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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 20th

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He doesn't know hot rods and happy Ellis Robb Pitts and questions to you as always we got the professor himself mr. Richard the skins. So literally calm place what's going on solitude Indiana. This is common and so we'll see another nice thing when no one no wonder that it would McCain's home. Yes yeah some wants a home owner Gil he had more than one the walls here at the other loses them you wonder if you listened to us he's from here it is from here I highly doubt that we'll use this. Carter thing does go Curtis ultimately Milledge for sure that we knew we need to get. Eventually moved and they were looking twice at Ford dealership which makes sense to be like fortresses there breaks and it was a bit. We've got us medium breezy and studio loose and I look at also go. Little has ever brought Cuba after we fortunes can. And a couple of those colors put it Libya play is that most flu years weasels play in America a more given looting that was their duty to blow fish nanos and it and we'll I don't miss scare me that Shelton this because I don't and another one time. YouTube we Craig review everybody in this is the duty CD. No none of the city I don't know Edwin. A little and let us know Elin and fascinating here is and I'm good at monotonous. Two people into two men who cruise isn't. Everybody I don't know Sheila pew poll on how. You Internet or currents. Blue ones who did tutored them crooks and yeah I killed me killed that stands now that do you move through. Everybody in this Tuesday's. Deal and its mores and dirty talk about your thoughts are paying little or. But to consume them. Movielink isn't getting. Ewing who grew pulled co hope that you can do you think that you acquire all the cowboys can't bring a duel early Utica. Who's gonna win like we live and also we're trying to do 70s19. Signals last year for the Rangers they pulled global growth there. Slew of enemy and strong from 57 to 78. The Lincoln a little bit but they surely get through it alone and anything in the eventually came out with the G buddy buddy style version political arena. Which is probably one of the most popular versions of the elderly and the problem only is made fun of the most that I think gave it to stigma that has today. They're also own. It is Chevrolet and neck tend to Florida anymore dark side tickets hand and that you marketed as well or not that I Subaru you've jumped in those who flew to little change we consumers here are odds and add them. Plus we don't those Subaru brat was probably. One of the coolest and Bruce Nick's who do you Orix never made it to get a sabres got so confused and she'll seats in the back. It turned out though underwrote an idea how bad. Here you just sit in the back. But then go to illustrator don't think we'll consumers will the Joseph season back. I'll never forget I looked at least 68 surely pick a true actual bit estimated seeds pulled in the bag just like that and don't save time bars. In the backseat lower leg ultra. Yeah let's put a roller coaster yeah I really don't want to store like circuit sitting backwards yes whose memories. And I remember you. Especially in Beijing studio lot and differential let's listen a little vaulted this go yeah. Greg is told to do this surely trucker was purple all over the of course they had old true we will sort. All hoping that's the blast from the class and I were old the end yeah. But. A rumor was that little white letters on the those of the coolest truck I ever. My taste it got a little better readers. And goodness but. So we know that but the end. You know the city of the G body Coca you have so many versions of this thing in the royal Knight the black not the current -- stood in the news super sport. Which is only one staters. Agassi at 315 enforce it and an earlier salute you bought it we can get a V6 and forcefully or three speed in the Jeep was merely wants money is actually if I. Jury 3.3. 35350. Or 350 TH 350 and ruled. The storm's current way. Did women as political. Well EZ really cool that it was busy body shuffle okay and the Oscars. I think if they. Really isn't zones country learn they have courage is no that's what to do more than 405 come up. Yeah okay here's an early shuffle I know that a law burn out figures there is no way on the bad agreement is went straight and spun. So you did try to shuffle and I tried not to shovel a portion and a reasonably successful. And then goodness because you're here today he's there it. The these gruesome Lewis Palmer welcome me knows I mean they made much of 78 that TV sit and then was Lester thrilled we know. But today the warns sticks out in my mind the most of these. Is that you that you could set New Year's Day. That. Four probably. Is will lose. Purely a whole month the school sharply traditional biscuits being because you have to whom the tech is vehicle running. Instant. Money Garland Berlin. Stick goals it's not a lot of young guys throughout and in Canada. We're probably not any interest if you clean won't run or they'll still but I mean that's. Latest government though my hand upon until lord who comes. From office paper cut. Hello hello they're no good lino yeah yeah finally admit it of all the warnings. I have a problem within a boxy vehicle up I love coming typecast. I hit my sorrow is sport though. I'm again look different and members got visible. And it still sort of money Garland on the front exactly and this is for Nelson. And it in my opinion. You're so confused. I don't dislike him nearly as much as are all things do Leon it's I don't know how wouldn't. To do some things to it did delayed program are literally. I would rather have my sister working your Wu's places of do you like the future magazine that I'm in. But general community purpose good Villa real could mean important in my neighborhood yeah. Move huh. I don't know what it is my home well until square body was not like the square holes like simulate the reason alchemy knows a lot. Does this look Marino's. In his news. I do say a couple of lowered almost too good and I own. They just look at all I really super other Colmes super struggled welcoming those simplistic. That is the logistical scoops to go alone. Did not a lot of real engineering on an American version that that's another thing that really blows my inspiration seeing in the easier welcoming us. Is that tie downs and put on what the boat once homeless. I says well son must 79 has that Oregon and as things camel so I don't know who. Get your flimsy you didn't even if you needed them like they're not really function what are you tying their own. Eileen what are you what are you you you're community that you lessons G thirteen down hills on each side to do it takes yet dead animal and luckily it. What do you what do you homebody and thing horse I mean you don't need. I don't I was a kid in no way then you can lawful vote. And ilsley your toes into the darker. Nothing that I don't blow off. The world as Kenya now that. You know. And give a little hard to Motorola almost jumped teacher. The bush picture not a black or that was the Megaupload wash and ilk mean a hundred times. In the two years dinner vocational center always talk about like this prison but two years it's easier to be and we'll. Mold to your stick it between her vocational center. Elements within vocational synergy we got a new diesel truck program cone. 22. The vocational schools legit to Colin today aren't just political. That enables you put your closest republic to be involved in molding young mother did such a fun job wheel and hit it it's very very get two girlfriends and to callers now already intimately close really every they have been great role model who. Sure kids. Will the model his flip credit there will some prototype I don't know I'm so we'll children and they started they cared. And let's not go lord. But there also we got a disease commercial breaks and doesn't do stated we build up more welcoming arranger of talk coming your way right here on hot roads and happy hour. Ryan Harrell won a 63 WOR. Does want to let the odds and happy hours rove pits. We're talking in youths. Tomb of the utes quote that Rick's or else does in the studio Richard. Both go out or bring it back home to locals have a sugar tit South Carolina. Fun little town fun losing their lives a little Lucia I'm sure there's some good people. Good people good people and another hopeless complicit of course we have some really embraced in studio. And each had an excellent excellent we'll lose you. Okay I'm Daryn is that we're Dorgan of over your furniture utes today or tomorrow there are the only thing that's cool. I was more call these flexible honorable mentions. Move. The huge family. Because they were playing Lula get Lulu page blows through their lives. Approach won't grow of don't believe them. Look for him and pitted. America and care area how often time. Did that can actually holds much business to intro which is really cruising past and some of our. Moved or milk or. And 96 source currently 650. Foot pounds of torque that the east. Them in the Politico she'll be addition Rampage. Ended I think those dealers and Arizona and California. It'd mess this place show we charger Rampage. And there and house on the wasn't saying this is she'll be sued rim really easily if you just say uncharted because Shelby Rampage is pretty else. It does for children. What do you think about the throw won't drew do through them or we'll lose their gonna boxing. We learned. Very young age different episodes of the tropical fish and remember the little Lil bush. The visit will only Paula can you don't want an eagle. He could spend hours or spent our entire data. That mentality you're going to find your program. And happens then this is a lot more pain pills to a public winning them. Who you feel better now that you've gotten that out. Boom boom of commitment and I couldn't people who are not very resilient where. I don't know enough for me just a little field but the bulls wherever it's the caddies out. We're grove drive. Yet they still looked hope. And it's it's got to watch judge you don't of those sudden Malamud you OK okay and drabs until the Vanuatu mobile wagons. But I mean I just load they're cool. Our cooler to rural road projects that Roger Ferguson wants materials call those deaths clinical a little ribbon the little school. Lilly diesel wants to. I can't and diesel power I didn't mean that can still look real good the sixteen about GT I'm matter and won't be pretty awesome. To do almost mobile journalist and I think they'll work. Both rim and wounds I'm going to be quite a little bit like the referral of Hillis platform under. That can happen the really impressive in the cool would it run and handled real well. Before and drove them in a straight line and they often agree that we really needs to turn mr. delivery it is. I'm not gonna laugh when I was a kid there Mike and getting close to drive an age when their and it was Al. I wanted to rabbit that was my dream car I want to like amber or granite that has that was like the coolest thing elements come because if you remember that maybe can't mommy loves you yeah. Yes they had that may be or that car and that made me an EU that was what popular girl survive and that's what I won't. The public or the populace. A ball one of those things is the auction went through them. It wasn't sitting go around and will use code Gabriel lived yeah finals again can LA is what I have an ass. The only unit like the the food to roll more than it did Lou offered absolutely no structural what are. You lay out your fingers and phone and another point of that was because you're popular you come from that anyways did people miss that or are you had. Through a homecoming queen's awards. Yes you're talking to a guy this old war here millions and GO truckers. Than probably any one human being on this planet. But I never felt like mum Mahan who wasn't such. Danger the drought in this both sweating care privilege of tiger it was not a very masculine vehicle and have them run around the thing they knew that you bestowed it on. That was probably the fence I ever took pictures of that go to postal on at the auction. But I bought it had instant buyer's remorse like Peta has since sold yet on what Britain already. Let me know. It wasn't good little caller rarely there was nothing wrong with a thousand of them. Mom and Matt is currently run through businessman I'm sorry. But he ball. Just like she's why it would double post world war and I'll let me and it. Many men and you will group together units in the he's 64. Would go forward I think Colin Powell. But Macs don't start our house. And he's Alex out of these guys who I want Pam Grilli and this cute did but it all to Oreo zone and the whole switchover. It did last year alone did you who did you do the molten we're say don't Howard street turmoil and come back. But the Internet never lived it. It's hard look caller. Yeah double what it generally exact. But that same Gatwick haven't packets and that things. I got her out and had several Adam and I got sit in the back with a little old lady and wave at people and dreams for failed on the people toward and yeah. Can relive. I own I like new Beatles. A little ahead relay. It's pretty bad it is he has really new beetle. Particularly in Iraq and can't blame them they'll actually let alone the last time in his left or didn't listen furniture and I've got courage. You won't stay away but slowly killed the books that. It is losing market or earning more. There's always a market for phone little caller I think that's the flower vase on the actually got the GT I mean because same thing as brotherhood magnitude or charges they're not dodges are gonna compete with themselves. Mentally there. The silver medalists here you thing. Wilson you know we got some new or used flow through to promote this has sort. I really think this is sort of was testing the waters for a vehicle like an ultimate. A new locally in a really do. I think that this is just around it line right gives us the so round yes this is blue bring about a little. 4853 surely true outcome and that it doesn't happen that tell me I just don't like that it still looks like usually. Yes yes it is tough to go back to little YouTube shouting yeah and it's every citizen yet she is my favorite but not that. Not that SS their love. There were cool I think there's very little little to be desired drudgery and was personally. On they're gonna need my little warm for about fifteen minutes that. We'll come out in a bad thing did this come out and come out that I don't. Router and that tells our terms it was growth. Lou Lamoriello is hard to convertible day you'll adapt. Loom. Love me in this room don't really geo will assist the waters for something like that. There was destitute with no more welcoming total coming right edgy year and hot rods and happy hour and 163 WO lord I want to let water runs and having it. We're told to do community renters in Utah and everything in between even though dream that you fuels your world. Your own outpost in June 2 as they go Fallujah we've got Richard Huskies in the studio. Analyst happen in raccoon Kentucky. Ran a red senator who has their care and everybody in the username and every you record I think about them that movie the great outdoors you hit it that you sound like. We left. I'll look that they do you have breezy it's billions duty new thing adds Alyssa goes. Flamingo well youths and all this fun stuff but you know those crazy. What do you think what do you think would you would you like today to try to bring him back we think they try to make a forward or Libya crew cab. I believe New Yorkers didn't have to. Some users. There's no more difference in the war blew that out of McGregor yeah trucks and exactly. You know she remakes that we're looking thing now let's go four doors and then sort of event on the back in and I would call it us it was just weird June is Paramount substances on man. And winning these are words Weirton seriously. And into pieces yeah. I think I think willow Subaru is Japanese for weird. It's fitting Manning is appropriate where who. Bunt or eccentric. It's definitely different but everything about a lot of ways. This alchemy and those in the use of going away. But no I really think my elegy screw it we're gonna come back jealous and throwing ninety. Let me turn to those same things he unibody construction. Just Fuller of salute to them is that is that is cheap is that it doesn't eat well before four in the term sport utility vehicle and NG sort trucks and they're plus a lot of cars you this kind of I mean special scramblers control a little bit. And because there on this trip without adult. His Jeep. Cynical thoughts. The much rumored to have actual drugs in the semi did so in London just all believe and and they each won a relationship. Then come you know you course or younger aged to all of his daily avalanche civilian analysts could tell he exceeds. Legitimately. It's gone but does not mean these things are still floating around it it's the same idea on the vehicles themselves today. Well and that's the thing is they came out with something today what do you think would be that we these be more trucker more call me promises no progress has been more true. You have to be more are believed to be Morgan immortal words. The whole heart aren't saying you know the bigger motors that I mean. What you they're coming. Hello I'm it would just be sorely now you know what platform GM Jim would you make the Colorado sons. Or duty bass like ultimately platform did the bigger wrinkles are very versatile club form and you can stretch it. We got a cold or catalyst in the bedroom level Ramel neighborhood. Some teams like little like that I can see it. Little sea of really good so I think I think the the days for the duke duke amigos of common goal. Obama did a thing of like they brought America you would hear more land your standard. Seymour Miller Light candles I've heard them I mean there's worse things yeah I mean there is good I mean honestly I mean. He's an animal that come out do you is spoon armory is boom you want he strikes yeah. And impression of Malcolm in and say I'm I'm amazed and in light glow brighter playing in the background and switches and Creason. If she's still in that program. Even if they've now asked to suit her well I mean while desires may come back to anything's possible that there is certain. Her murdered two facilities here this problem so Oilers. Did exit that's gonna simulate. Add a Cadillac AT six yeah. Or hours you'll say Mitt who thought it you're an owner I don't talk and still lose. Omar future in tatters. It. Both the. Think you knew goose. But I mean I think. Hello Louis area of the ballot among four war would come sort of forced to remove the baby broker Madrid that's going to be green there's a miracle drug. So I'll be honest with an email little bronco drugs are technically. They'll look to communique shoe shoe print journal the issue. I mean. What reform limit rule rough caught a platform anymore than most. Neither does Jim other than the caddies and marriage and it's grown men elements of the caddies and prayers are the same chassis architecture and yeah. Lewis is they know him molesting a most of it is to the bank financial pollutants emitted season to the back lessons that little. This stretches newsroom. Coming forward for a record for most truck. Chevrolet. Is an words or burn red blazer and we're announcing that. Therefore the order wins and three more biffle who is that is way too many game points for the moment one all the way. Bushel limit brokers how life I always liked the small broker and broker who's. Don't know what will the wrong note the first Broncos first you marker I doubt the murders were golden but I mean that the first gin wrong Gerlach. 67 with a 67. Through music in the 67 through I think 76. Yes there's an illusion of the big run getter you bears most beautiful moon you'll see him grow from power of CO NN news or must include. And manages is gorgeous man condition. Oysters and I'm not the biggest for drunk drugged out like a moment to like the look. But I like this and I'll play the Little Rock little drizzle muzzle you don't was almost two years we were in the weeks. Later bad news overload. I've never seen. I think there's a couple of homes that have been built that are. Just bed is again expletives wicked cool there's more to do to grow brokers. And it will list you don't want brokers slim males and nineties and then six Brooke and donated Pablo who's only can you actually made some tool drugs versions of those drugs who usually counted drugs. But those were there's wicket slim. You know I lose a couple months ago the thing. There was a factory four wheel drive and made it into odor really it's a big goaded the whole front differential and everything. This world. The Ella Ella the brokers don't think four to Rudy Google bronco visually truly miss Moore will blow is it to. In addition it is not called to say that that day mr. Moore who was who admits vision is morally clips and Palestine retirement that Democrats aren't. Paul Walker's cut back flips his grave health care. It's. Our feet tall and it clips. Yeah exactly and remember my first cart president clips and then I've now slaughtered into across ever sentence. Well I guess they figure to all the people had a back in the day the most kids are so called Minnesota did that connects. Selling your probably right it I would rather drab and meaning and that drought that the clips process. Ruling blitz a soccer ball on the back. It's pretty close on a scale of schools and others in the blazers holes than the blizzard kills me when I say. Left always seen the broad group. And they were really legitimately going to make it via than that they were going to regularly shows stability bad neighbor come Olson. I figured we Colorado based whatever but it would be something really cool you the red drew whatever. It will they come up with. I agree injured he'd knock off yeah. Nothing quite green chairs and insulting to Grand Cherokee assuming. Normal as Richard he's ruled and kills me. Moon this. We'll awful. Horrible case why call the boys and that's the thing and we have only engine ecological like. The sea breeze yeah so that yeah bush and just this is it's like you guys salute the morning. I'm on my condition but it consistently chance at a better treatment we know that that actually going to be an upgrade. A lot of them emotionally when the rim they drill militia bit welcoming them. Both. This is. You that you can't you can't duplicated their Rampage or pages or. There and had a gun they are probably drove one you know there are a few dozen or the yeah. There's got him the very double Henry's the British yeah retainer is Richard talk about the rare breeds like. Let him appear talks about like the Collison was and he created duplicate the Rampage. Now the new blood on it straight and it's working hard. Something. Like today it's elements to little. But it you can move on a Rampage I'm gonna pick on who you know I love you a broad array of. I'll load and unload earlier shell middling good Shelby looking NSA that is. Still limited a handful are actually going to show is good I think that two thirds of the remaining ones have now have shown recharge your front and gentlemen stripes. Out of Iraq. Things. Good. Well you know you can get the strike can't own a day for like a 109 dollars down at your whole car will be leaving the kennel I wish we could take the back edge over there it's over it's politics mystery. I also don't seats back there live there forever Bristol got nice earlier that spares are underneath and then. Who lured. Doesn't know you'll stay tuned we go to Craig's list challenge you gently enormous write your hot rods and then every hour right here one is six Serena BO RS. And runs and heparin was rub its. When you're out is what you do it. Standstill amana. Shout out your friends and bad acts with an XE Michigan bet that flourishing in that tax. Like that I like that we get us a million reasons do you and bad acts power couple extra excites conservatives. And my twelve we'll zoom bad legs. Don't plan. We're on Toma mound Lexus multnomah X would go about duke and removed Rangers would know what you see their laurels and until we get credited with shows like no other gas continue what we're going to do. Here's the rules 5000. Dollars. Location the lowest level odd ball solid promote the mail this fund under five K. And the coolest. You've. Well Craig's list that everybody Richards get them. Targeted bridges yeah and it. Professor. If your school. This fellow Ferris I it's a candy apple red. 1978. Ford ran share AGT boom. It is in Charlotte city and its chief are. It runs and drives great three rebuilt after next transmission betrayal and Elena Ford is a pretty big deal. Transmission cooler breaks poses master cylinder 350 wrong in the seed out of some kinda modern truck that looks really comfortable. Maybe out of Lincoln Town Car. Their businesses that it got magnate Bob hundreds of third and fifty. Says yeah money list over those that meant. The thing is while home listen listen listen to India pollute. Of them. That's the Butte. That is indeed events committee would you run. I look no choice among groups Petersburg Virginia and his conscious that it's. I had this little right I mean I had taken her out is Laura. And I don't know other games. But I found me a right hander. 2000 of them and holding the handle what this. Though under limited. Limits his little little excited shop that them. That is what is out there gaga yeah our review of weakness and you didn't have to okay you Barney gadgets and that's that's pretty cool yeah. What does it ruin. Don't intend to how is I got a lot of motor. It's does that want no I don't know. Actually got 500 dollars less than ever for US motor company and yes that's because I guarantee you can throw a rock out of struggle and him by Eliezer motors. It's a little now and just hit a ball team that's why I married you right there because you drain because I usually don't have Mozilla McDonnell. It does haven't time. Is right hander. So you can deliver the middle of that so yeah you're Camaro and exactly. And it's and this is the founder and even heard you heard that but is that what. No and in Madrid is definitely definitely different alone beauty of that is in great shape. You know other non oh yeah media. It is important thing also it. Your religion and how do you find it bigs who can did you search for her record. Actually we were taught to do that can be competitive I typed in founder Damien not unknown I mean it's under a single advanced. Okay you look at Obama knows all day long but I want to had a stroke for a long time to got a blister on his plumes Dolan. Exactly it. But it's still 2011 Holden that is good enough to know physical and get on TV all right some reason. Amongst not as cool as a thunder but man does have a motor sat in fifth. I have and this is kind of like one of those who wish descriptions you know hours got all the words in the title. This is alchemy that GMC Keller hair tablet I can't say that Ernie thank you. 1978. And is in Dublin Virginia for 3200 dollars bloom bloom bloom motor included. That and it's got a leader in clean my plate yeah it's got a 350 Jirga transmission. Native valves nuance and later. Paris air popped the eight day ever how this whole thing's got a whole house system bringing you do look in Europe yeah. It's nice it's got 75% of their original tight that you probably deeper into it and then on the tour of Albertson's little word of yeah its and that's that's. That usually you have to reload and reload Bruney got knocked a little ones of them or another it let's close. The scratchy right at us direction that the but it does a lot of good description of pain until it's easy but has really Leo's and it runs in grabs today. A war drills or do they all had rally will know who may know this is still no word yet Omar Al it was a special. Yeah you don't money yeah yeah yeah. Pretty much what colors but no Internet Israel and that the best thing is crazier year day interior. Its original. And it's also their original towel that they had bag man seemed to have an hour after round. Device that disease. It's a hot I guess the scratchy and we'll see you yeah yeah. An established a bar or restaurant and I'm burnt roost real but there's only 3200 dollars and it doesn't need to Meyers likes me he's so should he get a job. It's really looks of glory yours yours yours does that exactly series syringes is closed talks told George walks the wall right. This don't want. In you'll be proud of me I didn't chooses is the fourth quarter and Durant always tell Brad you in his lower rim played just off the Oprah. He is Hillary rich and I did not get a C form orbit. I got the next best thing about to blow. A 1984. Still could mean. Think Estonia North Carolina. Jim black. Blackened salutes. With a lady flow sequel or the drug trade. Did you know court. 700 all four on America and it always managed to make that connection via your heart aches so it's the next best thing lord forbid you receive full core results Lou for packed into. None allude everywhere study the next best thing you really about it for 3600. Dollars you go and you could mean. Fuel injected overdrive transmission. Black. And now we'll say one thing driver's side looks re you box. As here's. Looks like amount of bears in a minor traffic altercation because I guess I'll swap muscle than watts is a little scratchy. Yeah Stark's comment to turn signal at the front and goes all way to bumper on the back but. The driver side zoom peel it looks good enough for both sides. Says honey just you know draft on this side you're extend their land there's low yeah exactly and another thing. Your role and we'll see full orbit guts discuss people who were real heart. But as a way of really have a great poster undergo Malia I got an 87 G pick a picture out boy it's got to keep. I don't I couldn't hear it. Though reentry though vehicle. About those critical else flick on a barrel of oil goes than us in The Who have Shia somewhat is that TP. Style. Let me really different love thing really and truthfully. That dismayed to look at the stuff. Yeah man this is a luddite Al Mitt will be defeated photo book thrown a hail Mary goodness now and it's levels those are good when the literacy for more than drudgery and be better than good but can they can. The sky's the limit this guy like leaned. Leaving the academy for it plants yeah. The bottom with your 500 extra dollars and looming just tennis is you'll lose at least both his sides wooten you Kerry and hello I'm not scratchy line and I 100%. And Richardson Jamie up the rear of the Louis new richer and the doesn't Booth did his level and show windows. Yeah fascinated that exists and I think up on the bus car. I think Richard do on the desk. You don't invest or good. How many people insulated on what year was oops I can't say enough segment about. Pending and he moved inside I gotta say about welcoming and read Jeremy and her pleasure in reruns. So all three of the happy if you look at that you got 2000 Wimbledon you know it is well. Unless you live and we there. Doesn't tell you something has been a lot of putts on what these look reviews and be sure Jamail laurels I don't FaceBook facial what you think alchemy is very bullish picture you're a green if you got wants your garage. How do you think your mother play in loan you can listen and hot wasn't happy hour right here 1063. W galore.