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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 6th
Rob talks trucks.

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And that's what my hot rods and there's rough pits in the studio today we we've got hateful how else. We've got professor Richard Hoskins himself are ultimately a financial analyst slashed numbers guru. Once how old lyme Connecticut. Hold that down from the C three I hear you there that you. Are out of course we get us medium breezy back in the studio. Was that you know what's going on and we got a special guests would mr. Kuby Miller he's Ryder rental. Build some really cool rough will be saved everybody hey everyone. As little secret we just think everybody. Knew who it was will be happy people are always happy blue look who's an interim been able able. Looming global in this is like Christmas Thanksgiving Halloween in these are all the same time. Things happening at whatever. It will you know that's that's brutal winter dates in history I'm still enough there. But Gaza today what we got a really cool shoe on the predict is you know I was thinking about this year and every week you know and they're biased in what we'll talk about this we go radio what we don't talk about. You know you should think about it no matter what genre caller no matter what it is whether it's imports late model stuff classics. Everything. There's always a truck. There's always accurate but why the trucks popular. I mean I miss something and there. And having like we volt electric we don't mean troops we don't want closet Truex. We've talked about lifted trucks with told about trucks through the two Brooks what about. We've talked about oh we made fun go home did you know what I'm saying. You don't about Oakland's stuff. But as well why the truck. I don't get into the psyche of like why are they so popular green and think we got some really good courses old dale and I'm really stoked about it is a relatively well. Everybody walked the truck. I mean there is no matter where you goat there's always going to be a truck. Especially here in the sell them in trucks away life that's well. We can't try and save it did look at trucks as. You're hard worker. That's the status that she'd get up that threat from where they originated way way way way back when and the evolution of them it means that she worked hard you've played hard. And you have provided for your family. Those rules until Reagan wrote it single in the feel more womanly cowboy. You must you can you can do things or. Certain. In Lebanon that the work's been done to yeah it doesn't work that works the only indented but the number one thing which drugs is as a kid when everybody was growing. They always looked at their dads have and truck so. Guess we'll let you when you turn 1516 new gadget to assure he got a new that's where all the truck thing started in Nantes. Well good it would do I mean our river on the back of a drug newsroom. Live. It ends. When you passage right now from fathered a child that you work and there. And it really doesn't mccombs. Clearly in the fairway aerial bombing there's an attachment there in the so dumb they get passed on for another generation got my grandpa latest fixing things in the order of war just now coming and that's the cool thing about it but in the end it was not just trucks and people do that of course to put himself living. There's no matter what the genre even they import Gaza getting into the truck seeing that your start to see usual tutor trucks come and now. The other fix that until seven poisoned 620s and how well trucks and things like that like are coming out like import style. Not old school many drugs he's got to building. Stay in trucks I guess what you would call it. I mean it's every real well the automotive world. There's intricate. An image. And that's that's what's cool about it is its book book why I mean like it always pops up the truck is always will be the most popular. But I remember back in the day here Whitman when you build a show called mister Johnson Kobe Kobe can really belt so this winter but history does. You like the perfect vehicle would be like a file when the Chevrolet trucks. You can go to truck shows you go to street garage if you go to open culture is you've got a vehicle that Burke who can compete in anything. And build the perfect trophy winning truck yeah about it because what it is. That's exactly right but then it ended the day. When nowadays when you go to any of these street rod nationals or. Wrote this on anything like that lesson number one truck he's either gonna pop up window of or seven models he tenders knew you as a matter I don't even know how they all still exists but they're they're just everywhere. Well that's Marcus that's what. I mean everybody we you get by actually fiberglass filed what do games now so but it. Turn a small window into a big window. Think that's what every one and ultimately made millions in the seat in drugs over the years millions of seat interest of those who make some really cool. Is that that do their rent and popular but even the forfeiture of one wonders is nudges geo products no real and embezzlement is cool about it I mean. But they're so popular and they never doubt let it doesn't matter what the trend is there's always going to be a truck involved with a in one way or another. It's a this this whole episode where we talk about trucks where we've got some really cool things to whistle on this board who did a little deeper into this trip psyche. They've ethical and why you know why people do to trucks you go to a stop about life you know straight talk about. We want to get into that side like. What's the attraction with the truck. It we've got some really cool people let's talk about it through legal research ovals we don't homework in front of the grid as much as high school yeah I mean it's crazy. But as well as you know this is that is what we do. This beacon of what we do awards in Selma mr. Cooley Miller there's a reason while woman in the studio. This guy right here canola built in about a story that you build a mantra Turkey's traditional wanted to show her announcement I won't say so. Whom you do crazy things when you see he's in the picture of my teacher feels about my feeling is bad news about it. It was just only pitchers and very little platoon I'm not crazy things for finger of polygamy you look at visual. Goodness gracious aligning terrorists intro was still does great I think a lot of birdies you make it brings you look at measurable got a picture you look at at the end up. And advance our common I can't blame him how Muslims and Kobe tell us about this citizen journalist with the drug. Well the truck started out as it's seven Chevrolet horse a stepson truck it was mall here local it was a roofs market. Completely. Cut cut it that all new floor pans all moved custom one off dash in it his. Testing Murray hill so market healing begin to tell you how many thousands and thousands of hours of just. Middle were in body mobs on the Shura but it is so subtle. So clean that when you look at it still looks like 57. But it's far from Fitch said it. But that's what makes it cools and little touches because every time you look at you see something different about it that's exactly right and when it. I mean it's gut. Thanks and a big is is is just a slick is the inside the men's Justice League is the outside I mean it a whole truck. From front to back is just going to be one clean smooth. Never ending classic pickup truck that's well known for. So go either way you're going to lows beautiful little pine needles with a bringing negative from the well the details about the realistically you don't have good receivers are electric drill offensive and pretty grooved in the shrapnel through 2056 is kind of like that acreage helicopter thought surely you know that. But 57 had a good looking group which you switch that you don't know. Poehler yeah I what I did as I went ahead and cut out they old existing real issues that surround it. In the in welded in a bar with out of a 57 Chevrolet caller. I thought that would look really slick really cool I've never seen one cut it down molded it. Fitted in there it just looks clean since this all chrome or homework all pro. And what's so crazy about it is I found a new system sad actually asking for North Carolina. Company called new product and they actually beach for a curl. And with this break her own you can do body work you can do whatever you want in it is just you cannot tell the difference in the list. You accidentally. Chipped it for some crazy Greek. Blooming thing about it and it's like paint and yeah so it's you know it's. Cleared nearly goes to take familiar it's that typically hold that really as good as chromeless oh outgoing and I actually holds up better. Probably in the long run it probably does it if you ever have a problem or something like that with a new detention and the cool thing about the neutral stuff to. Is also you can take ports that normally would've been repaired you can repair and that's exactly right you can you can cut all you can weld it into whatever you want and then that ended the day. It is just flawless look a little too thankful sees commercial breaks managed the couple's every time. Does stay tuned we're talking trucks right legal hot rods and happy hour only 1863 W a RD. Yes look at what the hot rods and had the hour we guess medium breezy in the studio was and you know. And today you will that we got Richard Haas gets hot rods and happy go over risen financial analyst slash numbers guru. What is happening sky high California. No column is good enough out of play it's eligible what's the that we got a great look good writers who was with Kobe Miller. Beings we're talking drugs gas howdy howdy yeah. That's that's the thrill of risk of an hour and a patio. Richard bishop for your next round trip wrist. So unique and can. A look a little deal and man power there missiles correct with the whirlpool reported an accurate spa. Let loose those rules we'll citizens were doing the bicycles capital of the world this stone knives. It is and it's nice so nice. You it's just too is that mass arrests and all. Atmosphere it is smolder on the atmosphere Nick's little green. That's who don't agree opening day. Oh me until August we're talking trucks and this is my. You don't you really can't talk about where you go into you know we're UB. Would you show to resume on a little noise that I have get pops you do have Google's so don't look a little history. So now the first drop and roll out like what. But the early 19100 jobs in 1996. Degree 1896. Casket in the name of the got an end and he can't say c'mon man. It troubles me. You don't Wear get to live don't love I got a good ability to support the dollar trust recruit somewhere down the line. Yes you will almost that's an on again for sure the he's definitely he's definitely in there somewhere. But. In the in the course literal. Here reform he jumps in you know. Then he started our history are building code truck. Not a color that way you limit no models do you learn about. I don't think they call levels once afforded the miracle we rode around a hundred tune. I can't sell radio. But but may have heard about but that's where started right there as an Emmy and ever since central accidental and suddenly everybody loves the truck and we in this does something a school. Nelson wasn't cool one school to go through from the reforms. True. Here revolt and I think 36 had already sold and three million euros in 19363. Million for his excellent books its name on there I didn't think it was three million people. And a demand on states and having the music's. Insulin for millions of people poster and I think there's if there's a lot of illusion that this whole big portal from and a mere into hundreds of believe gold. As the focus very hostile. To others or muscle man bag and picture for pollution and I purpose. Or a one rules have been first Wilbur were in the force truly. There's always look the other liberal just got that. It's not like a smaller versions easier and. So it was a we also removed from the airport but they like him jump into the forties. In the in uniform with the play of the week is figure for a yes and born into the fifties and that was sort of about Kobe is built. This fits their children the buzz on these drugs really start getting some stuff army uniforms and their one hundreds that were operating in the railroaded and I mean you're there really. Putting design efforts is getting a little more than utility they made it pretty true. Let's also not Dotson came out with the first contact her. Nineteen thinking I'm not hitting 1000 pick up you know 1000 yeah and then where the where the whole truck industry took a big big turn. It's when Chevrolet came out with a cameo it went from a work truck. To a gentleman stroke when it. The fully side. Well in I think you'll think about. Please was a new concept altogether meat every truck was they steps ultra technically there's no such thing as a steps they were just as well they came. But this please you can we throw. The fiberglass. Panels holes on this drug was not made a hole number no they did they called the gentleman's. Pickup truck that gentleman's tremendous won't lock steps someone you know being a gentleman and now. Being legitimate I love this process to ensure a lot of all that came in trucks and intro so it is there or view equilibrium trucks. Think every one of them came why would root for him in just about everything and every picture of a cameo original is like that. Exactly I mean if I seen I seen an episode just the other day talking about came your troops and and how they got built how to get started. And the reason why they actually had a fiberglass size compared to a steel side. Because it was a prototype and they could not afford to stamping. And so. Big Corvette designer decided. Why don't we make this Adam fiberglass and let me give it to try and jets have a virus less sides so about core. Bit technology working into the pit crews in Little League yeah yeah started on Toledo last week at a lower court and they don't see full yeah. Solar goes straight to do an in plane into a cameo in the but but that's a very I mean that's a very good interview until moments of beautiful Holler oh times holy land of canyon truck while. That's that just makes you think dirty thoughts and renewed yes he did an excellent movement. I do your country here. It's like this the politics of drugs are gorgeous but I'm gonna we're. Like the 5059. In the four out drugs oh yeah yeah well like that extra and they're starting to Como show used to nobody really like to know. But up until blasphemous and Kobe probably to remember is rooted Jordan day. Richard may but you know Don Johnson actually drove one in my replies yeah hot rod. 58 Chevrolet truck and in. Bill deals while I was chalked up to me is crazy look at drug. In the float your story about this drug is my dad actually tried to buy it he was pursuant Myrtle Beach ruined the sun and until about. 1990. Night so you look at old big old video and but the guy out shows and my dad loves. To they picked notre things. AA in this triples and it was painted blue and green and you look rhetoric. Now they head pain and only tailgate on school. I would be so it will be here that those in the drug chopped up big book sure would. And hopefully automotive as smooth like someone you've ruin to Guatemala and I yeah someone. And remains a musical and drug of English oh excellent solid till that moment it was. Cheesy from the word go well Monday I'll go remember looking at Petro Monday's dawn Johnson drove it. Oh that's cool blue foot flat black and mindless. Still very very cool very wrinkle drug. But the important historical and cultural to fort sort of older we settle the keys as and yet we perceives as the performed. So I mean and that's a cool thing that your. Some of those little Bordeaux. Smith gets rid of what old school we need to Wear a book report stoppages trapper keeper well yeah. He's good he's good he's classic he's got as close truck traveled keeper. Yeah. Every day he's doing racer go alone it. We'll talk about it fifties the Notre Dame become a status symbol. Into the street only blows with a sort of puts most Alitalia. And him as my colleague drugs in the forty to 44 drunken you know in the fin 48 when making Elliott will they like that. Bullet in the fifties. Amid all the callers in the pages of warnings yeah it simply cancel. I don't think Brady is he's commercial breaks we get a good run on stub every time. Just do what we go a lot more hot rods and vitriol come around edges writer don't want it 63 RD guzzler and hot rods and happy hours rub this. We guess we've resumed my to renew your head now. She saw us. Yeah it is of course we got him we got the professor. Himself in the studio Richard Hoskins. President bill resident. Financial expert slash numbers guru. What is going along good under Minnesota. Does and does include the under Minnesota and they were guys Kuby Miller studio is old tomb blues go puts give some wild stuff here. It is true it does so with that we Brigham and takeovers everybody. What's up ever want. Look how he's how do boat trip in the truck show go to. How do you all do we archer unselfish and kills. How they'll infantry Liveris and happy happy in your old dictionary it is in your normal market yet but we gotta put you all after that goal. We got a hell yeah in light of Philip we will have to like break it down for rebuttals as usual hides in the room world servicemen and what the deal. Border humans humans unit. A little bit farther north we're gonna go what you and yet that you paid your freedoms that they know that's just more. I just want stimulus via an. Apple allow that look so we're talking trucks you know we're almost iconic trucks in the fifties they want and cameos and things like that but if so those little different skill level and feel we have some very click trucks coming out in the fifties. Things you'll see even more did brilliance all weather don't look at the international. Yeah you know announced it was in 1987. As the first crew cab pick up anti psychotic travel it kind of like. Travelers right. He will travel and they'll be together in the first crew give crooks who don't you move that the utility was of that like all these construction companies and railroads and things like that. Because there was actually people that were building crew get trucks in the sixties they were actually like. After market out bidders making four trillion us we'll silicon dealers they are factory thing there's actually out at Comodo it's building these trucks. But in the fifties international stripped of course are important especially in the trucks also sought to cater to everybody. In the incorporated will receive him we're talking a little break. Lovely teacher and then right after that Volkswagen jumped on board when they're double campaign Duchscherer. Which was part of a Boston attorney until it turns out clothing who in their little corner trucks in the sixties through if you wanna get wild within. But I mean there's a lot of cool things and if you do you like that I mean indulgence in freestyle strokes in the fifties. And then there was the slip while Stahl knows well the first African roommate my opinion I think those who use Google controlled. In that quarter level or expresses those just cool to have resolutely a little bit but. Loves loves the styles come and in the fifties so role in the film role in the sixties crooks now. And obviously. That's Gumbel weird time for trucks you know the force lookout for any. The surely we're little we're glad that I mean they want to floral but in the early sixties you know life. That's what they came what below the sixty 66 Chevrolet truck and oh yes mom and her Butler that weird kind of transition from sixty to 6464. Not too bad. 63 is better sixty do you like six duels and and sixties and ugly stepsister. I wish yeah yeah. This is the ugly duckling of the mall but. No they hate about the trucks that get that wraparound windshield on the cull all that comes all the way to the satellite he would six inches into the to the drivers' days we opened the door featured Neil when you get it. Future meals which I still love it and I there's nothing about it and wraparound on their Brady in Italy it's a good looking it's a good look at drug that's always been my problem with the strokes. Is is you hit your knees or an excellent tell us we are right now and all of them all the hormones in the chickens well and putted. If you do chickens just like there was that are the brewing ten year old will beards you know. Did I hear you very early group's go to leaders of two year old with a better beard than me that's bad there. And he's a former and share. The thing now as you know this so this is spirited debate isn't really true you know look a little school these utility vehicles. It and we don't let expeditions explores kids were talking about trucks with caller brought me a signal caller jazz is a Porsche built me go to. How animal. Acts as the holidays and throughout the morning in the bag exactly but I want you something you know and they get a bad break. But you know and how much everybody knows of and it's not you know 6 o'clock news. But among the biggest forfeit in the world. But I'll we'll say this a fugitive for Richard it was absolutely gorgeous vehicle. That was my actual personal over water was before rancher would really it was a sixty cent range zero to 89 Cold War. All we did lose I bought it I think for a 150 books from the dissolved and we literally brought it back to the form and get it up and written whispering going out in his later immigrant. I don't know why he says that you brought back that far yet Alison it later viewing alternatives in this it would lag later in the go to change blamed reflectors would fly. Well and look at this these are my future arms to get real life and certainly I'm not gonna yeah those are Flickr glitter we its radio or call it crazy that it was one of the releasing his it was buried the lead off I was drinking green and here but. It's visible and you. Sorry ass movies logic of sparks will fly you're too. Exactly. Until they love him but those those cool the but these and reached willingly popular view the ranger ruse and they'll tomatoes and Allison Beasley who boards vehicles like you'd be doing. It's gonna who mean yes that's Obama made and they Horry workable art you know that's him. They get a bad grab that Lucas do you know when. They kind of fall in a bad. And a bad spot in value also retreat conceivable this is so funny that you bill guts made him. Don't claim the drug don't want. So the other buzz misfit island village lose the tomatoes in the guardrail pages are floating around. Here are themselves a little bit more limited than that yeah. Niche market. But owns a solid 670 community that I absolutely loved and it was a great call there you're really need callers. In you can get into them. Priced right I mean you can buy a share of India amiga which is a gay massive issue over the doors. AA in for a war illness and about seventy Melvin for what token seventy should bill for more money for an alchemy that. But they get such a bad round like the Harley guys lol I never understood that good motors but really doesn't fit the back of him but calling has always seemed like him. And I guess maybe Google's accord Condo on the motorcycle guy so they teamed up well they'll Mino doesn't then rain tonight. In my game Florida. Alchemy and guys like Hartley yes that's going to be exited that could be his and you got the mullet going on in meaning you just crossed right over and. The motors plant in Kansas flows aren't they don't expect that they'll raise goes live we'll give you Cardoza won't blow was by the wheel scooter blue moods of good press. That a little bit and doesn't think so boy what a a member of new commercial real forums and things like that. If these colors like you got these guzzlers that are like dollar and they like little mold. Just because they have to him in books like. I mean they're caller is virtually a sure bit. But the worst telkom mean I don't hear crossed the border made wasn't needed eighties el camino is Anis. You shoot dish in dawning come home coach Lehman Cotto is nobody coral little coach Jim because every police stopped right now because a pleasure her home show teacher. The business group should. Pay he globe. Don't think he had any extra little Google the well and they and he had this secular at least they'll communal ever made in the group they're the number one knew Bruno actually helped paint it in school. The black 86 is yes. Choo Choo customs. Which is basically. They're old don't take this to heart the blitz all the we'll probably. Available thanks. You know to. And the speed they don't get this editorial by an outlook because they're at a stickers that designers series. It was it was as designers are members only jacket. She's she's got. Cater to younger generation she June customs cater law. I think YouTube cousins was like one of those sized companies that was all 3 AM because they make two sided tape could. The attention customers makes us all yes ground fixed everything Vijay is so it's like. 600 yards with three in double sided tape Leo bit applies to the violence. Boom Bada bing we got a custom there can be no problem with the finals that the only and then they put that whose the whose which got inside and kill me. Deal the book titled the move across burials yesterday iBook and the things we want the way the where there is mail welcoming you know he doesn't know them so they just got us. It their own house yeah its it's a tip off and now I mean years ago another road you have. Tow hooks also yeah. There is though it hurt smaller in her smaller matter all I'm real progress and help them of children bigger out of college as possible that the real. So you got to think about their play in the main game here you know. Other illnesses or lose stood for sharing shame. Look at leveraging you guys don't give me your own you cut my veins believe Chevrolet orange goes and you know 69. Nose like that. 105 horsepower. It was that that was one gilded Tony if you catch my drift it is that that thing was we is watcher. But it will sweep these commercial breaks and we get to and who gets doubled in a difficult apologized to her old anyway guys and we felt. And at the right hero 1863 W a RD. Guess what the hot rods and embarrassed rub hits it is do you we yellow boat Kobe Miller goes hey everybody how you wins don't you wouldn't do it. Kobe you really know opens through time for the self control and that of course we guess maybe embryo. Colonel Mike was saying government. Breezy thank you. Boom morally yeah of course we got the professor himself Richard Haas cantata doesn't have real financial slash numbers guru. This sounds like a fun one void is going on apex North Carolina. Hander Ed thanks we can do on those is on I don't remember it Gaffney and I was probably fomenting actually done some race. And April's he's he's raced today picked ahead do you Diebler had a pixel. The does the worst night in and looks a bit of spindle yeah. I've never had a dvd player who skipped as bad as this thing that it is looking in Korea that a photograph dvd. Edition on her own terms through our current. That was just it just didn't work. There was as the bad bad thing tubs go on with a cheap dvd players a bad thing. Really bad. Numbering about memories from Brazil can tell whether she's gonna closed. Out of everybody's got one of those things with this yeah. And breezes sit there today and this verdict that's like Christmas 99 everyone everybody got to do with dvd and got tot go and on dvd always so also. News flash. It's still slow at its annual and how well the big top guns and I'm sorry you're matter. No no no more us military guy anyway. You know color I mean unveils with tub and still the best congressman ever made. Paints them. And now opinions dale and Robert Duvall cute all the only. One unit. Does it really now what's the best on cruise movie. I would for police how good his way up there but it. I would probably say. Yeah let's go to yeah. I think about it yeah he would probably has been you know what here's the risky business yeah absolutely I don't think he did that's okay. Net basic tale. Until those who want to you know yeah I'll sit there with bottles and try to split them up and you out packets at the ad hoc and I didn't. But you know until they immigrants live in bubbles. In risky business he was flip important 128 portions into the water that is the minister pastor. I still love those portions from that movie. And I'll say is beautiful cars government and close later drizzle all singer and an agent under two. There's also also delivers the list the end days are done by far punch atop the tough blow to feel so it's okay under days under all day yeah good as a rookie movie days of thunder that the winner here and and how can you know and they don't know the daughter I want to raise them if Robert do wells that are that's good the period. Turn other selection interests and there's a little also object videos Mauritius okay. So do you know that Robert vols originally cast to be sure O'Shea reductions in Morgan Freeman. I mean ran well overdue go do you know how much that movie would change Robert doable and it. I'll probably would have voted no dvds and I actually like me out like a movie. On the smaller food in the disguise if you just have like a whole day of absolutely doing nothing get you started in morning. And you're gonna nervously watching stupid it's that long and they would recommend 6 o'clock movie indecent sin and almost and it's it's actually a really good movie but to actually get it would have been it would actually renamed now we don't really know Stephen King wrote that. Yeah that's actually a series of short stories exactly idiot actually sold that screenplay. To use the courtroom the director of that root for a thousand books yeah. While I was absolutely certain information call themselves redemption. The place they film the move for the prison. Guess what they haven't every year. Guess what's that. Rob industry a major auction them many truly shown Giles more or union Virginia. Also it's a bit unaware that. My best solution that nobody has to GPS that's going no idea I know I got people there. Using local LeRoy anyway. These are excited and and I'd do that goes all. Google over its that's pretty cool that's very that's I ain't never really never original caller issue in a jailhouse. An irony. It's almost bucket list is that Obama would fizzle and optima yeah that's a little eight hours away bombing Kabul apparently. You lose this thing won't want to miss Lou. And they're showing me a break our field is resumed exactly make a road trip and we'll introduce the day well let's put it don't courtroom or you'll do some of them of our cars are like this realize well sort doping drugs as we go home runs have I don't know movies. But you know and that's the thing that's that this schooled these drugs you know we don't buy alchemy and as we left off. And the first book moment looking for the most politically this blog and answer. You know accounts all lies over here yes please break it all goes a little bush groceries as well actually well actually he's been doing net three days Dana Obama belonged to an all recently announced until this core players who. And we're smear earlier that called a total from from runs them. A love it Brees probably early baloney probably a set of their own. Couched in the winning immediately begin wilders to dictate take notes for you this as a resident. Well your holidays throughout that whole deal that. Here it's nice penmanship so. I got a cheeseburger have the mail with his name all. There's always gonna affect your kids table you go get it. But it little hole. Well let's do a poor little guy Keyes or your defenders of this league of economists. We're back here next week so tell us what you're thinking first the model or Lou Correa was just like back in 1918. Certainly produced. Early show models. Look like call war. Bush perform like Charl. But opponent Nevada. The customer had to put the bit homes or there's so basically it was like an unfinished letter given Jesse didn't exactly so technically I just feel Camille was before the bullet. Yeah. Probably things that boggle the month Richards every year. And they ended moments come now. I think as people say in the piracy. Alchemy and airmen are okay. It's a revolution yeah. Something happened here I would probably say early sixties I was doing this animal me about the same time an aviator glasses came out what can help visual skills that he had this thing for a long time they actually should dissolve yeah its permanent everything that's almost that term didn't. This version of Richard. Bill which go at it anybody can have a mole it Jamie fox animal and I'm pretty mean get going there to do it and any guy that thinks that he did he did he could keep if Google between them though and that's of them but a blow I mean everybody aware that real reason. I'm not gonna lie animal in kindergarten through that it is currently there was cute and harm and mode. And a racist you look at whom do you erase GO. I actually had over minimal muscle yeah there's probably two pictures of jumpers Schulberg Olerud stubble. You know those are some hole. And crazy right before school pictures. Who think I even had ratted him. Our brands out there and yes. Well Gaza a Moldova drugs and let their decisions for us yes. You can't it and I don't know and I never and then resurrected like I grew only place on the injury report so I mean you know I would love bedrooms people who've sought could have a red tail is like the pages of history having my name in a number of adult Maine is doing better and I don't come off 42 political arena. V. But the drugs in the sixty's really started gained a lot of style that legacy in the fifties as surgeon general goal of course but in the sixties. You sure haven't custom gave him drugs yes you sure you drugs more options AA and you're like yeah we had legitimate true with a cameo. Mary levels become way more popular we have fleet side trillions fleet such drugs. They need Ed. Throws wit. AC. He has not ever doesn't clear the about a racing in the fifties was a rare thing sixties Jersey more caller good trucks that was so that didn't happen. Now a days so there's a wish to inhabit these commercial breaks relegate don't just stop again. Killings kill until and kill kill the gusting to work token classic trucks right you're hot rods Libby out. Paul 1063 WORD.