Hot Rods 7-29-18 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 30th
Rob's birthday present is to talk about his favorite car of all time.

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Hot rods and that it was rub your options. Blitz out of man stand shell out an aero what is scale and on zigzag Oregon zigzag or Donna table gets special guest in studio day. We've gets medium breezy you know they also pour La rose happy Artie goes. What's gone on Yahoo! was that on the day well waving to my internal will and studio it's gonna ask got a full or else your laurels and have ever. Jay what are we are locals thought about until what Richard. This is some comics out of up until about one of my most favorite things in the entire world the day test and shot in the dark. Sure she for a corvettes yes. Eighty forward nice and these best car ever made. Like a little later a more proof do you in when you give them listen to this radio broadcast you're gonna want to own deceitful Corbett if you don't really only one it is correct that trickles challenge after this poem today is a must see one policy were known horizon for this. But we are told embassy fourth quarter it may innovations of this code and how amazing it is but what Wilson has some cool stuff coming up with a great show governor appeared cope with total snippet of the real root in league in north canola. For the jury peace Leckey memorial scholarship is a really cool caller sure does you know we always talk about. How local should raise money for great causes. This is what I love about this actually is a show that's raising money for scholarships for underprivileged children. That's what I love about blue court proceedings Toledo went unbeaten and beat you over the have a caller you're isn't going. This is the reason why right because they do great things that we don't miss that August 11 like a sit in Lincoln general secure oil. We should look at a poll FaceBook Jerry peeling you memorial commercials that's definitely what you mortgage. Some breezy Smith. Which I round which opened up to this week. Out how much just shown you just aren't aren't and Brian Williams is actually a monumental we can history and Gloria there because we're here. We'll veteran. And this my birthday. Is zero today this is this is yes. Sabah told Canada exactly you know there it is it's a mean come on me that's the real littered date in history. I mean everybody needs to celebrate tag that's the reason we're sort of see full performance because it's a perfect day and that's about it trying to and it's something really exactly the simple corporate makes the perfect gift that's what I'm hinting at. That is like the perfect color. But bulk. So rob just gets to do it he wants an era now. Rob always music due to having but it's his birthday away exerting undue and everybody else digital object he needs to catch these guys I'm. Hassan Hassan 'cause I don't know. Will you still learn and you're young hook our breath. I got pregnant oil born and that we can no more birthdays two days later I'm just stolen updates can just say it. But deadly Dylan look for stuff normal that how much you Richard excitable youth about the day dosing we authority that this week. All in literally drew there on the bought over the weekend well let us get Nebraska and I'd bet my car for a response launch. And then object in my backyard sodomy of a car so it Trevor on the blog and pardon from my house looks. He'll also full drop Manila us date rape drug problem it was a rewarding draft room watched. Place semi dressed up for this I didn't like Hawaiian shirt I was there that Canada and out of Sonoma horn rimmed sunglasses. And a worldwide. Oh my gosh semi so Phoenix you need to voted you need to. Does the cool thing unless we're not accurate. Outlets and even better. That's best for no reason town to be great to get pulled over and that's how sensitive exactly. How does he root canal watermelon Hugh Hefner was blackbird pie. And Lou I don't care about your nature bank limited and let me let me let me let me let me give him a Daytona Z in circled the block. Apple alone I love it does better there than usual that puts Julia Malone had no idea Muslims. Do legal steps shamrock and so I don't Motorola. Barrel today Saturday afternoon Ghana's tournament as its own say Richard and his bathroom drowned at Daytona is very. Yeah I. Went. The real question is what's on his bathroom where we'll at all who. Seeing you again as you idyllic and that's the fun thing about having a cool caller but the bad thing about putting oh gorgeous how local local or you're a little boost in gorgeous. Well gonna Kosher is Doritos Carter you'll be dry under gore or shoes so we have to drive them through the week. So like I'll get in the groove thing going that are for storage and like a port with a minivans. Does some of the best fought here. Closet cart as a manager not able to take images brought on unit and joining and a soda or whatever. What I'll call the annual car. Well and listen thing here is gets the juices flowing into the external you know she looks she looks runner up to sort of apple doesn't lose little used to do that was fun actually got coaching and gas station. This is funny is having to Israel Korea. This happens all home. Maybe and that's an awesome car I had one just like how loud mouth full forces and. Federal legislators of those sixty vowels out of college horror and green exactly. Don't know actually you have no one nothing like button and beautiful but you know what did you not feel like a man goes what bills you know. It's got to learn and also puzzled every American male and female that it is a religion assisted. Kind of blocked 66 mustang at some point oh is definitely another woman drove me crazy. Is we have a first gen Camaro a 67. And everybody walks and to me you know man that's my dream car 69 Camaro and everybody obviously it was a sixty nightmare every time they saw that they need to realize their dream did that did this Camaro has been Wednesday. Though he drove me nuts don't even correct me anymore I'm Sutton and you go well. Columns it was like you know but those sort of electricity goes a lot of fund on the courtroom can stirred up so many would you Middleton is really exciting. Not them I am a soft five and answers coming over wash his car home in golden solution I don't know I don't know I don't I don't think it's an exciting and I. I thought with the insurers don't do things Lear's. I am I here not a white or domain I don't find this to Blair's at all what you need to do is just full beautiful girls to me Kabila listen. My name is Josh yeah don't you right now about the situation but like I need to because in my blood pressure he has and kind of get. My mom you say grab you know really Mal the mom almost all of them I got it from her. And you know all right give the worst thing is and most of the time it don't help me AM mom matters but it makes me feel better well let's go Monday. Still racists and you get the worst case the truck show mother received that a pretty sure you got it from animal to death. Yeah I mean you know. Just like you can take the kid out the true Clark put to get it drove orca is not as slow and Bill Clinton this is going laurels coming here MS and I but. Then that's never know fund malicious code that these gals you know he's like your fighting just to get what's deserved to be exact our financial America America basement. Knocked us out of them. Never is never is a day what is cut and dry as hell holes and see full quarter that is. I'm excited along today so I'm sitting here we know oops I root notes today because I was so excited. About talking about Stiefel poorest because you know what not only do I know a lot of us people or as but I wars and more solar researched. I don't need security for power. Well Rachel went on all the professor okay I mean you're like the do not Hauser I'm psyched about our other loans you for a soars. And guess without talking about this and this is nothing I love to see full orbit but I'm a salesman. First and foremost I want to sell all see full poor risk sale prices. Q skyrocket in off the market proves yeah exactly exactly exactly. Say or are we gonna have to change my mind on the C four Corvette because I cannot think embassy for format. I think of 1984. 85. A guy pulling up to a GM where in some Hawaiian tight shorts muscle bound Guillen now. Gone in and do his work on what's wrong about bush among about through its promise okay sounds. There are still so many bad stereotypes ago with a and brutalized liberal government stereotypes awoke overall innovations agreements people polish penalties of colossal roiled global formal little magic and he's the only to see people who were bit fans appear. From nowhere that's right guys see full core bits against the world stage and we got a lot more killing that you write your hot rods and happy hour 01063. Did who already. Gaza and a hot girls and happy hour that manager of autism Brooke I am ecstatic over here were fixed on that one of my most favorite things. Q on site and on the same page but before it is thank you and I need a road trip. You love ladies New Jersey so somebody's gotta tell wrote there are looks evil or within them ladies today you know roll that and New Jersey is target top involved that's what I'm screaming go through drip and of course we've guests medium breezy in the studio. I had Hank they had. The swells she's still working on her intro bear weather. Why he does house manual and it may just now I think he's as surprised as well saying and then we got our in my internal will and studio that's gone on. But it boards he's just too cool for school Richard. Is that it is Gerri I'm scared to discuss I am truly comes run over the main event. Pre drill Iowa went to fully sweat shirt on you're with a fleece jacket on in July. A usually dire list view exactly via he's gonna he's cool little older searchable bonuses and others out of the Villa I was a lasting harassment it is our hands on you had me tell that blow an elevator in a minivan. It's scary that's bad. 01 day own bad. That's still her until lord of the way to avoid this that we're talking about one among favorite to its own people or that guy got an honest my dad was a quarter that got. And obviously I don't quarterly ago with a gruel a month you know the snow works. But how little one generation poor risk is Bruce took a moment let's see four or that. And I didn't creation for alone time this the fourth quarter it is the most perfect color really. I can't really are Vietnam and whatever he converted Richard I got Richard Sola yeah they're really out. Team and a home you know you are both same engine underground of words kids in this one as the new Corvette but we have as opposed drawer walls down enough of being a new Corvette when you're six. You must see for yeah 150 miles an hour that it never happened before you exact. Coming only open a lot of the eighties and as they wish you look at door stop of course it's cold you know me is just how low these cars there's so many cool things about them. But yeah if you don't think about for the quarter came from. When you have to see three generation. I know them and yet keep in mind. C three was 68 through 82 core red though that generation Corvette but the frame breaks everything only scores. From 1960. To 98 you were identical. The only thing that changes is across liberal front to support the porn nose for the maker short months style and it crawls member change in 1974. That's it. So we're dumb some extremely old technology that they used for many many many years of these callers. The sea floor was a world class opening game now how well this crap when I can actually yeah well I. Up better with the technology. Formula is incredible but a more token leaps and by films I mean they totally changed it wasn't your just a little body Jew you know zones or corridors settle cheating and exactly but AMBER Alert was anything great you're going and everyone plays loosely forum. It was a major change Amanda's. Those nine Daewoo for a full frame caller. To a U nobody caller. And I mean you get the ball a little component some of these callers. I mean there's nothing a little but the wheels on a C three core that helps people orbit lunar mails all the career in power draw loom independent or suspicion which means C three and and bitter speech too but at a new data under with a deal all my thousand. These were some really sophisticated coordinated really tuned to that super core level but run your moment America. That's right America's sports car there is some ground breaking I mean this car was a big thing year with a full two little tough the only front. These cars images. They're classy. Do I'll never get ever more Brothers out of trouble along. And years over half the car a list of what this is like a race car you don't really you know you raise over Droid XPJ. That's what it reminds you of a look this is classic. You know I mean if we're from the UK we go about it the units. What we're for America so we don't include. But. I will lose some fun colors alone it's good actually the actual release these colors and you three never made an 83 Corvette but I do go Corbett true before. The best selling your core it was 1979. They sold the most or Erisa a year they still understandably. The second bestselling year 1984. Brilliant yes but there's a little stipulation that. They actually started selling 84 quarterly and April of 83 so they had a little longer than a year they count it. But it was still the second best selling your quarter it was a cousin somewhere in here. Do you what is ordered coral I only. Back gruden John Schoen easily. On our shop car was a block four plus 384. Core of we had good man shed around and it was shot car and I love that freedom thing man I and I've been many many miles on it and I loved that car. Well you know before blows through mayoral term issues do you get Gaza long do they actually hated them I treated really enforce the yeah closure didn't get stupid whether they were really was OK go plus created generally come in a factor dinner Brendan Napa is exactly. So uses electoral power stroke alone yeah I was it was our first struck. Those blockade before Portland had a big Greenwood weighing on the back of blue green wood though that's a blast refresh your dream would buddy kid your eyeglasses give up the whole bunch it's funny kid ended up the wing. Did you suddenly. A day another thing too about the uniform orange you know the bad the last Rebecca joy eighty full glory is the largest piece of glass every usual production vehicle. Well exactly I mean where's the league's all odd ball cool things about it. Let the digital dash. And that this also thing you know they'll keep the money you're listening for liberal the biggest problem I think with the score was the digital Danish official Miguel Angel. But. You know realize this is 1984. I mean Matthew Broderick was just film war games when the scarlet can email server that was all it take you step but there's not really that I take now. But they come it was visual dashed that you could flip a switch in it would convert to the metric system. So go for miles per hour to kilometers per hour amid automatic home floor. And they are measuring your fuel and leaders they comes in handy if you're driving weekend. It does if you're gonna care that you flip the switch decent candidate mode you shouldn't parent. But yeah I thought every those high tech in 1984. It they would have been and it would amend my online at that time but as if like he's had more games this tent out back in the future is coming out everybody elements some defendants high kick me just futuristic but the thing is cool low residual measures GM in his under the usual dash for the quarterly. They actually bought this dashes from a tank designer it was originally designed to go in they. Think through military I want reasoning converted to the metric system is. You're going overseas or so the white. And that's what they used in the quarter and a million things like that there's only cool stores. We've got something for every year but the C four core that speaking it every year there's twelve years as a production investors who have. By fall or. But forward. Gaza today what we've got a lot of crazy for civil. Or knowledge coming your way right year old hot routes and happy hour on what is 63 W Doherty and guess in my hot rods and have real turtle skins. What's out in this candor a place why not North Carolina. I don't almost puzzle that was not true. Now that when Israel now I think some sun for that normally done a car show up there before how well they would that be why not ten miles. And why don't I want to yeah. But it's not those guys as there isn't there of course we yeah we have breezy it's made in the studio had a and material that we government intern will in the studio with skill and on you know. Let social slowly inflate Revere her tank feels neither is in his life under us live look at them well look you know. OJ or tumbled almost circle in the world to see full quota they don't they in the shoes C four vs the world and that's how we've now you know you can't do you know how hard it is the bag asleep for you can't. Now what you really care of them always fruitless and we tricky because no matter. But you don't eat a bag it. You know all of you need like everything is the perfect caller that's wag everything. That you don't include a slam. She's just she's credible those over the springs and you obviously know your customers at no cash. Now Manny gets franks whatever we'll study drug this is what happens when you get many truckers vs minivans vs maybe. I'd love it you know this is a huge run elsewhere overall. But civics people. We're talking muscle things when it came out in 84 and 83 in California they released him actually. But they don't really cool blue vs course but the longest ordered tough. There's still using today in the new coal bed. They are and it was not an ideal. Design if you ever try to take one out by yourself if you heard Sharon Tate and now when you're not alone flat land. Rather pull one back in the media dropped. Well I can names you'll stop my head exactly and they're not very easy to handle. Home but there's a Muslim and won't be started to replace the T jobs. Winners cool things about this course about the brakes on all in the break calpers only lukewarm at it and I didn't Greg's. And in time their belt and I'm sick and I'm pretty sure that the experts in the world in the there's been about gridlock good shuttle surely in the enemy you don't think about all the stuff that went into this caller. Then I mean here we were from the 82 quarter it was like Disco inferno which is a beautiful caller to this I mean just like store trick compared to the age issue. But here before across projections engineer which just opened the carried over from the age to into the sea for red. As he goes there actually want you know mail now in the case of the capabilities briefly before blowing here. But let us that it had the upgraded brakes on it. Lots of cool things built weird thing about the manual transmission though in the 84 or that you know wasn't available until January of 84 and a that does those things so it was it was hell for what seven months before you can even get a Maine permission for. Com and the closer you get to where route to zone we're transmission and about it. Drew they're there for years though yeah their ads so what 8880 lone Canadian on its first year of Zia sixties exactly and then nine in the governance here. The first aid if you just drove it affords me. It was just a forestry exactly it is Williams. As a normal force speed transmission. And it wasn't. No wasn't that bad audience and they were good I mean as time we really hadn't been compared to compared to 063 yet it's not that great. But at the time. You know once the service service doesn't manual it will it will cement there is no manual on an age you exactly who attend those thing that came out with a C four improbably won the most problematic things for some other don't that does not know how to drum corps Mr. Bush will remain true mission. The parking brake at a hazard and yes and in Baltimore to break in a C three orbits in the center just like every other or people don't handles things well. We'll see full orbit it's on the left hand side and his ratcheting so you pull up and handle it doesn't. No more can. Already he's jumping your guard take off and bricks are still hear what you have I downturn and so laughter I don't want to push to let you Reggie yet apparently but here and yes I'm yeah one side that the reduced to release and you put little Wagner you know those were and nobody is able state avoid McGinn an awkward time yeah. I can be dangerous. They could be dangerous for there to load that different rule in Brazil losses. Yeah that could be one from way back going to sit so Jose evil or in had a lot of quirks that a lot of issues with the as a second missile little halt time. That call us. But the 1984 outlets are picking up state. If I was gonna get editors. Well it was negotiator Rickles a villain in this in this this the engine it's a bad rap but I'm always been a fan of this world of love and on bill you three got replaced. Moved across our most know little lost on me really when they grow in the Motorola. And it wasn't about matters does it gets about route but it wasn't about matter it works but the L 982 measly assist banks definitely matter. So we picked up thirty horsepower from 8480. Our portal to present to a father 98 for 230 or Armitage Foleo money. Melanie is a great base for any deal whatsoever of course the two import fuel injection or. Which is a probably to this day want the sexiest looking into it nothing's ever been far. You get the big two were rumors all that outrageous looks impressive and download numbers aren't doesn't mean and now as primitive but it still just a cool looking murder. I smell a route legacy four bit is when we took the bonnet. Innocent of. Ers or modern play modern games objective. First modern matter that really needed but embraced electronic fuel injection and yeah looking grade and offering great performance earlier on all the cast salute America the madness and valve covers on that their career about ten minutes we'll turn around the still. Real enemy like you know it was like a good looking in uniform or do you look at the polar do you think she earned thirty horsepower and not chase oh as a rocket that's. He's a class we have it was a horrific amount Aurora. Which was ungodly fast in 1980 found puzzling portion actually material exactly what then this is thing you think about I mean. At the time is one of those scores on the road you know. And then in 1986 so I didn't realize. About the and another thing in the 85 or the interest softens principal cause to complain about the horse for a a little later I can definitely hear all about 86 and 8780. All right girls monster 8485 they soften them up a little bit because people complain about how horribly road and it did it again yeah you should do it. But also but down 86 that went to loom heads whether this is for sale on your early eighty sixes didn't have a loom insular so still it's because they actually are prone to lose this. They Cragg they should do redesign on the new Illinois and the limits these course. And only the last 9000 produce actually got aluminum kids alone I did not and I did not know that actually learned that today would you know that all the 86 in preschoolers. Got him. Got a real it is. So it is our regular convertible on so there are introduced on those given us to lose this thing yet they always fixes for your vote overlooked in the basics first your forever going to have a high amount thoroughbred life now. And I don't mean nightmare. Hello we are as we Lou. That worked out good on the carcass some callers adjusted more Riley looked funny you know but I want it worked innumerable jetBlue will slip across back bumper in there and then only bloom hard tops your descent who was stuck out amid this growing airport better and it scars it did it work them and there are some that were actually hit some labor in my body most things implement Elektra. Yeah that lives on global formal look at track all the thrown off hated those things but. Your imagines that you have that with the would the pace or Hulu this without even Taylor met today. I'm still learning things about it they're pushing the terms of verbal about it six of the first durable or risk is 1975. Which is crazy feeling about all those years of medical written from verbal never crossed their mind. Alone in 86 and got an American car saying you know in the midst and is summaries and it felt like America's escalating. American cars that work hurdles are going to be outlawed. Yeah all my music catalog at the same thing does the whole reason actually in the first place for the target top I believe. Well. Hillary got the best of both worlds Lou to order topic is. I mean it's like your hair don't get blown his and but it's open man should bring jobs and our respect today. You don't like they leak that's why. Back I had chance anyway Jersey they guarantee jobs and only hear you they're lying I have had an eye permanently I do not currently she's often do this didn't come out. I don't want to I learned I'll I'll look I'll look at Steve Jobs well previous cars then did nobody my current current illegal aggressive. Oh day's other people that don't about you just don't leak I'll put the same mattress stores says because lynch I guess monsters. The end of the truth very things of that nature you know everybody sort of nobody has seen it. But I mean but they're they're calling is darn tough darted off within week two would that ever army does one thing is crazy by the article really do have a about a week and problem. As we know. A meal as you can use a legitimate problem yet if you seals there and yes exactly did those thing the most toward adult offender is only just miserable today you know you can get a little too would have known of those who are starving it. Begins to figure out there and like you back the six inch ball well how about a fifteen minute jobs takes the ball but it wasn't quick my administration imagine it's not a quick pop it and pop it all kind of hair was eligible to handles and pull it off right quick so Natalie you know was. I don't think mills an afterthought. You know I don't really like you could you do you put some thought that there animated little easier to do. Are they wearing these commercial breaks Richard Dickie sleek and opponents and I see a cease video of their he's does note that these fictional school sells the most important stuff. Does the table we yell a lot more core that knowledge usual right here on how president of the hour on 1063. W a RD. A hot rods and happy hour. Richard the skins what's happened in trees and consequences New Mexico and that's a place are afraid to get almost the only other Australian rates could just this thing or are you just over their own brutal life this. Crazy town main thing I have been to the old Mexico yeah I don't I don't want amid the judge you know maroon. When George Carlin was you know he still some Kutcher and you know tires on then you know you send New Mexico the best runner buyers online may be locking people up fair where vision and seasonal and we'll play that game. Ulster domicile of the Muller's. That's the key that's the key to take away this was the key is a C four Corbett. Don't sit well Nancy as we all. This is a famous people or read this this show is going Donald C will Korea vs the world. And the thing is that I can engage huge. Hello I'm gonna get you to love deceitful poor alike do if you don't know about it. So we're going to do you sort of what innovations with the seat forward bit. Starting and we looked on in central role in 87 Spiegel wrote the story would roller liquors in 1987. In the elderly. X opened up another five horsepower of the thing was to afford to seek. Oh yeah grand national. Exactly and doesn't know Leo the big thing back in the day and below us we probably the demise of the grand national because they don't want nobody beaten the vet and it was too close. Canada especially two or 60 under Buick is especially a regal. Do you you don't you don't beat daddy Tammy went up on it but you know and local think about 87 will it several cool things with it and 87. But. It was Tzipi key to. Packaging that Z 51 which was built on sharks and things like that. But then Tzipi to two which is basically like the old school days heavy duty Ku victory your beard who system. These things and other buildings wrecked cars they're building them you know a little more suited for racing and things like that have former uses. So no chorus can innovate is not just you know sports caller cruiser now you've got to make your performer now. At their luck because Callaway ticket to the next level. How about a slave did you say to forty even remembers that it would no doubt Callaway got old Lilly yes those were rookie numbers Nia. Three folder file market and appoint her about the beads UK Italy to carry are heading toward and it turned out of band. Pat pat pat pat I think it's actually do think that the man. But only yielding about its literal ill man you know under an immortal 1987. Year twinge or goes out to landowners gees that's where my talks about. We're talking 1987. Reagan was still in all this and recruitment and within they had twin Turbo bits that you could by. New. And actually the first was actually startled truck block. In the end but the lure them to use it stuck ill honey bun min. And what is the twin Turbo bottoming in the book poetry unit killer loose federalism will have three children born Goldman reported but still they're very impressive derelict seven pounds and use the public 435. Foot pounds workers on things there I mean a real slick even today that's still aggressive torque. And a million little I don't put agency and it's an 87 quarter that was what. 323300. Pounds Max and me. And let's go is little cool body gets to it and things were true it. There are actually really good looking older and are really not look did you say really doesn't seaport and convert them I yeah I had a heart didn't. Hash it. This is the only old school bit Dalai men are members personal mass march around in the dirt out there who brazen dollars. Well the days of innocent actually came up ladies and that really blew woman actually learned yesterday was the first year for the tire pressure monitoring system. All right the first slip ups in my head now you're now in most courts have a tire pressure monitoring system that you Firestone. But it's good but you gotta think about. This is 1987. Could you imagine I use the Internet is only in your doused in camps I. Don't every cell phone to acknowledge what even that great maybe seven. In your tell me that now we have tire pressure myers' killing me 41 go home because they were so problematic. Shoot they still problem yeah I don't know how they're brought in 2018 or problematic she doesn't endgame instills. You know I mean that's that's the thing that I love about this that there may Ford could you imagine your weather is cooler with the tower for me. I ABC like little telescopic antennas on the valves didn't gaps. Corvette has always been cutting edge. Any new technology is always been pretty. Early on on or about. Allowing an error and it's this is cool I did not in 1987. And nine they had agreed that kind of technology. When people were still carrying beepers and I think that be when you're starting to carry literally I mean you know slim though winning I mean it was a little. I asked but I mean the thing man that's crazy of a slow flight blew to bits of knowledge that somebody drive your old 87 core. With the tire pressure monitoring systems. Does that history is in. That's one of the cool things about for a especially when C four cannot. Is every year there was something new plug into our literally every year and did I mean it totally change his color. Transformed. In its life span between 8496. There were two totally different animals. And there are remotely shape the same goals they deliver on sixty to 82 really not much I know. Andre got lost power and that's about it exactly exactly now the C form and it was a world class sports car. Leo for MAM and the thing you got to think about these callers were running with. Rory leveraging numbers thing. In in that tying for 25000. Dollars exactly. You tweet tweet grain and we'll keep my 1987 though more like sixty steel but even that. Oh yeah I mean this and that is. That's the cool thing about the Corvette is is always been real a relatively affordable source even in today's tough. Compared to the super course that it tell ruining. It's still a third the price. I mean Merrill sort of in we're giving you build a guy works for a motor cars the women. In his Toma the fullest caller he's driven. Isn't your warm. And all of these callers labor to the Carolinas and I think he says this music is still the baddest NASA science I mean the cheapest one of the bunch is the fastest and the best quality. Come ultra Bowling Green, Kentucky that's a Shia town to talk about some an instrument Ghani is selling out I like big money's the stuff I can't even burn the celts and heat. Chooses Zia six Corbett that's the most fun. That's that's the thing house them the Dalton Georgia of all places we wintry double large scar that carpet capital of this out of the south Bay Area. We went down and pick up her car what I had to do some kindness and whatnot and I had been guy who is the data and we'll sell them into me and that was taken forever so you know owl may have heard the start walking around a corner I can't remember chronological wrist with. I always knew so little hack attack. Taxpayer murmur of the model wearing thing I remember a 2000 warm and noses sixty. And he's he's arguing grab I mean your Curry's and he's an offer you want rabbit. A sister only lock them up things for us. Memory third Bowden we got only barriers in Georgia which you know saying the best of ideas. But I got in that car and was derive an at large part I just balled it and I mean the thing was impressive. There's always some Gupta. Pay us. He's turning it back at and they're among a Philadelphia vision of realism older Dubose you'll lose in the ocean comparison remain middleman our spec number. And hair Hamas sea life that 8687. Of them all the way out of the managed. I am that man well but let's do this is the thing you know a lot legs. That's the thing about they hear they reported every 687 and they get medalist of the newly get but the thing you understand. I look like an 87 war it is like that girl in school that the braces but now she's like a model. You know what I'm saying like you got way better this was just a stepping stone to where the events of the Tamils live it wasn't for the you'll see for their moment slow. There would be no seep out. Right through this hour of the C four was the trip was a steppingstone. To turn Korea into a superpower and a seat fathers are great car but the seat for a as a great looking car isn't really dark and has a great performing car ever was for a song but I miss some currency Bob waltzed exactly that sexiness well and that is something else about C forward. Is your mental toll rows front is made to handle this love Tennessee they can't kill two birds lost on the medical on the road will put touring caller. But actually perform. Right until it does we are forms through some of these commercial breaks Richard Maginnis every time gusting to and we get a lot more talking about the C four Corvette right here hot rods and happy hour on 163 WRD.