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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, July 9th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk Fords.

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And gals and hot rods and every garrison rule it's a row and what's happened in due to military you'll win is still no Richard Howard to instill in my return until the communal word what this guy. Richard your over under so subtle milk carton have you globally and didn't get replaced that's the mayor's. That's the right move. So Ward's auto about caller name to it dawn wells only sillier fair goers got their name which is interesting yes but how about. Bad caller names and we humanely Melvin. I couldn't help myself mom's door kick you in the he's not sorry I could no less from our. Mile caprice station wagons and non users to free sexually and million dollars interesting one does what those caprice. Alone amount to Google you talk among Google him so. You're doing a bad corridors earlier thing and while some loan. Like there's sugar don't do this okay so resort was let go mediate bill mean in order call the Brett. Well would you wanna own vehicle called Brett. And you know zero point area do you think assume we better names for the so many better things and no absolutely. I am wanting him in the Brad is just I mean what we don't you sound. Now I mean like hey look at car regulated decade perhaps a month. Suzuki is stinging. I think you mean to a steam to greater things than the other thing I think really your self esteem is an issue that's not the caller for you here. Just a six in his those six or vehicle named storm over the either. And I'm trying to find. The man and Chevy caprice the was coming from trying to find nine I was really homework. Gala oval where real of that well actually used to route from little series thing. But the main richest the only decision I think we take into either one that's. You two of the four approved you know I really actually read article I want to look for broke. Any and that there's hoses in the late eighties Nestle was doing all the space proves the notes can only get the idea to use that many. This John real high tech. Really yes but. It just sounds like something daughter's room do it is. It does on mailing and there yeah it does not sound a little music usually and so when you're doesn't name's Erica hill a controversial to hang out I found remaining frank breaks below were. Man. Evidently. The caprice would like GM didn't have a meaning behind it. But it has a meaning and this thing it. For me. First of all if he's as a name is a female gender name. Sinking plane the meaning of can increase of caprice is impulse of change of mind. It's French or its allies like French and Italian background. This is the you know under related to vehicle alone because my head to Seattle and also. Yeah I am arrogant at all. Here will pretty much most increases don't soak it just reminded us. Only goes sky promoters is not from caprice did it all agree of that hope that she's a coach could. Are you black civil matters facilities currently controversial. Like how well and Dodge Dart swinger. Now also. Freely and her background is pushing dodges that we don't really it was a squeaker and they'll dodge free love and and we'll looming there you know you gotta be initials like either of the civic duties which of us pursue war Laxman there was still no launch. Swing was probably in full effect back that they'll never come out what the pivotal to dollar there will never make a swing under addition new dark lord you have improved to listen in the streets half. The sellers parcel. Bomb while I am playing the dean announced Shockley came out that well but in the seventies here there was the dogs to even. Yes and in Delhi though was not due due back in the Sunnis even a little coaching devils saw another layout and a lot. There's nobody making it real sadistic available within the rules can yeah I agree you know what there's nothing wrong with Satan both free lament. Can. How about the shooting citation. I assure you share one who should pull over she'll be taking it to ya meant the Shimmy doubled our etiquette. With an additional six they'll lose anyway. But I mean. And this is a woman and I was actually Google some of the stuff and let us do baker. Dictator. This is not a good day and date what do you driver centered dictate outs and no that would be. Has had a letter. The Ford Escort discover smaller little bit. He has the authority to run pick one up if you drove a Ford Escort would you know there's a fellow I mean. Your score was originally. It's over the road that this is of the for the about this Gordon drove when these portable as a pro drugs today ends. You can't if you probably can afford this poorly you're still. Or does Eli. In line if you only he would have won a score either a an escort as we know it or a Ford Escort we'll little salute middle resuming a little schools a small share of the lead big ships again. 2%. All those they're taking it in another way that we probably should do well here to the episode so what Ford is saying is they want this car to leave their pack. Yes that's the holidays and I'll tell what Allan stick out front I'm oil looming Cuban mother foursome obviously in the true. Books. So until they show I have to do. Almost governor Leo that's good you could we have another look a little forces do they do bring festive about just the numbers as a party car. This little little or have you ever like have you around one drove one banner read one of Seymour will close that this car is so move. One of my older Brothers actually had a Steve. All right my dad god rest his soul is a six foot a man. And at the time he was very very very north of 400 rounds but I mean when you're six a you can carry that. I want I want I want scream a a salute to the for Steve and my dad can get my car and drive it. Where's the room comfortably. I mean obviously this was sitting in the back seat either they have just come like I tower run from police academy news good and who knows my dad actually it was funny one day I don't know. My mom's car was in the shop I don't know the details and now. My parents. Mom Harman then got in this car my mom drove I sit in the backseat of this the Steven they took me to school I kid you not. I is amazing now a few miles an elementary school of time but yet thirteen answer we'll see keeping claim. But I mean you know they have the little three silver and. No there was recently a force on metaphors owner but it's a little idea militia the motor up front in the rest of the car was where resent the there was no cargo room nothing. But it was not a party and I think I promise you know that no new partisans hello no political swipe at thing. These children true with slim smile but does that make angles I think we draft meth thing over there. That things will those vehicles parlors as I can answer witty drive that thing. I think that mentally her over there. There allude. Like the whole leg of the things especially some of the coastal mountain bill. When things slammed them about a slam now Porsche wheels will be a stance life going on. It's absolutely amazing eighty volts wagon slim down is amazing no absolute lowest bulk trained. Army gear and was a six whoever loses. Kev you know centered on the Porsche will fan on today well Campbell or will nominally a Lowell of the poor fools off. That makes and how we absolutely Amanda sets of golf and I don't care I'll look at 200 bugs have held up Porsche will probably happy. I'll look at me. Nothing beats big headline moved civil Porsche rules stance down even I'm okay whizzes Leo until today and rear wheel well I mean this guy oil Iraq yeah. Yeah I'll have to longhorns got to works content we well actually got to know Bruno's bed now we can just now that. Well I'm an old school a lot stance life you know I am now is you know modern movement stands callers cant crazy blizzard might come so bond. Tilt them back whales I'm seriously original stay extra and tilt them back wheels turn on mop I don't care. Let's do it also appears these commercials they keep government and the littlest thing absolutely. Got state to we get a lot more hot rods Libya or ray or 1063 WO or a sort of the hot rods and heavy and once hadn't ended. Bad day we'll tell him we're done about color. Things this week now that we've covered. Al Gore's children and we've covered some of the worst color names now are some and I got a good one that nobody is listed. And Dundee exhale of innocent dumbest name ever test trees to be you're not excelling in your career path rocket on the calendar Turkcell. Go to dinner sales model doesn't exit from. Sale because the but now public the crew who coordinates and there's some really cool ones out there slice Shelley's brace. Not even close and yes pretty I think Spanish for loser delta 88. Even worse is that is actually his words and I'll agree that schools like. The shattered somebody who see things in this (%expletive) that nobody can. It's so crude oil. I about drove it delta 88 total smug political gays are much. You. That one's not bad. Knee yet many new were Manning is it goes all the I don't lose any newer than that and that and that Owen island's old Ian part of mile low club knows Obama thinks hideous. But any new remand is served in real bad. The moon. But you know in any a year Korea the Malibu we you know what I think are relatively mum now live. We'll salute is. Beach no luck. Among early supper so. Grid. And say their school believe we will not think about the Roman nothing about how drunk you have to give the one drive that they screw up amongst all the crap that. What ever you have people proves it isn't sort of fun and well these solo. But here's an of the measure even cooler than the course now looking to get like a plug your they've put as much effort in the name isn't. They're losing whatever the course is did the name. Like the color of Phnom. It likes houses it is the road drug listen you know so those rights are being here in drag a long before you start naming off on this list what is your favorite car name or coal or. That you and as far as my name games. Fun. Alike the Mel Lewis this thing I think it's a little different. It does do next XP. It's I think in 1964 when they came out with a room wasn't the whole idea behind it but. The they get low at California people like him so all of a sudden for some reason that's good is literally it. Blood. Well I don't know just you just how we assist Ted money anything but I think the caller just the principles of dumb idea. Yeah alt well I think it was a awesome car it was OK caller Malaysia's dollar Malibu SS that's basically what will you yeah. On my my favorite named car. I like long name goers salute the Oldsmobile delta 88 and based or street cool. But my favorite was my. 1982 Datsun 280 ZX Turbo by Nissan. I was not there just is like give more goodness gracious. So. Cool Gordon's scoring games. The Austin more vanquish. Capital Aston Martin men think which doesn't cool yeah does play a hold pinkie when I say that the LA. Isa defined line when your dogma of language the Stephen. That's their that's cool those cool that only old leaving this is just cool down this is a very sinister. Animated delivers a message in social as the new Damon this when Wright Ayers won't mean you probably named. The 4812 super fast. That won't totally go with a simple facts little won't problem we don't call it karma man it's qua campaign has Stalinist super planet is super. How about the super fast early works either ignorant. Of course the four must think that name fits that I could imagine the most mean gelding think of the littlest grown up into. No because it was so for the Kansas does that. Comedian and filmmaker the super fast will you draft and much of press story over the EMC's javelin. It's saying is this is one word that Davis school. But the caller has a leg up so well you can probably throw a javelin farther than actual caller. The room. Wheeler. I don't know I mean can you think about it. Here it was this goers were in the rather with the most in the Camaro is still a cool name aggressive million. You know I'm I'm really not a six Nicole and I really big on the names javelin bill. This different. Is that rooms that whatever this is a very fittingly the Buick road master how absolutely because it. Then that's a Hotmail especially for the big Buick. And yet as let's say the heavier again should be view group basher who feel exactly the car is key to the room content. Malia added that the road master name and that's also a name is pre significant when it comes the lecturing class. Exactly and it you know it Eamon. Even incidentally drill caprice is exactly. It blows get on the point you know 96 was last year for. Before it for both the stores actually. And if you look especially in the wagging because they're so similar. The caprice that next to era masters of the road master has so many Mormon these two in his own way nicer car. And wrote master has always been that way since back in the thirties. Leo they're known as the group gorgeous complete and absolute. They're actually for short last game before as well. What he is actually yeah yeah. My bad. Sorry PS Sharif Sharif Chevrolet corvettes. That's a good isn't. I don't know they're different altitude I can imagine being Carolina residents that is the core and we support that. I mean the Dodge Magnum. And they called station wagon the back and you know what the cold is a good looking galore and that that car is a I in a man does he got. That chorus just awesome Carl where I found out about the last thirty years yeah I mean like you manually. Dale Magnum outside your body knows forward momentum though you pick to get to this death. Volatility. In the works to prevent having Kinsler and overall are you drug war and usually that big of room. Think this solar demand probably could. Here's another with the dogs Rampage. That has a cool name gigolo openly pro wardrobe pickup truck down. Cool name. Cool man I think you on a Rampage when he found that legion ball that maroon. Ovals we'll wrap. All of those go let's go and mortal capacity than a lot of small bigger trust him more towing capacity than the new Honda Ridgeline unit which is even crazier. That's the main leader truck behave the Dodge Viper. Very cool land. Very fair Coleman and very good marketing behind it didn't bury your logo and this course is such a batter out. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was cool but nothing only eagle talon. Injury also cool name has there are great name eagle talon and ready to strike may be you are valid. Doesn't go and ruin big little eagle brand of callers but the talent school in the town has also. They'll still that killer name on it until it just kills me is commercial breaks million dog makes a good stuff and every time around. Until you kill me because we got a lot more roads and that they are coming up right here on one ST three WORD. Gals went hot rods and happy hours rub its were. Let's have an induced. Now you said you've got to curve ball to go through. I do this is solely on relate to anything we've been talking I'm on the show but I read article. And it is about a month old mountain but greed that is crazy that is until it was shocking I polio soar new curve ball. So are an article palm in this is actually by Bloomberg's. It's a pretty reliable source and that's that's what threw me off to begin with a com. Forged not financially doing that oil. Go figure who. Bomb they have the best selling truck for years running in JD power this you think they're doing all right. For not doing that well though in the I have plans to kill and I'm sure it was a JD power and answer. Com. By 20/20 two they're Wanda cut back and save 25 point five billion with a B billion dollars. Now it's interesting how they plan to do this and just point blank Al gear parade down to it. Ford said they will not invest in any new generations of sedans for the North American market. Eventually reducing its car wanna to be mustang and the only focus. Active crossover. Coming out next year. By 22 when he almost 90% of its portfolio. In the region will be pickups suvs and commercial vehicles only. Lecture this mom so what the what that is saying is pretty much close to ignore sales you're going to build a buy a commercial vehicle from Ford you're going to be able to buy a mustang from Ford in a focus from Ford. And they have gone on for hours for utilities still there's still magazine this series. So there's this there's only call turtles the only caller is available will be the focus and the mustang bright. On the MLB are misleading which pulls mother please game is a major tourist. Bomb but they will sell you that they'll come we'll explore what they have to explore and I think they floral stay in the lineup seeing him being is pulling these packages or something on the but that very interestingly enough stuff for wish dodge really clip their wings with the children Alia. Well Leah and will it for their own wings like give her the crown Vic. Because there was no other police car for years crown victory industry in the and they said hey our best selling car ever. Let's hear it that. Well I must thank zooming close vote. The best selling us a popular with the commercial growth with the with the police the performance things of that nature yeah. Florida. For Rachel the man's statement pom pom downturn they go to the guy's name is the mr. spokesperson but any his name's mr. shanks. And he said everything is actually on the table to fix for Diana's direct quote he he said weakening different investments. We can partner weekend exit production. Exit markets. And he said and we will be doing that. So they're even in the radical idea to save Ford as a company. To look into producing other things other than powers and also even getting out of the car game in general. Com and that and that's a reality that they are looking at. I'm not saying that salmon but it is seems it's definitely going to happen and they are going to reduce their lineup in a very very major way. Well I mean they're not. It's sells for official when you say it like the but they're understood and look at General Motors the students say they want it now. I mean they're getting away from. Comptek closure was also. Well look at ought to be RA I assume the issue vis Iran because Iran wants failings try as the family stuff and throw all sprint in the near drugs. So basically I mean an end. Other than enemy look at Dutch. They're the challenger the charger and there's the issue v.s and trucks down nozzle on it is really no different for me well sales. You know well they have the door in Nam we circled the and pick I think that's it and really don't know well no they still get the avenger and caliber melanoma. A little gloomy season. I only know what's in the dust on my own thing is many Manning and. Lou we'll see. Still feel crossover thing yes crossovers as UV now rules but yet I mean this thing you know who look it. I mean who wants afford Orson land anymore and how many options do we really need for Juan Williams thing we'll do gripping the ball these courses goes McDonnell. Yeah. No one does a poor lending more fairways dribble he knows look cadillacs. Soiled it no other sport you also complex or is she these kids. On the other via the markets just toll shift in aunt and looted you know forty million UPS. Absolutely but prime example. Exit promise because of viewed as a standalone down as prime example. Bomb. What's under the umbrella General Motors money is unstable kind of maybe she really put you know it's not. An affiliate to ship be if you will on main I'm loosely saying that. Alexander Graham is not part dodge well hand and thank Janice Marie Davis chest. And Buick is general news surely similar because they are there separate entities and they they do stand on their own two feet. Buddy out is there a prime example of that. Now I'll man I think I think the whole the whole market of what people are buying more people are warming is totally changing. And Ford's been view wall lawmakers for a long Toms that have like thirty callers in the lineup. And now you is Malia maybe ten most of them now. Yeah and and some of them less than Anthony's just how many production lines you need to run and I want to. Well I mean do you really need that may be different modeling. Here the wind there's a thing demographics changed and basically they're sticking to what sells. There's a thing I learned is that I've disclaim friend background or print T shirts and doing that. And there's a thing I learned a long time ago is you don't give too many options and what I'm saying is if you look at the T shirt color catalog when you're having church friend. There's hundreds of different church tellers literally hundreds. Will you never give the customer that many options because they'll never decide then that not even ordering. And new EU guide them along you give them suggestions hey this is what sells well this is what people like this is what does well. Give them five colors and they'll pick on pretty quickly. And I think auto makers are seen that he's good to a car lot there's thirty different. You know Marmol said now there you won't know what the pink. We are true and so if you narrow it down in China you know com. And be a shepherd to lead the flock a little bit if you will. Eve candlelight hey you even need a trucker union as you we may come back caller or call you haven't a midlife crisis in the sports car that's what you need in line. On another thing to gonna keep in mind. Is he's crossovers and issue visas that are offering more of those and ever did before. The other thing about their full force today as always callers and listen issue these no they have less formal courses more selections and issue these groceries and things of that nature well. The human means I think have even shifted to a main sports have become bigger than it's ever been there are some may travel ball links or some me you know after school thing school leaves the church silly song list. So you need someone that is somewhere to carry your stuff but you also need as UV or a bigger car because together spam like. Well you know some chorus you know golf clubs a baseball bat won't fit and strong that well. Those open in the back a year should be very well rough and you can still see nine and arms so ami I think. Our needs is Xena as consumers has totally changed and now automaker's other dodge CNET damn Buick CNET. Should we start to see and I think this is just four extension arm. In four to realize this has been coming. Gradually alone. You we and that's the thing with the way they're basically. They're level builds of the doesn't so what exactly and I don't blame them now. Hi down either remain here. Yeah I don't know what it expected sales Saleh and on a yearly model is booked but there's so much more to it too isn't just the selling of the caller. Do you think about your return to produce caller they have to produce parts of their corporate teen years. So Lou this is more stuff they have more inventory more ports Carlos there's so much more involved. And it's bad enough when not only do you have to do that but you're shifting our model types and last year due on a new Bonnie styles. Now we have that many more torture have an old Leo that's. And pretty soon your shelves are going on now and you know places to store Oly sports and do Alyssa that is going to run out. Well moving to also the more Cory got the bigger than dealerships that yeah it's just it's a chain reaction. You know and okay look at what it takes actually build a car and thankfully or worsen here in the upstate we get this kind of see this firsthand what BMW on our back door. But our backyard but you know you got probably ten companies it's not even more. This support BMW around here this work or success so plot ports. And when you we want to visit it yet that's just doesn't want that's what I can collectively think of in my mind that this is right here in the media via. Com and in the upstate area if you look. And NEA you're right there's claymore is the engine designs come from the outside. I'm absolutely doing this more labor is more there's so many things it involves. Amy and her trimming the fat and really don't little bit. I think is this more loot a really. I think I think in in terms of saving the company in everything on that yeah I think nothing there Denon. Yes they're little logos on the new broker who is going to be a game changer was this should be more financial Lilly was game changer. Was torched the picture if you search I guess stay tuned we got more hot rods every hour right here on 1063 WO or else the hot rods and after those rockets. And once had an end due to you know. Fourth of July. With this week it was them through and patriot. Fairly old son's going down hill we need to Craig's list challenge. For the moost. A miracle call patriotic. Read what league and he guess enforcement. There's you know that there is no way Bob thousand dollars that there's nowhere else to run in dress by got you. Would you. Do you have first though you go first few short term that's the rule. It's always my turn overs tomorrow on exactly. A man. Your illness I'm really a swat to the blue oval from this bullet. How about 82003. I guess this colonel Rick Mercury moron. Really. Railing. Sin and Shelby North Carolina for 4800 dollars and she's cleaned it looks like a Muslim. Under the and it's clean. The caller is very religious yours is cleaner loan a little high on the mile and a little high amount 178000. That's the spurs still doable can you have also. For 46. Yeah its war ha good he guided bombs. And he you have some knowledge individually and any good to care which it looks like as. US meat on the bones that are. Com. And goalie saves which killed the horrors on the really cool callers and they coming. The big get the respect it deserved the M Apollo was lingering still shed in Dover Sheraton. A little bit even though there swells up nice six these came out after the out on here's the problem with that then Powell was very new at the time. And they did it overshadowed it however. Hand lord forgive me. The marauders of veteran faster core it is grew better faster current rulers a good looking guru visit Automator gigs in the dash and it was a forking image is it. A little black leather ball in ball seats that we they worry applause I offer yet they're still cool caller general pretty America still is pretty America and me. And Broderick is a formal rear ruled for us today in I mean it's. Murder and he's free live Islam is its telegram hostile attitude let me it is also the grand national review critical. Yeah you exactly what degree of marquis in the broader. Exactly and me it's it's a pretty pretty nasty powerful throwback with a name to the mercker world are exactly and I'll eyes affixed pre American car remain it's probably not you know the standard persons go to. But it's one of Ford's last big bodied muscle course to panic batted million dollars us which was GM's last month. Here and Aurilia goes within a little electrodes usually get a little closer look this is the bells will 96 he's curriculum and three yeah and he does a first your Marat are there are so good in Iran I mean there is really there is based and you know what let's just do better. And then they did. In a lot of ways they did I mean it was so short caller really let me shoes usage you can making me think who will styling the styling and chrome XE anything cool exactly the styling is even now to Paul or with the impala SS. Other things a little more socially since the black gold glove I really hate to miss hats but. It's neither the wheels on it were nice clearly the wheels are great he knows little dual touch in which they did it William pollen but. He noted and the impala SS on the black's script. You know that was in our. The race quarter raised on the quarters it was a stuck on emblem. Fortson you know want. Was embossed in the bottle and they've actually made a special book for for the score yeah I mean serheo Lula is also the battery was short program little details like that they put in of that car just really really made it and I think it's a nice piece of America. It is America. Yeah. So do you really was zero OC four minutes. All the way for some period in silicon cells cure oil. It's probably yours already. Is the 1990. He tree blue moon. Thank you norte de better seize 44 bits of the money gets better that's. TV I'll automatic guns Corbett. But this red leather seats it. Please god there's only 4000 dollars so I can take that extra green and blue white races drops on it. And I'll be always with you. Did you ski anymore America I think he's trump my America I'm not want if if this car was anymore greater kept America would be driving it and I think he already is I think Jeb do America was the previous owner Kanye. Yeah I mean you know I know that put there's roots exhibit goes well the blue drew he bragged so I have a pitcher loose I had pulled up an awful. But. I've seen this caller announcing those seats on line. This mostly. He's Regis like literally a border forays here until there is. That's what we liberalize its yours little banners or employees and I Eagles started slow and Eagles started playing them they're really coming. Ronnie van Zandt loses like jam and now I'm pretty sure there on up upon glove boxer and I'm pretty sure it's gonna help but Spitzer an important because it's not zevil apple. Country are fresher and even that which you know little me. There hasn't come out and wants Americans through and is America's sports car. I mean this is is just an all these bucks is is there any leather jacket my chance in the back with French. I don't over more fridge publishes a red blood blue on slow way here but I believe that's. Let's let's is Erica that's firmer and a little the thing that layered. I think you just wanna scream America I was like man subtle about it of today's business prayers liked. No question yeah like you he's made there it is America. You normally like people salute you we drama this bad boy. So one kind deceived for bread again well well also brought us the perfect course. And you can't argue that. There's no question. Deceitful or it can't do anything he can do everything in the world. Hallway for by a sheet of plywood one skill salt can halt to formation to blow it. Give this up for writing anymore it will lose if you put that together it is I don't think that's the point out. You sit hopeful wish you plywood us solve the problem don't quit to neutral and okay. Arms this I have to flashback to move to the roadmap to write him in a perfect or. As they are master because there's space for whom experts. I thought they insist per car give sex appeal religion would agrees with me these you release it only royally craziest cool stuff. Finish. I'm just say it. Like I quit flow on roads would only this to him because he was depressed and yeah he's like most real close look better it is so equivalent. So early as the lucky so far it these gruesome pictures of her attitude drugs to players palm. Happy note as a rent district who did the refs by. You. But you know we solid drug you know McGill topic looters who cares. Bomb we saw a Jirga semen 2016 when that was done in a limb and staying on the deal killer. And you know I'm from. They around the course for years I walked straight pass a drug looked dead and appreciated in just passed an office he had pain. He Guinea and think about it. Dini a new color. But BMW has a killer and it's very very close. Someone just not Villanova pin abandoned regulars back you know Boston Globe it no. Now in its sticker then us in the multi killers the truck actually comes through with it pulled for a couple off. Now that also proves that. He's still the right guy hey. The C four bit is the perfect color the embryos we have anybody. Has any dispute with a Shearson email FaceBook you know what is the series and such it is I mean enemy if you think sequel warmest her record television deals about it absolutely think this that I mean I literally do and I'll put on the owns 64 bits of vertical reduce. So this'll work. Yeah I mean they did they did a great job except for the 83. But I couldn't do that all replace the roof is. I own counsel flop but my mom they are right Gloria and not see your killer will not I think he won the America thing. Thank you want the American Craig's list challenge for the trauma airline which is sort of gave no we don't draw to win Griggs this child will see for poor finish everything this one hour left handed to you but now some Fuzzy as a thank you for joining us out of -- great for the July. And I hope your background next week just to play long you've listened hot rods in happy hour re hearing 1063 WO lord.