HOT RODS 7 22 18 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 23rd
Rob and Odd-Rod talk orphan cars.

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It does look at a hot rods and happy hour and seven and it Richard Hopkins was happening clue over South Carolina. Been on big donut cloverfield is there have been through it. Beleaguered Muslim bias. Sure if you're going to Charlotte Brady's love you past it closed due to illustrate actual so. We're talking about fourth incorporated's. AA and one comes to mind doesn't know what Plymouth. This this is gone but you don't really miss but it was such an influential. They announced. He misses so much about want. This problem while the women don't. Get it all right Helen Rosenblum. Mental growth. Think of all the cool Corson Knowles came out with them all through dilemma well you're 377. As well build up an eight. Many restaurants in the league schools golden Angel reversal comes to mind you that's the best political corner about what about a business. I asked. That was the beginning of the end I agree. The yellow hat relentless so do you think it until it was just the Olivier was like well efforts to parts so was the beginning of the week. What do you think you know it was 100 dollars in cash and those booster making guru like. Night eating three years office does he isn't anything that doesn't 11 hours of it was insane. They go over to reverse the 1897. And they looked awful in 2004. 2004. Actually founded raid assumed he polls. Who desert kid at some Laura's parents do you hold on reds and we don't naval have submitted agenda just do what I did. They're really in my but it is very valuable so he's a lot of things named after him as well build and hold people ransom. Yeah guerrilla groups so how nights but as a result melee is the sketches that can see of these like my lessons olds and this is my automobile. This is my oldest yeah we'll just think this year all rather be at all of mobile. I dropped a relative you know yeah paso. Here's the look at some influential course of course you. Me of the fifties probably some of the greatest course in the fifties and create your look at everybody loves. 67 Chevrolet this. But 67 power it is only those little thriller pour absolutely. Gorgeous wrapping in praying Coleman could absolutely beautiful and it probably one of my favorite sexual my grandfather's favorite course he told them all comes through deals this if you ever seen a few deals we'll pornography if you were very similar. Those scores were the Google they're absolutely beautiful. They got his looks only Drew Brees has orchestrated. Yes I believe they were actually an industry income books I actually have a cousin that knowing Nina who's got a string music. And if you never that would have been leno's bill Huffman sorry and name but Buick. He doesn't distribute again like those cars are meant to him but and they over the still Michael yeah. They did they they kept the Buick and it killed wheels wheels in a Santa world flooding UW Robert well I was trying to help people remember. You're in the two other members of those of the global risk. Girl who mission. Well everybody but that's the thing that's cool about. These sort of these go to a very iconic courses are very hard course to restore Rico's you know usual cold dead children or you can Oriole your 57 Oldsmobile. But on very very clinical or very gorgeous course which liberals are moving charmer with a neighbor when he drove an anniversary reels from the black and gold when. They were beautiful little two tone blue scores were nothing compared to share was still preschoolers were just a whole another level of also. Ehrlich and gentleman's muscle car or oil luxury entry entry level better middle or further dude didn't you sure it was the UG two old slip and those of these back to little daughter voters' choice for a long time. They did you get into the sixties you know think about those limits are dual all the corporation games in store chairs assuring a lot of things. With the other with the other brands BM think about it when they measure of oil equivalent they had feels real gloom which was the coolest. And you know that you have all your special editions there and your first callers in the sixties. And coming full force Jews and in the you know just there's so many good. Olds you know me even this 85 cars were still cool William. We just a lot of cool things that came out those bill. It even into the seventies and emulate your Oldsmobile was really in the sixties and Sunnis and M some amazing sticker price are well bad enemy knows the rehearsals were always today that it caller of the video the full quarters only let you know big square boat seventies full quarters -- roads body studied only the shears the local that was given popular before to restore among some stability BA's but the full fortunately you know. Well I mean you know they're our they're all popular and flashing manually said before about just been able to make a phone call or torture is whom do you really cannot there. There there's some small little pieces on my car than even I mean. Good luck. That's all that's as good luck. Maybe you can find that one place that it was a OEM one covered three inches of dust on a shelf well bad or good but the one of sudden chemically. It was a corporations or so there's sort of Buick Polonia. The audio yeah like Harden engine parts are nothing good there cheap actually but. But the thing with the with that there is in the cities they had that but some really good style and then of course they came out would probably. For the most popular. That putt we were just body style liver was the G body that could what's going into this bill late 70s80s. I mean that only 187. Is evidence literally goes on in these cordoning villages bestselling American car fur. Ever year I mean anything and antibody platform such a great platform that was used all across GM did. Well it was a mean you push of the regal one caller who Malibu hill. Bloom mobile and Elmo as it has a cheese idea nominated younger but then you the Iliad the other party. The entry via via the grave breach which was also would you body via two G byte shuffle blows over there for roof. These things I mean these very insular bubble drivers of their apartment with a real drag Gaza and they're stylish caller you do anything the baby rehearsals will line around shippers and of course there's the fourth quarter news. Those were folk art Romo actually had a full forces by the cool lumumba a full force to tee tops the through the nose couldn't cooled and the many mommy cool. I don't know Romo actually picked up Monroe's Cuomo was liberated us go stuff. Old news calms them well let them overlooks sixth we've got to give it to usually typical but look like. As the cool Obama logos that you have to do now. Though I don't believe city we will do that time my mom showed show that that progression that it and monitor it sure. Where we have not issued a little bit special case it would exactly start giving more confident there was much bella Donna material and bringing an only in skin a IKEA president commercial at all pretty much. Book this crypto while being cut off. The most bills they killed and to those who sent on a really good and that's the thing they're drizzle lessons give consent for his bill. Yeah they can go there at Merrill I don't really had a lot of women you know who would want us as Tim of those blue they are sure. Brandon outfield for the bills anymore that their rural that in sales in Italy is the nicest parliament for thirty years but salesman feeling on the you know you go back to the ninety's and all those mobile was doing at that point and I think from there on really. Was slamming their emblem on GM's car. Look at the caprice wagon the end as well we'll custom cruiser the same things while the guerrilla. We're gonna literally had a Cold War quote racial flags. Booked. There's some key difference well those callers but the thing you're remember about this scorers. There though let me give it was an emotional bills. I mean that this General Motors just at least evidence and listen you got this look you know we're all right your company for you meal your make in this business will lose blooms on. Or enemy is good enough. Let's say you know Izzy you do that Amin has town. The wagon mother knew that everybody was always in Arlington Texas so. I was in blue quarterly would make amends is toward the end there was slammed a different grill on. We'll be here badges on that here in the bravado is a really actually sold whale. There are no place there are nicer in the Jim is and the boys are either little injury to Lou Walters that was going to escalate into yeah I didn't dial. Mother and later. Other well schooled and another classic M I mean you know Motorola. Feel I'm in they have leave the iconic those who will grill him. But I don't think it works on that thing works great on the wagon and do those a little grill for like everybody knows his is a very sort of try to. Until those sources radio show and commercial breaks and that's true known to frequent like this problem Basra as soldiers that are. Stay tuned we're talking over break ins right here on hot rods and Abby I want a 63 W though is it harder on an average analyst rob pitched out and let's have amended merger gets its evident mental or guest list. Sandwich Illinois. Like a good sandwich and nor megaphone of sailor general earlier and much to learn how women there now woman one within a mechanic that sandwich yeah he cares or sandwiches you know then who knows probably isn't. Forward Emeka by the good sandwich shop in sandwich. That's the reason that things were too quickly in order to. As a native speaking you're retiring we're talking about these orphaned Koreans. And I got one for the little pony. Oppose the chief himself. That's true to get us started the 1926. Actually came a full fledged boring and in 1933 took over the Oakland road record company. Mel. 1933. In the wit this is the worst part of the story they're allowed to look forward looking at the dates. They sure went out of business they pulled blow a couple of itself October 31. 2010. How is due gets fired on Halloween. They employ drifts that day you come in light radiator raggedy Andy and me like they changed you being salute you measure. In the sense there is one of your going the right man gets fired newly Mandy they're behind. Even sadder and but you don't say that play US to your future retreat and then nine is that face. Still a mess up a little bit why do we wake up November 1 to drop the ball there is still in Michigan tila devil's night is a huge. To actually is a huge. They got the big day it is else they always say I was raised Matt DeSalvo in the about his new Windows 7 million and then held Michigan here let's see you Alicia Keys this lieutenant thing something that comes on another shook a little later appear on the program. I'm but you know what I'm actually rather accurate so crude. But we will go by is that they are they're nervous about Richardson all have to weigh children that matter Fred I think my preacher maybe listening and so we didn't Pritchard. Yeah really. Really. Oh boy here and if you're talking Delmon and some of them. Anyway his dormitory motor got me the truth of the inning in his tables are very influential caller. I mean everybody of course you're the reason fours and these are very economical to also like news of bills. They mean they make beautiful callers we were over the files that she source exactly these were sixty callers back and I almond tea now. And so I'm in looked upon their chief and why in. Oh yeah well ours was like those are all sorry. Safari as this laboratory Wagoner is probably a woman's gorgeous like a 66 he wants foreign Wagoner on most of 50000 drill actually mimics the know they had never say gorgeous color. My dad actually ball well and then there was an absolute beautiful course copper co were the cream. Lower there won't warnings in twenty twos in the it and go home go off those Busch who wheels omen thing like killed or look to it. It'll. Well here we did little blue beach California guy still has the associate Pablo their rules allow lose leaders on the line that. Great chorus absolutely Gould school mostly a nomad. From the doors were from the doors back. But the front of the classic pony petroleum with the wall all strips. And of course that can light up in deviant who hood ornament which there's no way humanly possibly can't make that now. Well I mean you think about you would have a group was less amusing to Indians unit together but they're still be people protested about it. Good chair can. Abby is let's don't judge yeah Davis see you really gave the old shuttles later. Ma'am like partial Indians might do you know you're in your leg you delicate further blood drizzle cute or something that's not enough Indians came out. You know I don't really need eagle Butte you'll sleep in a TV you know really I don't think game nicely since you've been marked. Your somebody we don't casinos now undue gangster thing that doesn't you don't yeah notice and then again Maine nah I ain't seen as. Exactly exactly where you're gin up a chair PLU lovers share here in India. Whatever. But evidently aids is not enough they're exactly. The miles will be committed and you cannot take eight of the monthly check you know ramp as well there. But. But then you move into the muscle go days the Pontiac was a very influential guardedly GT that was laid. John Moore in those big ground shaking cholera there. That girl really was. Typically the first Mosul floor was the GT. And I mean this is there was some money real stubborn ego thing about you go only into the trees success with the GGO. Is of course into the seventies is of course your palahniuk you'll pay day in a NASCAR races and all this stuff stand. They asked that came out. Yeah giving them the immediately here in Canada. The flag stick was a very bad that hero in the body as they actually came and helped. That that there was actually is when that call for scale relative power of politics campaign promoting gambling let him about it. Exactly the location really do is they actually give it away to the other one the survivor the very personal decision actually he sold it the rally in the wounds yeah. Six as stick I'll sleep in Honolulu it's like they've made any ugly SUV and then took all the left her plastic from the avalanche isn't there an element. Malevolent as were after the fact that's even worse houses and that is very guess the reason not down an avalanche is because left a drastic stuff. You know what that sold us. And they actually did so they sold whistled more to we will. Home for what they're worried that there were the ball out of every joke probably ever met Eliot in the best marketing campaign you know the general and everybody is Omaha uglier priorities there really. But. You know you don't have Mason's trousers the last I really think trying to hang on you would bring in the GT about it which. Was basically the word over hold. Books. I mean. All your awesome GM cars in line as well and that their own homes. But they did a great job with the GT. That you establish you alone the G Kyodo be rural you. And nobody Danny Huber you know he's got one as sick as all get out there may have been reluctant. I'm a buddy Blake he's got a cool I mean everybody's got these cool GG euros or great colors but I think they could distribute a little more with a belief. I don't know who wasn't in the budget or earlier reduced trailer and that is all we got punitive that was literally at their original objective as an entity in fact it's cute and nice brilliance you know it's it's it's it's just alluded Al. You know I mean it wasn't. But there faster and faster than 60 euros from office every day thing shakes the wind is coming up more courses than their borrowers get ahold of you may read faster. But on religious and there's still a very desired Karl wolf those things that regular czar also today it and they probably are back in Florida following a six utility which is which is crazy but yeah then they went out. And then it blows my mind is now with the popularity of like the smokey and the bandit style transient you're citizens in the exit and entry exams. How popular and I don't know and there's no money platform that Pontiac communities. If you imagine if they were making friends limbs again how good they would sell 20 god I would be insane well and we ultimately used to we've all cynical and cars and home yeah. And let them do it there Pontiac Pontiac actually did that Jesus did actually looked like a trans am at all well we are we exactly Peru to regularly asked take an oh what is suppose slightly to sixteen commander in China Kennedy 170 did change it and it's. These single word doesn't work full road numbers shake his and I'm sure you Wear because this is a commercial brittle Verizon. Does we're talking orchard brands right here hot rods and Abby I want a 63 WORV. Does the hot rods and they are it was and ended. Rick your Hoskins what's happening cannonball north to Canada that's my kind of town that it had been an Amal talent take swimmer. I'm still gonna sandwiched. Around until they do that was himself to us a good what can you imagine hand can you imagine. Moving now. You know again on your and marrying and union girl game or our human fight and you won't go back home much so we won't go back sandwich. And Matt and I yeah. I can't show which is mainly ethnic or anything deletion you can. The there until core of the middle of the young people because Greg first got a lot of privilege these for the first or an old people drove home a lot did a strict mr. the GO. And 8000001990s. So than I usually. Eric I've got a little confession had little quote if you GO Brooks and whether it while you Indonesia Carlyle does make you differ GO trackers unsold. Uses these things. I don't think other rooms storm imprisoned rooms and meals. But truckers of whom have here rescind the storms will three storm of storm and as a result of the metro metro three so you're ever in metro is Arizona yeah very small details of the Suzuki swift and as you might pick that player and carried under armed. There and you're limited true version of that that they will actually fly. It's very pretty good those guys are all across those things of any way they were they were actually really pick. You know somewhere in and I wouldn't because say in this normally but I have an autumn social NGOs as well you know obsession period bemoan no one ever. Some say whatever floats your ghetto you know in school. But bad business. But I mean gee those are kind of a cool little Cold War. Although not always go like this you storms little bit and there Coca-Cola GO measure romance is GM's combat toward the fear surface theme of it. Com. And how close per call Cora is an interesting we'll deal won't Jim and having to do is is is you can give you one GO didn't build anything you know and there were all over isn't anyway she'll wait emblems how does he gamble says human and I'm also your reason is human tracker and the EU leaders lift. So Sampras ambitions under such a simple car or put on Iran. And then the prison was look for role or present electoral low and then the storm was and it's easier in polls exactly. He's a real really just all borrowed callers speak about an elaborate a little loses it. Yeah the callers does Phillies you do facilities whose trucks and zoos or diesel engines are still huge. I forgot about diseases. Really Ellis says it making cars for other people. Six unedited did heroes they did the the Honda Odyssey those elections in zoo wastes they hit. Those those those there's so many are roommates well short of a car wrecks and every week and have them here. Porter zoo zoo dealer at like four or more back in the day this was just a bit socially 1988 yep but you don't say and so we used to get correlate with vehicle from all over the country you run. And we got the zoo zoo awaits his they have the what what is this it looks like a hunch we're it is. But living there actually really good friends I was it was a great thing then and look at the zone we'll Phillies uncle does Florida holes and you re trailer heard you radio. This is rodeo and exactly trooper square in square rocks go for his. Or are a boy Tracy Lauren Lauren says Saudi Arabia Acura. Those the Acura warmer than there that made cruises and trooper Deseret well what was actually already letters of some sort will they be angels into somewhere but Amanda the blues bonanza will land cruiser do you have and they were pretty tell other pretty rugged vehicles in the memory of the younger version that was that was a pretty plush around and it. Home. But but the G is back images like this is the made him think ultimatum the stump. Stop production and wanting any said the only things. But the thing that was really cool down more than of these were affordable callers. And the bills we never really hurting that bad about him and the reason I've never heard a follow word toward GA are really down you make fun album because you know the area or even I mean -- of the main thing is usually but this is the perfect way to have a cold company the other day a dependable goers can repackage and sell. In other events come out fact that I think about how all the negative things you hear about all these horrors. Jews never been brought up. I've never really anything bad about it Jia other English. We make fun and you know I never never be anybody wrote into the bag would you reverse uniformly engine a lot of offers an idea of us you know flip over on the back would you I mean the Rangers mean. Privilege not a bad girl that picked the bus product shall initially wanted to go yeah they must coral. And roles available. The tractors using several things of that nature of these things were extremely. Popular vehicles I mean. If the tracker. Doesn't really do things got a got a bad wrap this mean. To be volatile love own jeeves oval drivers because we are seeing drivers who places the jeeps couldn't get calls it and learn. Is there more fuzz or glorified four Wheeler did go. I mean is there a golf cart is there a minute don't don't don't pretty rugged for what they all our I mean you all holder eight horsepower. But a pivotal say they're very into vehicles over and they made some meat products and it was measured really in the genius idea for Jiabao have another brilliant career and have a whole design into everything now. This guy like hey what are not designed knows bills. Madison GO live homes damaged a local little little little girl does it girl Megan geo. And really. Maybe some think we'll let you pull off the ground Toyota logo engaged of that round GO GO OK great I am a whole new car. He's head and they'll probably fit right in the pins pro in my orange or insurers is exactly this thing we have some had GO airbags are literally doesn't want visited. The scroll right to take a brand new corolla and Jews. June nimble than make did GM. Haniyeh rich area I don't 2000 Gigi and that would actually kind of big green reader I GM to bring the gym in school for like that populate Janet yeah I think about it most people were talking about they quit make him in 1990 service that rules Muslim illegals out their utmost give a silly you know I think it'd be worth it for the one guy got it yeah we would think it's cool well I don't know when the a lot of people fools cool. How about the Saturn. In. That was a different corkum that was the one Jean Corcoran has stepped out of the box close Saturn is out of this world in the car should've stayed there. And it does Saturday it was a cool Kohler Company you know bombs so I was actually during their tour the end they got kind of innovative. They did and they didn't because in this are doing some brand cheer into a General Motors will still 200. No that's under it is sinners and elevators in the exact I think when he and we. Our brand share housing bureau working on saving your company agenda but it you know when they came out with a Saturn Sky financial system. Those goers the force owner of that horror produce the most horsepower person owners and GM's lineup did serve oh yeah he did accuse her own but still. Most horse power personal honor and GM's lineup. And his funny so. Whiskers they're for Saturn the sky was limit exactly and that was that was the peak those cynical but and journalism school courses and go to another of politicos say they carried or Zetterberg and wasn't GM impact early EV one Mosul and Sadr. The first mass produced electric power. Canada is wrapped with conspiracy theories lol lol we could talk for days of conspiracy theories but that's a great that's a really cool caller of the day what you're wanna watch a cool movie that will really make you think grassy Knoll. Theory I watch you killed electrical. That's a great movie. A lot and it didn't work unfortunately no it didn't work in embryos would know I can really say why didn't that does. I drills why didn't his big fuel companies got involved tell you absolutely others worry more than a very good movie is slowly agree. And I anchor Jane but I want to bug big fuel companies involved because there on the field to be now sold but it. Here's the thing he still reason fuel violence to come he's a very the Dillinger vehicles. Clinton said many many times on the show lawyer known as extending the tailpipe. Well it'll always used to using you know using portal that now a lot of oil and scholars that's why they don't like bush. Is really isn't living and then they wanna move in the hybrid technology and also a movie and hydrogen cells were generally compare them to a foreign. Yeah not the other that's of Nikko the first that are going to came out there workers are so popular hijack a little bit so we really is talking about. Was ridiculous cannot be totally unnecessary now the united around Carl water that would be revolutionary. I guarantee it wasn't their choice to get them off the risk. I guarantee as they get too close to making that were good guys look juvenile prisons the world underground Detroit's. Or dead he's he's got Detroit tap water really exploded his. BO show on more government darts to give your time now to talk mama show later on in my. Yeah. Star and his that in Latin. Don't want to miss it. But a Lil thing about this letter was a really different corkum he really different methods of selling things. They're different everything building the course delivered the first senator Lou promoters they came up with corrections styrofoam wasn't so they'll styrofoam molded and deal. Told a little wider. They were don't know why the books were for these things are technically not passed a new direction had they should handle a lady technicians that work for senator into two years as a majority believe your income nationally that that was a really Nikko. They're the first to open it agreements in the not discounting their car's steering you favor. Don't you don't want to discount the big thing now there really. There was a big things he's commercial breaks really keeps me can ovals and road every time I'm done and they just kill me kill me kill me. Does you'll stay tuned as we got something really fun coming up we get Craig's list challenge. We're looking for the best or from Marine Corps for less than 2500. Books. Do we don't wanna miss my candidacy for poor will attack. So. This election result that. Yes thanks a kill me gust they do record hot rod Smith via our 163 to B I doesn't know hot rods and happy. With ten and in Richard Hoskins. What is go and own difficult Tennessee. Well this is typical and typical Tennessee. Don't be difficult to get marketing they could probably do little matter then so could you buy some difficulties Doris. I'm sure you could insure these difficult this whole challenges difficult until you're sort of Craig's list challenge own. Or for brilliant corners for Tory voter rolls will assume those are going to adopt from these orphans do exactly who Gupta will move these orphans. A foot Seles truce in the commercial and moving into music and it really minimalist car that you necessarily local music. This is salute the old treaty would actually Thelma. And on road crews and Richard Mell has turned his official drug you're you get you get the shakes so I think you know it was about a little I'm alerts. You you know I'm I'm completely cocaine in my car so. And I had deals and make sure have some money and make sure Mexicans. Not fun 1971. Of those mobile nine BA com answers to your car 2000 hours looking in locust. Thumbs up for 55 automatic AC worse runs and drives. Calm. Over. It's the eight way 6040 Wiener power seats that work great power windows all were. It's platoon or like you said. Also soared in the ring and do the owners George and power steering. Colors is a salary it's let's send more like it's old black page of corporate. Finally I think cars actually are potentials probably not like woman you're more desirable cars are also. Russell knows Australia Cadillac looking tail and not the other. It's a big blow and I really think they're the car has a lot of potential to make like a nice nice crews are out of Mina Bissell nicely eighteen toy staggered mag zone since his third nice cool thing job months. I think you have what you're really really cool caller just cruise around them. All right Richard. Don't own hoosiers as well. Could you share a little bit. Now than it was worth the I got us on. 1998. Oldsmobile intrigues. Them my remembrance and an iron drew each. Bought land there 138000. Miles love there lady drew it and those rules not driven by an old lady here though is that like and entered absolutely adorable little house yeah all that I do well they scored in so well there really is leading this is probably gonna win the court challenge but it is probably the nicest 98 Oldsmobile intrigue on the planet and so 120 one dollars or 500 it and and one of governor firm non negotiable slew we'll have a few despair here which is due but I was. For littering didn't that's the Aurora you can't go for the for the -- or Sosa is stellar Buick LeSabre little bit more sported. This forty day and nothing extreme sport you can nine vehicles and she's flu or shift. It's love there. So rob. Police so many of those who will then do something how the wall and come up with like a a military veterans. Because you know there really GO gurus they would you like. It's like gay like as four word you know it's not wield great fellow for his. Florida those mobile pre I didn't. Actually you know it's a convertible theme and it is technically GM brought it. Geo Metro and LSI convertible promises when. Oh my god you eventually I think I'm one cool points on this one you actually you and I think I would see no luck. Excellent condition automatic. Factory here that works EMI has any recent new boards. 85000. Miles most only three cylinder. Singer sewing machine. Broke will grow. I mean it's automatic draw. She's really for some recruiters in the mills who drove the ball or served over. Its kinda looks like a camera oil over. No not at all actually this is it looks like a pretty eagle finish and it's just it's pretty expert OK so for its puny compared to employ it. It's white golf course this is X yeah yeah you can run the in this rear bumper Richard Lugar today which you know look. Just think all the money your saving gas. Began and ended aids kids you're not gonna say yeah they're doing. Went and there I mean this very year you drive now you probably no longer have hair because you reached a point in real life. But just think about that fuel mileage. That's. That's about all of this thing and I mean play not a bad color. A little thing about the mayor Phil will caller this is this a keeper there and you won't be like you know little rabbit rescue right Julian you're still a three cylinder. Automatic. More delay gutless wonder I Della gas mileage oh man I mean I think introduces guests at the reboot this there's probably. A far more registrant. Does it fuel efficiency this chorus the neutral at Robert Carner Reid generation. Fur and NASA actually in all of us follow. This and I've since I think you need the three cylinder engine that does do all the power of c.s and windows my car this thing probably just bitter fuel mileage and Prius that's the bad tour. Well Lou they had add some much Jones-Drew praise from when now. Khalil simplicity is king. Then there's not a battle of Gore's car yes miles and those are your own standard unit called a GO imperial she's got some snazzy Lucas. I have my day to include so and this is exactly your cruel or blue your girl willow was more than the GO total. Now it's if not when it comes at a promo was nabbed it wrong no problem sitting probably that's. Of his oldest on the knowing these currently this is the little of in the salute cool Sorrell you know. Is about the fuel efficiency. That's what keep going back to death Losman you know it's still has all you have us would you always look of it yourself points themselves. Pay the bills if you go back to that fuel vision that. The other thing about should we get when gas creeps up before dollars a gallon of milk. And say ally in the manner disarmament in we're masters before all the gallows with 121000 or call our allies the man who saw him is us theory about Bynum voting sitting afford together for the book you worry about the yes. And we are you just please don't vote that's for sure plan. Other thing I think phones or older between that is that Titanic sank and the stores like so well those big emotional bit close logo saying too soon live cameras there's still no it is not and it has little unstable resonance romantic. Maybe they can vote and let the realist who can run that versatility. And then have a cool I mean you know. Then orchestra on the on the Titanic planting that cool again in this one. But an obligation come home they can cool against a tricky and well inning and put all their men and women trying to actually isn't you know visit this who makes more pretty cool cruiser. So I'm a little girl has prevailed in the GO guzzle. Yeah yeah looks let the cars that the car that the neighbors driven in the movie the verb it's it's you Carlos Slim the coroner's. Were. Rabid German name now Eminem. Little earlier this kind is it the way of his it was a Delta's is actually delta voted yes that the men pavers and nine im the one number all feel good luck mr. Joseph to be commerce. It is a great opportunity to be that car that is near you wish your neighbor would get rid of his ransom for so long. Yeah this is probably what it is actually aren't they drive it this. New site. A look drop you off at school all won't come hitters like that Karros is an issue way you're tired CNN there would George be more bears Richard. To have good to have the lives of those who the other nine it all right the G since you drop out there you know let outer those movers. Brazil's. You're gonna say dropped off at school out of your reveals Bill Clinton's role in the backseat to other things well I was thinking in you know ovitz is stuck with the top down and everybody gets. Well yeah I was telling him of the school situation. Could be eight of the GO could be a viable option because you can drop top landscaper get inning go root quick ouster. Eagle summit usually don't go broke Lincoln I mean they're always there don't want to leave for the next ten minutes could. Just get out. Oh let's say you logos be sure coastal lows and a real page until well about these of Bainbridge your favor or friends are very recourse from her or embryos once you don't exactly. Always a lot of fun guzzle think everybody's complaint along to you to listen hot rods and happy hour right here on one a 63 W.