Hot Rods 7-29-18 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 30th
Rob's birthday present is to talk about his favorite car of all time.

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Does the hot rods and had we are this is wrong bits. Richard the skins would you don't know that's a smirk at you day extension on. What is happening to our friends and army South Carolina restaurant. We got it under move away or that ten minute drove past a faster many times I think that's a mullah Colombia and I'm pretty sure it is. I would guess media in the studio. Soon to them Wheeler we were converting him over to court this. Wouldn't go that far I'll I'll have a Corvette had to Somalia have an air bags that you normally and is not for slave the F promised you'd. Yeah oh days the only good piece of gross fledgling little enforce a rule is. And about that but I've got to forward statute Omar man and a little mutual cool little little or or red or wrote there. All right guys were totally see full orbit which is probably. My favorite or remain in June most people who were rid of the water is actually really is a very cool course of an amazing caller. The the thing that was cool but it was just two years how much you got there has caused a great step and so for the Corvette and actually was. A little sweet is this was the game changer for the vet was a C four. It kept up with the times. Did think as you know the eighties horror at a time when we come back for a pretty dismal time in automated history. Don't we come back from horrible time. And eighties like American cars and cars in general has made huge progress. And a Corvette was right there every step of the way. I'll always of front runner always a leader in performance and reliability. And efficiency variances it is a fantastic car. Yeah it is a fantastic caller. I don't in the car it's a really neat things in two years just got to be a cooler car like W likely fine tuned in. About 96 by the time a well known and going to see bows these were some pretty amazing callers and very impressive. But probably won much favor chorus were Durham on that 1988 this were at the C four bit. 35 anniversary of Korea and for my all time favorite Corbett. These cars are no talk about a loner town's only your. I remember Louise Horton are boring and you. They came out to 35 anniversary Corbett in this caller was a little special force the anniversary kargil and 82 limited universe for coal or 93 than ever for Goran. There were regarded as Julia Holmes Maryland border on the various things like that. 88 was a little special they did they got a little wild with it you know suitable core written had seventy it will those for sure for some things a bit was 88. But at white wheels. A slick white caller with a white leather seats and a white steering wheel. Like it was all white villainy 2050. Of the 35 ever for Corus and probably to this day my favorite Corbett candidate merely and a top black armor. You didn't leave the job Jim black on. Mobile suite is color space shuttle little bit you mean like that that sleek look. But the caller was just. Look it let things nostalgia more than anything the course up here with Clinton woman you go low miles you got 121000 mark caller but. It's. It's just caller that I mean like from my childhood that's what brings me back there to must see what I had to stop and look at it. I mean look inside there's going to be a little plate only console and like I said they may 2050. Of them. And those just a neat car coming in just the white old and white seatbelts and it I don't know what she's with embroidered in exact address exactly and then especially in home saw images that cool caller I mean it was. He screamed at 1980. Started all the way like Don Johnson. Being in it would only be the only thing that would make it any more eighties. Yeah. And that's colas back and surely take that anniversary cars really seriously. And analysts and stuff like special art is a very special caller you're very special called you don't know what makes them even more special we'll slip out of those 2000 that you said they've built. 700. More order without all ordered our receipt that's weird. Found Mormon values so that I am in Ireland that's going to be a long way everything is loaded out the soda option Garcia. And still without power still without power sleep that's weird or Romania conceived ABA now those four plus three course stills ornamental scrimmage goers and still made those. I think he'll solo number who want a whole lot of were probably don't either doesn't have a car that miss you know it's going to be or Gaza on on they're going to be automatic meal as a ruler cruisers and numbing but. They're just pretty callers I mean billion major oil why let other. There will things like that didn't hold up that great refund does not slow mode all ballots yellow another big but. They're school with a local you think that a mellow and we'll look everything about that Korolev why don't why just. I don't know who would like what you see you know is something special when you see it is not no guessing it. You know like those like they went all out on the immediately tell by the 93. It's a burden that would chrome and homes on that. That I threw their creative there really job on making them stay in real danger of the Bernie poor read in their premier it's beautiful color on the review renters beautiful bug how much different as a lower than a regular murder in ninth record about rendered exactly. But did you the police don't get any notices that was for your percentage will. And you know there are still going to do we callow as an alien also and actually faster than the wonder how many calories thirty cents. You know that probably made a few there had to be added you know they grabbed war and I mean out of 2050. And there's a lot of you gotta think about it I mean. They didn't be rarer and I think if the puzzle put my money you'll see four be worse something can always go equation affect production seat for. Assume they DA's can be more right up there be one of the tar balls in values. Excellent that migrants board the 96 open would be yes that's definitely an error but the nice Nichols a former took it and I'll go to Bristol tacky outlaw home. As I can get down the Mohawk racists drive under construction failures that can't do that well on all of our terrible it says how I don't know I don't know all the real stuff. And an 89 though says look things are urgent enough to into the sixth that you. They got through the four plus Maria knew it was the F sixteen no game changer too I mean that may need. A lot of different styles one of the first six speed cars at least sold in America and our world. You know some of the European smaller cars has experienced enough for early in your recent cool mother and then never again. Sixty or slower industries here will the six B also is to help get the fuel mileage down things a little bit on the the EPA was still stiffening at this time and you know to syndicate the horsepower there is another couple gears to it and coming in six weeks of winter army do we use those transmissions in this day and tolerance that'll coastal builds. And us and ultimately see force these callers get two or donor Kohler for all types of fruit two or build things like that even male. So that's a really cool thing Canadian military and political clearly came out with that farmers are tough option. Let's throw it definitely convertibles a little club which is for some holes over since 1970. You've. And then another really cool thing the very first he or won't roll them on these cars were sold these were just. Yeah vehicle and a man down. And so I'm here they didn't sell them not Andy was the first year but the actual first Z your ones. Three was at three similarly 51 home yet only 175 thriller cynical or zero once came out and they you know these are the media callers in the ninety's they came out. Com. But in that as race we're gonna Corvette shops and easily unfortunately John Shaw to aid destroyed one. Canadian airlines are on. They crushed him yeah can sound good you can assume senator he'd have more on that then. Destroyed an atlas. Crawl along the showroom floor I had an imprimatur still Tennessee. Better than I did. Let him make a short bodies something that yeah you know make a shark as though Ballmer mentioned Carville. Then and also the dragon wagon this I think 7272. And any he had in 96 grants or Callaway with a matching. To. Truth. The man not only to have our finalists color of mentioned Barbara let's move to Florida half their money you know we'll let him get hot class I don't get a pretty cool for a set up back in the day. You like more risky like normally happen and that's not a but I mean the bills cool about it scholar you know to sit down no role in the 1990 you can Vizio wants it all the game changer from way back. I mean but he got to think about a million for Oreo forties there role on this point Koehler got faster socialist as you know what we got rid we're cool it we go to residual. There's little room especially LT five. It's also been totally different actually is the loudest designed engine. Mercury marine built in Oklahoma actually mercker go the loudest design the ancient. And actually this year alone portal a lot of the GM course literal Nolan. But do little thing for don't want these commercial breaks the news every time Gaza we got a lot Morsi full orbit knowledge come Enron financial hot rosneft deal 106 during their hero RD. Does one red hot rods and every hour Richard costumes. When it happened and links for West Virginia. And lick for West Virginia. Now doesn't greater restaurants and they have to leave there after they have to hear I don't wanna go to West Virginia expressly a place called rule Rick for I don't put a Worley and stay there and I. Astronaut. Him most definitely not most when a takes a look do you wanna see what mine abstain in my garage of the ninety's he or won't Colvin won't liftoff. Men analysis found a bottom for certain those are some only some valuable cars. Because they were really release that we don't lose designed guilty found the engine and a true Mercury marine built these things local building engines for these things. Ellis and a lot of the bars from the LT filed in the long desire for real people went to the Carolyn nor story also. On these things these motivates increased dollars just three or fifty cubic inches goes through person of Porsche Marco really thinks it's. 37 if from 9000091. And I think Johnny Sears and those are heroes growing to foresaw as you. And you know little screws to you another dangerous thing about 1990. That. That I did even. Then I you know to today. Do you know this or is designed in the seat tough core bit in 1990 and in Canada vote economy accents my fervor so they sort of zionists he felt poorly in nineteen the I mean that's insane. Well you know I think the points here in the car came out seventeen years later. Perhaps. A home Steve forest and all along and the tears and you know I mean you you can only do so much for us and how do you think dynamo. And I mean indices. She thought like this before was a clean sheet design and moved so autism has an all new car all you know the first round of the transactional. Law first one. To have 5050 weight distribution of minutes. Senator I imagine that it would take a look on. Originally they wanted to come and 93. The C five style but do you do some low budget cutbacks and things like that they actually kill the C four go. So I mean let's go to school. But every year thing about in 1990 that by the zeal once in 1990 does fuel was the highest dollar production caller GM it. This that's crazy all the easier one option was essentially another court. Well everything you think of others I mean you don't want all the Catholics of the day I mean you always things and see your war and we'll still the highest production highest dollar production going. Mile long shot actually. So let's go gold bloated zone NBA I didn't know that either none of the Mercury marine building them but you know knows Lotus is on third two belt or king you think by the marketing and he's. Or one of the King of the Hill only about a mean and this is a super car that. Honestly it was shame that it didn't come out and 89 because that's obviously what they wanted to Deirdre let's ready. But I mean it was meant to be the fattest cargo it. We'll look the other amateurs and made this is in 1990. 3153517. In the back felt actually the quarters were flair if you if you ever wanted to know the difference between Israel worn like a nanny and I want Mormon. Look at the intent there drizzle pastors some power into. Do you put up two fingers between the into the quarter there's a quarter in the internal. All written or read only ZR one you put your hand that this flat. It's that much want to. The reporters were three inches of water on each side yeah I mean that's that's cool and then of course you're zero want to get square tell us in 199091. They carried over to call home. But a means of thousand. Really just a unique caller I mean that was just cool all the way around there is a special card to try and fittest she's definitely collectibles gonna come into its and oh yeah definitely heroes that flew low miles hard and they can be Bolton worked the money right now I think about one granddaughter right now I mean. You know why can't get through it won't be like that for long now I assure you that. You know anyone of course Lucas availed of square telemetry to clumsy or won't and anyone they also got the wraparound from local turn signals. Canada got a little bit coming out of date is still prevails in the mid air assault played wheels. Not the biggest fan of the solely will stop there okay good. Does 93. And no one's were better. I mean. There are I don't know I'm just taking it a little. This car. You make proposal when really she sees murdered near the Syrian. You know the little dough might allow one how are off I don't really the only a matter that actually bought an 85 of the head solely we'll pull it out to the mall probably again like like you could also clear my wanna put the new wheels only old bit. Over 85 mixing about it Google sixteen it will look into that word a release six either in their own. But they put the 93 willful and I'm like yeah those are coming off. Well I don't know 94 he also ZR one Wilson came out now as the game Jay Haas moved your openness and everything Mariner's creases. Always anything that exit. And I mean so I mean in little money was pushing to her future horsepower and a very small corps vet now they want. Actually about it and wants XP then they're they're fun cars and wrapped around day issue and I mean that it. That was the big thing is I think the mayor Malloy and escorted the cool seat soon to lose this gets really cool things never loosely written only in 96. The next I'll see your good coming. Also was it was the first your Bloomberg little's nineteen. Yeah 1999 and you know it does for ourselves crazy they're making these cars that are in the first you're a first airbag and available in ninety that we had tire pressure monitoring system and a half an art airbag. That's crazy but so and only one Lou. I think many wants when they want to their members know still so all I'm not yeah former oh and before summer is so funny at a global box and then then then turned into an airbag yet. Exactly these that's that's that's hilarious actually. It's like units were put yourself through literary they're a threat earlier as sales probably play in the hold on a good thing it's Dallas. An Ngo and things argument our remember my eighty trans ams and how to block apartment anyway vinyl pouch yeah thrill that is not to the Dutch tourist can still seeing the billions and anger frustration and there. That's what happens when misled us in the couch. Let me go to my glove pouch and get this out. But Devlin the only cool Corbin nuns to it was a big game ginger took more risk Israel's the birth of the guilty Warner is also the millions Corbett ever made in 1990 to July 2 1990 to be exact four car. The billions pour they're make that caller know that correlate to racial could likely win the room. And output hub and I'm also in the open is sitting in the museum as we speak now wondering that was one of the single cars there was movement store there and don't yes it did rebuild it. There's no single thing that was horrible yeah star and I'll tell us even worse is the camera footage has never Jim Carrey just sixteen or wrists are falling Australia. That's insane how far Torres and are still her monarch met her unique organ evidence. They're hurt any caller there hello what was the 201001. Prototype complete demon or some thing and it it it got it. I mean Jill of all places to have a single era for you know and and what you love Paris Hilton do that no and I don't Corvette museum does it and lower revenues they don't exactly you know much. What humans plus cells do you don't know I don't the poor music compact dummies really you know mutt. I mean though won't it be that amounted to board really this is little to you want and they'll do one hasn't grown into it first came to this smug liberals with a 92. And are you team as the six people on the ninth two. You give him present you go 300 horsepower caller yeah prefix smoke throughout. Well team and it's man you know I mean it that they kind of ever shouted by the Alice's. They're great matters but there was overshadows run mills commercial break. Do gusting to we've got a lot Morsi formed Corbett acknowledged coming at you write your own hot rods Libya or 163 W authority. Does the hot rods and every hour. Sure costumes what has happened and dog town Alabama can happen. So I had employees found I don't know one play and that's with a skateboard and started. That was the California the only Tony Holtzman dole still Alabama. Came IV from downtown Alabama and it's just not on his Wiki tags through and of course we just Miriam resume my career you're toast gone down what's happening you know does it to you can see four bit vs the world this week alone frozen we are we're golden years because of entry something a little bit you've got a new drove it. And that's what we're due will just sit philosophical. Here we go bust and some see full orbit no we'll join you today because. Oh there's a word adjust your little softer every year he's. Armed dental fighting Orman out he's warming up too little sleep for a bit and zillion. It is pretty excited about it here in the bright until you see shall fill in Africa I'll come home I have one in my driveway and absolutely there's worse things get me back I'll read a bit worse things in my driveway and a half. This week we you know no load up you know doing the blood is there was little to the 92. And you were almost single which is absolutely horn which rules little's is what we here's a man. Simply 20112000. OK here a couple years ago you'd to because I think you'll set a moment I didn't say EG goes over and you of that age where in America bill where everything is like. You know. Those two weeks you know it was two weeks two months ago when it's your birthday trying to discredit. Aaron Muslims during the Iraq. The journal between six million. Truly fit commoner. Two hours ago who leave us through. They immediately she oldest. It is the other a look at 39 I mean really driven muzzled core businesses stressful polygamy in a in Vietnam all right but you know its regular garb is really good cells which I'm still in Uga doesn't see full orbit Richards whom I yeah you know after I yeah I got Richard Fain and and jog salute them a little judges don't look military won't roll until ninth or fortieth anniversary ruby ring of grit and guts on the fortieth anniversary. The water is on rails is saying you're 01 joke of the 400. Horsepower the laundry yeah. All of the Ruger red eye is a beautiful car it's pretty Kolb does nothing special they eat. They understand it they had the convertibles had a maroon top yes LL cool bells Gundy mother met beings whatever. Again it had a emblems. The kulana audio homes yet alone have the gold emblems I mean I was just a sign of the times here in Ireland and there's a lot of things that every Lexus golden oh early exit you'll swap out. Yeah those were you know that actually was this guy's really does he's been the dealerships they have the machine did the gold plated him looms Daria you know don't let you go any good leadership when you Bolger Lexus would chrome Hamels bill he won the gold ovals. There's a little box unit buzz to have like a brush and refusal so what led to Michael across things Sutherland. And he would take it feels like a solution and next thing you know there there we just wrote more of those chrome won't settle these 695. Dollars all you pass a man they used to kill people they take they're awful stuff man. But and they rose four of them you can take bleacher rank and what at right tackle which was Abdullah done that before because you'll gold Christie's. I think literally take bleacher correct it would wipe it all in the chromium won't be Gore's tomorrow. And pat those chemical levels a win. There is a reversible tacky thing I think yeah I think there and that probably purchase probably wanted to do exactly that after about two or three years the well that was just a bad decision you know doing. You won't go to zoos that's cool you'll know their homes. You not so much I think he can heavily Sean I'll take an intern sober no little intro idea that money a little minds to same barrier to stay increasingly are taking a swig of this in coral. Mary doll Soledad I don't know go to that's bad don't do that kids don't try this at home no no no no we are the notre Wu would within with a million loan detergent in yeah yeah. Until that time does the resort and look out for will. You know same position you'll know what you don't know I don't know what is actually extremely small easy good kid like this kid but he does the laundry detergent. He like C four corvettes. I mean he makes pretty good grades and I mean number Talladega satire and I look anatomy looks like he maggert Brad Sarmiento raises your personal or. Are proud about that oil gonna do that because we hang out here we'll need eunuch. I'm fully anyway yeah. I'll make you laugh that's. But so were role in 9393. That actually. You're 01 other even got more stars they actually imported and polished than insolent. That's critical we listen harder on stuff there trying to that's Draco. That was that was the big innovation everything about zero line and it was it was hot rod to the war. But today I got a funny Z your own story. Popular rock show when I was in business years ago and this is back in the ninety's or zero won't poor's are still relatively new there's a guy ability 64 couldn't and they put they'll keep that it. Isn't what I think it was a lively black or white stinger at 67 our men and car. The god they kissed her for the first nominee was really adamant about me in the first one to drive that bullet fired up in the shop. And we were all they irons medium my grandfather males. 1415 years old you know at the time. And we are sitting there in. And you just drop the clutch are about three quarters of the way into the turn and put it right in the ditch obviously the caller did not roll fifty feet. In it was in the ditch wow tour all to pieces they've fixed it and put it back the other nominee caught in the course still around this day lesson learned I got emerald beach owns the Florida. So if you go to the rim of the summer movies you'll see better every year with a gorgeous gorgeous steel. But they polished that factories or one entitled. Than core divisions this imprisoned look at motors while police still wildly imagined. So deadly Devlin in a big money built go to work with all sequel over the suspension when horse program. Glenn doesn't was endlessly for quarry suspension under the legal system was civil tone basically a sequel Corbett how saying that a person you know due to 'til memorial on Hannity and pick up the six is colors and world. Nash but is a very impressive looking drug can't really ask her about it one of them are forty calorie climate thing's got. That he go there are probably a little bit here this guy knows go to LS one super Joey yeah yeah Reuters gulf war risk suspension or risk. I still had a magazine that he gave me and Josh when I first got married I had that car and I will you know he actually came close shop we have Glen Dodd's family for a month resolve and super cool he's really he's an old school. And he came by Alicia and to me for ride that thing. And like this guy has the worst driving record of an eighty year old man Ali al-Qaeda like two points on his license. At all after eight match. I mean like it this story she can tell you used to won't let America and things like that he's got several blazers and built panel truck. Cut del potro got the big gold medals look at the blues traded. Speaking of 80s90s blues played in the turf course and pink yeah. Blood but I mean judo all say in England doesn't groovy and cool that's what stuff. Home but really really really cool alone doesn't just goes to show you these cool restrictions that people still using data go home runs that handle. You know back before pro tour loves school when he called due to a speed you were all reports you'd use and see full corporate stuff yeah. And they're still we will this using full list of because it's still relevant it's a great simple plot form in this evolving its independence visions big breaks I mean it's it's all done in in a bill is relatively affordable books available until. And you can vault and all elements anything yeah I mean is very very easy easily. You know you can add it to something you know it's not near the into the world to to make that work to be honestly if we. For the same work you do to put the most into thrown into oversaw commercial market you can record suspension under incredibly an infinitely better on it. I left off over time by exactly where must think you've run in this virtually Pinto front end. And you know they're great industry then there promoted got an enemy to worry arms and you'll box cross members they look a lot better than they used to. But I would much rather have some Muslim male or arms and big four bit breaks and things like that. Button also known not for us will roll into milk that's the year that quote revenues in the national Corvette museum open Roger Bowling Green, Kentucky. And and that's something cool Wilmington you can do museum deliveries of your caller. Yeah actually go in the that's cool what you what your caller being built in the and you mixing you know you got to step below those similar look and go to the museum and you walk in your quarry sitting in the museum. Tell us some eyes and that's in the immediate area they have this going to mean you get paid player in that kind of stuff but is really cool senior Korea built the mixing a deliberate in her course sitting in the museum for. Our core American mandatory for warns that this is not get a you and let me get Michael fact several lawyers and Cora as senators all kinds of first. Win. You know it with the world. How about mandatory it was the first GM call our senators to war with. Q this entry. That's insane. Let's drill in that school yes I remember the first GM remotes out of personal muscle with the bills and these thing ever but it's the size of a small TV remote and haven't been like. Like you don't have to worry about losing it is the key Jane only gas station bathroom. I mean you know every is lying here is probably about two issues are about three just told Jewish as well about an inch thick yeah. Yeah I like to do you batteries. Can have a lot of properly working on this and we had to work like you just I don't handle these should work you know. Well Terry what else we got to make this thing wars we get these commercial breaks in does the day will we got a lot more core that knowledge coming up next right don't talk Rosen happy hour. Oman at 630 W a RD. Gals in hot rods and having a Richard Hoskins was happening involved now West Virginia if not I'd. I was trying to hold a the you come up with some I don't I know we're giving these things and until you. I know a home give me a mask. Amuse yes you do wanna give me a match. And I'm moan don't say these lovely view of your pool of other people's cellphones midi. Bridge and then Cleveland man I'll there's slowness did you just cannot go and aims only him below via mail somewhere not that when it I'm totally love that. All right. So we had just really good judgment. As you become almost a tournament that stuff we just medium breezy in the studios. A moment and go to mail messed up until about a login before you right now to Obama favorite thing in the world see full Corbett. Don't go into the vessel walls last one's live material they ended with a birdie and as well like democracy forced. Pier 94 there was some other nice jewelry museum open looks kind of kid but we're lift off. Many levels last year is the only one they made only 6900. Zeal or once in a five year span that's it sign there's no Otto. Didn't make the same number in 934 and thought it was like 557. Or something to the so assuming these girls did legal medical school there's only 6911. You know who. At least a quarter a mean look in the ditch. And Mets aren't neighboring ninety's yeah others usually came out. Slew. That means you got that going forward is usually that's that's really really cool I didn't know there are many folk orbit about the Indy pace car for money for so that we're looking purple and white on the turmoil got a very all looking poor this. That took me in Mosul. I don't think I've ever seen one don't think I have they make 527. Level so I kept him. Editor at one whenever and you and Aaron outside and I can't recall ever having placed on. The I mean that's. That's that's that's a very offensive very low production number for this don't actually consider me the made thirteen million level. And then and I think fatherly 500 inclusive like every other Cindy called real quickly scoreboard Allison. And allows our pace cars are so rumors are you were so reversed recourse. Amino of the silver but really only do go to Sydney glorification but it is either silver or silver and black figure Rick. Obama Lewis is the none of up this caller bells go local callers don't overrule over the why a man is a good looking caller. Along which is also a lot of them I mean to tell you a little low so low miles although it's got to be pretty doing the key to them you'll collection. Clegg an effort collection. Well nothing cool is easier we they'll do one into the you don't think about military warned on this point I mean she's got a pin full screen. And then 96 they introduce the guilty for which blows Obama and they came out this newfangled hot LT one. And being killed. Two years later and to such a great engine is just unbelievable look fiscally heads and intake and cam and it works. And they they would fly did they are every bit as fast and Ellis on Florida. William they run and six guilty for all your six speeds were you only got loyalty for. All your six B Corbett and only six worse and LT four and of course you guilty for immigrants for bed animated transport convertible also. Ellen if you if you just ample. And but don't think there's via automatic 96 fit together Hilton wore him. Which was great ZoneAlarm and were not good enough political team warmed my heart out about a month LT four. Delta force is just crazy engine because it is only for one year ladies -- as only an annual transmission or did make its way into the 97 assists come at an Oda so nowadays than 96. I guess 97. Thirtieth anniversary merits yes yes it was ski area they had the LT four and until you're in their if you left. Ozone the Oscars is a loss came out and as decisions for you mattered and just let go yet areas like aerials visual owner realist and come out in 97 events. What they'll do for would have been will look because that's marketing unit Tom really enjoyable now another as a short lived thing the scenario you could imagine the power you can make with us. And because there are great. I mean just the bottom end though the most of there pretty engines earning the big thing back and your grandchild LT 4 o'clock am. And a is predicting Hayward and LT matters and crummy idea misty Stephanie we'll you know distributors things like that sport was was. The storm was Achilles heel of the guilty voters on but they're given that got better in years. That they'll the guilty and is we're not the motors you won't watch with the pressure washer and would you want or what went out you mogul would lose true grit and be done with a palm but all of all the would you rule that I felt. They're really great team orders outside and I mainly use you know as a huge deal back in the day that we've found. Better solutions now it's actually not a big deal at all now yeah exactly to that two more receptive. Problem solved I mean you fix a lot of the other abilities built season the impala assesses them. Eroding thousand general Oregon held with breezes and all the stuff and extra matter exactly yeah so it was a great agent corner and they had a steel hit version. And that is the attitude sixty. What was is he 6268. Out of those smaller matter. They'll see money at least half a century of four point three VA need. On the rules and a lot of your own steal it like buicks and things like that did the ones that didn't develop too long via so army and we're also building one motors' very personal list of electricity bill wasn't well as one is a great platform. But I know you've got to put pillows when cortex a little dealers which is saying there's appraisal it's. Probably greater access to Leo well me basically took the problem the only problem yield zero if you eliminated for a so industrial political thing rather more sure was it's no one in the hands them and what do you do you put load close to ground over the waterfall that's a bracelet. Like got me. How did you make it any easier for the U wit. And signaling an afterthought. If I didn't have a dollar hundreds medals duels washing my motor numb or call store have been. That's Baghdad. They're so bad I remember we're route and the other there was a Nick's car wash and Easley. And they had a Camaro going through Z twenty go through. Yeah and it went to the car wash it it was did before he got out there and and play and driving to call Washington as the motor got so witty could you imagine. Yet to Z 248 hot day it was a senate is a hot date night is she's dead in the water you don't run into car wash. There's another worst until an off a plane daughter I thought that this is slightly insulted or not only do you do you use pay sixty many no you got a record deal. On top of and you DDB get to pick you fear your fresher for months as. Right so now we're first gun show me dodges in Shelby charter and if breakdown laws and he's windows Integra that's true blacks and as always let's get on the micro slot bed. How much he's looking good. She's looking good having. A bit there reforming. Abdullah drove a black drew when we got it value of the dollar apiece again you don't finish up. Pick every time I want to get out and I literally got to embezzlement and did the first part of you win out. He got towed back it was the biggest thing we won't go into doubt. She's all right knuckle would dearly miss it tomorrow but you know once and I'll turn off your hand how does take it out I guess until you look I mean. But let us I mean this is moving to see the C four bit you know. These are some amazing callers and I mean and we just scratched the surface today on these cars. I mean can you believe we've been talking for two hours of seafood groups I can and we also Dover another jars Norma Melo they're great callers but. I think they got a bad rap and I think they deserve this I really do because. You know reminds the first thing all trailer courtroom who or some funny and all seen thousand where she's going to hazel in the same for. Was the game changer that made these course possible. I think I would venture to say is she for some significant upgrade from previous models of any core history. It was. I'd say the biggest change over the years out. Iger at the Helm up. That's before that they really didn't have that much road and it really changed and I ask for years and only area. You would a man as they do they did not saying it's ever you know monitor and my iron. Differences well and that's the thing and wound up perfection while mess with the content owners say how. Yeah look I think we're just real Lou we got Richard fall below career most people Laura Taylor who blew a few more over the radio waves guys. Listen hot rods and happy hour right here 163. Did meet the lord.