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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 4th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk hot rods.

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Goes around and there are this rub its. What Sam and in mounted fuel to the week the studios but they were you sort of measures that begin here in the we of course we always got Richard Hoskins hot rods and the financial analysts slash numbers guru. What's out and it's peca Kansas Arnold. He's broadening the rise. And you've you've probably give a student or your little friends and run is that in Chris Sale salute you everybody. Roberts and your pet. Well it brought that in this hits his little friends will have to notable and it. Yeah. So it misses the chance to actually she's not a minute. Reynolds. This is relentless. What bird yeah the that is so cool. He's I'll name and you know at one point in time my mom Dana what is and it turns them into good position do you realize the lies would till my last name was Reynolds but it'll be mice to partner. Hello my name is not homeowners' but you know what I'm saying is mr. Cuomo is let them realize Burton's you know. His uncle issue on a model law. Probably at this point is there an overall and now now and then element. Registration at a you know this point she is probably want to belong to him and his image is raising them you know honest most of smoltz Socialist Party then. So there will we a lot of cover girl approximately. You know them lone American morning co opus. But I'd like mega money. I think all of us the most rumor and agree that everybody river runners get their niche thing there good you know I mean. You know like your your good artist in due to rapid and only. Like I'm dumb theory. Gideon pulled over a lot of by the council's that's about it. Your dollars you're about to similar experiences or gory stuff about the Israelis use coal to seizures. A shameless plug. My question about probability. That our show you know what. Your this terrible this year when emperors. Anyway but and wrote us Lucas but. Obviously I was giving you content and think you know I think in Cuba and Cuba yet. But Spanish speaking of bugs. Relatives and a slew rubber from a list motors and united system of the fourteen. Coming. Quicker court some of these are Hillary came up we will put you also Toma of course as a normal prize that you can reasonable. So it Richard is resembles three or warriors most of his Carter's spent already taken awfully crazy well and so much in the balls already burst well this do you think about your by the time we reported it is over. You know those I mean it's it's it's already happened like bitcoin eggs exactly. Yeah amidst I think I just don't think it lost everything and listen we'll. There is some of about thirty dollars now from school that was drills have been cordoned and not cleanly but when. But. You know there's a lot of lot of ways to make money and include of course in the new political we told them well but those lists and condolences to them. Yeah that's organ that is what they that's going beacon for. Because I really think you know it was a no brainer that some over so today. Some of them are absolutely no brainer so bummer cause you forget about mr. Richard and and like like Iran to approach or vehicles as different. Isn't that is very in is on aggregate. The whole bunch people surely it is so you can argue it was a station wagon thing you know be pretty easy money isn't like those. He's special items are anything from Dillon. That's hurt the foot so that matters but you know. This is this is courtesy cars are worthless to the passage of his disembodied. Richard Richards British straight laced guy he's kind of dangerous public consider this and I'm sitting in between you two I I'm not really like him on wagging element in the old days of the you can confide you can for indicated a desire and outside in his Volvo wagons are pretty collectible. Now she coming needs is stepping deeper and let's say what you want rules the Carney some of those. How can you say in the full hours to Serbia moderated and yeah. Yeah I don't think Canada. That is until now affiliate in the middle of the gang fighter and now it's like after this. Both men do his thing and doing are we via really skater. Well Chris is lantern that way of going out talented. A big way it goes your way improved his cholera. Hey you can't hate has facts man Jimmy henchman sizzling in the wagon. Telling many men but many not mine them anyway and and have you argued that as a meaningless here is visual picture let's get let's kick off the first how the first one being a Mazda RX seven. A lot of ways I'd say the hot rod does get this portion and you see a lot of these small blocks loyalist killers or small election has been known for years but the rotary engines actually triggered in prison and the that one point one or one point three later became an X. One point one of those four are. Yes I would all of the things you think about Hillary's. Was horsepower they made for the displacement they actually 100 to 235 horsepower and a 130 on this fuel injected those the first of the one point three leaders element in 8485. GS LSE. That's well that's why we keep him around right there knows what's. Richards liked to keep. Say I know nothing about maazel and had no I do know one thing to remember what they came oil was 93 in the game with the new body style is too little round 61 image. None Israel as the one that gets all the performance. Apple is its deservedly so had tutors 54 two or 55 horsepower. On ways like 2600 pounds the main. And on there or there it is amazing performers. Not the most reliable creatures on earth. Simple matter and I can do you really quick story about 1000 smaller numbers. Perusing their sales there's your first mistake for Tuesday cruising around in my 94 GT most it was not stuck by any stretch of the imagination. Us in this little black Orix look for political back rule book. I don't think it. I can handle this silence. Distillate viewed and I didn't I didn't have that added that nothing for him doubtful and Donald and not in the middle. It was even really close of those slick backed out of luck I'm screws mainland women. This is that is Basra today that is so sad that it. They and I can't tell where anything like that but when they knew in ocean known. Uneasy as six Corvette and allowing him. Yeah there was like I had no clue me in were you thinking. Well I was just one test wars of the wagon that at no point during that time. From start to physicians usually as you can box only EU step in the ring with a all the humor today and that's what I did. But at no point during that time was the wine and ever wants making gain on the Corvette not ever once. Really slow down sort of get that takes a shocker and Zora is still in talks like he accused these standards. By supercharged. Make him to sort. Would you cut the body off one hour to 3000 barrels of may we will do so why not and so there grid and you got a cruise ship will elicit what triggers a quarter. Yeah Wada and they're small tables. On the wait list and that they're gorgeous. And there and a priceless moment or no it's not do that will be all right well let's move and drove it they over the truck skills is it one at a time okay. He says that's. Is messed up this really does video card do you think it is. It's actually fourteen Jones is having a letter which way you twist it's now the doorways at 4300 pounds actual lighter than new Camaro is. Notice yet this. It's lighter than individual under McNamara is the new Camaro has actually you know Vieira about Syria under rocks. Wasim a verify that this Jim. Find this little lighter than it is him. Maybe maybe actually all right so here's the deal. We have to get to a commercial reversing an Omaha on Google Google waits a Camaro goes public memorial Richard I in no way is bad as I do are probably into the but Winnick had commercial wives who list but I got to stick to reveal more than happy outcome and around the edges ray or 1063 to BO RD. But the hot rods and dinner was amended Richard. What's up and Baltimore Maryland. Bill in the house that was a good us. Just chill and listen you guys joke in an album and it. No we're told it about this with them at fourteen medicine and so we said we're joking around and you're not doing our job exactly. Will you this because we make it look easy. From. So we're sort of promoters of his list of the fourteen callers to bond. They're going to open the media I think I think this one. Ships are Salem as well. Well tell a no brainer for total but the congress UT most of here are three of four term means. Well well those were good we'll do go through easily from terminator current injury. 2003 and 2004 too so it was two years for governor's. Bizarre to me what those are given. But how about. You know just to torture over. Those are great cars and their central bargains right now on about your force you consumers if you fun on hasn't been built the 700 or so artists have living hell beat out of it then yeah and life guarding our values welding he gets hurt and guys classics Romeo must think as a whole new moons in urban adult. That's not true I really think the kids are going thing that probably your most things all in global investors is good. Just let literal thing like you know every Gordon Phyllis and you know these people don't worry about the youth. An active all of loaned only. An outage or fox noise especially Kyra. I would like to get one that's been beaten down and bring him like I would like to restore Wanda yeah 1000000%. At WW really religious Bono waste that much money. Yeah. Yeah well I won't easily gotten into Rico over you know you view that's pretty big money corks imagery mean that is at all. 5340. Now. And he didn't have his phone is saying kids this is this is what we love Richard as we go on the professor because he knows these things and but coming Bubba like you do cheaper covers you know we forced them for us then 67 makeovers you four games. Have managed its Vista to. Nice of mr. Peres especially in front stop and has always going to be a collector. Home god forbid you have to pain. Candidates are there special cars and it may or messages threatening and content to a nine dollars. Kenyan men and missed it yes actually they offer about. Well enemies. You're back in the day the big thing with the mystic overs was actually wasn't I was asleep with the used in hundred dollar bill or something like that bring us I was Lanier only in 2004 they came back and mr. Kerr and goes completely different and that's exactly the reason Don that they used and mystics. Was used and currency. That's an excellent added everybody watch a video about the message from paying jobs and Halard and then what happens if you have to rethink your mouse thing. There is a guy from forward that will come hand delivered the pain. Want you as you paint the caller and then take the remaining paying back I don't think is that that you see Gregory's there is a video floating around talking about it. Of Paramount and I'm sure it's very affordable but at this feels like you what are you a mr. Grogan. Matt Matt recommended that Rezko in his room Michael you just tourism minister currency. Yes. Well is. Bill and Steve Harvey suits. The 3013. Buttons that say I don't wire now on the wire bosnians they are hard time because well we're you know what you're Steve Harvey Miller while loves it army and he's got to show on the station but. On chromosome this station. No it's on the stations on sister station tournament. Man he's got a show you know this company. Things these are amazing what we will be known email or anything from Steve now I'm going to name it. I don't diesel I don't think he's a listener I'm I think is Yzerman ever I don't know virus problems. The there are. Available at all here knock candidate in the pistons are fine if you're going to a funeral for a porn store. I don't call yeah unless I'm special occasion kotsay lawyers and other way and pick up points stars makes Dartmouth atlas top up portion 944. You don't. I've got a soft spot for these corners a cool little slip those portions things like that alike these callers. On the image of porsches to me. Or six I think of value start to climb back up I'm really quick but there was a time and a place read about on these courts for a song do you still combine them fairly cheap but usually there right now. Yeah it does actually dom dot tonight young child those remarks favorite cars in the history of the world Austin beautiful. On in 1987. I was eight years old and my dad's friends Kevin ball on amber our reverence that differ on and we honestly honest to god. We only sky under Iraq with a Porsche 356. Smaller steak restaurant. And saying yes I am wearing his Lhasa has all of 356. A real one. Yeah hit him as far Kmart on way to handle boulevard and he pulled straight the heck out in front of us and we noticed that it. But. The sense that Dan. With the listeners to cable or Ella I. Handle those blue light special last known existence of wanna know was in Rock Hill that's insane but. But the fundamental reforms in the humility and and twenty hates those pillars. Those those dues the footage abortions course and Torre was the first year for Perugia portrait. Yeah on holidays for an engine portions and golf kind of scars can accompany the injury but. On all the nine point four dollars introduced a 76 and now is really the first for an engine Porsche but and 77 and nine to create an ounce and there ago and a financially it is actually supposed to replace the nine Latin. But it kind of I don't privilege space to replace a mustang all appearances free. Freaked out. Nothing it is yeah yeah you know look at the broad did it turn out pretty good report. Well but the good thing about a lot of people say there is the course and actually see Porsche. Was these course the government on the model that is what they overstate this is super desirable super YouTube but even exotic I would say Cornell. This is not I don't know I'm not big honor to portions well actually. The fun fact the boxers was saved portion of literally don't know it early eighties Lauria a little late that these were the so do you listen to the police force and I'm voting for yet it was actually very impressive for mid eighties the 2.5 liter packed a mean punch with a 170 horsepower. That was actually impressive right now those in Europe actually the American ones not a 147 horsepower. Okay as the differences in years this goes Garrett who is impressive in Europe who they want him persevered. Well I guess you miles it was still very impressive little one of the world are more and my Turbo four cylinder in my Daytona and Hermione Kamal we both know things and much. As thanks man I. Can't comment earlier OK okay that complements. You'll do. You take it also and Morgan ordering an income of really tire break a missile. But but the thing about these push a load these source. And actually remembers the job you know you have your Porsche story my religion Porsche tour Muppets. Had a child that was me obviously obviously but things trees it was my peers in drew period colors. My bedroom deceitful or it explains why. They're like my mom always drew to go growers. To my knowledge. To in 1998 was my mother's first four or cork it was a 740 I'll be and the VA beaver but. I'll remember going in looking at portions with the moment because you know with a good biblical power play is urgently. Brady assailant lump. Let's get commercial Brigham and combine them with doubles forcibly come to an entire forces does we're talking about the new collectibles right year old hot rod Smith via a 1063 to BO RD. How Reynolds and every once that ended Richard. What's up in Nebraska. That. Travails similar to alienate the ten Nebraska. Tried mannequin come public and you're thinking I don't know all yeah yeah. About Temecula. Miss California and that you made that none none actually has room was on the village of regular is a real place in California and ally you know. I know for him as we got Chris reigniting desire Chris carried a creative muscles trying to think of another town in Nebraska yeah. I don't think there is 100 prisoners of and it is Paul has let you do OK let's do another in a hole sadism on and so we're really is that we will Leno and. Eyes a moment on our list that hook cars that are hopefully going to become more money in. Hopefully listened to a friend financially and meanwhile my doubtful that. You lose a little bit believer in the movie goers. How about AA coming up next analysts say triumph TR six or for I'll make the stand for any triumph. And I was in each room to your six but the cool called to me is her last of the cool cool trumps. Now agree that. This is the Los in the court trials after I came TR seven hours aren't narrated out of doctor needed a sprinkle but as 3.5 river via it. But two or six is a cool calm. I wouldn't want to restore long but Niles gets on a bomb one that's already been restored the value expense of course suited to restore the value on camera in our recent battering around 151000 dollars which is good price CNN analyst or fifteen a body a darn good one yeah. Oh you won't wire wheels Louis it was a good looking gore with a classy looking girl I think it's a nice piece Hansen from the collection related. BI and I nominate your governor I've always had a thing for smaller Carson and every big gala little caller I don't know this is I don't know what is this I love those things it's funny. But it's (%expletive) look at color is comical thing well. This is the thing with the same amount my surgery anomaly a little bitty Robin now I want him like memorialize her and them drove by. The sedan DeVille who don't have. But this or your gums delusional way and that it would be bigger credit seals. So. But this is the thing you think that is as big a play of course good friend of mine. Back in the day RNC removed Charleston here recently but his name's David Lorch. And it looks pretty good I feel it was necessary to used to come to the auctions with the well by goers in you could you were sitting here walking down the aisles of callers rows of callers. That you wall pass all these Lincoln's in minivans all this crap umpire he goes straight to that Craig beat 300 he would sit there every time they try to shoehorn as big as that. Leslie dim sum. And I'm glad to get motor once the 240 SA say enough answer it easier so a man of the film points. Quit Lulu and exactly exactly. That is they run and dive men and hope for the best hope you land and get spot. What position after you watch the ship there well you're landing it's funny you know you just fall on the ground in the big result right now until all evened their. It's all you can. I don't know so that that I think is a great collectible caller there's this certain these. It's a whole routine thing to me it looks like money. One older league in the more valuable Lavin will demand he was a classic looks good as violence as a tennis got licked us electronics. Bill so that means you duty insurance so once you fix there actually producing cars Star Wars technology I don't yet know they only Lukas like in this issue the other ultimate thing which cars are not at all. A lot of them. Now another Iran does Josh and actually from the TR six season TVRs in the seventies as well on late sixties. Late seventies. On TV are which and other English or start. Right now doesn't import cars in the United States was actually TR 600 scam. Brings. A little bit Lucas but the Lucas going to touch base on this stuff was absolutely horrible. We they were problematic at best. There are problematic when there are new yet I mean these these things were wire ignite mayors. Chris Stewart and European cars your muscle and us. Nothing that complex. Also hardest thing to do is until just. Missed voters cartilage is just crappy. And it's just. Here it's like bailing wire with tabled it. That's like all suspension in most European colors though. Ultimately that you go anywhere under the wheels you you'll confer a nightmare at that point well it's in everybody's got their thing illiterates or those things proportional to group or from a reliable. Org or worthless thing black Cadillac as a reliable and a son of value it okay and after I. Take that out of the equation and all the Bristow. But. A strange European corporate solutions and I think it there and then unreliable or how long objects a little course. And I know they are and the crest study properly so did you for June Jun he law. As jagged line visual way low is here every day. You poor in Malaysia he want. A load. A low jet was. Sixty sixes sixty Eric's case I love this course local bond applause all that stuff I was but are they the probably the worst cars ever made. Yes but they're just sexy they're good looking good coming out this year alone Luther I mean that is cool blue colors. There are very credit com. Our memories remember me out of forum and somebody is buying an eighty fog extra it's that Willis and another stage. And is it Harlow levels discard going to be and is under out of town and it's and it's not gonna mania home. You're not going to do it trip do you have a privilege and the book but they do have a good mind for fixing the unrealized. Actually reliability of the giant barge explosion using California can fiction writer at the thickest sweet kid due to creative team ill as she walked in. You're an extra day or exchange. Is still Hillary royal a damn thing mesh. Yeah and that the Reggio Ellis is work off says flyers it was beautiful thing thing to schooled I was actually make a harness that deluge a gauges work. The GA shift through the whole shooting at a sixth street converging Notre Dame on word there being there old jet wiring stuff saying well these don't that old we're talking about 98 and then in 2002004. Opens the newest litter but still that's. He took about a sleeper for way over there. With a elusive runner on mobile. Sexy guy are the early losses reliable. I mean you know rain is slowing like jaguar sixty. Reliable like you know. The things that the put a limit on tonight's harmless. Mostly European bubbles playing golf for ravaging TI MK one. Callers do absolutely nothing for me. My diet as the Europeans should that is old is Steve guzzle it doesn't like feels like Austin Powers showed it was. The dodge COLT does loom on the insulin there on the economic. Can appreciate the Markel and GT I think the cool I would never bottle one on kissing in 83 Shelby charger for a long class and not so much cooler. Arm but it did have rather taken off lovely really is a lot of these customer talking about this is like the end of buying them pretty cheap. Yeah Aaliyah when they're going up rapidly and mark one GTI is definitely one of those cars especially you know you're talking about in there's a lot. Callers that are like this there are different here than they are over in Europe and like this one here in America isn't ninety horsepower one point six Liederman European. Or over in Europe it was a 115 horsepower. Samantha refining European model. With a 150 horsepower I think you'll have more valuable core here and let's say you sell more 40 well absolutely do and euros but it goes well I mean it's just like you know Obama be Buddy Ryan drove to that. All nah probably not minister incumbent country is about you're paying for the trip I ever aryan authority here here you're going to be paying more for. But I'm seeing right here Massimo known for around the 101000. Dollar mark 101000. For rabbit and 101000 forever and that hurts that meant. A it's not just an era that there really aren't their their important collars of is that there's a reason why people pay 101000 dollars at a Chevrolet dropped. Off off our bookstore a fatal it would do her books or it was Cherie. Busters. But you won't believe Nolan with the European models like when it comes to be buddies like L like so much in Europe the headlights are one piece and her blindness. Well here in the states as of 2007 headlights. But over in Europe it just came in the callers for him. Yet. As I mean is it it's insane it's. Remains of the differences you know there's a lot of difference mounts a mega board now thinking European edition of something or make it worth way more money in the long run. That is something you'll never make a difference I don't cute together years progress that I don't you can go arrived at this million Mexico. You're never gonna talk me into. Never never never. I you know I figured out already impeached over that cholera there's a burn you on the screen. When you great to do is spit hundred dollar bills the back you know and I'll tell you. That I'll read it and there's one kicking around grain rulers a little white one gathered at roll cage gallons of diesel powered when actually. On the little rabbit truck is the only exception to the rule to me that act. And yeah war lie. There's a mint green Markel and GTI and Charlie is stressed that is a race car played its collateral cajun. Policy don't sound or. Sisters runner who drove truthful roll cages Eagles play and what's the world come into your. Not a commercial break chill guys we're talking about a formal classic right here on hot or doesn't happy hour on one a 63 to be Doherty. Hot rods and every hour and was sent ended. You know what that meant so please people let's listen the boards in Colorado made this list. More California. Morgan do you think that you're open their play room to do list of these kids miss more on this when schoolers that are arguing introduced him to be able I'm getting there aren't you don't you're not the balls at me okay columnist. Congress that. Allen and listen to the computer dome and you've. So we'll look Virgil this when you know he's I guess let me bring in cars and a financial analyst numbers guru bill professor himself mr. Richard Hoskins what's happening Cobb County Georgia. That Google and that's the good news today drove and they might contain and they might not catch them podcast they might connect to exile on my schedule clears the denial get that idea have been that we got Chris in the studios and powershares Chris. Everybody. Lots of and gales and yells and everything else up almost certainly my BA female listeners to opens its utter those moments again and their freedom better but it hasn't but both are moms listen so there's at least through these. Do we all of the above well so we didn't take his pick for the chicks this measure who. I'd hit it to put Alison at media should explain as that's why I was here to the only reason I've been near Mosul them they lie to you from a distance and so anyway it's this mix of all the list and next a harmless is one I think we're all going to just stand here and argue against motor Jacki for example in this one remotely close to list. And and the number desist classic American pick up drugs dead wrong if you miss the mark. Well and the pictures what makes you worse actually have a picture of in 1960 million surely surely pick a true it's a very nice looking for me today that's probably easily a high 2030000 dollar truck. Easily the pictures there showing. This truly the more yeah. Fifteen years ago bills dessert that doubles those are good I must say you're almost getting ready to miss the mark I'm buying a cheap and good condition of via struck a match here 88 through 98. I really we will share analysts did I mean you don't like let's American trucks. Yeah he went to pick up some ought dodges yes among does deserve national truck or something like that until it about. Surely for me no force of Wednesday yet once I figured you put crowned big front managers you know any older Ford truck from the price of them went through the roof. Com hot rod you know the first year for the twin though being. And who. Among them take you know while yes I'm probably on the wrong 6861. I was there and shook. These gutless. There's. What what what can you know what 61 is 62 it was a real special portrait that. As you about it. This 62 is the beginning and on I think that's you know entities of the board the body and carelessly and let the dog did get those large dude doesn't hold true. It is very cold drug there's actually has now won that has the funky colors to league tilt older it's awful Q you know which one of Mozilla marinas for volunteers and scream whine. Now we see it yes. Very nice struck the lose him but if you gentler era executives hasn't cramping in his honor a very nice struggle there and expect another good look at her looks good but in my back today it will force excuse. Yeah I was at a Lincoln town caller for me absolutely great trucks. And I think the styling and those guys even better when they went back to achieve peace truck. Will the unibody drugs that they're pretty for the soldiers are there. And a problematic and problematic because if you ever like you killed the bid gets would you skillful true vs change not only that let me have you ever uses Turkey can't flex pumping things like Luna is a little differently you know they're. But this island was this a six drugs but anyway this is strokes go frustration that we're only about. She classic American drugs coming into matters how about square body C tense. You're 773. Through thick and now but things don't catch him and make a profit. DC I think you're stepping in all I think your early eighties I think you're set that place where Yang you're right you can make a profit on the structural thing that profit margin slimming down a lot. Palm moving eulogy your BS strokes Manning eagle is strokes of the next you're calling for Boras and this was there are you through the roof. They're they're they're ruler and climbing really the only thing that's left is the late eighties early ninety's like to order regular how short that dodges instill ago preachy here so organized storms that are old man drugs. But it doesn't look at drugs a Lola than it already back to the early read on slammed to the ground 360. Until his you know NN isn't true and you relish in the achievers of the Dodgers lose lose yourself little city new warned that. Nineteen. 93 sort of put together and borrow the 73 and 923 guests staying but I can hear on and edit the news and a round big truck laden trucks phenomenon before yet. I think that old bodies out announced that victory but I can definitely hear about. This is certainly one person Israel's wall ruined yeah it can only basically that changed her Google instant will. To what we yen gets to volunteer component Emily course fuel injected creature comforts of things like that that the trooper who were pretty much shape wanna stay the same. And then. And didn't change a law if I'm not mistaken I was actually want him along his production runs on any body style ever. Who alone time or you think that. So it's a long time for. I mean and they changed but it was gradual change and why it was Emerson subtle to obvious knowledge you can take the exclusive new water balloon in 93. But they were very much similar in probably make you think is can be really make your your chip solution could make it worse you know. Button but I think that was cool. You about the structural boxes is used to be born you'll see him yeah. But they were that to me that's the only structure by mistake or what what would be enough to go threat who stumbled square bodies and buying them. This is a gut to make a special announcement now this isn't a real special announcement now if you old. These square body. Early eighty's seem to intra. They've made a lot of sure will be six point two liter diesel plea moron. If I get one more person. That Goosen I don't Craig's list Sunday swap Roma or any other FaceBook marvelous in tells me about that old career. At six point two leader. In their short ritzy dinner and awards in very important and he put assist fifteen inch wheels on it. Like it is craters on it and you just over dinner in puzzled career. First falls Alter crap secondly they put him in everything especially military agree vehicles there was a lot of military grade minerals management how much as possible but anger out of 350 in. More than it's worth. Now more than it's worth. But every course of the chemical that gas into global low blows say OK all right that. Cool story. So Monday answering the drug actually learned to drive and was in 1980 Shimmy Silverado short men. And it was a sixty diesel truck or no I'm sorry it was news mobile 350 diesel truck. And somewhere enslaved someone pulled the nose wheel 350 diesel motor out and put a gas powered his mobile 350 and it. So had a full stride train underneath it which was pretty cool and those self. Com but yes that other level of play every time we turned off a vicious. Well let me and letters forget our truck there and do you think yet still has the grazer social veteran. But the thing that blows normally assurances these people think they're all old career now or they're all it could. These are not the ones that did our culture now because they're crop it's still owns. Bill Clinton sixty was horrible. That is as terrible moderately gutless wonder from what it away it's like Denton you know all the diesel motors within 350 news mobile. They literally took a 350 gas powered motor and change their hands and take him you know couple different variances. And made it to diesel motor. You're saying you are making other disasters that there was no we won't know that your begging for disaster costing one of those in my life. Let the bigger than three feet diesels like those as it goes globally via a sealant warned. Does are dark times and all may have history the war will there are times GM. Until it was those relative times and Ralph Nader wonders about whole all all the good ideas from you like. Look got a cable we've reviewed diesel engines probably say god came York arts was his food not. They look slow down sharp objects as you throw open the air that's a good idea kids well. As a great they was an earlier and is hosting a long march break show all right guys to stick to work token hot broadest of the right here Rosen IPO I want a 63 to BO RD.