't ultimately I want a 63 W awarding. Little moment no tolerance and have been a Hollywood Sandy Bridge there goes out and announced that they would go to pull. They actually mean you have limitless so when local level boarded this is thirties and Forsberg they keep the money even in the forties. They actually had the straight eight parliament to meet your motionless global six. So we are straight day in politics in the forties but in the fifties those rumors are shaking up a little bit. I think that's upon it really stepped down above there Chevrolet cannot or will they did a lot of ways actually good 1957. Was that big year for them the Bonneville came I was actually result corals and upgraded trim package. And 57 that they 347. Of the eight of course it mechanical Rochester fuel objectionable. Which was problematic at best. But at the time and we were Enron right. It played great numbers it's pretty cool to see the mall few weeks at a abstinent. They're very expensive to you know people deserve much of local corporate ourselves also finding that don't. Exactly. There's actually companies that restores those register mechanical fuel injection solely due. Perry's answer and ever vulnerable pretty sure there's actually guy and handle that has a black widow cloned. It has eight to 83 fueling voter. Says sprinkles and above thing you bought an old school the black widow was 57150. Or white white bag black fraud. Six slowed because they had the big drum brakes on and hopefully pick up for a breakaway anyway so but but to tinian it. Slew. Middle. We have this bungled a few key was the first year for the true vulnerability there at 370. The evening. And then you were rolled through the sixties and he scores a bigger Bayern he's that is the bigger and not know until now playing skate away from the fifties talk about. Pontiac starchy from the chiefs and all well of there was just all the different. You know the different trim models of a mile they had us of forest are issuing which was virtually no man yeah but these things were actually gorgeous every year we trade if we trip for 55 of safari. The thing was absolutely. Schooled so we believe they go figure. But as I got on the beach California it was a far more stylish cars wheels and Chevrolet wheels a totally different color to it there's some Oscars you know all the Chevrolet is head of the mass so little funnel yeah. The mesh over almost put it wasn't before. Obama's weird very weird our interest etc. here over the course you know and they're its own via needles on an eight. But I mean like everything was different note than only it was like Chevrolet everything was funny and I mean it was so funny. That from the doors back you'll virtually Villanova head but. All this party pics of everything was totally different. However the score came in there and rules that you were usual weather in tears had to tone kind of a camel and white to tune into here. And power seats total loans totaled books in a 55. Model called this owners to spare. Votes and you know letter up on next pretty high car will likely loving that was the cool thing about it in chrome for dummies. Is there any other way to limit the liability in the in his note on the hood via does that cool. There you think about it now I mean you imagine having your little orbit as human his. They'll itself via I'm pretty sure you're gonna get a rude and it was Somalia. And it's an Indian yeah exactly. Mullah. Here's a personality apply but you know sickening got away from that they're late fifties I think as we shares in the ending all the way. Being noticed that in new available of course they rule the road at a political way to the and tried as charting. Actually it's a spirited. And it's necessarily rather. Hair and was the original. Premise of it I mean this was pushed the discipline eroded. But you know so we go into the sixties they you take a little mild mannered cola to post. And what do they do. Emphasis technical power house Aaliyah will use or use some of the power play in the tempest as early that was the no limit on 345 liter V8 that they still put in ranger waivers today which is insane. Here as the moderator Range Rover already. Cornucopia of parks there airport's been big old. Absolutely all. Cars are below majority I'm. They got it they they need all the help India theater but the vinegar gripping the stick with that'll give them but here's a beautiful moment or tempest. And they will they do 1964 rolls around something totally new he also called upon now I know app and a sixty or was very important thing happened. The GT I was born exactly. The GQ was more. Not my favorite year was GQ was still very very rich why am weird like a 64 YouTube Maryland sixty portion of the I agree and it calm enough section sixty thoughts 64 is really unique or Hillary were there were there were little just a little six files were touch big were were bigger looking corporately. A home a little solace was of these look bigger is well below the 64 GTE. You to meet the perfect 6040 views may form days. And a black and sons three you know before speed authoring a nine upon got a lot and 325 horsepower cycle through reduces. But you know the funniest thing ever. Sure rulers through tourism there were no rodeo all that well. But it's so funny how that worked you know. Like they've made moral paper. But the third facility effort but. You what's funny. Is I don't know about 64 so much the near the trump ourselves you know only scores reason they do it's that we mall to called suspected days they have big for a strike beard here. So to get. Morsi of films he's had put more burden on. And to be honest stated many egyptians now. You don't know really you know holly 600 on and on and T where they've had all six or 64 problem. And you know and social that would that was built hold with a certain mental. But that's how they got you know mold war Morsi if it was a mobile operators. Bush you know it's true the sixty fours and 60000 and actually had a navy blue sixty GT those short quote true. But. I had a 66. Montero rid. Rid violence it's forcefully about the sequels three notre. That was a phone call this school and those are really cool riddle rare it reduces force beat you couldn't tell me nothing. Two Madea's big book real role. Funniest thing ever. We're sitting. All the way to three or for not rendered SP Hollis know. Where they were actually building the bridge. Don't think the statue limitations that animals say the dates that they were good and half half. Maria my bad lie and a he has 1967. Big book travails 396 in this 0396350. Or courtroom wearing the highest course. Automatic. G-8 media a lot had to do everything I could. Koreans not to walk away from a little GT and and that arrived there wars was the beginning of the end of my Paniagua is shutting down next. Now I'm gonna melt all the songs played they were lie I'm a good thing as hard of AA bad days in the you know whole corporation motor world. It is it is I mean that every bit and there are some winners Gaza can make of Roland I'll absolutely aggravated airman I want them they blow journalist rules. Yeah as a bowling ball in their force spirit with. For sure until you would if there would also force spirit. Don't commercial breaks every time by the military award doesn't say we a lot more about pundits this week we got so much of Richards every brew and with the information I can to see a man beating win we have an aim left the sixty jealous finance and there's great ones become a drug a state to win a lot more coming at you right here on how -- and Libya now won a 63 WORD. Guess what my tolerance bill you know we're talking about what are we talking about we are told about them today and Indians in the old. Pontiac. Basra goes so we left off in the sixties mid sixties to whom the GT and I don't think. For one minute. That we could not talk about clinic performance in the sixties. Or this going and none mentioned the GT too. I don't think it's possible leave the sixties without mention I'm glad six and Heller. Bouts ever hosted by far not my favorite GTO but by far probably one of the sex is really now they'll keep going to Kimmel xxx crips and you believe there will. I slightest act headlights of sorry but nothing for Vin Diesel arm and can. Even even being them stacked heavily Vizio guy. That's probably the sixties Jihad holy hill blow its map and could dollar bubbles that it was weird now the cares so rude. That it's probably the most popular George cholera floor. Is not race. Animator and why the men in black they also live and all the color occurring and have a model wanna note program I love the greens. Other than those are so sexy color that he kills. They were still orange everything jeweler blue or green collar. All in elegance and Huntington's gets healed life as the the color of the strike isn't yet feel blood is slightly elephants are having. We're looms were blue and you'll lose and little gentleman there but I mean they're good looking cars more rewards are just killer a love salad and you don't see them there oddities a great color though walked just east a regular sixty NG TO and caller block on orders. Always solves. And it was cool man you know the foreigner to even answer was raided in those cars of the 370 horsepower so we'll bring you it was it was decently Albert. It was decently power in a bigger court you Moses say it's is as your suit seeks denounce every issue bills extra big collars. In the record surely idealists sixes forfeit a force for for divorce go to the other. But it will be or should be cute contribute to be forced it to files and Jia is wrong. The yes there will competition corporation of course you do as little student Dario. Alone you know reserves below those low there but this court rules style auction results legal Inco with a highly Milan and look like Vietnam muscle car. It does look good does locomotion. An analogue. And bout time we got to the judge him in the original counts apology yet it was to be achieved fast car. Time is certainly an effigy to over achieving our. None no none of the clothes actually the but here the blue jewels was legal recourse but of course you were talking and sixties they Bustamante year. Both 67 right to readers about the forward this and get pretty much don't mention. I mean the firebird. It was Luke wore when he came out other tumors still a lot of it's gone up personally I'm not a first Jim farmer friend. To Maine and Tamara thickness of one generation Camaro out of Ireland and gore will. And I agree we need to an extent. They'll say I'm a little weird where it goes my first U tumors like a 67 better dollar and 69 which is audit unlike fellow villains. Loyal Flores assistance excessive we'll run away realist. Sixty's virtually the same caller but it doesn't have bit windows I don't really care for those guys Marco exactly first year for federal mandated rule all callers and sell more reluctant to 68. But. The thing you're moving about in the sixties as there is little overkill like hoosiers a little over the top and everybody loves sixty Nakamura mother don't want but there. Visually Lotus. Go to you know think about it and and somebody listening to the show is going to pay off drug eternally for the statement that I make. But I look at the draw five show he's the same way fit file was really bland 56 thing got it right in at 57 was a little over the top. Well and and truffle is holing the same way but the also do little fit to serve and don't appear perfect six knoller who to vote. Or vice Versa either of which we could turn that. Home some adjustments for which were guru a variety of well like same thing and had been born world storms and bombing and I have no problem we have all the drought in 65 Malibu sort mustangs were 91 vs. Cruel. That is satellite like a flash backs go through. And I. I imagine this foothills look like incident had met for the precision wagons ever greater woman though in the keys yeah. I. Actually you two or stretch out my Christmas list and thank you. Bomb a bills which it will ever really give me for Christmas and put it towards a new colorful and that's the and Persia Richard feels and what I absolutely couldn't corporate vision and just think. You know with friends like this who really needs enemies in a you know a true for instance in the for a minute left that. And this is the thing you know it would go with the fibers. And week out the box in my opinion. But what Al really like within cable boy oh boy what a great college or notably have of the sixteen entering stadiums well men wore white blue stressed that the sixty Cold War. And I don't agree on the first and fire about it honestly I'll take any year firebird emirates Comerica Park in Italy every so you have first round of six sensitive you know he's got a lot of people to do merely rubber making Camaro is the news media and they're not they're the Shawshank the first of Harvard's are not a bad looking car by any means the best looking car but it just. Altitude as the only generation where for me Camaro wins over. Past that I have to agree full heartedly I think on hand version of an. After the first year polling Haniyeh with these only for our part that we the only Tom what do think of stray away but go over to the GO there surely son. How really a little Simpson entrance and no name girl but now we sure give into the eighties. Play the 8080 war when they win that your listeners and players. It looked parade that was so that's a gorgeous called on me and let all I hear all of his Jordan machines platform issues. And like John Travolta. Yeah let alone and T jobs and home again. Term. And performance art no matter was just struck a conservative crowd mattered and really do anything for it. Shut them not really wonders should be saying to kind of southern Minnesota says his visualization skills and other than making it a whistling crowd monitor. It does this missile blew this business you're the Middle East issue when you don't Richard Richard Angela well I'll open Zeum against an 81 survey transit and pretty imagines that went back. Those are forward four point one leader and closed four point and full board Nigeria. And let's. Again I think 170 under me or start their Poland in 363700. Congo are not I think my my name him of the car and I wanted. This stock for stock preacher well I would take two were there were three pitches and he immediately. Of that or what do thirty or so or order it warm they're more or 200 in. By the time. The eighties rolled around and actually be mistaken if I am so emotional and there was sooner or are from and so he surrogate and keep. That's crazy that's insane. Fill in the seventies the oil and we skipped over some really good with. About what you simply force are producing like you to listen forty your bills are good looking called. And they didn't cause there's really not that good look in a strike package in some sense of color color matching. And it really really good. In Tora the today today another car like the Sunnis and onyx Roman night. This Kilmeny as the camping in the name of stopped my hands and Sonoma. And that's the and that's what this orgy you know it's based on yeah what was. Like Laura it was surely a mixture of injured people. Free jazz not war. Venture of those upon a mature and others are great looking car that says it may occur or how about a miracle from the seventies about the care. Can I am is absolutely awesome and stuff 400 had a good look in sticker is that it is or good oh well this is what you do agree it's like you took. I'm trying to think. It's like. Mario angry in your grandma made. You made the game you so they'll trans am flavor to it. Another called upon anxiously theaters and forgy. You can pull a 350 Pontiac and forfeit your folks shivered you'll occupy the same space that also your ability and fixes the problem this problem so. Or you really won't fix abroad mole or don't you know little little little space LSI and listen Justin Bieber could award supplement if you thought fled bill hadn't hit you with a and another small talk show those kind of material good for people on. Analysts. I cannot support. We're looking at a dog. Does to me. We were in the Caribbean hotel in London in the got a really nice trains them from. River any you look at their printers will sell items pollutants they six point six liter anymore medicine five point seven later. Do you fix the problem did he didn't hit point six pure there that six is this for anything as of February only six point six later. Well have you ever owned a six point six and love to go on the today summer's most underrated big pronouncement power houses of the vote Pontiac for under now bills and the same murder as an ounce and music that's been around to saying it's not the same motor though they were both 66 liters is these examine an ownership the same this place. All right. You would go to commercial it will let you guys fight outside okay. Does stay tuned right here hot rods and yeah 1063 WORD. Goes red hot rods and have dealerships say. Coaches and polity has been brutal in the papers that I first saw him first talk about first things first they always. We would first I want to clear this hang on I actually. Anderson and guy. Okay I'll admit to being wrong here the those mobile six point six leaders of 43. Vs new Pontiac six points clear in the 400. Right okay statement particularly cook. Secondly let me add this three Q against his do not know without under our basic crowd suddenly heard the idea. But I it's gonna wanna Hezbollah Rotella slope bill goes through words. But the food yuniesky well normally and yeah. Should visit he is showed up through the but this is the thing. I mean any of Cuba and those you also you both recover. I Kabila they'd eager to appear below the peacekeeper. But. You have departed 400 in your force be coolers you have the four who 33. In the autumn coast sure. Or a filibuster in the final between Dover and Barney. I'm warning just for the record I'm Mark Mulder I know gummery isn't it. Yeah. I stress that. But you know but the jokes the Sunnis were very Luke warm tone for enforcement. The other about it when they're lukewarm as being nice yeah lukewarm over and died when they came out with the well already spread well obviously you know think about. Lou is when held Needham. Filmed smoking in the baited them change the motor in the stunt gone through the bridge joke because it wouldn't make it. The Warren who now and probably you could project a tray and sample our number if a lot of Internet. I firmly believe that actually came and so green so there's actually a local race shop in Georgia the whole movie was filmed within our Atlanta Georgia the entire movie was even the Texas scenes were still owned Georgia. But this thing goes crazy about it was. His picture of the local agent shops what the motor out. They voted junior Chevrolet drove through as small as well as solitary three and there's little hot small one through fifty bill so the caller would actually make the joke to him he Helmand you know it felt like you know under this thing go with the second serves so little bird here. Yeah. For all the better. It makes you minorities knew that yeah. But when even as the last was only worse. I'll let you started drama under part B scrap around earlier rather than 84 or trends and then bills will today be a 383. I don't like now look don't give bureau alone jury congress is so and but he's not abandon. What the data transmission IE I don't wanna be able to talk about there about Phillips the bernese dog but there. Gerry assures stopped to policy where Ronald structure. Now people know models admiral drought for dolce jury driver TA but does anyone in all seriousness of the 78 Pontiac trans them. Was probably the highlight of Pondexter. Citizens are directly gorgeous girls. And there were cars and I mean sales went up dramatically because of that war movie absolutely has since thing. It's insane that in have to know that well do you think about these seventies callers. They also hooked it didn't matter which brain you went whistle whistle list style the best selling goal as a actually talk to a guy. So simply go on about this is sort of how how big a dull the late seventies and early eighty c.'s previous work. He's yet there's muscles doesn't make. But there were also the best selling bits ever because they sold old style capsules that things are those of this and I'll be also problem my least favorite years of Korda. But it was the best selling your quarter ever because it's a little style. It will also Bowker and he team myself and it said all we have all the way to 170 in my opinion is based on that does the does the debt the silver anniversary ruined this of the two to also or was decent this year alone. But still they do collector's edition it and those things are six. Exactly are you to calm down don't think client made a Corvette now that's they knew that I had to hook hook up on the mainland. The so we have these cars are set to so the -- an adult but still the walls in the series slip through the cracks like this and force super duty such as the fast are built. Threesome or have an insane. Lawyer there's actually got one of the floor it was a written one that's another 345. In net course yet. That's insane. And then back in the button quote unquote most artists over the 450 horsepower engine. And Herman thing is how they got away without a still Obama. I think I think they follow this new look corn furries by the more annuals images Simpson will only does that I think you know this is a local looks within like the US are you influenced some that it was due to the Indians who don't want to an excellent -- get a W yeah they called the EPA about a mile away and you sit down doing it would you know Pontiac is after Ottawa chiefs. Well we and is. It was also while on a mission and their reservation. Looming normally and in 1932. If I'm not mistaken on that lift Oakland to go to putting machine and that's where they were. Manufactured from there for us for the made forty soon after 32 there currently stars in Oakland bird. Yes in Oakland. Popular open. In terms of grim look and feel smarter now an interesting facts were thousands upon it in the police car but lets her. The these these are some local callers and seven is the real stylish. The end. The forward functions that they were were creeping into the eighties they had in the eighties. And and enjoy hitter missed the coast. Euronet performance was pretty much the trends in Amarillo than. News there is one Connie is going his way through the eighties there of this is stand and everybody's taller. And I think Richard knows which one unknown amount. I'm gonna do as late eighties media simulator works ginger for universal still argued and dimension. And there's going to be able would know about the early eighties let's I wanna hear you won't go to well. Michael Knight and a almost you something and that was a bad as trans am and how does for its frank candid. I grew up all night routers so I mean it was just there's something about a car that talked to Lee I mean it was raining yesterday and everything and man pushing a mile car. Come get me. Kit don't be so cool little amount of blood have a caller I can have a conversation with you evil kid I think it all car sales called Kona. Yeah it was a Knight industries 2000 missiles like. The brand 60000 car was. But but it was cool and had a green light this in the for a and in Madrid. Was there won't cancers kill our car is green yeah countries as can't it was written yet but. Mean that was just go and drive and in and out of the true the truck and trailer. That was about a tornado car you know especially good in every time every thomas' labels to ram journalistic hearing about ArcelorMittal brother Ricardo throw this sentence deal. Every time I Salem is around Jerusalem on Rosalie if you just lowered down to the printers are doing it this. I'm pretty sure kid but it still blowing that thing was so cool when those hoses and using air and hysteria the interior on the cars amazing unity you know your readers and replica of an album out. This year and will the way it's packed up and there's anger and so is there. And he jobs there. And it looks almost right except strongly solve it matters on it and it's gold the ball well but it goes round and stuff in here this crew and I don't know why you wouldn't finish finish finish on our that I loved black wheels and me and it was the first murdered out car feel about it and all those particular drew considered Israel's actually turbine fan aluminum wheels that I'm able to count the exact. That is so cool weather originally cheap wheels and literally bonuses fighter we'll just goes to go on. Very very cool until it was not cool to go to commercial breaks loose and really we all excited to Lambeau is coupon adult and not router here about Brit Brit I'm not lunch box. That would lead to align you have in Ireland but having an interval from when we got talent as we go to a commercial break he's yet saved them on those are I guess stay tuned we're talking politics writer and that being down 1063 to veto or the.