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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, May 7th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk mini trucks and car show TV.


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Guess what hot rods and nebulous rub bits are probably what's happened indeed Rick's word is out and announced that those drug doesn't get the professor in the aisles Richard the skins. How girls and at Baylor fun casual buzzer slash numbers drew slash do all things real live and until the well it is Marta we are pure rumor has Cooper go to Richard that's Richard yes so I. How poster on my address I mystic when there obviously good old days of missed a coalition. Perelman first call the chain we record quelled. For the spring edition curriculum there for us. 290. Tony for chrome and I think numbers tomorrow we are actually you don't usually close to a model of shoe callers. They gear oil motor for this presence thing that's as Angelo. Move. Carol amorphous that this story is that it isn't awesome this'll Tuesday. It started off as it comes little baby and that's what actually brought us on to the air it brought us together. And now it's like becoming something day that's absolutely incredible. I will say this is the thing and we let our murmur motor for us when it was just talk. Before in Kenya Airways have is just conversation. It was it was just an idea. And now it's Boston and is something amazing and looks like it's only going to continue to grow. Well it is growing every year in the swap meets getting bigger we obviously have more sure of course every time more spectators. Korea's oldest of the motor for us mark my words. It's going to be the next auto affair tiger. All song and it ran and I had a good deserving of every every time live with a spring fall it just gets bigger and bigger there. I say full look to a particular at least tiger aggregates your callers there. All of shows great weather was also a lot of help clear this week and it was on the hospital's mobile and grow and act. He was a good Maggie valley north Caroline for the self these mini Trojan net. Sense for us who we Rhode LO Friday morning got other numbers shift from a elderly serie ANN's Sunday within the awards show. Mom absolutely amazing shows one show that just cannot miss every year. And it inland now on this year's 520. Drugs registered in the show this year. Well this imminent thing is the mini truck and boom is. Is his hitting I mean you're seeing it everywhere your starters he's matrix of them were actually a little about the annual letter to show actually. Only you know it's a trend that's getting really hot and of course like anything out west a sturdy and popular now is working this way related to these curse. So these meanness did not let down so the bishop trucks. And a rail and what's cool about many troop commitment is already happened it happened in the ninety's. And it was a big in the ninety's as a it was also. And you know I was a little young at that time so I kind of missed it but it's like it's it's making a full sweep again as becoming just as popular again. And now what schools not only releasing the new mini trucks are being built but you're seeing people restore and maintain old mini trucks and doing classic mini truck. Bill will I think it's the nostalgia of this what was bringing it back you get all these guys. That built the show trucks in the ninety's. I can't even early our late you know laying an unease. And now. You Lou they've removed owning and got it straight dollar Mosul. Laura or are there looking to get back into the car probably won't they won't. Normally truck but obviously we're just simple but you know what's impressive about it though is now you know like our our good friend Jeff Giles each got one of the most. Beautiful Mazda pickup truck shall ever see and be torn to murder yet sweet hand I mean he restored that truck. He did you it took for welcoming this thing is gorgeous. Just surely tell ya. But the the truck is if it's it's it's basically an homage to ninety's many trucking image there's nothing. This illiterate that you couldn't have gotten funny stuff exactly and it and then you take like year you know you're 92 Mitsubishi might Maxi just picked up the Euro restoring now to deal. I mean this is awesome that people are taking these trucks. That to the normal liar just overlook Little League trucks that are really. Don't take this site content to their useless as far as just a war chart shows. And now people are actually restoring the strokes and put a lot of time love and money into them. And making some very awesome very incredible wealth fabricated machines well and everything was of these trucks is they were always true considers and fabrication oh absolutely you look at any your caller builders they all started as many truckers as a rule and available in addition to chip themselves the equation with the rest of home. That's what they got their start this will get their feet we you know and I want it too far ahead of the game here but you get people against my healing might cool entertainer. He was in many trucker way back in the day woman everybody in the DMZ anybody that's over the age of 35. If caught running has there is literally true if you want to learn a oh absolutely in even younger than that is I mean even time dabble into a little bit. I mean you know I might be 21 night and today. But I mean yeah but it you drove a mini truck it was hammered down like that little lower but no it wasn't hammered anger all the way and I do bags that have to go into the upper east. But. But you know messed up makes it cool many truck had many troops usually used to be Mitsubishi mad Max east be Muslim between 200. You know you show every lows only strokes and now that definition has kind of brought in. You go all the way that we issued v.s and inform callers even Gilligan included in this. Oh human tokens is a broad term is dogs are not things I think many truck in his moral lifestyle it is than days they said definition to based black teachers can't be short snappy salute shall hear things like. After at all. On the exact Egypt all the books but it is one and yeah a polygamy charter heart without a major without the neutral I've got to vehicle sort of beauty and for some reason Panama new sites on understanding of what the hot rod Kindle and Iowa mean for acquittal yeah I don't understand well at least an arrest pleasant router and a monumental bags I guess thank you remind me mantra I don't I don't know I don't I don't I don't understand how this works and finally get it but the thing is cool about that is is these troops wouldn't comment and even so. On board so ought to mean there were all little different. And I mean don't give Merrill a lovely little crazy you know and the new challengers and mustang Camaro isn't stuff that's great. But these trucks they were all different yes like like you give your truck was an extension of your personality and I'm not talking about you know you get the same bill little filtered. For all feel cat that you know your body multitude. I don't know about like nobody rides you can fabricate your build aluminum or cap on the cost of doing anything and it won't what are the motor related really usually AME usually those solely stopped short of the two of the truck yet but body Montague interior colors you graphics no graphics. Always wild stuff and hair brush pain exactly I mean these things were works of art and its and they kids insane interior. Is suspensions. The suspension was there at the owls must say dance embeds a list and stuff like Julie Miller in movement so we're talking curriculum surfaced air and were joking around talking about these short looks and it was really is crazy every Kobe. And his who's who book yet into the school at a 450. Rear engine. It'll air mini truck and then in my non Grata or form. Well he wasn't there with that he was talking about actually he was actually in truck and magazine with a thing. Husband says that's otter but let me help schools and solidity is that you all that money maxim that's got me looking for a program could things. Bonnie it's definitely for one. Every I mean you more blowers is going angles this will be the new thirty do for. But. I think I think to many shrug is going to be is going to become that one toy that all of us have just kind of tucked away well may not even that I think the Disco real mourners come about how things will be strong Fred I'll sure. End and then you'll have your dollar to just stay with an independent I mean the truck and national ocean energy. This past weekend there's filed ordered into forty in one spot. Immigrant we have trucks and care the veteran before the but the thing that was cool low this is these trucks coming they did not leave anything to be desired decent gorgeous Pollyanna. There were very very few trucks snares that Warren just worthy of mention yet I mean their horse I would hate to be the minute judge. Well absolutely the show right there probably by far one of the hardest shows to add that to judge Lance. I think as they want to extend an extra day is just because. Of that he does the capacity of vehicles or the need to be judged I mean well but things that we can't do is here next in the segment any longer we go. Take a commercial break Gaza we have a lot more hot rods and happy and bring us right now I don't know Ortiz it only took a run lately and I'm not a half. Just look at the hot rods and IPO we're talking about the meaning trust in the ads. Now meg about little Carolina is a beautiful place quickly got the mountains are everywhere in and again and that and that one goes it's always amenable to aluminum. And that. Great pitchers are there. And I have theaters was a great location for sure and things school loses the cubs and regularly actually shook the main drag him. At least all the miniature which cruise and of course are for everything you do is drag skate drunks grossly asphalt those dollars. Now it's awesome. And it's also with schools like a lower cholesterol and make it perfect and now we'll have disintegrated today asphalt Elmer rip the back of the at all into the asphalt. But you know what that's that's was awesome because they'll go back and repair it in duty in next year. And that's miniatures in app. They don't put down issue for you and then fixer truck again so again coming next you're say that's a little bit different economy any trucker. Seizures give blogs. Get this money maximum frame his body dropped their finger keep my on this triple put the rocker panels Holmgren you know. Literally took forward Lamar role. Nell. Do you think after all the things about they were in their meals that level blues thing though as well as you look at this capsule. And not a chain and step back and not agent how Norway micro fibers dale while sitting still and I let the body. That you lost your mama and I'm the same problem with the jeeps back in the day they lifted G this thing and a lift don't like no other like. Forty Jews only in at the lumber tariffs on all this stuff. I am his court rid of repeats of chrome could throw at it. Bill do you do you don't trail. And I drove out there is oblong cake at a Jeep and drove over anything can happen happen. Ditto trails are Selig jeeps and they got no growth and Aetna memo and they hope to. Pat pat pat cash out you know what they do have data center scratches and have been rolled over the windshields most of my view of the day a little I do apology global washed it like it bothered me. Mud DOO Bruton is likable but occurred downtown parking and today let's say mush bungee career we're surely. It. That mall crawler exact models take a sack. Exactly meant that I hear her pocket crews remained remain straight leg in the world this Manson a mall all rollers. Until furrowed VA CJ's and adamant once you paint it Kramer an outline taking forever you closed your mud and trees that are I just waxed my career and thousands AstraZeneca and to. And payment differential big Gunter puddle. If you vols your mama and home mall crawler that's money faith pavement for instance it has pavement consists. Now and his usual to me is that gala like to keep it must of malice and resultant or cars or racetrack you know I don't want torture callers rock -- policy. Growing up. There were dragged callers that he's gorgeous Cain repainted blow into beautiful dress collision course or reload the ground really fast. And authority is look there were symbolized don't have everybody yeah. It and other animals of humid little drama going the what they would have diapers to talk to you know a lot of action we don't do those things until the garage Dave Reid boarded Pamela A group. That I've talked about go to one openly drugs or you see you see the banks that Mel who is this just sit there. Legal means on the back what daddy's home aside pillow wagon. They're tossing that out shut the garage doors back out the drop was because I'm trying to home yeah. I see what's behind door number two and oh yeah. Still has regular of the wagon it lived up to its notorious reputation at maple river in my you know I actually you know liberal judges think you've got guys dragging trucks down the road and I managed to get pulled over at the station wagon. I mean you don't think about it we've gotten meaning truckers their lord knows what goes with the other we've had to laugh ha ha but you know what what else shenanigans are doing or top of the meaning drug import. In the end you vehicle over airing nine passenger and anyone caprice station weigh in now in my defense is probably louder than anything else layer. And they want to hit it was about polar front wheels off to cram it greens. I'm shaking my head right now and you can see this is radio but it's a real wage is it easier him exploiting this to me. I'm a one I don't know this moment till now they realize that I just won't like smack him until I'm doing this for you not for me. Like you are doing it's got the look like. That's out of illness completely unintentional so it was an intentional to be throw it and instead of a sudden accelerator going Miller wrote his own intelligent well at first it was do you have like a kitchen your list so you get a media at had a cramp his book who happens Campbell at all yeah yeah you you gotta you gotta you gotta Korea like sorely. The blood vessel go to the brain is on to say hello what. Had happened ones as well the parade was going on ever NASA Reno I want to wagon out rules ban them straightened. Such a right now and usually have enough. Such a ministry of and I turnarounds and that salaries and denied she fell all because he can't jam accelerator. So on the way back of the road at the end traffic rules clothes on drug court vs talks yielded more. And which typically never ever do. And houses and their views in the throttle and get no where the front and was about picking up off the ground just to have a suspension who have done it now knows that does is that's. Guild it's about picking level program. Well I thought we got outside and that's the theory I don't want to assistant as we have been conditioned here to do. That's how we also shows there's illegal flow of things well I don't know the numbers about it too much. Year over year amigos go hours. Anything but reliable let's hope the words he uses drugs now. See that's not fair entrance element I just drew and Manny Valium Bagram drive and now under miles today it's very reliable actually. And it just sit in traffic for like thirty minutes with a it's good you've done it twice. And don't go looking good to go that three times and what about you Valium. Yeah I am and were definitely drive back so you win or we weaving hit thousand miles yet we're call reliable. I'll you know one scoreless along and guess. Families of the 2000 models of all the root exactly. Any now. So I ams and Houston in aisles and see blue eyes and Leanne and I apple over. And accounts say salukis and understand is the first stories and by. How many do you calm men down room after a chance and I'm so glad I wasn't in the coral review because that's their arms is Hugo orchid to excuse I'll allow it I would get out the caller. Those officer personal. It's not a fiasco because his stuff looked at the station way. Get some books what hot rod magazine and read it well it and it actually is pretty fast ordinance that fast mullah. It was freeway eases my for Roy you know could be keep on doing a phenomenal parties and knowing him all fun you want it's what that would mean I certainly. He goes yeah I'm sure imported them given. So my Mo one little truth finding it to them get those offers all that matters is the in this well we're not bailing you out of the locker open Maggie Natalie can only imagine how I'm sure it's pleasant. I thought maybe you. It's got to be a little bit there in union that have been there who could so. Isn't it has that thing on face were excited smoke from the meat of our club saw. Scott said it broadens there was not one expired on a more and approach thinking rule Taylor's. Until it was packed and else's these commercials we got that and also for the same disgusting to we got more routes and appeal ringer 1063 WORD. They'll look at the hot rods and having listened Robb Pitts and woods. Happen in days and Eagles them muscle. Occasionally Richard out. Mullah Richard how are you doing academic or you don't get them to order. You know it's what was that your router on the stage because of that I have run run resolutely zoo of our worldwide delivery there and if it isn't even here yellow terrible I'm a tall and I'm looking for other black and it's not a failure you are terrible that is probably injured looming pro investor I think our guess that would. Manuel mentioned it puts you into. And flew over for important untreated and and we sports. Sticks and it's I love Carson much because there's someone in my life that hates so much in this while. And you know haters are motivated synthetic gear and your spirit and a good saying. Dumb reason. I'm. But that's a question. And that's a subject for another. Well we LE a year before we have a conversation. So. But talk about the meaning drunken anyway were to finish. Another who caucus with the garage or faster well this past week yes as an ocean water on this we've come and go home. They actually have shown. McCain I mean he's managed he actually bill Krueger crew goals in 92 surely do Lee. That does recruit into the cup topple for the full draw system booster was built not a great on Iran and James. Of course here the first units glow from an Scola a Scottish US. Phone and I. And unknown assailant missiles a true true it was a struggle to cover of every magazine shrug and a Chinese everywhere it was an every magazine well the story goes that tool company bought it. After your showing unknown whether the tape with two ukrainians. And two company bought in the reused from promotional purposes. And basically they they used for a little while and they parked it and those who is certain winner Al Syverson. Not a lot of use for a 92 surely do we would know topple a little tough durable enough things not useful and went on though real harassing and a lot Baha I dropped another way. This settlement rocks yeah but still forward for throw nobody'll this good stuff. Of guess what drugs Richard drones are they buy it. For suppose we'll they're more for swells seven to 12100 dollars. And they are actually restoring it and restore that back there of donating some things on some of the things that. So things are doing to I don't agree with some of the things are doing to legacy while it is or saving money because some of the details of the flames and stuff well I mean Mike Boyd has. And done overtime and restoring the paint job on the stroke well that Waterston is every cleared the entire and he's an amazing job we the remaining near repairing a big Fella spoke of before related stuff. But the pulling the full for 24 global oil which are due to understand. Including in elicits. A sixties and different exactly rolled over to form what's ordered and true I exactly. To me I think. To me personally and this is why I think they're doing it. And why I also agree with that what they're doing really is is bringing this stroke from Maine ninety's custom and bringing it up today. And there's a lot things you don't have to change not changing anything else answers into your color Richard Samoa really change a lot of aliens here and they did you know just history blackened here where this one had a lot of political and performance over purple white purple why inside. Which fit fit the truck really got me from a 101000 volunteers easily. In this truck it is all custom but they just saw the marine green bottles yet. And but they just modernized little bit brought up to speed so they went in and read on the entire suspension setup on I would take it hydraulics which results of what they re good result Diaz thought those were the hydraulic sustained without drugs related for a link in the rear area and modernize that anybody thing is tomorrow as well colonel bags has been well you they have that conversation on gas monkey which I thought was also just. Mean personally I probably would have swapped the truck over two bags but one of the cool things out of it was the whale hunters are set up in the rear. The fact there was a billion hydraulics it's kind of rare and of itself. So I admire the fact they kept that and get to the way it was. But you know I don't I think the new power plant no blunder than it actually adds a little value to it brings it to speed there. And you know what she I mean they don't know the history of the fourth before obviously it's consistency. In my opinion you are sent out a point where you actually had to go to rebuild it. Why not just modernize it was something even better. Oil woman will build an institution. This while they put Kruger but. I don't know three probably vote actually preferred it with a four over to force a live team itself full size one tonne truck at the end of the day Yemeni state full on show piece are really. It really doesn't matter if they're so down the road there today either via four cylinder and a truck you know do everything initiative but well. And you know or school of fish register along which I think was another kind of a slap that it didn't I don't agree with that. Alone I would have I want to search engine that you know so I want to put some similar bills that were only there to get too far from the plan when the. No they get too far off on the wheels within wheels are very tasteful with a put back on it. I think the fact that they kept the paint job of the trucking did not change any major you realize coalition would cost huge change is going to have a true Bolivian route or to recreate the re create as much as the trucks going to be northwest stopped. Pretty much I think they have in next week we'll see but I think that stroke with a history behind that truck. On knowing who has built by and everything about it I think that truck has the potential to bring some really really high numbers slowing the cool in the Drexel. And you know Shawn wasn't wasn't very famous guy in the main trucking industry but so that was really cool they actually passed away right before or animal me yet we're actually I was talking to a two weeks before it passed away. Peete bill where you are actually he built will cheers. Custom wheelchairs. And for kids who are disabled kids and he would actually build them. To their neat. And arming these things were tricked out custom paint all the stuff Mosley did. Error in this good student was is genuine straight up and everybody in the trucking community. Absolutely love this guy he was a god in the truck comedic acting actually god going to a caller show. Auto motorcycle up that's crazy. But most everybody you're gonna tell you when you're you know. And so you do we'll be missed in this column in this true it was just one of meaning he built. But this is blower is more iconic builds and I'm so glad to guess what you do in just timely Rico. You need it no they didn't I think they did a very very tasteful very very respectful job. Was built on the stroke I think. I think that they had to do some stuff for the longest monkey flair to it as Richard always does well I'm surprised as little molecules where I'm shocked I'm actually not I'm actually not column I'm very happy without turned out I think you broke the truck up to. 2018 if you will I think it made it. New in and of itself but still maintain what crew cut is in I think they did absolutely fabulous job with a and if I had to guess in my mind. The stroke will probably end up on auction and the money will probably get donated. To some sort of cheer because if I had to guess well hoops Karuna I really think that's the angle. Richard Rawlings is working with a stroke really believe I don't know. And we'll see you know Monday but. Tomorrow nine nothing's going to run your mental outlook so. We'll see then but I really firmly believe that's what he's onto the stroke has thus guy averages a review of watching good. I think that it does the rate on terror related. That it really could Joseph shortly. The choice just cool to sit in those particular group which recognizing that a glued to the house fire I remember having a magazine that jerk on the couch for Aaliyah knowing who didn't yeah. It's a live their friends are actually come Minnesota won with a truck and magazines were today is a probably know there was there was still has. Yeah air Rezko now a look at that last week it. But yes I think it is absolutely fabulous job and manages the fact that gas Markey bill that truck. Just goes to show you that many troop movement is back in in full swing. Well this those sort of full swing but he is definitely particular posting here is that we're picking of stinger in the mean. Let's say you're in the next years or your we'll see a lot of media trucks popping out the popularity in them. Com here is a deal of these guys these trucks that the war back oh yeah drop economic thing is. It's all supply and demand. They are now beyond sweep the more it's not flooded with chemicals well Astros got crushed I mean they got demolished to me there's nothing left to look into the matter you know the ones it and get turned into a complete custom drug. They were drove into erupts in order fellow or write a real will wasn't cinema IMAX or detoured when our body that was decent you know or. You know big rally Protestants here between you want. We are of the view is if fewest in four rounds still yeah and it's as an extreme exactly and I'm one of the bearings army office. Yeah I mean your room that's the thing I mean these these trucks are getting your kind of scarce so now they're getting popular so Daschle is the everybody who. And I'm anxious Seaway after market does so because right now there's nothing. Literally nothing on the aftermarket from the strokes. And keep in mind we mean it wouldn't bomb like people doing Reebok stuff for. Lou that nothing really as of year there's. You're gonna give to me and really could probably put that ring steps up. And that's unique thing I don't know that you'll ever see a time when that truly happens because of the you know the scarcity of the trucks are exactly I mean a little tsunamis well they're still in thirty some popular boring and sorted now I think you like your older Rangers Childress ten year old because they'll always kitsch you know like someone like on seasonal stuff of two played on those. Also avoid that little import drugs alone reassured import drugs you know there's there's don't come a time where you don't find ports and more aware of their military so must we fund every terms these commercials religious or reduce our destitute we got more hot rods Libya Rainier 1063 WORG. Muslim and hot rods that Leo Richard what's happened. Are you not down with a mini truck talks. Absolutely man I demolished. Like along the first time around and so if you're gonna build a custom mini truck what would you build a first Jen asked or first and Canada. Who will squared it goes there's actual amendment announces pretty nice Baghdad his blog one of everything yeah that's really Baghdad ought to mean. So rob it's what many true would you bills you know go on abortion a weird out of I had to pick would love to have a hard body but. Development and mine and an expert from. I think for me personally. Would start list and extreme. So that's going to be triple the windows though that's an internal cultural giggles that town that will have will enforce the rules were still those after. The meeting drug craze like that was like. The electricity sales of four of the media trailer. You'll see you tomato older yeah. This poignantly to used to capturing this is the system only you commit to anything good symbol only as it is it is no way to Sobel a deal liberalism because this your idea of old school and there's no there isn't 2003 model for other. I asked if you want me to go old school and I did and NASA H1N1 get exactly do you truly want. And 97 model truthfully yes that works well and as we usually you have built to how would a look at these and between one feel back into the eighties and and Berlin man the detour you'll know I actually don't utility tool storage. While I had 86 innings our money as 86 and the first year for the yeah I had an exit. Exactly there's dozens before there was a servant dornin is an excellent era that a shrubs or removal ministry because on the doubts and IA TF which. It was weird though because. The attack but the thing out of the bank emblems that. And not send him an BCA it Datsun 280 ZX Turbo my knees on the lesser now. As a mouthful is confused and he has big Hamilton. Could it is. Total win the printing plant sent but the a loser so that they are cool though it seems that policy of making a comeback. Alone you know who moved to assume you're popular what the cool thing about it now is technology in their eyes change much and they're not run around like lumber wagon to mourn the structure actually smooth driving trucks. When Jeff Giles knowing he can drive his literally inches off the ground just fun rattled into the trailer is perfect couldn't. And I give more time we usually draws a stroke and read it's it's a good looking into beautiful truck. Elisa the world do you like about me trickling its maybe it'll bring some life into the cor surely get people doing different things. On I'm mogul on main tough slam here and today. Me which is thirty room. Many trucks are. Probably the most custom much fabricated. Most T killed attention. Given to. Com. Just all around and this farce custom it is the best the genre vehicles. Once say that elicit your lips slid the year was for all blue blue moon let's listen to him around for the money put anywhere else I'll give you. And this is saving these customs. Yeah. You know low riders there are drugs in the seventies that was that was the escalated as ill as the oldest of this we're down. Now and it'll it'll inspire them on the Centre but obviously tells me it's usually in the throat you take a van that's. I wish I would have moved wind and I wish the year classic Colorado guys are your modern all right guys even. Would take. And a little bit from the many truckers its terms of making something truly custom nudges part of your wheels and put stickers on it. But truly my jealousy policy children adore animals yes. Like do some crazy you know put it put you know 1969 challenger door handles and unity challenger. Boy let's look forward looking when that but I mean you know probe or ovals. It probably actually would battle a battle on the chip actually the seventy challengers. Yeah that'll give a little flat Ortiz linger via M a little those that actually work they did very small. Wrong Dakar we would look small door but do something like that you know tigers and I agree with it you know don't don't just put a sticker on and power bigger wheels and paying your calpers and call today. You know that there in the end discuss. They haggard at NATO alternately do you like Tulsa. Visit from the her really be like things kind of popular but but you insane actually you know like I always fall back on this car John VITAS challenger. Do something like that there's hidden roll cages and Mike York. You know there ability that you see it well but you know on says that either there will trying to hand. So there will pride and ego under the that you can need often were lodge on Vegas XP and on Ottawa a three year old that to me when I look at it like it needs is expertise. Jobs of the law. Superstores. 64. I would out of pro automatic I don't under our manual every day. Yeah probably six you could hoops. Us when viewing the miles on them and as my car and I think his truck is straighter off. When you put the miles on the car let them and it's what Marissa plan and our. Goal. Now as he takes on the line now why in this is a strip hot rod Lido driver today yes or succeed him. Have fun with some allowances. Could lose a little bit there sort John I I actually don't think so I think of course perfect in their way. But I mean you know do stuff like that that's custom that's nice. In and I can just visualize exactly but I think many truckers really embody what custom truly state do embody what custom is that you only get maple oval room. In some of the others aura will fill easily ideas or root or revolutionary but you know what let feel like the user rate I mean there's a guy there had account lever system set up for his bags there's gather. I wanna say two years ago. Then I forgot the truck they had but he actually had hydraulic pumps. That pumped up and when they needed they've pushed a hydraulic fluid into another set of hydraulics in the back to lift the bag because there was room for everything. So anti drug pumps that work back here that. Operated appeared mistress for books yes transfer of Mosul was in the way of set up as is absolutely amazing. And whoever said actually thought the system and made it worse a man's mind blowing but that was the only way he can get what he needed done done with the Spacey head in this and then this work a little detour would pick them for Scott. But I'm coming. Engineering and then as it's amazing things many shark. Is vote their full of ideas. Like you said our and they don't really makes cents and they're not really. Quote unquote possible. Well aware that there are there to serve her purpose really mean this though like dual purpose vocalist of fraud are also legal for drag racing her. Or even built for you there bill just to show its its building is lowered to the ground. And delivered to show us what you do. There may argue look at what the friendlier detour speech coming grant the forest it is so valued about drops vandals and you can lower books of course she could do that for years. But like you through these guys build custom chassis through these things to get them even lower body of trouble. This is the store mall you don't Bob futile goal on the body drop dot com in order your body drop. Know what you do is you order you. And torched and cutting anti. Back in the day there danys on news 9000 dollar pickup truck south title one now it is you don't know my new 80000 dollar pickup truck the man is still there were there was there was look at 2002 guilty he's he's overall of the girl's body drop I just got to wonder don't you hate to be the man at the base the sun moment. I just come good future okay I gotta wonder what the banks thanks mom doing that to their drugs on June 3 if they only Ling and if that ball that truck gonna put that kind of coin into that probably. Yeah I hope they do anyway. That earlier and is on the mall it's. Businesses fifth. But and it it is insane you know you got the same in DC. 300 of those drugs or you lose your word but. Yes and Lisa Marie cerebral everywhere contacts no skid into my car lots and walk on asthma. Non AA is absolutely mind boggling new words and these guys put in the strokes is is second to none and I really wish. This other genres in the car community would seize this Lowe's home synagogue Hogan that some of the stuff will stick with these guys who make more control tower. There and build a more cost him via yeah. On I think we've lost the touch in this modern day in day balance of custom callers don't don't metal work and stuff like none and part of he's designing anything. 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