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Also rods and goes Ralph. It's happened and do all managers are saying and valuable in jewel in this pretty well other you know the wind blow Angela. So. A genuine you're still isn't listening to him ran for the hills he would Basra. A you what to do scooping you differently as we agree issue and a four day. What was don't know with our drug mail I get right into the mix at time about what's going on in the news. In the new music news day what's in the news urchins and arrogance there where order. One unless I was wondering here in our backyard and one kind of Amazon ran most things plumber this crazy. Down. Cannot indulge gebel it's good business. Time Manuel it seems that we cannot get away from self driving cars as they have found ways into the news. Again. So corners as my exact thought somebody give metro. A team exactly before Israel. Arson in recent news as of Wednesday the US house the unanimous Newton in McKinney you speak unanimously. I think those leases that. Approve the proposal to speed up the deployment of self driving cars. Awesome. Awesome. As a atlas speed of the process to make our life dangerous you know. And self driving coach and this is like let's take the words are music just did it pretty much. The soul it's it's heartless also in the give us in this same upper rows are Lewis passed. By the house. They are ban barring states from the ability to block these Thomas callers from coming to their state. That means no staking come up with a loss and we can't have these. They are very disband that as far as how skewed man. Pritzker is a Big Brother put this Big Brother step in the area so this new bill is dissent and would allow auto makers to obtain. Exemptions to deploy up to 25000. Vehicles without meeting existing auto safety standards. In the first year in in the camp would rise to a 100000 vehicles are on annually in three years. So there on this gives steps in skip safety protocol to allow these cars go ahead and hit the streets early. You see the and as our it has the house is unanimous in that let's settle robs our breaking. Won't Honda hope that's the only thing that breaks because your government cars other drug themselves are numbing safety standards and people are paying attention yeah definitely. I just and we talk of those thousand times. Mauled three inning and a and the quest the hunt all the low lean on dangers that come with a caller of the drives itself. And we're just passed and ran through government just look and over different safety standards and just saying you know let's get these things are learning quicker. You know screw testing must book rather. A plane is the is awesome and. It is it is also a bit that you discuss technologies out there do I think they need to be moving fast for with a net. The other children goers do have a purpose of the children of course in the future. Or important thing. I say I stand very biased I don't think this is now Liz at all. Mom but he Al lawmakers and technology companies as General Motors saying Google's self driving affiliate. Wayne though they are pushing for new federal laws to make it easier to deploy self driving technology. I just I have so many qualms about this is kind of funny like. You know the fact of the prediction of these cars you know. What are they going to do can get a virus can smile overtake him can. Wells and what's happened to them. I mean the hackers and all that stuff there's nothing to say for that anymore. And then you know no thing you'll think unless this government awfully GPS technology so has given signal sent to it I mean. The power. Safeguards exactly and then years. You know OK let's just say you can develop some sort technology that can be safeguard your wanna fast tracked these things. Mom for less testing that I don't know I'm why would you want to Estrich someone this. I knew what they're saying on the issue this taken on a bit of urgency. US road deaths rose seven point 7% 2015. And asked the high single jump since 1966. So that is their big battle cry coming into this. It is you know death tolls on US streets and I understand that is you know is far more dangerous driving today. That it was back in 1966%. But nothing nothing about Jerusalem cars on the road to slow people yeah everything. You know there's more of everything moving faster exactly so calming him more deaths you don't come I don't think we should stick moving objects on our highways. With no won control of this is this is nothing here with the you know understand traffic fatalities absolutely horrible and I'm not belittle this by any means. But this is little schools say and you make omelet you'll cracks makes it happens you get enough callers out there in the six tomorrow somebody's gonna miss the year and. Well you know it is to be expected you know no final plan expect one month followed Scott. Don't go you know boating and expect when onto officially saying you know mentally saint and that's why I don't go them votes exactly I mean it. Things are going to happen the inevitable is going to happen you put it. Millions of different people with different backgrounds different thoughts and processing in different ways of handling things and and you've woman course. And put them on the same street something is bound to happen. You know. In these are the very rules of texting him drinking the all of this something is bound to happen. Now you're wanna put in his car injury helped a little wind little make it born on the road eating anything any you know solution in different variables already. AA vehicle Rick with the fatality is bound to happen. I mean it just is whether there is another variable. Now your foot and a car it is. And bag you know driven by itself. What about always very rules when it comes it will have its own this car blows a tire kebab does a poll. Exactly what happens when this car don't dodge above hole eight hits in its there was an officer and what happens when a car breaks too fast in front of a kid runs on from a chase in the ball. All roads to win against Hydro planing what about all these variables no one sent back and answering these questions are just saying hey we can make it stay on the road that's great. I got one for it for you still don't know about you cruise industry do you seek out of it must going to pull the Redmond will drag race yet but you do that yourself jungle or. The that's as the real I mean just like duke it out even on sale and at least able to load so drunk or our eyes Olivia get yourself drought carcass Allah. For some reason maybe do you know this by the Muslim driver. And yourself drunk or just takes off that she. You know he's about things and you forgot they hit the button at the moment annexing. And next thing you know you're so drunk are similar than McDonald's five miles on the roadway and you. This is bad for business all right what about that way if you will if you wanted draft Susan of that. He gets old apartment houses work. When you serve valid points all the way Eric immunity flashback to a we're talking this last time Ford's one pulled steering wheel on the break you know the titles of these hours. Well there are other abortion done along time ago limit them as well call the road you know automating the nine houses don't warehouses car no but you know what if someone loser droplet that happens a lot businesses you know. How many people don't logos weird having your anybody apple bachelor poll and yummy jobs like 500 beat this latest like flat feet and play yeah. Exactly. So urgent to a brick wall so the port you know what a construction bridges out. You're itself driving that loses some drop the ball you know that alone and it does add that new piece of information in there. A news go straight through the are Roma across the bridge. That's on down and they're certainly very early had accelerated the deal let me know whom you're stuck on 55 miles an hour of you still gotta warn them equipment noted that it does that for you to your study of its five miles an hour hoping you make a seventy foot jump. In I'm imagining what looks like a Prius plug all of north of equipment that fills that vacuum cleaner and equipment and double. You put him in him but he assured us. Up to know what I'm saying. I'm just Cuba who over about a disease that may baton of this you know players that we've talked about before. But with a rushing this through man for whatever reason. And skipping all Kansas safety protocol and wanna you know other than the original estimate goes ahead these between 1922 point. And then about 25000. Of these vehicles that on US streets how awesome is that who was that a self Carol money no object okay. I mean we've still got trigger drive down the road here. Do we deal with things like that erased those who don't fit club district is not. Here comes this self driving caller and don't know that we don't know John Deere from a who my pick up drug and how you got a collision he I'm open they have what I'm sure we do have sensors and all that but. According to they react. Queen's presence and then you know I always mentioned earlier your Packers all Latin. This is good. Coming in Israel from heard from the grave this will lead to Little League managers all literally a Packers. Do what they don't kill us all we look at this commercial breaking does your listen hot rods and that gallery here I want a 63 WORD. To implement hot rods and happened. What's evidently got blood pressure all told but he's a drunk or can't stand him in Willis quit talking about what we're doing a James Brown figures failed Michael's alleged to cement. Or will look scored government. Good completed. A great guys and viewers so is the last week's show. We talk about hurricane Harvey in the flood cars look behind. And you know all the different things that come along with that bomb so you know it's a proposal won two points the auto industry is about to hit it was. Premise that the man. Old days of the week of these circuits can and if we Rangel doesn't do is going to do it and keep police flow of course. Yeah I mean so hurricane airman is expected today you know leave behind and catastrophic. Debris and damages all of this past. And you genome a lot of mothers some people don't but we actually do pre record some issues is when I haven't been on Wednesday nine. So we really don't know the course of action of the storm is taking as of right now one more airing. We really don't know where is in the panhandle full order bridge is clearly the radio that I understand missile but more important than radio magic right now. Right now there's someone crying because they thought we were like all the kill this I understand and and I hate that but you know we don't really know the storm is illogical Intel says a really there around one goal now and there's these running but you know. While you're killing injuring save face rate ticked off mind. So and Newton and proceed anyhow. So we don't really know where the storms go on at this current point obviously. Weather's going news is up because southeastern mrs. altogether but it. Given those predictions to be true the entire southeastern seaboard is going to experience a major automotive prices as low as many other industries of course. Everybody's going to be affected by this but. Every bit of lawyers happen in Houston has a very big potential of happening right here in New York on me you know with flooding of all these car lots of all all these dealership. Us green Eagles program for flooding anyway Ali and every round every hole. I mean here we get full drops of rain and we got flooding CO2 and because we've had so much building gullible we have no grass to soak it up in order we have just concrete. And Colombia is another places same way so would all the the potential bullies you know hurricane storm waters come an end. This as a potential to be a major southeast crisis especially right here in the upstate even. Mom so you know just you need to go back if he didn't listen last week's episode. Go back together podcasts on a 63 to minority dot com or on iTunes or on the tune in radio. Go back and listen though that because. It covers a lot of good grounds of what to expect when these courses they're not just going to disappear into thin air. They're going to wind up somewhere on Craig's list somewhere now interns will get some of them but not all of well the thing about pictures go against those callers Somali coast and we're only as someone doesn't somewhere. So let's let's let's look a little bit further into that let's say you're going to riske you're going to buy a flood damaged car. A new homes is the risk is worth the reward let's talk quickly about your next moves. In what you need to do to be shoe be sure you have a good car from this because you ball here. 2010 top overthrowing 500 marks. Well with a person you'll force water on the score to see with the water action with it where it didn't yeah if if you're lucky to see that. But as as the court shrugged but like vote plain what every by. Bomb as its you know was partially submerged and H two O here. It wasn't. Tap water by no means mrs. Is like really nasty water this is contaminated with chemicals bacteria a simple you know wash out to the holder and scored angle cut it. By no means. On first what she needed food and all honesty is disassembled into our call war. You know you have he would end Robaire rolling chassis and then steam claim this caller this is going to kill lobby your bacteria and things like that. On from here you need to make drive it a day or two or even Louis Sunday for a two week or sit and let everything dry now on this call our. Now the car needs a VNA tight small enclosed areas to experience 24 hour Rosenblatt. In this will kill kill off any existing bacteria. Because not just the Watergate I mean it's all the contaminants that go along with this there we go destroy the sewers and back to open this call the F. Yeah legal matter. Exactly. Exactly. So in the meantime when you're doing all this morning John Waters yeah. Yeah dumpster Jews don't charge him some strategies now in his car and pull boards don't want two things the war. It was nasty together potent if it's. I'll kill isn't. So in the meantime why here you know why you're sunbathing. The caller. On your engine transmission brake system. Rear end all the lines going all listening to be fully disassembled and totally and utterly rebuilt I mean everything. So get ready for that. You wiring harness and your computer need to be 100% replace from the front of the car to the back of the car all this stuff all this wire ranking recruited. It can become gross of it can become problematic he commute on wiring issues on the road. Gage is not working properly light's coming on windshield wiper should be. Turn signals coming on one door should be on locking horns blowing with trunks should be opening all these problems come from bad wiring. You know or machinations in the fuse box exactly suit this all has to be replaced. Interior needs to be pulled out clean strip down Sunday. And subject to the same goes on baiting that the outside the car was done here of all the bacteria seat down and all the cloth or leather. And the carpet in the caller coming your tongue mouth full process here. And then while doing all this if that's not big enough scare you need to take all the proper safety precautions. Should you choose to go this route to protect yourself to some of these contaminants getting into the. Williams and the bacteria yell at you breathing problems the mold in the things even clean or will produce well this new government openness to one of these things. I mean is. Very I mean. Contaminated is not a word. And there's some fresh water floats. But this is nothing like that. Numbing injure him water like you know exit from sewage. From anything nasty in the world. And I mean. It's terrible really mean ocean water salt all of this is coming into play Khamenei miss flora feared he now. If you get my water Ian picked up and Cary yes all come into the other stadium and coming you have a lot of terrible potentials here that they're coming at Jakarta damage it. When you think about is these colors you know there's a lot of various instant electronics illegible words if a plug is draw anyway problems do you measure to a water. And nasty water corrosion starts forming in the air even after all these things are clean and everything apparently works right now. Down the road to hold the ball because you have corrosion DeLeon and. I don't you know not only your surface areas. But Linear sea surface areas most places you seeking its deep down inside your inner fenders you know inside hubble's other panels in between yes in the you know most troops on the older cars are double pane. If this glorious emerged there in water and they're league you'd never even see there's contaminants in their the year never dolce and all the sudden. You know rusty hole in your roof. You know sun roof and Hanks tackling whether you want it they're not target up products. Allowing and so. You really need to stop and consider even buying one of these callers even as a part scar the tortured in the office. Probably own room in that great unless you just see me like you could physically see it's okay. That's about all you can do in even then some things can be hidden Amin says it's a real gamble. Unless you again this is no show burger frontal Greg's list pretty much rue gamble who. Although I've announced able to pick up wants to turn out may not quite that Manson maybe you know what maybe a flood cart things get freer and don't know the best hope for the best exactly. I guess we get a thorough on the weather does what if there's does always listen to some commercials. Doesn't pay the bills who was in the hot and Libya already here 1063. W hoarding welcome back to our ads have errors out drug to my left sits robbed his trumpets are you doing what. Router element sooner than your mouse mile an to talk Butler hit a mixture it lowered or malware now most of however edit. Our academic league as September 17 Arabs and their crews and ran their ruby Tuesdays on Woodruff rodino with a means. Real quick guys. Best Gordon borrowed the tape of items for lettuce is real quick Romaine iceberg. And sporting links to unveiled its. Like a boss the rituals and after their prison as you do if we don't want this. And of course if we're not flooded and flown off by the end. Will be doing airlines would have exactly aren't selling well only a week off and in September 30 two elmo's that is their bye in the room knows that is. Yes we do is is airliner motor fed. This writers riddler day in history cancel today's summit historic Greenville Pickens speedway this cigarette Mo. It's hole Carol automotive fist the largest Kohler show in the area swap meets. Vendors it's a great time great Kohler show great location got preaching is of course you got a daughter doesn't go recruit what else could you won't. Exactly moving nonsense our post op October 8. Mom still working out the details of the Greenville hospital show low maintenance cancers cancer children give yourself you're an area an alligator right. I knew I wouldn't probably carried out more details that comes along. The following week is going to be October 5 save room back here ruby Tuesday's move more lettuce is mrs. Clinton's successes and days problematic will probably do a lot of their ticket. Mom October 31 a number emirates Third World take over them would go to beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for us and. Ankara's and every hour takes over sin city guys foresee well. Always a phones are Morgan said that week you need to stay tuned to our happy our FaceBook pages and mr. Graham. We will keep them hope that with all kinds of cool pictures straight from Sima. Exactly then coming home meg November 11 a favorite show my in the southern super heavy shootout they're beautiful commerce Georgia the Lannan speedway. Our dragway thank you don't mind. I don't go in circles under whom they Atlanta Dragway. Our beautiful court mile track good times and well at the wagon now Lara. It's like a little tackled comply yeah this is in fact it. The main furcal but it is just a bit callers listening. Well like most things challengers and marriage are numbered toward you know we're gonna go to Google is in little chilly in the impact at. That's going to spend the money by the way those statement made by relatives drug necessarily an accounts India's. Or when a 63 or Reza have heirs of those superior erupt it's thank you for that. I BS is going to be a great show and over armor eleventh with a solution rim issued doses of 4000 countless hours as its driver and bombs went skiing. Crickets and I got him on the status a lot of us and because of political. We people who feel that puts you into winning the really feels really government and I was listening to. Look at. A noble mark puts on her product. Yes let's listen there's just something you don't joke about him up on you to Obama mobile you don't buy anything. Historical moment your product from being a new global droppings sniffles or Angela saying. And well you understand not. I think again that these guys and half crystal over here full tank and come on December 2. Rebel hawks motorsports. Of gracious there were the second timer do finishes second annual toy drive there haven't. Oz great time last year with Philip Corvette and Camaro with toys in the number announcements of proof on let's always has fun doing them burn out with a powerful toys Cummins. We'll schedule and you do the electric slide. One yard line that's the thing will be Libya who that it was via sees wobble wobble date and a as the whale gangsta. You're such as that are we know that. But is a great town mama mode of Puerto shows always cool present new ways and things of that and that is going to around our 2017 years and now. Let's start about where we men and we've been busy this past weekend. We have been this is this past week and until we were all the road goes. Beautiful Clayton Georgia yes that should deny on this point we take off on a Saturday morning and left spouse well for cloth. But full 4:30 in the morning and headed ethnically Georgian soldiers on the view never been going to notice it or just a little too late in the two right now. Curb your roots but gorgeous weather was. Perfect for Kohler show you is this a little chilly in the morning actually had their own ability. Bomb missed passes house a little cool uncle who long. Luck bearish if you will present her shoe bomb laundry cars or schools in some accords and we haven't seen before from different different crowd loved it's a great colors like sentenced for a miracle juvenile diabetes research. Yeah I am and you know we race and get money for a show. Or helped raise money and get money Felicia rather mom. Just great time look for to come back next year. To truly know much more Seth doses pitchers of the cars racing down there and our FaceBook page and just what is favorable result you know honestly there was. And and the years coming may draw a blank wants is a 68. Mustang is agreeing tiller is 60000069. Mom are doing great looking car remain nothing special about the Dakotas will come nations stance. Just thought Alan together real nicely it's a very nice bill yes that your typical room amongst us now in Basra and now let's say another if I hit inside him government GM guy like in the fourth tier the ship. But the GT. 350. H edition. Yes to underscore the other tribute Gartner on oh very cool car with candidate five hours of Manila the legal affairs bubbles radiate. Yes read what to tone that was true from a ruptured well to yet beautiful incorporated about a trailer gorgeous or really we still other rocket created meant coming just. A ridge going cling. Physically going to announce that max's figured solar solutions to under rocket engine in her yet. And then come back would decide to stop an old beautiful semi current senators South Carolina they have a great crews and their wants more. Susan good friends some soul free zone there's this that's how many telco services like to like old school NF they would there's two cars there is that. Not necessarily cores on one take home person. There's nothing to 571 ma are there of the analysts while modernized onion domed alma gremlin. But there are two cars there that like. Pete not drive radar. Among the 1975. Stutz the tune or two in the forward. We have the stances were Stutz Blackhawk you know sort of outlook parties agree entries and then in the later years interest or moved on Lincoln's Mercury some build them. The scorers were extremely big dollar cordless colors of all this ball was Stutz. Our vertical chlorinated and they found all kinds different power points from 3530. Finalists are which is totally different will move would don't callers and they put all the model models we saw him. On. Both these sources absolutely amazing and great conditions like you take Liberace and thunderbird and you put them together and you have a Stutz. And my guess that I don't know I would go on my woman Mano I might he would talk into the in the two door car. But still just also as a. You know I'll be honest we have if you got a stunts you need one of those big hats with a couple flew there in L unit like fur jacket they had a friend. Gold rings a liver fingered walker and probably have a nickname was baby or someone other countries you know you Robinson is our goal you know it ain't walking mile gangsta worrying you could not have won this course Flowserve Fuzzy dice in the room numerical warned. You get a Fuzzy suit to match and Hamas smuggled on Dayton's. And only buildings looks into one basket with them you know would you get snapped off like look at Google matches with them both back on track map. I'm answering doubles Easter baskets for them. They are they are cool goers. It'd. Cool cars they are legal and me the other day and I'm glad somebody's into also everybody notably that mistake again that's trailer they are definitely cool. I am one of production and others like a very limited. We'll Amanda is very expensive I mean these things were big money callers that the coming was around for luckily eighteen years on often. On the kind of fizzled out they come you know mainland Wayne Newton in new courses are building. Tell us moral and this is only two premier Liberace or they only three deliver only when he anyway. And then again and again and evidently has 220 man probably him doses and Liberace is probably illnesses jumpsuit like a natural. But man the oracle Garza's lauded at Graceland auto sales. Are not. And then of bring violence in this course Monday Labor Day we. Wherein beautiful travel addresses terribly is part for make him Labor Day they delivered officials always ablaze. And this year was no different Marcus again as we made the move from some spilled TO are jobless for a great facility great place to have a caller sure. Super good seen some great government and a 150 some coarse and mean it was super super cute show great time great news club they'll give me and Lotta bacon. And I saw a car that never seen before a man news corps existed but I've never seen one. Of course you see a four Pinto all the tomba about Mercury bobcat murder bucket with a list view Turbo 2.3 exact evidence was also a torrone 300. Was a troop I think the only this car was just way too cool in there was eight on. It's based on a box of matches letter rule it yes yes Lego box of matches within nighter if you could. UNAIDS there are some amazing callers are some beautiful mobile multiple hours you know there was a viper there Megan. Disposal mega 15100 horsepower to the ground. They had several vipers there the other one about four bunkers are 40 yeah. To assess in the but it Richards Daytona. I love that caller because it's clear is they Tony overseeing a lot and I get greater peers we got his commercials he's going nuts we'll talk a little more over the issue only can make our guys staging regular routes that they are right or 163 W Gordy. Goes moment. Rosen there are it was a Monday we're talking about Leo we're talking about it delivered a mile away I have bacon wrapped problem which was amazing. You know that was things I didn't either Reno and make him Labor Day anything involving bacon is the thing and there it was a as a good thing actually. A bacon is a good thing. I went straight to the hostile effort afterwards for cardiac risk further as great you don't want to interest is overrated this stuff as that specialized banking and we'll go to the best horse and or surrender deal reached some malbec and potable and giggled and a look at the weekend though that war and now. Certificates. For homes make me Wear a Steve good to courtship and when bacon. You have the true relations politically. And free bacon and free. It's win win win win win win in Akron. I sort out some of the cores there's no matter target bodies Daytona. Milieu we're talking about how we're talking about rich state took a look this caller because it's Lou eighties you know I'm mad at scarlet. One is on center answering the whole time when DJ out rod. And my wagons and ran up front and as they Tennyson right tomorrow right in everybody walks by stops and takes pitchers who's Daytona this is why. Whose iconic. Animals have a better. You'll decision later miles above all the bulk and does what it does. Boggle books are classic. Ish and from a technical and. The Daytona as the reminds them of any Jewish bag in her eighties movie drove a Daytona is the anybody any bad guy drove addictive Asif Ali Richard has let the quintessential. A major is that guys like you ski patrol authorities like whatever you know he's got every eighties movie. To slip because jobs data as the point I'm just they like his cool points off the scale at this point. And I don't you know another switch gears. But how about the 65 on pollen won best passionately was actually Gore's not not the biggest little big bodies in piles like that. But that was a good looking gold silver rim guts and runner no settlements Ellis powers. And most of them lineal belt and equipment present challenges in the covers gorgeous it was a gorgeous car taking nothing away from and it was actually or have a degree a sports station way. Talk about classroom plus other good Kabila a blast from the past when the starters occurs. This car if there if there was an out route award this woman in a 57 Chevy. Station wagon 150 intimate way yup. Pain and balloon silver strap grand Ricky strips them offenders white striped listen Leo wise Serbs are. But. Had six feet and it LT four. A man half full C four rating here underneath it forced suspension of seafood it's very very very cool yeah me and done right. There was a run very cool thinking it was is scurrying 99 and exit the public but like Cambodia and has also. It was cold. What's the Corbett to Marvin in England bubbling canned but how low the scores of black whales that were there were neat looking girl that wore manure and whoever built that way and in a phenomenal job a phenomenal job. Phenomenal. Phenomenal. Piece was pretty. The split Kelly and in manic. Before. Home and Bachmann you know buttons give vehicle mobile and yelled in the lay dormant them. Hey let's talk about the made of mostly lower weren't talking about Russian tea will you know either way there's we get our cars go quote. We see the same caller layers of always been intrigued by growing up as a child of the eighties the other argument stone has become obvious how last five days of the 86 less four days of the eighties didn't think it was morally more incidents and could work well. Ours is it's more about but you know bush and and this. OK I got a buddy Richard here in the studio Richard. What are some iconic colors of the eighties like every views had to pull cholera earlier this scoring 1980s. Goodwin. And we agreed at Daytona Aziz. I mean in Armenia. Harbored yet transient. The 300 ZX when you get all the movies these are the iconic eighties movies collars and TV show. In the shirt thing about Google. Isn't. That's bad I could see a little bit. But which usually don't get that just the lord everybody knows that cold weather before back in the future. There reps in the room amidst the Timex watch. Of callers is obviously is let the calculator watch of callers is like stainless units and as mayor of the buttons on stuff. There's going to hear things of Coca-Cola. But the guy that invented it is a very cool okay very interests and what she passenger. There is a very cool okay a role model if you LP school he schools the polar buried a popsicle and catch my drift. But though Davis does super cool and it goes by the name John Zachary Delorean. Own Jennings that old Jay-Z street. Map pack. Fellow lived about the same lifestyle. That there was carries risk really really really is a very very interesting characters. You know started. Is born January 6 nineteen to refocus and young kids. And we keep in mind that if you two point file was there even in men and Magnum used who was there. And for Hoosier born Detroit Michigan on Romney's reasons and reverend turner went rhetoric of a via run over this no drill minimal. The he's the oldest of four children well I think at CM machine and you will parliament was to drop a shot at a I don't. Though middle left side of the Mets but left side. The bad side of the boat but any both sides met her terrible book or hide so well the worse or war and movement. You're a lawyer with public schools in the he is the cable reports and word of bills and stuff but you actually went to Zune is truly from Michigan Hillary Clinton restaurant. Get a little more suitable university where you exit over the industrial engineers. World War II era in his studies in 1943 John Ward was drafted into the military and serve three years ago all of this show works yeah and Sean he was actually was really well in the big war. And done. And some article about it. Would return mission unify us fairly and economic tumble he worked as a draftsman for the public lighting commission which into the headlights. Well you. Foot putt error from what you were there for year after Bruce famous financial status and in return the law and to the print what you dream. It went it he did it when the lighting to improve his family's financial went. I guess that isn't safe future no one's ever going to turn out voids permanently is pretty good one I guess those guys like light through the medical field but after year after that you were at school and got his degree in 1948 he graduated from more technical University College is still there today. And a skeleton agreeable to commission and I don't feel in which you don't want to stay up. 10 are ordering things. But you know alerts and that it's it's really cool see those guys came well. Well back in college you were parked nominal local body shot initially yourself and cause he really come up a cargo which. And morsels carriers back then cut related recoba cargo but you've worked in college who were in the body show. And so okay we're talking about 1940 Susan body show it. Well so all you can do is bring black right. Now of those in reform in the forties there like three dollars okay so that we elaborate. Yeah I mean you got here we have like pain and lead analyst what is the total body. And fourth here this is foreshadow his later contributions to automotive industry. You know when he came. Out of your school instead of entering engineering workforce what do you think he would go to school for that time. Actually earned here actually earn his money. Selling life insurance he did that for two years two years or so 850000. Dollars with a life insurance policies. Say the so yes he's a silver from way back that was in 1949. And to keep mileage the other 50000 dollars is the I would like to have two years and as much sales. Exactly so nose job Lauren and you know color designer and industrial engineer this man is a salesman's pitch me. And you know Gloria stated in his autobiography that he got into insurers to hone his sales communication skills. Mistress mart actually Basra and financial analyst mark is a Jerusalem this guy there's a lot of lawyers discussed Lebanon. So you're saying stinks. Now is things feel layers of low levels this got a lot more than news here in the news a little bits and piece of this doesn't live very interesting line as sounds like you know him as has done a little bit of everything well. And once and council of excellent points and thirty's and forty's normal life today the election there was a lot to do this guy EU he excelled and all of he'd. Attorney would go as we got a great story coming up and stick around for this were talking about Joseph on the lower and writer on roads and happy Delray marijuana and 63 WO Lordi.