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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 23rd
Rob and Odd-Rod talk orphan cars.

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Does look hot rods and happy hours Robb Pitts. And whatsoever and in in the studio this I'm so glad you live that we missed you and now I have my honesty buys a check this out our. Don't look at our camps are surgeons go in and nuclear as the only your thing. Number other attention or heard there was a Richard host of the studio power doesn't have real financial buzz of slashing numbers guru. Was out and Australia so and its friends as solid as justice and shout out to Australia and kangaroos and the caller's case and lower overnight explain to us guys that are the reason. For you for your tenth just from my accidents or your lack of attendance staff. On silly I did I think Iran has a live in union where it's the only answering. Worked out within which is Columbia area and also studios here in drinkable. And none as big triangle the driver or Wednesday night when our mind and I need a break wanted to ominously. And then my mom had an issue and I still had to drive degree angle. Kill me so. Yeah and Imus radio man as it can and all of our great viewers. Didn't hear. Then the little restless legs he listeners listeners in my viewers feel and we we have listeners. I'm pretty sure they look at the radio world they're listening so that we'll show you know while the drug. And viewing. Anyway us. Still got a good how frozen embryo in London today there is gonna go. Circular route to a total war from Koreans orphaned brands and they are older and brings to break it down pursuant to Google it is mostly these Corcoran was a win away. And you know we've got a lot in in the recent times. This went away you know quarter as Groupon and things of that nature Saturn. Bulldogs of Ulsan some of the more secure wants in the old rules. There's a lot of match each caller really cool callers are actually came from these Koreans know enough so I think they'll literally cool and mature buddies over at the Klesko to close America can put me on this. End Leeson about the Kremlin that the good lord has anyone you know sort of a little while. Tell you that we get some cool stuff Kona here in the near future to Rosen and every hour. Good. Got a really cool in about it. Season three the premiere of camping out in television and cool you can't afford it cut the Layla as the middle of the floor India trip to Atlanta as those who is special for camping out and Willis so just for giving us anywhere on the career morial Friday night. And then switching gears and will be in Concord north Korean War from sling club of America. Carolina which is going well for a little slings and stuff sounds like funnel has annual sales and just this has saying there hasn't been here. Nothing like him some things aren't so moral duty and his renewed annually I think the main sounds and it's almost a year I think measure almost almost really think that's gonna what it means I think so how the other sillier thing coming up with Oakland's school thinks Kona bowlers and I'm really shows like an invite to the reward. We'll Bruce looks like you know you'll lose movements for citizens that Bruce Bruce thought well well Bruce miles from my email I'll do a little miffed what I am in season there. Now oh yeah your. Well that's what I'd like daddy has life oh yeah you might be yeah either woman's background this season there is account rain event that do you stand outside. It's good out of here. You everybody now I'll be your day that they had this to anything that's cool you know judges and the Zurich in the Euro Ford or date row who don't cares. And almost four alone and let us know. But. You still cute we you know thank you thank you but. Devlin lived a really fun dominant and so we keep an argument come September October. In BC sports as they do a robbery actually I think it's an original there's no Rosie in season three of Kevin militant delusion. We're should do an interview when 1960 the Malibu justice and not saying yeah there has attained if I remember talking to the guy RIA I think here about episode six service soon. Troops can come out. So to death for FO cinco senators there it's over the first five or fatalities have to watch. The first this is the main you know it it was a solid continuation or serious or selling medicine I do it to the cool story about filming that little bit with the and I mean this is probable end up being edited down to a two minute part. But you're talking about the juveniles and stuff like that. But once out of it was a GT forty yup. In only gonna start to hear and very nice GT forty. It only Moussaoui was a big block Camaro and ahead in the blue thing was in the name directly behind me a super super bird. He exactly it was a super bird and they com. To my Malibu. Which a little girl ML Lewis is a good car this abortion really touch a great thing. These are some pretty big ticket caller I have discount my view of drama of the solution offers to pitchers and I will I'll reduce me to remember. But vote in the whole little gated off group you bro has achieved this car they're not sad. Via available. It probably would achieve what doesn't mean big blow Camaro and yet you have a Camaro renege magma but I mean that was that and that's the secret is out and yes I mean there really were a little Booth they are all dealt she shows well for ol' gal. You know. Then there's it was get a cool chisel attention she doesn't she's Lucius levels don't normally. Let its looks and it's the real love don't look for that given the board of Charlotte next morning but you know Camilla fully gets it yeah I was they'll say it sounds like he did on good evening you know slamming Islam means because caffeine music in the campaign will be partaking in a lot of but a little bit a lot of fun and before that the knicks would reback in north colonel league in North Carolina August 11. Four issue actually raising money for scholarships for kids to go to school. That's because ram and VA and will be an Anderson senator Arlen. Simultaneously. Five hours later it's in the Osama you have moved through there's endless cordless this file can assume people are going to listen those behind the scenes to meet you actually have and this discussion via though we're split up so we're actually going to get to be together the whole time via the so we're running around is back and forth. Still Richard the logistics of this but it's going to be a lot of fun collateralized debt in the war in the words of a classic show in the show will go on a prom she's. Do some place and now we will just keep jail solicit the table Garrett you know. We're trained professionals and we got a ways well you know now. They were you making it is exactly I think. The sort of a do or you were breed anger and amateur yes this is exactly the Villanova a lot of fun and and Lowell this is get in or silly season. Of course shootaround now where everything's still look we got cultures. Everywhere here. And I love it I mean obviously now granted. Comes into town come November when their rigs are worn down I'm quite a reverberate but it never fails or about January January about twelve tireless and and I'll tell rolled very precocious and full book showed pretty good route that I know like a bag chaired a hundred degree parking lot of awesome right about now to the challenge that time he tried to quit smoking about ten ancillary lit up as they asked her as. As the worst soon in the low light truck but we that this thing that's crazy every is just that good did you do this funny the things you miss. You know I mean I miss them apart 110 degree I'm busy stroking it well and so come on sunburn I want Armitage revealed car. A load off some of them as losers this experience. With it bill characters wouldn't just filled years. It's just a couple of marsh and a and a you know I was like I'm playing sort of got like a march October kind of guy I think that's when the harshest season should really be strong. He's between Morton looks OK I don't know just march and October thing. Usually is some breaking our show and and in Baghdad speaking about over hello to over six. That's the war in person Ritalin or Dayton the red letter date in Kohler show history. I go red letter day I don't know if you're not huge Carolina motor fest it's the water is somewhat cooler for missiles actually meeting with the studio is available to you can't give you a whole lot of details because there's still little premiere. We're going to be given away so lick your oil motor Frist. That know do. In no no caller sure. I'll settle in and say in the state settlement has done and may be to sell the east. There were giving it away and unfortunately you nor I can win it it's going to be huge. This is going to be epic and I and I can't wait motor faces devolution you'll in this view your mobile is you make you wouldn't issue for sure to pursue it. A taste a little moment away to in seems like no matter what it. He's he's there commercial breaks went. Yeah I mean they keep coming around and come around there which is a good thing I mean obviously keep blood Silva. Yeah you know. That your wanna do it goes we're told an orphaned caller right here on hot rods and happy I want a 63 WOR. Oklahoma the hot rods and champions rump. Once edited. Richard the skins with sudden and big arm Montana. Big or Montana alone that. We're told is offering courses available as a happy hour here these brazen with a way over the years so I started a basement a little bit. And all all particularly for the phone call China a personal call him the edge of the understatement. It was very nice to do you know say I mean not only is it all the available to slip quite automobile how about him the caller 770. And one in my favor chorus and customs actually have a doors of treasuries caller you've never seen little forced Devlin worked to Google chicken little. They made these go from 96 to one in 96 total about 3800 units were ever made these cars but the caller of the servants and indeed. Because it would run seven knots. Home water in seventy mile an hour. Issue. All the rose seven miles an hour and a half detours calorie urinating in a Delorean you don't know what else and absolutely 06. In a shopping cart. How. Probably feel better but this job and it was handled the I mean hang on the son Eric entered the shop girl my flute that are I don't know I think it's got the other holes and but I think I'm crazy about NASCAR now's the money either brain swelled their rear clip won't human element there are yours and does things the novelty. I mean did you got a garbage you can drag down both rent and people who we look bigger of their phones limping in they're YouTube gold in the news whom flew off. Any of you I've really. And then they're gonna look up other after conservatives who had them in middle. Oh okay so how many of them saying to Obama Blake. How many own our bit out of your left I don't know there's little blue today who southern hills the house and not me. I'll settle. But I don't go there to save the under a thousand number left. I think more than that let's say well because that no I don't know a guy only this much you don't know that anybody had every caller. For their daily deliveries but tuna fish Colorado coming out crazy you have to me about socialism as soon as the daily that would elevate loses the frivolously there's loses a court toward those signals so I don't zoo zoo early sixties. But the thing of schooled I was having a meet and they successfully manufactures and indeed work. Most of them have represented great engineering. Unit that it was something you made a caller. Did you hurt them it represented re engineering. I had a little bit and this is an effort and it a little short the sixteen that is six season and broaden The Beatles and then the drugs and I think that restores rule in other little 61 Els label for the drugs and has actually come for The Beatles it to so. As a precursor. They have a caller my dragoon. Yeah. Books. But the girl's route I think is also little girl's school who aren't coming fellow celebrity guest Alan Jackson integrity is a little bit double and all his property in this league does is router is in court in the next thing you know he says is the deep sixes the pollen into gruesome. I creation does it follow the country music singer I would lose things. Legends are Ellis yeah I want I want manager in your head right now is would be Alan Jackson Alan Jackson in a full Canadian tuxedo for those who don't know. As a full them get up. Why cowboy hat got here laying out back right. And on day he's ran around as every car and singing along it said its uses does often is upon as backyards is rolled around me knows that's Alan Jackson's life you know probably a guitar that makes easily himself upon who's got paddled lead on the dash is plays guitar come opening musical hello I hear ideas Alan Jackson's life. Do you who loses his or don't lose a certain to go flotation device isn't as good swimmer. Couple bunnies can swim Wear cowboy boots yeah. Okay on the basis you have to actually he might have a Jeter got on well the bottom of the wheels are actually really intelligent. But early in the legal career only Lambert really cool glory and they bring a lot of money that because people only 3800 no home. Then I mean nearly a bottoming in Charlotte Olivera and otherworldly semifinal win over a hundred green and brain can be answered it you can imagine insured here every car. Yeah I got to cause that I can drive into the water I just so you have a formation deserves rove and as things together yeah. It's. A. Unregistered choice they're really. I don't vote. And a car like Dini flood insurance on my mind that much I really really good. Maybe only manmade if you don't work mania court order views or your horse floated does that mean the whole thing. Experiments and went there really that way when sorry did you measure finance awards went to plaza at a take out a way you know I'm not. This thing if you don't worry you won't like finance LL have a semi open the door just. If you question actually yeah sorry -- there's so many bad things together with this is how do you finance it would be financed till like thirty years like a voter would just go for the in the five years like a car holding anything anyone finance and Africa are thirty years then all the Bronx Zoo now all of us there are down you're probably a formal that would mean. But. Among the typical car but that's another thing yeah I think that oriented romantic nor does not go or you're gonna take your road rally or you take a trip to hell Isa. LS WellPoint and heartbeat yeah that's the very anti scheme that you don't get him that's not usually Q what makes live for Goran. And another remote area Europe of course going to be life. You're ever girls who we like KB alone in this could be sentenced to visit family cars seventy because this is. Well you certainly don't plan smooth waters anymore. You level we'll stay in the game to hook up. It kind of cool actually in the some amusement from. Look there's a privilege to customize these brutal about it. Yeah every like going to see greater priority of the blip in mullah battles yet because they're you know really as far as they hear is. The greatest lines and probably assume that's a route home they're just guessing or they get a rough romantic or ended their own thing but. Bomb missile or roast. If I ever to serve yeah it'll man. Well they were you know fired last wasn't the only element to our Toronto I don't know ruin a good thing he threw well actually buy roses bloom glory ruin that for you that. Remains. This unit like car people listened to shift the securities. But that every this year girl or little usually about I mean you're asking for roast I mean these things next earlier it would red rose problems anyway do you twelve. Hey let's stick it watered and I mean we know that claim that saltwater lake there's. You're gonna make it the other double A can be hit from. There's there's a lot of things in there I mean. Award seeks double this flotation devices study of relations that did actual city bill likes the bill infantry men over the winner moon. I mean this is is oil the poor little of your doors doubles like panels do you have to like scrape the current stations off the bottom Iran and so wrong. Orders are still looks like the we'll shield. And carry on LA dealing Al Jean you're carburetor is I think so they go by the drivers just dangerously get into the how many people are you still can't present snap down in the front they knew the staff that was like cabins and gossage knows that are actually on either side or genius actually it goes from looking like well no taxicab driver says it is mahanagar Kevin's the skipper yeah moves is that moments spoon yeah. This is a Gilligan's Island never they were they have current legacy I think the owners my own slams. Little award for so well as waterproof books are as Kidd deal waterproof laminated pages below Flutie key chain like he knew about it fiddle and says things like that by then. Why should have a day within by then we salute this liberal knows he's commercial goods Manhattan and we did he didn't. Are gonna stay tuned we're talking about the orphan goers right here on how roads and at the end I want a 63 WO. We have sort of red hot rods is happy hour. I was saddened ending. George was out and. On town Alabama. New member Eleanor called lone eagle and a fun place delivered into the things that are probably say. Order do you get a cat and dog down. I'm a little Wonder Woman dog days are over little you know. Apparently an elderly man. It's ancient. Ordering it can't then we'll children go to old technical sued the more appropriate. Certainly it is going to lie out of places and don't tell. A little dog town dogs coming c'mon Matt don't Honolulu based bulletin is similar words. As you feel a little bit yeah some things you. Let's renewable chemicals and I would love to drive a Range Rover. Could come through dog towns. And for Blair read when. They root for being mean Pete who compete a little. So we're talking about a band incorporated orphan callers the Bruins are one way we knew we don't what they have color analyst segment. Yeah 14 and they've got really popular here illegally because the shelves like gas monkey in. So undergoes a bringing these corners but I can hear you really haven't mobile always label annals of the things I guess looking put lucky losers. No none no none illness motors. Actually pro war of the coolest four to fish products that you were made in my opinion. The daytime I'm almost as of the date him also. Enter your spelling end and Asa. Tomorrow I'd love to be corrected on a warrant a look the interior is a got a little tired to pay into my dentist. Doctor Robert Jarvis who is the strategy of being agreeable Pickens speedway all Carol socialist former pastor month. But some but a bit too much did this is way cool new pastor because he drove a wedge era. Flared out mop faster had direct connect with a good lord above. You know one of the Internet connect without one because it's pretty cool only in Iowa always lived good lives good event there. He's the chair in the pad there and to nibble they got there right I mean you know to me but it's. My dentist. No double team me occur is cute in my early last cavity free. Wrought. Eight period tear. So I don't know about an adult and butter stuck into a totally candy apple red flared out here and there will be key wheels on it. Apple Denis where they hot 351 Cleveland in Ukraine this thing up in it literally rattled the Grail. He actually I came here for a check up almost probably felt plus seventy. Assured of buffalo win most and Google go to school. He should be his painter. Trump cards. They get shot down quick went back and kicked him and then we smoked a cigarette together they wish for around this day and there. I guess bonding right no one can Wear your body because my my my doctor. Mike did just halo orthodontist all smoke which is really courage you know I though you don't smoke whatever and bogus citadel each one of them. If you don't smoke was a wanna smoke was among pulling your teeth to right after the funniest thing ever. Is I don't dribble. To lose more than Donna said braces for three years yes smother him I'll remember and thank you. But let's but this is the Islam dominated of them pitchers from my Malin wonderful days and you'll gonna change its across her mouth but that's. It was so funny the goals mold those though she's little else so the whole back of the rules have been daughter muscles right through Wimbledon Taylor's. And the whole back it was collects the house was in this world shares were there were probably you know two and like you did this year is there. Nabil on the back porch so you could save other lives in Syria and you'd see a sure it will do flat across the yard. If these go walking me and mayor Russ you've been wearing your greater good job. He would lean over a big ladder would pull this broke but you don't gist possible targets for I don't mean but it did goals we have a life like it was totally okay like I didn't think anything was wrong there. You have. Now harmonies among magna strip a little. Guess one imply I'm least smoke lunging at it was guides. He said didn't they look at that lol yeah I mean I guess one final 150 do you like girls born before dinosaurs back in the days you're right. A war. Yeah out of me and ask you about after the big war demand human vendor and amp. Listen Giles. Really isn't a little old Alicia and the most good it's almost meant to be mean listen. But this is a little bit those shows little butt back to the underdogs dug yourself at any kicking ass. Into a mile that's the cool thing it Vermont but there is schooled so it's an that he was the track champion agree will open against needless. So not only can this man fix the cavity. Ominous and his name on the on American exactly because he's should you be out posters and minimal as your your name to the bathroom Walt Disney little Walter tricked. The way habit my phone's been blown up what good is science and popular news doctor its. History its racing isn't good and raise these. But could this thing number that's local look. But it is good there's a really really course so let's do it they have the European styling. And the performance and in the handling but they had this forward drive train that forehand doesn't want from a minor. You know what though for residual political Milton sleaze that announcement at a luckily it was actually great motors. Well that it may run through the toward Cleveland all within 1988. Which is insane in there were actually getting the motors from almost really at that point. There and they serve and thought leaders like house thought leaders and will they went through good one windsors in 88. And then back to through to lose but I mean in their memory and but gave him and now look through two fugitive got hooked up with still probably pretty. Pretty median in a pinch hitter now. They are late for some and therefore power this'll Lincoln Mercury dealerships and amid other cars to let them angry stuff does that bring it to you and will they shared this year and say trans axles to think there is enough. To us at fox but at army and that's available to enter and I really think of the Clinton Era. Coming up a loss do you ever buy now super cold this is super cool or map the vipers superpower. It was and these blue jays opened the then there was a superpower chicken every box yeah. And ever since the word I mean when the quartet wasn't performing a danger was lucky to mount in Jerusalem born poor and honestly. But and now the values are really creep and a member of the printers got down there for a little bit. And now there certainly extremely popular but now about Wilson's original store cleared out because the it's like an affordable concussions reliable. I would say affordable when their six figure cars now which is nuts concussions go in for lone win there too good but. You don't say hello those with a veteran core Macintosh it's got the Dodgers are actually garbage. Now along unloaded into what kid didn't have a push through contortions that capsule I think we're on the same poster exactly we don't know that we'll look for it. Pretty much. And it is now that is a whole is on a black and dust for bill wheels. When you go now migrants like the riddle still royals overall what was anniversary of more than it was all like those and 8925 anniversary the minimum red light the allure of the all white white white wills it. I'm so I'll look anything tri colored isn't quite like a million bucks now the since I've gone crazy and they had like 211 Campbell road and their terrible drop. Yeah like that they're good for what 200 miles of time this. Maybe it. If you baby him. If you rest so often makes stretch you know but but the pensioners. Really or Cora and I mean was molested me I mean I couldn't tell you the last two months old printer locally. I mean these are going to be some pretty exotic colors mean literally made 7200. Immediately just a shade of city 200. From 1971. To 1992 U. Which is insisting they actually the last Pinter was he in delivered. It's critical that school cue ball the last war. Don't bring it back you know admit this god that that happens to slot time manufacturers keep the last creative they want no part of that we don't want is able. This a little. But I mean. It's a blow to me. 92 was going downhill slope for horsepower analysts also wrestling room. The sad day a fellow of the busting down by then well and only to lose you'll and until cirrhosis this tree will live for a girl forty amenities and I think that serves all the states Canadian on the answer is we are therefore upload rosy there was a lot faster things this but he other minorities and one does. That's pretty simple course again it's not a man and the Carson grace styling through a man and miss 2000 moderate yet they didn't realize that it's a little bit dedicated GPS. And get around 747 father teaches us is that that's more like. Which since Lincoln Mercury dealership wrote there. And you know that it Herrera everyone listened cannot wells is just stuck for now but when they're all flared up they look totally different colors totally genuine kids learn and you want to support the renderings Rosalia unload the very cool manager Richard rose which tickles me because they've built the eco boost to enter in the middle compared to reform was a recorder of legal for. NASCAR got there how did that nobody cares is NASCAR but you know what I'm saying. But it's big builder called freedom but what to really would have very Jackson bought the ring Brothers center bombing when you either. This was the glory ever built but you know me well and and they don't build the same caliber cars that just says that's for sure. A Doolittle is assures he's commercial breaks whether rubles like crazy absolutely. Guys stay tuned we're talking or from brains running your own hot rods at PO I want a 63 to. Yeah and hot rods and it and examined it. Sure Hoskins what is happening fertile Iowa. Don't want to do there. Has just like Lisa and honored and you know and news so. All right we're total amount or for Goran goodness. In this literally you can screen like orphans market where it is really like you will play but no I really never noticed it. Tell the show game. If it went away and no one really notices than that we really need to know and don't know actually is a very important corkum is actually very very very large color coding. They produce a monumental callers I'm gaining interest. The Plymouth country not only edited gambling and I started July since 1920 feet. And we're ability of June 20002000. Loans would turn the lights off. Is there were no match three. For ever. In the 56 is their number three Carmen in fact well you know we didn't waste any news here with the Plymouth court demeanor of course all 30s4050s. But I mean you got to think of the sixties the most important site. The pull. Let's settle warrantless earlier buddy will you have the GTX. Or you you know we are these just monumental colors. The roadrunner or any car and exit Qaeda knew exactly. And the Mets who thing I mean these were the Plymouth callers that courses dog equivalents of home. But these were the limits and they want this was the Pontiac. A little more right and this I may have more lists flow we'll see. But salute every guilty as the only scores in the us they even gave Allen a little filled you know the letter days of about the prowler this the pros definitely unusual amount of the let's go we years of prowler was even Plymouth memorials and dodge. Well wrestler the Chrysler prowler. But a meals at Plymouth prowler enemy they may Plymouth minivans and includes everything Atlanta I think is and she doesn't want technicals look at Plymouth neon which was limited express so by the way auctioning off espresso that was the Plymouth express. And had a core wholesale and the meal a little bit them on the aligned than me and so now whenever. The meals were cool callers and make your illness OJ fours were pretty cool romance that we remember of the yo when they first came out of the blue the campaign slogan high. Did those cool and it just it was just a meek little caller area school another obligation a little bit. They're great race cars I mean anybody that race and series through these things again. Talked to several thousand spending John I know there really are not horrible car there just a horrible it's horrible head gasket Brahms that was their biggest product I got a feeling Mitsubishi laid at the bottom of that somewhere when they jumped in the second inning ending out somewhere here when they jumped the second generation and now in the as a team for him out. They started billion the bigger wing on the back and all that I think that's willing a local loop. Yeah but actually this course more and nearly as good drivers cars off a shot and Turkey foursome and they made an Arty about it. The first gen RT neon a few hours they were all. And that's the thing they were actually factored race callers they may did you goodbyes to Bloomberg. Do you race in recent series for those cars are roadway and things like there and it is a big deer club racer a photo opportunities in my life kind of let him Osama. This these daughters there who does actually got glowing eyes. You got does there racing. Coming fizzles fizzles like Flickr is coarse stuff blooming so there's really need to have this class for this call over to lose the whole new class new entry level. To get into racing. You can by a factor yeah the only life especially if there's a race like in the NASA imminence of series no less thing is great but it. Just personally enjoy owning one and not allowing some won't be my day today and go on and on that agony and listened to a sorority for about it. That's about the as well as. I think I would castle in Myanmar on the village just an extent but there are very popular girl or whatever when they first came out there was a lot of very good commuter cars it was a it was a great marketing campaign for extreme well that's that's cool classic mobile or in June rule. You know there can't they're they're they're marketing is all. The gene is really instill on on one he's discolored dark now there's. It's not the same videos to videos go round headlights that's just a mile and saws are going to be in neon yeah it's going to be me and I don't pan am passionate and it's not us. He's it's like that cling on Neal and you know as we I mean that's a really fair to say is the the with a marriage to do was seven year hiatus. And they came back a toll different platforms car if you will. Still our vote toll difference. Booz Allen county live starts really 3500 miles they're naw they're naught. Little economy cars and another thing do on your new dog the end not a fair statement laying another thing does is impact on weight since then. Everything else so that's a really fair does live there as it was always you cougars career to a meal and that's what's not players are. Do you speak easy. Technically I didn't compare and you just did you say to mayor in the young not to get here none of the bridge you just give it did Richard do you compare only in well. Not a you know and welcome merits just because you're the exact Lisa your just don't work wary of comparing grin glacial that I really seeing a man on C announced that it will take I guarantee you find someone name and Chrysler's. One of them would be willing to me honestly is a new knee out and in a new neon. With a more marketable name. And I didn't really are elbow for a there rude overrule that they were artillery or more when you make you look more like the charger and just trying to pass off on neon based charger. PSI don't work. Honestly the only you know and it does look a lot the greens like I like you know they have rings are solid agreements. Well a high. It's an excellent to have greens are still helping select color blue moose is different. She loved less because it was being younger you got to you know think about when those came out robbery you were still sucking your film so. Stressing a mile and you let your two weeks of those and I movements suddenly. Their vehicles it shall look at the sort of Rick physically in the prowler which. The hour I've got mixed emotions about the pro was a very cool when it came out I got excited about it emails that give the bill tomorrow caller of the prowler. But it's not time that three point be cynics. We know what. We made good power it may get an hour of the car was absolutely fine anyone has ever owned one drew from one row and one had a blast. And it's not enough power to teaching. You know killed pretty quickly and you pretty quick. It's slow painful day is so enormous slower pace above them there was cool though is you learn is to literally how many hearts got re used in the prowler from older. Mope or models. Like all the dash of all your Basil please see control's radio was all conservative. Then trip one yeah I oil the power what is what is dubbed shook. Well you so great all they did is made it cool Sheldon good access dollars and design exercise just to see how cool they can make. This Powell Fuller says that scenario is parsley and morals to yourself I want them. This catalog was also cooking jury you do that you're likely collectors who some injuries that's gala dinner every time it's here's the selectors me juries. The shredded cheese. And chocolate syrup maybe something phantom. Power and I don't live there really cool of them to do agreeable person for yes they had to have those double its first and every earner does it take them off. You know they did really good as far as like. Yet they had to have says safety equipment. They made it work there no drug. At all now. Because they have every from the top ocean view trailer you can get it was a streak that's why do distributor Shuster renewed trailer. Well and easiest solution don't we need more storage greatest ever collect the steering column mounted tag little bells are actually intelligently and Automator thank yeah I don't think that will secure of important net. Tampa became an intrepid disease can put there were overzealous drive like the fact it was a total score the apple O and change allowing LA chrome plated versions going to within the later years when mr. -- the colors the meals and Maria it's no there's there's Ricoh global oversee it and well let's go live edition goes on Mulholland addition if you know you always give her prowler to. Well that was they made those first couple years a role for more of them I think it first here definitely yeah. Briscoe the worst thing about Oprah African American woman caller and real whom it won't go rethink and red black or white or silver but that's what color or make dinner for live off the moment and seeing get a good but it may blow Gore's real reason do when you do that he's ending gimmick really want loans is black culture against. That's you look little little little broad a good it was a good seller owns its own lyrics or hold look good undervalued. There would also hold of these words right when they keep coming right that's how guys stay tuned we're talking for brands write your own how does Libya on 1063 WORD.