Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 13th

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And does well in the hot rods and have always rub its. The courses do you as always we go gross net bill resident financial analysts slash numbers guru. Mr. Richard Hoskins the professor himself what is happening Khazei corner Vermont. The itself look at method where a nice place that you know and that's the point that senator is gore to shout out OK at the corner area animal health Altria UFI. I'm from Malaysia pull it. And corporate in the studio Smith eighty ember easy it was that you know hey. But today what goes on what we're about tolerance and B are we got a cool show come on we got an issue that I feel like. I feel like we're gonna be doing the world a favor with the issue. Like they're going probably. Probably nobody goes from the Nobel Peace Prize. Because we're going to assume that people need them yet tiger I think I mean you know I think it's a very important subject. Like I'm really get serious and ulcer McLaughlin musically. But I mean we need to users this. Some serious do's and don'ts in the cold world. Money you know and subsidies around enough to managers in my dream bogus and point out her next here exactly exactly. That's the thing you'll think it's more that we're here to help you. Anyone who needs help. In a much from them scoring would this story column. Includes a little jewel in Lahore. Look I got a little great smile when I think this. A little Brian France in this course the he's making news they weren't overwhelmed ticket sales well. Ornament I've been to owner's box party at a NASCAR is. And I gotta say man I'm not super show. Yeah I'm not either. You hold that side of it but what's craziest looks that he gets arrested Sunday night in Long Island New York it's listen George of tiger and driving while intoxicated. Incredible position over controlled substance Mexico. This is insane. Now this man just months ago. Mittal was crucified June made that area. For a do you. And then he gets pumped for this I mean don't don't you grow from where they don't judge everybody was like really really really never. I mean that's. It's hilarious and I mean. I couldn't think of a better person but what happens in Iowa like you know really he's just does have no love for Brian France coma and is again I don't get a warm Fuzzy feeling with. Well I NASCAR anyhow management because of them and they're all about politics and sponsors and well thousands as the. Hello bill sponsors I mean that's important but bright and he's totally lost the feel and I mean you couldn't Ellen ticket sales and I mean that's callers die quickly. I mean I mean it's almost cancels that office's travel writer and editor in good health yeah. But I mean that's the thing this is above the store you know it's his brother friends come out lower in the hell would you remain fit and go sudden. Like to do consult easily surpass shall press. He he stepped down and I'm and that's cool if he's really got some personal issues that he's got to deal with a question about stuff you cool that he step down. This is it easier for ruled this it's kind of funny. It's actually extremely. Ironically or heavenly this Morse a moment. Is to do when we got in true peace. Who we want to coach Jones opened it and terrorism and others. And for the site the most is speaking speaking to get those jagged little pill was a great. Tonight a little bit brunt of Los Clinton yeah. Clinton. Food. We'll blood flow Batman didn't show in the end it. It's in your rear view mirror and is that weighing the. And those little nuggets pointless force a little bitterness going you know what. Or have you get a little kernel was was well aware of Oak Hill was going to completely get renal percent inflict calls it. I don't even remember her name Paula Cole but I will say this that is that is sitting in my Dresser. Because the girl and consists of team differ on mandates and a so and except player works should live up got a good set my car. And I never put it in my tape player there because I'm afraid that it won't come out. They have all the tapes were to hit the whole code and at all on that and there yeah you're Daytona is that you grew Julio and how terrorism I think. Did you quickly enough and old video on this table right now. And I want in his two boards behind this Tacoma and explains Monica's that is they would do to that makes me feel soul. Like I had a transformer that was that consist entered into a robot. The government was named war an hourly and our men have little arms that came off yeah exactly. My favorite thing that it to have to take a little pencil. It came back and polish. The a man that would and that's the thing you know with the kids tutoring and children in the ninety's or realist looking they had I mean with CDs. You know rewind and clear the pencils daily maintenance and I got to do on my car. This they don't give it my favorite color guy. Well it does. The thing I mean get back but have to run for us it was a noble thing that he sit down but you know who broad open at least shot Jermaine through to its realism dollars. And did I think an apology is an order those villagers move. Mother and my question is I mean he is worth millions and millions of dollars like could you just rumored. Well the mother why didn't have a limo. And I think having her do it now while the oil industry to move that limo pulled yeah. With with all these celebrities. Not not just in sporting worlds or anything like that. There weren't millions of dollars and it caught would do you lie or driving exit I note while bonds doesn't want. Doing what your money yeah body guards and everything like that. But I have a driver exactly I won't get real dollars for an opponent river. Here's where does doesn't saying if you feel normal Paula Newton. Exactly because at 888. Days yet today you're gonna make better over guys day. Maybe a month a year forever who knows Patrick let's be real here appeals LeBron Frist warned for me right now wouldn't acknowledge it. Onsite. And I don't like pretty much anybody else is over just real well yeah those thirteen victory yeah. You global water. You probably need one yeah. Yeah absolutely so little intoxicated. Aren't there to go to war. Will not good joke yeah. That's that's that's horrible so influenced me so. But but it is the truth why do you want it goes to New York City there's taxicabs every way to actually drops it exactly no problem for establishing a yeah. You beat Denny eagle and how do you have a scar there exactly there's like four regular callers in new York and he ended up one. I don't get it definitely lives in North Carolina I can't imagine that you would drive his Lexus to New York. And it are indicative of generated because it does we're probably going to affect his rule Contra you know I don't think he's in the deposit yeah. Sorry mr. Koreans and the yeah that's that's diet and this is this really that actually you know I mean you're you're held to a higher standard you know this is it to normal rat got a boost with a do we. Our country music is Irene Travis not today no areas now I'm not even. As we have Randy Travis Walton era now actually his head and in need areas of the credit goes fallen down. Exactly taken disclose all of yeah. Yeah definitely but you go up Brian free agents he looks like NASCAR to kill him not the CEO this. I mean little did we knew that we'll knows and harassing him terrorist car. Milan until there is a new Yorker that Reagan did this before apparently. Yeah I mean it's this is a very here's the story and I really think Ron Francis got a lot. Of time to think about this element computers who will be the new CEO of NASCAR. But I just think it is brother or nephew or Sunday announced that today I don't care. And it pension deal they should do our Internet is going to be lawyer. I've got a Google+. But this other issue bring the king Richard Petty and artillery they know who they wanna go. That would be the next level. To give the Dale Junior Angel and other anymore. Don't walk through that didn't. CNN. I'm just and you'll go to is that we don't miss these commercial breaks goes we go a lot more hot routes and they are coming at you right here 1063. Giving the yeah puzzled look admirable and back to hot rods and that we. Of course we will Richard Hoskins and steel business real financial. Analysts. Slash numbers do with the professor himself. What's happening gun lock you tell. A sell liquid fueled missile analogue in itself there mill. Cozy corner tent and gone along I'm very. And like an onion. Hundreds blazers and that's not pinnacle as we go here just medium breezy and studio jewel in the Austin without. Kudos to you. Tonight is a very special what I'll I'll think we're gonna change some people. Yeah I feel like about a preacher of a sudden people don't learn that you don't alert them today this month. Closures seasons one and some unique term sit down think about it yeah things you've been doing world all this took. Who Tomasson do's and don't would you run and warm today the first and only he would do room wrote that listeners. The Caroline school well done and sun Diane Carroll school. Should ever start it. This is nothing. How well do you drink but drink in your caller you cup holders a worthless and yet because you Chris I thought I. I don't get it. Let and the thing is it's weird that closure you get to salt water eight gets worse you seem I don't know how little leagues it's it's a damn epidemic. Like emerald beach right now like. Was stuffed an award in the ocean right now with Obama who will actually had a bacteria and the careless wise killer Myrtle Beach right that was look at right now from. It is fun. And other stuff wrote an outlet and also one positive and it's it's like that's what killed us was killed in the ocean. Given the nature he secured by a school. What kills me and his million members who are out there downtowns. And Andrew ranger you know librarian. Lowered it Latin. Dragon. But the front end was. And a little box that a couple of Zyban and tell me. Carolina. It's not illegal to have hundred dollars anger had broad base and a slap and a please pick a left eyes. And if you move so Andre the first and Ian and how laws are not happening is how the current all of my answer if he was Buddha. You know what I would. Well there's nothing you know other headlines reporting at this guy. In the end on top of that it. How about like just driving in general because you're looking over the hoop is going straight up actually. Exactly what you say and stop at a red light in her back about twenty feet from the cold front of you thinking and see any further unless the gas that crap that your accurately short in Atlanta I'm. Senator everybody we'll look at this I mean I think it looks stupid yeah. I think. Yeah I think with the ultimate the mile to see so many people doing it I've never heard anybody say they like it. I don't buy one of the best means of Thursday it was somebody talking a twenty dollar bill under early and show whoever's there and this is the finished there as fearless. Yeah. It is true it's like did you run out of time ago were an insult like how did this start yet. Still haven't got an artist. Analysts are concerned California and L last where they dealer the desert running like the Bob Hawke trucks and firms that all hour late because they've got a lot of horsepower there are always in that stance and they're trying to jump late hills and stuff. So the idea is to make it look like a pre your honor I mean. You know 2006 Z seven you want and in Greenville south Carolina's clearly not a tree your honor and a us look stupid as they did some didn't. That was. Basically functional additives they invaded India first FedEx they did it because that was necessary but these guys do it for so there yeah don't let that play around around the got a load cement blocks in the back of the truck Bryant that's a look that is very colorful blue school. Today. And maybe you daughter see a lot of high school students do on it and. A little metallic has decided I often eat out parts they you laundry detergent. I think that's what was doing tonight we know our main students got a little desire Claire by the Obama when he is don't need time content there's an unclear on battle worn down Patrick truck is lower in the back. You. I think how dare he doesn't he doesn't junior Caroline score with a picture general has Daryn you just. Heck I holed it from the soul here on a school wide. You know he's sophisticated. My biggest question is where that he would this heat pizzas and pull those who before couldn't. My real may have thought I think that he's admitted it's. Hot hot magistrate in an attack yeah. Detergent to pieces oh yeah we have all been there that's not a shock us and I'm. I measured it for me yeah. You know what though the goggles the liquor industry can really do you listen from pet I'm grounded out of their own motives have been drinking vodka out of account from a high moral. Everybody gets a little slower than you. Know there's legal migrants. That's crazier. But yeah that's that's that's one of my biggest piece of him because I don't understand it and sees some good looking trucks don't. They've been resolute people don't be great yeah I mean and and the thing is crazy is what you said is starting California. And it came out here obviously somebody's been normal for a while because text content for stupidity role. That's taller than everybody takes credit for it. Please go to Carolina what I hear out there is gonna California's gone well I want to you summit in our economy. I've been to singles. The world's largest of these days who's who of trucks that where you could just bring that are out of there was Lester. This is the thing there was full full muffled drugs grew old trees. I'm like yeah I NC won't want it not only one of those companies on the money at a funeral to plan put their lives get on an innocent little kids look that your time here. That was listed above my head in the end if there had hydraulic our era. But element cohesive McCaffery I think like yeah. But but I mean does something like it is so cool nobody else is doing it yeah exactly I mean this is one of those. I cattle look at the journalist was. Like the golf thing. Back in the day yet you know social wage a little but you know the real milk here at the world black. And now they look back and luckily. None over a 1006 the exact yeah its capital. But but the thing is it is like do you think these kids don't look back and Els real cool back in the day his picture in my truck. What camera what we've stayed in all heal or something into this picture did you follow. The really lows it was mid shot as you Phil yeah. Probably every picture of your truck is going to O'Neill about the governmental and yeah. It is just so I don't get at all imagine put in seven have been your true before you could just utility full scale via the general Lee wasn't raised in the fraud. Eggs. Come home. Yeah good birds. That is the good cutter and out kids this Wednesday that is stupid that this is a ultimate build public service announcement material squad is bill. It home to film dead still don't do it. And he sells a lot of these are there as yeah room all the time you know that your actions. Isn't it era the era. All of you go to closed below normal for you mobile that it. That's that's the only excuses you've got to him. He goes bill for the afford drugs and dragging you to a program that's bad for business as bad for business Olerud. So everybody's an Andrea it's I don't know as they were about everybody isn't greens so glad we covered that what I'm really initiative it says. I feel better. About it like like I feel like there less likely only limited to an awful much yes. But what they're librarians that yeah. Does he do what we got a lot more home runs and at Beale we're talking automotive Dusan Dole's right here when it 63 W a RD. Doesn't want her body but our roads you know it's the real pit. We got Richard alaskans power doesn't appeal professor in the studio. What is going on fracking Ville Pennsylvania. Barack I wanted to do out there. Some fresh and do that bad confront an Internet event than it Brussels and important gets pretty breezy in the studio was this was happening now. Hey I know I'm funds and. We went out not just impact I was fluent speak for me winning we. Went on the invitational world. We will moments. If they were talking about color adults. We're talking about things people do rule. And and you know I don't want and subject is a local community Obama people. But there's a look world and world that I feel like we need shades. This bother me it's curtain heart. And I got one is near Deere mower and a commitment to total banner they're. Managing. So. Well magic. It is should be approachable well all in my opinion theory it's no rat. Usually spirited backhand in the face wants. I'm Bob law and social and took a hit it about a judge the law enforcement and if you don't know will also Belgium tournament every GT mustang coup remove Mosul. You know. For each I'm gonna look every BMW three series with a in my humble moment that isn't an emblem that isn't in the room. The government ever Mercedes. That was a UGU booms this nominee and she. Every he's six held cut shower curtain they can make those. With. On it and made memory there is really rare and ramming them and the man. These six art she's got packed and made helped add addition an island existing for reaffirming Greenville. Really. It's older competitors. Innocent search got a lot of loans yeah that's a busy and keep your legend. Could you imagine film paperwork for the thing is to three loans does own the house animals. Blue moon. About this mr. horsepower pool of minimal human. Filters that they've been blessed to be able to hit. Oh I mean does not think I mean big brown which again. I think Emma I think the only managing them OK with it. We'll remember back in the UBS truck days later I put this glee from millions on the coast and surely trust you can do that that's. Different that's this slap an RN moments and it's up and it's not everybody that's got an extra that's a real catalyst xxx I like that doesn't mean it has holes law. Yeah it is I mean you're changed the front of that takes real work and at the end of it there's still no secret about what really hit the he's that it doesn't hold different that I and that is what bills we there's considerable moves of that school no it's not that we can improve your full. Lou rituals. Sent them on saint Thomas went as Yamaichi preaching to me on this tape. Known men were not for those of you that don't know I haven't Infiniti G thirty with a GTR body can't own and GTR body can't but it's think. Italy Colin damn thin line. Susan let's yeah. It's like you're pretty disparate personalities really does and coming aching with the best of them and most people don't even have any clue that is. But it is back. Since then Wal-Mart for fifteen minutes talking to me and tell me man this is my dream corridor just I just love this walk all the way around this park. Just want more than an emergency GO. It's got all Walker's record just like this slight. That's the same thing those still delay that's real work in new car exactly yeah yeah that's a costume. G thirty Fonda went Dennis yes. Custom Jeter's not only is getting some symbols and stick it out that's who does not store ball. Is that you know. I think. Kids today. It's cute they wanna beat them they're not you know there's another little with a GT most of you know nothing you want now snakes on this. That's bad. And a little so I think it's due to the point where it's cooler to have the GT that takeover of the coast so beat today yes I drink I mean. It has an and we at this point it's probably going on this is not a recent media think about it this is every Melvin there's some money put this testimony yeah. Having this big hole known for decades this problem. This is not news this is every work trip surely throw this one puts Silverado badges on. Of sleaze that is sure inertia though assesses honorary Grand Island there are 970. But but it's like. Are like you know you bought it though if wanted to know what it took that into eighty Ballard and little areas that that's not enough. Looking good enough make Larry it just went crank windows and final seeing how. Any then any dollar you guy that works for the trash them. And I know is custom it's custody. It is a custom workflow. There. Address somebody's been OK you've gotten out of you're giving us of that before you know like the king range you'll still like that like you show them proof you actually owned the vehicle to buy the emblems in the Wimbledon like that it literally order in fourth place are an app. You couldn't buy. My heart goes everybody wanted to Harley if I want you to go home there. Topple that wanted to media blitz you they wouldn't sell them to you wish you proved with a registration. That you only the drug there do ordinarily trip there one of his 60000 dollars for it and you know whatever happened all the trucks used to see him everywhere issues or blogs are just gonna root servers to run the classical problems and yet they do that. The fellow forced to this country. It's a little ago. But. You know. And under so meaning so many cases of bad of that. It draws and humility of the Zhang Qi is slot at a minute left and Mosul and key. The little dog can't make it anymore. Both. The kid and not listen via there was no filly has won all from bad dancer and now. The only car car over Serena pulling you know surrender that actually made the kidney limited Mercedes what do you do about it much at the end of the kidney grille yes we have our remember the the jets that your key into a little cause I don't see it spectrum spectrum that's what it was there is actually. Holes square one when that made its Hornaday won that. The thing is it's it's it's fake of the worst Carla jaguar to remain a predict exactly probably the caller that luggage that was the worsening which is alive. This was an asteroid there actually. And they're thinking what this. Over the green and colors and us are actually than the Jack yeah just go behind the jag for way you would hey. The name hold their value to do little keys these civilians were not there but the business guys is there's actually have a Muslim name known and claim that. But there's a local shopping until we actually built one of those things. And put those in Mosul. And over your face it poll. Do Photoshop and you bring your car underneath you owned a mobile wounded. And it was only is he my boss and he'll be balls saved Kia. Emblems. Badges. So would your key is guys. A key to get a check you all all the little content. Our goal is what you merlot the bulls wagons and a leathery old girl intruded. That's what it's like this like that the new millenium version of that idea but that's still cool day I would take the old old wagon just let the roles wagon. Or. And that's that's class is what that is that's all of those they're slowly be bad bad. King and I think it's so easy to that now that it Elarton are layered alien to. Say it and car part stores. You can get them all and you can pick out what ever you won't stick around here the reason. I wouldn't say this it's easy to find drugs instead sources tell. Do it. You know I mean I'm just going bad out there it's easy to do a lot of things you know a marine is really not that hard Rob Blake which you shouldn't do it every night. And unveils what if they put seven years automatic older people probably don't know. I I don't. Media feels closure will bought souvenirs support Tom no parole no I think that's a good start in the right direction against them that you. Actor and squads. And Carol of moves with the girls I thought. Yeah I mean who owns and wanted to go back one overtures and you can you want to go in as much as it could urge you wouldn't bother or exactly and what are you evidently it. You've got that knock golf curse of automobiles and violent attack and it. I can not hold back and that you might get a little evolved since that's the problem this generation there won't fade into the making it. We make it hard to make exactly. Say you paintings and you rocket Mickey Steele and let you rugged he doesn't say when he's overcome a clear he's coming back he's hit this and millions of jaguar Kia Hulu and moved ahead of them yeah. I don't know that that's just never never do that to anyone else never because he's commercial breaks clinical almost every time. Richard you first he was awarded this commercial Bruins. Emma the angels in waiting limo with how to follow that pattern is he's Yahoo! go warm for these things we both have to warn them. You need to warn me does. We're token hot roads news bills right here all hot rounds and happy right now 163 W authority. And welcome by the herald's inherently our. We got Richard Richard alaskans in the studio president real financial analysts' latest numbers guru slash. Character of all things in Rome we automotive industry I don't know for the army. What's gone on alligator Mississippi. Elegant and Mississippi in the house in the course. We got some medium breezy and so they've thrown out and oh yes very good reason in studio. As you know hey Al. The Syracuse is like he'll let me go and they love they were Segovia. That those blooper Eliot Italian but. We're told him about holding role we don't want bad caller threads. In color domes but the news the don'ts. And I had won the goals there at the I think you're actually making a comeback. Spinning wheels. Through an. The models you know wall more no no no this level ones like. The real only in the high dollar Steelers and browns booms that I don't. I don't know I don't know might be 036 mobile. And I. She's a little at Wimbledon is just another mile. And the beauty of radio cool Dubai has actually yeah actually actually can't we get that no. I'm meg has nicely kind of curious now none of them. You do know that ultimately are never to be done here and never to be doing is he's done it before and you're gonna violator and maintain I can't think nationally there isn't anything. No not my style I thought that I'm not. So spin wheels Richard what do you think. Men and not to sound repetitive Turkish team is what I thought. If I can't hear you sure I was version when they first came out. Although it was kinda neat let him know who the dude and Angela moma lone wolves living goes I mean it's it's me. But on the other hand. We see one impersonating yourself but realize that polls look they knew that crucial breaks controller who think you roll back into that end. So tidy birdies which you thing. I don't know what I liked him in the first amateur I gadgets Emmy and found me in the UK US store and again and I'll I'll buy anything you did and the girl but. No we would you do that was well well mob mob bank statements during the third of era disaster if this or did it. Tell gadgets and and that's like a little gadgets to me as is as equals being wailed you know you you grab out the window and easy will just gonna win. Coolest thing ever. But that was for like five seconds they need again. Here Hurd describe that. Is that cute little steamy will the first they called me it wasn't a spinning wheel you members Katie rear wheels there. And I flip of a school. And also lose and they don't don't know in Canada and how this goes back in this sport combat and the love Teddy bear widows. And earlier expensive wheels are labor and owls or some theory is that what you're doing right continue to be your assistant editors. But really LU public Billy out and yeah the looks. I don't know Honda CR accessing cutest thing ever and this is usable gonna erode the and every your kids is just goes on Sylvia. For them this good this genetic. And boom boom. They'll let Patrick that one wrote there was. Former intern you know I mean like the it was a good call you made earlier with a short shorts from the wouldn't let kid thing board until uncle Roberto Garcia yeah. Bedroom was megaphone my intern wearing. So more short shorts. There and so Phil I have to step in there because you know these political grunting yeah I gotta I gotta feel a little bit although I did laugh when Patrick did makes a joke. So you know particularly. Those part of comedy you know we got appreciated digits through. In the delivery was excellent yeah perfect in it was it was perfect so now we have a new rule here in studio figuratively. Kids. I know it's always you always have that discussion with the ladies and Deloitte and out of here now and discussion related to real well not me personally and I. Related VMware's short assurance here exactly kept the book you were totally will go here but. Bill William we have told you but it sure situation did his neck out from bought. No no nothing good news not a gloomy cute kid but just that stallion and he definitely didn't this same stuff. So I did raise almost a vote will not so much style. And this one's kind of hard to cut her some horrible. And go out resume bad and you know as I'm scared. Them April's oil industry mercies of the trailer. I gotta bring within the so is this way we'll suspend that would yeah local daily the lights but you can go overboard with the need. Yeah seeing you know I'm I have to disagree with your honest I would have a rolling Christmas ball or government if track it. Concede that play music some things these guys left in the match. A woman that is hit me until it yeah I agree with that but I still locks on your callers. From England NASA was little who LED technology it's. But. But now these kids coming. Do you remember and this is kind of bigger back in our day to speak and they were really the the the windshield washer nozzles that lit up. Not to remember those two little again had lied lied oh nostrils Syria Golan on the road. I remember reviewed and Poehler and and the things that I see as you should. The things I see people doing what their lights on the road today are just battling out reduce vehicle drive another midnight with no lights then those lights off. And then if an American soul as I will give Illinois says to the other stupidity yeah. I would give Dario Ozal code they're going to last bull was killing me nowadays. Is the light borrowers and those. For libel and don't stop at the moment. No like 37 Ohman got little cubes only mirrors in this everywhere do. They're not street legal this is that they were really lies ability unless your little draw a lot of average but just because that you don't need to put 17100. Of them will not hold you don't. You're not lighting a football stadium you're lighting at Tacoma exactly and I mean are you have to get the hornet jet. Patrick that I'd like to be seen from them and went after this I'll promise you saw Lisa when mr. Coleman brought you here. Where Patrick if you didn't like match. So. Blood dollars and go out of Formula One landlord coup. Too low bars then 3412. That's bad you don't have a home when an ammo always there's another worse and it hasn't figured out a strategy to use there is on the record. They're all rude lights and it doesn't stop them and organize this to have literature you fortunately you. I don't know if those guys don't bother me when they have their levels to exist and us UK is good from the moon has issued an end as Godzilla down in the black if we had. You look terrible things they got a little problem that everybody else the good. And that's the blood voters Google and out of control bill feel a little idol will still brings a durable bricks that. Mean do you mechanic. Pay no need absolutely not this is not strong slab hot hot hot hot that's why don't have a mom my car. McCain because I won't let me give some home get two to the next level they're at today I mean like I loved person although. Got a cool them. Look cool trends and it was a little bit trailer and those are they didn't know. I thought. Let does not only stop and. And put all day we're cheap little stickers and little. Little bitty thing and breakfast and you're trying to take we'll oboe for some and not celebrate these people's cars zone. It was a mr. Obama for your thing to a two breaks get hot. Exactly and I mean bill o's don't see that being a long lasting thing an Aaron they're mountain and dance around her drew. Whether she Oscars will also tepper. Into the heat shield. Yes it's it blows my mind. There is dream about in the dark shield ducky I'd give me everything is are there are not cheap either really experienced that yeah. I won't do. Do you get Uga Uga corner than you and a lot of will and can't do is in not yet there on order may not feel stupid you remember him over the valued member of the valve still in camps that are what is our goal another not only did. You had to lose and enriching. I did not I thought about it the global yeah. All I'm not a million of mechanic Joseph made him work there's so I decided I just didn't like. But Taylor doesn't make sure we get them commercial break him there. Stay tuned we're token coal feds need to go away right here on how rosneft I don't wanna see story W.