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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, September 17th

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And go slow and how rosneft it was Robb Pitts. Courses to you as always we yes medium breezy and Hank slugger off. And of course we are doesn't happen our financial analyst slashed numbers guru. Richard Hoskins the professor himself well it happens we lips Tennessee. So it must tell you give placement read plumes that are very weekend a love that there will sell off. But Reynolds movies. All of our laurels anytime. You fly it was a planned for this year a sit. Graduated Orwell. Are Dockery for math issue honorary by an umpire. You after all. Doctor exact is also a wool agree we interest you still sucks but. Rim has also. In a burials a cool guy you know we we actually also last week and we everybody knows that. But you know over the litigated showed Berger in total cool runs cool course in the movies he's done some of the cool course of the bird did. A little bit of a burden that amid she didn't even know how learn things about Burt Reynolds and I consider him also been burials Flynn. I'll I'll learn trouble finds himself twelve unscrew it. Ritchie really adamant that they you know we think about burden so literate Simmons was. He wasn't that an athlete and college physical assault two seasons have Bagram thinks Lou. That's and Jimmy I didn't know that Hillary just doesn't stuff in the news and lows Joseph heard of them but it's. He did. A cultural. Heroes are huge football fan but it also would thus forcing him to the movies or go see blues vehicle you know. Took. What is Richard through seasons of arming two semesters of I don't want my view is him. Well he was typically Burt Reynolds we'll. Have you ever notice you don't have a star debuts born Burt Reynolds. While his star Miami is V Merck rang the Burt Reynolds. But. We that's that is so cool early on those those are really cool and the donor's card grace. Is in boogie nights and in all these great loose cannon ball run and civilian made of course which is. Zero worth mentioning because everybody knows. But I mean these are great caller movies because he was a color guy and he killed a lot of cool things from these movies to. Like the canoe that they had delivers do you realize that they just sold that thing like two years ago yeah it was two years there. I don't do I don't see why can't I would not want to remember them period. Oh in the movie and we remain low money that I mandated a bit. Born invading on or Puerto. It's yeah like a pain but. But I mean certainly limited trends limbs for day Isa. Chance them every year and well GM gave him a strands them every year Haley ticket manager of it for five years I've will. There's nothing there he didn't mean still pretty nice and we had a major move transit route is please call one. I don't think the pace cars worse over. You also blew whites. Yet it was light that threat on their way with us over evil graphic med different. Firebird on the late it win. On the hood and in down offenders and might level off the bottom line and one that is coastal marriage excellent view as a rule alone corn everything. The the pro my car from smack in the manner one. Sold for one like 600000 dollars us and. Forced it to four listed all gimme for fitting yes got to bear record for Pontiac trans although it won't tell you something. In recent in the last couple years. The translators to even the Camaro is have gone insane in value. I mean I remember when you combine nice. Trees and limbs citizens in need transient all day loan. Six drain your mind decent callers and a metal. Buses going by you hole. Sponsors rabbi heir rust bucket parked car Fuzzy screen and you must send six firebird. And if you would no motor in it. But let's. Amir and this is that this could easily and all right Richard I got one for a while we're talking prince William's kitten. Smoking in the band at three yeah. Burleigh in this was Nicki Cammie and it really cameo in the movie that he may east. He may be more watchers though the worst trillions William ever problem. Well you know are the same age and I think we're all pretty close some and I still think that ADT's cool her 83 or whatever was. And 88 minutes the third gen and this special for a scholars see for Corvette of trans ams. Oklahoma City. I'll report is double pedals soil richer I mean. They were little lackluster at best buy everything and lemon yeah Portugal. But. It just wasn't the thing you know we discriminate all blue black and gold all that good. I mean and the whole movie wasn't sent because your jury and Gramercy during he's been truck. I don't like alive in a while like it because you have to look at your smoking in the banditry. Reynolds. Laid the ground work for that. You're watching it for the love Bert. You're injured you're injured. Really well we've lost all these called Hitler and these ladies. A little a little too neighbors whose district race with Hillary oboe stuff here all the plumbing aisle who have lost all these cool guys from these movies in a mean. Don't tell me whom you have to imagine innings of relief outing wasn't which was the director can ballroom Cooper so we demand it. I mean he's he's the mayor and I mean it's another really really cool and thing. About Hal Needham and him working together is he took roles. From surrounding liberals did. That were really not a good career moves. For him now and he turned around big roles to do Alameda movies. And honey items like a small town was a small town guy that means you're taking a risk way that they were gonna get there it is fiercely oil. Extremely loyal to help. And and I think that's a list of cool thing. Lots of calls have got a great culling yes I'll just do well in this we go RH home and and Horry is filled in Wiki right we me. And course he's he's braced between them before they gave Campbell and he's done that before but he's also got to bay nutrients limb in the student here. He's he takes smokey and the bandit and Burt Reynolds to that next level to the point of dressing like Burt. I'm we don't get me wrong I love their red trim them Jack it is much is in this get the next guy. But as well all I can do the most she moustache if you can't can't can't do Revere them under almost socialist. I can't viewed a mustache. I'm physically OK I think I'm gonna I gonna look player summit are never operated from afar truck right up fast Richard does that as did squirrel merely a pretty gradual liberals. And honest and open it dead score on mullah Cowell melt. About a Stetson you can bolster its long pass that you do really done us a present a collect it amounts to. Really group of strip that thing you learned. Has learned pop Burt Reynolds. And Richard if you got real braille Stinson booze all next week. You like bonus points down time. We've put a goal Bernal who they caddie now of around Perl and a talented team tops off. Oh lord. Even mound and then a nice young Sally fields rod with who uses so it feels a little of his life. And they are together a long time. There you want to security used every year when his repent proposals. Can you bloomers brutal criminals can't act I mean this guy do you really hot he was put in the loop boot. I mean one you wish stumpel and cancel a bit. You are talking mad as moustache he actually on inducted into the moustache how fine. And even though there was such as Taylor is the second person inducted into the mustache off time then inaugural year of the mustache who first. And he runs there mean the kid has. I don't know like colonel Sanders or some. Are Reynolds. Well I mean Burt Reynolds. And the mustache right oh Lee looks funny with a mustache. In recent he's missing something there treasure and have a mustache and do you yes yes he very much had a mustache and a to us we thought we got a commercial break when it goes up we're talking Burr Reynolds write your own hot rods and happier 1063 do you already. I guess Illumina hot rod Smith goes to rub its sleep brazen. Well rob. And then of course you can't have hot Rosen have been our. Without. The professor himself. All Richard Hoskins. What is happening and boxer bill New Jersey. Where in the hilly fun things names. I've got to army years. I'm on the front and I'll be used. So we're done well while Burrell does this tolerance and have perilously like movies and smoltz. Movies and everything else movies Martinis and is dollars and embryo but you know here isn't telling you calamities. Can you go first with smoking in the band. Also met. Her as loose fill in the 1976. And they actually took 76 trains sailors in the old days in the same sentence because they can you get. Another series Simmons to do it right Richard a. Ernie about announcement in the banning get a 77 tram as well as elements 76 all yeah yeah. And they are technically snagging a mania does it that's what and another thing how meals can remove. I mean he wasn't Steven Spielberg he shares imagination. Not yet. AA and another thing about this too is like you transit wearing black like they were like won't read more than one silver one or something like that. Out of heard doubtful are and mountain of a small box on. Well number one then jump caller the woman did the Joba only hot small block surely it becomes. Therefore with three corporation would would never. Am burden that Jolie and there's a lot more entertaining yeah who'd been more like the cross or con goers got stuck in the ditch but I had no matter what rural. Definitely let them maybe match. No no no no you indecency GO or something a little. You need to be called little Robert Zemeckis and maybe Steven Spielberg his body to help you with that Julia and I hate it when barrier during spring their roof over they had green screens and Simmons who she's got it source Turkey should. And so no order you have for homer reorder I don't tied to the fifth time there parents hello hello latrines and England from efficient during world dollar hurt and you know. But Ulf for all the I believe some of his movie was epic Melamine mailboxes again nod then you and Jackie Gleason and I mean how many police callers. Got demolished in this movie. There immensely products to our oil a lot of honey until Plymouth street where it. I think this shows Marist please respect and our and it's broom you know plus the world famous and primaries or planets. Well bill opponent regions and mow the mullah Monica lose and yeah Monica as infuriates the end series that means there really were no big loss they're special in the crew gave absolutely important but. I mean that that was just a great caller Dominic until another interesting thank Grossman can men do you realize that entire movie was filmed just like within thirty mile radius salute Georgia. And some that was found Adam Burt Reynolds ranch Dianne used to be a candidate. Rowe will be but the thing is crazy about it is I mean they Gwinnett gross like what file state senator and they filmed it from one. There are from two hours ago. Texarkana. Texas faces the Jonesboro Georgia you. But the movie yet but technically now it was all film run their own Jones or and a back and you know like they took drills and put. The sun's open all this the but it is all film appeared. Bruce Russell bullet which is nuts there if there's low budget films movie to do this wasn't a big blockbuster book Adrian Taylor how needles cola had shoestring budget go and won't say the program and as a small. It verde in and having him a second class person maybe that ear and the only thing that made an outlaw Star Wars and that's the thing now I mean you know if you got the alma. You know period in The Andersons are some things happening on the do you got beat out by some are or orders exactly will be one can know be. You know arms. I mean by passing house things Morgan amass a whole lot more nonsense I have never seen store where all the way through nine and since baseball's salary allos icicles. Solarz and I think India think India. Mel Brooks made it. The only supplement hell ever get a picture when I was in a Winnebago would wings on it always and then you know to be some. But. Another cool thing about smokey and the bandit. Was what does that do Jackie Gleason scenes. In their course and Sally Field back when she was hot. Blood fire. Drills hours the do you she does these commercials and Leo what was of real people stuff like for the all throughout Israel's leaders on the line that SLA in their normal amount I was losing enemy on June 20 semi now at least months. She's you know incidentally she's. She's out there and she's she's somebody's programmable. This is surge now buttons and cynics. You know live. Okay good guys uses a lot of our butts. The I was just snippet of the table so mean so amid a global loans kudzu what's even funnier. Is the movie was extremely in its if you're watching TV version of it. Almost every other word Jackie glee since it got cut out replaced. Until you are really interests in fact okay. The gal that voiced Fred Flintstones moon did the voice overs. For Jackie Gleason in like the TV this version there's really only hear it. You can hear you can tell a nine day I was like I did it and let. But I mean is what you scope and boom I mean it's like I'm coming up salesperson what he was I didn't. I mean I mean bill like mu was happy to help. I hate stuff audit at Bristol-Myers. Among them are real whole different level all but I mean I don't wanna explain what it is to my kids they know automatically know the bad what is you know I mean and Oregon don't pay attention here when it said nor exactly. Deal. Another another funny thing or Uranus adored Jackie Gleason is please current. Euros blurt out yeah yeah Milla off bills or Texarkana Texas on the door. Yeah housing mess up. And is gonna get rule with a iron and trends that you noticed I remember when they hit mailboxes. In 76 wheels on a denounces didn't have simply wheels on and hit mailboxes numero Richard. I did not know it but I know Odom don't. You. When he gets the mail like when this one other I know and as senior talking about exactly four just before you it's got a beautiful prequel showed you see there snow flakes just to spin with a well that are good years on. The next thing you know it's a grass and the issues that sideshow. In this of the 76. Spoke wheels on. S currency. Can you imagine bringing that trans am back in the and they fixed that car and used again like two days later. Clueless and only a three then a hero card lenders to 76 and that's it. And no one of them you get totally demolished in the Jules. And I mean it was. Tucks there's nothing left on it. But they actually had a local engine builder out there and George Bush hot small like Cheryl for the job corps to four it would make that Joseph. And there's several videos on YouTube that shows the filming locations. Everywhere force looking in the bed. Very very cool face some of the stuff still later. That's critical thing you can I do like mature yet and these guys like they they put the scene from the movie and they put. The scene where there had male and you can see like light poles and things in there. Late in the same exact spot really cool a there was knuckles these commercial breaks Richard while you Q in these guys come back. It's Patrick and is there here I am an offer as well as little boy little Patrick. A day when guys were token Burt Reynolds and all the cool caller movies he did right here on roads and happy hour and gals in Colorado's happy I was brought up. It's your host with the most of course in the studio we gas medium breezy. How was that and that's right girls and of course always Richard Haas cantata Rosen have been our financial analysts slashing numbers through the professor himself. What is happening for a hard West Virginia. Do you look goes Obama was Virginia. And as coolest guy in the windy city. As a as mr. already tome and there we go home alone right here no we're talking about Burt Reynolds this guy right here. He even looks like Burt and he's got amended trends on the moon and Peugeot blood and Graham era. As Lasik so well Jose's open and you know I've never got to meet you personally obviously we knew then what you family so we're all world like. Six ways from red. It's like they're okay but. Yeah. The thing is really cool. Is you know followed you'll FaceBook in his grim stuff like that is how passionate you more I mean you don't have just a black and gold trains them how much do you live the lifestyle that thing. Yeah no I you know I tend to. I tend to get into character. And kind of go over the top and everything. I'm mainly to entertain myself. A little bit. There and other. But. Yes that that 70 trans am heat out sell Greek lob six speed. If great series car by about 550 horsepower. So it's doubtful or definitely to rowdy have a lot better than that corporation for three. Yeah I I would have way better way better alone centrism but here you realize I mean what we're talking about Burt Reynolds this week on Melrose and happy hour. How that car for one movie became so iconic. It instantly. Anybody recognizes that caller even remotely and even remotely manage John around until the 76 through. Eighty TA. They obviously things Amanda got. Oh yeah absolutely it would intranet and my the band or is it and like anyone who like thirty to seventy years old like I loved that car. Or anybody's got TBS because they shoot a movie about forty on to more. Yup pretty pretty much of your car guy like. That is hot. Where millions of the bills leave your car got. Burt Reynolds isn't a lot of your favorite movies are out cannonball. Stroke are ladies and it. Oh yeah stroke Greece has always been near near remark. Now another another good one you know it's. Dell has been a car guy. Well and that's the thing to but I mean. Burt Reynolds. You know a lot of people and I think like norm McDonald how he. He did his impersonation of Burt Reynolds you know I'll soon know celebrity jeopardy at all. He actually. Brought the spotlight back to Berkeley people that routed number real jewels they got him looking forcibly got a whole new crowd of followers. Yeah no I I enjoyed no McDonald's. And Uganda and Burton's. Favorite line from smokey and the bandit. That's that's a good one. I I really don't have a favorite one. Much federal warned that he. Is when big Venus and loneliness Byrd hit a woken up to when he sleigh and back of that handicap facility. Any news daily in a funny. That and how to word mom and a celebrity look a lot alike. I love that that that that for some reason that one line cages in the every time. That movie the movie just assume we get closer and of course you Jackie Gleason which is. You know star power like no other it. But I mean Burt Reynolds really not a no part of mean and I've never met anyone that didn't like the smoky. Now it. Yes just one of those movies I thought it was good to me blues Brothers and big and smokey and the bandit. Now blues Brothers and as a whole other rail will also I'm a huge day and aircrew would fan she huge error there Grotrian. And I love blues Brothers I'm ashamed to admit the U2 documentaries I've watched on the blue group blues Brothers. Yeah nominee and another one minute another character that I look. Very. Could you got like you've got the was the Buick police Goran. Now. Oregon Monica that's right this reddy's doctor Monica. Yeah cops shocks and come breaks. Yeah but I'll let alone that mental look that. So period and like you do really me right out and you you say middle link to it. And I would therefore not opposed to some morals and after our page owner rather read books is really any which you wrote about it. I'm 'cause summing up force what you're talking about bird and in what he means. Due to all the generations and the people who are fans of his movies and things like that. Well and murder in what is funny and I didn't you know I've always I've been a Burt Reynolds and Gary I knew adapt but it wasn't truly do I didn't. Yeah I knew it coming but. It wasn't clean dog that didn't really. It needs it and everything that I can do everything I think about it wannabe involved in. The birds and hold it you know in influence. This problem I do a lot of that involve New York LA stuff you know you didn't you can't Hezbollah move means. And the trans am I mean that everything is near and dear to my heart. Like I'm trying to beat Reynolds. And I guess I really didn't. Altogether and to be tied. But the other article that talked about. How yeah. They're usually. The Jakarta I you're instructed and you know automotive journalists and that kind of thing but. Like an error like a wing like hey man and machine. You know I just. You led the trans am dot com car that you put Burt Reynolds and it may just to a whole another level I I don't think that this did a good looking car. But if it wasn't for smoke in the gap that you know. Not everybody from you know thirty to seventy years old would be dreaming up this car. There are shrinking Richard. I mean and that's the thing who's gonna fill this guy she's a mean there's. I'm Ralph thought about this you know and hear the let the passengers movies and I'm not trying to compare apples and oranges here but. But I mean like these does. They like callers. You know and there may account you know got the mark to pour a little bit and all that. But Vin Diesel is number Reynolds. Zoom get that like there's there's nobody can fill the shoes in my opinion. Now now that there really isn't. And and that's a little sad because I mean. You look that good DiMaggio Lou who got a rare eulogies by the southern call. If you played that role so well and there's so much about murder were actually told him don't show this week's middle state to have that. But I mean this all of the neat things about this guy coming played for every issue and I mean did a lot of his own style of its missile through a lot of really anything's left. Yet in my command man and a car guy a car guy. And you can mean he he kind of represented like the end of an air right you know we're we're got a Ali snowflakes out there there. Worried about you know be offended by this day I mean they're just looking to get stranded anti. Lake can I mean like Reynolds. Birdies to offend them. Yeah exactly in but he could pull it off. Yeah just it's just. To me yet is he who lies being. Like a great American adventure. You know pioneered and cannon volley you know just. The in this outlaw that look good lovable outlaw could last up to (%expletive) people off but it but you can't make these bad guys. No you can't well I mean it's like. Does her thing that I love about Burt Reynolds is he can beat. Technically the bad guy I mean if you look at the premised on smokey and the bandit this does reckless driving and you realize you'll be protests. In the streets of early smokey and the bandit today. And and he was a local folk hero in the movie and and pretty much it took a life of its all else out of the movie like that. And of course the manager he'd give in Miami there. Yeah not a man and a good team. And that's the thing this really cool well not just those movies and I mean. And I say this so much and I got a feeling you'll see the same thing you know you closed your father and I'm extremely close to mine I drew my dad every day and so long term and in the moment and because nothing is the same way he used to be. Now and I feel like we're kind of been the the last hurrah what what we know to be an American. Exactly. Exactly a ringing at the mailman there Kosher because there it is it's totally different you know amount of there's there's so many things now that we're talking about this. In the world just the world can I don't think the world will explode with a another Burt Reynolds and it. As you're an upper Barack rob we know we're at that age where we caught the very tail end. But kind of like how our parents grew up. You know. We re saying and anti open you can get away with stuff you know now. Next thing you know you're on the news. Yeah until it. Sorry man has been great talking we brother say you look we gotta cut for commercial break love that real there were definitely gonna get you back home so they all tumbled toward anonymous for whom did you and I don't Singtel. Talking about that sure. Yeah they will you take care thank you for company and stay tune we got a lot more resonant note and -- moment currents and the hour. This rub pits sin embracing. I know around Mosul and of course we the professor himself mr. Ricci hawks Hoskins. He's. In the spirit of the man himself what does happen and and condolences. To our Brothers and sisters and Jupiter fla. That's right that was the place that Burt called home visit talk about I'll tell you. Speaking of blurt. Which our president be our next best thing was are calling it yet Orrin. Eagle guy a minority in my editor though arbor houses are out mommy and got a nice moustache on him. What quality. It kinda is that well like murder what do must. And can be very I have mustache in the let them a little peanut butter and jelly over the mustache well. It didn't pay and keep it of them this kind. Of the blue against us. This in my a reminder and I don't know much about people material which you know I've I don't know I figured out. We will figure summer hours. Did you gadgets in your own hands and put spoon until the bigger than I am just an illness for work. It you edges again I am done I mean I was absolutely not. Were you working like a rove X longer so I literally do I got to get the media out of Rambo line. And carriages yoga instructor and breezy in here at the secure blue your mother about how I would. All right so we're done and number. Are there which are low cool movies in the coup caller moves bird. And those of our resident so you know what does lol dogma. Next school caller Rudy. Cannon ball run Peru probably. My favorite. Automotive film of all time. Richard you are. Salts. And a moron. I'm pretty sure every single famous person on the face of the earth and that it was cameo city even had James bond's. And had Carroll Shelby and Frank Sinatra. And Amy Davis senior. They came demand. It just that it was such. Such an unbelievable movie and of course supremacist that's awesome comment you can tell us all some odd. 25 or thirty other movies that followed and copied the whole premise. I'm a wash wannabe movie versions and a couple weeks ago in Iowa still sat there for an hour and a half and watched on my computer is justice cool washing cars race cross country. You know it was a great premise that well about Campbell is that's the real thing a lot of things that happened in the Campbell road movies. Had been with Brock gates. And the original Gaza were doing the Campbell run portion Brock gates is known for one loved America and you. Editor writer for a drag and all that stuff coming encourage car driver. But. Brigades I mean is. An icon. And you that we we lost him a few years back they were about two years ago literature. Yeah as drivers are on the Helen the grandfather of the automotive world are led to cool uncle well. Removing his his big claim to fame was the cannon ball. And Yahoo! day that's in this movie was very loosely based on it but they took some of the things that they did. Driving cross country they sorted and Fifth Avenue New York Fifth Avenue home Fifth Avenue in New York mayor and went to Redondo Beach, California. And missed 2904 miles. And they did it in and see that the drought the fastest slayer. Pena did anyone done an Avaya and just kind of given a dry run and then next thing you know. The people teaming up and making teams and said no odds on this race and all this stuff. And then putting a browse when the little local thing is to see you could drown from sea to shining sea the fastest. On the course and belittled the record now. But. It's a dribble thing you know me like. You're not out walls or anything like that enable is probably like the most accountant type guy I've ever met model mellow mood to death. But. Danica on dug out all salute. Doesn't want bigger than New Mexico and Texas schools in Rome statute of limitations. Only drug offenses. That's bad ass I'm sorry that's also you know what I mean like how about this ball to that gives you a scope but. Limit the cannonball run movies. So many cool colors in this movie so many cool course Richard favorite caller cannonball run movies. And that there you're really the first one but he'll announce soon that. Very low the first of those and eighty floral and. Now who are yes yes yes yes 84 I'm gonna go dodge Daytona term lazy. No. All. Earlier. This Curry's just say your picture Carlos Enrique and yeah OK I've got one for you. I guts and I got some good tribute for African Mora. Aren't there my nose and things only Campbell. Who sings. Iran and I won't say they may help is somebody that every if you have grandparents. You know who's saying. The injury can ballroom. That things only get tomorrow because you wash VHS tapes from this man it. It is. Ray Stevens. Is still a streak at me again Margaret bigs that go that. Please sign and yes. Is her most Mississippi squirrel revival and raised Stevens does the coolest thing he's ever Dong outlook during Stephenson turn your radio long gospel days ray Stevens. That's assigned. Racing eurozone news. In the characters in the mood the Sheikh. Yeah probably my favorite get. I have two odd ball favored gators quarter birds all time favorite but. To your favorite characters in this movie the Sheikh. Come rolled over the bat what their role was was that Richard they dose or shot at. Come rolled up in that in the cool Rolls Royce alike him. In the dark. Did the doctor was the best. That's. To me is isn't done deal always is a good part mineral. And now we actually got the got to school and Hillary you are here for two awful long armed and talk to him he's an impersonator. Ford kept in chaos. Andre I mean this guys they did Rinker for anomalies in the movie I saw got them the paramedics. Go absolute goal giving. In a male love and then there's a guy has actually won the fans restored. And the cool thing about this thing in his. Is they built this very and they actually raced. This may have in the cannon ball not the one in the movie but one more like it in the cannon ball. And Brock gates this story gets swisher and keep mum brought case at all comes to detail and so lovely is it reported earlier in the information go switches back and forth and all that. It has some type of big block Chrysler engine in this live in the eight dollar sportsman beat 200 million through in every restarted Elvis and enable session was the main thing they pay you have to look like game. But. More forces than three injury won't Boerse and the four point six and then there's online documentary set at 360 and so we don't know. But what do know one thing one thing stay the same across all in his bed mammals clocked at 100 in 45 miles an hour. Now or stop right there. I don't know the exact curb weight. Only. Three quarter ton dodge main. But I won't step Olin says the Wii nor son found grin out of that six. And you're running 800. In 45 miles an hour. In a dodge re and rest on hammering him I won't say something. If you hit. Eight pol. There would be nothing left not absolutely not there's no way. Our laundry do when they would be sweeping you up now and our renewing and Andy and one of those he knew imagine if you miles how normal. I mean that's insane and gas Taj Finger again now we know if but the thing yes they lost to assure that they put cross and. The or violent or quad carburetor on who you go to accelerators and fool. Now they brought feels like he was struck in the roof and when he went exhilarated when. But mostly at nine a gallon fuel tank in four entry points to fuel it up fast. We've had four pumps going he wants to fill that. Some castles boy. 80000 accounts fallen about 300000. I'd does table I think how we commercial break come right here we go a lot more about Burt Reynolds the cool movies and more importantly that cool callers right you're hot rods and every hour.