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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 18th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rods for dads.

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It does look hot rods and at the lives of its. What's that mandated man a tale of a sudden I bring in Richard Richard Hoskins tolerance and every resident. Numbers guru slash financial buzzer slash. RS discolored that's. Small small displacement turbocharged. Gurus. Sacramento California what's happening. A lot of love it I love a lot actually get some feedback that he mentioned detailed in Canada there's somebody live theater announcer now. Go ahead and area. Second jewel we showed did he think now I'm pretty sure that's JQ. To order all around the nation are some. Saskatchewan. There yet there goes that one that that one minority in cities you know I nova care whether it's Colin debacle or purchase it lives up there hockey. You know Molson beer and eat there and may believe. I'm pretty sure yeah maybe campaign. Money. Betancourt or as magazine via. Day today and yeah I think he actually says that it is that they don't they have no more than a little bit. You go to what little two dollar agreement to local schools have been I've been quite busy in and you know one normally. I don't talk about what I do outside of here. My well the cozy dimensions on those on the radio this weekend in this week again so. For those two adults they will suit for a jail birds from the mount these improvements in those those other similar. For those who don't allow follow me on FaceBook on any social media actually have recently took a job down Columbia. And renting goers like I was due. But. Actually irreparable we talked to Chris bull before the owner of the job with venom on the ship before. But we've got some interesting projects pro through and actually tie and re here to the upstate. Bomb one being ALC 500 Lexus which is Alexis is new superpower its over now not super orbit. High end luxury car. But is it makes. Just under 500 horsepower. Freedom of boxes over a 100000 dollar or in loaded Naspers for a for Cameron yeah I mean is it is its high end camera is you get. When he had this car belongs to Lexus America and they've done is Michelin for the gold rush rally and is visitors up for a full custom around. So the score will be touring for ten days on the gold rush rally that's cool yeses and actually. It's been drove by Gary here of the upstate mr. John Valencia. That's cool yeah Johnny Pulitzer. And Johnny's been on the wheel he's the wheel meant for the suffering from or when John it was this all. So you and I noticed nobody ever sees that part but you know what I'm saying. Armed via this the bill rusher early this year actually takes place this starts off from Boston. Just in New York Pittsburg Detroit Saint Louis Memphis Dallas. Albuquerque a Scottsdale and then ends in Los Vegas as well scripts other. Awesome tour the country really. Toward the end of the month they'll be taken off actually kicks off June 22 and runs through July 1. So. That's going to be one heck of a trip and this caller. Just talking about they'll see 500 in general. Very amazing north. Very cool cool very cool Gorham and I'm not the biggest. Lexus all of America cannot either. As you can tell because Michael toyotas with you know. Bottle. A law like this call her fiscal or is usually I guess daughter will realize that Michael look alike did it the attention to detail by Alexis in this hour is second on the oncoming just. All the little things and there's actually there's a guy doing quote you brought excellently well home. Yeah I'll buy it now on I'm just saying the Lexus has released that to them. How about that Markovic also Cadillac this is general matters there Robert Griffin and just say it will. It's the Cadillac and a minute. They calm there's actually twenty minute video online ever got reviewed the LC 500. If you get an opportunity go watches in just here's the thing which is about thirteen Manson's the video. To hear this thing running is sounds like a court is absolutely amazing. This car sounds phenomenal the wheels on rather amazing the interiors as pushes against. I mean down to that details of buttons for the radio and all. They're so high end and not like anything else you've ever felt before the edges there aluminum there very nice they they press very well mean. The detail is second to none in the store it's absolutely amazing if I was going across countries you just describe a book and being able to Frist very well yes and yes I did. You know it's nice to him thanks let's and I'm really good President Bush and you get there if you ever get my caller uses you would understand I mean everything about it is very nice. Very tightly though there's new rattles or anything in the correlate. I mean is some lower and goers used rattling and all but there's nothing in his doors very tight if you have a rattle in any new caller there's a problem well there is rumba this one I guarantee auto intercourse you rooted in the early years of ever overcome back. You know I'll examine this is a nice may cause it is absolutely absolutely and I guess we'll then that led to the second browser Richard closure bodes for a snub. You know I mean they're pretty approachable all I don't know if wanna put him up against the Lexus four goes well how does a little little a little bulletin India over here with the Lexus approach months now and that's why don't share stuff with the Deseret here and Muslims well they trail so little. That's executed press and it's a darn good for us and look and they know what you got that would do well I was making a point of down to the smallest of details Ahmanson Lexus is open in this called palace the gas cap it off and again skepticism has moved its author as the water isn't great -- click on and enjoy doing clinics theory they're Horry got a hold the steering -- to your left there's a line of a panel of nice ones. Very stressful buns. And the four bogeys turned on my way you save themselves for buttons for buttons there and the far right when as the guest Kevin just punctured abilities as is that just for this door of the cap doesn't pop yeah it bewildered. I'm trying to think is there music play when now over the census and in the course amazing. Let journeys are split Republica store you know I don't stop believing me now moon and then there exactly and as well Adams. Or is that we will the low fuel comes on the final countdown and I don't. And I saint. But yes that happens. As a rising garden what will they think of that next Andy you guess I reality you know loveless. I cement onto our next project another go over Israeli power about a McLaren. Does for Google can clear business. This one is a twelve Ciba. The very amazing cars actually broke several records forums horsepower rating on hyper cores out of Charlotte is actually as building the power to its custom cleaners causes very custom glasses and a look at Scotland and what do we do into the sprinklers. Listen we have drafted them irreparable we wrapped in chrome pong pool crying her hands full from rap and Alex interest pitchers that aren't that bare faced vote. Page of this you know the Sunday. Bomb. But the car is absolutely amazing a who's breaking loose on the nine opened hyper power. And there but it made just over a thousand horsepower. Beef to the wheels before doing this and the early twenty's yeah. Like a demon 1000 hours are no this is this is scary it's like a paper airplane with a thousand horsepower 1000 horsepower to the ground keep in mind to romance is amazing car. Bomb in the get the opportunity raps on the this was actually raising us well. On I think they're actually just going to be doing the second leg of the gold rush rally with the score as the notes still got a lot of finishing it is for is to build villas. I mean again another amazing or at Corleone did to see that often made aside every day McLaren rolls through. And and I know we don't talk about super cars a whole lot on this show good if you have the opportunity Milliken one. Is absolutely anything to stumble a little attention getter a bit from one of oh yeah and here's fire out. Jesus. Is so amazing sir Richard what do you do this week. No and not the technical front and you know what I live a wash my callers and you know I'm I installed in new full gas pedal. In the 56 and that would fundamentally is afoot for against Garcia for six since that day yourself yeah this is actually it was a pretty pretty hardy install usually have far somewhat well. Hear how will's going to which of truce was busy so you don't want to diploma self Washington for YouTube videos so called bull went with the so you do to save manage people don't know all layers of Obama so on the chasers and everything Ross actually for former senator Barack Obama wrapping powers you can flip gas car by ourselves you know real real rover on him in jail like. On it I'm done and what I'm just on about a deal Muslims so I think you know the better week my nowadays that thing you do I got it used to shade under two engine while Italy it take three days on the McLaren around I'm I'm impressed I really have bills we will sort of well they consider legal lawful and hit it really does a thing. Salem analysts think commercial break Shelley. I'll tell you what does things that we got a lot more roads and happy our government should this week we're talking dead rides oh god bring marijuana 63 WORD. Got movement grows and happy and what's happened ended in a day was that it little it and ovals and I am doing that we're. Well I'm in houses look and seeing some good to talk about you know I got so good to overwork and about veterans Richard. Let's go to Daytona Beach, Florida. That's my town are out there alone it and pound it I guess. We're talking about dead rats rental only really really interesting oracle and Edmonds as it kind of what he inner it's interesting is it is thinner and sometimes you think they hit they hit the building and sometimes they pick ourselves in the both of them. They actually have a list of the top eight dead callers. And you'll follows date router on the corner and well actually today is posed as the oracle were recorded this before filed Tuesday yeah. But technically airbase hearing this on the seventeenth. But you know say and do the beauty of recorded radio that. But no we chino and that means also. This is three and version of Grozny and it is that it is a threat or three were the better we went through our terrible to lose and we're three through. So. In radio like there were nine and two reordering two yeah but you know. So we're talking about dad doesn't Edmonds is compiled a list. Apparently there's Nicole doubts Edmonds who he probably also a they did not consider Kim bits now where we're doing monetary with a cool then went from that we had to let it will get them later when. Does that angeles' coolers so they got all the different types today that the CEO day. In any drugs at Torrey seventeen Mercedes millions G ill yes. Let's do so is this UV it's a good looking go to your own. But I think the CEO dad would have his wife drug that yeah unity and does it probably an ass off well here this Jesus saying see you are dead old lady drops this. You know I'll see. But I mean it's just a mile this is probably the best car on the entire list that's they drop like a rock for me here. Which are today soldier dead drug no my dad would not drive says my effect my dead and drive nothing remotely close to that was your day drove a Mercedes it's additionally. Net. And then you've got you know what my that would go horses this year either you know. And America that's I think my coach Cheryl and come to god because General Motors don't make it that's what. As well as well that would drop and you're dead the person he you know. These these solid guy he's sorry guys straight Phil yeah it is a fun day there won't get into a million listen. Probably on Monday but still sub before every vote and all right so. We got the mix of the shift. The shift dead the shift in this is not. This is the amount is not my father is in my via mail look at Matilda is on the but it made me. That's something else that's like plus. That is a lie you knew that it Roberts that's a thing see my dad is not around to teach me such knowledge. The particular moment when you could cook up I need to know these things all right. The top when he seventeen Honda Ridgeline cool if that dirt thing looks like it. Honda Odyssey minivan and that you caught the back of love if my dead this as the dumbest looking pickup truck ever in my bedroom that worried that he's actually just got pulled the pickup trucks it looks funny look as well we thought we talked about these strikes before there's no way this is the so my age do this is the 28 team trucked to buy if you will. Because everybody wants a from a draft pick that's capable of throwing about a 150 pounds he shrugged it off you don't need a truck or Rampage would walk a lot of blood what do you what do you tell him over the ship what what you pick this welcomed with three bags of groceries in the back up and I think as as the ship flaky new nuclear boxes of like fresh Hellman and backers. They were the need to put the books of Mahan in this thing is like this is this is there an illness that controlled ever. That sign a truck it's like a civic meets a war policies in and I know I mean it was more for this I agree rental Rampage is more related take a Rampage has hired towing capacity than that actually which is insane. As it's it's either higher or very close. Which she is bad sanctioning it costs for our listeners recasts it in in remade walker Texas ranger of course they would use chilly north buckles. News for John John Norris can still kill everybody thinks. Any Coppola and holder for clues left I myself today I'm all I'm laugh at certain horses on the news he didn't match and like Ali yeah. You know what he couldn't junior because they think it's funny do. His life is like all these names were just lies Sheridan Wyoming this is I mean it that makes sure okra or let it go role and all of Jerusalem for a the golden today at you now find their own is Allen's defective at that point they don't put muscle book for adoption. You know. If if if dad rolled up and arisen on you really might want take him to doctor. Yeah we're worried about that was the chauffeur heard any notes Madison. Handy for you today is you know it's man is someone that out there's actually driving original. Really the thing is that she's got to use them have a our dumping water available. Went well. Well I've heard people say give ski gas while you're driving a truck you don't get good gas mountain drugs. That's the rule. As useless and there's is is as the writer Elizabeth listen I'm a Christian no no no closer than this Sunday if you do have skip on the show for bed the chauffeured. Women. See that's the first thing about them my goodness sounds and Election Day Lincoln there logo I name policy Ellington know. No Lincoln's on this list kids about it 2018. To you to see you look who always what does that tell you know what that is an innovative. Who wouldn't comment on the street and many members of amid the and it's pretty primitive animal life. And he's pretty sexy pair of socks you Wear here originally. When you're dead and do the big thing a city of and is six to overturn them. Well inundated they gave violence styling points and still. It's minutemen. They need to give it like on fire I mean I just I just imagine like hall and all the kids to you now. Coming to shop where I don't have it I mean like nine comfortably. But Cunningham did affecting those nearby in a big bill would. Does give us this smear him and device if you need based on what I have to signaled that result soccer team goes and who loses like it was chauffeured it was a blow to the daughters in double click here is you have to from in my has a life muscular in the factory the only real I don't give it. Should think it's intimate date of this. But my dad I slit his wrists before he rolled up with a minivan. I would I would pay a lot of that is this. Yeah exactly how would pay a lot of money to see your denim and amp. Well that they've made enough. But what happens is that would be great experience Mac and back and and honest critics if not for you really. I don't say Bullock whom I would payroll. Reminds you that. And Dylan who I mean this is I mean that's. I Jesus minivans that I would put my dad a minivan. Islam to tell you opt outs I'll stay you know I look at the wheels first and foremost as a real shiny and here. But hindsight looking at the front in this single play has been knocked in the mouth. This is like snubbed noses can be as little slope nose in his listeners vote punter in the through. Right right let's not Obama's history and their images or a jury found of these worsening. With the LP imports. Boo really whom will we go we'll studio Mark Crispin he is here if he is well liked and looking low horsepower for me anyway. Hold that thought let's alone argument world as we are facing bills on this Toys 'R' Us stay tuned we're talking debt round that's right you're hot rods and via a 1063. W awarding. And I'll rosneft and what's that ended. Richard. Was out and Boulder, Colorado Colorado. I'll tell you will have a feel I feel we're the adults in the through and we are well welcome Robert broad broad. Pryor's Pryor's bull. The we get a week we're let molding we'll you know we'll a younger guy. And he says something. That was just totally out of line you know what to be honest I really Abiola who you are my friends are campus mail. I'm just did an infamous in here until aren't Sosa will you be made claims that a minivan was cool. Not cool I think it's just the horse powers he. Right so listen listen listen what you're saying is horsepower appealing in a minivan and not well. I will say minivans make decent horse however there's a reason for that we'll get it and say how much horsepower did many men make. Says that 2018. Toyota Sienna. Makes 296. Horsepower piece. I mean we're just impressive. To mess they've made of him. Or until you do you he scored in the way of so many venomous and in Iran where 4600. Pounds on I think is seen premium. And and 6000. Owns the next ma oh. Goodness gracious they'll turn it makes cruise ships. 6000. Panels. Nancy now we're educating young will hear in the fact that although look better in the same token will alone give you a little available to homeless want. So he's it was for a 600003. And as a source don't. Autos analyst issuing it was a much but it makes fogler or. So you're the one in the world those six either so it works a easy now easy it works super station wagons made of is. You know I don't like you anymore. But it's I don't it's it's but we're we're not only is far more shall you know one out here falls out among them. And that is what your story do I know mine is as old as of yours dozens of Islam for. I solicitor continents then we shall be and we shall listeria on that bandwagon and send the good news. Ever have originated. It's is looking to. It's that it's perfect and spiky. It's it's it's not since. He has emphasis placed who is closed slightly as ways by he has an extra man c'mon dude are you excited you know method or he's excited. It was going got adult day and god it's Dennis Weaver who. Didn't hang on and we get the most serious Forester. And the Subaru Forester de La La and in Asheville north dale and but every moment as a group recruitment. But the Subaru Forester bears all the things that are wrong with the world so yeah Janis Joplin song put together and and one of them Berkus proxy or put them but it always crusty tomes yes. Man about it all natural. School. A little bit but we're gonna roll the innocent on the Gloucester. The many bad apple is bad Manama today is Subaru Forester. He hit it. If you I would try to flush more so though the commode if you miss so bad that it pupil of Venice neighbors there isn't 100% chance you know varieties touching in Nashville I'm just saying him. That's the only good still important tighten things optimism over a asked to assess their Iraqis Monday and houses down servers. Like thirtieth compared since this is Subaru dealership listeners chicken you know oh my word Asheville. I think that bumper sticker packages like it was available from the bush praised him actually in detail the activities in revolt in the line you want room and so basically you're telling me Subaru has callers with merit badges yes it does did an absolutely 100% accurate statement we'll make system article from admiral skills. And a scouts from those gals. Until we put her I'll have him. A Buford assume just smoke what's the world coming to an episode so evidently. It. Junior evidently in national there is a boat load of fathers who have dogs amend it is well I mean I guess it's coming. It's good to hold critter and I guess but I mean and if they all add up those dollars this total themselves owners. The Mets their fur babies yes that's. We don't you are well animals all the bills were nothing more and then holed the put Missouri again. How you feel better about my dog and adult case surveying the super lean on London at the Honda Ridgeline. Their transport. You through would probably it occurs. Because it has no choice are elated that thing happened some of those horrible the pros there's some sellers like a white vans for kids for dogs you zooms yeah. I actually volunteer now as you did to little avail kiss though appropriately the other dogs little dogs they don't go close this and it's like in doing so don't go. Old hole it's like instead of a free candy science free cables and it still Muslim legacy who. Oh lord. And I'm. The moment in the revisions at the core of what I know years. This is. I want to send an email to Edmonds right this is their name and you know made I'm just don't throw this out there and you know I'm just don't. I'm a through this other. If you're driving issue group as a man and years of Pollard to an animal that's probably cat. The other is that the heroic yet. You drive a Subaru that's the problem yeah I just think oh boy I don't know blame the below and blame the caller that the brow and his base we know what they lived. Yeah and you will lift bales of intrusive route I would want to. Happen. Let's stop at nothing nothing there like bill would lovers something important of the flu Anderson the bus hit so the answer about going back to back up to try to get them. It's definitely in the course of so let's move on those who long before we get to Florida I think it's safe to say it anonymously serious. They're OK okay. Of course the millennial Johnson. Who emerges as they are well plan yeah. You're wrong. Well why is not a game that need for speed we'll okay yeah we're you've got to grow up sometime. Goodness gracious today the direct physical movement and yeah that does is mean and your car has push animal movement and memorable and it looks at the back of high top shoe. You know in download now that all these kids are from the two hooks on the car money are you planning and bring in now he's got a serious about it yeah. Let's actually let's let's for thickens what you know. I was planning ahead for us next that we got that take heed and gaga and taking that for some reason that Philly was going to be able sway him legal order. Right right continent role bread and have you Richard what do you think to be fair I think you said it which I didn't like the 2000 seduces the 2017. Audi Q said that when a suicide and it's not a bad looking this year V you know and it is not only. Of course the tenacity don't strossen hands anymore does this thing you know saying I mean. As though I mean I don't do a little like issue beast but. We'll have to go to sleep for. How all the mafia dad the couple openly condemn Al Gore and examined and Jessica as it tears us alone say sorry we talk about. It's a school that knows he has an executive at news in his it you'd be in the back and this is exactly. Three outs short yardage. He asked are we just criticize him about as the viewer rakes passion. You know children make mistakes and redeem themselves examined. Him the second she is from room from and much parenting in your room and Republicans in that room now memo. Gibril drudgery and the Subaru noted in now and although I think there was a certain group of ownership for a little while none of us know little or no it was it one has a trailer and are exportable in a mine is through the police union. And I think a group released days released days now so let me and don't give your all coming out of east. They're cool this there are cool here's the problem here's the problem. You have a nice decent as she via as a father until something breaks now you have a very luxurious UV that's the problem. They're five Colorado will be a man. I was about holidays that don't break. Blue little balloon until after the service agreement club. And the diligence subject. The outings howdy does this mean just playing there's money on the please don't even sell a mother's running pro Israel juveniles can run them and then. Well I'll laugh about a mile and now rhyme was it how about Denali. No. Denali inaugural event them only a dozen or all English or improvement it has improved visited Canada rhymes. No no actually Iran about Iran's enough for today president and sound now. Of those swing and now we know lawyer recruiter to gulf oil refineries for vote. So what's next after the out because now the only we've got we've got a good you know whoever writes these Edmonds pose pleased remembers them. You kill music gets better and that cooler writers well. Catalog call eight combing. Exactly where we should just seat since Kim visits to this election. Pulled it a day you guys were talking about dead rods and the next to go to be built legal in this. Right zero tolerance and Libya now won a 63 WORD. When Paul Rosen a bit and what's happened ended. Let's now and in San Antonio Texas. To get lazy actually have demands but it says elegance of a slow down graybar Q. Barbecue first place every tilted killer to a really as was really amazing. And Texas that is bigger other engines. Personally want to put the team prone there's so we're talking about Dan rather I don't know how and I are in the past. A designated as tilted kilt. And you know I'll Elizabeth dazzled us with all of that is it okay go to. Him and it was yeah. Another that was all that dressing room but anyway this is Beazer Edmonds rounds. Todd eight dead colors and the knicks to Europe's Lu who swallowed a home. It's okay. The other one is not okay. And all you know what and I know the two cars and I'm not sure where you're going with the yeah which won there so we got the dead in the column that handyman and is as the bad winner of the UK when I honestly okay. What I am demanded be drowned when you think of Jesus Chrysler group with silver but I know it's not have a truck and it doesn't look it is a drug petrol and America is an American made truck. And today and a half or other. Who is actually more American ignorance. It's a full solid stroke. That is the fools of struck. You are just a dodge 15100. Really sustain demand that it would have been the master mechanic dead. Governor dodger room. If you're going to go the simplest or let's listen. If that's bad in this really bad when he mayor ray room. Is the cool story ohm Edmonds. Top eight dead coach Lewis what color the Q you know wandering. Is the one pictured is silver but I mean now I don't want to be viable competitive over you give me a little bit ago. And missed it packaged to look into sticker breakfast of law alone of our special addition to. And I you know remotely was a special about it it's blue. The kid who is going to apply cannot get a grand sport stripes on the front fenders. Of course workers drops for everybody grows more puzzlement that goals and a body does. We didn't know that you have to overdo it. Room. Amid the foot is figured it's. 96 Corbett. In my dad's favorite thing to do no matter what I do this book is much ups about it. But rewarded if on the cure for cancer in he would he would literally knocking dale. Out to. But. Deal so. That is to Google camp victory a pole. In my Corbett and uproot the red sprinkles or grants for struggle formal offender. Productivity for an graphics. You know and of course Griswold came with those drugs correct toppled a listen. NASA rookie structure got their soul and I you know Canada and America Easter Snowden and very turnaround is pulled memory real well into the gulf Putin immediately raising it's easier to deal with that is the registry. Go do what were bogus and dad isn't here in the past that and we're talking about him here. It's over to those agreements they came to me as such because he's the mainly is caller by fall are on this list question I don't me and probably most on reliable. Well. It area we were talking about his earlier and as a that answers. It was a group by that I mean this is moving to the dodger games the only vehicle this was nothing remotely. It was based on Colorado are so or something and it's the only ones are the draw yeah it's the only one that much in my day it still would drive this we're aggregate that the next hour but. But you know obviously it means that some ninety phone I've known it does or never again assault we'll show. Looking just you know you're bad person to do him some money. We'll ultimately continue to have. A book but the next one. Really hurt small what made me laugh person that applicant that the thinking about it. This the fun dead that's. The fund now kick him we all play a game real quick because I think all of us know the story is. Can we quickly choose what are fund that would drive what was your food and drug prowler. That's a good. Accident June seven is cool stuff. It's comfortable until my. This us on our output humanism and it is me. That's a good that's that's that's that's that's what does and today and Edmund says the fund and color. The new most of meal eaten in mixed up a little to fund I'll be honest with a bullet this. My father Kansas are as masculine as they used to be are they and you know apparently apparently being in March is not a cool lingo and I mean. Literally Alicia heard and is one of the Village People he doesn't need to be driving a mile. First of all pentagon. Is your enemy on when Kennedy kids busy yet because you can't put any in this thing. Now you can put me out in the back responsible Fuller an innate ability me out in the back of the dodge truck if you want it. Data backup plan drove about that doesn't exit doesn't make sense when and it does drunk formats. In exactly. Me. Exactly yeah but I think what's her dad's death of green downgraded. As wanna become a father until it drove him to come Fonda. That's one in the sense there's other reasons but that's become the face of the big want to underscore the that I that your mom that's again. Why go bring in this is that you don't go meal. Mobile Gaza escalate Beaumont draws the mayor earlier call me anything in this week's I think that that's bad. You know I'm still an is that is not mum mum almost over your day someone it means it's. Then I I don't so I hope they're not a father. Yeah stuff correlates men and manages things equipment through because of this just kind of look they knew who it can get Italy dialogue. Is. Yeah. I made an issue you would. I would feel better our Sunday at carnivals lately I've bid and I've been on YouTube and I've seen some of the stuff Edmonds covers like all the passengers Taurus and they do an amazing job of that. And then they write some garbage like this. You go from jubilee course Bloomberg announced within wheels off the ground. Throw them sideways just truly sending and then you go in you put together a list like this. Of C ruse and me on others and does strokes of me what the ground. Like deserves it Edmonds departments here remain I don't I don't know where to complain it was this one local affiliate Mitterrand no trouble literal one in Italy in Edmonds really dirty letters. Under his life so I'll have been go to Roma reading this list via a man like but I'm glad my father didn't read this with a who's the CEO of the Internet. This deal of this crap on Bill Gates we'll sit Bill Gates one of those I don't think Bill Gates is the you know what but really easily he knows the guy he's got enough money funding for sure that Sarah pivotal Mark Zuckerberg. Yes I'm EA is this probably unfaithful dentures but there certainly is at least Bill Gates that Porsche. Yeah exactly. I don't know marched drew Bill Gates is that school. War that organized through quorum to answer double has become a couple under the oil out there are gonna throw this is right. Yeah these two guys are here this while Willie so crafty and as these yet let's Robert. 93 some preacher we're going to be in line and an analyst for real. Yeah one's one's still alive and you know one of those little plane don't think yeah. They're still militia the president of the bank usually did if you don't want to lose. But. It will my experience anyway. A case gray has came through on some would kill Wikipedia information. Tim burners. Lee is. Yeah he is the inventor of the world wide web Gordon Johnson who won while ago and UCC a minute does you know and com. Did you know that this. He's only 63 and is he really simpler. And fitness thing they've done so confused by locals out there middle this one for eczema want to is much love in this list is totally off I think we can do way better all this list lower on that after the Brazil and we need to do to redeem ourselves we do dollar Phil alluded to take a little break you know it is the biggest news and yeah. Hear about all the world's problems. And come back to our problems and let H and H. Fix this mess that Edmonds started Lester and our guest states in Haaretz that the hour right here don't want those 63 W cooler the.