HOT RODS 6 17 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 18th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rods for dads.

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Outlook and a hot rods and have it and let's Patton and noon. Man they would have to we're talking dad rounds which there was out of Philadelphia this on the same PA baby and track the you know. We're talking and about Dan writes this father's dues. We read a list that was absolutely horrible something really to rewrite it. So it was just didn't we don't want to assault ago there were okay like or their guidelines a little bit. Weren't there what Michael what little real dead Woodruff of what are there guidelines Willard Iowa July. You know that they're talking about The Hague made and it's the okay so we're look at our. All right so this is our top dealers are adults over gold sincere debt to administer chose. The Mercedes GO list this is the CEO it and yet the CEO dad. All right so Richard what would your seat what would your perfect CE owed and drop. Probably and keep it simple in spots it did in that role though that's a Mercedes a figure he gave into it about your room. I you know houses islands is Laguna nice Mercedes. Mom. Wynonna made back coming your own luck they use the media companies are really taken off their purpose that the deal. In the go rules of the door let's get the knee. And missing Jay-Z and Warren. Books. For me and really that's a cool caller. Well. Movement of schools schools visible school for Monday as Sierra about yourself ordered. Those were some cool callers you know the liberals at 32 is the voters. He you're gonna work myself. Yeah I mean I was not take your kids. In his film is about sixty man bag as us. May balk and I'm from combat implementation some it is thankful that may not from what about the. Is part of went our financial Basra as bitter rooms and you do. Well I draw the rapper. Whose lives of Debian from the orders them makes them different from what color of the Q do. You know what would be marked as silly as to what we'll see Europe and what what would your CEO Dan Bradley. She policy or good it is outlook probably and and and and and I you can't do that you can think is you know run through this whole list as they've orbit you cannot do that. You get Figaro Corel. They don't get new rulers see you really run through the whole list of the before a simple Corbett would check every box and I also know. I'm not allowed I'll go to while that does what makes them. And I got to organs for that. All right the CEO bad war and bought some very important part of your job. It's a very important our men and alana if you are CEO you're Reagan like millions. You're not notice. You can be the CEO of anything in the making millions is not necessarily regardless you know Melissa's discussing here. Chief executive officers is to titled I understand that the pick out a different currency for an executive with a pollan says on every one. And lose because people Corbett would wind and everything on the list. I think a lot to a YouTube videos or why the seafood Corbett is the most perfect caller ever made I think you'd be the biggest flop of video ever made. And the yeah yeah that's all million it would for reviews and I don't Canada's that you would win and a literally and your small fish and big time c'mon I don't see format really. For a body I was a little salesman public about that so now. Now villages here on the receiving funding or things. CO NN newsroom here I bills go go with a cell 500. Relatives of alike know oil for Mercedes militant zucker deceitful or. Now not this time asterisk beside. Him but Wilson the opposite of roses and applause and this is the thing that allows people who read. It was important part of being the leader of the in the position you'll be able to get their own Tom conceive orbit you can do it. There's an old it Alvarez now know that time and that's that's what little. Yeah it does but you know course it doesn't have that style has not made of fiberglass. And it's not America's sports car either it is is an American company do you have history class in school. And we need to go that more to you and actually didn't history last. That's why it learned about four or yeah apparently not because I tell you made me ready to come talk richer school or something because. Apparently some vital information is not as being withheld from these children you know probability is that yes. I'm make utility if you don't go ahead and is that your system and don't buy another chief for corporate in the next year I'm no longer going to be your friend. I promise I'm. I view across car Carlos before that I obviously allows people or comments that are called Gore's way it's a joke that got way out of hand but do you really think about it it's just a Google for you you have a bigger infatuation with those men do would be bodies which is scary. Room you know the worse things are it was move on the next hour so so against the third quarter. Picked. The shift day. Richard what would your shift dandruff. Want it and if the ship we drove a little bit because a true rock and you can aerial stuff and has really interruption they expressed. Problem food drugs and as well pig in mud that was a shift and that come with a 644. Yeah. I did the and videos feature come as a C four event numbers in nine chance well you if you take that harassment go slow. Little room in the still that other big secret compartments on an expressway that double as coolers. That's actually it really is now I am in an all right simply Syrian designed to court it would hold a six and beer with a likely in the real picking a real a real vehicle list probably like a top nice Denali years. Or actually a minivan in the states. And doesn't mean maintenance and Edmonds. While I am just saying about hauling capacity end indoor calling. It inside. You know obviously for poor graduate to Wear one thing going back before you go home yesterday. The group restore and are also excellent letter actually it is until they make those coolers it's technically giddy school girl wheels under stole that outdated I don't think unity is Mano Federalist bonuses of plastic. They're some of that they're too sure. Stick and you as Achilles those of the ship dead. You're saying look for a real true on the roof to hook thing and actual true anyway towards. Bewildered is a very popular Trenton. Is the and they have at least one in nineteen true. If a modes. Whoever is on the 2002 usually throws. Probably worked for last year. They look just not JS. Like the headlights are interchangeable between that it that it. As a Acadia America's honor with the former Cameron is on her stuff. There aluminum tube that you actually are usually more on the man. And I before obviously taught you how bout them commercials now a bit has her face bullet proof or. The war talk about it. The chauffeured. A moment mama about on the spot. Well though would be inappropriate if your Richie Rich yeah it would be a matter of time. I'm Leo and is a man and hugs his three year old grounding stretched. The crown Vic and it Lincoln hotel or church. That's a good when there actually viewership for that you know Obama's Africa pickup truck RC four or hold it until. It column for a new NCE 63 MG wagon. We can get back to the cool years. Chrysler's astronaut as upright and hats or T Mac and now that's a cool and that's about it Tuesday issue items under your slip and on main town uncles went to the slogans. You're slip and the German and everything four and 91 countries states and he had some. Poor kids that. Work to serve looked always sing a song about the children. All right the adult dead. But you. I must say deadline Silverado or some. So horrible bill would you put your Debbie Holmes pregnant but Great Dane who now. Polio the India Mercedes one inning and unfortunately iron or double dip in a powering them up see mothers got a phone ring museum you can probably flashback to the to get through amounting to put witnesses for court they fit perfectly is the fourth quarter they would also fit perfectly as commercial breaks right about now right about now goes it's a well we're revamp and Edmonds Dell. All day. Dead run list right here on hot rods and if you wanted to 63 W Lordi. Hot rounds and was then and in Richard without an announced it. And going Beverly Hills school got a memory came from this and this through if you drew stranded as this year. You know. We're told us it means top dead callers list and we went through the first hourly honest we. A little too little to be desired. So is budget about ordinary Edmonds orange shorts and White Sox pulled out there needs to do well why new balance what's wrong with. We'll have been out about it so we're going to take you well movies listen. Not edges on some co. They're not. But it's still a bullet to slow down anything so. Anyway. We're told him about this list and so those who worked in the template didn't head. They were making a new list of personnel we have exactly. We have the technology. And detect that the taking dead. Richard what was you put your taking dead rotten. Moment. Instilled in all atomic the best cars in the world or cadillacs. A problem CT six you know you're dancing in the cancer raised there every male needs a couple of them. 900 Jews among cattle item we have no problem. Four transit. Yeah it tick you yeah yeah work out of it. He went out and implement work truck Maria took taking you and us little ominous for the Geek Squad of Minnesota the other is going to work. That I take heat. What do I think he really would driver. Cord. According. Now. I'm really as you're a decent. Or out of high end and do it Tesla do you work it due to commitments and I. I'll do my answer is Tesla. Nine I don't think in Tesla foods that you all blue we see the vigilance is evil or it's under sailors and leadership knows those future as this US military technology children. Miss out. I know we're we're going with a taking dead thing because the main view on a word doesn't you know IT guy in my Ambien a man this is dad's power woes is that OK also are races you think about if you are 99. You're either one of two ways you reader in mainstream and just stick with the road and you've probably got a cord or your outlandish and you probably -- six and in your lunch. No and you say if Ford transit so you've got children. Yeah we own a Ford transit dated and those looks good and should I do not good at it okay guys and girls booting to the left and then the transfer is that the year hasn't mastery of memory in my view in the garage and it is that your ass out of scares the neighbors and a employment. All right. So. It assumes it's a little this is the handyman dead. Then you can go magma for trends on front. You'll listen this is actually OK go for that. Oppose taking thing was pretty and then Geek Squad isn't it Tom Fletcher everything you know on national pool on the on polling trends court on this one goes and go ahead. And Beers. Curtis Richardson who Fuji's for. In demand. For a hand and actually I'm gonna read is one of Edmonton's I'm wrong except harmonies and appropriately sound. The Dodge Ram pickup trucks go as well boxes built into the side among us. Lou into into. Mean is still knowledge and he. Had to come in in the in the words of mud that's all you can afford it's okay. It's our history and the he's a few others who can say there is room. Probably to a value. So her humility and Amanda. With three quarter to under Max torque for a longer mean what siavii handy with a everything everything I've been a total of municipal council foundation this injury that he is Brandi do them is slamming the 6462 rulers locomotives so I think from mind. I'm going with a Ellis while many wonder pre station wagon and give Darren time home for my sheet of plywood in the back. Keep everything covered. Carry all the tools he needs to honestly it is those Anderson she threw that in there deceitful or it will be a great tournament because this little what are India and it's with the ladies the sequel or is the caller to step. Secret compartments in it doesn't secure performance and that's claimed he first thought that the story you're screwed in Russia. Who absolutely news room follow me here. Our theory that possibly the equipment in the forging quorum because of all the women just flock into home in this process to drop this and obviously it's like. They're right nerves like you O'Malley that this deal will limit or magnitude fiberglass call lists a message here yesterday and Matt nervously a beautiful young woman jump on the tackle exactly and I mean and I'm perjure it was a safety thing he's dare fast. Just a detriment. Yes it is a thing. See full poorer will understands will those will salute. Hmm. And it's let's move on to the next one. Of the fallen dead. And rover. Drugs you know. And then and will mr. Pitt it's easy. Government management. Will mention this one earlier and I freedom have to run of this one it is he said come on Baylor earlier to speak easy. I think this would be like me as a dead how about the Cadillac CT SBY him. No obviously in no way Agassi is actually aided and actually needed in this anyway and it can turn now. Sticks bad stop. There. The galaxy deals can stand in the corner. Brutal and until that. CT is the way capsule that would be the full and perhaps it was Mahendra institutionalized and 556. Horsepower with a luxury with room to hold children. And Carter's bases covered in the back absolutely and a rare or two there. Who are low production numbers are good fund our. Room and excellent especially. If true. Alexa historians some 6% to in successes. It's at least a little bit older still situation. This is his and he is he's just he's just. Hater. Now and our embassy were. Will literacy for me. As a lifestyle. Is a year and we'll Yemen do well Richard soldier funded Randy. Ticket American entities go to wanted to too obvious choices and manga in new non analyst. Cool one of those who think you're. As the year it and it's just as Phillies are doctors there. That's doctored and it. And out of did this to goto a real doctor. It. This yet heart attack like you know dropped calls and emails yeah like this is the main you need to talk you know. You know me well and that are most fun scorer rumors and think you know that greater unaudited Phillip Boykin it'll break. Good isn't tired of hearing single core bit discouraged said it like them. Your in the bad board is if you've already admitted you'd like them. I did miss they were dragging. Are brought to the dark side it's a fag and I would not be opposed to owning wind would be opposed go to war which basically means a lot of them you know it is a man love them. I don't I take is I love that I don't know how to things that don't love. Well that's obvious tossing them from from some of gotten rid of some owns the word via and that's I. Other producer Richard you get under Odyssey for this person. You drew deceitful or that you be told rocks this station weigh in individual thing you. Obviously I'm for example that seals the glory and don't pull. But yeah corporate parking will we will do what we're with the breakdown of commercial break in the Israel or. All right destitute and we got a lot more color doesn't have the coming your way prayer on one or 63 Debbie Doherty. And hot rods and happy hours grow up its pilots and and in. You'll. And Richard that's what I've two until he didn't and Richard Oscar welcomed Visio without a long night dollar. Is an evil thing yes that is going to Google some of these pretty much resorted to that myself. He's long neck of the so sort of a critical to deal was huge element drink and a promise them. Madam minister coast Monday it is it's the campaign but. We're revel Craig's list shelves would takeovers. No auto run always complains about the budget because it would file case and raises for bad idea to didn't get absolutely. And Africa in a budget we double the budget to take in case. You know it still doesn't make good money always forget we have a budget Africa there is a press camp for him to think about long word. It's like that guys do like we needed the Chinese exchange gives their brands 2.0 here finishes of for the Rolex. That's Richard. It isn't. Yeah I. Suburbia fake wooden. Or through a much slower Richards when Richards. Reprinted his critics was challenged on road to store all the perfect dead color for them to get on the Enola palace Foreman is it's an in Charlotte, North Carolina I think this is something Monday would have truly enjoyed. About 69 Chevy nova 8500 dollars. Craig 353000. Miles on pretty nice or it is the original realism or. Some in car is nothing special unit is a bit she automatic or. Bush it's still good bones. And in good platform to really you know ultimately girl a good memory the balloon boy oh yeah the flow of illegal dominated its legacy is not the most special award I don't know whether or the slalom reprisal controller don't really know it's totally it's really not a meaning if you want to make it look like in a sister some you before shift or in a bucket seats in the scholarship Genesis literally meant there was anything but. But the thing about two also you've got to go is that one number of you know that's us I think it goes priced well there's mile oval in awe yeah I'm all honest I was so that's probably more Torre twelve to 151000 dollar corporate market. Fifty of pollution it but twelve to stop them words that Rudd yeah. Richard. Ivory film there I am. I forgot about the cap and I was with fifteen. Madonna has exceeded bought a need 65 dodge coronet and then promptly wrecked it and got a new 66 dot corn. Loans autonomous sixties 66 Plymouth by its fifteenth. Bullets and did just fine 67 dodge coronet for 8500 dollars. New for forty automatic engine transmission are new you body is perfect tyrannies we finished. Arm was in the process of restoring the gutsy bit. Says little folks want to go to jail that that's actually not a bad bot. Especially a new drive train. These components regular Google does that really do and basically it's what sort of super replant foremost opera house and as the original GTX. That the role at all now that's like tomboy cruiser that's a good moments ago. You know. Actually. Bet that's a really cool it's so funny that you go back to mid reasonably can call for and a excellent you'll say going a little recourse of all that. Demos that are different. As those people or literally happening. To C three C recruitment. Story you guessed it could happen. My dad is probably had thirty C three equal risk. In my lifetime. They have an outlook there Jeanne Corbett I mean my favorite corner world was of the urgent war yet announced urgent or a loved a low third Jim Corbett. I have so many children rivers of mud and there's one in particular result ruse small when he and a lot of these goers. But don't wing kid can ride us through that turn of events as a rule but. Before against the force. But my bad ball. Want medevac actually one of the last older bits he actually well. It was a trade in deals and 81 poor enough for him and eighty was 61000. Miles riddle rooted. You know aluminum wheels built 48 automatic now that you're excited super clean one owner. They actually corrupt little girl on route to the course to anger. Riddled red beard Tito's. Republican side of ad buy that stuff about Obama crew chief recorder it's there during the course about it I'll switch with the muscles were well rulers the styles that. The who's but he knows it's funny you go to but the poor people this it won't hold it in action that really rare color on the interior and he. I think actually uses color only an eighty and 81 from a mistake in some common ailment they really knew the details on that but they called it Campbell. It was almost all our church it was in the tea and noodles and rid it was all orange. And the cold come from Clemson. It was why would this camel into you're still really are looking in this kind of Orange leather interior into orbit now and dumb. The is a beautiful court clean as a pin. In my bed in its so funny the same Breaux would buy eighty Corbett. We go around Reynolds Sundays we brought about the shop and America does my childhood memories is vetoes of 89 year old runner on my dad. Perot to anyone here actually had a mess over battle caller you don't mess orders by the pressure switch picks that puts a little bullish outlook. Well my dad you know I stopped its cholera. We rated to the back we will TV station when you're this thing it just images wrinkled up the nose just slightly kink in the news. And our river sitting in the garage with a hair dryer hold that are grown woman that tree he knows though was that the reverend. But I remember that. And funniest thing ever fast forward. Fifteen and 915 years little 1213 years later. We're available walk on to you know anyone. Rain into the back with my eighty core bit with a bad master cylinder it. The hill for freestyle. In the back and made a little crack in the first more images and rolled three miles an hour when I hear it. But a bit so crazy within about a block a poor more than happen. Isn't that like I drove the caller straight to my princess to show Monday exploited no not the irony in this health phrases was. I know out of pro items and then there was and we left about it I would weasels hilarious. But I mean that is the cool thing about the bad stuff. The vapors so what was one of the earlier scores you remember your dad and them. It is funny when that you go for blood little to please give it to me Welbourn able to bring your Ford truck. Mom and surprise anybody 79 and four. If 150 with a force sixty minutes climbing all get a good one the got a big blow. Halftime and four truck and boat affair with or. Bridges rather it. And it's you figure that shocker and if so how much he was when he earlier this dead colored memories Richard. Down mountain earliest RO her Ramadan Gaza in 1980 pulls a bill of delta 88 Royale. Going to Brazil or console is this to your as brown with brown rally wills and white walls. Brown interior and I'm brown have to land out top and freedom law that card fraud and area or do you do you have flashback for you see on roku ruled over the Briscoe were none none of this of this car was new home. More upscale small and Erica those those I hope you turbine falls off. Hey stop it isn't easy falls off don't think that'll go put the moment. How much you know wasn't the first or you relieved that my dad. Believe it was the 78 years of successive game oblivious of the day. The Kate and laser market Bob Lazar. And I think he put their absolute hell. A memorable when I'm driving now finally just haven't on. I remember driving driving it'll axle and yet couldn't move to Monday and yes. She's armor we're going to power in Michigan and am actually driving down the stairs of the power in the driving back no problem drunk driving Beckham. Remember drove in just structural global property that's well yeah. Resting purest measure you could have. Well it loses it when it. I remember jumping on rhetoric traces of commission does sells book I mean dead for the thing to do absolute torture. And I remember because we aren't that well 31 down. In her murmur. Ray before he got rid of it I was actually able to touch my feet to the ground in the legacies of those on them. Yeah yeah I group an old blazer of actually had one since then because of him today you'll little Jewish youth mobile is the right now Kelly well he's he hit two of whom he had a 76 in this inane now known as the in the seventh. That's currently you know through. Those boys are square about a blizzard that they were cool special rule or to us well for us as a blitzer let's you know I think he had as some point during his lively square body full convertible which was like seventy threesome athletica hours and decide for things yeah okay so I am wrong. A man it is early so yeah so I think he had one loses some points hominem math teacher. But I mean even the back have to verbal ones there's enough lab Gloria. Let's go to him as is commercial breaks things can use to know these. Admitted they just keep coming humanism we like we get a good conversation like and I have a life you'll feel Donohue moment with you right here in the mixing the grace of waves is analyst what they Willis still more Dan automotive so originally elect another at a big deal -- we got some good ones come out right true way right you're -- doesn't have the 1063 W Doherty. What would hot rods and embryos rural Pitts and what's hadn't ended and Richard. What's happening. Plus he's Stanley science and got lazy what happened since and though. A reader Roy Cohn why he you know it cleanly and been bombed us in the job security for next week until in his. This led to take him it's still in business until I was eating candy as Britain and commercials that had done my homework oh lord. That's doing your homework and as it is revelers around until they sort doting dad stories okay now that we've heard about that junior in the blizzard. You have to build steps in through links fictional murder power in Kalamazoo ten all birders can over a part in Kalamazoo Michigan actually in parchment as word B bulletin. The parchment parchment Michigan excuse me calm it's like semblance brings in Spartanburg a guy catches up to help them. Dom via that haven't how much you Richard. Months before and. OK well let's let's play well you re not even listening my bit to what it will do the show and Richard on the calorie and then things going to be there and unhelpful. What's happening column was the moment it. Yeah my dad is Kennerly calls are Allard and I remember. It's better a lot of things that you because of things. I. Messaging we will appeal does does he does well I mean it's a series. And that is on the campus. The American yeah. And I love it. Aaron Baddeley Bruins a one of five is an ill as measure we had cool cars who has had mustangs and stuff like but. And I got his first quote unquote sports car in 1985. Sen is the first are helping pick out. In 1980. That's after them again after. The 1980 file of the mystery is limited Alastair two point he found street just remind me not to take Richard drew particular core with. Listen this is the thing you're George in the bulls Mother's Day I don't think you really puzzled caller. I know way yeah I know where that is. Well see you a man in his forties you wanted to buy next offers kids to him this one's sports car is faustian suspended. There's sharply and has her brother's first car. And we kept that Carlos the first car those early Stanley Ireland dialing up pass so why haven't you. On my brother wrecked at least four songs and then this little one apparently and an especially in my first are about there's problems my license and had been manuals. Traded it to my grandfather for my first car washes and 86 Chevy cavalier automatic. Great four door which was not a fan my airline crew said which is not. You know more times than not the cavaliers government definitely airline level now and never resilient they intranet zone the 86 former not a lot of cavalier for earlier when some obviously pallets used and he gets it on I'll get some Google's and zero. Thing right. So really good car or longer than I was actually think there were few of them today. While dealing with my aggravate and but the ball and easily is that true obviously. You would your grim people people we we took these stories online solution that mean in my that mortgage brokers. That we are honest. It's always in competition with each other. So American missile makes it far and coming like. I mean there's so many things Obama like. All right drew a GT Muslim school you know that's cool you know a new mustang GT beat Orlando actually is not cool we'll go back that it was you know young and on the school better than the other understood. I'll give you that all right. You all my bedroom and is this program and you know what we did every morning and drop the Dell will eat him to bull horn at 730 you can set your watch but we raced every morning that Wimbledon he outrun me every time. I don't give us a hundred days or school year 1008880. A 180 times in one school year I got out Obama today. Because you know. You go before. I mean you wouldn't mean not even want to miss geared not that at least six feet not silliness this Camaro. And have a good they'll laugh. Collusion 96460. Must. An automatic penalty well. Days though that this is where a little too weighty one had nothing for that guilty for Camaro. But. Italy's union head start. Could he gave me three correlate to what mattered it would and it was pulled agreeing to handle other at the ownership period you know from the factory. And in the back of it was really impressive passing a quiet a bit at the big wing. Yeah it's he had a big way everybody settles for sure until they amber animals goats and there's lots. And real well for a little while to get outside and down. On the prettier and it was they would news and business sometimes I'm Tivo. And and then going forward you know gonna get into the local stuff and then a bad thing was this morning that that longer solely about the destination where this happened. But. Cumulative actually both been pulled over before operation of each other. Finger hopeless it's. And and other important on a major actually a mother at a foot six surely true or station wagon to hold against him. No I love him more now with a big book surely headed. And I had a 63 falcon strip to radian three deuces and enforcement mobiblu and you've seen pictures of it. As we look for splitter car and that little thought it would give that big book a room for money off line and now until until that big watcher Greg in the and that's when we'll falcons to retrieve my blood I deterred pretty hollered. But I mean like a river getting pulled over in the can't look at both of some about the same last name. And we had the same address critical it and it helps that. That your dad more yeah. He has TJ this licence is back in he said listen don't we do missile Howland. It's go back and Kosher is. Kremlin and the first thing dances exit coached it well but Chris Chris Hunt at. So were you doing right now. Don't in my home till you know it's it's it's you the statute of limitations Wales while you can get and the more I know I don't think that you know I don't think I'll do well today model has no statute to yeah it's I think that once the guilty that are and dirt congratulations that you look at you propose that a future to know that he sees. That's. Some takeaway now Monday the you know my first or was actually a 63 bill there. And let's the points distributor set up on says something very cool mind let me Lou was you don't have some points on. I got a funny point stores and go for it. My dad is set in his ways like he has one way of doing everything for a just like any great coral world is funeral home Greg. Well no matter what it is the most beautiful great caller of the war Doumit went problem is that all they had those few children button or. You know just just every he's just got the usual Lagos an advocate advocates are surely. One thing is that Tucci and actually at a small ball with a polish distributor it. And elves go to his. One against Russia was to show me how to sit just use that well leaders to chip supports. Clinton and Muslim before. My dad and him we pulled mr. and it needed mr. announces PG. In my dad does Lisa you know you fix exports and and we were we pulled distributor out of it. We administer rules always out. It as you know Atrix is supposed to get to restore wooden floors but listen maybe supply and AG. But that's mud though is that I think it's simple. It's very easy and one Israeli. Army soldier in out AM as the distributor ended up going on no matter is that makes them one overall exactly as the best fix that and but you know dad's a man do as I do Johnson points exactly. Exactly what will my junk mail Ricky did luck out isn't my one time use of knowledge on them is forever gone but think you'd have the knowledge exactly. Yeah is that is that data list neither version fixes eliminate the problem that's how you fix. Learn how to get a generator room. Oh lord. Indeed that you have no no no no cure all their stores generate messages back at. That's rulers let me there's still many fund as stewards we all got and as the militaries of the and you know got a good a story that's. Some social media for lectured employees who plays or doesn't mean don't want even if they're not social media for only six Jewish history as we look greeting him and he announced an element VM we only hear them exactly that make for good theories the only drug we read all these things action big Cuban got lingle will reason do sometimes never juniors Ezra does. Did you what this bill Fuller says having vote as a matter of well scholars scholars that are out there Basra or view a big help frozen at Baylor Fuzzy to all the dead already on the world list until absolutely yeah plant that's scary and a lot of so in his. And sort of ever told you dollar. Our guys out of money this is Robb Pitts who runs in the mail fraud Robert Hoskins and Wimbledon in the studio how's that frozen thereby awards have to say that you will see about next week right here on hot rods and that Seattle 1063 W quality.