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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 20th

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A woman run and hot rods and we don't see Robb Pitts. In the student we got a full hills we got Richard Haas gets hot rods and appealed financial analyst slashed numbers guru the professor himself. What's happened ensor Brothers up north and badger Alaska. Hold it down little I was trying to connect. Only works look let's not. You know mobile zoom yeah. They then of course we guess medium breezy in the studio hey outlets that and you are throughout the home run dynamic duo themselves. The day what does. You don't puts Julie mom or is bring noticed two calls. Yet. And I mean it really does too I feel like you'll lose their McLaughlin commercials you know about the dogs and make you also there and stuff you don't think about DC it. Just like people were thinking about the C four core bit. And here at all not again but there you see where a giddy yet now everybody stepping up when what to callers and home video of the week it was there was a cute they're. Will later model with a will oversee four bit. He was there he was proud to know there was a short sea before he got he said you know this caller. Laid the ground work for all the quarter it's coming in the one we heard that from. Yet but I'll love it and their vice chairman they'll also see four or do you still get that one. Occasional gun Stater. But. You don't they would cool spot a lot of energy there that's that's what's bliss joy in my office. Hoard what food books is that people are showing their beautiful sequels before corvettes and in absolute dream. Exactly 40000. The show their posting pictures of them again. There were showing you know in the skillet you get ugly kid it was love pictures don't Charl well our. Charlie's dad has that is very Charlie passes thread I think 96 a little bit of a little things pain in the front Villa as a little girl at school to see him. Slumps and in this medium breeze or cloud goes the C. Foreign leaders we advisors we Anderson that's the hitter friendly. Odyssey. I'll leave it up. Everybody likes to see photos bandwagon all right Vince yeah. They're good cars and yeah mind you down like hello hello hello Richard Richard goes at it tell Bobby Bowden did talk about. Talk about this team yeah well they're good kids good kids you know we'll meet you never know the battle that we talk chorus I won't. Lee missed about nada mr. about mr. about it's. Yeah I like your better than this little blue line obviously. Minerals and apparently the genes to not ruin down there on the three litre yeah. Who they ran away a light years away. But. You know so we brought you know who we brought calls and notice to see full Corvette which you know what I think we need to expand our reach to another. Challenged. On mobile we're going to different segment of vehicle. Or goals them a little strange you know it's like what came first the chicken or that it who came first to call the truck about to put a book together. The chlorine truck. You were talking about everybody's favorite Carl loved to hate the mold of automobiles. In welcoming them. Editor or are you don't know about you two in general. To their laurels and have our and that's the thing that's cool these courses because they're becoming extremely popular idea and it's not just with people with Medicare cuts. It's everybody and I mean. They're actually really cool course and got a really cool bookstore will and to just deadly that was certainly fun to talk about this week on powerlessness they are. Yemen towards our must use you know everybody thinks they'll mean for our senate obviously is by far the most popular but there's so many others just normally people think about how about the GMC is three. I don't know that if you don't know what it. You know would you and Colin and you pursue the world don't know either bluster and no no no no it's not Australia. The thing is called the noted is that a figure it's Australia was juicy. Versions of this issue that this is so Communist Attica Harrison had a big bucket every option this is a community. But it was goalie Jean CS three and make the painful those things that the very cool. But also have other answer. But you're talking amounts Strahan came out of Austria an idea that came. Certainly you'd have been around for years. Before you know forty even thought about putting together for the red shirt. And I'll be honest we probably one of the prettiest of the color truck style vehicles was that the disarmament generally not a caller. The examples of poor score period in the course literally in this big rail was looking at rocket boosters who back let things also. But in my draw downs had 57 and that was red and white on ranch here but did. It it killed us for the stop and bud. It was no good you couldn't fix it and even you can still see what it was it was a red and white 57 grand chair and it happened but ago. Script and it's it's no longer went nuts choose their local news CNN though I'm really leg it was so bad Billy do we would look at it and they didn't want it to be as bad as it was we fix it. It's okay there there was nothing we can will slowly there somewhere this is Sunderland got a bunch of good milled will head illnesses there really wasn't much that will do. The but the fix that Ritter wasn't very grim brick or is it it was a great selling caller about the way. For Ford has of course you know two years later surely jump onboard with the welcoming them and they welcoming those smash and wanting to deny and then not to go horror. With a welcoming them. Beautiful earth and then and then and then deal basically it started and need to think about doing for years afterward these corporal regular thing. You know and so that's really really what sold you doing mr. Obama used a little bit. Delegates that they know they were an additional and a little bit excited about it either all of that work you saw you sitting out or until I say you. Or are you talking about oil. Yes you absolutely you. The utility. To utility only opened what I. I was. Don't think soon. Thanks sounds good oh is an advantage. Julia yeah that's movie identity. Those are phenomenal. And I look at him the youths that keeps distilled youths of America. About a cleaners and utility vehicle utility vehicle. Railroad and then the thing is really cool bottom isn't actually went to a popular in your for loans on the local news in the Rangers go through it and whole lot of you another sort of give Butler didn't think about it all the cool course go ballclub. There's some relentlessly openly those floats around in an excellent slash good. I mean isn't there for the worst as joy in her welcoming you know ultimately they'll you moving. To. Love welcoming our really always have since I was little and it's maybe laughs at me even when we first heard that he'd laugh at me because I like mail me. Just think that a lot and I just I guess this. Is little zoo somewhere at the underlying them until I got one and and I ask you got it. I got on my grandfather and my parents bought a farm and as a college has been 66 mustang wasn't reliable enough to drug schools so I was like goals this thing. And the first night I had a bit edgy riveted to your gas station on hey you there are no sooner out of gas. In the first first who sought counseling man that is a nice telkom mean. And then the next Monday driven on the highways school it was just incredible and lay under those from affair cars were out of love that car. What alone is the truth in this story. First my parents limit drug bill greener vehicles the most thing was a reliable hit that yes. 1011. You had good but it till you. It's a real community. You still love what I did. And the one at nine. I mean it's. Do some local mailman who just think about coming. The new pick up stuff the delusional hot data integrator is willing. Its purpose Clausen maybe next to us people orbit approving vehicle plays called on the highways are the lowest. We replant them stronger so that wouldn't puzzles and a lot of Deep Purple yeah. Your to a phase you if it's legal what we're doing the but realize that these are really cool course what does it wouldn't give a little history goes. But a city get really no buckles and get really nobody called into the background of Atlanta and coastal a lot of fun about it that there has to be a lot of fun. A lot on him I don't locker room and others David Naylor. Merkel and mr. Blair wins coming in places that I did not well he's not a moral mr. backed middle changing lives that's exactly he's now I can dissolve lady that comes amid talk about bill Mears for eight minutes you have Wheeler got Josh juvenile boy. The ability now I'm not going to be able. The caller change in my life harassing or there's monogamous life is going real real home bags real soon. How you must she might have long blizzard. On sales I guess what there's a royals got all the twists these commercial breaks. Stage two we a lot more Rosen have been our common Grail one a 63 and yeah look where money met power runs and happy hour. Course and studios always we got Richard Hoskins ultimately our financial and slash numbers guru the professor himself. What is going on through our friends in Normal, Illinois. You know this is just gonna Norman and Nick Cannon told room. This is mediocre that's normal through regular day and close and in order gets medium breeze in Colorado power couple in studio who sent me out of luck. Brian really mean hatred can matrimony and he has a little bit limit look at the data it goes we're talking about duke mean losing youths in general caller drugs. But the Rangers are Rudolph but no reason would you go little little knowledge is to Louis. And do I Samson though I was ready Ian MacKenzie you know let me smoke Mena news and I know the other and care and eleven Honda C where they actually. Where it really just started at and it was actually a lady that lived on a farm. She's the one that started keeps really it was a farm in Australia Victoria Australia and she got tired I guess of her husband column pigs are on the knock her. So issue right scored Australia. And ask them if they do it create some type of vehicle that can take her to church on Sunday and here in the peaks of market on Monday. You know who I believe it's a multi purpose vehicle dance and they listened and I read it or they did it then it ten times. It's a reasonable hour plus I mean yeah if you ride they will build it exactly you're do you regular route four letter. Stop. Well it's horrible that schools will. But. Sort of what he'd and and the other thing was huge for extremely popular Australia meet theirs. We are seeing what 4446. Forms you simulating surely use. Let me all in Australia. But over here. Those go to new thing in 19574. Came well with the reinsurer which is basically up into some form brilliant caller for me and will pick up truck back. And you think about trucks were utility. Back in the media about truth in it like nowadays we squad it run around the salt wants to gold medalist. You gut do you drugs were made to work what you bald truth do you work with the U about a truck around the rim and you know mill. This guy like a stylish trucks looming you know you can drive into the office. Bushels you big trip for some utility new war criminals will not go Muslim world were let go or were like a drug. You won't want to style sword. Sleet they're there is that you can watch you have to be such a nice dinner it's gloom and Angela mullis a wallet ally of the car so luminous colors seem to shoo -- customs OK exactly come from the little pony tail amused. I had always at work man yeah that's all that topic you want your your your cult guru who that I know and yeah. Everything and then home. You better be careful circles to bring you more goals. Yet there's. Move in this cold up there were stylish immediately looked at some form was probably one of the previous forged ever made in the supporters caller. I mean in the end you have this this pickup truck styling mixed into it coming all the chrome and trail mean this was a very stylish vehicles. And I mean things are important and beautiful callers and they sold extremely well naturally wants of windows gun owner of the manufacturers jumble more. GM two years Camille Little communal 1959 in sales went through the roof. But in 1960 they drop like a rock only ultimate salute pulled back. Fortunately in real communal Ford actually. So we're still green a little whip from a full sauce platform to do you falcon platform. They need to limit a small economical little drought so you don't think about the falcon rent Cheryl was basically like the first ranger. Can't import doesn't import trucks puzzles like the beginning you think about this looks like the first mini truck. So brilliant it's kinda. I think you see that Richard just recently it is an honest. Whoever your resume to win this slow days. That's the things cooled on these things coming in little falcon troops were called there and they were neat seminary and word that means that you get this thing. In the end in the do you use certain over the years we'll surely your nose and therefore so why can't we sell. Then in 1964. You surely can in my own little corner of we'll groundbreaking there could be a little less like Immelt should bill. This will also mean a thing about this is the beginning of the muscle caller here. Proposals in the beginning of the ilk Reno that he and the re debut Lil green room for Chevrolet. And these things took off. The only thing surely drop the ball. Is making a performance model and ultimately restored a 68 was for sure for an answer this Bill Clinton was sixteen Richard. The more sales 69 and was the first different access. I wanna see your right it burns for future NASA speak at student big matters and stuff on yet. Well it was a six he was 68 seem reasonable and breezes like. Excuse me. And I don't hi I'll let you know I mile paper to built dome will. I'm called on Moses very basically got the same drug trade options as shrill used to give you this this trim package stuff. Now they actually left something out say an accurate what is about to make me wanna on five eighths I think this way below are some kind of suspension and it's something he could not get with assets right well you lose that I had to do with the handling of that is so can you share the same frame as the court. Probably the readers when in our yes I think that's little things that your dish you go. But here's the other thing about it before just give Ronald trucker with a military force switched over from the falcon platform. To what was an arena built like the terino platform so they went from big small but the big. And then you fortunately or surely so we'll show will platform angle to the silver gold will only into the seventies but. Do you think about these things going to do extremely well in the 1960 that you really is just version of it. Assuming you can get these things full speed to all that stuff they're really cool side note. I actually had a 67. Alchemy. And I bought it from a guy in show us these self care or beautiful caller marina blue. Blackened and this guy want and is this so Vatican's stance we put every this is optional on this thing. And Obama just loosen them homes all like he put the right this this crew had success of an assistant. Even hating mean darker tech. And the reason they don't need a motorcycle as it mounted on the bottom of the national missile came issue bills accessories. Finish and it need not that big book. This little bad news wolf bedroom for a little while actually sold to a measured only in Texas. But not great course in real urgency (%expletive) actually came out Willy true this issue element you could have a big book don't comedian. The truth this is that we should know it's not his utility his performance of these things let me go Holler on pickup truck. And I think this and I and the risks history before they'll we have the lead from there I think the low fare really into the gulf of these things. There was more than just kind of have to trump knows its own beaten. Now I have 450 horsepower. Exactly do you think about it Ellis six welcoming in 1970 commuting road tires they use this 400 in feel we have labor took it for cheap you know. 400. In fifty horsepower. Level or footnote to a point forward for 24 QB PH. Big blowout should just a little more up big mullah Chevrolet. A look at that puts you over my heart skip the BBC and that I can tell. A look list and that's what's so cool about these things is the most local wars didn't forget about the openness and the Rangers there's some schools there. That would go to especially here as Nixon goes a day what we got a lot more coming up talking about these high performance huge write your hot rods and happy hour. Right Harrell won it 63 WOR. Goes look red hot rods nebulous realm periods. Your skills. What's happened and happy laying Connecticut restaurant how president and our financial analysts slash numbers guru of course we have some medium breezy in the studio. And sending out. Let's yeah. I love that it's so cool. This tackler a popsicle snowstorm originally Miller's son of the pillar until uncle and aunt uncle and Ashton and this cone. This Cologne but. That it won't know what we're told also pretty cool too we're told by these printers and local news or use trucks. Google will be just a you. Because soon via his short excluding. And they're not sure so yeah our caller either news. I called cars hours care and nurse and there and say about my community and nice truck and always bugged me. What a brilliant because Carlson school whose Richard doesn't. Want an errant Shura. And clear his car a mile every part of it that I saw was the front man and it was just a G about it. But can the whole full range you play a little caloric laden polish my bed for about three hours so would've called before I feel it's suitable flo flo admitted there. If there was a bit bad there would you hold can't wait Q well what happened. But you know it's a word to Omaha performed smiles and we're we're told well. The king of the deal. We're a total of 01 quarter and we're talking about the 1972. Camilo analysts six. Forced to do for that of course you could also incidentally in the Aegean Sea split saying neither. Blue Ford dealer Manuel pulled to their suit the action of the super super Super Bowl. The super Cooper jet formed warning known. I mean in these things knows. This Carl Lewis from other a little bit below the Griswold family vacation Goer bitter reactionary together. Let the wood drew analysts. All the truth and a big blow blow this thing hit identity crisis from way back. Then they're they're super cool actually I can't imagine they sold a lot of Obama. But no the cool thing goes here for coverage no I mean you know we keep talking about the Ellis sixteen for a fifty horsepower was at least. On the floor who really you under rated their engines and they're rated at 370 horsepower for everybody knows that's not true. Now and hopefully a closer look for herself and she truck but. The thing that was called us and I remember as a child and almost probably 1011. Gore the gore shares. And there was this guy and keep them on this loose early ninety's. Salute twelfth early ninety's. There's a man he's come a court shows that has the perfect. You're gatlin Brothers kid who send recruits you don't know well did. He had that failure. You should put it all over it you lose your partner at Lowe's huge com source hairspray for me and yeah man I didn't know this is that he had perfect football helmet here. They wore the jeans and mr. Graham about who thirteen fourteen inches yeah. Indeed do lose a meal would be harder than segments Bristol said. That he still way real loose dorks short days bill mom jeans. And then digging go boots and walk around the caller sure of it he drove in 71 super Cooper Chris Cooper ages range here. So they included. This guy will start in 1971 like he is vehicle from Samuel and his outfit was from 1970. Then dean's been proud about 3000 times is that it's a new one as well it was a short. But. This goes to school school new school must orange or yellow. The British journalist and you know we do for a living what he drove a school books it. Per that I Lowrie got for a big so yeah this thing was immaculate. Video screen in the stuffed animals in the car sure is do's and don'ts all the other snake stuff there what you post cold and he put it the other opens who'd had a shaker hood or he had that snake sitting there feels like. People a little through. 200 dollar for the base moles that love milk models to get this thing that the fair. It's kinda okayed the snake in the character Denton and chemical. Among some talented and was available to them and they don't know it does definitely cool for somebody else we'll windows literature. I'm passenger when we always gives you a while ago here so who knows speculative. The roadrunner. Maybe I knew it this year. But. I mean this remembers those clean magnify our homeowners what a letter B is geez. An orange reflective stripe on the black reflect the strength of the blood Flickr shrugs like that. That kind of tobacco caller dirty brown and so we shed Corbett solely or trigger guard actually like fellow decision shed garbage you so critical Hamad. Everything about fans and stuff arena oh and consider l.'s pro conceived as a vehicle should go to the funeral homes loser of the side by accident and my dad aren't here. Mother's 75. Average GTQ. Three he won most and as for the big bodies as the city's hills Hilton yeah I was a monster those. The way don't agree entering nobody style Clint Eastwood style we're told a line. The grizzled family cruiser body style. We'll bring them back tunnel then exactly. The only about a mile and bedrooms and for hamburgers and other Wii and a high school that had a green on I think his name is Greg. You know look and a sleepy green and it was like perfect but I had the white balls in the hubcap. She feels like you was sort of Ventura thing like that or else there's just a religion but it arrange your 500 the lead arranger of the GT this. My dad's was owned we've brown now in you just a little backroom homer insure them that. My grandfather Mona bring you from fairly forward. If you Zurich and Maria sue lane road rules bridge. So rather. Surrender their circular to join us bridge. They generate not thrown an awful and my bad motive from the insurance company when her opponent for. Two or three years and never change you'll each drove Patrick. All right slow. The morning and the mum mother knew wells coming. Flash plus plus plus 40 July 26 1979. And it's 4 o'clock in the morning among way to much bed and since. Kim I think they the babies come and my dad won't go though did sleep they jumper in the range zero. They fixed it certainly driven every day it was as that was Israeli. And org embroiled in recent browns GT strips. So renewals were shortly good cricket and he won't start in jail term. Monday in pups as good turned is triggered word gets in the world. Spiraled. Puppets give guerrilla prep always to the hospital. Couple hours later I was born. My dad and my grandfather put any timing chain in that caller in the parking lot of the hospital and it didn't hear the original war. It and I was brought home in. They get about how times have changed they want Ali to leave with a child from host Lou delusion and schooled in caller seek safety and got all this stuff. I got hold writing only. I can't say little radio to run in the middle between two adults and enrich your room. From the hospital that's how I got Ronald. And handle your first your arms and a forward pass I was sitting there Hank and I can't think that me Enron first coming does this go beyond this week like you won't talk about like. Come from a well known here. They don't feel alone on that pledge drink don't even know. That's the best story ever heard from mean that makes me so much more spectre that does and it destroys so easy for court no one will go a little later. The left a lot though those loopholes seepage that was. Few years later would you militant. But. Every time I see one of those in a matter of fact. Can you learn the details were given a win really big big prize for what we're sister stations wells lecture Rodman trigger on it. The body shop and then he would end up there's actually a 74 ring and you're sitting there and money jump and were relatively good. I got brought home and lose starters. And you know you the card out of the upstate and that's how it started right thing here. That's I have to start. And solve this formal bullies Terry's mind and our culture look exactly exactly do I give back your money Silverado more close to where you remember it never told this happened. I don't think you can see there fails to you longer be on solid is blocked in memory you know we feel so much good to abuse a child easily more kanell. Brings more than things morning. Don't don't feel well or anything but don't if you dumps. Maybe do we know the law to handle and is you don't push them and threw it into this story and there are at least trying to go. You don't live there when the super privileges. Briefly to warn my automotive group renewal and you know literally millions of slowing. Well someone that's. The shot there. It's already know it and us. Driven sharks of that engine flora talk owners and I still don't own a 351 modified its. And nobody really does actually as good as they go east engineers. I'm William go far no one else. The skillet so ask what your voice heard of it but nobody's ever seen more you can do it and apparently they're not to order put Tom Janus. Can you say and avail ministries a little bit in the hospital parking lot swapping time in jail just trickled. Wilson who flew those in saying those on all started the day will we go a lot more common will only utes and they'll comedian who's coming up next right here on hot rods and happy hour. I wanna see your story W. Doesn't welcome everybody mega hot rods and have to or we got richer Hoskins in the studio hot rods and popular financial analysts slash numbers guru slash all things caller truck collide today. What's happening stop shop be fla sloppy choppy floral did do you there they got cousin lives that are racist and in those ten toughest. Then of course we've gotten in really stricken matrimonial over here we go slow medium breezy in the studio who hadn't yet. Yeah she says she got so polite sounding an ultrasound I just always say owned in Kansas or sexy thinking and thinking it's your return them. The day when this is Stevens locally renters nuclear those older. And help them dogs didn't jump on the bandwagon to salute the game is always a little bit slow to come home doing nothing a young daughters thing he I am the Richards like. Excuse me yeah but isn't there all you know about it cards. Excuses but he has no but I have a problem was the case over and not that it couldn't be done obviously they're going later only this to assemble these are absolutely not cougar was there kink in the plan. You but this was the thing that was it'll make it ranchers decent. Exactly. So now you know we're in the seventies that's another popular you do in the sink in what was in group a group will wills with the the powerful mutant power room there capital are extremely well that come up the barrage. A low number on your token Vegas kids we don't emits visions of unity government and lush can now listen before finally thawed and Sony six. It is glued to your coupe DeVille. The mid America. It's the Cadillac of views it is literally the cattle for you to. Which you're limited flower callers Armenians several fuel companies that build purses and things of that nature. This bill flower cars and also thinks in this room was a lot of big stretch to make this. Dario it literally magistrates caller reason that I have in the coolers there was a period as a normal that if anything is probably easier mandate but it was a little bit prettier than a flyer card yeah it was a very stylish caller I mean like you have to really helpful and people evil can evil. Bought the first one aren't very first on the server and evil. Pre game can leave. It was around and at a price tag for the customization. At that time around 9000 dollars just a custom the some things as ridiculous isn't that evil can that you only found here jump to Basel the word they actually ended up easily as a maybe prop and his daily driver. You've hole could mean. You know he knows the other breakdown by the I don't think it literally like around anybody who destroy one gentle minded on it. They'll want Jill but luckily bones you break in that jail 76. Exactly. And that means. To us and we've got to get a lot. Pick up to. Tell it was funny as. I was or an article and thank god an article Obama realized that he said that this was the granddaddy. And escalate. And that's president think and yeah. LO agility sixty which was drug. And I mean there really was a mean this was like between whistles the beginning he killer and you. The other thing about country music was extremely hard I mean Glen Campbell the rhinestone cowboy and war. In the pummeled them if you're rich you know Wichita lineman had warned that the. On the same company that outfitted that is actually did maybe a three mentioned the predecessor to the escalated. Actually did make a wagon version also it voyage. Day discount a full circle and covering the entire escalating mind. There are did you and that's usually the same sauces this glee in maybe bigger role escalator. And slid. But I mean that vehicle took out Rutland. Man drove a hundred cubic inch power seats not to get too far off you know Craig's list crawler. No looking for dates or anything I'm just saying callers. But a slow this benefit just yesterday. A little Rolls Royce kicked right now for some reason keep search and all the critics who cities for rolls Royces and frankly I'll search for all stories. It's overshadowed. Dylan little cronies someone in his seventies as a whole round headlights an old little square at levels that a home. You know that's Apple's low morals rule is for pro future project. Those home and road Rosalie get trichet in Asian and it's the hydraulic brakes and suspension that. Cause that's going to change to yeah I just don't know what it. They've changed that to you and and that's like ten or 151000 dollars to rebuild it mil wee little we do that they would definitely get some good GM museum Paula there's flags show. And how cool won't be you know American VA big. Thirty VA may will blow were still live finger on where poker know there are some big man thinks. And it's just over the coming I don't you know I drew smiles and magma warm pain like great to bond group. And they'll be phenomenal. He's an advisor yeah illness and stories and I'm home home. Do screens there was silver yes that's the one us all want to yeah there's no me Blair lobby if you Google Colorado ruled Roy is little apples to yes. And actually sim card from all the UK car garage is still the wouldn't you know this morning and federal Aaliyah but. The thing is really really cool. A belt that Rolls Royce is how does a little respect the coolest thing ever amount in the big money glories like guns they would be like we have been any time a little you know exactly. That's laurels or some classic you have to Oreo exactly three when you can live off. But it's an old talking about the brush Cadillac. Bears know these vehicles for surgeon but you're totally incredulous crow and a loyal soldier that's normal rewards. But I thought I caddie this run that bureau Richard. It's so you won't miss. Yeah 1975. Eldorado. Only very nearly 8000 models team that mother in color with peanut butter indoor braille Pina motor boat goods and. The only problem is it's too long to fit my carport. The notre although. Did little shorter one is seventy. 2000. It still unfortunately 1920 feet you'll still pretty supportive that I mean that. It was a small for the tar out nano and I don't compact car for gambling magnate and clear to lose the probably will be for an old caddie. Nothing was bad news. Big piece of the culmination of camps or did the class related lower bucks is clear the news room and a thirty substance. Known as well on matters considered in us is commercial underage daughter telling. You're drowning all trying to all sounds rather man is energy analysts hotel which now oh my caddie is illegal to put a cooler in the front center armrest figures. Does. It's not a dual system illegal do you go there and I know it instills an option to affiliate have to be drinking champagne and responsibly and there's reason being that there's no responsibly to drop drinks and they announced Philadelphia if you go Minnesota dropped out of Liberia through hill loosely that are this. It don't do that crown it pure Roland yeah well Blair wrote alone technical remind the rule of McCain truck that they don't become a cool look. And I mean I got it may actually get out into the catcher. It's not on autos probably don't like those jobs the Manhattan until I realized that I daylight after all the way to the meanest the excuse. That we know we can't let your home's owner and Stallone and out there. You look at them via our batting order is. Huge flower car. I don't know what else there that's what I really exactly know what it is if you got a bright red when they know you angle to the funeral mass funeral home gray one the and that's their business. But if you had a real world. And also. Together and wired days on Adam I think in the day now some flowers they did on her hip and switches into catalyst result back I mean you know you're not at all hours. Who clumsily hit at all until two girls and I don't know they're meant. Salons who I mean you know those little super duper other. Blue route necessarily than these nominees all of the excess everything is into the renewals doesn't say a million titles and don't coach was surprised the caller. Yeah most probably not under and you can you know angry and begin to kick pedal the golf. And I can do that would detain dollars and arm for and a sales also well yeah. A little you'll want to hear a lot about that because it would take a T and trips and harbor freight yeah picture Amy steal cars you can buy every two. The horrible for announcement 9000 yeah. Sure that your little bureau there's a those countries' is commercial Brooklyn is things he's thinking that doubles we don't look at electrical switches that thing you know we're we're doomed. Funny how that works doesn't do what we're talking real green losing youths and everything a bottom right you'll hot rods and happy hour red hair when it 63 to.