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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 16th
Rob talks about judging car shows.

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Guys and hot rods and barrels rub its. I brought honor drunk and Bosnian whereas at Santa Ana analyst like you can lose them and we were regularly. And I guess does gorge are also a little late hit some reported. But. What we're lagging in wait we may go for a heart. Vehicles we have Richard Hoskins in the studio. Ultimately a financial analyst and numbers guru. What's happened in South Bend, Indiana. We'll scream story also government in turn will we got will in the studio it's gone on people. Isn't that was literally sort cool people. Polite. Kid the natural. It has got to and it is it is a good picking out people to follow. Gonna tell you give label pro ended today he's got charisma he does that that it does. The other. That could hit deaths due to its shares down below Roger vessels and Todd has always been my client of learning how to we did a kid. The guy roles in this moment yeah. Blow molding young minds your frozen bill or allow the public service. Which is true that little two dollar 200 if you relate how are often happy hours team mold your child once. Blow me a look at cyclicals Google news this week. So much closer how about hot wheels. What follows then how will turns fifty this week allow it to Philly nights in this leak in 1968. Hot wheels were drunk no material for the first term hubble's callers. How cool list. Do blue levels it was still cool plane did play without wheels that was last week and I got a scar from we was actually you got a scar from what lists how are you planning their house will swamps and I slept on it. He slipped us so well. Or else that is the real deal could you do to where you were you look like were you got the Christian men each other stuff. Mind used. I never intentionally crashing an individual however it's the towns are collision. You're collusion and men I drove them Connell negative mud cars today see those little bit of these odd kid who lost a failure brought polishing. I did a plea car lot it was mine hot wheels I took a light bright. Which will probably do what that is right now but I took my light bright and I made like please how bullet and like pits Chevrolet. In my life bright they have made this turn and I had a phone and whatever people call earlier and also in callers. When almost six years old. I believe some would say it was his destiny it's it's a little scared little scared. It's pretty bad when your sixers older to look at the criticism good to pull it off too well you know you got your gonna need Dakota is about a six year old six years old news you know what Coach Sutter is. But that's not an easy thing to tell people and his son Ilya to hone his skills a few can pick that up when your child. Makes a dole that a lot easier. Have closely and I mean little nemesis but so was that I mean like I told every kid this. They'll let the crappy match muscular former cricket trillions even had a hand says a lot I can. Well look you know Laura let them know they won't like you guerrilla gave him for prisoners of my ball from win Dixie. Whether all bred ones. Like those who traded as you do realize you will roll this don't sell that one wind and oh yeah like a piece of acrylic. And it was born. Yeah it the look usually served in 2000 blushes yeah they'll the same interior O you know it's like. This sort of for kit Kohler and and at dike system which is the head of that's the only go to Carla hall what else. There's a little without that was what I do holes or so iconic and and you know huge push joy in my heart this still probably how every caller guy gets started today. It's stuff on the cheapest intra yeah but but it's like gateway drug this it's all downhill from there. Let's really get you. That is seven cents a minutes. Then bugs on the era prerogative or was not then there's news and act into it and we have more Travis Pastrana. Did he not know we didn't. That's the only ones who is plush dual yeah. I know it happened I let us remember watches in a commercial and then. He's gonna die. Listen to him. And you'll Brooke 200. No unions in his mind. Doing a double him full of jokes. All right no trust mr. nice broad global student now over the years in twenty years he's Brooks sixty those exit 25 concussions is the Mecca wall. Thought about it really consider what he does well he's given. When you hate to be as dangerous for a better. Who hire. A credit distress call again. So. Anyway so he sent out to beat you could be able records. All right we've been able would joke he did he jumped thirteen Greyhound buses. Travis jolt sixteen and keep in mind the Grail buses for wind evil jumped in this and now here are eight inches wider. Then they are announcing Joseph three more and their wire buses. All that Indian sketch out a 750. Indian motorcycle city news little fins and hurt my the idea of doing his little joke and stuff live. It blows over everybody is a lot of metal on the 380. Paddles do you think people are guys Trotter relate maybe you sold a sold. Possibly. Policy should be able to Nick Cage. And he shouldn't be alive anymore. So he did that this thing abolish me he did that he jumped 52 rit callers. And be another one of evils record in baby jump the fountains. At caesar's palace now given a Vegas in 1967 would be able did it. This change the luck the soldiers deliberately built so much he had less room to accelerate the naval aides even blew us route to stuff. He still did it aired the thing is he lifted them Mikey did you do you shake when he was smooth out the double let me let. Usually evildoers like wobbling back and forth thing goes over the handlebars. This latest that I don't like meet you Joseph bit like a bicycle route than pro Morales. Do you think there's unemployment when your mega one of these gels and LA well this didn't go away have Phillips. I'm sure it does. He was joking around because like they practice these Joseph TSA said it feels like a complete arena the price is always jokes at. And they were talking about an issue the target women drill all the films. If I get wit. The T good point that in any also jolted in the same style boots pretty quickly wore a symbolic fancy run loose there's no blows weren't just your shoes. Like they say is usually John Travolta had only Saturday night fever but in white patent leather. All that Indians dealt. Flying through the air 225. Feet. The double. Now this had leather. He deceived now you have you Watson video on YouTube near holy water in disgrace song I just I want an hour and a crowd in biology could put us that this could. About that I mean I mean that's what I but he's made it look easy like that was my big problem with a three hours of talk about how amazing the goofy and he's like you initially sprained his ankle or something and shake it make as big inaugural Volvo no digital Britain we let guys in hero back. Let's exactly put a show another candidate edit and then it gets done any data with the same but. Fleury into columns. You know one thing use a bullet because there's no Lugar do that three towns little. Could it. There were two guys out here so you know you're on three different Harley's days ago you what I kind of look at Andy's heart as he and he's treated and aren't exactly. So this and they had three different ones they're so he could swap if you had two billion entries the same back over thirty you go Lawrence feeling good after the first job. Yeah stick with just so and then. The way that they looked like it would get done doing the job realistic will be showed that singers like doing me and old millionaire he's moonwalk and and was not exactly. Good and noble to see waving to the ground. Actually had to ride from Caesar he did the first two jobs we're joined the race callers Joseph the buses. You had to run about a mile to caesar's palace. Hi fighting people and their cars going down Las Vegas boulevard. Joined the council but these picks to jump over season dial up. There's my heroes but I think he has had 26 concussions so there could be so what is wrong with twenty about concussions and I guarantee you there's something bad role that child into. I do what else veterans he's commercial breaks mimicking snake and a bonus. Negative and August every down that's drag on stage do we go hot and then bill ring well one is 630. And as much and hot rods have real. Skins would have been in Newark Delaware. This that he can you please yeah that is meant elected Google that and we are my intern in the studio. Going on now. Look at him with Google so there slowing in the yeah. You know that some marital museums. Look I love so well no little. We have the youngest in the group. Many many years. Is still some Travis the strong effects on the series gotta go to school loses did know and now he's went from two to four wheels so last year racing for super factory team. He said every day record at the Mount Washington help Klein. I mean in five minutes and 44 seconds now that over 24 seconds faster this teammate dean Haynes did. In point fourteen so let's say it's just there's went from dirt bikes. To a certain errors. Yet Joseph Cohen and at this danger is not a Johnny well understood every single club. I mean I don't know what I would wanna walk up you muscles dry look decent and we have this sideways this dude yeah. Yeah this do you while doing it. But that was cool guy owns a result. And I can't say you only hear the very first where wanna say this but of steel if you catch my drift. Put place exactly until and he. This dude I mean a reform just to take flight it is a time outs he's Superman. Little. Love and take employer wouldn't be that much are reached based on has dated a job every homeless cable really did take the cable when did the jokes he actually lost points right there for me. Yeah meanwhile wouldn't you just where the case. I mean come home like this cable so cool and really takes the cape golf in doesn't jump. I want to see the cape flapping in the wind and maybe that's what they all live McChrystal able crashed all the tough ticket me and my racquet in my event aired on everything. We total other capable you there like that. And it's getting wet until it's gonna do grooming the moment they get a little jokes and all of the whole get a it won't just Disco boots it was everything should there is fraud before so some foresight and that is 410. Degrees in Vegas when he did it where you live. Pursuant. Half. Moon until you that's that's the taught that lesson toasty weather troubling news in Cologne after that. For probably probably thought he would of that last year and a gazillion gazillion I don't immediate and so I'm actually jumped into the fountain. After. That which was only about a foot deep does still he jumped in there today air cleaner down before and until the well we've discovered dirty tells you can only imagine that film. The things that there are things another foul on the LLC. And hangover okay exactly in my kitchen and Ella caesar's palace on just thought well out there. Just say it is and how we're opening a particular real live in water. I think for relate a couple hours. He may be drilled. A chain Kia Dresser realist in Egypt. Considers this as good as it but it won't shift gears no pun intended to dirt fly concede there. Yeah we got Keeney Jacobs and Paul Ontario from the NTO real close America's agreeable chapter took promotion of their political. Thus offer a day will bring you almost physical ownership is a super. Yeah speed receivers Travis Pastrana actually dailies the 20s17 savored earlier access Kia. Utility trailer he he he dresses never. You know I heard his wife actually drove the forresters Bayless and Ghana families saying okay. First strike you lost the cape sickest drive they draft soon Bruce. Well you can't Wear a cape figured out nasseria. Now and hundred you know hero Obama and you know I think if at least this Ebert did Windham hill climb. Now. I would probably drive at all the other side of the jobless favored over thirteen buses you can Wear K a exactly. Veteran there's a feat guzzle don't think it just think of that universal appeal weigh what to hurdles licences route. Just don't assume group. And team buses sixteen months a decision Obama wind land on television isn't doing Indo it isn't true with the you know he's at least contemplated and a few times. Don't you know men under receiver to have drug Carl's mom opportunity here I was I would I would I would vote question Joba must who wrote a bridge every delegate idea that. Now with yourself and into. If you with me in it per to a single. Playing on the suit resemblance to this yeah. Actually don't even know that they're put. Yeah Richard Richard serves a very good point here that are just that bill. It's okay squeak a lot on the inside you go to you think about from him and he's got to get paid by Sue Bird. To drive his truck just OK so that I know I was really make my only they've made enough to pay meeting rooms and. But the same like at the same time might a lot of people was celebrities you know to get. Oh look at this new cell phone look at this product and they never use a product Elise is actually using. The product may in millions of dollars for himself by driving a super. Durbin I understand it. Jim Myers says that you couldn't pay me enough to grocer. That's yeah honestly stroller fund cars are very capable coach and it was just maxed out. I'm sure he's got lucky super cool super really jurors don't like you know a box dot com. That is not a fraud 2002. And three different color. Doesn't turn on the lights at the bottom alone. Who food and and this is it's like Q test you hear is true there been assumed room. Which is near the one of those things I heard a scary proposition until the end. Julie brother others W already discussed probably typing anyway. Little did did we've probably got turned off. Are improving emails being right and left her announcing defending super global America. And business that is so wonderful they are terrorists John he's a race NASCAR. He did did decently in NASCAR drivers. Things go as a journalist he's probably an accountant at this point to figure out why it will tour the conclusions are probably would overload. Is there any outrageously dangerous profession and do you anticipated and they're really I mean. Did you morning's Lola do think like her to have done his job. Don't give me any ideas from watching him yeah. He's gonna join us deeper ones on his and go on the while trying to find animals of Russell gave us. Crocs. Lemon and well the natural progression I joke we verified. Those who think jewelry were born nowadays if there was forty alligators in the founder Cesar vials that he joked that will be something right there that it and afterwards he I would not miss it washes off and found. Exactly he didn't jump in there like swim Wear them yet. Seriously and really jolt. Thirteen buses all an alligator. Well wrestling around here admitted he shouldn't but it. I would looks probably TiVo's and doesn't feel it has been done in the theaters and so my bro yeah. I had a bad about a rod and alligator. Very cool though to actually get a cool what's really Bristol Bay here. Cipro as a great move those those are great movie grip Raleigh in the second for the rule through anything I was number one. Treatment was not killed in the next step out step brother knows it very close. All we need goes here here. On this and that success is joy in my heart. Hey. They got so Jay what we got a great interview come real mr. Paul and nearly hit any Jacobs for the anti dollar bill club America talk about the Vincent classical our show writer Grier so communicable August 4. Stay tuned guys we got a lot more Rosen of the hour Grail one a 630 to audio or go routes and had a their money's not here. It doesn't do we get real special treat for today we got some guests in the studio we get mr. Haney Jacobs in Poland through from the antique automobile automobile global whom America. Right of the green book chapter does look and other odds and then PO I sure haven't made me Anita Dunn made them up feel privileged and he doesn't layer with the now we've got a really special victims of the August 4 which tells them. Well this is actually the twelfth annual event it's been noticed it and still lives the Benson classic car show. It's killed in the Baptist Church owned north West Point history career. The parking lot to run paralleled a road so if you get lost you can come by and just look at all the cars. It's a fund raiser but for the meals on wheels. And so we hope everybody comes out it's great charity. And we have a wonderful variety of course last year we had in the neighborhood of hundred cars were opened at some of the all out they're gonna come and let's get a 150 this year 200 a little better as a quarterback. But that's what I Lowell pulled out cautious because it's a great. Forcible I grew up in court shoes but what I love about it and I think a lot of people need to understand these local shows like this. Brace so much money for great calls and great chooses. And you know a mellow this big car shows around town as much as the next guy but I love my local shows because Noah Adams relative is local shows. Are supporting great local causes like meals on wheels. You know that that's and that's exactly right and and you know car shows and get the reason guys like tuna probably core shows. The automobile sport of a cultural fabric of of America but more so here in the in the south than probably anywhere else that's regime we all Polaroid brazen and. Will not go our well yeah so they don't allow corporate blooming. The whole chorus like apple pie media I mean the first rays starter when the second corals built in Laramie area and it's been downhill it fits them. And that's the cool thing about the core communities we all pull together no matter what you're into even got to the fixable associating you get all the quite over there. And I'm just as engine. That is sessions ten dollars and vintage they've hit a time. That's what I like about Al Gore shows these huge issue because of the local parking lot easier than drive down the road. She then having fun everywhere you go we will. And that's the thing though about the course. Did you enjoy what you in driving them isn't doing them again until people all the time I mean it's. It's an experience like no other drop in the classic or collector car it takes you back there just like a time machine no matter what your. You can give up on the wheel of your feet sixes are intercepted these callers because there's so much difference and they'll be able hitters will describe in words can't describe it is just that the you'll you'll of the rattles the squeaked. The greens. I guess you'd call quirks about them but that's what makes them who gives and character. Done it in rub it won't just late 50s60s and seventies cars which which that's mostly what we say. But the unique thing about this car show is as we have. A lot of pre war Carson comes while greater early forged fish this year and bring in more what I consider to be a special karma collection. It's a 1920 Anderson that was built in Rock Hill South Carolina. And it's only the thirteenth car. In a nation to be put owned a national historic vehicle register as a national cultural artifacts shall. He had come out you'll get to see encore built right here in South Carolina before BMW Basra now and it's a nineteenth when. His presence than in Rock Hill so bright kills left and Monica do you think about you know prewar that was all types of car manufacturers for. Effective is but 1928. There were 2600. Makes of cars in the United States alone that's crazy isn't just that you can build one car and you were in you would be if that is a car manufacturer. Oh goodness that's terrible don't allow people with their. But the that's what makes these kind of issues cool because you don't see the same thing over and over again exactly I mean what do you like the late model stuff which has really combed through your afternoon challengers Camaro is. Those guys great union must think there's an impressive callers for 2018 and these limo years. But Orton is so that. If it wasn't for that 1920 Anderson however it wasn't for that 58% to. There wouldn't be these callers these Clinton course pave the way for these cars and that's what makes it's so cool. Is this see through the years the changes in health or technology Cisco yeah. Yeah I have have. Live in there were open then a lot of new people that there are people and been to this Marshall before a show that it is so great location and it's a great calls. If you're register early get a free T shirt. And in the didn't think Fareed these days that's orient. We're just a likable enough for really hitting the but this is what's cool about but the cautions that is good family fun can be an owner you bring the kids and this is the thing. And joked around with people all the I love it would people bring their families and accused of cautious because we're dragon boat to adults that would be more people are today. Yeah and and Brittany and I have a food structures well. And in the it'll be a little bit of of a corn ball kind of an environment we can moral and structural bingo join me to end up. So don't come hungry because I'm sure the food drug vendors would love to have. A lot of business and because their support may have been as well. And cigarettes were back in a larger than just come dressed to have fun. And and you know cut milligram burger whatever did you like. Well and MS was the thought about it I mean you walker and this is a great way to strangers Saturday. Yeah I mean beautiful day got a great atmosphere already beautiful callers get gratefully we got music playing in the locker room yup absolutely and you're helping the great calls all seem to community better and yet until it's almost a no brainer there. So close look at about antique automobile club of America the group which after. The the club and any fuel speaker go and steal your thunder Dan take normal club America was founded in 1935. It has some regions and chapters all the United States and that chapter agreeable believing in my two years ago we turned fifty years Ole. So we've had an active and and legal although club. Region right here for fifteen years in the way malaria is not easy to settle down and basically they're into global club of America. Course it recognizes all callers but it pays particular attention to cars 125 years old. And it's a movement 45 years so you're new and is stuck in there are so so basically. Almost any carted and then our. Listeners grow up weird or possibly every and just caught a glimpse of there there are protected and and sponsored and promoted by the entity or group level America. And hit that's the reason. When you come to the show biz a wide variety of course I know last year we had drip for spectacular. Early forges full I don't know where. And we won't expect him to move very pleased. But this from team I don't usually there some some early course I don't know what we have some breasts are of course those accords or made prior to 1960. Sometimes you just don't know that's another thing it's good about a court show is is it's kind of like go. I don't wants an Easter Egg Hunt was like a treasure because you don't know what to expect and they show up that you didn't just play in the head and say. Exactly and in the variety is what makes it you know army is not just of abortion or not just across your show or just as surely you. This is an it briefing shouldn't get so no matter what your into Joe Brown of August 4 at the Vincent classic car show. And exactly and. I know young people today there are always looking further out of the futures of some of us old timers but there's exotic things that show up. I mean course is pure knowledge and shaker and say wow what planet and it come from. And they show up in the young people just flock to those core so there's something very everybody. Well and that's what makes it fun though because we true corridor. Whether it be. A nineteen Italy cattle and whether it be a 65 should avail whether it be at 58 DeSoto and you're into late models that you can still appreciate absolutely absolutely we may like different things but I will look through them all the bills just absolutely. Absolutely. Part of my thing you sit and cry as decent finish Henman sending me he's one of fourteen made it 21 has to also an existence. Intoned as 20000 Green Zone bonds on the sit out there on it. And it's just gorgeous score you can drive at sixteen laws and on since 1937. Model. Let's say analog at sixty miles an hour was extremely fast in 1930s. That was getting somewhere there. And now sixty miles an hour drive into the mall you know but and that's the thing that that so interests and and and in just. It's so funny the different generations. And as soon know any different. You know when you look at your some of these street rods and and I see a little more of the 38 but up you know grew up in the street brought here at all listed an album we've had a lot of these original colors over the years that we turned and hot rods but we still go to original. But I mean like you know your stove (%expletive) these who would still have six and I mean you've called Richard hunger miles an hour awful clear it might do that maybe not a but that's the thing and we're about forty show callers from sixty well over in 1937. She's fly. You're making them. Yup and and in it even that it was fast even before that one of the cars in my collection now won't have a there's certainly but it's a 1912 Hudson. My element speedster. And it was the first American gore built there was advertises a purpose built race gore and a mile a minute that was flat and it was 66000. But did that too little icing on the cake they shipped it would a hundred mile an hour span cameras to encourage owners to push the limits to go our. What goodness only goodness but. That's what makes the coolest thing about corporate colors just just everything they did back in this those callers just the styling which is just. This iconic as the way to put it does I'll tell you what you do we don't want to miss the bits and classical our show Saturday August 4. Greer first Baptist churches from 10 AM to two premium does you don't want to miss it be sure to check it out. Probably gonna leave your flower showed chicken little listeners out there are no. The specifics of how to come say it's a throw those will push that too hot rods and they'll FaceBook page beach were shaken up the big thankless Kohler show August 4 Saturday that we don't miss it. Stage at would you go more than IPO Rangel won 63 of the liberty. Does the hot rods and heavy hour. Dozens. Was out and into the hometown of our very own odd Roddick Kalamazoo Michigan home zoom. And we got my intern we in the studio who. Has gone. It's it'll. Villain but it got us all mixed thing personally hate it and saw the blue. But you know how little row home server guys. A little rough I like bringing back a little now holds a little harsh it's just it's just playing around salute as warranted. Bill judgmental but. You were talking about judges bill Monroe's never Soyuz and his Alley because their own room maybe at least in the judging lewd and emotional warm up on the seriousness sweltering in the you know. Another thing you know we you're we had any in India doesn't hear from the it to go to a close America. Committing any Paul Newman inertial sort of portion of scum of misfortune. You know we're the middle of the show's season. In the air and I'm Laurie wrote into you we do. Forty plus events a year with the morals and bill closures and crews in and out of some automotive visits all it was a southeast. In every year you run into it almost every event you have that one person that can legacy rebuttal shoulders a little bit about it. They get their feelings hurt one. Well. The last several statement. And the front of the nice. But we didn't talk about judge a little bit you know where everybody goes there isn't valid points. Bet bit bit didn't do need to be discussed you know and they and they mean so little thing here are some things don't need to be you know as. It's no but you really need to say it. The barrel saluting the memo. And you lose my opinion and created this just my opinion but futile caller you're looking for trophies. I mean is there are other areas and and a exactly a solid it's not alien is about you lose sharing the Harvey we your friends and shoot the bull (%expletive) now all the doors and still she wins sums greater election wins about the people in the culture exactly. Below are my legs to win. But in little reason. What's the bonus if you do that's the only thing so many friends that Russia. Once he won so many truth is and is always cool that walk up to receive you know that that's a great feeling but. You know I need to build a bookcase or something and I am out places the book. And and I'm OK the same problem under virtual shelves and I've started putting a more shelves and more shows. Even show my accorsi mormons show well we're there but area among the biggest reason is the deal would be we'll get the wrong idea because there's a stigma. You know lot of woman bring Michael Capuano because all these new cordial Wynton. And next thing you know Lou you've got to most people with their feelings hurt America and onto the incidents hurt nor Javier never hurts me because I love the car. And another thing. This I think you've been viewed this really hurts is you'll want these local shows just like this one of his form the bits and show is supporting a great cause absolutely fair and a lot of these little shares of me like I looked out of town assures me a little. You're the rudder and pigeon forge and a loaf. You can't bring me not to and I love all these big go to her shoes and you don't but. Bill Bush's big shoes don't support. You know. Blood local charities are a little bit we're small little local shows us what they did this really raise money for these classes bread and butter exactly and now only knew that people look come into the shoes. Really doesn't make impossible goals for the lucrative the local level. These his location is they have a special feel also. You know. Yeah the mixture is grid a lot already fast you know law go into Iraq Iran etc. but. You know they use in off the show events and a few years ago and we had a really good time there are women are really cool people. Saw some really cool car. And the miss the name of the game. No grade B Bancshares citadel. You know get some cool drink sit back and Goran. Answerable to questions and do it on all callers and you to move your body isn't isn't a good time and the rest of us most about it and chill out to the music. Women love a love the atmosphere. An alias and who give them a shape and and it is hard judging shares a room do this in some more segments that you're talking about George Little more detail. But you you've got a lot of people that bill. These great callers that there I mean it's been years building this classic. You know whatever it is something with a via a GU Laura moved forward anymore thing. AA even forwards discouraged and they dislike. Do they build these cars that put the heart and soul into home and then you know you get so much of the ex Baltimore in new Kohler and you know put some decals on her personal is a little bit thin you're competing with a new cardinals built two months ago. Is there any sort of do it sort of takes over and is forty years old and making you would you you know I mean you make it is nice you can. And there's some callers that there are restored that would knocking any news or neutered but the but the majority of whom are going to be older voters little older core. Problems and issues. And it's hard to compete you know let me just tell words. Air and so that goes along riff Raff in the show missing. And you can over the years you've noticed Alex shifted. You know who these guys that are like me and richards' rage or buying real killers anymore really horror there's a few good old boy you. All right hello mama I don't know for several does look but surely getting that. Our into the clip of course a lot more remote gaming into Italy local person there's nothing wrong with a locally mostly because it would there's a really impressive stepmother in the hospital at Tommy's built. You're up pickles so mobile but for the most part of in these are some. Really pretty detailed oil coolers and they've gotten special features to enemy's been tied plumes of money home. Well into the dead men. You know new cars are easier they're easier to whom yes come home but I'm just not to take away from many of these fantastic build some and I know that you espouse freedom a hard time and mainly because our friends and and often it's easy a little you know little drier air it's. A little little little little it's a different ownership experience and you know I experienced a little bit of both with in and the challenger and NN in the Daytona. The challengers lot easier to hop been in gathered in as bodies your claim to this an issue. And negative outlook and ready for Shia and take it and sometimes that is just prefer a bowl. Doesn't take away from the driving experiences we are driving an old car does sometimes. There's an air and then in some ways actually it's it's almost like. He's the perfect entryway into the caller sure world started with a late model car a fluke I had in then you can buy agricultural get a good friend tomorrow. Here he's gonna show and Chrysler's for your new source for last few years. And now to go to these drugs so they don't read diplomacy to. You sit near Obama announced six Simpson agency didn't might be how you learn to work on cars what exactly the meanest girl liked hatred of what you really liking it took over the July did you bought new and you've you've made your own. And you showed it mixing in lieu. They are really like these two in Nixon you know you're moving in the hobby. And there's nothing role that either it's a great thing I mean that's just building our hobby outlook that. Did did just a little bit addictive women you know look you. Yeah I'm sorry I was putting up Gina. Earlier. Well suited for. And speaking no speaking of adding them. I've driving something very cool and you don't about it if you talk about a lot right milk well I can say is Carolina motor for this work who put the collector caller. In somebody's driveway. I was feeling is going to be your record for Carolina matter for us. Aren't there were six you're definitely not want to miss that at all it's very cool very very cool and I think that's going to be. Cure a lot of motor Frist. You I know want to do to bring more good muscle formed back. And everybody else motive for us this show every time we have it gets better and better and better. AA and pollster bones and agreeing malaria that they're even. Upstate area there's a university courses can compete with the yet. It's my favorite local show amiss just such a good Tom there's so many different things so many different. The venues for different people to come and enjoy. Well it's it's an all day event. Exactly we'll let you swap meet to reduce everything's going well and now we're actually gonna give away political below that meant a loaded and we know more details for this coming up. Guys stay tuned we're talking caller shoes and judge you're right you're all hot and every hour on 163 W.