HOT RODS 6 3 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 4th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk hot rods.

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And hot rods and was then ended we are what's out and a new heading Connecticut. Wolf this. Is Chris jewel is an order part of the show angeles'. Chris welcome to the crews. For power shift yeah. Hello guys is still off court on the follow up after this memo. This Aviv area I played it pretty good UNC a news this morning. Portugal physical. Bullet. This is this is the thing this crazy thing scuttle this if I'm not mistaken. Nigel from cranberry Ulster for an invasion I think it's term of I guess that their alma a butcher that. He meant. Yeah he's over there worthy kangaroos truck. They hop from. Appreciate it isn't that like everywhere over there and help them gain some of visitors and accurately and that is what would do gainers Leslie it's amazing. What you regulars here is something that I don't know I don't think. Now we should send him a dear and he sends a clear exactly. Amid tears Ulster go to them support. Them. Do you. I'm back to back that applies here back but it too will have some additional task at Atlanta Motor junkies a list of fourteen power is there going to be worth money one day hopefully. In England you can do that regional the rockets play right here. My next homeless the most perfect color illuminated hesitancy for core. There is melting in this world you can't do you. With the C four Korda and outrun the money. He yeah he actually. In Newton. It I'll take another six realty fool us and go okay CA you're gonna climb to the top of the barrel of those those little things people orbit it. Here on the climb the top. I'll just say this is disabled poor. Those tourism old you talk trash with Charles climb into the top. Exactly well when devastation when you get to do that much I slowed down many want anything for line. In fact reform. Poll taken zeal or war will take your lunch money that I would note is enough factories ZR one C four ran out criminals Rosie or won't I would take that. And 1990 that 370 solvent 1992 either bump to 400 thought I would absolutely take that any day of the week get a call right away I say okay. Eagles are one and C four bay in factory stock form I'll race any day of the week. You're gonna ladies I don't think so I don't know how much is C 401 bit guilty fluff. How much did away via about 333350. Sony got a 4200. Hills difference now and makes. Run at a hundred horsepower rally to. Out today in Italy I'll take those risks though surrender like 7000 art dance I'm pretty assuredly that here's. Once I find it but I mean. It won't quarter's pre calculus is only a little else find out though is there is only I'm Woodcrest is only. One way to find out and as an out of there on out that anyone out there who's got a absolute bone stock senior forward I no see our it is right now with timer 2000 miles long sitting in the wrong and would he go neck in neck down it publicly until biblically into really street or strip let's go straight as they're gonna do not race caller that's for sure it race caller and we can get about the oldest. Zero Corbett was the big east. You said you monitor it's like Cadillac and zero on court that would whip my cadillacs act tasks until we don't know that does. Yeah years you we don't know that is pure speculation is that you get your pajamas on your dream Islam until it's 01 bit was no joke I will take that risk any day in the week I have no problem. And how will step aside amid the Dow was slower wrong or whatever if I lose but I did I just don't CN. From your insane attack and in golf course. You do drugs listed as you know I didn't you can build some older that's so general there. But disable quarters all our very collectible callers to the values are coming what's normal they're not yet collectible oddly enough but they aren't they aren't. They are because they are record event. But they aren't just they're not reaching that point now disease or one yes it is in the grand sport yes it is all the other specially you know anniversary edition yes all your specially ones yes you're Muslim while or to do indecent but the C four Aventis has not called on really hit it really has not it's cool it's in his kitchen on their getting hot or not you're adult it's nothing. Yeah but if you're going nicely four bit. There's value there. They're they're definitely coming up enough right now if I. 100000 dollars Alan Bob five C 40 months. Because I had to be foolish not to you you get a perfect one for turning around wrote Robert five days you are our onion and different collar for the entire work week. I think you'd have your filter out things. It still choice and you'll. I'm with current strongly in mixtures make sure we now we get to the success. The scab is scientifically it's how would. A little was bit my life home when. And feel pretty secure about it it was just something that guilty about which came and blew me you know Robby you're you're awful young to die. You really welcome the windy put my life on the loose debris wildlife. But kicked it right now could be nothing scares singing is wanna get so why in Internet it's gonna fly off there. Very true of civil of all well and I'm still out there and first of all you weren't there when that happened secondly no one else has witnessed anything ball up like our. It's a nothing and it's not happening it's. Lives alone a lot of solution exists it is everything. You can. And did you want Charlotte Chris and it's Indy you gotta think every nuns of the vols of those away reductions. Do you can't lose that much as a windshield through. But you are fair. Let's say four that's a little bounced my favorite. C four bit neurological agreements torture neat moderates say history. Say this all the little rookie quarry and meet me at 83 deterred as one of illnesses and corporate museum if they might. They were they were they were crap. And because a stringent income elevate there was a earlier than you make a production would also like you said during the break do you think the eighty four's really that much better. Did you forward. Wasn't that great of a caller crossfire injections. In the room there's a few little hiccups were there. Before blistered remission they actually may sway all the way what. Edu mediate was last year aiding is it helps speed came off the hill and how many times that they swap the power plant during the course of the sea for them totally different voice towards different takes an ala. Toward Mount Vernon well rated a little Red Cross Florida before now. Eighty fell almost two important Tupelo in 91 and aluminum heads and 8686. A scorer aluminum heads the only real money eight in there and Donnie Walsh polish your cruelty beyond the Nielsen wanna ninety. And LT four and 96 of those students and operated a T want to. So it took him all of that gets 96 and make him halfway decent car mineralized as was halfway decent car we told them they realize that this project was just crap and it's always crap that we're adolescent and we saw thirteen years old men exactly and another thing you think about to you because the colors that the timing. There was nothing that was running win this caller of the time. Now bulls. Indeed a look over in the Buick. See that's the weather's caller miss new grip nationals are fast. London 96 in view adrenaline and elegy for Corvette is shackled and now running an 85 opt out my year three year. 87 grand national here cools you what they would come close to an 87 stop Corbett it's close it's not commit. But it did now in a straight line for a quarter mile yeah exactly that's the only time and I mean it's every Waltz while it did William. But this is another thing you think about. Germ or his personal quarters little note if you're not going to be daddy he we'll do with the way. I'm storm and Arctic. You don't play the American sports. I hated me and Ira at grand national and measures stars in the world but yeah I mean the citizen you're selling point to say that is faster Corvette and in certain circumstances it was thought it. Yet put her on the racetrack is exactly it's not well. This is the way to look at it there's nothing wrong with a grand national credentials impressive caller. You got the Buick it's America's criminal court. Corbett America's sports car a rest my case they would get more from Brigham and pat pat pat pat pat. Yes weeded out and time does drag as it is and I fully mills. Right here guess they do we're talking about these top new collectible coerced about it right here and happy 1063 W Doherty. Portland hot rods and mapping out. What's happened and in Richard. What's happening in Istanbul. Turkey apple and who. First that's a good 12 I'm shocked I knew that power color thing my geography teacher at a minute. Thirdly. I don't think that Brady is there. A preacher radios come easily around the world as that and that's Third World and no that's not Third World I don't I don't. Now analysts and it would look who's hosting differently you guys that are here in my first world problem situations I don't know. I Chris area. And doing little cylinder in. You guys on the school 'cause I'm way behind yeah. It feels good. We'll just now what union you probably lead some rounds ahead of that excess. A pro Jesus born nor animals and leaps and bounds in ousting gets better vocabulary there's things that move yet that this. They say more than we do Jim Nantz area. We do down there are exactly. Alina America observation when Weaver started the enemies of is that. Thanks through a giant talking cam over and it's it's December I didn't mean union new importance yeah you know you can carry its union candidates but as a champion and 1996. And whom you know. Uses smaller warrior class that's something I don't want all six of embarrassment and I. And together had a complete certainty the boom that's a good woman that's adrenaline that's agreeable. And and the bad part is on the limits and one with a little bit when little. We're not dispute could picture that in place well that it a couple of aren't so let's get back to these these awesome cars below too we're talking about the F fourteen and collectibles to buy permits for my daughter Jackie promote her murder just all right next among analysts is school alma sub 900 Turbo. If you like to mechanic it's agree Goldman even if you and you know severe air motive engineer bill likes. Horrible looking goers. The whole hill is your guy it's a very eighties caller it is very eighties there cool I wish I had a friend that have won the election draws us. You guys remember how long do you guys remember roof up. Yes partake in that. Part to the and the color you're the only person is a group Luka just because and and three and bomb and other in party than a new core it is a special coroner. Looks a lot like the sup man. Room code drew some of no narrow compass but it. Revenue cover torque steer a murderer. Look up naval around business we'll tell how like how they got co writer that solves to a public. So I'll give it doesn't. Feel artistry got a Jason there's they'll bring them. So the two liter four sole owner was forced induction produce. A 143. Horsepower at first. And when all went on earn 85 horsepower later broke your little cooled server versions of these coolers a lot of a lot of variations of these kinds of years. In the manure that guy the borer. Technologically. Various animal use that term extremely loose we'll save that make those witnesses when applicable blitzer you think you'll be getting better. When they actually made them worse. He 185 horsepower wrongs don't ask PG. Knowledge is pretty special parliament whole bunch of them and in a whole bunch from America the prequel and they've got the three spoke wheels. On ended up more power illnesses are actually surprisingly fast. Yeah I mean there are plenty of your cool little callers and got that crazy news and Swedish English which for a little. Well yeah because. And in the location of the engine and it's just a unique. And as an individual it's yeah. It's not so well. Ball or. Machine it would be good to be about to mr. Craig. You know what that's like a Mini Cooper and A probably took me twenty minutes figure out a problem and and and Mini Cooper. It's the right spot just on the wrong side. This isn't good resumes this in the rice putt on the ropes it is. On the added to me I'm a shame it took talent and implement sick of losing net so confusing it's. But doesn't what sort of solved at all. What. Current account as well you know receive my mind you know reminders. That's been a long time Robert that the 77. Pre sale or are we looking great car. You know we're totally another corner it's a mama was just say stuff for whales that drives. Central or is it the bush. It's recuperate. Now it and agrees with them now look at them for a moment mood of the bag of Buick part of the bills and ladies and he's museum. That crap. So softness. It's just they're only his sizzling it's six Sox think. Yeah. It has helped six NASA terra and what. The World Cup car. Poland of those and you saw the pillow and there's some rules and more on this older models pretty accurate as a smooth. And backup. What's the next normalize the Ellis and wanna have a Tony and administrative MR two similar suit that's a no brainer man this course include for years. A little bit similar to use the fear of guys as fair here and so but but we'll Porsche B divisional but that could do things cooled out there more to lose. Is that you get there's niche collectors loaded none AMR to come out as a major competitor toward the fear of yes is actually the only competitor for the fair. Whose heroes a well and here's the thing you've ever tell them to you it really didn't have race. Fort. Cholera mean. Silica Subaru of those Odyssey through what I think all sound non but I mean again as more of a GT cars grand tour. On their Marti residual were all straight out news and sports car any alien marchers specialist super charger is an SE model delivers a 145 horsepower which is pretty impressive. But is zero to sixty time only scores a seven seconds and that's where they get really impress upon lies in the in the making decent power coming. We will sort that those close to follow up on mustang Tom yeah I mean that's moving. Some neighbors and this any time and for what it is that can never pretty quick I mean it's not see full or the equity when it is it's. It's good. If it's to. I Abbott do you get more looks anonymous informant. For the efforts. If you look the people purity is what they will be trying to figure out what was. The drug program you've got it. So it wasn't always candidate you know what you'll what you'll hear any negative I'm you'll get their first and get almost fat jokes in that announcement and this is the thing is that totals three to Obama mothers in the C four or Obama who almost 52 and she could Denver's she's prediction. A rule if you drizzle that's untrue or this war was a big enough to Kurdish should be able to fend for its own two C four is a hell of an automobile. The C four is saying it's okay. It's your card shop on voter. Gallagher and you'd cart you'll move when highness thank equipment and their incentives Persian. I solicitous Mexico are the way it is I know nothing about it and leverage and has a lower house Bill Mueller Richard does. A couple of miles or Audi TT two and what you call is not a bi Turbo but today some beach are pressing time. And the answer. The tests so Phyllis on Downey's. Well today well you know what we got a commercial brilliantly when we talk of who we talk about animals are rotting next in our momentum on his high cholesterol does we're talking about the collectibles about right now hot rods and IPO now one of 63 W Doherty. And hot rods and that there now before we cut to break yes. I'm drugged them. Richard the professor that you pulled a book called that I knew nothing about and announcing what the score. It's also an amazing amount of Mosul Ruddy MA meningitis lists and we're going to talk about it I knew nothing about the star in Richard steps of Tibet. And occidental power and average them Richard Richard we give us the lowdown on the most erotic. The beats are those bought brought to America to compete at via BMW three series and it is out of the rough time for miles or audio and early eighties as the rest time for everybody about that. Designed this Alter complex car. On front engine rear drive thought he would get a three speed automatic on how to 2.5 liter V6 car operated term. Two twins are correct and then along came to America make and underneath our force our about it. Unfortunately even from the day they renewed that there were inherent design falls ever it is an extremely problematic car. On him I like them I think Nicole and Ella people down on Robert her column says it looks like cavalier. A little. It looks weird cavaliers. Chances for hero for its home because they were soon to seriously on reliable you've always been area and cheap. Well you can get a quote unquote good one for 3500 dollars. The reason is an album coming collectible as the inherent flaws throughout the years owners and enthusiasts have found. Better ways to do patches yet exactly as they pal Charlie inherent on reliable stuff. And again there are pre cars and in tears incredible sound all sound manner pretty fast and you don't it was a raw images that day today in a united patriotic 500 for Wanda says Betty you are for on the miles are running for Rome's. Yeah. This is scared to push us to almost Roddy now that you can make them trailer reliable and none of them have any miles on them because they've worse than it is notoriously unreliable. Believe the only 40000 miles off to good one. And that's a good one people are there certain yeah ethics and back up get a running and it is again a bargain miles or artists as scorecard. Clinton stood. Well Lindsay is a cool Koran Romeo I would say it's cool animals Ronnie what years are much content. Agree with the there really is closer than mammals or didn't. The end that amount to hand power. Enough for me now from Atlanta and terribly early call or living in zone. I did see the clutch ability behind him because of what it is and it produced in the past that I have no interest in it whatsoever you should listen want. I mean I'm sure they sound great on your mentors usually do but. If you gave me one I'd probably find some other sucker to think you know my hands in this government and they want to percentage away and now that's bad I mean it was thought that out there notice now the next cost list I can to get talked into Iraq and absolutely in talk and there in the as the BMW 3.5 ether. So this is because Obama. Covert 2.2 minutes ago where diesel is it's doesn't go with the old tennis racquet. As yet that that is and three there. But I mean but the three series we're talking 81. Cash wouldn't criminal clothes. Eight and 92. Ability why would you want that winning go to malls or Ronnie for less money. Odds and amenities what more stylish I don't understand what those cars electoral understand they are but to me that is it is. This is the daily beaters bako and in my street racing days all of our bodies have more on and their drive until a broken and they didn't know. The 1 morning 500 boxed well enemy and they were somewhat reliable. Sloan woods. I don't we know millions of those picks him up there actually go look cool caller done but electability was being. It gets a lot of flexibility because that's platform is such as she you do but it is the next big thing of all BMWs well and ideas for that Moldova in stock form. They're good looking cars MA is like our friend Ryan writes car we'd be you know we just come around on the that's intuitive Colin. And Tuesday and flirting. And that man is because it is 836 ahead so they. This change all the body's cells that still has like the clean cut boxy body that BMW guys slopes collecting. Yeah I'm instantly thirty look if you will. Thus it is an Horry thirty solid foods. But I didn't do it isn't. I don't if if so it's not mine I say it appears bigger I'll think it is like physically throughout my little callers one or number or who's yeah I mean there. I'm get a warm comfortably but they are lower callers little little or too little too little was so little is colorless and of course. Thought the list coming out of this I'll always like Lincoln in the wine for man of course that command to do with two or four Norton version. Two version yeah conversion to hit two reporter versioning converted it when you want huge changes out there on the fly to. No they do well in Toulouse or don't think of the extreme sport or wagon configurations. I have never seen a three series. I guess I. I have seen one. You know. Or better and others should go live very far in the Indiana very few and far between but the in their very president who surely weigh against Vila yeah. Sewell is there every day who have. And then once the wagon actually carries some values due to there will pricey if being from one here history bought it yes. Yeah it's almost every wagon five's name Angel I think as money dark. But I mean Allah I'm wisdom with Chris nominees and just have such a great platform and it physical and after market is huge form. And after market is there so strong for these columns they've. Are probably is the coolest when ever I don't know this guy's name but were like cool Korda abilities. Like I've never. Met him more than at the 7-Eleven. Like in passing. But he dropped one of the man and a scene in the present but wanted to dish that. But I think I'm sitting here in in my small looks real rattle in the ground in any fires of his BMW. It's getting Ellis voter and I'm do we just become this free agency and why does the coolest thing ever. So now what we do is look we still talk him into this week. But you don't mind getting into when I'm leaving will leaving the neighborhood and I dropped passes house. Always get rid of but caller and we drove past my street he rips his BMW. And I may somebody. The reform is no I've not. Someone in the neighborhood is bidding to others. If somebody. Whoever's doing it Sumter can monitor he's divorcing fully. Fully and some got some power points for the old real estates homeowners association award make an announcement who were spinning tires in the neighborhood you need to stop. But for the record they are absolutely glorious color Marques opponent about them eleven inches one. Lose at home but deep and true. Just twin mark Rwandan Ryan Miller sounds like someone's got our on your neighborhood and I was crazy and they anyway drive Peruvian that we ourselves out of economy this guy in the pandemic and a friend you're talking their own neighbors infidelity really. So they do a medium like cold cold out of the neighborhood literally one of the day review is only about that in. So like we're the keeper of the cooled air pollutants. The issue I really hates the outer banks of their neighbors and camera. Which you know on the youngest guy and they rhythm and deal with the and bushel and Amanda BMI have him he's taken it with me in my hand is good and it was giving me. He was wonderful bills that concern at first village itself is bald and Sonoma hunger and bustling mainland of melanoma. Mean I think the same thing implements values like blue balding and you'll plans is that that's it I'm pretty sure he may have recognized school. Honestly I. And ice Elissa who is that your sons that. Let's hit on the next car on this list which I think crystal would chime in on this little bit but they are on the Cyrix. The Hollander CO look. Picks few and I was like OK listen. It's the Robert really came Meehan at a bad time of the cellular Mexico when you were born. They were phasing them out what 91 Muslim strippers here so you were so solid in your thumb on its dominant and I was literally one. Where they stopped making this the Orix booked. Any naturally goes to the import go oh we get soaked in your goal. No. CRX does that also ignore button I like the CEO Rick for different reasons. Perform as well as school but you was the first year exclusive we're getting like 42 miles to the gallon do you realize some speakers you can ship into the back of us here everybody. But honestly believe that it receipt or excuse you for fifteen in the he's other upward I mean that's the schools they were because they've got forty Juba that we're talking Korea's numbers don't have electric gas fault musical forms. I don't know about. Haig as power. Car robbery did Honda. Got as much fuel mileage. As a hybrid whipping out a whopping 140 horsepower. Twenty years ago between values and thirties it's. Well in. The first Cyrix is a 176 or star yeah. Me as a toward the end of its life. And come and but he the way in 18100 pounds light weights on him there's another cool hatch is like electric green mouse that came down the back postal and then the top is going mr. Yeah I think we can do commercial break but I don't think we're down theories. Gonna stay tuned we're talking on the sealer exes who. Brian you're on drugs and be home on a 63 W Doherty. Gilles. Policies and incidentally if Hillary. You startled me the store will you still were me. I'm story what's going on us what had Baylor we're back and we're talking about political callers. There was next one well is when we left off of the he went on a cigarette taxes CRA's every double thing to a series. Is the thing about like that guns got the coup on. The drew analyst. Than normal. Easy it is the only one I know of and high school actually it was his mom scoring drove it so everybody's mom had the CRX first. Yeah and then you've got two for fifteen years or drugs later in high school there isn't a yellow one that didn't have a hood but it was built pretty and averages in the rather forward. Not needed and while it it's hard to find a yellow Cyrix do you know I mean and I can understand now and puts them on their drugs religion match. Maggie worries come from plus he wanted to show off that you know that not chrome AM older and think. Had to show that all such. But an offshoot was stables colors. At the other night we. You or buy it. The winner cool Lindsay our circles called shake that journalists like a roller skate. Wonderful. Working you know airlines are known for it because they're kind of wind if they know what. So you know that little bitty foaming hand when your kids to have the face on it there's one Toy Story only gonna see a novel she's kinda looks like that that's what they can look like. I do what is your nerves from the bag that little old school within the yes they do in order they look like a precursor like I feel like the guy who designed the anesthetic. Was looking messy RX in mind. Calendar end of this simple play well dressed well LA Dodgers boy opened the magnets and sticker cartridges you know what's about size of that you can probably do that actually it was definitely put your money is grim month TV that was bigger than the Steelers and it wouldn't you have no one's. But I think Christian Shimon museums out I would consider the sister to the CRX and as the civic match. The city can't just front 230000. Miles 1980 two's things do go launch rural just don't have the man he's a strong so this. And yeah. I have no leaks and look at another outfit looks good I think 92 model in your three years or that look up. How well I don't know Michael our general but yet it's it's three years is you're three years older than look each year. You're you're by the broke goods or they are me like you're like thanks I'm trying to sell myself right now to review what you wrote it yeah I like a personal belief that this thing drove him in among them. Yeah yeah don't quit and I think. And maintenance poor maintenance. Now it appears that it got to leagues or anything nothing to everything's run valued at night and but but every bit doesn't go callers and I mean that's the thing that school is as a means it lowered his wheels one of them is that it is does have. Really cool book it's tells the world about money to your dad it's what I guys like. The consumer model wall models my a roll up windows mental illness on. Manuel Mears and also the manual rack this doubles route yeah virtual rooms that day you know kids out they see can't. Carol Loma Linda as a high speeds home. Just the simple things in life but other than that reliability is just. How the window. Gas mileage is insane. I never have failure in my motor. Well and the reason that's the thing that drew just good Sherri if you take care of it. Lesser. Which your core interestingly enough was a one armored cars realtors said yeah I I ended up picks up from a tree auction from Honda dealership. They're up send it off and also make you certainly don't look at that real quick and what you know. But musical glory it was very go harder Cooper first lord of the wheels Lola it was so awesome we crisper on over to the shop for the first time when he first got to help stop it was houses. Left lower whistles that he's in the stock on the it's never. I was young for the good life was like five liter most things of like they are old enough we'll measure right I mean you don't say like you everyone has got exhausted them you know colder up. I mean salami as soon be just to see one in stopped for like who. The film room till what is. I love the the stock formally I mean my game plan forest attendance attract just use it to its full banish the single. Overhead cam is just indestructible I can force it out and then drive it well because it's so lightweight. All right so let me ask you this year involved without power shift incorporated houses or. Transition ever right as many as they'll imports that are. If anything elephant that caller. Can be named I can get it all anywhere from a seed Soo much harnesses everything I need to get ready for checks of up well. So what Hillary so would you do this car bomb ought to definitely go on the economic cross home potentially to the point where when I want to. Add more power to the motor. Look in the hill climbing stuff like that definitely in Dragic as that zone. But we've sort of lose these are really do good all across having being lied about it like that most of yeah well once you say doing so it suspension. Sway bars and strip hours Egypt. So much control and stiffness that you can take corners. Nearly as well as old drug colors so -- shut view of this 12 economic fund arm. I'm all across both wagons of and they wagon platform actually is really well because the way is so we'll distribute it over the whole caller. That the wagon really does exceptionally well on all across Cuba and you'll throw driveway and now and I'm overpowered for. Auto crossing relief as the senate currently is some minds just smoke monster employment almost like the vacuum wounds both slide with you homeless obviously new room. But let's also note that we're we're. You judges of horsepower to do what you need to do. Forced power wise no say. Do you if you came in with the same color same voice and making 500 horsepower you have put in the wall there's even times now like the STC's motors I take the right turn. I can kick my backhand out yeah exactly I mean because of it is definitely life in the back you know another thing is with a man from a drop pretty much where you have an angles weren't going so. That is a little yeah benefiting as a rule that's a good thing yeah that's. It was a great car for that but you know those edges against I think especially when you lower the senator Gramm and him. Well the list of cool illness and the unique like that especially on crutches because you bring it through to the rest his face of the cause you bring into the ground better woods it's. Just the best option cynical and education and Alex it will you know it may all live to drive duly diesel. Bring into the ground all the attitudes in the Els didn't you know let me bring it down in we just praised the load time and when they say lower altitude raise in two exactly exactly well I mean. I don't know charisma that caller we have from the Gramm according did you see him using particular to rule book that the school within a minute delay so. You get the love what made 810 have you done to the honor as of as of right now it's all then suspension works so I you know I got. Struck bars I alma sway bars around the wind set of race in rooms. Set up the right tire specs everything any to you know complete a corner in the appropriate speed and Olivia. Who also is that a new user friendly now. Yes it is the very user friendly car. So many as a college I was a daily. And you can take to a drag there's a noise there are cross or whatever. Yeah a lot of this people misunderstand like one and all across the Venice there's a lot of people come out there like the soft on ourselves and all you really need is. You know your own wits driving a car some good Thai person how fun. Also dumps the best billion of them the best of great you can actually making your callers to driver. You don't need and then do you review you do this handling caller on the world but he ED Obama will. You got problems. Our usual items and so that does a big thing during this little thing about our grocery as you have all kinds of course. What may need to do you really all across that will affect the car and there's a lot of we will do road course challenges you run according to noted Grossman Roma. And I've seen it done and the cars do very well ever drove for a local or a Ritz. Hillary Rodham on the judge stripped them ineligible to do little rental car you know you now. I don't know I must say is never happen out there I know. And lasting through our friends do you have dual Fidel its own thing. Well you know that's we get a lot of things we get records show that we do you keep talking about incriminate himself real grocery you know who know our so. Does a day well you know these are fourteen or the callers the motor Johnke says it was the clip doubles tomorrow night. You'll if you got some real something you'll better idea are you getting pushed them be sure shoot some. Your messenger there out there a policy of our FaceBook page absolutely. Until Mike's way. Our guys you can listen hot routes and happy hour a 1063 Debbie Doherty.