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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 6th
Rob talks trucks.

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Guess Portland hot rods and happy hour as we were talking trucks. You got real consume Lincoln quote we get this medium breezy over here loading. Them. So polite and of course it doesn't add to our. Financial analysts bullish numbers through the professor himself mr. Richard students it's gone on dragon though Virginia. Drag in an article again. You live down in DJ am trivial. In Israel would go also local builder right here in studio this could be Miller himself. Howdy all these days he's fairly old drug ground broken bat because we're talking trucks you know eroded we're told in. It would and also its fans are you particular drug or double what they're so popular and I mean they really ill or having no matter where your natural treasures school. Them look I mean we really TouchWiz a lot of cool things but it is something cool look switch gears limited to four ultra. We got a great call and yes Cuba we get Chris. They're put in all some caller shows Lincoln with care little August 11. He's called little next segment is going to be calls we get little misses a green shoe for an even better calls what is it. Make sure they won't cover that would get there but Kobe you until some old boring there's a really cool thing coming right here interest rates. Essar the it is it's gonna be this coming up Tuesday. In trailers wrist and it actually is. Four degree angle. Our that I should say the travelers rest police department. Is put Nadal on and it's going to be a terribly report from 5 PM to 830. PM August 7 and it's going to be a cruise and slash car show there's going to be live music. Family unit live music. Inflatable train ride and food. Bull and games everything and then call those inroads and you need to come out and support you know of the tourist police department because that's what it's for the GO PV. You have to keep us all out of trouble closer this road you just don't know yeah that's Sergio yes that's going to be might get out of free jail card. This is via August 7 from five to 8:30 PM. That's why it's. So pretty and it doesn't prevail but it's also risen whatever rate calls chemicals Childress trouble as pork is a great place. It's a beautiful for the super viewed it's a great place for Kosher. We vegetable several bits of their leaders and those are really really really good good euphoria Kosher cruises and different or miss that August 7 of thirty to nine says. But thirty to 83 Butler hitting third but they get there early if you don't get a good spot for your power trucker. Boat motorcycle every lumbering a tomato paste and views and future but without through neutral. Tell you to bring year old classic boat actually that you longer literally got it came with forty some in. Wouldn't skip mode and it was born with TV eights and well there was it was a it was a chair your chair William beautiful boat Wednesday. Through. Because that creates out of a truck. You probably so it probably out of a drug I don't know you know speaking of truck stuff and you know in all this to you know the crazy thing with the diesel truck. All that's huge river thought a million years you start seeing diesel all roads. And I think that's live feel for me you know likely you know all the things like us announcing New Hampshire Kobe in richer and everybody. The slow fiscal Google back deities that. Here's what a big circle but how about that diesel trillions. I got a good friend of mine again Estonian his name's Tony wrote an hour. He built probably five years ago when diesel trucks were just kind of started the market he built a drag race and amp TVD. First day I didn't say how many. Hundreds of thousands of dollar bill this thing and I was like why did you spend all that money on huge for minorities and throw. To run in eight when you get it to that money built apartment and lives but it. To see a truck down a road that's amazing. But they may have to be and I anybody beating bush an enemy that's the thing I think that's probably will go Wallace trillions. This column that I have done just hear read a motive diesel truck shop but I can't even give a moderate ground. Play in using these guys you're making crazy though isn't an voters are seeing like these motors public intolerance and I don't dislike some red rock Chris threw together we're talking about. Call us I mean no ice builds. With you know 596 at incumbents in Burma actually engines made since saying. I don't mean that we're not token. You know some shot to impact us that we're a Muslim custom colors. There's a bag candlelight here permanent year model better about a signaled that it. Is and a slew of others sixty kill it yet this week there's a guy that runs around here in. The wrangle travelers rest Mary he's got to sit in the Cheryl in all bed with a come in it. A day what we're envisioned forces have been through four years ago and and yeah maybe it is for them to pick them out from a mile away but there was a wounded twice in the Chevrolet for. His plane took full wardrobe. The storm mainly arrangement is with Lou diesel turn to. And it has got to run it. Power proved it can be done you'll tell mumbled. Yeah you've got to internationally engine that came before drug in a Chevrolet to. That new era diesel engine that begin with proof. Only minor thing a bag embodied. Score body arranger. Crook. Wednesday. Bridge road. These motor we you know they actually made diesel Rangers deals squared his or understood actually that the law that was also two liter diesel carelessly. Dale. Yellow labels off. For these Richardson but but that's gonna that was offenders they of course are you Whittle an interest that loses a vote says exactly and so was their claim to fame was that these drugs. Was a little weasel into a marine diesel is a big big thing you know in little throat stuff but now I mean they'll put four will be genie. Yeah. I've never understood the fascination with freely throughout motors. The is courses these drugs oracle has little pony voters diesel backup is for obesity but you get these guys like you do. Wilbur those guys on base these guys that comes in the it blows mama when it's like. Border games yeah. Well good whatever duels moblog Chevrolet you. Oh. And it's cool is titled. And ring in his government has got a meeting drugs in his garage that I just can't get there with a diesel and think about like Jack Moore bill net rat rod with a Peter bale. Huge semi motor rat problem. So this project Jackson's yet he has announced that humans and Elizabeth township and yet there's a I mean you know it's very NATO's minds here well he might have a house. A. I don't we they are being held a is that these drugs as you get into these sort of cab over somebody like you Graham drove me maybe. But much less certainly. And it'll it'll all go includes among them Colorado yeah. Does that can get down with the rams can get bill that well. Today I mean I was little short fad that you did they would ever be huh. She walks off the bull that is the worst things that's. Horrible that is that is that is horrible hate does he came NC now they see who's in and the games and put himself all 100. Lol this is nothing ridiculous squadrons. Forcible eviction notices. But first complete with this could you imagine using the couple exactly if it's over half full your dream school adult belt before some coffee. Assailants and winning it even if you had to park on he'll. You know how hard it would be to get to the world and while another thing that a magical jewelry at what near you soon. Three goalies back. Or welfare thing is the best response ever and it made me chuckle when those future as this loses weren't that. But some I have always should absolutely go 2000 or 2002. Surely do simply drug their quarterback in dale brought this guy. And he had adversarial things are settling look at drug and there was asking him eligible can motor and it knows. Who organizes a little older motors got the basic as could be fuel mileage. It is silicon elevated while the course of recent hills oil field are worried go to. I don't vote that way yeah Olivier you played a screen shot that that will that was that good. But it was not because he's too commercial breaks when accuser doubt we did go to guy stubborn did. Guys stay tuned we've got a really cool cervical real mr. Chris Duncan token about a great caller vehicle August 11 goes you get with a woman mrs. Stay tuned we're talking color shoes and trucks right you're hot and happy hour oh minus 63 W a RD. I guess we'll welcome her body back hot rods and happy hour. Submitting crazy it was going well not much has gone and rob. Today well we got Richard Boston's in the studio hot rods and happy hour residents financial expert slash numbers guru. Once happen and now muscle shoals Alabama as well saying hold up relevant portion local builder Coby Miller in the I'll save your money do we. Everyone. He's direction for low but I tell you what. You have those mile big big calls supports local gorgeous I love local court shows the in my favor because they raise money for great causes. And I'm told to go mr. Kristol can only openly to the North Carolina because he's put on portions of that there aren't going to do in the music in the incident in Syrian born. That is going to be a great movie in this for an even better calls Chris welcome to show. Hey rob. So ravenous Allman and anytime anytime soon to tell us a little bit about the jury people keep more local worship. Absolutely so JQ what you memorial was. So. From our father all Jerry left you. He you Hillary community he always want to help others along the way so we. Even in this later years and even death warrant just continue to contribute so. He was big in the course then later deploy. So our member of the calls members. Court book your locally. And wanted to draw about scholarship foundation and in his honor. To continue to get back to communities are so. We can be more pleased with what we're dornin and how things turned out sort four. That's what I love about these local shows you because that that's a great things until the mother scholarship program as a workable now do you big deal the students are horrible scholarship going to works. So absolute so true love we've got a board for the but the nonprofit here and last year was our first year we had. Roughly thirty up in your local to the community. Those up its. Well ladies ready academic scholarship there was some merit based Jerry wanted. To get a leg up to those that more of is that needed the help the most so. This is for an underprivileged outlook some. To be Jewish Community Colleges could be a trade sport could be to a four years or any assistance single and so. We're not giving away horse auction last year we raised. And our first year abruptly 6000 dollars and we gave a majority that a wage and would it be more pleased to have with the can send and they honestly between the Stanley. Group makes up most of boards. They're the big reward came out of review and the scholarships and and they applicants. And we wish we had more money. At Canada so. It's a very rewarding thing to note who truly open a student in this is the thing you with a scholarship like this especially in the situation that some of these kids are in. This right here is a life changing thing. And you know bombing of 6000 dollars Papa don't want it doesn't sound like a whole lot of money when it comes level wanting something. When these kids are breaking the script and eager to school in makes all the difference in the world. Absolutely reached their one outfit. Obviously it's a lot of work so a lot of occasions and and just to make ends meet you know update. She has submitted thirty applications and you know we we take from you know up the paper. Obviously you wanna know more but you end but. We could be more pleased to have the eighties. The reception when we told him and presentation at each. And graduation that we did. Fame members present that each and it blows. That's also the mess and see this is the thing that. That that's really cool because this is going into the local community rather Ellington right. That's right every every bit of its all these house golden and Lincoln County. Were. Our present and where the opportunity. And update with where did in the first hear the circuit you're just going to be be more reckon about it more applicants than obviously hoped it. Better turnout urged we're really can ask for a better turnout we had a 116 cars. To donation only event we felt like Joan you know come with what you what you have. And given what you can so. It's worked out it took a chance and and and it could be more happy. That's a great bluster they're so sorcery gonna classes tells the Johjima worked for the show. So there is we we have doesn't show best interior best exterior. Best under the hood. I probably missed some but best import. Best off road we've got to motorcycles. You know motorcycle like the travel packed so we're we're delighted that the more the merrier we want to give them bump them sort of several marsteller plus here. And I know on this or got about ten award went to a top twenty this reduce output to turn out last year or give. Other top three option recognition. That we have a famous story sort of famous and it gives out there and it takes one that does so we can all agree alternately struck troops and further near to them an award for her. You know what Jerry Meyer and if you thought. Exactly so don't tell us what the Kosher is actually going to be. So of course are going to be held in late and covenant church. German member covenant church or sub 2168. How weak prosecutor truancy did you Estonia Howard Lincoln and or on the jury hear announcers touched just north of Estonia. Is familiar of that area. Just in twenty miles north of Gaston in Lincoln and. Boy that MS who think knowing you're the cellular systems nice drug you know Saturday afternoon or senator Moore can run up a mere incidence and neither shrimping about Rosa mean super easy. The eight. Three when he won more than what she has yet but some are actually one north he'll be sons from their end of direct me to vision to the venue and walk out. It's a local bill here. That delta under retreat so it's got you know just and ice cream truck bottom of a mega bus truck barrage going. So we're just look at order it was kids are good out there and enjoy themselves oil. Well you know innocent thing about it since the great. Family event I mean this is. Does not just a caller shows Dodgers distort our Kosher raising money raised scholarships for students. There's a great family that even freely participate in the course the cola enjoyed the caller show and everything normal. That's right well we wanted to make it an amateur bird that was inclusive. Gary knew several. Business salute them. Lorie and really could go around town that somebody did know Jerry. You know so that really helped him get into turn Elton sponsors. Notes sponsorship we're at without them we could no doubt the first year in and continue to grow a set. I tell you what I love to hear his legacy living all through this show a tea was served if it was terrible flight you'll find you'll want to go into the FaceBook page so go like that. That's right so there's. Are you lacking moral our show page as well there is also already a web page. It's JP Lackey memorial dot org. That's actually still under construction more of our sponsors who have donated that's so that'll be allowed buddy comedy event. And once that love the deal way to didn't do donation through PayPal who are level one three. Foundations and. I want to alert that's what it's all about Kristol thank you thank you so much for for chummy and call Intel's about the JP elect moral Kosher. August 11 guys you do if we don't want to miss what is it now appears can be either player all your favorite tunes Chris brother keep up the good work of literally couldn't. Thank you sir you you're here aren't you take your two groups just teaching your listen how rosneft IPO. On wanna 630 that ORD. And hot rods and that there was row it's crazy. Sounding the ones that knew him. Though that they will get Richard Ellis and there were there. Let's happen in Butte lake Texas blue blue to act. Us world news dvds come from I don't know yeah absolutely this tragedy and done that Leo Leo Leo local builder kind of remembered studio and day out. That they will go as we're talking trucks it was a great -- crystal ball earlier US laws settlement that would go check out Alec less and that doubles no wiggle room there they don't want to miss that old but you know under it will get the lowdown live from Uga as we get back. But yes we're talking drugs or dog in the you know before we go go global who caller sure thing we're told him about true true is that she didn't think whatever real. You know one that really gets me every time Isaiah was the salt like stickers. How far away are we from the patient who actually is drowning out neat yeah well. No only does Hillary do the because that is just like you got you sticker assault listed as like street credit coastal stickers yeah you gotta have the coast and do you Eddie and assault last speaker if you gonna be cruising around one trip exactly. And I just don't get it totally don't get anything like wearing Crocs. When you're not at the age issue can be done. He's the only crew Alex sorry I hate I like I'm looking dotted feet when our Microsoft Outlook. I honestly I don't know have other I guess civil brilliant L of them I don't. These are. Crooks are the issues and they brought you lose you. Just don't in Omaha around color is it safe and sailed. And uncle from limit of trivial if you'd have it true. You snatch you lose your caller would be gold. Only in the development Croat amicable we were I just don't understand what all the I don't understand about crops I'd love the way they're designed and I don't understand will be done. Holes and market does make a solid apparently drank the water well they got a real robbery and I think about you're wearing like a rover she. Well booming their open in the water canal and so there are lessons mentality that it any products or babies. Comedy and you know little room looks for me and to. Yeah. Enough hotel so notre shrink about the ninety's for all entry and everything cruel. Chrome stick go everything. In front chrome and Rucker apparel the pro wrote a little loans had. A little miniature oil for grills and bumpers and those that they like how like that but how about like the poor. That was the speaker of the mind about it Rome rocker panel molds of you know and it usually is in the pariah that took what he goes those taking that stuff all. During the take. Just avenues pulling at all and vote in the floor was it actual real deal in real low stainless and he should get that. Yeah it looks registration and that you don't. Yeah well. Looking at it and do it again do it if you can you can look at your crops in hell yeah. Well you can you can you can you can you can just because hoosiers go three. But another thing where the Fort Bliss with a single to Caroline to probe package will work to do in the forward. And we had a guy come out if for 300 books he would make you deformed feet deep so techies. Would choose I did today. Goes like that you June cousins died customizing thing. Your take oh about twenty minutes to vandalized. Mystical cruel when you have worn through. Router to actually welcomed the Alamo and scroll adorable covers a little bit vultures chrome fender well trail. Well it was news to me it was beyond Haiti's. Even the chrome will camps without your simulated. Stadium's steel wheels I called as late for asylum whales the only. The we is like taking everything exhaled struggle and make you kinda like and takes realty. It's typical girl. Is like an exit lower case T. This is like volatile budget to hear him doing about a merger it keyboard truck. Do we really don't don't don't we just a ballot. The statement that these techies don't remember. The keys to big. Picture still be over. Oh yeah. And stick after the whole course of the cold dry stuff we're talking about you won't look at lower yeah like low profile to Garcia then they're done. Clinton is what we will exit sixty CEO I had it wrote hookers David Anders Ole Ole us. No I had I had actually. The American race and none wheels wit. Twelve inch wide on a toll road a little. Houses exit of the originals there and sticky keys and somewhat pardon me another term of sales 500 farmer Grayson and bet partisan mud. Obama over sticking out well yeah why oh well it was everywhere you Beagle now in a row donated to species and British tennis center near those tires pic of everything the women's ability. It picked up swim back in the oldest of them. The bullet being here. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you're always there take a look like a pretty big thing is that time than tires. Always made for good CQ they stuck out so far yeah Agee eggs or view the three for its yeah and that's awesome group for example and what its future they did that. Let's put it chrome can play every soldier who it is down right down the road or rainy day you know don't think your shell or. Richards or you're like me lord gives at least you file. Amendments ago. And it's come back around. What letter to letters every truck head boilers are being that while there Tyler's Time Warner but also you want leaders on it and diarrhea while advertisers. And then they went away. And now they're coming and that we asked gold why there yeah. Which makes it even worse. Who now you can customize what you want later Tyler's yeah let this Little League and Ella I. Kinda like refers what is this is the new level techie. Peninsula drugs to mortgage you know looks Persian gulf road to do I go what. Litters a little bit attitude I'll sure they're looking more and more ours and like Lawrence I don't like that. I don't like the beat being polite. Where they have the need goes on and little. In port call and I hear the middle there Delonte dollars yeah there's like eleven inches tall on the whole entire thing the consumer to move millions after the fact yeah. When he got to want it sidewall of the buttons later. Oh yeah yeah those good looks those who have children here in Oakland Hills and Iran know what letters yet irrational battles fu yeah. That's good that's not a that's not a good thing and oh but you know those getaway in a while to get it well. Al it's a lot of mobile browser and so look yes I loved. The rid like on the what is it grabber tires or whatever Lola. And things that it that it later on oil is gonna gloomy but to the war that didn't look good member of the ninety's when Ford did in this courtroom the next hole I have. The other Los Angeles though don't know what that religious men and yeah. Let you need to scrub those things name. It is why is Anderson. And the nominees because a gallery that our way I'll I'll talk to him about the different. Things that start Kevin about in the ninety's with tragedy you know why that start and was. The guys in 1990 wines. Congress passed a luxury tax. Route yes Amy being here or any car over 30000 dollars at a luxury tax act act attitude. Also the fuel emissions or straighter Alou cars instead trucks so therefore the trucks. Can go full luxury they have to pay an extra tax. Plus the fuel economy was better with the threats at that tap it everybody started just doing everything they could to their vehicle's. We'll tell you something else to you that speaking of this series automobile fuel to fuel stuff analyst looking couple the boom in the mini trial period just the popularity of but just the thing about it as fast as it was popular I mean everybody had a little to neutral from Mitsubishi or is too little ranger. Or awarding the poor by any social like that now popular they were. And then there are well known now like they were away like he went from stands. Colorado is nothing and I mean they still it will frontier drugs in this political moves but that's. But nothing that. A little embarrass us live. Yeah I mean certainly isn't that a little structure like heaven. Midsize or even a small. At 150 in Italy and leave and leave the dogs to be the only know what they're doing this they came that the code you that it is so it's not really like hopefuls as true. What does not release him a little throat it's it's saucy picture him. Enter and exit. This kid. The Dakotas. When him. And man it's. Certainly cool that's the one cool thing about it at least it did put the date and BBC. 360 via. You know or him Meehan a little Dakota on the NASA a lot of horsepower and little time truck and yeah well I don't care if you're going uphill downhill. No wait sitting steal ten miles a gallon yeah I don't care what you do it. That's bill's proposal is that the those things leaflets agree if you Moses we'll just stopped. People quit using small drugs coming in them little Nissan our body. 27 miles a gallon. Doing what every one in Newton now he via caller that are mutant. Trucks. That are only getting. Thirteen and fourteen miles you know and everybody loves him and everybody else but it really couldn't stand him in the ninety's great little hole. But you luckiest disease commercial breaks with a plastic ovals are rotunda stay tuned we're still talking truck's radio Pat Robertson via our home policy experience that bureau Lordi. Hot rods and it's real it's. We get. Joshua breezy in the studio who would rumors. And it's our forget station in Wednesday's. Stage names. We Richard Huskies. Isn't real fun into. Numbers guru. Wednesday it was on lake swamped South Carolina you know with your normal. That their actions and hardly small where this. That's amazing that's about it thought. Hanging raw was probably the weirdest one South Carolina for a down now so that when tops the news. And we get Kobe Miller's two good local builder which trips its legal process popular. To order a token of out troops in particular code used on about troops in general what are so popular. And you're a sure thing about a mile wide pervasive part of me. Q we've talked about queries isn't diet until about you know trucks in due to history and how they changed and really evolved. Bull why of these so popular we were totally yielded just run at 85 I mean. Three out of of course you are three involved because he still runs and oh yeah most definitely I mean. Yeah I mean that's that's because they're just huge I mean I mean they still pretty good there's good other notable things are look at all these calls. Is old drunks and there's only going to more. You know we're talking about you know but while there I mean salute you Julie's definitely one of whom I mean you know. You got a lot of people do yourself for things like that that you'd struggle intro to Haiti vehicle. Every little thing do you think about this about cost coups and sayers always warehouse hopeless people bought things in bull. But before it larger movement. You really think about coming back and today we will give me when you're multiple paper in the sixty's do you think excellent ball is 64 kill role of yeah I don't know you need to draw the whole adult with you got me good luck to review and I'm definitely room. Everybody needs case. To a Pallet of macaroni cheese. Somewhat. Yeah of course everybody Hendrick. It's like what appears they've they've big grocery shop because he goes to great place for two people who live ball themselves to go shopping able the buy eggs. If you look at look at dozen of age was like four doesn't like the bill together. Oh look I what are you mean that's like a heart attack. But it'll look. It's the horrific Petit. But I mean there is so we would absolutely go in and of course. They're in you can always home improvement places them civil legal analyst of you got people that would reflect and you got through what was extreme hobbies now. Amoeba in the sixties we have people rock climb that are riding bicycles and stuff like that every robust that we develop caller. Now these guys around about civil for a hobby yeah. Another when you put these doors kayaks and canoes more the kind of hate it when you called canoes and it really makes them and I made that mistake before. I did Q yeah you when you go there quiet you can do they get them re. The entry they these days get real quietly wrote that it's not even cool does not include little. But it probably means you got desert utility with the things that those rules make it popular and women women now. You seem more more women and shrubs. Or just as much women driving trucks and human. What but it is something else tones that you Angel like you mean this that you think about look at HGTV. Green can breathe into this because you know you gotta pay interest. Hers if you've got chicks go home to people older build houses and I mean does that make it like you Lou. Flower pots and aprons Halloween that is an Croats. These chicks got milk and stuff. And I husband particularly in maggert about themselves limit date yeah. Exactly and I mean that's the thing like you know so so I think this is Hillary's what troops will be limited but I tell you something else. About trucks is probably the cheapest way to mile luxury vehicle nowadays and you about Joseph there option in the world. In his suit she was gonna escalate out or alluded out suburban or a big Cadillac or something like that so you gotta look true vehicle that you can put aboard base you blow the bad. And I think it is with like your new style trucks I mean their four door good. They're just as big or close to it as like a suburban or Tahoe getting a bit just many people and with the luxury exactly those subliminal you what happened record proves. You vary so there's a lot of extra special and all of this to work drug agreement transmit or manual transmission get a full size truck the wisest and got a special what you going and also known and Tony and offer Maine college 2000 walls of this year from angled for its mission. It fools Austria US kids nowadays. About a manual transmission they don't you know talking about the fifth deterrent if it wasn't that deterred. Well I thought about my daughter she was on the Mini Cooper won many who prefer. Her birthday this year. For first or whatever and now play well on the YouTube straight trips usually what is that he and I said well. It's like no Billy goes straight yeah. Right but well that way you'll be old driver about ten years dealer. Well. I think everybody in the World Cup commission put them in the world get away from I mean automatics. That's another thing that's crazy game Greg Pugh will Italy's big for us locals look at the eight speed automatic transmissions and then. I mean it's really insane but today a little bit of worries these numbers portal for. In 2016. Ford sold 51000. Of one it is important it is almost hard to Drexler. What is the most popular coral room Richard your numbers your camera on Tuesday exactly the Toyota Camry. How many camrys do you think they sold in 2016. Let's assume from in the US that's six years. The actual missile 26000. Can you believe there is almost doubled it wanted to so in 2016 that you shoot you rub their power trucks or that Panama and a lot of these truck with the municipalities and you or were drugs and things of that nature. But. That's still logged in laws mean little trucks and that's just four or where I don't know of any area others you're dog Cheryl. And ports aren't making big trucks off exactly 200 skewed titans. Next. Actually avert the dribbling documents that force or diesel engine yeah they could break a lot of color to it than the utility. Too little diesel the diesel they're going crazy it was only tolerated that thing's a beast I know some has natural using beast that's you mean because we comments made such couples say don't trucks. They're all aware of that in him. Via. The built more the most money making four letters ever put together. The word he would. And is a marketing genius is all that is. But you know and are easily cost models we you'll get the airport about that now you're talking about even though fajita failed to go to build a truck out of the now. But with the new trucks I mean you can make your role when you can personal causes them. You'll lower you'll raise it wheels tires. Stick accessories. Yes you name it bed liners bit rogues taught Coca restore abortion bills custom into your pieces. Stereos or anything you can go. Rex for everything as and other they have always look attracts people go to other colors yeah there was luggage or bag today as though she'll Covert you know. Hamburgers hot dogs yeah. You know and now they got it actual other callers or stuff. I can just every jealousy there is limited to that would put put a signal to other caller don't go all my mother would let me tell which is called much extra mile bicycle to the top of it. Usually I bicycle when you read it later exacts. Get to bed Lynne that's it used to live as does the thing and I think that's why trucks are so popular public honestly I don't think it's a little bit nostalgic to. It's just you know that Hewlett you talk about you know with first or tournament this can be. With the trucks you know it's their grip viable in the dad Edward has just the guy thing to do and the girls are like it is cool because they won't be political bulletin yet. I mean the looming in the other. As have won and in now Hedo I think the more you look at it. They say in. I guess kind of you know the thing but others. Five women born to everyone mail now in the last ten years others Smith yeah numbers that men and women go. Until it's crazy and just lilies they're dead and wounded in a month ago Williams it's always neutralize him. But this isn't saved the day just coming that is really true that there was really prison with number two or gurus. Out allowance and our thoughts are and I could donate all share your structure drug god as your true thoughts with a Israel as a real FaceBook page goes. We sure should settle iTunes and damsel exit. All think your buck for play little home even listen hot rods and happy right year old woman 63 W the lord.