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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 9th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk Fords.

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All right guys look bras and everything's rough bits and what's happened in due to age thirty. And injured he's not here energy grid Richard. Let's they went to Santa Cruz California under around the middle I think you would do little assume that we're going. How about of course to the face in the years of the episcopal news slight point click Texas so it's an initiator Somali issue not only not Melissa's post guard Richard you know where's Richard the looks like empty chair really discuss. Usually just some headphones flam man very vehicles as his days at home. Texas eagle. But Richard. So we did do this show alone like old season. Alone we each other assuming morning. But they Oregon. So what are out as we go to may. Losing weight. Was whether it's good. Things a thing ever reveal winner wells with a pitcher of the coaster oh run produced. A progress pickle his weight low Olson. He's got everybody jump around these turn into Little Richard Simmons stuff and now one mile Florida coach rivers or let him play and I wanna call war that scared me because I'm really scared and rom. That there was no work and there's just no Morgan is crazy you do didn't like the way just. Well you know what Georgie Dahlia I mean rebel movement program all Lebanon now light. Pass out just been working a lot until say there's been no shortage of corps' Iraq helped. You know been pretty busy myself as visual charmed as skilled as a drug loses blood and the nuts well some good thing actually looking. Looking forward to move forward to week you know open to schedule a little bit all of its now we NASA. Hope everyone had a great fourth of July this year a little full Angela most of go fingers and to lose. Compared to Google goes against the you know that it it's isn't. I always I always stop them. You know I begin lord every Thomas arrived before for a moment it just left well loved in public 120 Woolsey loving thing it seemed well there is is you know approval was sons and were those gun shows it was a far works I just don't know you know. It is Donovan a year ago just three or 64 days in years. That one day here it could be far it's it's questionable coming up. You know I knew housing and company alligator shop one time is now Obama agonizing grown Noel sought him out. In that turn on the road that leads to the road your shops on. And there's the trailer there mobile home. And there was a homicide unit parked down from it and also how I know housing good place homicide unit. In Monday elicits cut all right that's a million talent guys intra day user day and is a big deal. Matter of federal treasury still hangs out the same time yeah I mean muzzled as being there I twelve rounds to streets rubbing that. That man and he orders as guilty by the case I promise you can have gotten a weekly thing. Yeah. So we have a busy weekend ahead of us to your next weekend this or -- we got back to basically as we Anderson motor speedway Steve Dana how excited I am about that is good vehicle show back to basics always a phone call me this is a true to form glory this caller sure Lou this is a cruise a voodoo offers and he goes Golota who. Nothing is a fun time. This is great now and and now that say Anderson motor speedway. They got a burnout competition Burnett Snooki asks. They have all kinds of a course parliament's come on Mac and Hamlin was the best if you haven't seen Carlin though you miss now I don't care New York. Of course we play a little different genre music we have a lot of fun I would balladares say enough told until more is this before. I would dare to say this probably one of fun issue as we get there. And yes it definitely run up there in the top out a lot of fun to go laid back. Got a little bit club atmosphere good lights going driller all that good stuff. Had a lot of fun with a deathly warn you wanna catch officially egos and import scene it is definitely the place to be. I'll absolutely but it's opened more than just imports obviously a main menu we bring Harold towards other all the time and there's when he others. In the course the on Josh amber are always bring up many truck or whatever. And there's plenty of other people bring out many trucks and bags stuff and spin get a major some bad stuff only you have so many drickamer Roger yeah neighbors royal words. And they are being they notably there like there was zero for you won't Brooks the long black Dickey shorts and when urea chop sure to honor those jobs are risky short series those blue shorts and you'll be music you know we're oracle fit in a pretty flat billed DS a mob fans line around them actually do which is scary he made a break in the band's sound they would sling the pair are magnets that stuff. You know gone past the spikes and just sleek and home back. Exe were so funny because like we were in Atlanta. Africa you know today I win I think it and a unit Tim Hamulack having until the blasting you know. Kevin don't neighbors like you puzzlement Petrova. And I we talk about all atomic having attained. If you ever get the opportunity you have it the first Sunday of the month to remove the mall. It limbless torso and a youngest of eleven. It is one of the biggest crude reaching and then of course cheesy lines of Cheesecake Factory that's right we actually say there's little merger religious over whether it was really good to hear. How much. But the callers out of this world there's a treaty but surely they're that was just. Beautiful is a work. Marked well and I hate that didn't give again this past weekend but they had prior engagements. But it. I missed out on something a lot around here would love him now as a hot wheels split. Israel gold was a little twin male between mills there is some numbers stay united and Ron researchers bomb I think Shiv please help foot the bill that exhibit chipper Boyd it was someone very famously that. Bomb someone put their hands on the bill but still under withering and all the other Lotta men and women are low. Things go only thing mills got a cooler here how will scores of the kids and all that stuff. But. You know there was assuming he just Paulson callers are in general I just always says manner always since coming here you got torn thumb our callers. Any given Sunday there. And obviously you know who you would your Reynolds I'm Kosher or do you feel or growers here Landers of the role of mrs. say Garcia over and over again. Kevin military and many percent of home all the real deal stuff coming out and it's wonderful. You always differ so every month you go you see different course or like between me or you see. Cornell maybe there was just some special all right from Christmas vacation Haiti's already comfortable leather Clark is an army yes I mean there's so many cool callers there of course you get the only reason for hours and Porsche and all the other exotics. And and then you got the hot rods is reportedly won't mostly challengers most things charters. The only animal or close huge they are winners plus 300 the best challengers and sell the show up. You divulge why he gloves and things. Paul how. I'm a little while the first times mean you are down there in the wall sway in ramat take over and there was like 200 bugs and amazing with the lesson we've seen that many bugs and once docile day it is it was George's not grounds for bugs. Slumps but as is also on C damning gathered together and people come from all over the to this list was inevitable drew just got to share to. Yeah. L.'s general improvement from the consumer Andrew and the answer is no truth doubles Duma. The pump and also in Georgia and the minute you know it's bad when we're here to accuse who to attack took care books break. Oh but but Cuba Scottish in himself. Ha ha no lord I'm glad though mostly Lotto protesters' route is often I'm glad they'll never be sponsor and chipped it. But in the public every dog thing is a lot of fun a lot of great callers who you know of people come from all over the shoot well and up for our email hello we get this thing. Oh yeah man committed commence got a good reporting illegal for all through an era quick. So actually win to Alabama to see mobility. And picked up this fall some bicycle a bicycle a bicycle are you trying to tell me some there's history of no no it's not for you it's really like a Louisville it is going in the back of a major. But this is so cool. It's an 87 mongoose. Debt this among used decade the last school among use for one's ultimate the other feeling like I like a Wal-Mart longer uses like the real deal that you know little slow on that I actually like Joseph bears slow due they fortunately he's actually on one was interview I didn't could you bring it well but they get your firebird there exactly. Transit and turns them but now an article two. But I mean this thing is so cool so there we go rolled into the hotel collects would pull to the Hilton in Atlanta no cockroaches. And as soon there at 1230 at night is the check in desk. So this goes look at the maroons you know just real there fixing you know. What do you fills my stand behind you like looking at cheap yeah filter and you know what. We're on to wait to see what they want after this commercial homeland guys stay tune we got a lot more hot rods Libya are rated 1063 WO. Linda Rawls and heavy and let's have ended. Well you know move before we cut that commercial break in the cup most stories are I didn't I didn't paid. Paid to listeners and sponsors advertisers have them do. Because of Jim we don't George listeners. And pull blu good we will listen. And are listening very much heart so Sosa says that about. Give a little bit. Kerio or you know got into a little away he knows me nobody would pick this month ago that we have issued a bulletin mixing those 1230 anonymously Hilton. And down there live. Type thing you know. So were we wrong courses Q my 1239 at the Hilton in delta Lola is like 1230. PR EM. A deal with field here you are able I mean as a full house this topic people walk around all that stuff on Friday night. Well Gordon senator morning or Sunday morning them sorted out. And Sosa and there is one felt like somebody was watching me like you're looking through me I could feel. When Nixon you know the good tap home shoulder. They do all of your videos may weaken the picture of me in my life. It 1230 and not sure why not in the morning. In Atlanta and in the lobby of the Hilton so what are other take pictures of him and his wife absolutely he's created in Greenland to the point. Drop the glass down you know bill's. Son so never sizzled she urges. Absolutely I had. Pennsylvania. They're going to be firm and Rickie thank you for its popularity. At some guy and man and strands of course if you follow me an answer a moment terror apologists are returned the follow up. He hit. And he's an in honor of me following him he expects the pitcher of his nine C one hooligans messes things. You have everybody goodies how bad but you know I'll like telling him. There's a lot of gloom and we'll know there's lots of things wrong with that but Ottawa it's it's old the -- and anybody community Estrada welcome another member. C'mon over to the talks tackler miss Phil Collins took up we had lots are things you're not different years earlier you win the same blood. But. The movie we like our wagons. You let their kids is that the weird table this. Thought Russell you have like we're talking about the political reporter for us where we and is where around now so we it will auction house when we mean. There. So alien who we have there you get about five hours sleep as usual but I think it's impossible for me to stay in Atlanta can give more than five hours of sleep and in most sun is not needed in Allen. Usually your back oh with a much did own to go to every not to name. And Walter Loeb a look at everything all the cool stuff clear Mellon drive home in all it's miserable. Instead the longest to Colorado home ever rooted as are others out on the beach I drink full go to call for all the way home. Then I toothpicks gym in Ramallah is still in his step you saw all lord behold there's overruled that. In the prior most drug did do which you know nobody can usually be drowned as scary thing premier real weight drug and scary enough. You don't say it. But anyway. So let's weeks brought. A good idea I must here. Where do all these cool callers that we all low blows what do they get their name some guy named them. Sometimes. I play different guys that can help so pumped up and you know having the mean. Yeah they're like how did he give his name and what does it mean. And some of them are very generous and sort of do a little researchers if you look didn't move the story about other other bigger it'll talk about this week. I'm down almost on roaming the stars so I was always your first hour we'll start with we think of public surely Corbett. What's the big name was surely Corbett. We man what a name like like orcas stunt off months don't want an out and run of the Corvette. Raoul would you please click on the file lukewarm evading come in Europe they're second generation. So McCormick came on 1953 ordered drilled in the glory in the early fifties home. Again by the name of modern stuffed. Is a big name for the poor Rick he's a guy actually gave the quarry whose name this is so we got generous and mater and Google's core real little sports cork right. He named it after these little warship. That was made to maneuver. A realm light you know quickly some years on the USS Corvette no it's just a cold that is what they call the just out ship actually and so they call the caller. The Corbett is stuck. Very interesting very very interesting and a available orbit it trivia for you and I which. All right so where was the first. Birthplace of the court and I remind those are mobile wondering Barack they're male pride. Where did this start you know as a person who is visible wandering in and does that the Corvette museum I feel shame for not knowing it's you don't know it's I do not know this when you don't know it. The next restorative Flint, Michigan and moved to saint Louis Missouri in 1981. As well mr. make invincible wondering do you know on limitless claret. One man Cohen. But Ku looked at the water. Don't think well. I guess a minute you don't want to get your leg is pretty much all the chorus I know our former bulls front. Alone. Earned you jones' ball low I mean there's a very sixty's yeah. Let's Hollywood saying look this it isn't we'll see you don't want destroyer Corvette we're here on your convertible Corvette alma snow and all men and women being they got made there was necessarily driven there in injures someone drove Mormon or a little. I'm sure somebody this. Somebody had dropped that and so on can the company go once and he. Blow a Stallone movie goers would roster would think. But. It anyway so those early chemical we're Rezko I did not I mean yeah I mean here was the score is six or just don't physical these things. And I mean there's so many interests and slugger we want to mostly in the future easier but Ford Thunderbird. And in another one I have no idea were this an income from thriller a yearly school mailed it tonight we'll. The day you'll use comic book drummer because it won't take you school the buster our rules members Morton. Our in my previous experiences. Zoo uniform was thrown out how to smoke cigarettes Obama strawberry is. That a cool blustery. But that's what you hope for you know. So he gave no stone of a civil and have you noted Gordy go to school was in Cuba back cigarettes give idols who was Lee. Thank you go places where Jews hula skirt and appears at the moment. Central Africa and it won't let. But. Senate Ford Thunderbird. In 93 to 44 considered. I of thousand names 5000 names five felt I let a lot of many suffer a lot of it quarter of course they're being hello he's always your biggest baby names. I know easily they could move 5000 different names season and maybe we'll exorbitant callable in Detroit. Yeah everything's new car ranks. That's hilarious. We'll also be available so that mean like they had everybody the company just candlelight. Putting in their input because there's holes skip that get to see these colors yeah it a slew cool. The goals who go to Byrd. The way the guy got hazy more interesting than the name. Because we're here to Ford Thunderbird the first they oppose the moment is the is deploying the but it's not it's not really that ultra. Well I would like to know what it's named after a day when her little school know either but you have to wait I got a little commercial break right here goes straight do we have a lot more. And happy hour right here 1063 WO or a woman no tolerance and every hour and was then ended. Lentils and we don't regardless we are talking to our names and how they got there and you love to solve was found that your gums are you thunderbird the sort of all day on May the drug still to aviation BP to your underdog and locally and vs LA hand. Don't I only 88. He has meant that not. That was your damage that little subtle and organic. Do you still born or steal one from new. Don't you know you want you to feel when those mobile gives you feel most of the you can pinpoint the. You only company feels that those who promised you easy. Reasoning beyond beyond also the goal of the eastern there anyway. This is like this stuff is just like they kibo rule whoa Mike girls do when levels of classic levels close schools now. It's probably get a name out thank you you know look you said and domain for the swan and keeping them beaten so. Ford Thunderbird not to appear before four considered. Thousand names for two of them over a lot of names a lot of names you know what the winds broke mounds on the road you know all around the world think going to name my mirror really low low for what it's called and but. So there were looking for a cool thing for a little two door about two general Cooper you know they're looking for all these names and all this stuff. Well you'll stylist from four named Bolden give vs. Give person and a name line that you have to military got to get one. Until you. He wanting 95. Dollar suit. From Saks Fifth Avenue looking in my another pretty I don't seem daunting figure 400. Larry Ellison my notes. But. For choosing you actually suggested the same tool in the thunderbird. And it stuck. I mean in his foot but none of five dollars in the sort that manga for them anything. That's opposed some of those limits you know Google deploys soon discuss those go to school. Fair enough right slopes criminally and did. Pretty cool I know nothing native American style big study into it there though is an afterthought to the Terkel was on the for the blue. I feel terrible stuff most of but but the main thunderbird and actually came from mr. Emerson. The closing the day you go another really do for Altria pure she'll. I am mr. shielding himself. Clearing told our guys here and now I think his momentum to do that meant is that maybe is dead do maybe is that theories the world's fastest chicken farmer and they don't care surely will's will work with Ford 1960 vote with the most current wield a mostly knows Naomi that's never mind is that. But. He was terms think of a cool things and if you don't 51 bullet. Well he was trying to think it was and they could turn the two were pulling for you is most. Oh is helped a version of the mustang right Cheney was sitting in his office in his pretzels they are he's underrated is attributable to name her brainstorming new belts nowadays nothing's really going anywhere. Well we're Shelby's office was. There was a neighboring neighboring building in his prayers go it was nerve so bad he said today what I want you to do it. Portugal us oh she killed army steps is between mob build in the building next door. Don't you report back activity fees it was 350 appearances GT 350 was more really yes. That's how dumb that name wasn't in it Rick I think at home but now this is the. Cool as this and tell Ozzie because judges I was sent here haven't thought night in Europe Cuba send him on the hunt associate lumber while we're talking about mosque thing. Everyone knows is named after the 51 point right yet they hold high in the always have since day one. Two of them forced the muscling horse well they it's. You know it is easy tying into you mean there's several times and yet is little hard to put airplane well what really what do you think the airplane's pilot named after you know mammy all revert back to mother still lives fellows can and RS thing that. Even though it is named after a plane without a doubt. They hold so strongly to a force to perjury. How does those interesting Diane Parker counselor so sober you are the ET after fifty gives you do you referred to was three or through two paces so little. Tools like the GT 349. He mentioned this is GT 270 for the good will also bill comes on you the bigger muscles Fuji deep level hundreds. Do you know why Goldman GT 500 I am dying to know now. All right will vote on the score would come and help the recover crossover surely GO guerrilla all the big looking into as the full for 2000 look. Corporation go to support reforms and shameless for forestry and I was zoning us. Do you know what before voters were slower therefore it was it was four weeks old when those things look good. So. He decided PD ward of a smaller number listen to this caller. There what for that what any other manufacturer usually cubic inches placements so he's got to go just a GT 500 Kazmir covered it earlier Asia like. Your so totally because like you Vegas motor so the time. Man only thing Cadillac is the you know corporations that they have a bona man enough and so yea your biggest blunder was four point nine coverage. We have fought for to forceful for fun though I am for those six is a real noticeable was the truthful forties or lose focus things. No little you know full well the whole forty Brody. Forfeit if club Buick had were probably the biggest problem. But they royals were short of those got a glowing usually is like LeMieux is the guy carrying the places and those it was a little more of that than there are true historically got. Probably. Jazz w.s who apparently used his mental take a wall and character steps. He needed it. A previous but it is gonna coolness go look at nameless guy you will slew of scares of his friends and good news is really Zagat. So. And a little fade and aim the united found dollar suit we get a suit. Is a guess my exercising as guardian and goes Korea and that. Forty think the Jeep got listening for him. I feel like there's no business. And I feel like mission of the do we get ahold should do a whole show on jeeps not feel like I was levels brought those wrong you don't retain this no no I was like my whole school career. By got to learn it. And I didn't master of that test as long as we do that day. Two weeks from now come and gone. Sorry every day every learn it. Quite honestly I can go back in linger redo old shoes that we've done and now when you really remember that we know. And probably give you better information and glanced. They are trying to science experiment onetime thing genome middle we're pro wells and Alex are there. Well Manny you know his election listen now I'm home we have so we Alyssa Miller browsers more than just her mom's. Yes feet. Books. But where's the G gives me I do not match. Missile subdued it is so simple. Slowly and want them as a symbol four letter words have a simple build. We'll hear the G will re usually you know course was for military's right. AA and it was called a general purpose vehicle but GP. Now I think we failed is one of those dumb things it's easy it's a GP it's a Jeep Kia and that's basically. Basically they're stuck and then finally discuss don't know where makes sense from. They're mostly in the rest is history. Now squeegee trivia. Quickly thank you Marianne coming manufacturers produce the Jeep look several several several roles to a minute now meaning coming. Contain every really is AMC. Or Ford com dodge obviously we're. And also there's and there's two others in there were there pitch in the cold Jeep concept of military silverlight there are several people or one other Malia who's eight to four or five manufacturers Tinto rules builds the Jeep over the hump. Real yet and will now be diocese likes it doesn't none none split up and everything. So many times that it is probably a couple different technically manufactures there because. What fruit does what does never built it was down our Chrysler madame or Chrysler has split up now but we. So in all technicality there's probably six or seven manufactures have built the Jeep. Earlier this and say over the years yeah well I don't really go for how the fairly easy. I guess shoes pretty well actually the president. Of Nissan back in the sixties. And I'm not a little tip to butcher his name and say it now I want and she's seen a Broadway Show. In the US told My Fair Lady. A and he was so taken with that in the beauty of the actors in the story itself. They use of the name. The most beautiful caller he's ever made which was is the caller after her handed no longer one will. Over the players into pin there were called fairly and he's now. But over here they weren't now do you know wanna. Probably copyright issues not really had nothing to do it. This is a reason why because. He said. That he didn't thing. The American sports car market would want to buy a colon was such a feminine name. Bomb and may be at a time he could have been correct but now that's a sought after cars affair let it right well now it is I don't know about it did so they called it the 240 EZ pass him because he felt like it was a mental masculine enough. For the American public. And you know what heat and the time he's probably dead on that they get the mill middle or really I really do I don't think Michael would never took of this 1960 war in Seattle and when they came out and I I really don't think in the 1960s. No man would of went and bought a fairly neat. Probably not on a you know. Oh look Korean and other fairly just that this is gonna marry for sports car absolutely not but now it's a very sought after one. Who entered his first electric wheel guy's material we get a lot more about corn they dry your hot rods and Libya on 1063. A tournament a hot rods and every. What's happened in dude. They're doing good doing it for token caller names and all your favorite course and got their names absolutely so the gal warned for years they got its name. By a screw up. Or it is the good work. All right I'm interested. There soon like AT&T. Had something to do. Would this court getting the name it is like AT&T has on the phone company exactly. Who is currently providing me service exactly me too well Ayatollah that kind of folds or dome on water. I am so. All right this is interesting and in Japan and do you head Mitsubishi Motors made the Mitsubishi story on all the Chrysler gone glimpsed nine. Well originally very vocal are very very cool coerce very. They don't get the respect they deserve those were very cool Konami there there compete against your fair ladies and that the fair lady trump that. Do you get a girl and here than in. In a lot of ways this course could get overshadowed by other cores yeah the very cool course ice snow guy who you kid and had three conquests. All of whom very pristine very moderate in their red Wimbledon that's cool now. The oh. But the cars are really neat but here's Lou the trust the congress is there what you see a lot more of those and editorials that. But the thing that was funny was Mitsubishi didn't wanna call the storyline. They were normal phone between Japan and and do you list Mitsubishi people. In talking about. The news stallion. That I have sat back up there actually. Between. You both home loans and here reception in name you know you get there they're dollar to relay here listening and several other political historian. So the name just stuck what they heard them call it back is the story on. In the mixing in lieu. Boom that stood there may also got a came back when this thing they can say is like the star O Ryan could have happened but the actual. You know and then because even emissions that that did that scale it back up story is some money ever passed but. It just stood there it to better than the study and they'll soon we won't get confused with the most and salute. The courage of the story don't understood. D'Italia dismissal and ask him a star rounds letterhead and other it is a cool day blow it out it is it's what we're used to hearing so you can imagine Ambien. Anything else. So buddy out as this very crazy just a simple missile pin in a conversation. And I got 14 in the Toyota Corolla and the corolla. What is the corolla I have no idea what corolla is. The cruelest part of a flower. And that's about it but it is still very interesting very interesting to look into your Yaris. Again another line them. There is a Greek goddess. Very errors bill. That actually is he'll spill the way they spell it but that's where it came from. Very interesting. It's a symbol of beauty and excellence everything yours does not. But yours is one notch above and Prius. You have thing is like a precursor to I think it's going to sidestep from Maria's only go to notch. So interesting when you know what are talking about Toyota the Toyota yourself. We all know what her sell us this week to. Is hit is that this is a pretty literal name is pretty cool. It is actually a land worded derives from Latin land weren't. And it means 13 because the car is smaller than Croats. It's like 13 it's a compact car so the coldest herself yes which like a horrible man will. The flood the camp where Kerry is always been the top sedan for Toyota. And is actually in Japanese. It means crown. Interesting. Name is the crown of their cement the thinking other sedans that's what they called him. Very innocent but also in. Be in the whole lot translational it's actually spelt differently else but still very interesting. Do you know they were making in the camera since nineteen. Fifty filed in Japan and I did not know that since thing I would like to see in 1950 for us auto Israeli you know that was a thing. Sixty years. Can race I do not know that I want since 1955 camera now that's insanity of there's a pretty good when there that's that's just. These are bunkers all other manufacturers like you know and Honda Accord and things like that. Tells of a little nook or arm while was asking you assuming you name mister Smart investor there was an article on now I mean is this a very liberal of liberal. Is a very literal term you know low. From the old joke you know Jesus drew on the him in the twelve disciples came on one accord they came together like minded. And that's actually where the name derived from is that meaning of being like minded and just getting along in coming together. It's like the corps should delete a marker of us. Yeah is it is the is very. In the lungs it went in these behaviors and yeah I mean in terms of the mania. It is like community world will get together around the corner are all rolling in wanna go roll rolling in one of cold reality it isn't. I can't say it definitely came from the Bible I don't think I don't really need it either. But it is awfully ironic that Jesus in the twelve disciples came on one accord. Can't think the guys that that exact meaning that the Bible took is exactly how they mean. If for Honda. So I was pretty interesting to move so well actually yes but I mean there's there's some name on any we've talked about this home for one my favorites is some other Tamara. Those just and other seacor is just the seacor do you have the Corvette. You have the shoe fell don't think he has the Schmidt yet manipulation and use the core players who unit Korn fair you have to see ten. And and worsen here look another ship be panther. Code named exactly and warring on name when he another scene Ayman mono. So is grab one. About Camaro those sounds might have been there for that conversation. But what we need another scene name when I wonder how I'm curious how about. How well a Shimmy Carrey have a that a lot of the sizzling. If particular event caliber. Who we Xia who did they get there so many bad Moscow facility or what if they did name the Camaro of the shoe event. This area had a Seville they RE had a Corvette they did they they could've happened that it could have thank goodness it that he's impacting. Tells us that we're still also increase McNair right. Unless he you know. Flash went to the should vet the that is another interesting name I don't know where that name derives from but I have a theory. I actually Google that. Did you get my theory Google and Wikipedia consuming nothing about the origins of the name in news guy that was the first global clergy may he knows the best selling company called for two years to show that Lewis I didn't wanna. So multiplatform my only theory of where that came derived. Was there is a wreck one day were Corvette and JaVale got to head on collision. And there's no way I don't make it shows there are big mangled pile. A metal bridges roll into a ball in the old UW got cholera. At the my mom actually ownership that mud Deaderick graceful and only mom to drag racers those that that was like a third caller on the family a mom and a little. About the same color blue is zero of your Malibu you know that blew the GM love forever we're all still like woo Republicans. Can. My mom and in an ideal subject my mom has probably around about five scorers that same exact color. Like in most emerges to Teresa is almost pearl was. Let's go or she has an acquisition like Scarlett Ernie Els she Los broad. So that's her thing that's you know there was guilt or things like a light black course soon. I need to avoid will McClain Obama's. List Florida that soon your to your weather and and if the technology your caller warns there Barack peaked. The out of like you know in if anybody knows where the name should that come from I would really like him a little trouble salon a look at some civil with a core mission bill battle I don't like bills Lisa. Just motion together motioning out there will smush is secure as these commercial route and that's a long one so. I got to stay tuned we go a lot more than happy hour right here 1063. W the.