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I don't look like resin have. Once yeah litigious on the day I'm so. Says this is the thing the Google's legal slam isn't like you look at level teaches them Joan born this. Before he knew by Joan warrantless Lawrence. And GT news NG two years and then. Well you know is talking about John Moore when he got to school who sold insurance and do Vista home sales communication skills little more whitworth Chrysler. Juices kind of entry level grocery designing engineering department. Where it was a year anywhere to work for Packard motor. Ryan you can 141000 dollars a year in 1950. Cents non and actually that's really good in 1950. Born in the locker room in 2017. Stale but you know them so Ryan I was good money for that guy you know and he quickly gain the attention of his new employer. Windy actually improve also than they were making Packard with we will move ran in the all dramatic automatic trade mission. As a dishwasher is a vote on a turn now switch and she is a smooth shifting on that transition. And after that was her thing widow he improved with the improved torque converters. And do drugs ranges. Oh this launched a whole huge admission and they named it the twin or dramatic trade commission. Enemies of as we improves of them that they thought was perfect or rye rye arms we go law and recognition from Cuba as a juror in this sport zionist warning stereo. Com a thing of think about packer was three excellent financial difficulty you know. APEC was kind of that awed caller you know it wasn't a Cadillac. It was a totally in caller. Never actually really nice COLT are extremely announced a two and you think about it coming. This is this recession reapply worst lies in the in these lower in gold for selling. The mountaineers fueled his review of highs and colors right on pat was controls of the team that posted about it we've actually told them for Russia and nudging it before. On well John Moore almost with a sell me an Indiana to work for Studebaker designing for them. In it and that before but he got a phone call. That phone call changed his life forever. He received a call from all over Kelly he's the vice president engineering for General Motors and that's right arm. Dorian always admired disguise was very well known in neutral for what he did. He offer toward a torso found jobs at GM. And in 1956 door and accepted. A 161000 dollar a year job offer with a bonus program working and and GM's Pontiac division. And basically he was assistant to the chief engineer pianist exit them. And your acumen and this is in his 1956. A home wallet Pontiac. His most notable contribution of course was pony AG GO cry but this is in 196463. When this Colombian design. Choose differently hoosiers got to learn the ropes you're workers with consistent. You know court ignored GG a stands for. Is. Agree and oops now my grand. As a grand terrorism over there I ever. Over drew. The Zack can I again I'd I know it just can't think you know it. An area. Being ending being Graham charisma without and a basically gave a pony act a fool or anything putts and a good boat motor oil actually it worked out really well. This car vault the coals. Of the general ban on racing in 1963. GM's pulled herself out of everything progress so there's take all the polish division. And pull their racing it is to the street and build this first muscle course typically that made him the daddy of muscle grow. And when the Melbourne misses came out of it became new daddy but you know what I'm saying yes. So when did you hear good and amp. Obviously WTO was an option out a badge murdered months technically. Alone. Missiles we opponent really stepped out of the shadow Chevrolet in the forms category surely it was a to build you used in beef and now they've built called it was actually was running with mr. Combs. The lure receive almost total credit for the success of the personal circle and come in the Golan border party Samir Cuba how good the GG insult. Gigi and distorted the market for caller. That that was never even there to begin with. Rye and now you're bringing in these buyers to these callers in GQ was it very well record the sixties and always coming into. Coming into the city to do they were still. Alone. At the age of forty he had broken the record for the youngest division in the general mothers. That agent force although those of the missed a record has been beat yet. In 1972. Glory was appointed vice president. Of the color truck production for the entire General Motors line. So three he was ever every division. In 1973. He lived General Motors. And now you tell me you're saying they're top dog and now you're gonna quit. Aim Allen. When the inspiration calls you you must go by the gangster move you know what I'm saying your cup I drive that thing allowed just a little yeah I mean you know you have a point yes playing juvenile there probably aren't going our everywhere and then go lodges you know say corner office producer actor won their jobs the pieces. Yeah I've done the I've been named manager places in the and suddenly it but the pizza dough can't. I never worked for the treatment thank you very much pizza and it rats that were there and a man feeds a day in my life. Most of for dessert and a comic them modeled off. The don't know countless totally different they're not deliver it appears to have hit the whole course and make him only the mom is part of it and. I. It's package deal Muslims. The the funniest thing over the years in his YouTube commercial and I'll get off the royal trip obviously as soon as you do vis Islam does it to be delivered to the jewel rooms out of here and is it your life that is delivery at. Bill Lewis said nothing's industry. John Morris as you know. A male. Thanks for your years diminished. To form his own car company. Came all the prototype a couple of years later the two seater sports school. Shown in the mid seventies called the DSV. Bitterness is to do Lori and safety vehicles. This is the car. That would actually in your production and be culled the DMC twelve the glory and we all know today right right com. The car's body structure was a composite plastic fiberglass material. And kind of puts you in my under the bureau a little bit yeah we're day Yoko ago body. The panels all interchangeable panels corporate elderly Bono called the biggest thing this was in the seventies he was told about doing this. There's callers today that are doing that and get circles really here is Tom in a lot of ways. I mean they had the stainless colliding on. You know that's what made immunology and income of the colors almost stainless steel. On the featured going doors it was powered by PRV. Engine due to appeal army engineers. I mean I don't know PR manager as I know they're layered later powered by a vote. And you know apparently engine. Peugeot Renault and Volvo. Says all teamed up together and they've built the V6 engine for the deeds DMC twelve glory. The plant for the callers was and don't Mary. Dawn Marie Ireland. This is a load is designed course limit interest rates is powered by Swedes. It is built by the Irish. And designed by the Europeans. Tells him and sold in the US so player hurry combination Amanda and his crazy. In the big thing about the movie in Ireland you got to think about Ireland and NORTHERN IRELAND was like you do. In all 'cause of financial trolls and they gave him like eight million dollars to build a plant Ireland to build these things. And wages were so low that there are so happy to have somebody there actually make it something and Harrington here are 2000 people at this point. Every orange you'd think they've built. Council bale lower production numbers later don't want to alert for totaled three years. So if someone in the neighborhood of like. 3600. More than a bit more material there six Robert Euro launch angle and just a little bit. But production delays that human missiles in 1980. But production lace the colors did reach a US market to January of 1981. And the first caller saying sales Easter of their yen SM seven actually denied in at a Warren's were not originally so many of us. No I mean were there to make you this I've said in know that yet let our other actually made here and a and a nearly a decade after the company was started the first caller actually role do you missile. That's amazing actually I did not know that that's insane and it actually imagine another company and producing anything that makes money for ten years at the top. Well speaking of making money mistakes and commercial break child today you think that's arugula I guess the stick around. We're talking about jump or hot rods and happy hour right here when a 63 WORD. Go look at color doesn't happen. I was seven and do some wake up with a historic time drama teacher so I'm looking for something on the interwebs little symbol in a way of I am Gaza I saw I'm on song one of Leo earlier when a wind isn't trainers and you're so you're telling me. Until about. American history right here and stone picture you saw only an oval blows to the wind blew through and what is nice that's scarier part. There was a nice one avail at no windows announcing them FaceBook and John fund. You really weren't tons well you know me you know worries Maine is one thing with no and he pushed me past the limits of mom throughout. I don't wanna men's URE carry out so anyway. Long story short. You know these killers of in civic production delays and keep them and they were having like war. In NORTHERN IRELAND and like bombs exploding mother build these callers. Totals of setbacks production problems things of that nature finally got a closer look first caller sold. Easter of 1981. On. So. About it with a recession of 1980 this started. And lukewarm reviews. Of the Delorean motor course twelve. Considering his lack of horsepower quirky Lewis cells drawn out really fast the caller like it took off the ball rocket engine which went out. This kind of funny actually built many 200 units. In 200 units 9200. Of which 7000 of herself. Up. Yeah that that's a flop. But unbearable models what quarter it was more no movie days lower priced. Sold in record numbers and eighty and 81 despite the uncle recession. But February of 1982 roughly 7000. Barrels DNC it will produce remained console and now everybody wants to get their hands only they visa accounts. Well and will Taylor and reopen seven does ball want something now withdrawn he I mean. And that's it's it's insane though that means that that meeting was left there. But the German council. Well in October 1982 John Dor was arrested for cocaine trafficking following a videotape sting operation. Filmed at a hotel in Los Angeles right near LAX airport moment and say that escalated quickly Rick what is due and in this is moving its currency. Is it and a bigger what actually got a journal as he was told into his neighbor. And he was toned as they were about TrueCrypt. And making some money to support. The morgue workers. You know when your dreams of Granger. From one on the during if you don't. Drug craft trafficking always seems like fair routes well the thing. When you're making tourism and would there which of the budget you don't do your neighbor. His neighbor is a career criminal. Who is in the drug trade which is really crazy and Shia. It's true. We can you imagine this neighborhood let your bachelor they actually beaten equipment on the line up. Well like you know your hotel looking dude and he got John the lord to god the father of the most caller. I mean every it's just it's just nuts and his Richard Simmons live and is there room to me is like extremes of everything. Lydia. Got arrested photo or videotape sting operation go to Los Angeles yeah I imagine that there will go leg of that. You got one gatlin drugs only gas tank one gaffe filled up gas tanks of fuel and India again as notion and is thinking. The fact. If that's actually. So. I think that. Videotape in the game and this is 1980 TO one want the seeker can slow in 1982 yeah I don't know but it can't coral like in nineteen in the early days yet when you put a full of VHS tape that's yeah quarter. God Dell as the go to film into the pit and apple. August the that was filled a Los Angeles hotel in connection look at Opel YouTube and watch it is absolutely hilarious. Bill bottom shag carpet and 59. And holds the OK to hate and racism. If there aviator sunglasses were involved in the transaction and realize how much blow that is so that's fifteen and handles the Booker sugar and home. 59 pound and the heat in 1982. Money. That's six point five million dollars. We know that translate today's money but that's a lot that's like fifteen and towns is like a common a year older so yeah exactly and that's just you know if parents are balances like fifteen infinite that it is your role of OK most people are like hey. But the baby mayor of K okay most Illinois hey can get a ball this dazzling no McCain eighteen and her eight year old over the Japan that's okay okay okay. I mean do you realize 59. Films. Of Columbia and bam bam. And a hotel. In Los Angeles would John glory in the hour. You know maybe it made it like it came images onto Ismail. I don't think he'd I don't think he was doing cocaine you and get around his supply he uses want to move now. You know this is still skills governor you know. All right. We'll tell you what will handle what year was us 1982. On thing and as a little Pablo escobar's cocaine here. I don't know I didn't I'm just trying to get home Archos have happened I don't know about in the way of the choking game rule marina that go to Google that but it also the idea pages agreed to bake roll his smuggling operation as well seekers sniff sniff so don't put into it is. And it also note that now look okay with that and things though in the video coming to a nagging even sixty and is really balls media really stickers. You fidget a computer which rose to six point five million dollars the government was tipped off about lord by his neighbor. Spoke out what's. Guy in the mouth the career criminal. Tipped off well yeah obviously this is that he was agree condemned criminal but he was turned informant I'm. Pop up to get a lesser charge for when he got a cult on the irony a well Dolores lawyers jungle war that claimed in tret. That he was set. I mean I understand doesn't that if a man invited me into that she's viewed Hillary and we and he hit it enough panels blow there. You know I mean it's you know we sell some good. And like I say here the man now yea and you know one hand you can't scared of saying no into your shrinking. Yeah exactly and America fit the bill took he's got a good to undergo further out there yeah I just some of Dylan lying there could be potential threat from me saying no yeah I mean and mean having seen as well don't tell that man that. Yeah I don't tell the Sugar Ray and a callable partridge. Well mr. Dixie crystal and settle exactly exactly sugar sugar so. His lawyers to. His lawyers claim entrapment news says. It has like a criminal history this is there and speeding ticket as life. Religious cult with fifteen unveiled the Coca. Well now this man made light bulbs and became an engineer I mean he's good dude yeah so I was like criminal history there are some of the fun things about him fluid in just levee break any walls that. You elicit. But he was found not guilty. In August of 1984. Unitary. Good legal counsel does. A day once they wanted to gloat don't fit in it and exactly older male speaker good information. Yes it is a real good information would you term as an information you always do to produce to usually do that when you produce to those systems stop and I don't want to commercial breaks just want you to regular commercial break now. Maverick not gonna break. Nine Honda. That's now now we're governed by the John glory and a we're going to break. I'm guys journalists in the hot rods and you know what about John Delorean Brett hero one a 63 WORD. Gasoline and routes that there is room pits. What's up. They're. Eyes are you know our education on this John Delorean in Columbia man mammals and yeah exactly. Don't know about the GT moon in gold in the ranks as the General Motors is so much that we covered. As a Diamond Hill some of the Fuller details of the story yet in the sought to deny and towns north but leadership is pretty far and will imagine soda. But the mother I'll discuss it yeah well he did he was acquitted. So he was guilty of anything. So it is like he never is like separately and are happened yeah actually that's not the case but the other thing about news stories in the media back and let him have. We're still well it's how hard to mop a whale that evil exactly. You obviously had already collapsed the woman of course was no more by the time he was acquitted this there are went bankrupt. But. His reputation as a businessman and engineer. What I mean it's crazy well a little bit Coca field to your reputation. You know I've always heard that I'm always or does it and that's what scared me away from all these mom and then Tom era this has said son you my biggest artists. In my begin on radio schema big kid you know stick command. Below cocaine title at one. It's what was really cruise is he was asked directly after the trauma. That's it we returned to the automotive industry. Hate police say would you use called from a guy like me. That's how I. Abiola as we Otto a lot of use dorsal Google worsen he did that's kind of like asking OJ Simpson would you buy another white bronco. Or today would you sum that you fool bolting boom boom which uses euros and that which usually took duplicates will be no. She's alone how little did you would you look at can we need for all of a woman and almost sister Richard a little slip and you regulated out of every month our own thing and no millones. No sir at noon and the all right so. It's obviously is now again back to the Koreans are what's next. Well you know humor in this mid eighties. And in the years reporters did the exit of 2005. Election depressing actually ridden little hole on anything he pool patent. For a monorail system that he was designing. Insulin that now trains in the air. He never took off that worked for that he got into collector watches and in it with full yeah that is you know. And he shows illness you don't say. And then John Delorean got this ball CSC you can still lose they found Delorean watch. Actually in there and produced one. Mama to what is go to B 3500. Dollars apiece that's your business among the reporters there were little stale stale. Interesting little old Delorean sports and pop up along. The but I mean it's got a sandstorm in this man just like threw his life away basically split one moved. You know look should be no jail in LA they ruin them for life. You know I think this is a bad rap man ultimately you see people doom wave worse in coming out ahead. And this man's sister as the room global energy and all of a sudden he's a bad guy. Forever lows. That wasn't the smallest one yeah ethical and boom you know it's not but remain a mainland one hiccup. Miserably it tells a pretty big hurry to governmental body that are out there with the as a belch chemicals levels do. But I mean okay is like you got a perfect driving record Monday you know premed speeding ticket it doesn't make you like a horrible driver. It is like yeah this little more than a spin it's escalated from that businesses. Escalated is not a word next little more like it. I mean evolves Simon now it wasn't here to tag off a mattress and as federal crime you'll play around us. Yeah you don't mr. ultra low Albuquerque either. Not well understood. But anyway long story short. He's got this big media bustle started you know he's trying to get all this hype started at duke Morton motor court rules common back with the DMZ tune. And was originally. And acumen are still at 6600. Excuse he wants journalists and but the DMZ to actually do you know all the leftover inventory of 2200 callers live to completely closed. The the British government seized all those arguments. A lot of rapid film in part turned his Timex watches them. But. In those those motors there's actually several there's some funny things if you Google organs. Controls and suck on it OKQ right now there's a Delorean. In the jugular really in the okay acute. Complete. As you in coming amid all the ilk acuity to see the whole caller. This so bad it is so sad to see sit there in the middle jugular here between what a Buick regal. Lawyer breeze actually think in the picture. That's funny I was actually uses this animations like. It's like more of it fly no more. That's what happened this lab to the time machine wrongly sold for scrap. Yeah that's another thing what would you joked that we you think he was scrapped it yeah in killings. But. You know I was crazy thing legacy of the glory into income back either and that totally flopped. And now there's a coming in Texas the ball the rights in the name. Yeah I know about that and they're actually reproduce and he's corsets so many spare parts live actually start their cells of another reproducing glory and dollars. And are doing analysts swaps all of whom they don't always crazy twin Turbo conversions on Koreans and all this stuff. There's really kind of abuzz and to excellent score is lower in motor course with the call. Home. One of the owners actually told the John Warren won't tumble starting this company get nog is from him. In him all the insides. A little more right on these guys just mega for eons. And let me just it's crazy I mean he's go to the coal fallen to the route and pick up sting to back in the future and of course everybody's in the future trilogy mayor syllabus from Israel. You army zemeckis but guilty killed in this movie and I mean they're little or it was just like the perfect time machine. You there originally going to make the time machine and refrigerator. And Bob gale skewed to Q to a lot their sales and refrigerators. So they scrapped it and put him in little were. Ancestry and actually Ford Motor Co. offered them 75000. Dollars. To put. Make a must. The time machine. You will bug you as soon as the Doug Barton Doug Brown does not drug day. Edward and thereby bolstering. He was very serious about eternal certain if OK to use the Delorean in back to the future. So this does this dedication that there. Com. We're G also urging another fun fact about the Delorean. Actually recall remembering is the body you know of course we know is made from stainless steel but is actually food grade stainless steel. And the Padres yet in India owner's manual of Delorean they actually recommended cleaning the car was Scott's bright and gasoline. Yeah well I mean seriously illegal orders you can clean liberal yeah yet and what your kitchen ultimate drove the same way to cracking up the hill. There's a couple really cool facts like a city passed away in 2005. At the age of eighty. On. You know he with a personal bankruptcy in 1999 and you're here over forty different companies suing him in nineteen inning steal. From the Delorean. In the early eighties. Well here at 200 acre estate managers. And you'll never guess who both it was a our president Donald. I'll still owns to this day. You originally you know they called the the more Indians 212 the DSV. In of course is Dorian safety vehicle the scorer has one of the worst crash test ratings to date. To this day is one of the worst colors and crashed. These things in the videos wrong YouTube that mr. these things hit like a wall made of paper cups and they roll. Whoever does this study was still panels but they're amounted to plastic. Yeah I'm for I'm probably gamers like stay still over the top paper machine is proud of I'm assuming that's to counteract the weight of the stainless steel body exactly. A home. In 1985 when they used to Lauren back to the future John Delorean room Bob gale a letter. Thanking him for analyzing his pride and jewel little more Indians he twelfth and needed needed the -- medalist he did and I mean he made that caller. A million times more when John Bourn effort yeah everybody knows that caught from that movie and the thing was when the movie camera caught Rory did and they were they quit making. Do you know there was another company a tremendous cars read real yes there was. And a not so successful campaign with a American Express there is a couple four to be exact 24 karat gold plated goers. Made their old Lawrence of course mom. There all museums today actually. Well the third was eventually made from a spare parts from the first there. Four private businessman but yeah all four of them still exists to this day in museums. 24 cared plated the orient. 24. Coup. So sort of cheap walks the easiest when he eventually Sharon mega how ironic. Is so funny. He just. Well this courtesy of comics cabbage is the first thing about the moment calculator watch. A play area where consensual in the mail and many started making watches. Which is absolutely hilarious. You know another harassing tag before it can commercials are almost produced and ordering him. We as they work there was pretty reasonable reeker but. NORTHERN IRELAND in the total cash just come here speaking into cancels thanks Marcia bridge hopefully make some of those run we need all that we can get your does your list and tolerance and Campillo Rainier 1063 WORD. I guess what went tolerance and via our was that mandate. The table we got a great conversation to let John Delorean golf father of the most of goal here and the father world. Although looks like Google's mail always blades. Ice figure of that car though -- as my all reasonably Utah military action cam knew the ball up all of the tooling all. Com and hopes to remain the Delorean. Did you know there was one piece of the Delorean tooling that they did not get lost and I was the molds to the doors really really. Now in fact they were loaded up on a boat and dropped off in the ocean in NORTHERN IRELAND near the coasts. They service anchors for very large nets is part of a fish farm. That's in say for decades it was thought via urban was him in 2000 voters of photographic evidence turned out. So the molds to Lori indoors or anchors for fish form. And these curler soon John morial a lot of flak only scorer of the of these a lot of components from other manufactures you know them. The U the pew juror no although engine and four breaks. And we head into your pieces from BMW's. If you ever notice the day actually even back to the future well it was actually slightly modeled after a BMW Bullock the gauges. Due to others are BMW gauges in the cold slept until. You know I mean they were about predictions until it's in the corner seek court which is really crazy. But. Everything use parts and pieces river that they a lot of main butchers and it's like we talked earlier in the show about stuff some in this is not uncommon by no means no not at all. But it got a lot of flak for that you know he designed. Yes on and I think I can improve the John Loral's better salesman may be that caller is there. Yeah and you know you know the reason the caller was calling the MG twelve as well. Right Mosul 121000 dollars plus price tag originally yeah well that actually flew twenty feet. Blowing you don't sell that the in this cold way over promiscuity and the Delorean do you see 12130. Horsepower. I mean that's pretty bad and it was hit it is very it. I damning comments that holds no element of the door were so heavy on call that they actually had to have instructs the Castro Jerrells ranger oodles of that picture of them specially made for this caller gathered or were so whenever Inge. Nearby. By now unable if Obama mistakenly or so the oil and yet about maybe if I'm not mistaken and I can't remember that on by. They were they were over engineered or stroke summing there you know as a door persona thing is if those well you could raise the doors now don't you imagine when going to or coming down oh gone yet. Lawsuits. Through company and a little roses and a a but in these aren't they were very interesting goers in name and a true piece of history now. Larger pieces mister nurture vertical when you're actually the bombing John Delorean himself as a true peace history but it always beat south and look for companies who were visiting him whatever units them other edged its list of things like that. My apartment but I mean if you realms you know hook up. A but here this is the thing is crazy about drug lord a case of voters they election at some private investors. And yes this really intrigued so who lost some money and Johnny callers. Happily Atlantic around the range mr. you're mist mister lecture is tonight shirt Johnny Carson. It Sammy Davis junior. So army. You know. Davis junior saying that would John sure this kid amen himself I'm sure his feelings are hurt after taking a semi here Phil thing and Johnny can either actually. And teachers feel they talking cleanup measures fills her after taking a major loss on the as a investment. But that they can make you wonder why Delorean in province out of a cannon ball run. Very true surgery Bernard you. And a woman dude in immortal Laura kick up a plane had him in the was again and I cannot think as time play the preaching Morton Dean Martin thank you. While hasn't Dean Martin and M rolled around a Delorean stone Ferrari well days of the doses while about lowering the two were so heavy that they couldn't put. Regular false idols when the regulars in the street that slide a little with the slides it to keep white dale. That's that's trays in about the little more horsepower that thing. Coming if you win any worse and Peugeot and Renault and Volvo. Any of the three of those are back in the words of in terms of performance or reliability yeah 130 or stories of the Sherman saying that shaped like yeah. Or stop a maintenance is is gonna get a feel better about it this color coverage distract. Oh this reminds me and I Haiti off topic here but. This reminds me of another interesting Delorean fact. Tino and the irony in having to reach 88 miles an hour America's future yeah. We're going to go away reaching our as a right at top speed of 85 miles an hour dozens and this is the sports car that gave him a little early eighties was really really armpit of performance. But it's. We were breaking out we were given the triple digits and with a not era Sherman tank of the Delorean you want and are you work of as good breaks let things you're definitely a multi hour. Which my mentor of the reason why crumpled so well yeah ruined. As a percentage Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis junior as investors that's that's actually interesting combo in and of itself. Well you know the we're talking about that is so this is very dangerous he was married four times earnings. You fondness for us that there mr. Pitts easy. Enemy or as the blue thing Obama knew all medal look. All's they will still has a style Malibu. For our country I got way more 130 horsepower circle with a bullet but that's the thing that's crazy about that he was actually. This guy was a character he was a caller to meet in just a colors and it was just that or the state in his office drew callers will strongly. There's nothing wrong with that an Israeli usually do cool stuff your home from a book. But this is the thing about it the school was here's the rocks dollar of GM place he went to all these stories and stuff like he dated. Actresses he was married Jamal and sister the picture now. Which go from Star Wars. No notion as mark Hamlin new bull wrong Mark Martin Luke Skywalker and a wrong march sorry. And I totally wrong mark and I missed the mark is the mark a level. Totally but I mean it's about the a lot of people who digital imaging and because he was like mr. cool that he always drew us to use. You'll fit to be done I mean here's our politicos of fresh from Britain in 1970. But they are excellent but because he wore. Com leisure pursuits. Well what little leisure suits were cool. What else would anywhere from all we killed. Meaning you'll be you know John Miller and his little Flacco and John Delorean emperors club point though. Once you leave GM your life and is just gonna help troubled rocker and so we'll me live from. Chrysler to Packard Studebaker to Jewelers say candlelight ticket bumpy hill up. Got to the top and ski straight owned I don't but those snowy mountain. Just a snowball effect to the bottom diving and crash and burn button so. It's a snowball so it it seems like the thing to do is now walk away from GM and just think he's stage. It is another interesting fact. To do the same engine tumors the so hard and don't you split over rumors there. Airbus go every you think every rumors split comparable you know the semi consider Rick Mears right that's his son prairie and the Vegas. Well looks like a little baby Camaro in Canada and and I am. The other is a lot of flak about that actually yeah with political thing that they won't come upon it. Beijing you don't want to compete with the most I just formed a theory in my head mostly. All Volvo wagons that led to 240 but it throwback older than man. Like that same body style would go older like in the seventies and sixties. They have really big round headlights. Smaller turn signals on the inside big square grill in the fuel it went dead behind it looks like a split bumper Camaro. With him having links to Volvo. I wonder well this is the designer of the view of the split bumper Camaro. I got a conspiracy I don't know in the I got conspiracy theory for a lot of people think junior had a lot to do with them and most with the FBI to you know I could you got to think about Jim Benson shady stuff like Amadeus they did you think about it he had the top job for. I'm now did you go hasn't done. I'm determined more money. And you know Big Three they have a real problem they would try to build their own Carter is well it looked like they don't US major facility here yesterday suited to Preston Tucker yes I outing. And winning at some other GMs as a markedly really shady and questionable things and I'm the only one Ford Motor privileges is killed it's and so's it was a good to go there middle lovers. Made a movie about that man hit. Well that's the thing he ends up becoming a movie after so long for the reserve remove his little old stainless steel. Sammy here today. I guess let's all the time we have this week anchored he too would ever want you to be saved to the storm. Ali says we are right now we don't know where it's headed to be safe and be sure to tune in next week illustrated an Arab snapping our own 163. WORG.