HOT RODS 7 15 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 16th
Rob talks about judging car shows.

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And hot rods and that goes from Robb Pitts and wait a minute man this is a bit this you know the your skins what's happening to all our friends in Jersey City, New Jersey. Julie's did you know Philip we don't give the midwest and northern states quite enough attention oh and that's what you're here for now ahead pat take it seriously. From two and a look at. We've got to listeners everywhere excellent against Syria message from your resume. Yesterday it sent me a couple months there really understand so try to embrace you know saw the big shout out to be upset at a throw around. Through our it is both Sarah and I'm learning about all kinds of different places earlier this those legs like geography lesson. It is they are all its world war and then I can do this while I'm working so it's even better insulate education and I'm guessing a scholarship. And I guess businesses has to win wins we've got a little sort and caller sure judgeships in order to the issue as we wish you Johjima in general. And you know that's the big thing is when you get a new course can be with a new course. End is really really really really really. Hard to judge in eagle personal caller. And over the years where those morons and every hour we started doing things what we actually did split judging wrote. Plus live it was a tough toward Charlotte motor for us we have the top fifty. And basically we do we split it down a little twentieth classic toy for a modern. And usually the day in the sure Lou we care though it as a role supporting five year mark is the split with the near Somali years like. You're 87 through 93 mustangs or won't put you goes on sink baskets so depending and then they're again they're so situations where those callers. You divisional army political class of course we got vs modern goers you know we may move the skill little bit back for just look you know to. You did play a little Kia that we didn't especially shows like go motor doesn't mean we did a good mix of every do. Yeah I mean even edges break it up that simply have no model beautiful trucks for about four trucks come and I'll. In the of course we have motorcycle classes and everything from Lotus a little earlier smaller shows your little adult toy in for these shows woo wee moos shows like this food for different organizations charities. Don't do it at all to only show. Who do want to up to modern tucked in classic with a mr. Hsu. AA and in that really evens oblivious and works out pretty good. Now everybody judges colors differently there's no do people the judge in the same. And you know there's no right or wrong way of actually seeing drive through judging. At issue. While also view more in your court judge you got more on what your caller and you drove through and they walked around it there was about thirty seconds. And then through this all the judge in the it is time that was yeah I've got some good reviews over and Wales on the people who are victories it. As a judge that sounds pretty cool. Ali you think we streamlined the process is not easy picking apart all of your friends and your peers vehicles to pick out which ones best that is no small responsibility it. All right Richard let him go free you're judging issue. Would you pull the person that owns it they're. A would you not want them there. What a lot to present at the show where I want the lawyers should admit players. Really I prefer not. Same way there's seldom it doesn't bother me how Schumer judge and she now will show me no end. And you know the necklace glow of the of the believe warm and haven't you undeclared Aaron. And Duke's clay I don't know. But it is true that I mean and I'll be the first still say you know Clinton basically movable listening in and take you towards Oklahoma you know or. Or whatnot and you act. Billion in the in the and you got some people that really just take it to the next level the one who gonna be loan arm in your drag you're gonna show you every quarter of their caller. Did did and we've all seen. Well I've seen it with you quite a few times. On bill you know dabble in this country to sit back and reevaluate if this is really your thing well. And gotten that just. If you're there for the right reasons did you ever resume doesn't matter. Home but only other hand you know judging is all right let me go think about when you go to 200 to 200 colors or should. And you're walking Reynolds. Judging these cars only in the hustle and you know and just do. But it is easy kill your urges the genome to bring themselves to drink get on Sunday June 20 dollars you know on them say well he does what you need to do for your judge. And remember the dead at twenty dollars I mean everybody else wanted to enjoy dollars and make your car nicer. The two dollars you are you going to review collects and also give him on every single person there drew their favorite car there. And it is that's the thing you're just. I imagine it dead baby shoes and color just. Yeah I look picabo or someone's kid I always feel more comfortable doing that today your baby's fat. Yeah exactly take your baby's got a big millions of you know you don't that you look like his mumble yeah Luke. And that's not good at I wish you didn't know I debated. Forty feet this thing you know but. Shouldn't they have a leash can look it. Packages Borg did me OK it's a but so did that. I always feel more comfortable judges a child than a caller because that we will do so I don't know about it you don't ordinarily is our bill on the job and you do your car. Let's publishers. Bloom relatable to the move puts and other Laura and you're both the thing you saw springs where you don't soon. This it's. That you can callow and baby is a read thus this bit yeah a whole lot of say in it after. It's different when you spend five years or a year or six months served 25000. Dollars or something and perfecting this workable or. Exactly what you believe it should be. And and everybody is different opinion what perfectly of course everybody you know I mean some people. See you Lou orange peel don't you think about a shining to show anybody oddest wanna give a shout out to those people these heckled. You know as the only thrill Divx hooligans and whatever else you without Mandela. We know commit and that's the that's the difference and there's nothing wrong with a secret galore to a bills we naive to the course and root level or go home so what are. A home do you learn especially in your callers but beyond. Illness and does her thing when you're judging who split closes little Leo usually judges should among big things do look a hundred point scale kids and even. Yes and doesn't break down extremely fall or I mean we've done they're really good big and then all of this and I think that a move that could complicate the situation. I'll tell you what there's always bugged me. You know when I'm competing in shows. Is EMS shows that are judged. Seriously how categories. And one that has always bugged me and any issues that I've ever judge shot trying to get away from us is judging the trunk. You've got to have similar hole you're still here there's a lot of stuff that comes with you had to success and failure to clean those of you get your cheers but there. I've never been really big every few you know assume Dow overall in the stronger here's the wildest blue years there are still Loper result Google showed clearly. But if not can you draw down a little take points off that doesn't perfume on. Com well how would dig yourself now know not having your little that bothers me really pure harsh and needed period ended it. You know. And understand what some people don't we just another girl studied totally run at us and that's fun but also understand if you don't win yeah well and the message that's the big thing I mean you know. My crystal balls will close you know to you what we appreciate your caller. And any over your doors are a public lewd or your caller you know whatever. Amenable to restore the books and they're so through this and oh yeah with the money or partially Judd does he loved when he box Torre books. Toy looks really hot days like what the big eliminates. They were to go well lot of three dollar bears did exactly issue at all. What do you. Does the big thing we're judging shows this is this. Here is common sense and got to be respectful amicus is not an easy task to do at all. Now almost every sure you go to when people talk about judging is like drawing strong season pass to do it. Did first there. Should ever judge us absolutely shocked that one how much I cared. Yeah leg dinner go back and revisiting cars 34 times tried to use process of elimination. This is our enemy really is triggers your disposal but hey you're good enough. The road and deserved the million for flawless golf America material. So we've got to look for these commercial breaks if you can we'll holes all the time man out there all we you don't roll. Commercial break. Gusting to we have a lot more happy hour trailed 1063. You have more power around and happy hour. Richard the skins. I'm didn't used to let them know this is hard must still wait for our drug walking and then. His little voice in my junior and it is your man into. What did you move much here. Try and try to live up but it's it's tough you've got this I need and do do I need to you know. Act like drugs for a little bit could you. Could you. I can try Erica I don't returning those hurdles or literacy or no luck once you can lower Oscar's dream it's just here in the mid division in that still standing and there's. And broken due. Who flew us. So what's your shout out what's happening Aurora Illinois a roar through and dual. Is that where the swindle us up of those around the world. I'll tell our beyond her aura of rural. The love it love it. But the pacers would you market. And men on adrenaline man crew and everybody knows yeah there's that. So don't you go harsher judge and and and you know we we actually Jim Grossman 2.0 break talking about you Georgia chloride Georgia cooler. Like him don't let her won't abide. A look at that clueless. Lou I mean this is like you know there's a Google takes longer and others to do it. It tickles me. How's that issue want to criminals walking and then look at the current got a 464. Trigger on a single numerous times. Keep them and a cut my teeth on these colors everywhere like I was raised old forties street rods. So I can tell you more about that forward in a 152 walk. Then we'll include in four days. Hey isn't about just know these callers there is an image is well I know them by being say I know all about it but. I know quite a bit about these callers. And the water underneath it didn't take you long did it. And I started naming off everything Jolie's. You know and it is a movie stars I mean you know a life. Small blow journalist not a certainty bills must thing to do which got eight point 89 inch. I never squatted and abuse of put the uniform. Fooled us we're we're a really big musical formula and knew these callers. Did that's and it. Ed that's another thing that I mean I think it does factor in Q judging. Is you know what the different vehicles are you know. There there are some cars that are going to be judged more harshly than others. Because there's thirteen of them there. Exactly and that's another with a new clergy a little competition because you're not the only one there with a nuke you can literally challenger. Almost combined Camaro challenger challenger. The Camaro are shown to almost annually in the must imprisoned since huge in this down number is pretty much what they need to know. Didn't know them ask this question because I'm gonna need to this whole scene control. Maybe look at the owner of the car does that influence your decision legacy kind of like is nice to you guys are busy like kind of review guys does that. It does it it is a nice guy doesn't hurt and you got to pull out of the equation because there's a lot of nice caller blow not so nice owners. And you know would you wanna be straight I mean there's a nice car you can't be like that he would be shady. But. A good attitude could help. Again attitude should be a part of a hobby anyway. Even if you're not happy at a car show you've put yourself in the judges she's sorry you do in there exactly. I mean. Kudos to extend your own missile part 100 degree weather I miss hospital last summer's well I mean I'm just thank god you got the trailer. Exactly this trailer intruders it is is the gods but go I'll probably would have undoubtedly true women. There was a lot many many many good afternoon sitter on and on parking lot in hundred degree heat for fine. Absolutely we leave or air conditioned homes. Callers home and at two good food insist the vessel wanted to look and learn whether to drop because there was no later. Yeah I filling almost feel guilty if my classic car but functional air conditioning. And Louisville slugger refuse to use it we will head shaker and a million little illegal those types. All. Just. I can drive little coral the wind down. Now now on the feels weird when you drove the political all the windows well one they're pretty small and sought to impose our will that do is just this is the thing that is glorious freedom. Did as part of us freely in inner dangerously you knew you escape path there originally announced it. So it's really okay they're gonna get injected. Exactly his lawyer muffler thing is wishing billed as a seat belts and my mother. A lover. Who hold my horror in the emotions and listens really beautiful girl at 6 o'clock in the morning. But. We shoot put seatbelts and -- see how you drive. I'll get trapped and Erica appeals. I hope it throws me out there is probably the only chair the gas tax and a little older reinventing the whole they don't make them like they used cute thing. We the I mean good heavier regular clothes cars like having a regular cheese greater. Did you get it it's it's not good. It's a move away now that Seattle and management Alli she's a well she's the real tiger on your face there are greater that idea I. But you know Alina you have metal bulbs and dash is and steer with losing Combs there's this little Xperia the army is just. Yes they're not safe vehicles load bags flops. Fly the other GO airbags yeah. Only if you gotta do rerun with the you know I mean that's there's nothing. Safe about these doors at all. Now we've rid really we'd intended drop them with more care. It's a good thing that we do love these automobiles. Hello drew hill on Monday Yiddish maybe that's thing did a ZX you do. A journal publisher Bill Kristol like how how wipe it with a diaper in the garage. In sooners lose back tires go from concrete and asphalt. It's pretty much a drought like a sixteen year old kid would end. That much better bay hill that's what I got it for. Hello I said the cars completely usually believe that. In 1960 father of young Robb Pitts were to walk into Chevrolet dealership. Had to go for the Malibu OK there be much different. The funny though the sort of thing is is is my dad are hoping it was my dentist than what my dad would drive that he held a car. But the funny thing about him is either residual blues thing you blues they'll be stroke obesity you drive it like you're crazy. But this thing is to be going down the road map as professional drag racer that had any say in this to lunar. Now so he says you know until more responses they still makes mobile jewel and there's a word about it blow it up you've got about hello will make another one just like it beautiful agreed to do it again. So I love that little bit of fun and fun horror about scholarships is driving your caller to the show it to. Yeah yeah I'm in I respected people at her trailer than I sure. And not allowed to own shoes and things like that the local shows us was the fun part about leakage could keep your cards right and join other cargo ship. Yeah medium by your cars should enjoy them exactly exactly do owned was always commercial breaks wind. Man who really good really got to stop immediately every eight minutes until it is this like. Look at this like a chain or something just don't think German government. Stick to we got a lot more Raza BO Grail one a 63 W your. Red hot rods and having this Robb Pitts Richard Hoskins. What's out and a dollar friends out Las Vegas, Nevada sin city you move won't. The play have dust stuff so yeah this is about a we've got to get you we've got to get him in Vegas Richard we have to get you in Vegas. C was gonna open a few months rent them I'm ready. Need to get trained herself and Burris Leona suddenly is today yes. Carl all the latest their reasoning. Which they could be dangerous one it Wallace is gonna break the news. I don't do that simulate. I'm just saying she. The I look a little bit out there mandates a daydream and now you should never said that William thinking about holding about offering luxury. On Halloween. Like Vegas is that the Vegas is a sketch place any day of the year little Halloween it's like times tears. Sounds interest act it is always interesting is a good word to use a like that that's a really good with. The Mediterranean friend not really that's the Rio for another little adult video but it's a lot of fun a little bit out there like. A really know much of vacation Gallagher load it would go that way go to the green canyon we got policy here I'm really clearly about. But. I love lights. On the street let alone seeing all the lights and all the big gimmick to Hirsch trail. We'll a lot of advantages. It puts your homeowner dislike. Myrtle Beach with slot machines at at everywhere it slip murder obviously you might not deny it did really well. And you are good for the ladies is little skit student there is still Emeril visually realistic drew books no lotion. It really is. And in it's a look at the hotels are actually gorge to do so but. We'll stay with absolute circus you do it himself one note to us just get it looks sketchy. Guerrilla group this though about it so about a thirteen dollar not a religious. Philly got mud and up there are some yeah. I'll love it so we're talking about color shirt judge. And it is our job this is the thing goes on me basically to do to bring this in. You're judging a Kosher room. First of all if you were. Think if your intent of the scholarship or your patrons surely your layer. Does your your caller you know bust his chops he's out there looking and everybody scorer he's not particularly his friends caller. He's doing his job you know it's not like he's getting paid to do it is not like it's. You know what I say is delicate slice mission to deny you the truth be if you don't win this thing that big deal if you do win you can take them a dollar Corrigan a couple coping with a. Isabelle Dumont. Don't point stuff out to the judges but it's meant if you get a point out though you did your car than dogs or one that drew the good her. Charles the topple Marco or sixteenth of an inch and that could I mean it's just Linda's yeah the one. Look there's no there's little beam brown color of their old boy Nelson keyboard so you got some Google is take it to the next level and being as we unnoticed in judging usually nine times out of tonight you've got so they just get you shoddy work through things like that. But I don't look knocks people the most points to close in the missile caller. That's number one is net nothing else matters without is exactly and meals we are still a lot of good looking goers that were dirty. They got knocked out for the series of driven cars repaired and a good good because it didn't win for that reason it. It is the truth and I mean and that's that they like illnesses can. And then I mean you've got some people that we've got this figured out. June the mean they've got a dental science skills will be able could just you know me game. John back to us over us us our meant. Omen here you agree that thing yeah I heard that man does Salinas is excesses are probably the jugular now. Thing man. That acting was spot lists and first I'm a madam. Is well again it's got a 168000. Miles on drugs at every day and it's immaculate. That is. The academy. Of cleanliness. I would let them mentally McCarthy needed a way to think about it Qaeda men derelict until the end and they sell them you know what. They have done a good phone Craig's list challenge and well being true other luge have a good one. All right we're gonna find the perfect showed really show gone. All Craig's list is going to be for sale has got to be sure radio live a clean. So little detail work. But everything else supposed to be there. For less than 101006. Ended up 5000 dollar buddy Doug India and filled some film trophy today ruled in case. Have found the perfect show called but it's got to be a showstopper. That's your version of a showstopper but silica and issued a challenge right now the challenge. First and it's a believe the big big big big room full of good big bill bill and what's fun about this is there's so many directions that you can go and yes there is I mean you can go lay low you can do classic you can go to new classics. You're you're eighty's and ninety's coolers and there's a really cool things you could fit in your stocking a model followed exactly you can get an older build you know I mean it's just every which are we won't go over there serving things pick. It's another thing to a lot of people think they can afford to give the political reality it's not that expensive little hobby to get into it. It's really not I mean you don't you don't need to start with a 100000 dollar car then on which you. Lot of us are never gonna finish from a 100000 dollar car is the dude get something cool you get something that you like you get some that you're excited about. And you have people take notice of do you. No matter what how obscure you might think it is. People you'll be shocked that the attention has something different will bring. Exactly and resolutely he can't be scared I mean inaugural run our dog muzzled them which QBs get a reward different things in life in different things. Because they really do stick out at the shows and he's going to bring more attention then that. Iconic caller that's you know of their most intense era and right so it's really cool thing though it's really not a bad idea at all. You know force things like that goes so I mean the missile into loving your own for way less than ten you can find some of these gorgeous but he Jerusalem your new classics. Okay we'll thing until one a little salute cool older in Borchardt sort of see pop up. Did and you know word give to the point where if that's your thing your thoughts when you avenue that you wanna choose to get into it. You better get on it. Oh yeah because he's Corrigan bowler Roy and left. I really deserves to be restored Clint more than 3000 GG I don't just feel reforms don't look nice just pulling 3000 GT things like that still stinks that nature. And if you go to LA is then it is shivering you know it is dram on driven on the weekend take ownership of your grandmother of 3000 sheets he should be able ground ball out of the coolest grainy ever sold vehicles bureau editor of and a three bells and GT. But you should know better show with a remarkably clean one of those things. It's gonna drive people nuts. He just you're you're going to get attention you're going to meet people you're going to hear about how every one in the United States have one yes we. This is is really cool and that. Guys that you we were the school was that the ring at 3000 GT and remember her name I don't remember and administer issues vision cycle Rebecca Beckham who herself to herself like. Probably. I mean. It's pretty bad aren't the way she acts I don't remember name that was banned here yeah I remember Carl emotionally. Miss the harsh as the clear our flag color of the people recourse. Jon Diebler. That's tough. Yeah it is totally stolen purse do literally scores of people. Didn't you know rehearsals. So it will will will will avenue were you think gonna rulers critic was challenge. I don't home. God. 101000 seat given us a budget to work well and again. You know really usually looks good but no I assure miniature yeah yeah yeah absolutely. Or you could get one of the classic muscle cars and her kids in Augusta colors that are fox is a nice folks more elusive. And English so if we see four or things then this thing. All Woolsey the perfect there is no lawyers there if the seaport Corvette is just for 101000 dollars you're gonna find a super nice. I don't know that I can be agency full guru resort custodial stuff. And if does play wrapped in plastic with a cover on it signaled Cuba for a little solitaire. And to live. You mean simple television if 5000 dollar handicap for C four. It's unfair because those are still might begin graduate 84 cross border girl yeah China and huge pick something different okay. Jill was the full of them that I have proved the world wrong time until we do see full court is the perfect girl you know the fun and that is. Diversity we're actually talking about other types of cards. Is there really another tonight it could uneasy three core there's that you do if you Corvette Seton. That's up to 101000 dollars no no and and and we're gonna work area that ticket or ticket when but the taxes one of those colors would you doldrums. But. The civil war ms. close and personal I'm just I mean I don't really deteriorated actually had a actually had to guess is they'll be at dinner. Last night eight dose and I think he's absolutely hilarious you'll feel urgency for poor innocent until the police voters. Powell liked them but this is going over abortion and I can't stop and I do puzzles dozens commercial breaks. State do we got to Craig's list challenge like no other come and write your own hot rods and happy hour and a great Amaro doesn't have a Richard the skins. What's happened in 96 South Carolina that's what terrorized there. I think they got drift through wants an outcome efficient. That your buddies drew Google Patricia minus six ma. A good student run together we will that they can have been. Is about a bit. Big day if you do get through both of them they'll blow efficient he has a lot of vision. So we got our Craig's list shell beach and mostly the brutality does cells go. For 101000. Dollars. You gotta find they showed really show caller and our buzz a little too little detail I'll give you that effort being okay. You gotta be able to drive this thing to courtship so tall order manned us the saudis and no not easy imam would be the first to miss salute to coal I wouldn't go after. But a great example. Well yeah plotting a combination of share were ready there's some strong words. 101000 dollar appearance well you know that and you know if it. To make sure Grady is your goal in true view that you like your goal ready to leave a warning to win. So I don't think a thing of him don't go against William British throne with this woman you feel what viewers. Yeah still pretty get above on money is actually an exact duplicate of a car that I you step down. But kind of led the way that forty year old me would have wanted it to do an advantage. Foolish. So you were your first you're gonna virtually if you you guys and I think I know what you pit. Seriously think Arafat summarize it. So we got 101000 dollar budget says no automatically go rule your muscle goers well it and losing your common stuff. But I have in the fun pro with a clean this 19644. Grinch era on the planet I was wrong really. So why is 68 F 100 figure Shirley that's good move. A 64. Felt skin when you your new car man. 206. With a four dramatic it's been restored to about seven years ago. And the colors actually purpose got a cool syslog imagine oh let's go power brakes no lawyer. Why would like it Campbell volunteers at it and saying 300. Dollars. That's a cool entry level classic car that is extremely cool 200 inline six you know throw Fenton had her own hands and tools a lever on it and you pick up a swing set at Wal-Mart is still. Can sound off some not a great choice flew 206. There you go man. That's a good show and good fuel mileage what you do that that's right and I had a 200 a month six and a 66 mustang and some some good ol' boy is. That are Astro on that is does leave insists that must sound into Iranian on earth and they may or may get out and our car our impart my hood to show on the guerrillas the a lot of the 200 ranch area man that's a good choice the original was a good level thug and a little bit older than you wanted everybody. But it. I like. I like that. What Little Richard obviously muscle brought him. Yeah yeah I did national fund we can increase their annual in the deluded to think they get very good yeah well Lisa shields totally true reason. That throws are you don't buy it gets he's in detail brought us Israel usual visual search city pages and shows will improve this. That's a good choice to join us. How about you measure I'm ready. I've picked out literally a car that I used and in the same color combination but I knew I was twenty years old. And this is gut while most of the stuff that's all this stuff that I would've owner news couple things I do about only that are green headlights that. Picked out a seven anon show the alchemy that will see why it with dread guts odds of us picking a commercial scale but as bad as that really is I thought you picked enough 100 homes that are solved pleasure if you pick two pick a luxury of marriage only there's some things. If you've figured out Rampage and Anil find really it's a good luck. I don't know is there a way to do any professional help. None Neely bill 350 small block an automatic two and a half engine tools Fuller masters air shocks. It's warning in staggered riddler is three Euro aluminum radiator had better and better route six is the count hands. Polished alternate or new windows would send new headlights of green halos and only be able to pay rental truck passed on. On new grill need dash cover need to paying us a little things all of its. They don't tell any man who runs drugs grade 8800. Ability and what you were you soon green looks for the Daytona Ziggy I'm not gonna do that. And and you'll be you do wonder what it. Barack gonna do you look at what's odds those and the courtroom there in Hawaii and their blue white. I would historic total oversight and I and a half or call eight Carolina car trucks live Hewlett Carter closed. The Oscars Patrick you said you'll jump in almost fully. What did find a dodge grand days with this guy. There there's my top hundred because they have money left over to better be nice. And that if it's not as big as I can uses other than a hundred dollars to actually make it somewhat better it is true it it's not indeed criteria. You gave us exactly because not show are heading for a I did find in 1967. Mercury Cougar. Now are seeing this going this is important. Date the only thing you need is clean it up a little bit. It's live it's a literal religious and another bad call and can now be honest with a desirable caller yeah. With with a little money spent own metrics pick you'd have a cold more than nine hours he good typically hit it increasing so that's that's. Something in an effort on the front nine doubt. All of thousand dollars under budget and I really want to see you and I had like maybe a few days before the show. Yeah it's been a thousand dollars internally clean it up a little bit better be good. You golf and dollars while Boston polish and does this. Where you must do. And its place through the area yeah many states as well that's what you win a secret location in license six mile that's a every that's that this latest causality we all three played really cool course that would anybody you would have thought Abiola is weird. That 101000 dollar glory three or 88 or nine. Thousand dollar vehicle you have just as much thought as some had a 100000 dollar jury in the gained just as much as they are in some cases more. Julian is British know what if you could call brainstorm our kid touches your caller. It's not in the world. Now I mean the real windy this early and that's it there's some Doug you can have a caller it's too nice. You can drug with you know guilt free kinda. They DO worried about. Yeah if it disallow enemies still it is trash you know but you know I mean this out into the world if. The ring. An instant I think this is pretty good entry level to exactly see if you really wanted to get interest and Carson well this is quite if you like it. You know keep it to buy another ourselves and build on your collection what are we won't do. And does the cool thing about this hobbies you can do that you can take this for you Walters. I mean do we got to get your locomotive for us with a nine car hauler would not have this course with him. You stick your shoe to the next level we're still that out there. If you put reviews and of that whenever you go to our show you trailing in NASCAR event exactly discusses goes the setup and I mean you know I'm not gonna Russell he's going to do well. Man I mean I agree we had him not endorse one of your harsher than miss the guy who comes back I'll welcome it's true though it is pretty about when he got the bus presentation area and intake and cars off the truck exactly that's the setup right there and you know no wonder if you like music whenever trailer goes down a little bit. Yes like some silly Star Wars flight. The death star and Hillary never took the car the roll hall urges just did a trump has more heart than it is less. I mean this is like this is the setup like. You renewals and it is pretty Voller says. Those prayers as we see of Peter duke rolled in your shoe Holland and goers a look. I really look imagine me owning nine cars period in my time alarm. I'm here again imagine nine show cars. At the same type settings and close good bowler showed a lot of snow. Borrowing AL six mile quite a bit and at. Usually male six vocal ought to do that they'll look has been a great show how we handle some good points injunction that day electricity you know what. Insurers should go out near the bits and caller sure we're talking about earlier with we view the and a poll futile appeals equation but judging a show or if you have any questions. Feel about judging merger brings a judge has no morals bill FaceBook page guest won't think you're by playing along listen how exactly Al Grail one a 63.