HOT RODS 5 27 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, May 29th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk Pontiacs.

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And three. And does what it hot rods and Ambien and what time and it. Richard it was announced that it so on the Indian government. And when I was right next. He loves those there Aeroflot is senator. Oh man custer's last stand model exactly so we're in the eighties as growth. No we know what the militant and a bit of listen here. Audio and youngster. It was clear the trees will hill looks. So were writer and 1984. You'll pick a cool party Erica in his didn't have the eight money and what did you get. Yeah Basra attack I just think the perfect platform for your street liberty at Atlanta but. You only had to cut it Nestor to put. Where visitors are really stressed afoot for a Angela quality. Now closed more than he deliberately and your fear are gaining through now also known regional war fears another. They have the too boring B six to. Iron game fortunately it was days and then at two point eight almost medals an option. Those cars a mile thing is that we and they were really did go on a totally new calls because all composite Monica has made they borrow suspension parts from the citation. Some citations actually handled really well lately and excellent yeah that wasn't the worst thing about those early ages there is some good yeah. Yeah I think the fire was GAO really will turn into the ground also big for you mean you mean firing your automobiles on a yeah I don't want to miss you know the other and the. But those are coming they pretty much if you see if fear are now either hey it's a kick or or beat. It's pristine. There's no no happy medium you know thousands of bankruptcy blow like ours can remove the quality news. We'll fears that was that the speakers in the hitter yes. That was jeez you know anything about it a non interest and a pair of players so that hatteras you know if you are small caller you know out. But what did the hatteras in the speakers and Guerrero will also force first viewers. Sister she had warned change base there but that's because inevitably Indian universal Jennifer grew. Did it color bodies sonic or something yeah and maybe something you rather of those one iconic stapled cars throughout time. Closing need can I mean extremely unit until. Toyota MRT came out and a father is nothing else like and then of course Toyota comes and just be dumb plays at its strongest public interest. Well I mean debts they have more so you do the time well yeah. The fear rules lackluster this school performance. It was a cool core of those good jewelry person phone call it a little bored into the room board. The yeah. That was. Again if you want and those cool you're the owner of the door and we just think it is virtually everybody can only seen as U verse in the fluent in fact I couldn't. Care I mean. But I'll never had a faintly redeem you before you ever had a real either good but I don't say commander ride you know one hour rock of fake glamour. Do you look. If it was nicely done I'll rocket. Legitimately. Good performance are and a low light Lamborghini. And Ellis powers. Problem. So you have Leila swap fear when they labored anybody kid Lynn do fear and the phone or do that they're in a bills we've. You know although it bowl it hasn't always intrigues of these are liberties the money you would have them too for delivery vehicle or you can just go about liberty this damage wha wouldn't. You have a much better coroner process and Fisher delist. That company keep in. The world and Tom will oracle road William that. So the odds are also sit out so little fears of barrels of cool core of the pharaoh in a way. And you Mimi on rod you wouldn't suspect this I actually one of fear. I think it's amazingly well some call it. I think Tuesday. Does step above and beyond Weymouth I was doing an American performance of the time we'll be able put the fear would view. Rihanna. Were cousins but the really not at all that I am having angle. There they're both sides and size that's this shape but. Bomb yeah and other Israel's fruit ninja rule or via friend from from folder audio for older core things yeah there is a danger significantly. Better every year. They did hurdles the last it was eighty ace in Korea it was amazing yeah there were burn injuries and the rules once went together at this from a car on fire. It just depends. Comeback for a home in Israel weighs in the form over here and you move with a bowl parade before it happened and a recent made in Flint and I'm hopeful that commitment to. Blow but it's also cool caller go to another school gore was the trans ams in the eighties. And I really think about especially in that 8480 two a lot of things around and reverend GM those elements will you think about fuel injection rules committee and you knew you were from the crossfire stuff. Two to import Jakes knows the game Joker world and doubles and six in today to the two important that it that the two tours it was a very very get leggings it was a good set of rules with the will be 10000030. If which was your files be coerced and there was a lot of leg through next year and and then you to deal 98. Which was your 350s with their role Automask exit. And out there anyone out there says no you did not have a factory speed on it no I didn't know nobody when there. The exact Emeka is somebody told you that the law. They're lying to the it draws me in some way they did nominate them where are you about this thirty some years later if you mom never had one problem it's so the argument as there's a factor five speed trains them during the 5350. Hundreds if they don't run you three being in command or whoever -- make you the rule and they did not make. Variants of Canadian dollar. Heard of her little story. My pleasure more I actually did none of that it was a GM executives clone of her and so many renditions. Of that lot. It's all not. Everybody had warned that those of label ES three feet firms that he knows little. Well I mean you know the problem ominous here in the south and if especially. Is any small blog monitor is a 350 for some reason. Well is this her note though the problem is. Is I don't know does that quite as much there is. Every 350 as a core victory that the media presidency and want to every pickup truck ever I love the paper every Motorola priests every voters of any and all these four it's. Let's say it because of Joseph. Love that escorted through to another one out like hearing as when people say they have been blog through mythic. Who that is perhaps. Well that's the only 158. Plymouth and yeah well over there they're. Having people just is so full and the stereo they just the things people the stupid things worse and I'm guilty to do and that's what I'll call you out if I ever hear you know and and that makes him terminology between engine and motor. That don't bug me too bad I mean if you August at a quarter motors electric technically and engines and engine. Internal combustion Nia. But. Or diesel. And a pen blew. But the thing you know about it is is you have 350. Was a foot Nolan whose real file for good motors thinks the file has been real folks and GT eight a 30 fives on the transcendence. You were you are you were group within content served if if you read that echo the thrill Pozen thrill sentenced me organize anything to look at as a professor whatsoever that definitely is set to hold of the beasts well Luke Jesus there Arafat. To me it's constantly look as a performance standpoint as a well long lasting it'd running motors Ayers and trends and thought different those girls with a five speed was holed curricula at a different hand tablet from our arms around ordered or broad money on. Sort out. Dummy telephone caller. You had his desk controls you're doing his head lower the year when you shift headlights again only if the Olsen that'll be. After doing very well and dangerous militant and it is so cool and the little hunter was not cool these commercial breaks then do keep coming around until you look goes we're token party X right you'll Libya 1063 WORD. Guess what when the hot rods and what Sam and Dave Pritchard was Aniston. Well let's that he was what the recent world useless. I need to get myself every year there's this thing go the Internet the and we are and we are on like I tens now so we are not teams the other people we are kind of world I live in the world now I'll answer assures. From telling me that could. The viciously can't get with a rigid you know opening northeast Georgia. Expanding room. Bull that that's what you know what that alma put that on your to do list every time you answer. You know using what's going on you gotta pick a new location like what's going on Norway. And just every time. We'll see I mean AA lowly you can make that work towards you have morose tokens some I want them reassure us you actually at the Bloomberg radio show little. Who I really California's in the lower Anderson and I put this yeah. It's eleven and Ethiopia. And yeah that's. A love it but as we're told my body actually I'm out here are snapping up we're shortly. On in Michigan went down and hold it up but in Michigan. But this is what we're talking about we're talking about those old director follows speed build NBA trades and Barbara truth did you compose everybody is liberal and is really special and that I didn't hit exactly the guards your core to everybody's heard of but nobody has seen war and in Michigan the would reduce their rebuttal topple blood vessel they didn't let go. In Everett and outline. I have somewhere around there somewhere in the richer so bad rather he could like beat up close you know 100 yeah. And you know about us and those ten years. I really wish others somewhere in the world someone who worked at GM. Had one made in its fully document and they just called you yeah an hour about that Richardson Visio and usually does and I handled this case and I'm not worried about the patent and things that's what happened that didn't happen couldn't be hypocritical. And those killed it but anyway so. We're told the politics and have a male laurel GTA he's talking about that how about the turban GT. That might be about our government and I don't robot banners to my breath heavily on. I can't that either and I can't do that can't I can't cede those that sit Turbo crusaders think he'll noting era now. Love do you feel like get a look at him makes me happy in your dollars until it was joint mode but I was very. I can't go behind you an estimate is that a fast court yes. They ran much flow. I mean seeing. Maybe the only rule being pushed Russell mills it was they were there were performance callers they were. But you keep them and this was 1989. Yard toss around network performance awfully loosely. I leaned these jurors. Leaned on the bus car you bought it the sun coming to a version workflow Mosul a lot. Either of Malia. But Lucille to eighty year was 8080 mills GT eighty in the teachers yet. The terrible trillions there was actually a good term interest well yes it is slightly. Built grand national and we have and and in the team that's a good looking chorus it's Mexico or allergies and law. I know you did you see your child you talk about that cola the woman got away yet. About designated driver on the 21 birthday. Do a little mud designated driver total room point first birthday the world that is something that we were told that person anymore and he's. Little vacation from my idea you know I don't go with their oil out ruins of oil I sleep well my girlfriend. The day you know Tokyo Madrid and you know stranded in the two. Oh yeah don't you wherever I can forget that 33 strikes you're out book could speak. This you know anything we can talk pass little vision now Fisher island just wrecked on our them. Probably have a problem too you know this is nothing with the callers ever done anything to anyone who Magloire and you know bill so Obama made a pastoral lady. Got nothing to clean up there and got nothing to do much Camaro object okay and it doesn't go anywhere drink and things happen and you want to say it. It takes two to tango maybe you were taken it will hurt the government welcoming them. I you know and I agree Kansas and demands more machine. But won't say something from the international court I would break isn't it obvious though that out there today that's the one thing you don't does does the unwritten you know term cargo or would you go missile that guy is perhaps we should know openly admit to murder on our resident there I'm just throwing that our little three year old little sicker and you know what. If that makes me year old on a war of Iraq you know because if you're caller guy you don't do things like that managers say also is that into the news the outspoken opinion Iran does has no. No impact on one opera feels the wolf that won't face them if you listen to assure a little. And you don't feel that way about you Carlo will hold your brain anyway you're tired at all and now that I mean you know amounts and don't feel that way and just not salmon publicly announced that that's the way I feel I was there until about celebrate that day come that that results and that's usually 1990 endless gun you can live you can live. Coming what solutions before their brains Lugar and George stubbornly and how well I. Which puts Latvian and inaccurately India and us little built which you'll stick you're gonna. Who's I don't think it works. Up that was your doctor Nadal backhand you know that's it I really don't have a leg to stand on this one if you will if they don't either important. Yeah technology today is really amazing. It's just vocal reward I wouldn't be the carpet. For. But anyway. So I mean we have we have the G the Turbo the TT. Which is Richards. Oh he's a local. And you know a bubble of not go to a novel or miss we are for all that's sure that's as special lady. Initial Brooke Shields who Cindy Crawford all rolled over the war. That's fraud and why with a is Misch wheels and beautiful ocean to see Richard Fisher and like I can describe it. He looked so happy holidays and a place of the list here is like. Undersea so he's walking at all fluffy kittens are I know this sounds like a good time actually there really. But those were good callers but pursuant those first got better and better and then. All of a sudden guess we'll. The TA do to. We'll. And I had its last Blas with. Was on. But but but you know those were phone callers that yen a year McDonough he ages going away in years skipping like some of its greatest years of us giving him with the and in tears away. But Villa and in 1993. That Goran there was a royal breaker with a huge deal. The trends in the firebird and then entering those were some good looking com or. Good look at it'll T want to know what you mean this us treasuries were little quirky and someone is. Fixed on the on little bill little a little room deal which you have with the wolves trains in the Q was there and he. They ever return and land on you for those boys in the white blood cells on Google can come as a transit and GT 94 off. Yes he is actually I do know that. In the I don't know what it means the pack a little bit but I don't think. Little mama don't let it remains but I downloaded it may help a lot at all so I know I know at that time frame on the clock means and means it's time. Commute merge where it is it is trying to determine notice this time than it's Doug does not sales. We thought we'd take your built in you can cut stay tuned and drugs don't take his medication route took a quick break we got a lot more and happy hour right here wanna c.'s three WORD. A moment now runs an embarrassment rolled good and what's happened in due June 3. What's happening Charlotte north Kellan yeah. That's who you gonna commute to own and every this humanoid. What's going on. To may get more familiar Louisiana did not. Now on I'm Birmingham Alabama to have a I'll like that that's a big move forward and easy to think of new day homes usually keeps me thinking we would do a segments issues that. To keep children don't just let you know and built in food and I maybe throwing another country be aged he's. I'm not a murderer anchored in the files and on them. No I don't think we'll billion years ago there. Pitt since the oh man. Paris that we get the guilty ones. They'll do through these callers will be six be true visions sixty minute Sanders. Surely is goers were there were they were a big step forward. And did it. We give you a list of the six trans ams pro on my son Diego -- Avery favored trans ams the rim Ayers. Killer killer moral I think LT Wanda yes it is better looking setup with I disagree eligible Kelly player of the a lot of visited dragon look if you will ask for nostrils and it did as it does I don't know I just outlined the bulky big kills us go book and lose by a I'll I think they're awesome I'm an obvious and Sam are just. About perfect power. There there are good looking or all right so. That would be the T case this man and Alice is time related there'll hiatus well Lou the TAM and a lawyers on hiatus since his death and me yes that was the end of the TH 2000. There ultimately losing oil and I don't America's it is. What kind of heroic emeritus Leo and figure out Bissell whose uncles isn't really there. He's running. Yeah you got that sweet and his government job you know one of the winning Q coolest thing usually crushed mutiny Melancon through. You know you're welcome. Him all the banks. And you look at. Fool me but it was so that we get some more pointed form scores we got to hello yeah. Some of this thing oh exactly color performance car. The only performs stick is the spring your running away from it I think you know what I think here's Laura Diaz thanks performance command. It performed so well just rove the company street to the ground. We'll do it and indeed there wasn't bad enough to ruin it into the gave me a bad name. It may every single ugly scar government lists and console and pro is it is pretty bad inside at all. You know it's in other forms corridor where we've we've we've totally forgot about how about the GDP grew angry. There at the 3800 series Siri go go supercharged. That's a big east and it didn't take much and I miss her tail me on to a GT bigger every. Pretty poor little run kind of hard Walsh. Little tricky torched your little thing. Especially torched it. Actually Obama first one for the scorers. GGP boy gratified to hear are largely really cool cars. Well as the same dash is transient. And I think it was cool but it was engages all blue glow routed or this thing is a fighter urges. And of course all the controls on the steering wheel and all that stuff. In the Speedo or stopped wanting. But then it picks reported that displayed just keeps go ahead sprinkled a little demand a loan that everything would be ecstatic onto it really the. So I think there is is an important piece on hand that we can't go on without mentioning. And that's count the rebirth of upon. The GT. The GQ was really cool it's a brutal we took my quantum and in this right here. This sickness brought these strict for game Huber BP yeah that's my foot and he's Majid Cuba. But and it is old I mean there's just fallen Karzai and I SAI guess in this send off off there but it. This cal fire there was a moment timer on my wife and was technically. Pontiac powered surely didn't OG GO ordered remiss today. Congratulations. Now I think uses like. 2500 powered. It a problem now recorder to a bigger drop I really don't know what I think that's what came blood would you over this is the blood that the GTO was a cool caloric. I think. It could have been more can belittle that could have been marketed a lot better but I think as far as like just making any new looking version of the old school car they look great other Big Dig a job with Leo and cars are. It that it wasn't really GG. This beautiful cars gray car. I'll I think it's cool photos jeans yeah it just wasn't really one original NG TO was meant to be. Well I mean idly I was so much for the they that there will live Holden and you know they have the salute just go to the ball and Alia. Bonnie and that's related member of the pot and GA it is well it which. Is absolutely amazing power the GA it's a cool but I think they'll the GQ a little better person. Well I mean you can't you know Leslie it's evicted or today and you can't really beat it he notes. Pretty well attitude or growers still it as well a lot of other referees because you could do the GDP. To coop Yahoo!'s go. The the thing about the GA to me is it's very it's telling the new PP the police scours the decreases. There a Horry extremely roomy caller. With a whole lot of get up and those images makes this so much fun in this little room for criminals to many it to me is like. That year the Pontiac G-8. Would be the platform of the of the well I mean now they did the conferees so it would be the platform for the new impala SS if that would've happened. Yeah of that process that did it GUSSEL. I NE SS was a little more toward Malibu sizable Mormon midsize if you will but. Still a great car but. You know the the GA man known as Liz is a sexy car. On the styling out was spot on and the room and just everything about it to me is as the amazing call our. It was a lot of power. From Mason caught it really is and things are excited. Other than playwright whose dog is till the way isn't it to me there's just some four or sedans that are you know overly sized towers that his get up and go. Compliment the Gaza follow those rules visualize and nowhere near that announcement up like it it's all over that's 43 some. It's close it's another bit. Enough. Meaningless so religion musical sort of local politics of course the record group of muscles this. That's so special place to me as a really amazing little car's also very economics of superpower will lose it and make it as fast as you wanted. We will see Oscar is leaning either he literally. He's dead and we've got here and green are well veterinary easily we have DDM. Or salsa. Which they're really the premier tuner for those cars in the world. And they're in our backyard to the screws it they go do some crazy stuff went the solstice or Scott saturn's. So there scheme physical centers go into wolves was just so I guess this guy was a little. But let's unfortunately we don't have enough money to warn that universal moral that makes present. Is there equal cars there things energy and school break and a mean Chevrolet as the bread muttered oh it's movies and ankles and cars. The client has this kind of a little more style if you look too cool for machete. Bachmann gets pentagon. Oddly one Brent GM of the room which of their rooms that are manner 6079. And one. But he had never unpunished. I want to Monday one mono but what will support me you'll. On well my heart always and obviously strands them a really relieve relieve that one of those but our also loved Allison turns them. Yet. That's you and really give truthful yet I have little war is like it's a yearly I think all you have to do olive leaves the foreigner minute. Bomb blood I think you know Lauren announced a little bit on Mars and beggars Netflix. Will wood breaks distress though a little bit and we want. Him to drive it. The modern player wasn't as usual will liberate. I just like big breaks I'm a mom breaks not. Always happen difficult drum brakes on the back. Yeah I'm now don't care I'm a small that's simply because they can't afford the commercial which really survivors' like com Scott rotors bigger boom is biggest the wheels the cable collision some form of fraud. Any original homes and coming out of that I'm just I'll always like that 6 evening and I'll give you that they're very attractive looking. Bombing you know realistically I would have moved there 6% to over breaks but. Let's just face that's way up the budget that really. But yeah just I'm always like big breaks among growers does think is very very Gilligan little breaks involved I am either I really am. The more breaks and so did you look at my drum brakes Obama over you know I wish I cringe is and how unsafe they are so like if if your if your bruiser quorum breaks into regular life. Middle shelf liquor and blazer six has to do overs. Orleans option I was reliable liquor will muffled drum birdies somewhere around mad dog 20/20 boom. Malt liquor the records. Half half half half. Just they do we got a Craig's list challenge all on X coming up right there doesn't 1063 WORD. As long way to morals and happy hour and you know we hear while Rosen and PO country came on introduces this I mean Q how did it seven until I was waiting to hear were Richard was no cholera tune huge role in the moment. Richard where we where we Buick senility. Was gone down by arming him Alabama. Kept at an. Actually working for so little to Craig's list shall we are. So we got to pick the best ideas. For great idea which is not easy finally put the coolest polity that for group. Or list. Richard. What did you find. Home. Was gonna get something those little morrow hole or. Is there enough. I got the chrome bumper all of the G two huge huge. Problem. No huddle on and that arranged. Did and a 79. Trans am. Conner. Yeah man science there in Iran. For 4500. Let's go to new parts on punitive pitcher whose goal is to go as old as the go when they guessing that 100 list I mean overall and what more meaning we're gonna go a rooster order nukes like in my case. Yes it is actually I don't want to mad about the man that is actually pre nine score for the Miami it's really not a bad deal. Gore's thesis nothing yet it looks the Ria rather solid gold market appears to be in on them answers on some court monsters a donut fog pictures of an incredulous. And I'm gonna boil Julia that in. The good the pictures are little grainy cattle which your mother says quote pictures as seriously though it's not as an item on the and I'm sure you don't mind is common yeah. YouTube we'll pull it. But. Doesn't do enemy they are just like we're talking about a commercial break in the lower abdomen politics literature shows a good point. He's a Smart guy that's a bunker right now we did you cause you know he could've went and got a new trends. But you know lord you're sure it's time. Originally did he went out and they felt veterans have to you could take what little money in that Cora there and you can make money off of the aisle absolutely that that that car race there is a moneymaking opportunity you were Smart young man it's not from me me network cars. Well it's simple silhouettes incorporated CA it process. That's level bus facility as America. Mammy is a great looking car and it'll go great agent turned to ashes. Yeah it's about about what should bring that back and the flats through we will hear. And is a mile. It was definitely two holes so some mr. France queuing queuing. Divulge herself in New York car. You know and we'll have a little high school flesh tone. Guilty world news at that any forward Coca-Cola. Is that you were five years old Haas for his oath of in the California was born it and am December points enters the did you sources. I think so oil is literally by the way and had a doctor's appointment this morning and my Marlon nurses was born on this which points. We should have waited for me but at CNET. But now those onerous you thought it was you all this time never name sales lever that helped hitters it's. There must be a mistake we had a moment Willie intimate moment of talking about how well polling all over there hasn't been all along and now she's there has been well trained and make sure bird the specs of this stuff celebrate Christmas tree and certainly examiners like prisons over. But but America or Malcolm thank you cards are but your birthday it's our our. So of unknown before trends six very cool gore bright really gratified to us most today issue as I at all yeah. I'm a little drizzle that's our little girl that's a phone caller of the opera miss that. Perform roaring in ripped one coming wire we now on the way to give you that now for rooms this is a focal realty wants XP. It is still goes all the gears to confess that's. It's stuff Larry you know real world weather cities. Yeah answer we'll school bus facility Tom gores in Lawrence you know and that's an excellent and I think Lynchburg. Hardcourt performance junkies manic he tells. Who what where you move back talent teacup some TA today. Cemented in the details of the vote. My aunt Tia says we're noses and stuff and is obscene images draws we do with the sixteen kills us the 240 forty of sixty. And there are split bamboo failed home are these things and now permanent changes I mean when he fired up in the and and those bright ray gates just wrote. It ranges is the way to shoot to fills you in any of the council kind of kicks to the rightness. They were just a quick look at the rail and receive it in the little day agenda for the first forty minutes for the court ledger to equal or your own radio or your boost iron memory equalizers to home animal is like some top gun stuff do love this that the big fat she wants to have this fact and not only did into the end you have placed your hole a little thicker there than anywhere since June. Little sexy car and they you know they can let styling and of course some time relatives say they whom tomatoes at me now. In the front entrance announced. But so what did you thought. I actually deliver an hour long drive here and shocker didn't but not to about it I don't know why it made purses. And actually it did. About this topic for another day. But I found portion. I've found me a nice. They pretty boobies today thanks consensus that the I'm a pretty nice 1988 Connick fear of formula with 24000. Original miles club for 4000 dollars that's an amazing amazing car and yeah. Rumors that Broncos guilt and well from junior civil group who do. Yes a little money we saved. Yes the actual knowledge honest 23250. Miles I would wanna check that thing over so yeah right now another school part of you re the dad is a black enough fear it needs paint. Bomb but the car set for many years before firing the cholera all the fluids were empty net changes includes gas oil inching colon. Yeah brand new ones tires on new suspense it's are contained no new Altima and new clothes new wipers in tears almost meant was now missing parts. Sun roof doesn't leak yours so this. And the answer and now lives up a little bit so many others is decimal core issues but all in on meet the ever losing this. Not a bad deal experience somebody parked outside it looks like about a year and in little out of the summit has killed the pain. Bomb is similar policies were bad time for GM workers sinister yet I think you know on nice nice decent paying job on the caller Iranian just running over to make sure everything is what's been SPS think that's really nice towards a better for us we've. You know and I actually didn't have formula I think mine all of that neither one don't think ago thing and one thing now truly unionize. Com is automatic or six but is six cylinder power this formula those ladies are only here for the formula. So I you know a par for the fact that it's not a fussy Torre is automatic. I just hope he can get now here very good deal specially Kamal checks out some money maker if everything checks the right box only car thing. Someone's going to get Taylor. The also to two you gotta find your fear of aid you definitely do. And a I have place for heroes in my heart just as committee and in the oddity to the caller. Bomb I don't get rush well right now wouldn't but Aaliyah rush on one bush if you were in the market in Euro ready to buy a fear of I think this would be one you would now. One will go over onto the news let's some salt won't. There's on the concert. All trees tree and it's one of those answers are there currently it's pretty nice. It is like kids drugs. Plus the thing what is currently has them to have a meeting with normally they're nice course of their kick or you know and if and that's a million things a look at that is a stylish forty caller as a first driver car for kids there because I think it was clear titles marketed actually. I now I think think it's a great marketing going on I don't know. Owing owing money is a great caller we all have our favorites and Pontiac well they were told by a day we've we've covered. Eighty years upon it pretty. Pretty good deregulation nation this week so what does that Airbus got favorites you know double letters be sure to go past podcasts. There's so little she got to punish you greeted mission you won't talk about shoes and messages that would motive. Arab our FaceBook page impressed pitchers up you know visit our as a happy hour on FaceBook. Or honor its Ingraham and yet those pitchers about talk to us his will will post them and we don't back yet we dogmatic. Guys thanks for playing long you loosen hot rods and happy hour here on 1063 WO Lordi.